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OWoN Exclusive: Lifting the Veil | Report #1 - Religious Hegemony

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Only truth will set you free of this Global Psycho Babble Religious Hegemony.  

All Empires end - mainly badly! Usually, the citizens cocooned within are the last to see it coming.

One World of Nations
12 December 2014

Focusing in on the case of America where, all Media, the only voice of the people, is Zionist owned, truth is denied as the economy dies. No one knows, or understands, why America is dying needlessly under a continuous pack of Propaganda lies. Why loose a nation with so much vibrant potential, just to save a Zionist and Military Rat pack, as it drowns also under an onslaught of uncontrolled Hispanic and Islamic mass immigration? America is a case of unfulfilled potential of its great nation, versus Chicanery of Cabal betrayal of their nations trust. As the Media Lies to order, we need to expose the sad truth from beyond the border. If truth can set America free, then let it truly fulfill its destiny. 

Let’s start by questioning and exposing the gruesome lies and history of Religions, and compare even the current day’s murderous inhumanity with the Islamists. But who is funding and arming them and why? What is the real agenda, because these lies are American lives? A few paragraphs lower expose it all for you. Why it was not possible. Another Vatican lie. Now a billion gullible people follow a false path.

This unelected Shadow Government Cabal, leading and directing this seriously dysfunctional and unstable psychotic Usurper of very dubious agenda, could unleash a Global catastrophe the world will just not be prepared for if not stopped. With a history of so many poor judgment calls, ever increasing escalation with Russia could be terminal. Russia has nothing to lose. America’s people have everything to lose! But they - have no say. Because an illegal Nero, elected by Fraud, is out of control. Worse, a truly mediocre Puppet meddling in complex Geo Political equations far beyond his clear pay grade. He may not have Political largesse much longer. Time for the Provost Martial to MAN UP! Arrest this Illegal and remove him. Trace and seize his worldwide alleged Kickbacks from Bush and Ackermann. Extradite Michael Herzog from Germany and trace the Bush / Clinton / Obama pay offs. But who can allow Biden to step up? A man Falcone alleges, was bribed by Clinton, acting for Bush. Once stepping up, stop the rot, and take all of them down.

Coming up in 2 years, is an election contest of 2 scurrilous Raptors. A devious lying psychopath versus a Raptor Crime family. What a tragedy for America. Who wishes this?

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The Military Industrial Cabal, combined with the mendacious and predatory Zionist Bankers, have ruthlessly asset stripped the nation over the last century, as well as plundering and looting the planet. From Marcos, To the Chinese Elders, Taiwanese funds, and Indonesian, nations have been subjected to appalling acts of betrayal or trust, and in some cases the most ruthless acts of Piracy and War Looting such as the murderous tortures in the Philippines as the CIA and Cabal members sought to steal all as well recorded in history of the sordid CIA, Pentagon and criminal Fed.

Bottom line, if the economy collapses, as seems almost inevitable if not rerouted fast, the entire Western world will need to restructure and wait for a new central command of Leadership to emerge. But from where, as the EU is totally riddled with corruption and incompetence? England has the best economy and far away the best cultural infrastructure as well as the common Global language, but is too small any longer to assume the mantle of Global Peacekeepers. Albeit they also too are saddled with some limp wrist Politicians. But none of these assembled Jackasses are the real issues, as they are all transient. Just passing flotsam.

Shedding the dogmas

This is now the 21st century, and if we are to ascend to fulfill our potential, truth needs to lead with reality. Time to Grow Up and come of age to go forward. Time to reshape Leadership. Humans are still locked in perpetual conflict, blindly following doctrinaire religious fables founded on Myths and fabricated Male Power grabs. God needs none of these nonentities to rule and subordinate by fear and threat. Stop building lives on lies! God is an assembled REAL Spirit of eternal love and Kinetic energy entity. Looking on, looking in, our Male created conceptual Human religions are banal abominations of truth, based on no factual historical foundation, or even purpose of communal enrichment. The report will not side track into pseudo religious dogma and their Cant of medieval delusional myths, but will reflect brief TRUE comparisons of the events from which so much false power has been sequestrated by a cunning and vengeful collective of deluded Hustlers and mass perversions. Most religions have been wrong and rotten. Almost all, are fabricated. UNTRUE! Most, are nonsense. Gullible people Like the Mormon's vanishing Golden plates, are deceived, tithed and used. And as for your daughters, Smith and his grasping rabble will have 4.

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Even religions cross fight each other between Muslim, Christian and Jewish factions. Man’s greatest enemy is, and always has been, duplicitous religions with genocidal programs hiding as religious ideologies. No one has killed more than Religions. Some God's cause.

Religions, as perceived, even still today, are founded upon:

  • Power grabs, 

  • Asset sequestration, 

  • Domination of the Female species, 

  • Cynical exploitation of impressionable children.

Children are targeted to falsely indoctrinate, to follow contrived agendas and duplicitous or naive Spiritual Guide Leaders. The vicious circle to invoke servitude. From Bar Mitzvahs to Christian confirmations, all seek the cynical mind indoctrination of the child. Their perception of God, simply does not exist in such a ridiculous and naïve form. Nor are they following worthy Spiritual Mentor Guides to anything of fundamental value. The Vatican is itself, as with Islam, are abominations and cesspits of corruption and intrigue, coupled with perverse sexual deviancy. When will the Vatican hand over the vast files of Child Molesting Priests? Or declare its true wealth, all sequestrated from the people, as with their vast land holdings. It needs freezing and seizing. Who will stop these despotic Muslim child marriages within this Pedophile cult?

Look aghast at the current plague of Mad Dog Islamic fundamentalists, a Blood Cult, promoted by an aging, rotting Pedophile with his 6 year old wife. For God’s sake??????? Then look also at the truth tracing back to the historical emergence of the war faring Tribes of Israel, as another collective pack of itinerant marauding Gypsies Dogs of odd job construction contractors, Tinker type laborers and partial Masons craftsmen, who migrated between the Middle Eastern nations, sequestrating, plundering and committing acts of vast genocide as they moved relentlessly between land masses, despoiling all in their sight like predatory Locust swarms. Read the Bible and its ceaseless history of wars and regional conflicts. Never mind Genesis, how about mass Genocide? Israel was based on just nomadic Gypsy type tribes who conceived of a single God figure, and used it no less to unite their 12 key tribes always in conflict, than Emperor Constantine did to unite a confused Rome’s citizens whose multiple Gods were also failing them. Ignorant people need hope, even as blind as current concepts of religions. Poorly educated people are so gullible. These were just a different species of Spin Doctors and Snake Oil Salesmen of their time.

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From the Con Man come part Egyptian Mystic trained Hustler called Moses, who delivered unto the people 10 Commandments of which 7 just happened to be directly plagiarized from Egypt’s own code of idealistic Citizenship Standards, to moralize his ruthless, cruel and Godless slaughter of the innocent people of indigenous nationals in any areas he and his lawless itinerant hoards came across, this cruel Despot ordered mass destruction of harmless communities, all in his “God's” name? BS! They were just ruthless scavenger packs devastating all in their path.

This was just a time of ignorance when sunlight in autumn light reflected on dying leaves was misconstrued as a burning bush. Anyone can see this reflection at the right time. Don’t sup from crocks! At least with MLK he gave you "I have a dream", while he banged everything in a skirt in sight. As did JFK, from his staged Camelot set as the public swallowed it all. How easy to fool almost all of the people, all of the time.

Unlike one of the few true and evolved Leaders in Nelson Mandela who raised the real Palestinian agenda, most Religions and their Leaders are so bogus. Worse, dangerously delusional. Where is truth? Seek it. Be the Keeper of your own Soul. Be informed. Seek God within your own heart and be at one with creation and the spirit of the Universe. You need no false Religions, seek your own truth.

Reviewing historical legends

Can anyone conceive how this delusional Abraham, mentally unbalanced and readying himself to murder his own son, befits such a Matriarchal role? For both Jews and Muslims? A paranoid, delusional Schizophrenic, wired to the moon, and in serious need of being sectioned. Yet thousands of years ago, this psychotic Crock, a complete Head Case, became an entity of Legend against which one son went off to form Judaism, the other Islam. From which vast millions of unstable and delusional lunatics now roam our world with vengeance and hatred in their hearts, with their illusory God force manipulated in the twisted minds of Mullahs, Rabbis and Ayatollahs of one sort or another. Genocidal maniacs wreak havoc across the Middle East with murderous vengeance. What malfunctioning mind sets manipulate suggestible and gullible followers to become suicide bombers? To Martyr Children? To mutilate the sexual organs of girls, their daughters?

God says? Rubbish!

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Even during the cosmetic creation of so called Christianity as ordered by Emperor Constantine, the coins then printed indicated the Jesus figure as being Apollyon, their Sun God, and significant splits in the Gospels indicated the Jesus Rabbi (Teacher) entity to be just a contrived multiparty Prophet, with the real Son of God indicated as yet to come. But, Rome needed one - NOW! A central uniting figurehead to unite the Roman citizens and adopt as an iconic Deity they alone had the patronage of as ordained to act of the Gatekeepers to Elysium, the golden fields of their heaven. Unitary control of access. So, Jesus, over decades was a contrived myth and spun to order.

The old mind game. The entire Roman concept of the Jesus entity, of which there were many examples entangled together as concept models, but NONE of substance, was entirely fabricated to suit a legend, like King Arthur or Robin Hood, and to serve a purpose of control and mind domination. Unlike Caesar who is well documented, the Jesus Myth when examined under evidential scrutiny, just totally fails credibility with so many cross conflicts. No less than Judaism does to its own. Jews, Gentiles and Goyim. Muslims or Infidels. Divide and rule.

Now this is the real impasse of the Jesus crock. Sorry but true. Just be aware that Bethlehem did not even exist as a functioning center during the period alleged as fully Roman recorded. Truth is there, on record. Nor was a Roman census involved at that time. Nor could any heavily pregnant women make such a 7 day journey sitting on a Donkey without losing the baby. Even worse, such a couple would not have had a Donkey. Let alone a Virgin Birth. Hello???? Nothing stands up to a factual Diligence check. All this gave birth to have been just fantasy stories which fail all diligence checks. Sad, but the truth is, it’s just a series of poorly fabricated lies! Time to come of age. A wake up call. Why not chose Self Intelligence, not blind pursuit of fabricated Myths?

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It’s on a par with the Great Mythical King David using the Arc to collapse the walls of Jericho in battle. Such heavy walls, as alleged, would have left a huge architectural footprint base of ruined building block remnants. Archaeologists have heavily explored the region to excavate the site. No stones have ever been found and clearly no such city ever existed. Therefore no such battles, and the Arc??? This whole crock is just another King Arthur or Robin Hood legend. Sorry folks, but once you ask the right questions, nothing stands up. Do not build your lives on lies. Nor false priests. Judaism and Christianity, sorry but it’s all built on a crock! Order another Wailing Wall fast. Truth hurts. Not as much as it does for the poor baby’s circumcised for a lie. To think a paranoid delusional Schizophrenic like Abraham could have unleashed such a following. Or so many flawed legends. Ignorance is bliss. Until you expose them, and close them. Truth does not stay buried. No Bethlehem, got that? No Census as Roman records show. A heavily pregnant women riding 7 days on a Donkey? Hello???? Once you expose their disingenuous lies it all implodes. Don’t be gullible.

Be informed before making decisions of Iconic figures or leaders to follow. Which, if any, merit it?

But do not lose faith in the higher power, which is not our case. Give loyalty to God by awakening your own consciousness. Not false posing Intermediaries seeking to rule you. You can do it.

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Take the development of Christianity from its more recorded and trustworthy records. The Vatican, on the take for a Tithe, wantonly unleashed vast hordes of armed Brigands as Crusaders to mass invade the Arab and Middle East lands purportedly to seek access to and control of a mythical Temple Mount. But also to plunder all at will, sharing the spoils of war with an ever so corrupt Vatican Papacy. Genocide from perverse Popes. As ever. Religions produce such rotten men, from Moses to the Papacies and today's Islamic fundamentalists. Rotten men deluded by lies.

In 1095 the then Pope Urban II, issued a decree to the French and European Nobility stating that all who participated in a great Crusade to the Holy Land to free Jerusalem from Muslim rule, would be forgiven all their sins. And not have to burn in the hell the Vatican had conceived for them. In addition to being given a special dispensation of forgiveness for all sins actioned along the roads of the great Crusade. An army of over 60,000 was collated as they walked or rode from all over Europe, sweeping down through Constantinople sacking, looting, burning and mass murdering all in their path for provisions and the spoils of war from defenseless communities. 60,000 armed Vandals with no money, no provisions, just taking from all communities in their path ahead. A blood orgy. All believing in preordained forgiveness. Papal Immunity from Sin. Vast criminal hoards destroying all in their path. Most with the vision of enriching themselves from the looting of the spoils of war at the end. Cities were put under siege and ransacked. Tens of thousands were put to the sword and mass executed as cities were conquered on their approach to Jerusalem. People impaled, burned alive and children roasted on spits. People thrown from castle walls. Cities looted for wealth. These were your Godless Crusader armies. All unleashed by Vatican Despots in God’s name. Abominations to God.

When even Jerusalem fell on 14th July 1099, over 70,000 of its citizens, mainly Jews, were massacred. It was recorded that in the Temples where they sought protection, blood ran so deep it was up to the horse’s bridles. No God ordered, or wished this, nor forgave. This is your Papacy. A bloodthirsty, cruel, genocidal despotic conclave of Evil. They dare to speak in God’s name? This is the same Vatican who, in conjunction with King Philippe of Spain, later also agreed a financial arrangement to mass execute the Templers and share the proceeds with Philippe, and the Templers Gold and lands. Conspiracy and treachery is deeply embodied in the Vatican, as the Pedophiles and sexual deviants they are. A truly godless abomination who have thrived on lies for over 1,700 years. Home of the Inquisition who murdered millions over 4 centuries. A ruthless, predatory killing machine.

History is littered with false Gods and failed Heroes. So many false legends. The Templers were not just the legendary mythical Knights, but a ruthless mercenary regime who enriched themselves not only by plundering cities, by also developing the world’s first Banking Documentary Credits system, and provided funded protection to travelers on a Pilgrimage to the Holy land, until Saladin took it back in 1187 and restored Muslim power. Mercenary Monks with a taste for wealth and deep pockets, but the ones who excavated the Temple Mount and Catacombs, seizing also hordes of artifacts and hidden treasures. History, in fact, truth is ugly.

It's your 'Book of Life'

One thing modern man needs to learn, is do not let False Religions do your thinking for you. Take responsibility for your own Soul. You alone are its keeper. This is your personal journey so make each day count. Seek the true God by quiet meditation, think of the good citizenship standards God would wish, and be free to pursue higher ideals of truth, good ideals, humanitarian values, kindness to animals, and compassion for the old, poor and afflicted. Be a humble servant of a higher power. Your own Soul is your Book of Life and all that leaves with you. Make your time here matter. It will be over before you know it. Then, it is too late to put back. Don’t live a lie or pursue pointless ideals. Be true to what matters. Be your own Emissary of God and goodness of Soul. All you need is within you, you were born with it. Enlightenment is the real reward and richness to seek. Values are not what is in your Bank account, but in your heart. Touch souls, then you will find what life means and your way back.

Whether our neighbors were raised as Christians, Jews, Muslims or even Mormons, these are just labels and false indoctrinations. It’s what’s in each person’s heart that counts. Moral values, good citizenship. Respect and compassion for all. What better way to live than to act only as Stewards in God’s name and help restore values which do matter? We are all only one people. Life is real, the labels are false. When you study and understand the history of religions, you realize what false doctrinaire games they play to entrap you and enrich themselves. Such evil histories. As is today. Be true to yourself and the real God. Enrich humanity and your own Soul, not Despots posing.

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For the oncoming propaganda hype of a false Christmas, instead of endorsing these deluded Shape shifters passing as Ordained Ministers, why not for once take the values of what it should represent and be your own Apostle of Mercy. Go out armed with food, drinks or cash. Find the homeless, elderly or visibly so poor. Reach out and touch the homeless on the streets. Giving cash, clothing, blankets or food is a welcome gift for them, but the touch of your hand is priceless to them. The surprise of a stranger right out of the blue, coming into their lives when they are so, so down, feeling desolate, alone and worthless, then you arrive. Look into their eyes with kindness and caring. If they are sitting, kneel and be with them as one on the same level. Make the effort. The touch of your hand and what’s in your heart matters. But what’s in your eyes matters more. They may be broke, but they can see, and feel. They don’t want to feel humiliated, ashamed or as Bums. I ask their permission to help give a little along the path of life and let them decided if to let me help them or not. It re-empowers them and gives them value and worth. Free will. But if all they see is just humble, simple kindness and not arrogance, they will know. They do.

For them, just to know they are loved and valued by a fellow man, is all. That gives them priceless strength and hope. It gives a reason to live again. Of real value to someone. Standing or sitting in the closed confines of false Churches does nothing. Enriching the vile Vatican even less. That is not touching lives. You achieve nothing but delusion. Get on the streets or each out to the needing causes. Hands on. Volunteer for an hour or two helping Community Groups. Take the real Gods work out to make it happen. Do something. Real people need real help out here. You CAN make a difference and NO, doing nothing is not an answer. We are all the life forces of one God, one not needing or seeking false Religions, but seeking us all to act with compassion and humility for the less well off. Loneliness is dreadful. As is feeling lost and worthless. Hope is priceless. Give it to others by giving a few minutes of yourself. Give the value of your own life real meaning. Give back. Be the Master of your own Destiny. Honor your Soul, it is the Vessel of all you are, and seek truth for all existence. Fulfill your real destiny with knowledge gained along this path of your life and the wealth of good Karma you will earn as a Samaritan to others truly in need. Any small act of kindness to others all matters. You can see the real parties deserving support and those not. Kindness need not cost. But to some, it’s everything. Touch and save real lives. YOU have that power. YOU. That is enrichment which has real value. Anything which takes you closer to the real God. That simple touch of your hand, a human touch to those so down is priceless. We don’t need Religions to be human. But we do need understanding and compassion. A reason to be, and to be so much more. That is our real path of life. To take our place on the journey to the Stars. Star matter to make life matter. We are all creations of one great Creator. Create now a reason to be alive for others. Act.

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All you see now of Western ways is failing. The Cabal and their Zionist Mafia cohorts, from the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, and their domination of Banking is derailing as Derivatives are being called to prop up free falling oil prices. Greed drove them to take reckless gambles with Derivatives to guarantee prices banks do not have assets to meet. Oil Barons made wanton gambles backed up by worthless cross insured Derivatives. There is no Insurer of last resort. Like their whole lives, fabrications built on quicksand the winds of change will sweep away. Empires all end. But desperate men, are dangerous men. There is no bottom to the depth of treachery they are capable of. As the very planet itself is now dividing into new power Collectives, the risk of nuclear conflict grows ever greater. As does the Tri Laterals / CFR ethos of Global Population Reduction. They, interlinked with the Zionist Criminal Organizations, believe they alone as a self-appointed Elite group, deserve to inherit the earth, and to rid the planet of perceived surplus population numbers. Laboratory Genetic diseases become an ever greater threat if released.

Our world is not in a good place right now, and ignorance will not dispel it. Leaving power to others is where it all started as they took it - and abused it. You will either have to stand up, or you are at ever greater risk of becoming a disposable species. Nothing is uglier than the Zionist manic belief of the worthless Goyims, or the Muslim concepts of the Infidels. Technology empowered Zionists now have the capability to exterminate humanity on a scale Hitler could never have conceived of as he perpetrated his own great crimes against them. Now they have become a growing Godless Crime Conglomerate. A pestilence upon the earth.

At what stage will mankind develop its own Soul, reaching out to become so much more, and start to teach true Citizenship and Humanitarian values to all? Every life comes into this world alone, needing love and nurturing. Where does it all go so wrong? So many views, but only one God. When will they all get it? Look within! It can all be so much better. The true look of gratitude you will get from the eyes of those you help with quiet dignity is real wealth and is priceless. The key always is to protect their dignity and self-worth. Take that extra step with care to give hope with compassion, as one human being to another. Are we not all of one creation? Not labels, just Souls? What is beyond, unless you have experienced it, is way beyond anything you can contemplate in its ethereal majesty and beauty. But so is the down side. Be careful what you wish for or seek. Wealth is not what you take with you, but that record of your journey, it reads how? The trust and love in the eyes of a child, or devoted animal says it all. We earn it. That is what we take with us. A long hard winter is coming for many. Try putting something back, that feeling if done humbly, is priceless. As is $50 in the hands of a homeless man or women to go get a meal. You come out of the blue, a real Godsend. Food, clothes, but a welcome hand above all touching and sharing, and we are at one with our world, we all matter. Just giving hope, it starts there. Our road through life and those we help along the way. That is all we take with us, make it count. Just to be part of something beyond the concepts of language to understand, costs nothing, but counts for everything. Be your own Christian soldiers of all that truly matters. Be compassionate and care. Become the best you can be. That does matter. So, no Bethlehem, No Donkey, No Census, No 7 day ride, but your Soul is real. Use it well. Make reality worth living for all. That IS you’re calling.

God gave us all the power to make a difference. Use it well.

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  1. Just google into The Jesus Myth and all the evidence you need is there. It all falls apart.

    1. An interesting 9 minute video on the Jesus Myth

      The Jesus Myth - Timothy Freke:

    2. Something interesting to ponder on: Published by YellowRoseForTexas at:

      “With permission I pass you this message from “The ONE”.

      You could have told the world the truth about the Company Store System you set up.

      But you did not.

      You could have told the truth about SET “An” whom you worship.

      But you did not.

      You could have told the people they have been locked in a Construct, and Elizabeth “Lilith” daughter of SET, stole the Ankh system key.

      You could have told them you lied about “Jesus” and that this was the Coven name of Charles.

      You could have told them his other coven names by promotion were “Horus” and then “Lucifer”.

      You could have told them about the EL greys who are SET’s, but you did not.

      You could have told them that Elizabeth “Lilith” is over the Coven Freemason, as the PAPAL is over the Illuminati Coven; and that ISRAEL was under that coven.

      You could have told them that the coven owns the DoD, which owns all the space agencies.

      You could have told them that the Vector Sigil was the symbol of the Sith.

      And you could have told them it is Lilith Elizabeth, queen of the Moloch, who is in exile.

      That you have aided to slaughter our world with her corporation U.N., because you have lied about Jesus and allowed the other branches to Seal by fraud the Children of Man, and because you helped slaughter our world by use of Covet Means.

      The EL and SET (An) now owe The ONE, God, and Father of the Branch of Mankind an Esoteric Debt he can never repay.

      The ONE says, take a close look at your NASA owned Telescopes, at the Sun.

      You have failed to reign in your dogs of War, Rothschild, Elizabeth, and the Gad/Sachs.

      You have failed to stop Magog Bush, who is yours as well.

      Look at the Sith, as they panic at the Sun.

      Many of the candlesticks have been knocked down, but your fate is more severe, for you LIED about Jesus and the god you serve, which is SET An.

      Look at the Stereo soho images of the 11th [February] and understand.

      You either stand up and tell these people the truth, or reep your fate.

      All good on Earth will make the Leap forward.

      And you, who are the murderous pedophile Covens of Azazel, will get the Pit…Look at your Vatican Telescopes.

      Watch them panic in vain.

      That is your fate. For lying and removing the name of God, the All Father, and putting the names of SET in your “bible”, “torah” and “Koran”.

      That is your fate, for not telling humanity that “the ONE” is a real and LIVING PERSON THEY WILL MEET.

      That is your fate, for stealing the children of Man.

      You will not continue, as Lilith planned.

      The debt you now owe is too great.

      There will be no ‘future’ for any of the CA. An’s debt is so great, that Amnesty is being granted for some, and if you two who are not the priesthood disbelieve [in reference to Netanyahu and Cameron], I suggest you ask the priesthoods and Lilith Elizabeth.

      Chief Rabbinate of Israel knows the truth, so does the Pontiff.”

  2. Replies

    1. This is merely an introduction.

      More will follow showing the depth of control and the 'who is who' in the Cabal Zoo.

      We go where the truth is, where most fear or choose not to go.

      What is coming will not only 'lift the veil' but smack you in the face with a 2x4.

      Nowhere to run or hide, let truth speak its name.

  3. Whether Jesus existed or not, Jesus is not the answer to any current problem. That answer is inside us. On that I hope we all can agree.

    1. Thanks guys ..... time to reflect over much stuff ....

  4. John

    What is this Temple Church London?

    1. Brittan's HQ for the Templer Knights. built by and for the Templers.

    2. Thanks canauzzie -

      It is not easy to rethink much stuff - it would be good to have some personal talks, but so it is. One would just cry.

      Anyhow this is how it is. I meet this guy sitting by the pond reading some stuff. So I asked him, what are you reading and he said. Koran, young guy. And then he tells me his story - immigrant from former Yugoslavia as a boy with his parents who are muslims but he was could not follow their beliefs so he hanged out - drugs, drinking crime and again and again....He said that 80% of us here who came from Yugoslavia live this way - burglars - crime, drugs alcohol etc.... He says, I live every day by fear that police will come for me. He was few times in prison .... then once his brother came to prison and gave him Koran and he began to read it. He said that all spiritual reality started to open for him and he became believer in god and since he keeps reading Koran and he finished with his old way of life since....

      I was impressed, never heard that. Something similar happened to me, but I did not meet muslims but Protestants and it was Bible that happened to be in my hands and all spiritual fascinating truths about god opened up and I kept reading and began to understand that there is a real spiritual reality somewhere around and a door into it is Christ. Without any forcing myself I finished with old way of life kind off.

      So what would happen in case I met muslim or hindu or Templar at the time when I was kind of open to perceive spiritual realities .... what would happen to you if you in case met Protestants at the time you were ready to open a life of spiritual realities?

      With that young muslim from Yugoslavia I was left puzzled since I believed that spiritual transformation and transformation of life comes from knowing god through Christ....

      So .....

    3. Same thing happened to me V. Twenty years ago. Changed my life 100%. And since then, have been seeking to achieve a closer walk with God. I think we are victims of easy believism today. We want everything easy and right now. Jesus, who was the Son of God, prayed the entire night before he selected his disciples.

      He fasted 40 days. If the Son of God, thought it prudent to pray the entire night, on multiple occasions, how do we think we are going to pray once in a while and draw nigh to God? When I first became a Christian, I gave up drinking, gave up even watching TV. Spent three years fasting off and on, read the Bible thru several times, and spent hours in prayer.

      Was an awesome time in my life. God spoke to me once during this time. Just a verse out of the book of James. I never told anyone. Three days later, during a group bible study, a brother stood up and said to me in the midst, brother - please share with us what the Lord has given you for he told me he has given you something to share. No way anyone could have guessed since I had not told a soul.

      I had two powerful dreams. I began to understand what Paul meant when he said I die daily, that Christ may live. To me Christ is everything. Unfortunately, the enemy has sown tares among the wheat, has done so from the onset and they have grown side by side now for two thousand years.

      This is what you see in religon today. But the true follower of Christ will start organizations such as The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and many others whose heart is to help the afflicted, the poor and bring food, water and necessities where needed. I'm undecided on how I feel about these articles, I will not push my beliefs on anyone and feel that if you seek God with your heart, you will find. If you do not, you will not find.

    4. Thanks, LG. Truth has a strange way of sneaking into our lives, just to let us know it's there.

      I have always considered myself to be spiritual rather than religious. Even so, it was something that seemed detached from my daily life until Christmas, 1996, when I was working on a spinal unit. I wanted to make Advent Candles to give as presents to my patients and staff, together with a scroll to say the candles had been sprinkled with frankincense and myrrh....and they were the gold. At the end, I wanted to include the passage from the bible where it says, "Love thy neighbour as thyself". Yeah, corny I know.

      Anyway, I couldn't remember were in the bible it was written. It had been on my mind all day while at work. Late that night in my on-call flat, I wanted to type out the scroll using Windows Office but first I had to load Windows 95 to replace 3.1. As the operating system was loading, the monitor kept flashing ROMANS 13 in large capitals on the screen. Taking the clue, I found a bible and there it was, in St Paul's letter to the Romans, 13: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself".

      That was the start of my awakening.

    5. "where"...not "were" in case the grammar police are watching. It's late and past my bedtime.

    6. 'Believism' - great word LG!

    7. Valdi,
      I believe that we are spiritual beings, having a physical existence/experience in this 3D construct. This is our first "estate."

  5. John

    Who were quakers of old times? Did they come from you?

    1. Just another bunch of head cases who operated between the US and UK.

  6. This short documentary reveals the astrotheological foundation of many religions, especially Christianity: (26 mins)

    It is unlikely that the historical Jesus, as depicted in the New Testament, actually existed - but that does not invalidate in my opinion the true message of Christianity concerning love, eternal life, forgiveness, divinity and absolute natural law.

    There were people two thousand years ago who were seeking truth and asking the same fundamental questions as there are now. Palestine was at a confluence of many ideologies originating in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, India, Europe and Ireland. There was a school of Buddhism at Alexandria. Jesus as such may not have existed but there is evidence of a great teacher called Issa who survived crucifixion and eventually died in Kashmir.

    Major religions may promulgate much propaganda and misinformation, but as many of us are aware the best propaganda always contains elements of truth. What matters is that we seek truth with eyes that can see, ears that can hear and hearts that are open.

    1. And yes, I do celebrate Christmas if for no other reason than it marks the passage of the Winter Solstice and the coming of longer days and shorter nights, heading towards Spring.

      Happy Christmas, everyone!

    2. Every holiday devised by "them" are high ritual periods where they perform human (babies) sacrifices to set-an...and although we think we are doing something good, we give our power over to the energy that invades this earth giving them our precious power to bring light into this world. So, instead of the energy getting used for good, it actually turns out to be what they want us to concentrate on "consumerism."

      I use to celebrate all the holidays for my son who was born on Dec 29th...when he reached the age of 12 I told him the truth, every day is a holiday and what others celebrate as christmas is your birthday month. He's 35 now.

      The Equinox and Solstice was used by our forefathers (Indians) for harvest of crops and planting of crops...end of life and beginning of new life...they contaminated everything in this world that we have our emotions tied into...

    3. Happy Christmas to you Valdi and all others who see a season of sharing and love, may it become an everyday experience.

  7. From Pastor Lindey Williams tonight:

    Information from Pastor Williams regarding the recent drop in oil prices. In this regard Pastor Williams has said “What our President has done could create some major problems. Almost sounds like the beginning of Ezekiel chapters 38-39 in the Bible.”

    On the recent drop in oil prices Pastor Williams told me “You asked about oil prices. In the past my Elite friends have always told me before oil prices dropped. This time I did not know about the oil price drop before it happened because the Elite did not create the price decline.

    President Obama sent John Kerry to Saudi Arabia (Without any authorization of the Elite) to negotiate the price decline. It was done because of Obama’s hatred of Putin. (Read the article that follows from F. William Engdahl, it is correct)
    The Elite are so angry at Obama that words can’t describe it. There are some really big problems right now between Obama and the Elite.”

    1. JV very interesting. It supports my suspicions that O always intended and wanted to break the cabal but was unable to. After his election in 08, Bush Snr sat down and told him who's boss. With oil I guess he saw a chance. I reckon he is working in concert w P, and knew it would bust the US shale boom, as well as the rest of the petro industry and their banking infrastructure. Just a guess.

  8. Thank you Canauzzie and John.

  9. Thank you for putting this article together. It helps me understand so much more. It makes me know that I am heading in the right direction for truth.

  10. Cool graphics Canuzzie and John. Jesus hugs a dinosaur very funny. I notice the Tree of Life in the first slide, ancient Hebrew spirituology there. I think this is a good beginning to start separating true mysticism and the science of spirit from believism (thanks LG) and manufactured religion. I LOVE your reference from Zeitgeist. If you haven't watched it, it is very cool.

  11. This is 2 days old so may have been posted - sorry if so.

    Gordon Duff speaking at the Damascus Conference, outlining Israeli control of the US, the reason for Hagel's resignation, and the Supremes' passing of Citizen's United. So good to see this out in the open.

    1. Valdi

      How is it possible that in case you would have read let say some of Bible or Romans long before 96 and it wold not mean anything to you.... it would be just a text so to speak to forget next day as newspapers....

      How do you explain it....? This is story of millions apparently......

    2. Vlastimil,

      Thank you for telling us how your mind was opened to God and spirituality. It responded, as did mine, to our desire for truth. The trigger doesn't matter so much, whether it is from reading or from personal experience.

      I never read the bible. Some snippets, yes, in RE class at school....but I preferred science fiction! (Probably not that much difference). Religion bored me. So even if my subconscious could remember the precise passage, it wouldn't explain why the message popped up on the computer screen.

      I had done a complete reformat of the hard drive before installing Windows 95. The process is automatic - there is no way I could have influenced what was appearing on the screen. Taken on its own, it may have been considered a fortuitious coincidence; but it was only the beginning of a run of synchronicities that defied logical explanation.

    3. Vlastimil,

      I was at that time of life when I thought, "God, there must be something more to life than this", and He answered, "At last you've decided to notice Me. Now I'm going to make sure you can never ignore Me again".

  12. The Lie NASA Told - The Imminent Demise of the NWO

    Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , "Religion", and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

    One question I ask myself, "can I go to outer space and view the perspective of the world from that distance?" Everything that we know some one told us, and because much of what we research is also written by those who have been lying to us especially since the last 100 years.

    Let your heart be your guide...this is where we meet The One true Creator of the Branch of Man...

    1. The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO
      The First Thing the Human mind has to grasp is that you are not ‘seeing’ things correctly. Esoteric Laws are the Laws that Govern the Creation, which is defined as ‘A Construct’. These Laws are the program parameters and are based on Energy and Energy Exchange. The Esoteric Law is ‘Those Below may not see Above, But those Above May see below.’ What this means is that there is a barrier of sight that is based on the laws of energy God created and this makes an Energy barrier.

      Everything has a ‘Spirit’ attached to it. A Spirit is a living being, which is ‘A Person’ whose ‘Atomic’ speed vibrates at a higher rate…. ‘Higher Frequency’, ‘Higher Wave Length’ ‘Out of Visible Light Spectrum’ are other terms commonly used to attempt to describe this same concept. The higher rates of speed put this being ‘Out of Phase’ with us and thus out of ‘Sight’ and out of ‘Touch’.

      The next thing the human mind has to grasp is that the Priesthoods, All of them lied not just about one thing but about ‘everything’. Then you have to follow the money to understand it is the Priesthood which Ultimately owns NASA which is why NASA doesn’t just lie about one thing, it lies about Everything. As a matter of Policy, as ordered by the Coven Priesthood. To keep their Lie they put on Hoaxes, such as the alleged ‘Government Shutdown’ or more recently. Israel closing their Embassy.

      All government corps world wide are owned by the same Coven Priesthood which issued all charters to the Nobility. It is the Vatican Corp. which granted to the Nobility, all Titles, Lands, Powers, Privileges and Rights. Both historically and today Under Canon Law 108. This made the Vat ‘The Umbrella Corporation’ and the ‘SIGIL’ for it is on the Papal Robes in plain sight. As per Coven Canon Law. Every other Coven, Priesthood or other incorporation is owned by the Vatican via the system of Shell Corporations it created beneath itself. Which allows it to give the appearance of separate ‘governments’ and separate ‘religions’. It is all one group and they have an older name.

      The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of The NWO (PART ONE)

      VIDEO Link:- (same link above)

      Some peoples minds are trapped by the dogma of Religion, others are trapped by the dogma of Science. These are all one group owned by the same people. They have re-written your History and given us a false time-line. This was done within the last 100 years.

      By removing the Coven Law they were able to stretch the timeline using same images of the same people. What happened in Babylon wasn't a mystery it was simply removed. By renaming hieroglyphs and altering the definitions of words they altered your concept of what the word meant.

      The relabeled ‘West Gate’ as ‘Gate of Man’. They removed the definition of the term ‘The Creation’ and renamed ‘The One’ All Father and Father of the Branch of Man ‘Pa’ (Origin of ‘Law of ONE’ “Atum”. Altered our Concept of what ‘Heaven’, ‘God’ and other words are and gave us religion to discredit all of it.

      Kennedy knew what the Royals and the Priesthood had done too. He caught onto Rothschild s and Bilderbergs too and demanded from NASA an answer to who the ‘Greys’ were and why they were here and that’s when he was taken.

      The following information is only a small review of the now removed History once taught, concerning Babylon & the creation of Pharaoh & Coven Caesar & Coven Ant. The sole purpose is to expose you to some of the hieroglyphics & esoteric terms as they were used in order to correct what was altered. (continued)

    2. (continued from the Lie NASA Told)

      His common name was Alexander (Marduke/Son of Ea) (showing pics of AZAZEL (hebrew) BAPHOMET(Egypt) Coven CAesar, MASSAWA “The Great Architech God” Coven Freemason (Babylon), “The Horned God” Coven WicCA (latin “CA” Coven Azazel) Babylon God El (oheim) Vatican (German – “Vater” Father “I” of German/Saxon “kan” Kin) and the story went: he was experimenting on mankind and the ‘Father’ of the ‘Branch of Man’ said he had no right to do this and this launched a war for the souls, of mankind, on Earth.
      They Stripped Man of their 12 strand DNA and reducing Hu-Man size they were also using that 12 strands DNA to create Reptiles with more manlike appearance. The Reptile Brain is the known behavior source of all ritual, hierarchy, selfishness & baser instincts and is the source of all Sociopathic behavior.
      By placing everyone in a hybrid body it meant that either ‘branch’ could ‘seal’ the individual at the end of the ‘cycle’ rather than strictly the originating ‘branch’. It allowed the Reptile ‘branch’ the specific Predator of Man, the ability to camouflage and enter our societies. (showing pic Queen Mother and Elizabeth, Scary looking Pope and Dalai Lama). If you gave them your ‘oath’ then they were allowed to ‘seal’ you.
      We are souls and our bodies are our vehicles. You are a ‘Mirror’ of your ‘Spirit’ which is your ‘Double’. Everyone will go back to their family branch at the ‘call’.
      Alexander (Son of Ea) attacked- they pulled Earth through the ‘Eye’ and into their territory called the ‘Abyss’ then drove the ‘Father of the Branch of Man’ out through the ‘East Gate’ and ‘Lilith’ Daughter of ‘SET” “An” gained control of the System ‘Key’, locked us in, and him out. (continued)

    3. (continued)

      The ‘Kiest’ was used to capture life and bring it back through the ‘Gate’ while the ‘Ankh’ was used to put them back under the ‘Veil’ and erase the memory. Elizabeth who was ‘Lilith’ married her brother ‘Ea Son Alexander’ when she was young. When he was killed in the uprising she married her fraternal twin George. This earned them their name ‘The Incestuous Twins’.
      When George was killed she married her son Charles ‘Charlemange’ to keep the Coven Custom of a Diarchy. When all of this became an embarrassment, she used the ‘Ankh’ and put everyone back under the ‘Veil’ again. This is why it was known that ‘THE COVEN AGE’ created ‘ALL RELIGIONS’ and that they were called ‘Snake Worship’ because they were the ‘branch’ of “SET” whom the Sumerian called ‘An’ and the Hebrew and Muslim called ‘Solomon’ and every single ‘Coven’ from Buddha to Christ,the follower becomes incorporated which gives ‘Silent Consent’ for them to ‘Seal’ you at the time of ‘The Division of the Families’.
      ”Nephilheim is NOT the name of a RACE”, it means ‘Reanimated Body’. ‘Lilith’ is Queen of the ‘Moloch’. ‘SET’ is the Origin of ‘CUBE WORSHIP’. Both the ‘El’ and the ‘Moloch’ are the two offspring branches of ‘SET’ and this is in ‘THE COPTIC RECORD’. ‘SET AN’ became ‘Saturn’. A(z)gartha Tunnels and Hollow Earth are just a pretty myth. You are dealing with the underworld and their purpose is to add you to their ‘ARC’. The illusion is that you are dealing with a species of Man whether its the ‘Nephilheim, GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) or Jesus’.
      Attached is a picture of what SET looks like in the ASTRAL. He eats his share of the ‘Division of the Families’. This is the war between Satan ‘Saturn’ and ‘God’. The Coven Age created all religions 1901.

      A look behind the Curtain of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – (Everyone gets the red pill)
      “We lied about Everything” said Bellcomm/NASA Insider.Their are only Three Locations (Heaven, The Abyss and The Underworld). The Abyss is negative space. It is a ‘Binary’ System fueled by the Black Sun and Home of the ‘SITH’ Lords and ‘Demons’ which are beings of ‘Negative Polarity’. It has an ‘Elliptical Orbit’ and travels between our Sun and a Black Sun that is 32 billion kilometers away.
      The definition of ‘The Creation’ is ‘A Construct’. The Planets are on ‘Poles’ which are the Origin of the 7 Candlesticks. They can leave their ‘Pole’ and follow the ‘Tracks’.

      (NASA SOHO images have been capturing countless UFO’s by the Sun. Google Earth sky view is now showing another anomaly by the Sun what appear to be Giant Cables running from the Sun to other areas in space. Could the two be related? Are these cables being used to harvest energy from the Sun? Are they navigational aids? What is going on around our Sun? (see attached pic)

    4. (continued)

      She then goes on to say we don’t see the Planets as they really appear. This is called an ‘ARC’ (shows a picture “Attached” of the Pinecone that stands in Vatican Courtyard). Taught as ‘ARC of COVEN ANT’

      Each ‘branch’ has its own ‘ARC’. This is the ‘Exterior of The Construct’ (see attached pic). The Degree Lines on this image are not drawn in they are Physical (see ‘Earth Lines’ Pic attached) this is called the ‘Map’. This is an image of Venus as she really appears taken Feb 25th (see attached pic). This is an image of Earth taken March 10th (see attached pic).

      Each branch has a ‘Father’, ‘Mankind’ is special because it is the only ‘branch’ who’s specific Father is God.

      The ‘Seal’ is a device, it marks the individual as belonging to that Specific ‘Family’. This allows them to be transported to the ‘ARC’ at the time of the ‘division’.

      The Book Of Life is a record of all Life that the Father of a ‘branch’ sent into the creation. It is used to recall the Family Members when it’s time to return to their ‘ARC’.

      NASA which is DOD owned and ‘All The Other Space Agencies’ are owned by The Vatican and Elizabeth. They do not tell you that your are in The ‘Abyss’ because they are owned and operated by the ‘SITH’.

      It is Coven Law that each ‘Coven’ must identify itself with a registered Coven symbol which is called a ‘SIGIL’.

      The ‘VECTOR’ symbol as on ‘All Space Agencies Logos’ is the ‘SIGIL of the SITH Laws which are the ‘7 Sister Laws’. These are The 7 Candlesticks of ‘BA-EL’. The “7” is the 7 Luciferian, “Council of 7″ which are the Planets ‘Saturn Jupiter Neptune Uranus Mars Venus Mercury’. The 3 dots represent the ‘3 Kings’ and the ‘3 Ptolemy’s’ (Saturn Jupiter and Mars).

      Then goes on to talk about the VECTOR symbol again in the video.

      At (18:15) in the video it shows an image of the ‘SITH’ at the Sun, they had complete control of Planet Earth, no mortal man could fight them back and he who didn’t comply was killed (allegedly).

    5. (continued)

      They owned the Corporations which ran the Sciences and Education, and this is how they we’re able to lie about the true Nature of Space.

      At (18:36) Eric Dollard talks about the Sun and says that their is no inside structure ‘The Sun is not what we have been told’ he says there's only a surface when the man asks him ‘is it hollow?’ There’s nothing inside, he says its not burning anything, there's no fusion in the Sun, it’s only in the flares you get fusion that’s where all the x-rays. The flares are arcs and the x-rays and the microwaves or whatever is result of fusion in the arcs. There is no fusion in the Sun, they don’t know how the Sun works. He reckons it’s a transformer and transforms from some other dimension. It’s not burning anything, it doesn't have to. It’s a Converter… of what? I don’t know he says, nobody knows… ‘You can’t see the Sun in free Space’ its only invisible when gross matter becomes involved like the Earths Atmosphere and Envelope and the Surface of the Moon or whatever, that makes the ‘Light’, otherwise there is no light, you can see the Moon you can see the Earth but you can’t see the Sun and you can’t see the Stars but you can see the Planets and the Satellites? Yes he says… You can see material objects but you can not see the sources of light there is no Light until theirs a material object. So that means there is no time delay so the whole time delay thing is meaningless.

      It doesn't take light years, there are no light years because there's no light, so that means that the Light you see from the Distant Stars isn't 4 million years old it could be only minutes old or instantaneous.
      All the current theories collapse when you can’t see the Stars in Outer Space. (end of interview)

      ‘Lilith’ put a Fire Wall around the Black Sun to mask it from our view, it also hid the ‘Eye of Horus’ and the ‘Papal Key’ which is their ‘Gate’. The stolen map is wrapped around ‘Ans ARC’ Otherwise we would find out that we were in the ‘Abyss’. This is the ‘Yellow Sun’ we see. The Yellow Sun is the ‘Torch’ The Black Sun of the ‘Sith’’ is behind her.

      When Earth Fell in Battle we were pulled through the ‘Eye’ to an area that sits below ‘Heaven’ We are ‘Fallen’. This area is the Abyss which is their Territory. This is why the Branches of SET make all the Laws for this area of Space. As the War continued, ‘An’ & ‘The Others’ continued to capture Mankind with use of the Kiest to insert them into this area. The ‘Foot’ (Stair) stayed down and attached when we were pulled in.

      Earth ‘Fell’ in Battle and ‘God’ the Father of the Branch of Mankind whom is called the ‘All Father’ & ‘Pa’ in Egypt was forced through the East Gate and back into the Domain of Heaven. Elizabeth ‘Lilith’ was then in control of the Ankh (Atuwa) which is the system key and she locked the gate closing the surviving Mankind in and God the All Father Out.

      There is no such word as ‘Palimpsest’ it has no root word. It was taught as ‘Pa Limps East’ which is the direction of the gateway into the Domain of Heaven. The ‘gateway’ is also called the ‘Eye’. Evil is not allowed through the East Gate.’Heaven’ is defined as Man’s place of origin. West Gate is Left Hand Path of SET ‘Underworld’

      The EM Field around Earth is not a protection it is an AI (artificial intelligence)Raw Net put around us to hold us captive. It is the origin of the Smith Program, The Holographic Sky. NASA represents it on patches as an electron field surrounding Earth. The Greeks called it ‘The 12 Ethers’

    6. (continued)

      (Then she shows a video clip) explaining that the ‘Masts to Polarity’ on the planets and their purpose is to divide polarity amongst the Populations and Negative Polarity is drawn to the left ‘Mast’ the Positive Polarity is drawn to the right ‘Mast’. They flash in time with the Suns masts.

      At the time of the division of the Families The left ‘Mast’ is bound and the right mast moves off which is why they called it the ‘Left hand path of SET’ and why they told you that there were only 2 paths. The right hand path of God and the left hand path of ‘SET’

      Another function of the ‘Masts’ is when Extended they act as a Guide Rail along the Tracks which allows the Planet to leave its Pole and Fly independently. One of the things that An's New World Order did was use HAARP to break off the ‘Masts’ on Earth in an attempt to sabotage our move. God and The Allied Forces worked around this by repairing what could be repaired and bringing in a Tow. We were in T Minus countdown to leave the Pole that held An and The A(z)gartha Tunnels.

      Elizabeth and The Covens and The Rothchilds have run a company store system on the people with the express purpose of stripping the Cash from all the Nations. They have been using our labour and our natural resources to build ships to aid the ‘El’ to fight against the Allied Forces of Mankind who are being led by ‘One’ himself. He’s come for his missing children. The other ‘Branches’ have come for theirs too who are in human form.

      Time works differently here on this side of the gate its been approximately 100 years on his side, actually its only been closer to 10. He never forgot about us after defeating An, he sent the entire fleet after us.

      On Feb 24th 2007 all the Arcs entered as one large force they started plowing the path (24:18). The Mob of ‘Allied Forces’ ‘The One’ video clip shows them Ploughing down the Poles and the Annihilation of Enemy Planets that are getting in the way.

      Saturn confronts The Mob (NASA removed days of images) White and Black Flashes are massive Energy Weapons Fire seen in the video clip at (24:43) Allies launch Offensive Weapons. Planet Pole – UR Enters There is massive energy firing from The Mob of Allied Forces At the Enemy Antagonist. They use a ‘Parachute’ Weapon which has a type of ‘Star’ bom-b connected (you must watch). Deployed Planet Sideways on Pole with Satellite Moons image…at (26:11) it plows through ‘UR’ UR-AN-US although it has Dome Shields up and comes out other side. Bom-b is rotating 2 Dimensional image of 3 Dimensional object at (27:36) ‘Ur’ is trying to run attempting to go back towards the Sun.
      Neptune Enters the Fray to help Uranus at (28:28) Uranus is trying to out run (to the left) from the Allied Forces (28:44). At (29:15) Moon Falls behind ‘Mob’ Annihilates The Moon. By Sept 2007 The Allies had caught up with Uranus… UR continued to try to flee but multiple impacts can be seen at (30:14) By Jan 9th 2008 Uranus was completely Annihilated at (31:50)

      Every branch has a ‘Father’ but it is God personally who is the specific ‘Father’ of the branch of Man, while the Banksters we’re openly stealing Home Steads by the use of Covert means, he continued to plow forward. The Coverns use a dual name system, AT&T was taught as Ann Tearmat(?) and Ter-meal(?). The UN is ‘Uranus Neptune’. It’s owned by Elizabeth and Rothchilds. It is a Vatican Charter and while the Vatican and the ‘Ravonat(?) Council’ worshiped God El, he was showing them who God really was and while the rest of the Planet had no idea this was going on, Elizabeth, The Vatican, The Free-masons, The Ill-loom-min-nati, they had direct contact with the 7 Sister Lords and unlike the majority of people, they knew these were called Demons because they are the ‘Negative Polarity’.

    7. (continued)

      The Wraith, The Archons & The El (ille) are in The Coptic Record, they were known as brain parasites. The Wraith were Symbiotes and so were the Archons. They require host, feed on humans and Elizabeth and The Priesthood offered their Followers and all of Humanity as a Food Source and she and The Covens have been implanting Humanity and this is how they've taken over. Everyone that went to a Bilderberg Meeting became implanted.
      Moloch ‘Owlman of Cornwall’ The image of the ‘Owl’ like that at Bohemian Grove in texts is the Anagram for the Moloch Race of the Coven ‘Isis/Lilith’ their Queen. The most common term used in older texts in describing the Moloch Race is ‘The Worse’ The Worse Horror you can Imagine, The Worse Terror you can Feel. The Worse Evil to Mankind. 34:24 shows the ‘Double Eye’ Shape-shifting. Image shown in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics and written of in the Coptic Records.
      The Coptic Records discussing the parasite are now removed from the public. The public is no longer allowed to photograph the ‘Evil Eye’ images and the majority of the ‘Isis’ images showing them have been removed from the public view too.
      At 35:10 At the front of the ‘Mob’ are two planet ships conjoined they are making a plow… all the other ships are following behind it in the 1,000’s…This is ‘Ison’ it is a ship (notice they blocked it too as it went around the sun) she says she knows the owner… from around the globe on every continent and every island even hidden in China and Russia amongst the most ordinary and overlooked within our population, are the individuals who stood up at the call of ‘The One’ and while he moves so fast he just leaves contrails and DOD NASA who works for the ‘SITH’ continues to pull images and lie to the Public.
      The Elite at the top are fully aware of who this is and when the ‘Mob’ arrived they hit Mars and gave it a Coma, they hit the ‘Nephilheim Moon Base’ the Allied Forces then hit ‘El’/Illie home world ‘Mercury’ 24th Dec 2013 and then they parked right over Earth and while the Elite fed their underlings some BS Story they personally went into Full Panic Mode.

    8. (continued)

      One of the key targets was the ‘Fire Wall’ and ‘The SITH’ this is also the location of The Papal Gate… One of the weapons being used is called a ‘Gust Bomb’ as one launches the other is retrieved. They have been launching these at the Fire Wall the entire time as they plowed their way forward.

      Serpentarius has been removed from the information, much has been altered including the north south east and west direction. It was taught that the 13th sign only arrived at the end of the cycle, on its back it carries The ‘Pit’... as I watched the Pit formed on time, it then slowly moved into our area and while people were saying ‘this large object thousands of times the size of any planet was Hercolubus or Nibiru’ we knew it was the Filter which is called ‘The Pit’ and arrived on time with Sepentarius.

      Everyone was watching the ships and cube ships fighting around the Sun (shows picture of Anunnaki Star Ship) (48:00) with massive weapons fire that NASA calls lens flares. The East Gate was the main prize and is the doorway to our domain and naughty ‘Lilith’ had broken it. The ‘One’ repaired it and it started to open.

      By October 25th 2013 it appeared that ‘The Greys’ lost their Earth Ship ‘Prometheus’ and it became stranded and abandoned at ‘The Eye’ Nov/Dec. 2013 as the doorway continued to open while the fight continued people on Earth started reporting 3 Suns.

      One of the funnier tales for which I have no images she says occurred at this time (Seal of The One) The Father of Man whom you will meet in person is an old salt after all he built this place. She says I have been openly talking about what she was seeing and what was removed from books and (Raw) Raul who was working openly with the military set spies on her and whilst she was pointing to one area of space and their spies were reporting this back. The ‘Father of Man’ took a crew and snook around behind them and he caught (Raw) Raul by surprise at The Sun and he drew the image of a skull on The Sun which completely freaked Raul out and in a spectacular move in this Wizard of Oz place God stole the Eye right from underneath him and hid it. As of January 2014 The eye was no longer seen at The Sun and no one questions why NASA's mysterious lens flares have suddenly cleared up.

      The Pit continued to move to its final position and by Feb 2014 it was in place in front of the Sun. There are a number of Planet Ships protecting us now but 2 in particular are in orbit with us. They are maintaining a defensive stance against ‘The Sith’ at the Sun. The key to spotting them is to watch for the light flashing from their ‘masts’( 50:30).

      As we watched The ‘Papal Key’ (An’s Gate) was struck, the top node was blown off, contrary to what we’ve been told about Space you could see a visible fire and smoke at (50:45) it remained burning for quite some time. The 2 nodes at the bottom are ‘Masts’ this Destroys any hope that the ‘Covens’ had of escape.

      As we continued to watch the battle from Feb 2014 until now The Allies deployed a ‘Pincher’ array at Venus which captured Mercury. Multiple large explosions could be seen, one beam from Venus struck the top of the earth pole while the other from the Sun struck the bottom. The Allies docked Venus and Mercury’s Planet Ships together and remain in this position huddled in a corner.

    9. (continued)

      As we watch the changing images 11th March 2014 (51:45), we see the ‘Mobs’ image change to the image of a hand. We could see that it had grabbed something and it appeared to be a head grabbed by the throat. It was not till NASA labelled it that we saw that it was Saturn and this is when we knew that Saturn had been captured. We then noticed that a ‘Gust Bomb’ was poised in front of Jupiter with ‘The Mob’ behind them, neither were moving and this is when she knew that all the enemy forces had been captured and held still for our move.

      Meanwhile on Earth The ‘One’ was holding Earth in a gamma burst which has a high vibratory rate. This served multiple purposes. Anything which emits a low frequency or a negative frequency is zeroed out by the high osculating wave.

      ‘The Moloch’ and the ‘El’ and the other parasites that have taken human host are weakening and dying. HAARP which is being used to target individuals as well as entire populations with ultra low frequency to increase Fear is also being overwhelmed.

      Elizabeth ‘Lilith’ and The Vatican were claiming an Esoteric Debt on their followers and claiming them for ‘An’. The One used the subconscious knock to offer his gift among those who are redeemable but their minds were so locked in Fear they unwittingly refused his offer. The Gamma Burst is to erase their Debt and their Fear so that they can respond to the subconscious knock and while the Allied Forces kept the enemy busy The ‘One’ moved the ship right out from underneath An.

      On March 11th Earth took flight off her pole leaving An and the A(z)gartha Tunnels behind and he dropped a nuke down the inside of the pole. On the 11th March we watched captured Saturn slowly move to exit ‘ The Mob’.

      Saturns cube ships have been destroyed and by the 17th it appeared as though they were going to dock Saturn and Jupiter ,but on Wednesday 19th March the Allies destroyed Jupiter (54:28).

      Mars was run into the same corner as Venus where the same pinchers extended and the same explosions occurred. Mars is now docked with Venus and Mercury. By the 21st all Debt Owed to ‘An’ had been wiped out and 'An' has completely lost his share of the ‘Division of the Families’.

      They will now turn full attention to Earth.

      The only Debt left is owed to Mankind not just because of the slaughter they had done but because the Covens and their Priesthood had offered their followers up as a source of food and a source of host which allowed the invaders to present his men and spiritually enlightened beings (Ashtar) Sananda, GFL, when in fact all of them were the branch of ‘SET’ and their purpose was to get ‘Oaths’ and ‘Vows’ so that they could ‘Seal’ people at the time of the division of the families without informing people of what that meant or that they had been ‘Sealed’ without their conscious knowledgeable/ consent to any other ‘branch’ other than ‘Man’.

      It comes down to the simple truth (shows picture at 56:05 ‘Pulling Back the Last Curtain of The ‘Oz’ Deception) not a single image posted by NASA or any other ‘SITH’ owned operation or Priesthood can be relied upon, instead we have to rely on the information given by The Allies and they say we do not see the Planets as they really are and that this war is between God ‘The One’ and Satan….. and God just won.

      The following information is from The Allies concerning how we make the leap forward. I will still be using some of the NASA images for lack of anything better as representation. The Allies are parked above us, they are not invading Aliens, Nibiru is not going to cross. You are not going to die. They are moving us out of The Abyss. The Allies say the first thing they will do is rotate Earth to the horizontal position for the purpose of flight.

    10. (continued)

      All electricity worldwide will be cut off. In the early morning hours all life that is good will be given the ‘Call’- this unplugs them and they wake up and stand up out of their body. This is when the ‘Veil’ lifts and all Memory Returns. If you have a conscience and can feel regret for mistakes then you are ‘redeemable.’
      The holographic skynet will have a hard time keeping up with the roll. This gives the appearance that The Sun which was already rising falls backwards below the horizon again as you look to the opposite side of The Sky you will see the ‘Net’ is Open inside the Dome and all life on Earth is racing for the Doorway there.
      You are drawn to the ‘Positive Mast of Polarity’ and from there your transferred to the ‘ARCS’. The ‘Seal’ which was your choice determines which Arc you go to. This is when the DNA upgrade occurs. It is 2 steams of code which are merged. One stream is provided by you as you come in, the other stream is provided by The ‘Arc.’
      Your mind and your body are altered depending on which branch you chose. You exit the transporter in an incorruptible body suitable to that ‘branch’ only the one sealed by ‘The One’ who is God go to the Arc of Man and exit the transporter as man. This is why your choice of who sealed you was important. Under the law of free will, only you can correct your choice.
      Because of the deliberate sabotage The One says he has never seen so few Mens names written in his book of life. This is a staggering loss of children even the Indigos. Everytime he went to ‘seal’ his people, the subconscious mind removed his seal because of an Oath or Vow given to another branch that their conscious mind wasn’t even aware had been extracted from them. In order to be sealed by ‘Mankind’ you have to choose Mankind and be sealed by the Father of the branch of Mankind who is God. It is only because of these hybrid bodies that we are in that this choice exsists.
      Under normal circumstances only the father of each branch may seal their own children; because you are human you can make a choice. Once again they say they can evacuate all of Earth in 10 minutes, this is when the net closes and then they draw the ‘Negative Mast’.
      The One will skin The ‘El’ and The Moloch out of their hosts bodies, unwitting followers can be redeemed but the hierarchy at the top knew full well who they made the blood pact with and why. They are true sociopaths, they enjoyed the slaughter and the profit they gained. They are unredeemable.
      This is the end of the company store system of Babylon which is run by The Covens of Azazal under the name acronym alias New World Order.
      The law is nothing of the old may go forward and this will never happen again. Everything that is evil, poisonous, corrupt and non beneficial is drawn to the negative mast. Its is transferred to the pot which is then towed to ‘The Pit’. The Dome is completely cleaned out and nothing evil or corrupt may go through the gate. After he has towed them to the Pit he comes back and he Tows Earth as one group we exit through the ‘Gate’ and on the other side of the gate are laurel worlds, worlds of green life and great beauty, once the Earth's mat is renewed, it goes through the same translation and upgrades.
      There’s a large party with all of the families and we call this "The Gathering," after that mankind settles down on the renewed Earth and the 5th Book of Life starts ‘The Beginning.’
      The one says he is going to do something new, something that we have never seen before. Because of our hardship here we have earned some ‘Fun Time’ Look forward to seeing you at ‘The Time of The Gathering’
      Transcribed for YellowRoseforTexas: The Lie NASA Told

    11. Hey FEDUP, that is really heavy........give me Herbert, Asimov or Heinlein any day.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. Sorry guys, it is not me this stuff - source of it is being spelt this way - ZIO-JESUIT , but this is my own view....

    15. Fedup, I watched the lies nasa told video several months ago and again last night. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing.

    16. I'm pretty out there but have never understood Yellow Rose stuff. The context doesn't fit with my planet. All I can say is Crikey! She talks of Earth on a pole. Missing something.

    17. Anyone can go to the NASA Websites (,, ( and view the planets yourself. We have to unlearn what we think we know. Can anyone of us go to outer space and view the earth or to any of the planets and view the sun or any universe? Everything we know we were told, and if you think for one minute that money is the only tool manipulated and lied to us about, you have to think again. In order to gain control of a population of humans there has to be somethings that is being held back, changed, to benefit them.

      Our whole existence is an illusion, we actually live in a construct, and what we see as the sun is the backside of the black sun which is a portal...

      Check this out:

      Don't believe everything you hear, and don't believe everything you read, and believe half of what you see!

      There are allied forces above earth fighting out in space; and this is part of the reasons for the chemtrails; among other reasons.

      Waking up is hard to the research, do the work yourself, this way you will not be tricked...know that you know and don't depend on what you were told!

    18. AJNANNDY,
      Because you don't understand something doesn't mean that it isn't or is true...everything is worth exploring...all I want is the truth and what resonates with one may not resonate with others...but it's our choice...God/our One Creator gave us freewill and this is where we have been used and tricked...mind controlled, manipulated, accepted anything blindly. All under the guise of religion, government, education. medicine, corporations, banking/money...every facet of our lives...we have to rethink what we think we know.

      We are the ones we have been waiting for...refuse to be led, lead with your heart.

  13. Retired Canadian Ambassador: US and NATO Responsible for Ukraine War (Video)

  14. Gordon Duff at a security conference in Damascus, claiming Israel controls America and is part of a global criminal network. He says Congress was taken over after the Supreme Court ruling on Citizen's United. I feel the takeover started long before then. He claimed John McCain was responsible for Al Nusra and ISIS, together with Israeli, Saudi and American agencies. He also claims that Chuck Hegel prevented the bombing of Syria by NATO following the false-flag gas attacks. (7 mins).

    1. Sorry AJNAANDY - - I missed that you had already posted a link to the video. Too little sleep.

  15. Ron Paul: Scrap CIA, NSA, Bring Troops Home

    "Never one to hold back when it comes to corrupt big government agencies, former Congressman Ron Paul said Tuesday that the world would be a much better place if the CIA were completely abolished."

    "Responding in part to the release of the Summary of the forthcoming Senate report on CIA torture, and also to an impending possible government shutdown, Paul stated “my government shutdown would be something to be proud of.”

    “Abolish the NSA, the TSA, the CIA and all spying on American citizens.” Paul urged. Referring to actual government shutdowns as “mediocre PR stunts,” the former Congressman also said that if he had his way, both the IRS and the Federal Reserve would be shut down."

    Ron Paul is right.

    1. Agree Valdi, Ron Paul is right. The world would be a better place without NSA, TSA, CIA and all the spying they do.

    2. Totaly Agree Valdi

    3. Totaly Agree Valdi

  16. JV

    Pastor Williams - for me he is clearly ZIO-JESUIT controlled, I mean his Elite contact comes probably from such circles ZIO-JESUITS....

    They bland things here and there--- it is so called systematic control via kind of prophets who get their info from sources high up - in ZIO-JESUITS propaganda...

    They have a clear goal - to break down the foundation of American Protestants .....

    1. I am sorry that it looks that I criticise anything of this kind --- I just spent about 2 decades in libraries on my but, which I loved, and realise how Zionists took control over Protestant Christianity and where they are leading it for the next level ....

      .... this is my views ... it has nothing to do with you or anybody else here ....

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Off topic: Australia: Restoring Desert Grasslands with Holistic Planned Grazing

    Here is a major cattle venture funded by European institutional investors in the Australian outback.
    From the company website:

    Founded in 2009, SLM Partners was established to channel investment capital towards land management systems that are profitable and sustainable. Our first project focuses on beef cattle production on grazing land in Australia.The fund acquired 2 properties covering 44,000 hectares near Cunnamulla, Queensland at the end of 2012. Since acquisition, 98km of water pipes and 23 new water points have been installed, to provide reliable drinking water for cattle throughout the property. 580km of single-wire electric fences have been erected, creating more than 200 paddocks.

    Two new cattle yards have been built. A herd of approximately 4,000 cattle has been run since the middle of 2013, despite rainfall well below the historical average.

    With the right management, raising cattle on pastures offers the lowest-cost method of beef production. These systems make the most of what nature provides for free – sunlight, rainfall, soils and the photosynthetic power of plants – rather than relying on purchased grains. There is a growing scientific evidence of the health benefits of grass-fed meat, which is leading to increased consumer demand.

    The SLM Australia Livestock Fund acquires properties and implements a management process known as ‘holistic planned grazing’. This involves dividing land into smaller paddocks, putting cattle in large herds, and moving them frequently across the property. It provides a decision-making framework that allows managers to vary the size of herds and the frequency of herd movements according to seasonal conditions. The land benefits from concentrated animal impact, and then long periods of rest, which mimics the behaviour of grazing animals in natural grassland ecosystems.

    The goals of the fund are to increase carrying capacity and to reduce the costs of production, thereby building a profitable, sustainable cattle operation. The grazing process is also expected to increase soil carbon, improve water cycles, and enhance biodiversity.


  19. I expected this from UK politicians long ago - well they are probably just bunch of chicken hawks watching ....James Bond films ....thinking that exactly this will make them tough fellows .... well you Cameron and others, earned your membership in new established UK society ... *Fellows of chicken hawks*......

    The shocking revelations of CIA torture techniques give France a reason to exit NATO, National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Saturday. The report on the CIA’s former interrogation practices has drawn wide criticism since its release.

    “If indeed everyone is outraged by the tortures used by the US then, let’s leave NATO,” Le Pen said during an interview with Europe 1 radio channel. She wrote the same statement on her Twitter account.
    France would be the last country I would think of standing up and muscle up against NAZI NATO...... since Three Musketeers.... were long forgotten and were replaced by scooter rider, who would then on Earth think of a girl? Not me, and here we go.....

    ....Let's make a toast to her honour .....CIA torture is reason for France to exit NATO – Le Pen .... of course with Bordeaux or even better with Champagne

    1. Actually in German parliament it was also 'GIRL' who dare to speak up the truth.....

      .....Damn it what happened to men? We are doomed, this is not fun.

    2. Mark Passio gets to the root of the problem in this extremely long - over 7 hours - presentation:

      "New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine - Extended Video Podcast Edition

      The divine masculine element of the human mind has been suppressed. It is the active provider, creator and protector that ought to be in balance with the empathic, generative and nurturing divine feminine. It upholds truth and defends the innocent and vulnerable against the psychopathic tendencies of the R-Complex or reptilian primitive mind. Real men do not go around like ISIS murdering, raping and stealing. They are not men, they are subhuman. Police and military who blindly follow orders without conscience against natural law are no better.

    3. What amazes me is that people allow the psychopaths to walk all over them. No-one stepped forward to try to stop the police thug from pepper-spraying the students; no-one tried to drag the police off Eric Garner as they were suffocating him; no-one confronts the judges or the politicians when they are clearly out of line; no-one intervenes when natural laws are being flouted by the authorities.

      It's time to man up and stop being wussies.

    4. VALDI
      They rule by fear, fear is our worst enemy.

  20. We are all entitled to believe what we choose. The Nag Hamadi Library agrees with me, Jesus lived. His uncle was a very rich man. All the other people around him lived. He was an Gnostic and lived in a Essene community. Judas was his best friend, and the bible lied about his. And Judas was admired profusely by Jesus for his contempt & hatred of Roman soldiers who all did the bidding of the archon-intruders. Jesus himself stated in writings that Jerusalem itself was completely infested with archons. ~darylluke.

    1. DL I have read Delores Cannon's book 'Jesus and the Essenes' which describes the situation you write. Cannon was a past life regressionist and in my opinion on the button, along with Michael Newton. Through hypnosis she uncovered a few who were around then and who described this man, some of the things he did (like challenge the Jews at their own Synagogue) and mostly about his life in a community of Essenes. The records are from those who lived in that community with him. She uncovered enough material from enough people to write a second book about his life, I think it's called 'I walked with Jesus'.

      The Council of Nicea certainly needs to be uncovered and the manufacture of religion as a control mechanism will become more widely known.

    2. DL - How do you know that there was a Nag Hamadi library. Did you dig the scrolls up? Did you translate them? If not..... Just sayin'

    3. John S...agreed, we don't know anything that we cannot and have not witnessed with our own knowing. This deception is so subtle and so pervasive...this world was given to these creatures for a time and they failed because they used black arts to hide the truth from us.

      All I am saying is that they have conditioned us to accept. We were created with all knowing within us and because it has been dumbed down we cannot use this expression to its fullest potential...this is waking up and developing consciousness...but to each its own...and I am just a traveler like we all are wandering through this learning experience.

      We will know the full truth and we will be free because of this..."re-lie-gion" with "gion" meaning "fit" or "fitable."

    4. Religion will screw up more people than booze ever will.... understand what religion is.... man made.... religion is designed to make followers not thinkers.... one other thing.... KISS ME!.... Keep It Simple Stupid.... We are human with a limited brain... we don't have to understand everything is such a deep manner.... follow your heart.... listen to your inner voice.... find peace thru humility.... true humility.... humility brings learning, understanding, wisdom.... humility moves self out of the way.... a true leader is a humble person....

    5. James, I's time for all to wake up because time is not a luxury that we have. Look around everything I see is wrong, people know something is wrong and fail to make decisions.

      Thank you for this understanding.

  21. I agree Valdi. It is a question of how society says a definitive NO. I think society first needs to realize it is afraid; that it has been controlled by fear, and then it needs to confront that fear. There are good examples of this when the Iron Curtain fell. An example of this happened in Romania. When the public, in mass, was able to walk the streets and face the fear of being killed, Some were killed, by the Tyrants Police; however the tyrants then came face to face with the experience of fear no longer working. They instantly became powerless.
    What if in Washington there were masses of people who publicly state they will 'invade' there Capital buildings and dare to police to kill them. TPTB power would crumble in minutes. There would be a good chance that a few would die; however they would become heroes in the mind of the American Nation.

    1. Paul, what if all american's stop participating in their "company store" system? What if we decided that we are not going to take anymore and begin to divorce ourselves from supporting this corrupt system that is choking us to death? We have nothing to long as we go along to get along we are creating our own nightmare. They will never tell us the truth, they will never relinguish this power that they think they have. And the only reason they think they have this power is because we participate...blindly...because of our children? our bank account? our needs? our religion? or something's all an illusion.

      What did the early settlers do? They created life and support systems from the wealth that mother earth provided which is a gift from God. They conditioned us to all of these gadgets, all of this immediate gratification, all of this contamination...for their purposes. They want to be replacing God...

  22. The moon is overcast here, so I cannot confirm this. Can anybody see the moon tonight??? I CAN confirm that the line should be near vertical tonight!!

    RE: Yellow Rose from Texas info posted by FedUp!! (GREAT FIND FedUP!! KUDOS to you!!) ~darylluke.

    1. DL, I have been researching this stuff myself...she has some other stuff under Old Soul which gets into even more information about our planet and our universe.

      Truth is stranger than fiction...

      Check out SOHO NASA:
      Make sure you input: a telescope (ahead/behind), and change resolution to 512 x 512, click radio button for slideshow, and input start and end dates, then hit search...this is amazing stuff!

    2. Images from Soho showing the Destruction of the Escape Route of the Enemy of Mankind.


  23. DL, all is well. Go here:

  24. Russia Warns May Send Troops To Ukraine After Congress Unanimously Votes To Give Lethal Aid To Kiev ......

  25. CIA torture cause for France to quit NATO: Le Pen

    1. Valdi

      That's what I meant above that men were proven to be no men at all ---- girls had to take the burden that men should carry .....

    2. Vlastimil,

      Correct. Men have been emasculated over decades by the promotion of feminism, family courts, dumb stereotypes projected by the media, loss of traditional roles, emphasis on LBGT issues, the likes of Pussy Riot and Femen and chemically castrated by phyto-oestrogens in food and plastic packaging. Many male politicians in the West are limp-wristed wimps, closet gays or paedophiles.

    3. U guys are very smart and way more knowledgeable than me, by far.... BUT,I can remember when my dad, who was NOT college educated (although he did teach some mining courses thru the local college at one point), could work a full time job and fully support a family of four.... we had all we needed and a lot of what we wanted (up until the time I was 13 and my world changed).... my mom could go to the grocery store and fill up the car, with tall brown paper bags I might add, for around 20 bucks.... over time woman have been forced to work because of the cost of living.... I now see some families, wife and husband, working 2 jobs... and some of these people are college educated with strapping college loans to pay off for the next 20 years as well.... Some of the best DUO teams in history are a man out there doing it with a strong woman at home supporting him... this does not mean a woman is less or more than a man.... it is the way things work the best IMO... it is also when everyone is the happiest I think...

    4. James,

      We're not smarter; we just may have caught on a bit sooner. Without the Internet many of us would still be asleep.

      I believe the social engineering of the past 50 years has been designed to undermine personal responsibility and sovereignty, family integrity and the cohesion of local communities. Outsourcing of traditional manufacturing meant people had to commute further afield to find work. Loss of purchasing power, as you described, meant both parents had to work. Entire towns and villages lost their soul, as is now happening to Detroit and other places in America.

      Energy dynamics no longer flow smoothly and naturally between people. Kids are dispatched to nurseries or schools, the elderly to care homes and young adults to college, work or hangouts if they are unemployed, resulting in a huge increase in ADHD, mood disorders, antisocial behaviour and dementia.

      All of this was intentional as a means of control.

    5. Valdi, you are absolutely correct. All that you mentioned and much more was to divide and corrupt us, keeping us in the dark about who and what we are, the real potentials laying within each of us.

    6. Yes, we have been manipulated over time and still are. The internet has allowed us to see so many other sides of things so we can find our truth. I just want others to wake up and stop being a lemming.

  26. Canauzzie

    This religious dispute is indeed tedious journey. People have whatever it is or however we describe it, kind of spiritual experience that makes them to turn to seek god. Usually they abandon certain life style and are willing to accept different norms of values.

    As I described above, there are people having such spiritual experience and when it happens that they are accompanied by muslims it obviously leads them naturally to their muslims perception of spirituality. In my case I happened to be around Protestants and it lead me to search god via Christian Protestant terms and traditions. If I happened to be around some Buddhists I believe I would end up as a Buddhist following Confucius or what. In your case, if you happened to be around at the moment of your spiritual experience of some Protestant Christians I am sure they would lead to explore spirituality within their perception and knowledge of god. Then it could happen that today, I would not be surprised, you might have been rather defending Christianity (which is of course hypotheses .....). In your case it all developed that you were kind of led to company of spiritual people who stand on Templar's spirituality.

    Anyhow, I can imagine that Constantine engineered Christian narrative and it could be that majority of what we know today NT might had been composed at that time. This is pretty real possibility one must consider. Second thing is that beside NT we have number of earlier writings that to some extend depict Christ story, we have Justine Martyr, we have Origin of Alexandria, we have Ireneus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian etc.....we have Didache....

    All these authors would have to be fabricated ..... as DL stated we have Hag Hammadi .....

    On the other hand we have Josephus who does not mention any of Christ stuff.... or Philo of Alexandria....

    Constantine might had just used all the stuff and narrations and legends or myths of different Christian groups....but apparently that myth or those stories were already there, they had to arrive from somewhere. We had some martyrs as well during Diocletian some paintings in catacombs .... I am afraid to say that Constantine did not develop those myths..

    To fabricate myths I could imagine he could use known stories of Mithra - it would not surprise me - to make final smooth of Christ stories.
    Roman Catholic church is by most people who kind of experience spiritual U-Turn and follow Christ example, is considered anything but Christian .... this is fact and that's why we had Protestant movement in the past.

    I do not dare to make any conclusions. We wait for more facts that John wants to disclose ......while we might exchange views here and there ...

    1. And I would not be surprised that many people today who would experience some spiritual U-Turn would not credited it to some Aliens of whatever galaxy - or just life frequency of higher vibration of 5D or whatever -

      At the end we might be talking about the same essence that is being generated from WHATEVER

    2. Good points V, I agree.

    3. Vlastimil,

      I will review this later for a response, when time allows.

  27. Finally ---

    China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS – report

    It might be minimum one and half decades when I said that only if China comes to Middle East we might see things settled - my American friends at that time were looking at me like if I was total idiot and enemy of humankind ...

  28. Somebody spelt that out right at the spot...
    Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

    Read more: Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine | Jim Wald | The Blogs | The Times of Israel
    Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

  29. We can not make public display what happened yesterday (namely MH 17, Ukraine, Syria etc....) and we hope to come to consensus over story about which we did not have any clear records for 300 years at the culture that was basically illiterate .... (I mean stories of Christ...., whatever it might had been..., in between AD 30 - 350 of Constantine ...)

  30. Valdi

    Just think about that - how many girls are pedophiles? There might be some mothers that screwed up for sure - but in comparison with male?

    No comment.....

    1. Vlastimil,

      How many women are complicit? How many know what is going on but say nothing?

  31. Torture porn, indeed, is congruent with Roth’s essentially Talmudic worldview, which he fleshed out in 2013. Roth declared that his work seeks to “fuck an entire generation.”[2]

    There is just one problem here: what if “an entire generation” does not want to be “fucked”? What if they resist Roth’s pornification?

    Well, you know the drill by now: you will be labeled an anti-Semite. In fact, the Dreadful Few tell us that the people who challenged the pornification of the American culture at the dawn of the twentieth century were all anti-Semites.

    And if you are not explicitly labeled an anti-Semite, then you are sick. Listen to Jewish writer Howard Jacobson very carefully in his article “In Praise of Perversion”:

    All Christians who supported at any point NAZI Israhell bear responsibility for this NAZI practices - and do not ever say that we believe in Saviour who saved us from our sins ----

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Knock it off Vlastimil,

      I will bring up everything I can on a checkered past of Czechoslovakia and blame you for ALL of it and see how you like it.

      You will have to differentiate the bastards from the general populous or I swear I will start deleting your comments and I don't have time to go through each one. I will just delete en mass.


    2. Bradley Manning ----

      'Stripped naked, kept in solitary': Manning tortured like terrorist, Welsh relatives say .....

      All torture done by 30plus cabal who at the same time occupy also all seats in the House for decades and serve in all US military bases at the same time supply themselves with food and clothes and weapons from all factories including logistics ....

      I guess this is better ...

  33. As a counterpoint to the idea of Christ being a fantasy, I would like to submit some evidence that comes as a direct 1st person account from people that have the knowledge "TO KNOW".

    No one on this planet was alive at the time of Christ. It would be impossible for anyone to say who or what Jesus Christ was about or if he was real.

    When I research information I try stay as close to 1st person accounts of information at possible. The further information gets passed along, the more likely it is to drift from truth and become distorted.

    The Thiaoobua Prophecy was an account of a visit Micheal Des Marquet took to a planet of the same name for 10 days in June of 1987. His abductees claimed to be from a planet of the highest level in the universe, one of three at that level. Their role is to watch over planet of lower levels.

    They claim that there are 9 levels of planets. They come from a planet of the 9th level and Earth is a "Planet of Sorrows" or a 1st level planet.

    Chapter 11 of the book he wrote based on what they told him is an entire chapter written about Christ, called "Who was Christ"

    I would encourage everyone to read it as this is direct information from advanced beings who would know.

    There is specific information in the chapter on where one could find the body of Christ and a lock of his brother's hair buried in Japan.

    1. Thank you JV, will see if can download it one way or another.

    2. Hopefully you can download it.

      I found this book 15 years ago while on my own spiritual journey. I have read it over 15 times, once a year since then.

      There is so much information in it

      1.) What and Where were Lemuria and Atlantis
      2.) Who the first people of earth were and how they got here (Chinese and Aboriginees both from a planet called Bakaratania that was cooling down over 1,350,0000 years ago)
      3.) Migrations to Africa
      4.) Who built and what the purpose was for all the monoliths on earth including the pyramids.
      5.) Advanced technology including levitation, hydrogen, atomic energy
      6.) What is the spirit and how can you advance quicker through your lives
      7.) The importance of color
      8.) The harm in certain vibrations to your 9 energy bodies that inhabit the physical body
      9.) What was Easter Island
      10.) The importance of meditation and concentration for increasing your spiritual vibration.
      11.) Who was Moses and Christ? (This one is a mind blower)

      The list goes on and on.

      You won't be able to put the book down.

      As the people from Thiaoouba say, It's not enough to must know.

      After you read this book you will know.

      Here is a link to a scientist who went to Japan and verified the information in the book and specifically the information given in Chapter 11 "Who was Christ" about the specific burial place as told to Michael Des Marquet.

    3. JV,
      Are these the beings who are 35 levels above our President? Or the ones Eisenhower made a treaty with?

    4. Once again JV you HIT ONE OUT OF THE PARK with this 15 year old book!!

      THANK YOU for sharing this!! (I hope you checked out the writings from Yellow Rose From Texas stuff FedUp posted. FASCINATING STUFF! I call it SOUL CANDY!)


    5. Nothing to do with either.

      However, they do state in the book that occasionally they influence our leaders telepathically when they are playing with fire. But, they don't intervene unless it is important and then only to give a push in the right direction. To complete the puzzle would be against natural law.

      To my knowledge, this is the only book that talks about this race. They take 1 human from earth every 100 years to their planet. The reason why they took Michael had to do with his level of spiritual attainment. He is a special kind of spirit that only reincarnates on inferior planets to his spiritual level.

      Truthfully, It's about the farthest you can get from the weird Alien stuff and focuses mainly on getting people to understand that your spirit is being damaged by materialism and other things like noise and electromagnetic signals, etc. Technology and earth physicalities are for advancing spiritual growth only, not enslavement as is happening now.

      They are humanoid, although about 8 feet tall as the gravity on their planet is much lower than earth.

      They are also all hermaphrodites. I found this interesting as it is about the most advanced you could get from an physical advancement standpoint. Half the population needed.

      However, on their planet, there are some that can choose to live as spirit in the ether or as physical beings on their planet.

      There is so much information in the book, you really need to read it.

    6. JV,

      One of my kahuna teachers told me that the highest form of psychic ability is KNOWING. I have experienced it several times. It is astonishing to experience this, when you KNOW things you have no rational way to explain how the information is simply just there!! If it is an actual place where all the information resides, it has been called "The Great Sea Of Awareness"., and accessable to all. ~darylluke.

    7. Thank again JV!!
      I was just now able to save that PDF 186 page book!! WOO-HOO!!!

      CANNOT wait to read it. Not tonight, though. ~darylluke.

    8. DL,

      I didn't read that yet, but I did read the Alien Contact notes from Roswell book Fed Up posted a week ago.

      That was really interesting. Many of the things lined up with Billy Meier, but I found them to be in contradiction to The Thiaoouba Prophecy which I consider to more truth to me.

      I will read it when I can this week.

    9. DL,

      After I read The Thiaoouba Prophecy the first time, I began meditating and doing concentration exercises daily as recommended.

      Within about 3 months strange things started happening.

      I started to see white around people from their auras. I was having dreams, but they were almost lucid, like I could control them. One day, I was in Sedona AZ, and this street musician began playing really spiritual type keyboard and my body started vibrating so much I fell to my knees. One day in the desert, for about 90 seconds, I could see the vivid color around every object. It was unreal. Everything had blasts of neon colors coming off of it. I tried to hold it longer, but I couldn't. I woke up one evening and was floating about 3 feet above my body. I got so scared that snapped right back into my body.

      I got better and better as I meditated more.

      I have gotten away from it because I'm so busy with kids and a business that I can't find the quiet time.

      I miss those experiences. I can still get my body to lighten up by raising the vibration when I do meditate, but all the other experiences have stopped.

    10. LOL!! The book you posted IS "weird alien stuff"!! Good one....

    11. I was abducted when I was a kid in the woods of N. Mich. I have more than my share of weird mystical spiritual experiences than I care to shake a stick at! "....what a long, strange trip its been..." Sedona is loaded with reptoids now..

    12. That is quite impressive that the man went to Japan and verified that!! thnx.

    13. JV,

      Very interesting. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who could light up like a Christmas tree at night. Whatever I was plugged into, it wasn't the mains. Please don't tell the psychiatrists or they'll have you shrink-wrapped in an instant! lol.

      It doesn't take much to be 35 levels above Obama. My garden gnome manages problem.

    14. DL,


      What I meant by "weird alien books" that is that the book is written in very clear language and is mostly about spiritual growth and REAL earth history so people can understand that many of the civilizations on this planet were once from other worlds.

      Additionally, they are a truly benevolent race, contrary to much of the "Alien Agenda" stuff you read.

      A lot of the writings about Aliens are really hard to digest spiritually for me.

      By the way, they said the grey race abducts about 100 people per year. They watch this closely and say that it is nothing to worry about. Apparently, they also come from a "Planet of Sorrows" albeit they are more technologically advanced. They have lost most of their immune system so they come here to study us as we started to lose ours on this planet around the 1940's.

      Probably due to the advent of Vaccinations and modern medicine, I would guess.

    15. Valdi,

      No Christmas Trees...yet.

      But, I will vouch for the power of meditation and connecting with TRUTH about who and what we are.

      Immortal Spiritual Beings!

    16. Thank you JV, it is a straight forward read. Will work on finishing reading after getting some outdoor work done today. Need to let it set for now. I image very easily and it brings another dimension to the reading.

    17. P,

      Glad you like it.

      The reincarnation process and how it is structured as you work through the higher levels of planets is my favorite.

      I also liked it when they released his astral body so they could take him into the Earth's psychosphere to view his past lives.

      It will be a reference book for life if you embrace the spiritual process and trust in their guidance of how to live your lives.

      If the planet would just embrace civic responsibility, we would all be better off.

    18. No VALDI,
      All jokes aside...our government is actually run behind the scenes by beings...this is who the secret government take their orders from, these are who have been directing world far as I can tell most nations have these beings behind the scenes, giving secrets of reverse engineering and other technological developments which are advanced.

      However, I was not directly referring to O, but just that these beings are the decision makers 35 levels above the visible presidency....heck I will opt for a tin foil hat (LOL)

    19. JV, I have started reading The Thiaoouba Prophecy last night. Wow, it is fascinating. I can't wait to read it all. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is good to know that there are so many enlightened here that want the better good for all.

    20. Biffie,

      I'm glad you are enjoying the material. It's a very hard book to put down once you start it.

      And after you read it you will pull it out many times to go back over the information.

    21. JV

      Seriously, I know what you are going through. I've been through it, too....and I got shrink-wrapped!


      Kerry Cassidy interviewed Mike Harris of VT recently. He mentions that Baalbek may have been a space-port for the Anunnaki, and that the US currently has treaties with 17 ET races.


      Nice to have you on board. I feel I'm not alone in trying to make sense of what's going on. There seems to be no end to this rabbit hole.

  34. Hi
    Fed up.
    Thanks for your thoughts. I am Canadian so do have have a dog in the American show; though our leadership is also Illuninati. and there methods and motives are finally coming to the light here.

    All I was trying to express was that if a few thousand or tensof thousand persons were to dare the police, with prior public notification so that the media was there, that they were going to walk into the Whitehouse and Capital building, even if they had to step over dead bodies from the front rows, the whole power structure would collapse in minutes. The control is maintained by fear, and when the biggest fear, the fear of death does not work anymore in a self evident way, the game ends.

    Now that is rather idealistic; however, as I pointed out it has worked before and there is no reason to believe it would not work in Washington.

  35. Tsunami's hitting eastern US & western europe would solve most problems caused by nato.But, the trade-off is maybe 20 million dead civilians and a dying planet from all the radiation from 30 more fukashimas in a single day.


  36. Settlement Updates

    The unfolding economic situation is now deteriorating so badly it's hard to ascertain who can settle anything anywhere.
    America is simply Bust beyond eternity. It's all either been stolen, sequestrated or wasted. But the bottom line is the cupboards are bare and you settle nothing with nothing in reserves.
    Guru fantasy projections are creating false hopes and misleading desperate people.
    All reasoning avenues have been exhausted. There is no money. There will be no " Windfalls, or Blessings" and all parties need to find other ways to survive or trade forward. All current attempts to gain Global support have failed, and, while its not impossible for some kind of special initiative next year, any such conversions will be limited and strictly controlled. No one will walk in with $500 spent and expect to walk out with $5M cashed. There just is not the money.
    It's all looking to be another long haul operation.

    Our best advice is to place them in a safe drawer and pursue other ideas for wealth creation until there is any real recovery evident. Just don't put it all on the line for them because it's not happening. Not for the foreseeable future. All initiatives are in a holding pattern until further notice. Christmas and New Year chaos are here and realities. We have all done our best to advise as is, from the optimistic stages to the down side. It's all been a learning curve for everyone. Hard for some. But not as heard as for the West Coast teams haemorrhaging cash and family absence stress ambulance chasing this monster. No one could have tried harder. With heart and Soul they have done all possible. They, beyond all, deserve a break. But then there is no Justice. Only stark reality. So, into next year and see how it goes. We can only report as best we can as it unfolds. Please, for your own mental stability, stop reading that Guru garbage. The lot of them deserve to be in jail doing hard time, and most "Face Down" !

    Fantasies are free.Focus on reality solutions. No one is owed, Make life happen. You are - Alive. Take any legal money paying job anywhere, part time or not. Its all money. Think and act positive. Nothing comes for he he waits, think and act positively. Time to focus on stark reality. The Fat Ladies lost her voice.
    Next year, if anything happens we will advise. Think of those with it really on the line tracking this and trying so hard in the West Coast city. Xmas will be cold for them. Now they have to come back in January and dig in again. A lot of wives won't understand the realities involved so a lot of domestic issues will unfold. It's going to be tough for many. Very for some. No Xmas freebies and all we can do is advise as is. Chinese New Year will play havoc with all of this, followed by many Nations Tax Start Years. Once a clear position emerges, as long as it does not compromise the West Coast transactions, it will be communicated. The teams have been and are doing all possible, and everyone is as frustrated. When times get tough, the tough get going.

    1. Thanks for the update John. But you know what? It didn't phase me too much, because I listened to your advice way back when, when you told us to treat this like a long shot and to turn our efforts into proper investment research, like any investment, and live. Just because this came along, it doesn't suspend common sense. Hopefully people listened. I did and so for that I am thankful. I now have a good base that's ready to build, with dong on the top end of the risk/reward scale and PMs on the bottom. I'm enjoying a nice shiraz right now so my next glass will be cheers for you. I hope you can enjoy some decent time off over the silly season - All the best. Andrew

    2. Canuzzie don't think you're getting away unnoticed. Thankyou for managing this blog with all of us restless kids mucking around from time to time. After my next glass for John, I'll cheers one for you too. I hope that warms your cockles and Canada doesn't snow you in, but if it does, crack a bottle of shiraz and think of warm shores in Oz.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. AJNAANDY,

      After that bit of news from John, could you recommend a wine to go with my Christmas dinner?

    5. Hello John, and thank you for the updates. It's unfortunate that this year is a bust. I would rather hear that truth than the Guru hogwash on other sites. So question, are the windows for the 3rd week of January to late February still possible? I remember you stating that that would be our next window before April plus. Again I appreciate all your hard work, I am still positive that we will get a break though, even if its a small one.


    7. Valdi if you can't find an old sock to stew for half an hour, I suspect a nice Pinot Noir will do...

    8. AJNAANDY I was going to save the stewed sock for dessert. I do have a fine bottle of vintage lighter fuel, however....and some antifreeze I've been saving for a special occasion:

      Withnail And I - Lighter Fluid (54 secs)

      Bottoms Up!

  37. Modi - India's partnership with Russia is incomparable ..... pure bliss

    Some obviously can thrive .....

  38. Thx for the update John, It just amazes me how far these morons will push this thing to the edge until it all falls and implodes. Rioting is mass worldwide now what will it look like when pensions are confiscated and the welfare stops, pretty scary stuff.

  39. The false-flags are coming thick and fast:

    Sydney siege: Five hostages escape Lindt cafe as suspected gunman with Islamic flag is named locally as Sheikh Man Haron Monis

    BUSTED? Drill Held At Same Exact Lindt Cafe Location In Sydney Last Year! FALSE FLAG ALERT!

    And didn't Jamie Dimon make a fast recovery from his throat cancer?

    1. This seige is not far from me. After hearing of two innocent deaths I am quite sad. But #illridewithyou has the gift of pulling us alk together as one people - we recognise that people matter and religion is a distant 2nd. Religious fanatacism has no place.

      Even though this occurred as a very cutting budget was released I think it was not a false flag. The guy was a lone wolf I think and an example of how religion distorts (can distort) common sense and good life. The govt or police did not have a script ready with names identities etc so I suspect this was out of the blue idiocy.

    2. Australian Troops Practiced Exact Cafe Scenario Less Than 6 Weeks Ago!

      Published on Dec 14, 2014

      Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have conducted a series of counter-terrorism exercises in Brisbane. One of which was the exact same Cafe Hostage Senario!

      People are waking up and circulating information in record speed...then outside of Philadelphia today, A veteran who they said was using a walker traveled within 1 hour to 3 different locations of his in laws and killed 6 people and then carjacked a car and fled in the woods over child support payments...with O visiting NJ at McGuire AFB...a black young man was stopped by police and they claim he went back to his car to get a 22 pistol and they point blank killed him. Today they are hyping up the "death ritual" madness; on television almost 24 hours...when will they ever learn?

      It appears that in every major US city they are trying to create a war against citizen...while they have militarized police...

      Today with the first time in over a week that we see a blue sky? They just don't want us to pay attention.

  40. John, thanks for the update.
    Hopefully 2015 will be the year of settlements and the year we will help to bring change. Most of us can't wait to get our hands full. We hold our ground, positive and pro active, desiring beautiful outcomes for next year. We hope good things will prevail, a future without wars and more compassion.

    OWON and beyond,
    I suggest you take some time away from the computer and go knocking on your neighborhood's door offering a helping hand. Real Change start within, then radiates to the family and impacts your local community. Posts and more Posts without good physical actions towards our fellow men is Irrelevant. Meantime we wait, let's make a difference in somebody else's life. Without good actions and love, our works are Dead.

    As always straight to the point friend.
    Couple glasses to John and Canauzzie will do as well.
    Also a Big Hooray for PMs. ;-)

  41. HANOI, December 15. /TASS/. Vietnam and the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) will sign a free trade zone agreement, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said on Monday.
    The agreement will bring relations between Vietnam and the Customs Union to a qualitatively new level, he said at a meeting with Andrey Slepnev, minister of trade for the Eurasian Economic Commission.

  42. Today Russian banks are testing their new system - I did not see any news about it so far ....


  43. John

    In case Russians will play final checkmate with gold backed currency after successful testing of non SWIFT system where would that bring us to?

    I can not think of anything why they would not do it, after US tried all their friendly tricks?

  44. Multi party factual responses.
    1. The January window projected is still possible, but that Chinese New Year lurking worries us all.
    2. Our own team are in China and Taiwan this very week with key parties and we will be conference talking daily. So much for Guru rags. A few Guru lips need zipping. With nothing credible to say - Don't!
    3. We know the extreme sensitivity for so many people and needs. But the closures and procedures will be dispassionate and multi country linked. Unfortunately, we don't walk on water, remember what is alleged to have happened to those who claimed so.
    4. Neither the IMF or G20 can, or will, go anywhere without a full US interlinked role. They are just US Puppets. The US will still be dug in for years unless collapsing first. They still have rigging capacity to play on.
    While its highly unlikely, is is still possible for a PP concession this week, and we have been testing this since the early hours. London can accept a deal right up to next Tuesday if needed. But, very unlikely.
    At this stage logic indicates the first possible shot more likely from the 3rd week of Jan , IF APPROVED- IF!!!, and from then, skipping right into April if that fails
    The economic situation worldwide is deteriorating rapidly. Yet the US can still raise over $1T to bung the Military and Agencies. Contractors profits and lies. Effecting anything is hard. Shills run the Tills! They don't care about your Bills!

    All these new developing scenarios will take months yet to lift off. The rabid Cabal and Zionist Jackal Packs will still be rigging it all. The Jesuits and Zionists have it all by the throat. Mankind needs catch up time, and new systems will take years to invoke and implement yet. This is centuries of abuse coming home. It took Britain over 50 years to payback opportunist War Loans from the Zionist US Fed and nations have been consigned to the Third World by their looting programs. This loathsome filth have polluted the world for a century now. The Jesuits for over 300 years. Compounding Debts are only just impacting. Too many assume a simplistic solution will just arrive,. It won't. But US collapse may well be invoked first. Look into the EU and see the chaos. Reckless criminality and Socialist Dreamers is now coming home to roost. You could well see the EU block fail any time. That would then take down the US. Which will enable the Zionists to buy the US for 10 cents on the dollar. Or trigger WW111 with Russia who will erase the US within hours. Russia has more weapons and nukes, vastly more now, better equipment and a huge debt to settle if attacked. They KNOW they can win by pre empting. So, do they let the US catch up, or OK Coral it soon?

    Real issues, real dichotomies right now. It's a by the day thing. Many good people are trying. Credit them all.
    Each day watch it play out.

    1. ...which will enable the Zionists to buy the US for a penny ...

      To those who do not know what happened about 20 years ago in Czech and all East Europe countries....

      After the Iron Curtain down - countries had to cut ties with Russia to be accepted in EU. 80-90% of Czech industry was tied to Russia and East block countries. We lost more then 60% of market over night - it had to be done or we would end up as Yugoslavia that wanted to keep economic ties with Russia....
      Central Bank to Rottenchild- devaluation - inflation - all 10 times up in price .

      We got in EU -
      Next step NATO - with this deal. If you do not enter to NATO our investors can not come to Czech - because it is not secure. So Czech had to enter to NATO so that Zionists and all NAZI garbage from US and West Europe and Israel could BUY Czech for a penny

      But that's OK for most who cares, since it is just Czech ..... we got freedom or?

  45. Thanks John

    One would cry over this ugliness .....

  46. Bye Evenstar,

    Whatever floats your boat. I guess ignorance is bliss.

    1. What do you mean by that? Never heard of Evenstar.

  47. In other news today, 17% rate hike to hold the line on the ruble and back in the U S S A a bombshell dropped on the Eric Garner "Death by NYPD" issue at

  48. Looks like the Bush insane gang of murdering thugs is losing friends fast according to Benjamin Fulford. He is also saying that "Europe will join the BRICS in January"!! Maybe there is hope if any of this is factual.... ~darylluke.

    1. DL

      I hope that EU will break down as fast as possible together with their bloody jesuits overlords and NAZI EURO....

      They must not join BRICS - it must be broken .... fastest way to clean up jesuits ZIO NAZI from the round table

  49. Influential Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa arrested in Estonia with no reasons given.....

    Chiesa arrived in the Estonian capital city Tallinn early on Monday to take part in a conference entitled “Is Russia Europe’s Enemy?” However he failed to do that, since he was arrested in a hotel, his wife said, adding that the Italian ambassador to Italy was staying with the journalist.

    You must understand that Estonia is NAZI country like Ukraine with huge built up NAZI terrorists like they did it in Ukraine - that's why US and NATO is there to back them up -- all Baltic states - all NEO-NAZI...

  50. Hong Kong offers Russia to use clearing settlements in yuan ......

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. US Lawmakers to Gazprom: Keep Sending Gas to Ukraine or Face Sanctions.....

    The bill primarily targets Russian energy companies and military contractors if they sell equipment to Syria, or anyone Ukraine, Georgia, or Moldova doesn’t like.

    It also calls for sanctions against Gazprom, the largest natural gas company in the world, if it doesn’t send natural gas to Ukraine, Georgia, or Moldova.

    Ukraine is the only one for whom that is a significant issue, as the nation has had repeated problems paying its bills, and owes Gazprom billions of dollars.

    The White House has not said if they will sign it, but Russian officials dubbed the bill “deeply confrontational,” and warned that they will retaliate if the sanctions are put in place.


    1. To me this is major. I have no idea but guessing. Is this the cue for a gold backed ruble independent of the SWIFT system? Forgive me if that is a completely naive question and hope.

  54. I know that it was said that MH 17 is not relevant today for elite - I disagree, because it is relevant for relatives of those who died there and it is relevant for people in East Ukraine who kept dying on daily basis - if MH 17 details revealed right away - life fore many in East Ukraine would be different...


    There are two pictures of a wing being hit with bullets top of the wing ..... it had to be a horizontal shot on the plane .... attack from the back left and at a level of MH 17 itself....

    Article is in Czech.....


    1. That may be the reason Poroshenko ordered the preparation of 250,000 graves for Ukrainian soldiers:


      The Israelis have never hesitated to use nuclear weapons. A nuclear false-flag blamed on Russia is more likely to come from them than the US - but then they already control America.

      And what are our politicians doing? The answer is not suitable for a family audience.

    2. V+V,

      Another interesting link at that site:

  56. 123 poor children are now dead in Pakistan. 7 or 8 teachers also and God knows how many injured. Pakistan has given safe refuge and Intel support to these Taliban Dogs for far too long. We are into the 21 st century. How much longer can our societies go on turning a blind eye to these Dark Age, brainless and phobic mutants defiling our societies. Its time for a Global crackdown. Time to mass waste their training camps and to take in their families. Time to sanitise this filth across the planet. With a cancer, you either cut it out, or irradiate it.
    These were harmless humans, innocent children and Teachers brutally massacred by this manic Taliban filth. More of the radicalised Islamic crowd. Child Molesters or murderers.
    Time for Transhumanism so we can simply bypass ignorance.
    Its terrible for those poor parents now. We need real Western Leaders able to take it to the Muslims and lay it on them face on. The mad Zionists also. Religions?
    Non are fit to be alive using the name of God as a Spiritual link. Spare a thought for those poor families this week.
    It would be no bad thing if 500 drones got tasked for this week end. Take out Waziristan,and known Training camps. Take out ISIS by a total field sweep. Stop arming the Middle East.

    1. CIA created Al Qaeda and Taliban
      (Sounds like the same olde culprits...all they know is death, murder and mayhem...)

    2. Pakistan and India were one country. Pakistan was and still is used to contain the influence of India. One would find that the CIA and the British SIS played a major role in the creation of the Pakistan ISI by which Pakistan is controlled. Sunni Muslims are merely tools of the most powerful House of Pallavicini of ancient Genoa which is closely connected to the Vatican and holds great power over the Islam. This Sunni enterprise was created as a result of British SIS and Knights of Malta supporting the House of Saud who were nothing but nomads until they received the support of Western powers and thereby vastly increased their influence. Next the same Knights of Malta made the Middle Eastern Dollars for Oil deal possible for which the Rockefellers could front.....possibly the largest oil deal ever.

      The antagonizing between Pakistan and India is done on purpose. A friend of mine went to the border there. There is actually a sort of stadium at the border where the people of both India and Pakistan can throw insults at each other. It is remarkably crowded there..... Get this: The sole purpose of that ´stadium´ is to insult the people from the neighbouring country and the border guards in particular.

  57. Obama amnesty is unconstitutional, federal judge finds

    A federal judge has found parts of President Obama’s new deportation amnesty to be unconstitutional, issuing a scathing memo Tuesday accusing him of usurping Congress’s power to make laws, and dismantling most of the White House’s legal reasoning for circumventing Congress.
    Judge Arthur J. Schwab, sitting in the western district of Pennsylvania, said presidents do have powers to use discretion in deciding how to enforce the law, but said Mr. Obama’s new policy goes well beyond that, setting up a full system for granting legal protections to broad groups of individuals. He said Mr. Obama writing laws — a power that’s reserved for Congress, not the president.
    “President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional,” Judge Schwab wrote.

  58. The German people have had it with Merkel.

    Video of noisy protests in Germany against Merkel. One commentor on Youtube summed it up:


    The German people have had enough of Merkel's support for the Ukranian Nazis, the Israeli AshkeNAZI's, which she finances by way of giving them nuclear submarines and now promises to build them four new warships. She is a fascist piece of filth who does the bidding of the financial elite in Wall street and the City of London, the Zionist mafia. She does not serve Germany, and is an enemy to all of the people of Europe, she must be stopped. Germany and Europe want you gone, move to America or Israel, Europe have had enough of your submission to the Zionist power structure waging war upon humanity. Merkel would lead Europe to ruin and a possible nuclear war."

    Jim Willie predicted she would be ousted from power by the industrialists. It's taking longer than I expected but gathering strength.

  59. The covert $900 million mercenary training ring surrounding DC

  60. The ISIL terrorist group has executed 150 women in the Western Iraqi province of Anbar for refusing to marry Takfiri militants.

    "At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah… after they refused to accept jihad marriage," read a statement issued by Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights on Tuesday.

    This is all work of US Congress and Senate and all those NAZI agencies ........

    Somebody has to pay for this .....

    1. Vlastimil,

      It's like I said, ISIL is NOT Islamic;it is Talmudic. It was created, as was its parent Al Qaeda, by Israel, London and Washington to discredit Islam, justify more military interventions by the West in the Middle East, the erosion of civil liberties and the imposition of mass surveillance. Of course it attracts ignorant, relgious fundamentalist nutjobs - that was what it was designed to do. It is the MIC wet dream - an enemy to guarantee it an endless war.

      Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the biggest distortion of Islam in history

    2. Islam and Russia's Tryst with Destiny by Sheikh Imran N. Hosein (I like this guy - he calls it as it is. He is right about what has become of Christianity in the West):

  61. Found out one of my relatives can't nurse her four month old anymore due to medical reasons. She said she is feeding her baby Enfamil now. I was shopping today and passed by a showcase of this infant formula so I looked at the ingredients on the back of one of the cans and was shocked to read as the very first ingredient high fructose corn syrup and on another brand, corn syrup. What a monumental shame that these poor babies are being fed such poison. Such a shame. I am going to search out a natural and/or organic mothers milk substitute and suggest that to her. Hope it works. I nursed all three of my sons and when one of them was 10 months old, I switched to goats milk. It is supposed to be the closest thing to moms milk there is. Anybody have any more suggestions?

    1. Biffie,

      The HFCS probably came from GMO corn, too. Children in the States these days are subjected to a dreadful assault on their immune system and mental development with GMO's, fluoride in drinking water, amalgam in teeth, nano-particulates in chemtrails, unwarranted vaccinations, the school system and media.

      Call me old fashioned (or just old) but there was nothing to beat wet-nursing by a healthy, lactating surrogate.

    2. So sad, but her husband can't get her to do the goat milk let alone a surrogate. I know that moms milk is available in that manner, but she won't. Gosh.

  62. The Pentagon has confirmed the military buildup along Russia’s borders to ensure long-term “peace and stability” in the region. Earlier Moscow accused NATO of a sharp increase in air activity and intelligence flights in the border zone.

    I hope that this will not last too long anymore when we have to report discuss and digest and clean all this negative news ......It was long enough and it cost much life energy ...

    Nazi Yankees go home and never come back -

  63. An area of Syria is so heavily populated with British-born Jihadi fighters that it has been nicknamed ‘Little London’, according to a former hostage and aid worker.
    Ahmed Walid Rashidi, a Danish aid worker, was one of the lucky few to be released by the Islamic State after being held captive for a month. He told the Sunday Times that the majority of foreign fighters have British or German accents. The town of Manbij in northern Syria was like a "little London or a little Berlin".

    Sweden had there about 110 of them .... 50 came back ... I guess Sweden will pay them extra cash and free iPhone 6 plus other like free accommodation etc......

    Sweden is very good in this ....

  64. KIEV, December 17. /TASS/. Ukrainian authorities have set an ambitious task of building one of the strongest armies in Europe and bring Crimea back from Russia, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Oleksadr Turchynov said on Wednesday.

    Not only Turchynov is a total lunatic ..... he is so badly brainwashed by US NAZI and ZIO mafia that he can not see tip of his nose ....

    (he is a former baptist pastor if I am not mistaken ...Dallas Seminary education)

    1. Might be wrong by this guy in my view was always sponsored by USD ...... I could have taught theology last 15 years being sponsored by USD. I had that offer (it was from genuine people ..., no politics attached...) I just could not take it. Most of my friends ended up that way, and that's OK. Thing is that you become loyal to sources that money comes from - it just works that way. My life would be easier - I would finish my PhD .... had steady income, do academics and keep turning my eyes from the other side of the coin of USD corporate crime and I would have to keep clapping my US sponsors on their shoulders saying - Everything is just all right .....we support democracy...

  65. I remember George Pattons comment in WW2 let Germany wipe out Russia
    Then the U.S. military inalate Germany . Russian ruble sure tanking .spinning
    Down the drain ,I love it , Christians will prevale.

  66. New Poll Finds 59% Of Americans Support Post-9/11 Torture – Propaganda, Cultural Sickness, Or Both?

    Explain to me this one.......

    1. hard to believe those numbers. I don't support torture, well maybe on the guys that shot up the kids in Syria, nor do any of my colleagues. Wonder where they got the poll from

    2. Most likely propaganda - of MSM

    3. "Because we are ruled by an elite group of psychopaths who own the banks that control the government and media. They fund both sides of war for profit, and they MANUFACTURE THE CONSENT of the public through the propaganda of the media."

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. This is fishy to me .... why now?

    Obama announces US will establish embassy in Cuba, lift sanctions

    Did ZIO NAZI find a hiding place in CUBA with massive bribes? Or do they want to hide there some financial instruments?

    1. Fishing for dollars...another economy slated for ruin...because there is no one else who needs anything from UsA...

    2. Vlastimil,

      I suspect stopping Russia from opening an intelligence base in Cuba may have something to do with it.

  69. Reality Check on RV's

    London has now closed for Wednesday night. No pre advice has been received for anything yet, even into next week.That being Xmas, and chaos, you have to write anything off now until at least the third week of January. But then the Chinese New Year nightmare factors in. Realistically, sorry folks but apart from odd special PPs, the Public wont get a look in until at least mid April now, if even then.
    The West Coast parties have done all possible, and non walk on water. They are fully cognisant of all issues.
    We keep going back to the key basic issue here.When does a thief ever pay back?
    Serious damage is being done to poor families by these damned Gurus and false promises. Its way past time the Feds took them all down. They are unlicensed and selling bogus assurances of get rich quick schemes. It's all cruel and malicious. Next year we all need to issue articles on them.
    For most it will be a tense Xmas, especially for those promising a full Turkey and now about to deliver only a Rabbit. Time to take back from the Gurus and force feed them Road Kill.

    Next year, it all kicks off again. The teams are in place and will be trying weekly.
    We will expose the Jesuit crew soon for you and their US accomplices.
    For all, whatever the issues, you WILL survive. Just hang and and believe, but look at how far you have progressed over the last year. Be proud, and next year be loud.
    It's better to pre advise bad news right now, it gives more time for some to plan how they will package it next for Her Indoors! Lol

    1. John thanks for the sobering update. At least we all know where we stand now and can plan accordingly. A question though, I’ve seen you mention ‘west coast parties’ a few times now. Who are they and how do they factor into the public exchange?

    2. .... be loud ....

      No problem with that one .....

  70. Russians say - real expert really needs up to two hours to come to conclusion what happened to MH 17 after he examines wreckage .....

    October the 9th they were suppose to release what kind of objects they found in bodies of pilots .....

    So, should I say what I use to say?

  71. Central Bankers suppressing Russian economy

    If Putin starts arresting the owners of their Central Bank, the US attack will not be far behind!

    Read more:

    1. Upper House plans probe into Central Bank role in ruble crash

      Federation Council Chair Valentina Matviyenko has ordered a vote on a parliamentary investigation into the recent activities of the Central Bank and its alleged role in the worst-ever plunge of the ruble rate.

      The motion was initiated by Senator Evgeny Tarlo (Tambov Region) who sits in the Upper House committee for economic policy.

      “I suggest to start a parliamentary investigation into activities of the Central Bank that has allowed violations of the citizens’ Constitutional rights, including the right for property,” the RIA Novosti quoted Tarlo as saying on Wednesday.

      The senator added that according to the law, protecting financial stability in the country is the main task of the Central Bank and its senior management. However, the bank’s actions, in particular the recent raising of the key interest rate to 17 percent, have so far yielded the opposite results.

      “We have sufficient competence to sort the things out calmly and pass the information to the society and the president,” Tarlo said.

      He also said that in his last address to the Federal Assembly – a key speech detailing political and economic priorities of the nation - President Vladimir Putin said it was necessary to find speculators on the currency markets and take measures against them. Not a single speculator has been disclosed in Russia since address was delivered on December 4, the senator noted.

  72. U.S. Declares (Currency) War On Russia

    U.S. economic terrorism (i.e. the One Bank’s economic terrorism) has hit a new extreme this week. This crime syndicate has launched what can be termed nothing less than an all-out effort to destroy the economy of Russia.

    Its modus operandi is, once again, currency manipulation. What is the quickest/easiest way to destroy an economy? Drive the value of its currency as close to zero as possible. The effect of such a manipulated “devaluation” is a massive explosion in inflation. And the effect of that is to make all Russians much poorer.

    The economic destruction caused by this economic terrorism affects Russians, and the Russian economy on a percentage-for-percentage basis. Each percentage lower that the banksters drive the ruble with their criminal manipulation makes Russians, and the Russian economy 1% poorer.

    There are numerous aspects to this criminality which clearly merit categorizing this assault as a “new extreme”. To begin with; there is both the magnitude and the sheer brazenness of this attack on the ruble. The latest plunge in the ruble’s value came with Russia’s benchmark interest rate already at 10.5%.

    The United States has a bankrupt economy. It is mired in a permanent, worsening Greater Depression. Its own currency, the mighty dollar is fundamentally worthless, based on three different, objective metrics. Yet despite the U.S.’s interest rate being permanently frozen at 0% (because the U.S. can’t afford to pay legitimate interest on its debts); the U.S. dollar is once again at the top of the totem-pole amongst the world’s currencies.

    For those readers who don’t understand the relationship between interest rates and the value of a nation’s currency; it is a simple equation. We live in a global economy filled with an ocean of “liquidity”, almost all of it the paper wealth of the world’s oligarchs.

    Very little of this “money” is ever productively invested; thus the oligarchs are permanently on the hunt for the best place to park this paper wealth. The higher the interest rate of any particular nation, the more interest the oligarchs can collect by converting their wealth into that nation’s currency. As (the equivalent of) trillions of dollars of this currency is bought-up on global markets, this forces the value of that currency higher – in legitimate markets.

    Yet today, Russia’s national interest rate is set at 17%, and the value of the ruble is still falling. The interest rate of the (bankrupt) United States is still frozen at 0%, but the dollar is (still) rising. It is not simply nonsensical. It is blatant fraud, on a level never before seen in the history of the global economy.

    Based on all of the fundamentals of the two economies; it is the U.S. economy which should be experiencing a “currency crisis”. And with its national interest rate at an ultra-extreme high; it is the Russian ruble which should be soaring in value. The actual value of these currencies is not merely “wrong” it is totally, absolutely perverse – and totally, absolutely illegal. (more at link)


    Why use precious real estate to bury your beloved family members when these grotesque inhuman dirt bags will convert them into fertilizer. This is going beyond the extremes, will you remember your precious family whenever you pull vegetables from their corpses? How can someone even try to bring this idea to fruition? Anyone in their right mind who has a shred of humanity left might get violent when you bring your 'concept' to them at the local town hall. You'd be lucky to get out of there alive. I am very disgusted but not surprised. Will the green goons hand over their precious pets that they love more than people over to their grave gardens? I regard most people who hand over their elders to these miniature retirement prisons scum but this angers me.


    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - and corpses to crops?

    In Seattle, a local nonprofit group wants to become the world's first organization to offer as a service human composting, in which the departed are turned into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to grow flowers, trees or food.

    Getting there might not be easy.

    The Urban Death Project is the brainchild of Seattle architect Katrina Spade, who came up with the concept in 2011. Spade calls composting a meaningful, sanitary and ecological alternative to burial and cremation.

    "The idea is to fold the dead back into the city," she said. "The options we currently have for our bodies are lacking, both from an environmental standpoint, but also, and perhaps more importantly, from a meaning standpoint."

    Spade said she hopes to get the service up and running in three years. But the project has significant legal and regulatory hurdles to surmount before it can get under way.

    While the Urban Death Project has developed architectural designs for a human composting facility, the group still has to complete fundraising and find a site to build its facility.

  74. Dollar is falling after Russia starts selling foreign currency. Is this the start to the end?

  75. Over 230 bodies uncovered in Syrian mass grave

    ISIL advancing Zionist plot in Syria: Analyst

    Doesn't this remind you of the mass graves found in Ukraine? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine who's hand is in this? Can anybody say...UsA, NATO, Isra-hell....genocide and this is another of the million crimes of the century...

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.


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