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New Forum - UPDATE

One World of Nations
May 6, 2022

We are now public!

Forum can be read by the public.

In order to post, reply or create a topic you must be registered.

There has been a lot of complaints as to the functionality, or the lack thereof, of the website. I agree Blogger is terrible and has long out lived its usefulness. I am working on a new website which will take some considerable time as new content is required and possibly some revisions of old content.

To assist in the short term I built a forum. It should do all we need and rid ourselves of the limitations of Blogger. I would ask you to try the forum out and see if it works for you all. No doubt it will need improvements and it will grow with us. The forum should be fit for purpose. I would appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. Help me make it better for everyone. You will be able to post live links, insert images and use other types HTML like bold and italic.

You will have to register to enter forum or post. No exceptions. Guests can view the forum and topics but cannot read beyond titles. This is for spam protection and other security reasons. Once registered you can have full access and make your own topics. I may move topics into more specific categories as we grow.

Comment sections here will be closed to new comments. I will allow comments on this page article for a while to help with the transition or anyone having problems can seek help here, however try to use the forum for assistance first.

See you all there: OWON FORUM

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