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Lifting the Veil | Report #13 | Talpiot - Israeli Tech Dominance


One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
17 July 2018

STOP this Zionist / Israeli NWO Trojan Horse SCAM right now. Israel is NOT a Jewish Nation. It’s Not! Israel is a myth. It’s not the home of a gentle Jewish people. This is a false flag Bolshevik Khazarian assimilated Zionist State threat to all Mankind. Where is their Jewish blood? Missing! Like their humanity. Look without blinkers at what they have done to all neighbouring nations to create Greater Israel by conquest.

Good, gentle Jews did not go throwing live grenades into poor innocent Palestinians homes. Or murdering them as they hid in terror, to sequestrate their generations long held family properties. Scavenging parasites. Savages! Nutter Yahoo and his Bolshevik Zionist subhumans stalk this earth. Netanyahu and his wife are already subjects of Israeli Police Expense Account Fraud investigations for stealing from his own people. Khazar Sewer Rats have no boundaries.

Palestine was a shameful and disgraceful violation of human rights by Britain. It's a shambolic UK and American colluded Imperial aggression State and a sham of a Settlement law. The British Empire at its worst. Callous, duplicitous and cynical. Ever it was so. Another travesty. A nation and culture died, as Balfour lied. The Empire at work.

But times have changed. Thinking people now question what is right. Next needs to be - What is the purpose of Israel? It IS unsustainable, so how many must die for this lie? Israel is a disaster in the making. A Zionist Cuckoo land.

What is the false Khazar Israeli's real agenda now? Uncloaking the Dragon?

Our Humanity, as a species must not be subjugated to the duplicitous and arrogant aspirations of these heartless Zionist marauders, with their true and loathsome self serving agenda of conquest at all costs, seeking to reign over humanity as the New World Order Elites. Truth itself is denied by the Zionist owned media which only espouses their lies screaming antisemitism when challenged. Left unchecked, this ugly and ruthless Pariah Regime, with a now totally unwarranted reckless Nuclear capability, having threatened Europe and their neighbours of Nuclear conflict intent. Where is the Rubicon Line?

Israel is no better than North Korea. It’s run by worse Despots. ISRAEL MUST be Disarmed of Nuclear Weapons.

Israeli Nukes. Are you Mad? These Pariahs can do what?

Look at their history. 65 Million massacred in Russia. How they treat Palestinians is a disgrace, and we do nothing. Shame on us.

Take back their nukes and Take Back Palestine! They stole even America's Banking heart.

Far worse is yet to come if unchecked. How so?

Israel’s massive strategic control investment in Primary IT vehicles, must not be ignored or allowed, enabling them to hack, Data Mine and steal the world now. They have bad form everywhere. Who are the biggest thieves on Wall Street?

Wake up. No more of this ruthless, predatory Locust species! Is there a more dangerous threat to our nation’s? None are safe.

Left alone and unregulated, these pseudo Israelis have now developed their Master Plan Talpiot Program to take over the world's communications, hardware and servers. Gaining access to all the secrets. The clear intent is to dominate and hack the Information Highways, where mass infiltration and sequestration will be preempted by their Sly ways. What more badness are they capable of?

They will just seek to loot and bankrupt the planet. As they have Banking. Can 6,000 years of Exodus be wrong? How many nations have booted them out? Israel was created because no other nations wanted them back. A dumping ground of inconvenience for innocents they descended on.

Look at what these Bolshevik Khazar spawn have done to America. The ruthlessness still of their co-partner Bolshevik Crime Oligarchs left in Russia. Which group were first to syphon up all Russian assets? Zionists Rape of yet another Empire. Left in control of all information, their Talpiot Project programs backdoors to all systems, their sly and devious hidden access under Talpiot, comes with a guarantee they will take everything you have. Weevils at work in the food store. It’s not that they cannot help themselves, it’s the fact they always do! Madoff made off with everything.

A century in America and they now control the lot. Living proof. But with Talpiot they deviously plan to take over the whole world. Be assured, with their form, it is their whole agenda. Look at America. Look at Palestine! You ask why are they so reviled?

The Reality of Israel is ugly. Take off the rose tinted glasses. Just look at the Palestinian Refugee Camps in their own land. The travesty and shame of Gaza.

Our shame is to do nothing!

Neighbours land seizure. It’s not what any of us were lead believe with the Balfour Agreement. By a slight of hand, a collection of displaced Bolsheviks and Zionist Khazar Alien marauders were given an allocated limited space in Palestine, but they then reneged on Balfour and stole a nation’s heritage land.

Left unchecked then again, they stole even more from neighbours. From the spawn of Genghis Khan, what did you expect?

Why does every nation expel them? Balfour was the world’s fudge to rid itself of a virulent nuisance. No nations wanted them back. Dumped in Palestine, they bred, and now want to expand with the whole world in view. Mossad's tentacles are everywhere. Pity it’s not Testicles! It’s ugly. As the predatory Black Widow Spider Mossad is.

It escalates unchecked. Pirate Marauders posing as Jews. Humanities own HIV life forces are flying a kite taking Souls into the night.

True to form, booted out of all nations since records began, once they came in, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq have all had to deal with them. Poor Palestinians are not even allowed to hold or bear arms for their own defense, yet America swamps this devious Locust swarm with vast Billions in arms and funds to kill and Usurp evermore land. Palestinians are Human and in such need. As are neighbours losing evermore land to these ravenous hordes.

Who cried for Syria? Who speaks for Syria? Shame on us all! Where is your Humanity? It won’t stop with just Palestine. Ask Lebanon and Syria. Ask Egypt. America hard earned taxpayers fund and arm these grasping, murderous slime bred Zealots. Funds used then to coerce and bribe more low life US Politicians marching to Tel Avi's orders. Buying votes of loyalty to Israel beyond its borders. Coercion of a nation. Bullied by the Zionist press. Votes bought and coerced. Israel coerces and manipulates America on every corner. Body bags for the Zionist Empire.

What, in the Land of the Free? Zionism was NEVER the Founders sought destiny.

We do care for your Birth Rights. Your Birth Certificates use stolen by these Thieves in the Night?

Israel's sequestration is abysmal as they Blood suck this poor nation and covet neighbors land. Every nation they settle in, Exodus follows, booted out in fury. Their first step was to illegally expand Israel, as ever. How many must die for this false front Khazar's being Jewish lie?

Look at what their Bolsheviks did to the Tzar and his family. The c65 Million they massacred across Russia. How little mercy will they show the world? None!

But what is evolving is evermore problematical. A technological Israeli criminal Zoo now operates with impunity. No one dare question the Jew's (Khazar's) News. The epicenter of the Zionists New World Order Oligopoly. To game, and own the board. You! Israel is like a low budget movie of The Swamp Creature with something truly ugly bubbling below. Zionists!

Look at what they were given by then lawful UN authorities conspiring with the UK and US. You wonder why no nations wanted them back. But look now at what they have since stolen. Palestine was awarded only 48% of its OWN land. But not even satisfied with that, the treacherous Bolshevik Khazars have now stolen land voraciously with no rule of law, bar theirs. Poor Palestinians now have only 12% of their own land left, living in squalid deprivation in merciless Refugee Camps and we do what? How do you think Native Americans feel? How did it work for them?

Where is MSM truth? Zionists own it!

Israel is a Pariah nation. Moloch's seed. Truly an abomination. Why has this not been stopped? Talpiot is their current secret weapon. Everything if taken, will still not be enough. Left unchecked, the Zionist Vermin seed, will succeed.

Why have these Bolshevik Zionists not been ordered back to agreed territories? So much for UN integrity. Land has been seized from Lebanon and Egypt. They covert Syria and want an expanded Israeli Superstate. Then what? Their World Religious Center Church based in Jerusalem. A Temple of vanities for the gullible.

Beyond that, as part of their corrosive and deeply criminal psyche, via their NWO Global domination strategy, they want to own the world. Zionists will stop at nothing to get it, until stopped. Even that won’t be enough. Pariah Roaches like this demon seed, will succeed if not faced down. Who is awake? It’s like 1936 all over again. We will have peace in our time. Well We DIDN’T! But Adolf had no Nukes. They Do! Where did the little Austrian start? Napoleon? Pol Pot? Look at the true family source of Israelis. Genghis Khan. That DNA is now loose in the world. How many were American Crime Lords. Hello? How childlike are folk? Faced with truth, can they handle it? No wonder they treat the Goyim with such contempt.

Now Trump says he is Israel’s greatest friend. That does not worry you? Trump wants North Korea and Iran’s Nukes stopped. Why the HELL not Israel's? They have already threatened use.

Israel is a Rogue colony unchecked. Ruthless, tyrannical, despotic.

How many must die for these Bolshevik's lie? This viral plague once unleashed stole America. Putin has to deal with them still embedded in Russia. Study the Oligarch crimes, always you will find this slime. It’s a worldwide dichotomy. America’s Crime gangs link to Russia and Israel. One species. Ruthless. Drug running, people trafficking, Bank Fraud, Financial crimes, what God supports that?

Who owns the Washington votes now? They own the Zoo. They own you. This subspecies of Man is not kind!

But they own the media, so no truth in their name. They want it all, but not the shame or the blame. Truth denied. As your freedom died. They own the MSM. No truth for you in their Zios Zoo.

So what is left in the great Zios theft? This Hole in the Wall Gang hideout.

Israel to be entrusted to control the Global information Highway.

Every systems IT safety store, with a hidden Zio's backdoor? This has a whole new meaning to how to help themselves. You feed the Tapeworm into the host, how do you think this will end? How about - Yours?

Question - Are you mad? Or has humanity just become Sad?

We are capable of such great things. Such humanity and compassion.

Yet non shown by the perverse Soul malfunction that is Zionism.

How long do you think it will be before aggrieved Islamic interests fund and supply a potent Nuclear bomb, smuggled through via tunnels, or Rockets from safe territories, as the ultimate act of a brutal war, to annihilate this incestuous, cruel whore regime? Planning Armageddon. Head on! Israe-Hell will end in its own Hell Fire.

Talpiot? All bad Empire’s End! The ultimate Bonfire of Zionist vanities. None factor in they will all die for a lie. Armageddon will take Zionism - Head on! Always they push it. Always Exodus follows. But next time it will be a Nuked Exodus. Brought on by its own rapacious greed and inhumane cruelty. Hate, this time with Nukes as payback.

We are 'Special' as they die for their so naive lie.

But must you? Talpiot is a Real and Present Danger to all. Their Cuckoo in your nest.

Be assured, in the Land of the Free, only Dreams are free. For the rest, you want this for your destiny?


  1. It's a deep sickness. All this wanting-to-rule-the-world stuff. Basically, but for this sickness, we'd already be out among the stars and living healthy 500 year lifespans.

    Oh well, time to crack open a new bottle of scotch...

  2. Those that follow QANON - message from Q on Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST)

    Q Post 916
    We are saving Israel for last.
    Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

    1. We all know the "specific reason", Calgirl. Trump and Putin owe them lots of money ... I think John called it "money with hooks".

    2. Eurasia is key, we will " Sort" the Zios and dismantle their web.
      As the Bolshevik Zios murdered the entire family of the Tzar, when the Night of the Long Knife comes, we will make sure none get far.
      We know we can not free and enhance man, with Weevils buried deep within the can. Eurasia for the Zios will be the grand slam. We know Israe Hell has to be dealt with and the Zio Spawn everywhere. Round up will be total. For 6,000 years this verminous parasite has thrived free, bloodsucking the host. Sanitisation is coming. Like a parasitic weed, the roots have to go also.
      Once Eurasia has removed the parasites, it will come for those in America.
      They will get their One World Nation. One without them in it.

  3. In Australia we have this Jewish think tank called "Lowy Institute".

    I've attacjhed a Wikipedia link.

    The info goes nowhere close to explaining the penetration of Lowy staff into Australian political, business and defence groups.

    Its disgusting how many former ministers and defence personnel are, or have been, employees or consultants of the Institute.

    I believe that Lowy Institute is the Eye that oversees Five Eyes at Pine Gap. Dovetail that with Seshette's premise regarding Chabad and the banking finances of Trump and others and it becomes a quagmire of filth from which the world will not escape.

    You're right, Tino. Crack a new bottle ... and Tino, YOU could start by using your obviously huge talent and (by your own report) comprehensive data base to start a grass roots Republican campaign to remove the United States Embassy from Jerusalem. Just sayin'.

    1. Jerusalem is the planned Epicentre for the coming new Temple of Solomon for the One World Religion. It all fits, the Zio Shits!

    2. Oh 100dthM, I might have talent (if I do say so myself, LOL) but the database ain't that big (if I gave that impression, I apologize to one and all). I've more or less kept asking "What's the Truth?" and accidentally ended up behind the curtain a couple times. What you don't know is I am in ill health due to an accident 18 years ago. Post-GCR, when it happens, we will take a run at storming the castle. Right now I keep spreading #ExtraditeHerzog here on Mordor on the Potomac.

    3. Tino

      Sorry for the ill health. Will a couple of hot 21 year old London hyped up Ladies help?

    4. Thank you John! But I am blessed with a beautiful and wonderful wife.

    5. Good. Value her with life. Priceless. Then your life is blessed.


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