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Turning the Tide | Report #18 | We need to plan a Quantum Leap

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
15 October 2018

Rebranding and Rebuilding a Strong New Anglo American and Commonwealth Alliance. We need to plan a Quantum Leap of Innovation to progress each nation. All for One, One for All!

Today’s world is a homogeneous confusion of conflicting and colliding Special Interests. Few have Patriotic values, even less, Ethics. The Kavanaugh disaster for the Democrats will be interesting now the Clinton investigations are emerging. How many visits to Epstein's island? Vet those and all his rape / assault allegations. Hilderbeast unleashed this.

New Technological Industrial Empires are emerging, with old ones visibly failing. All Empires end, usually Badly! Time to reflect, and to seek a new direction, or face retrograde obsolescence. Time to distance America and its people from its own corrupt Military Industrial Cabal past, and to use its vast latent people talents to create better, wealth producing systems. Because America can! Also to refocus its core direction with a future realignment towards an Ethereal based, ethical, humanitarian and humane value based society. Time to think outside the box now. Time to refocus and change all direction for the better. Or die enslaved to perverse and so corrupt Deep State Politicians with their Cohort Zionist Bankers.

America's banking needs to serve the people, not enslave them, and the world.

America, The Commonwealth and the UK, needs new enlightened and capable Leadership to focus as the Founders so wished, on Excellence. Time to rethink, but Competitors won’t wait. We need to choose our fate. Or face ours.

By only 2030 China WILL have overtaken the US as the world’s leading economy, with huge implications. America simply won’t know what’s hit it unless planning starts now to rebuild new markets. That can only be achieved by a selective focus on the right support Alliances, which means the progressive and respectful mutual development of the collective Alliance nations, or there will simply be no markets left to sustain the US aspirations of a wealth creating economy. Be in no doubt, Eurasia will exclude the US, affecting the largest wealth transfer in America’s history. A one way drain out. 12 years is not a long time to rebuild a life raft capable of sustaining America’s bloated false income and trade needs. Trade blocks will polarize, and the implosion of those left out will be seismic. Derivatives are a waiting US time bomb.

Without targeted focus, NOW, America is lost. Time to be thinking strategic economic survival, not evermore confrontations. Float the new Alliance boat, or sink without it. Reality TV is not the new world bearing down so fast. Time to rethink America. Or the once nation of desperate Immigrants, will become the emerging nation of mass Emigrants. America, as it is now, is unsustainable. A Ghetto in waiting.

We are entering a new era of an emergent society where Religions are challenged, and the meaningless Dogma underpinning most becomes exposed, as thinking Beings challenge them for what they are, an unchecked Pedo-pestilence. More so for the human damage they do to all of our species as children are mind shaped by these parasitical Cults determined to subjugate and rule to their order.

Education is the road to the future, and Churches special interests deny us that by subordinating truth. We will show you how. Real hope.

Jews, Muslims and Jesuits are not born so. They are all the product of a devious, subordinated mind control hierarchy, each with intolerant contempt for humanity, and whose singular aim is to divide and dominate. Zionism is abhorrent. Jesuits too.

Reflect what the Vatican Inquisition did to millions as they murdered and purged, or the enslaving and genocidal cruelty of Islam, this must end on our watch! Godless Barbarians.

Mankind has learned little, still continuing to follow one kind of Master Race Dogma or another, towards yet another genocidal conflict.

There is only one point of Humankind, and that is to develop our logical consciousness to encompass all life forms and to be kind. Man - Kind? One kind, of civilized Being? Enhancing consciousness, which is our real potential.

Children don’t have Racial or Religious concepts. We create and instill it. We wrongly segregate with cynical and ruthless planned Religious Mantras which pollute Souls. In the 21st century it’s time to educate out archaic False Gods and Bigotry. Our human consciousness is now awakening. All you need, you do have within you. Churches hold no answers for you, nor ever have.

Less than 2% of the US Population is Jewish. A Cult religion still sadly using using blood cult sacrifices to mark and subjugate its young. Barbaric. Over 5,800 years, how has that worked out as societies rebel and WW II showed man’s inhumanity fighting back, herding them ruthlessly in fury for revenge, to the extermination camps? Nations all conspired in the Exodus. Even now Right Wing European groups are reemerging. Innocent and harmless good Jews are living in fear. Why?

Zionism has activated so many conflicts with their greed, their ruthless Zealot type fantasies of their Master Race. It will all end - Badly! For them, as it must. We must change their future generations, and educate out their asinine Dogma starting with and protecting their children from this Roach species. Or worse may become them, as history shows. This is no way to live as a co-human being. The only humane way to control the voracious Zionist snout, is to educate it out from the next generation.

These articles and videos, profile and question the US reality, and problems we are all facing with this divisive Cult. Not their excellent contributions in Sciences, Medical practices, or Education, but misused power when organized to syphon and sequestrate a nation’s wealth in Banking and their predatory Talpiot spying. Then we all suffer. As ultimately do they with the backlash which always follows.

Equally the ruthless and cynical self-serving interests of the Jesuits or Vatican Knights of Malta have guilt. Each, ridden with malpractices. It’s time for mankind to change and grow. Become of age, on a Cosmic stage. Our real values need to become not asset Rich, but Ethereal. Enriching Souls. Finding purpose of being a true Galactic Being. Search for Cosmic knowledge, not Reality TV. But where is such Leadership with the likes of Clinton's, Obama, the Deeply Criminal Deep State and Politico Crime families?

One good thing to come out of Judaism, is its family values and education. These we all need to share. Coming of age. Then we have true equality. Let us respect each other as beings. But not, as a Culture, believing themselves God chosen superiors. Arrogance. When humility is lost, conflict follows.

As the balance of life currently stands, our Western societies humanity faces three unacceptable options:
  • Become enslaved by the Vatican Jesuit New World Order / Pentagon Agencies Knights of Malta perversions? No!!!
  • For mankind to blindly go, where no one wants to go, into the Zionist Banking and Planetary Assets Sheeple Corral, as Goyim Slaves to the Kazar Global monetarily enslaved campuses? No!!!
  • To accept the brutal suppression of the Maoist or Soviet States, if their policies, in fact determine the future of Eurasia? An enlarged Gulag Colony? No!!!

We need instead a new world where your lives matter, and where your children enrich the new, better world of shared values - family values. But, as one, the family of Man.

Time to design a new life purpose which is meaning, not as Goyim Slaves, demeaning.

True value is the Human Soul, not some Fast Buck Zionist Grafter or Vatican Shapeshifter. Politicos are not likely to envisage such order. We, the people, must.

In the 21st Century, is this all the now expanded consciousness of humanity can achieve? State driven systems devoid of compassion or any enlightened values? All we have achieved as Human Souls, or Vatican / Zionist Ghouls? Is this all?

We saw the scale of the Democratic travesty of Justice and their sordid corruption in the Kavanaugh hearings. Repression of truth or values. The chicanery of the Democratic Senators to hold power at any price, the subterfuge of the worst of the US Attorneys, all defiled, and all beguiled. Where is Justice for the victims families? This is today's sad Leadership?

In two years, what Justice is visible to be seen from the Department of Justice, apart from Deep State coverups? Sessions is a compromised disaster. Treasonous officials Like Rosenswein still walk free, untouched by their corrupt actions. Comey, Clinton, Obama. Where is justice?

The truly gross corruption of Khazarian Zionist Banking, the venal duplicity of the special interest Pariahs in both Houses, and this warped Oath of Allegiance towards the Khazar State of Israel, its gross inhumanity to its neighbours, with its pervasive Talpiot Spying and subliminal controllers of America, all needs reviewing.

Does America have this depth of vision Politically? Why not?

America needs to cease being an expendable source of Foot Soldiers and Body Bags for Israeli and Mossad abuse. It needs to be the nation as perceived by the Founders, focused on fair values and rewards for its own people. A culture of respect for values and other's cultures worldwide. It needs to capitalize on its cores strengths, and become a true 21st Century enlightened, supreme technical superpower - as it can. America, Britain and the Commonwealth need to all work together, as a cogent partnership of equals, for Washington to 'Lose the Attitude', remove the Zionist hooks and chains, then work together as a Collective for all to have a life of meaning. Partnerships of minds and shared projects. It’s not about what we acquire. It’s about what we leave behind as our own footprints for our being... here. Envisage the lives we could change and a Society worth belonging to. It’s not down to corrupt Politicians, or Zionist Banks, it’s down to us all - to YOU! We - The People, or die as the Sheeple? Shaping minds, and shaping societies to be inclusive. Removing dogma, superstitions and ignorance.

Our journey through this life, is to make a difference. Each life needs to have meaning.

Britain as Allies needs to be free of this Socialist rabble that has become the EU. To close its doors to the forced influx of illegals, people trafficked through the EU, and the pointless taxes raised for the inept, incompetent Vatican, Jesuit Socialist led Republic that is the EU. With its many failed nations, led by unelected Drunks like Junker. Socialist Parasites, the Lounge Lizards of Expense Accounts, all Vatican Jesuit Ghouls.

But, be assured, problems apart, huge potential exists for all nations and the true wealth of beings in our Global Commonwealth, with intelligent design. In a fast changing world, to beat the odds, change direction!

Look at what is possible. A better way forwards for all.

As the sun sets on the declining US Military Industrial Empire Cabal, itself sinking under Debt and crippling, unsustainable Social Welfare costs, with wasteful Military and Black Operations Budgets costing greater than the entire worlds Defence Budgets put together, we must ask, apart from badly, how else can this end if new initiatives are not found? War enriches no one but the Zionist Cabal, truly corrupt evil Political families like the Bushes and Clintons and nefarious Banks. Then by extension, the Rothschild's.

Be clear, evermore wasteful US Military and Agency Budgets are funded by unrealistic Off Balance Sheet, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Grey Screen Pentagon Bank Program Trading, regurgitating such Quad Trillions of Debt as would sink the planet if called. This pervasive Fed itself being a Foreign Zionist owned operation, is ever asset stripping its gullible nation host unchecked. Tapeworms feeding off you in your Guts! Call it!

Stop Mossad playing America with AIPAC. Muzzle them. If need be, hard.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

America is sadly crumbling. Cities in decay and outer suburbs becoming Third World Squats. Ghettos are back. But with Welfare phones and Food Stamps, why work?

Compare it to emerging new Third World nations. Which is the Third World now? It’s a complete Mad Hatters Tea Party creaking under the burdens of mass Deep State and Zionist Banking corruption. Trillions are sunk, lost or wasted. On Clinton’s watch, as with the Pentagon, followed Clinton’s Email traits, self-servers like her mails, disappeared. Never forget Benghazi. Life for she and Soetoro / Obama cannot be long enough in Gitmo.

Each successive President post Reagan and pre Trump, has been a Skunk. Wildcats. These Yahoos raped the world. All in the name of a Democracy which does not even exist in Federal Deep State America. Yet it fosters cynical and illegal Regime changes, destroying nations and killing millions of innocents who do not toe the Washington line. One based on Hegemony, bringing only repression and hatred as a legacy. Federal Deep State America is truly vile. The Deep State neither represents, nor works for the American people. America needs its OWN Central Bank and an end to this Zionist Quango chicanery. America should not be a body bag supply source for Israeli and Zionist interests any longer. Cease! This was never the Founders or Constitutional chosen way. The Federal Deep State and Zios have hijacked America. As the EU is doing also to Europe, and why the UK must leave.

We need President Trump to find a true role, and take up what can be his destiny, to rescue America. Will he rise to it? Or is he too compromised to the Zionists like Sheldon Adelson? Look at his own Zionist funded Agents campus next to Mossad’s.

Where is America’s thinking Non-Zionist Moses? MLK led his.

Zionist subversive duplicity has corrupted America and need routing out. Nor should their funding and self interest claw hold over both Houses be tolerated. End this disgusting Oath of Allegiance to Israel SHAM. Allegiance to America only, or leave! No more second Bolt Hole Passports for crooked Zionists.

When will Michael Herzog be extradited back to America to expose the Bush, Clinton and Agency crimes revealing their wanton criminal looting, as exposed with the Interpol arrests and seizing of the bush 41 contracts in Berlin? Investigate and arrest him to recover such vast Trillions as are owed. But that was suppressed on Mueller’s orders acting for Bush 41. The Florida FBI were refused permission to investigate and interview Romney. Despite clear evidence. Bushes FBI and CIA Gatekeepers were always in place to subvert Justice.

Yet Mueller investigates Trump? Hello?

The US Corporation Federal (Feral) State lords it over a crumbling empire. Traditional Military budgets are capped, but then superseded by a vast army of Pentagon Grey Screen funded Mercenary Contractors, who ride ruthlessly over the planet. Hired killers, the worst of men. Predators.

The shame of America. No ethics, no laws, no discipline. No humanity. Ruthless Despots unchecked is no way forwards for our world. Vile. A new legalized rapacious Mob. So much for Democracy. Kill to order outside of the US Border. Its effects last centuries. Memories are long. Now they kill for profit.

Yet the real America, with its so many good people, still has such untapped potential. As does the UK and its Global reach. Why is so much money not instead used abroad to fund Trade Missions as China and Russia now do? Trade missions build goodwill and culture. China’s businesses expand ever faster. They focus on strategic initiatives. America instead is locked into the need for fueled strategic arms sales. Its new $38 Billion extra subsidy to the Pariah War mongering State of Israel, is not for social needs but Weapons of War on it neighbours. That and vastly more also hidden. This is a never ending vicious war of attrition, falsely expanding borders to create the Greater Israel. Why fund this Pariah State to wage war on its neighbours? Why is nothing done about their vast land intrusion stealing 80% of Palestine and also other further neighbour States land. All orchestrated by Mossad and its Global Mercenary PR machine, manipulating the Media and Political processes.

Why are we supporting rapacious Mongrel States? This is an appalling regime of cruelty, while Benny Yahoo manipulates America as a hopeless puppet regime. Why is 80% of US Presidential election funding contributed, at a price, by Zionists?

We know the price, look at the Fed and US Treasury. Each President sells out his nation for power. Stop scurrilous Zionist funding and control of Political seats. Level the playing field. Focus on parties fit for office, not this corruption buying US Office, then bleeding America dry. Re-license Patriotic MSM operators to Ethical Public monitoring bodies, and remove the Zionist shackles. A voice of truth for the people. End the Agency MSM propaganda machines. Hear the peoples voices.

Both America and the UK face a need for change. Each need to think outside the box, yet parallel each other. Major re-tracking.

The UK does not fit within what is becoming the Vatican Jesuit Socialist Republic of the European Union. A Slave colony ruled by the unelected parasites of Brussels, and the alcoholic Buffoon Junker. No place for Free Enterprise or Free Men.

Britain has the benefit of high standing in the vast Commonwealth of Nations. In turn a vast supply source for free market food and products. Also for Exports. Untapped. Grossly underutilized.

Also its Asian networks, albeit diminishing under neglect. Reverse and rebuild it. Britain itself needs such new Leadership as once created the Industrial Revolution.

Both nations NEED - A new Direction. Opportunity is knocking.

The US and UK have excellent Universities and Research centers. Unparalleled Financial markets. Each a powerful depth of Intellect in abundance. Each needing to focus and capitalize on their core strengths. Also in combined partnerships for collective strength where suitable. Intelligent pro active and directed new strategies. Clear directions. Principled expansion and pioneering research. Advantages to re-task, redirect, fund and reemerge as vibrant Global Leaders offering partnerships of hope to all.

Just look at what we can, as one Humankind, achieve by re-tasking need.

Educating the need to remove the divisive Cults, by Educating to think, and serve the greater good.

Educating to help all see the difference. Re-tasking Man for the world each deserves, and freeing Souls. What is life? Its purpose, your Journey here?

Politicians are only in office to help themselves. Bankers sadly, do!

How do we, you and us all, help humanity instead? Be clear, once the long owed PP Settlements start, we will. Our agenda is to make life matter for all. To help re-track for purpose. Can we help leave behind a new Man - Kind?

Deep discussions are ever progressing between key Elders and London parties of good conscience, seeking only to rebuild using AU assets, and for Trading Profits to be used for Projects fit for purpose.

Instead of all the negatives and Wars, how about we focus on a War on Want, and use key Political Leaders time to think for once of a better world,and what we can all do working in unison for each other? Or why elect them?  Sessions has brought who to Justice? Time to hold Electoral promises to account. If a US President cannot bring Clinton to Justice in 4 years, he should not run again. Presidents must also be held to account. He needs to be faced down with this weekly. He SAID, "I will drain the swamp". When?

Projects for Humanity, Community Projects, Health Care and Educational projects.

How about we stop the Overnight Funds exits in the City of London fast tracked to avoid taxes, and the vast trillions propping up Tax Havens to get routed back to the nations who underpinned those trade profits, as well as the Internet Shopping Giants who are killing the shopping Malls, who need to start paying a meaningful Sales Tax in all nations and putting back fair taxes into the communities they benefit from. No more exiting profits to Tax Havens. Make every company seeking to exit funds to any Tax Haven first clear Regulatory screening and justify why such funds or profits are so routed, or ensure Banks block transfers unless permission is first obtained. It won’t be! Get control of Exchange Control. Worldwide economies can gain a substantial boost, contributing fairly to Jobs and Community Development responsibly.

No more Wars on each other. Let’s go to war on the Zio Shysters, sequestrate and repatriate all they have taken for decades back to their host nations. Take control of our economies, and redistribute wealth to service equitable need. Responsible use of repatriated capital to build for the future, designing and servicing communities fitting to live in. Rethink need, not greed. Rethink Global Capital pools and stop being taken for fools. Vast Trillions are sitting sheltered in Tax Havens. Take it back! Tax Havens are built on Tax Evasion. Repay, or Invade! Repatriate the damned lot! That clears all our shortfalls. Seize the Weevils accounts. Tough, pragmatic Global Leadership.

Start with the Vatican Bank and all the Bribed Politicos unveiled!

Strong Leadership, to the victors nations, the rewards. Invest in Humanity. Not Evaders vanity. End Zionist Ownership and control of the US Fed and Treasury. End dual Israeli passports. End Israeli economic and Media control of America. America must have its Nation owned Central Bank, owned by and run by the people, for the people. Now! End the Tax Havens. It’s time it’s all put back. No more cheating nations. Rethink ethics, reeducate all. Standards fit to live for, or for Parasites to die for. Only allow into Politics proven achievers, no more Legal deceivers. Representatives fit for purpose. Now that’s a first!

Start tasking dual Alliance projects now to re-task, fund and feed the next generations. But this time, a newly designed multi-nations Alliance economy, with purpose, a moral ethos, and a sound educational base for all. Yes - We - Can! Prove you are Fit for Purpose before you run?

Behind the scenes, we are so active in creating a Conscience driven new world road map. You have hope. We have time. We have, most important, purpose and vision. Without purpose, there is no point. Soul serving, not surfing, is our agenda. Putting back. Respecting with humility, our real purpose here. Honoured to make a difference.

Once 12 men touched a Billion. When the time is right, what can we achieve together?

There will be no Money Changers in our Temples of Enlightenment. Nor false Gods.

Pioneer a brave new world, all inclusive, devoid of Dogma and Mantras of false leaders. What greater true honour than to be able to humbly serve and make a difference.

Every Child deserves the right of Life.

Every Child deserves to grow feeling loved and safe.

Every Child deserves a society to help them fulfill their potential and dreams.

Is this too much to ask?


  1. Those who practice to deceive?

    1. Those who deceive, literally steal from the world's poorest. Poor because vast sums taken from nations and placed well away from public use, business and the flow of cash that would normally be there if all was as it should be.

      That flow of cash within a country is essential for it's populations well being.It being siphoned off can be and often is crippling to communities/countries.

      This needs to be fixed.For all our sakes!

    2. I did the calculation once, if nothing had been sequestered post-WW1 and the economy allowed to distribute simply by fair production capability, there would be no poor whatsoever today. Lower middle class would be the bottom worldwide. We can get there, and propel masses of people into higher and higher standards of living.

    3. Tino recalculate with Offshore Skim offs, the results are empiric. We can overnight Offshore switch in London using Tax Haven fronts without funds even leaving the territory. ALL overnight Tier One and Tier 2 MTNs and BG's pay no tax. 15% to 20% a night 4 days a week. Compound it and see! Average 70% a week, 250% plus a month or 2,500% a year even without compounding. Of course it's compounded and forward rolled. Mainly in Euros, no Public accounting.
      So, what mismanagement then creates poverty unless by design?

      Once we get the PPs released,we will trade with RMBs, pay a flat tax by negotiation,and recover economies. No Zios or Agency trades allowed. This will be for Community development. Restoration of Humanity. Retasking prosperity without greed.

    4. Sigh. My assumptions were far too conservative... No wonder nobody talks of these matters publicly.

    5. Tino

      Think of such Gobs of T Blocks all used for Agency. Military and Private GREED with Bankers up to their slimy necks in it. Skunk families like the Bushes have lost heavily with speculating wildly such reckless derivatives bad moves as can can not be contemplated, but have Program bailed the lot. Even 10% of Fed Program trades would rebuild economies. If we get the PP releases, see what we do. Our vision reaches beyond the ego trippers. Putting back is key.

      The new Skunkworks is by replacing Fed and Pentagon Program Trading. Also trying to coordinate a Eurasia with compassion, integrity, humility,a Humanitarian ethos,and a Bloody Big Stick! Zio Bankster free, the lot hanging from a Tree. Goldmans needs torching, top down. That Golam runt needs the Mussolini end. As does the FRB NY Unit. All Zio funds need to be sequestrated,and the lot of them then processed via Siberia in a trade contract. We pay to ship them and Russia has free Labour. No return. First Soros.

      See whats breaking out around the world as they come under increasing attack. Unfortunately it's the innocent Jews mainly taking the brunt, and the Zios see none of it. Nor care. If the US does crash, public retribution will be merciless. Where do they then hide? Mobs will seek them out. Israel? Iran and Russia will nuke it. Armed Mobs and fury will reign. Payback. Anything with eyes like pissholes in the snow will get ruthless retribution. As happened with the French Revolution. If collapse occurs there will be no unpaid Policing, no remaining security forces interested in losing lives trying to save the De Lousing payback.

      We need to think through change, because if not, Man has a propensity for the Unthinkable of horrors. We have such "Form".

  2. Thank you P. Agreed. Offshore needs a major clean up and forced repatriation of all funds to wealth producing territories. Half the western Global GDP is manipulated for tax evasion by overnighting and what is skimmed would refloat world economies.

    1. John,you're welcome. It's just pondering: quadrillions or quintrillions and beyond, how much good could be accomplished? These moneys repatriated to their home countries? The MTN's and BG's put into trade for humanity's sake and programs that could help so many across the board,but without continued enriching of the elite class.Much good could be done! )

  3. Even releasing PPs is a start .


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