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Lifting the Veil | Report #14 | Your journey of discovery is now

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
30 December 2018

Your life is a journey with a reason. Truth expands your consciousness and sets you free to soar with Angel Wings to Realms of Higher Intelligence which greater truth will take you to. Opening your door to Higher Consciousness is part of your journey of being - More. Leave ignorance to the Sheeple. Your here for a reason.

Once you understand, not just how uniquely you have evolved, but how your very creation itself was a key specific gene interjection. One unique highly sophisticated, purposefully designed gene, given only to enhance humankind, then understand all religions are superseded by the very intelligence already programmed into our collective species. Your ability to think for yourself. Consciousness enhanced by intelligent design. Ethereal truth. Not Religious Fables, but so much more, and Greater! Ask why? Also what is the source of the electro-plasmic energy which binds your thinking and emotional sensitivities, and which is increasingly evidenced with ever growing kinetic energy and higher intelligence Dimensional and Astral Plane experiences?


YOUR own Gene Code revolution, which being uniquely so different to that of any other life form, and its impact upon the vast reservoir of neutral stem cells, once spliced into our ancestral DNA by sophisticated external beings, by design and purpose, gene sequence triggered our larger brains, thinking and communication skills, which separated and lifted us from all other species, pre-selected us to become a unique life form domain. Why? How? It did not just happen by natural evolution. So sorry Darwin, Kindergarten species theories don’t pass scrutiny. NOTCH2NL was purposefully designed and interjected. We were enhanced. But- by Whom and THERE are your Gods. Expand your own consciousness now. Dimensions, Planes and Ethereal splendor. You now have advancing intelligence. So use it.

Why has Humanity alone been assisted to evolve, by a planned genetic interjection, and what is your purpose of life as a Higher Order?

Perhaps within 30 to 50 years we will soon be able to achieve eternal life without death, if selected or if you can afford it. At least the choice will be possible. Reverse ageing. How much more can our best minds achieve once not lost to wasteful ageing diseases? Yes there is a case, and a good one.

NOTCH2NL is our Evolution Key. This alone makes you special. Very. A unique emerging life force. It unlocks your key to immortality of Being. So be the best YOU can be, as a Human Being. Then what more? We will move first towards giving immortality to selected beings to first help advance our species, and also those who can afford it, gaining their immortality by cell reversion. Later it will be expanded to incorporate more humankind. But not to wastes of space. There will be streaming.

It did not just evolve. It was sequenced. Interjected. No other life form has it. Only mankind. Why? How? This is not a random sequence occurrence. NOTCH2NL is a highly complex Unique Gene helix which has a complex intelligent design and a sophisticated program control sequencing hierarchy, found in no other species. It IS, your God code. Not Chosen People, but a Chosen Species! It negates the arrogant pomp and idiosyncrasies of each Chosen Peoples as wrong. The whole species was chosen, not 12 ragged assed, war mongering, money lending tribes of nomadic Gypsy mongrels, crossed with the raping hordes of Genghis Khan. Naive arrogance and it’s mutating to each generation. False beliefs by these child mutilating degenerates.

Apply minds to science, not fables.

You alone have this selective species gene module, an intelligence key only interjected into us for a purpose of evolutionary direction, coordinated by an advanced life force design. Not by your Church myths. Ethereal cosmic intelligent design is infinitely more complex. Allow us to re-sequence your thought processes and expand your own consciousness, beyond the restraint fabrications of your limited belief concepts of time.

With your emerging intelligence, Dimensions and Ethereal planes have so far been determined as alternating planes of realities, with you now encouraged to explore. You are an Immortal Soul, and there is so much more to understand.

Only now are we awakening, to become, our own real pre-planned destiny. Now, as what? The real Chessboard of our Gods. Players.

Governments and false Churches or Religious Orders, are not omnipotent. Sadly, now they have become sordid , self-interest collectives of mediocrities, inept, incapable, to such a banal disappointment, that our whole collective control and coordination needs rethinking and reprocessing.

The Deep State, the Vatican Myths, their Pedophilia, Child mutating and molesting Islam and Zionism, are unsustainable aberrations of being facing a new emerging conscious minded society. Religious mantras and Cults are false ideologies. Passe. Time to Go!

A new year is emerging for our Global Community. New Year, a time to think, reflect and to ask, what is the purpose of anything? Einstein only, wanted everything. An untidy mind.

Let’s help expose for you the Millennia of untruths, the indoctrination and lies of false religions and their sordid implications imposed ruthlessly upon innocent children and illiterate masses. The scurrilous perversions and grotesque Cult fabrications of misguided, arrogant and macabre minds of so called Men of a God, and false mediocre Political Leaders, which in their ignorant, carnal and vile inner sanctums, has been allowed to closet truth hiding behind Holy Sees (Nothing) but which by falsely re-tracking the need to educate and explore the evolution of consciousness, has suppressed truth and been the fabricator’s of their created False Gods and Fables, unleashing ruthless and Despotic Crusader type genocides for Millennia, based upon their greed and ignorance of sadly, fallible, Unholy Sees!

The Will of Rome, as with the unelected Deep State of America, has been allowed to create a Cult led by such as the Knights of Malta and other Masonic webs, such as the Skull and Bones type Closet Orders, which have reigned supreme, debasing the Constitution and treating the United States as their own private Fiefdom to exploit, coerce and ruthlessly enforce their will upon suffering humanity. It’s ugly!

Neither America, nor the world of Mankind, was designated to become subservient Slaves to the loathsome greed and scurrilous, deviant, presumptuous arrogance of Zionism.

Nor to the appalling treachery of the US criminal Deep State, or Vatican conspiracies and falsehoods.

Who am I, what am I, how do I exist as a Cosmic Energy Being, and is Life, Mine, Immortal? If so, how so? Contemplate your Being - More! Think, if you exist it’s Kinetic energy, intelligent Plasma, thinking, feeling, belonging. The collective, connected inter-binding Souls of the Universe. That is your next frontier.

How does life exist and evolve across the Galaxies, as either Carbon based life forms, or alternative multi Dimensional Intelligent Energies and Dimensional Beings? What constitutes existence, questions you are now coming of age to self contemplate? You are now reaching the stage of emergent informed Souls, to soon say, No, My Way is the Ethereal Highway. So Get out of My Way!

The world is now experiencing a multi-tier consciousness revolution.

The most Politically corrupt Deep State First World Nation in the world which has lied, murdered, threatened and corrupted for the last 75 years, were totally confident they had their Clinton Electoral process wrapped up and fixed. As they had achieved for their usurping, Manchurian candidate, Soetoro. Its Electorate would vote as coerced. They always had.

Out of the blue, against all the odds, the determination of awakening US citizens, not all American Patriots, combined and rallied to say - No More, to reject the conspiratorial and Lying MSM. To ignore the vested interests, of Bankers, Unions, the treacherous funding of Clinton by Soros and the Cabal, and to say No! It’s OUR Country, we died for this, and to put in an albeit deeply flawed Grifter Wild Card promising to Drain the Swamp and promising to stop the corruption. No more selling out America, and it’s rallied the nation. Disenfranchised Americans fought back. The Wild Card has hit them hard. Suddenly it’s the People, not the Sheeple. Thinking people wanting inclusion?

The UK has voted to leave the EU. Again, a Citizens revolt against the Government’s advice, people not wanting to belong to the Brussels Vatican NWO Police State. Now even the negotiated deal may be rejected and leave the nation with NO Deal! As preferred by the people. We are seeing a breakdown of authority and order inside each border.

As Trump seeks to create a Wall to protect America’s border, he is denied by a Political Deep State protectorate rage which can spend c$650 Billion to finance its Agencies and Armies to wage war on the world, but not spend $5 Billion to protects its own borders. Logic?

Iran and Syria have refused to be subjugated by US Hegemony and Israeli Tyranny. For each, Freedom has no price. Their moral imperative, is their intellectual Human Right, their WILL to be FREE! Or die for it. What is an enslaved life worth? Egypt found out. As did Rome. As did the might of the British Empire. All Empires end - Badly!

The end of the Swift transferred Petro Dollar is coming. The entire US economic choke-hold is unraveling. As is a bankrupt Fed and US Treasury. Banks conspire to lie and keep the mirage of solvency. As a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, fraud always gets exposed. Values also.

The Tri Laterals and Vatican are in panic. Islam is mass revolutionary. Order is chaotic. Trust has gone. So - Who steps in? A Deep State sinking Deep? A nation which can’t even fund its own Wall? Times are changing.

Your world is changing fast. Choose your own direction.

People are awakening, and asking Why? The Old Orders are failing.

Nations are bailing.

NOTCH2NL says you are not a product of immaculate conception, nor subservient to a chosen rapacious species, such as Zionism, but a free thinking, intellectually endowed species emerging as Soul spirits on your own journey to Ethereal immortality. NOTCH2NL gave you enhanced intelligence, and a larger brain capacity for a purpose. Use it. Think real values, Ethereal values and re-track humanity. Deep Six the Deep State.

Be free, be free thinking and your journey of discovery is now. Use it wisely.


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    1. Roger

      No. This Gene helix was an entirely different spliced gene clearly and intended to change the brain cells and skull patterns .Precise, unique and not evolutionary, but external design modification. Thoughtful and planned interjection to dramatically enhance the species. A giant step for mankind.

  2. John and Canauzzie, thank you both very much for presenting this information to us, I personally greatly appreciate it. Canauzzie the images are staggeringly beautiful, excellent work.

    I need to go over this information a few more times and allow it to sink in before commenting further. I have found confirmation on an inner level in some areas but have also now been presented with additional avenues where I need deeper understanding to connect everything.

    You were right John, I certainly do have loads more questions. LOL


    1. Thank you, but the images, all images, in this article are found on the internet and not created by OWON. On the header image we added text and logo only, the base image was sourced from the internet as well.

      I enjoy doing our own exclusive images, but I wear many hats and time is always an issue.

    2. Thank you for advising that Canauzzie. I very much appreciate all that you do for the site in all areas and the personal time it takes to perform those tasks.

  3. The article notes.....”We were enhanced. But- by Whom and THERE are your Gods”

    Ok, so I am presuming these so called Gods are what many of us would refer to as Aliens/Extraterrestrials (not exactly sure what term to use there). I have heard something along those lines many years ago referencing the Pleiadians and Sirians.

    Hmmmm, so these “sophisticated external beings” Created a unique species, the Human Being. So what connection do these sophisticated beings have to each of us? If ancestral DNA was used in the creation process of the Human Being, then who are these ancestors? They must be what we would refer to as Aliens/Extraterrestrials (again, not sure of correct reference/title). I’m cool with that idea. I knew it wasn’t what the so called controllers of this world were trying to brainwash us into believing. Jumping out of a pond as a frog then growing legs and turning into an ape then into a human being, or whatever the heck the story is just never quite did it for me. LOL

    I have a question. If we were created by such an advanced species, then why did they allow for the ability for so many human beings to become so grossly distasteful like thrill killers, rapists, pedophiles, torturers, war mongers and the like. If someone went to so much trouble to create Human Beings why allow so much horrible behaviour to develop and continue so there was so much suffering to be endured? That does not make sense to me. But....... Maybe this 3D so called reality really is a grand experiment. An experiment to see what all the possibilities are. The good, the bad and the ugly.

    To be continued………

  4. Bravo OWoN! Excellent article and graphics. But the best part is letting us know what we really are:)

  5. A couple more questions if anyone can assist me please.

    1. The image in the article marked as "Souls Layers", does this layering have any connection to what we call our Aura?

    2. Noting in the same image mentioned above where if states "Physical Body" & "Body Stories" If our DNA has come from the ancestors mentioned when we were each created has what has been physically experienced by said ancestors been passed onto us in our physical body? If yes, why would that be? Are they physical traits or more like physical body type memories?

    3. Why do the Emotional body and the Astral body both have emotional imprints? Do these two types of emotions differ? If so in what manner?

    Thank you in advance if anyone feels drawn to share their wisdom.

  6. 1. Yes all is intertwined.
    2. No, what was passed on was a DNA Helix, designed and spliced into our species to give our species larger brains, and voice box communication skills. That then enabled a new sophisticated life force to evolve. You!
    3.That is the impact of your Ethereal Soul interjecting itself.

    Only when Mankind thinks Ethereal, can we lift ourselves from the dirt and emerge as a Star species. Think how far ahead, planets and civilisations which cooled a billion years before us, now are. We are just Pygmies, with attitude. From the early educational steps of Greece, Egypt and Asia, we have just wasted 2,000 years of no evolution, bar a Nuclear Death Wish. America has arrived at its zenith of Leadership with the Soetoro /Obama She Male syndrome,and Teflon Hag Clinton. The promise was to drain the swamp. What is the value of a Political promise which fails. Clinton free is an affront to all. Con Man Soetoro and Big Mike still walk free with attitude.

    Sadly, with the Vatican, Zionists and US Military Industrial Cabal,also facing Asian corruption and new depths of inhumanity, we, as a species, have learned nothing.
    Which leaves us all exposed to the pending vortex of NWO.

    Public indifference and ignorance allows this. Stupidity rules fools. Making sense, where there is none? When will Mankind use their enhanced ability to think, to do it?

    1. Thank you so much John for taking the time to answer my questions above, very much appreciate your kindness.

      I'm not exactly certain what you may have in your bag of tricks relating to an extended life experience but let's imagine it is to be of a standard term for a moment. Do you honestly believe John our species can rise above the quagmire of stagnation we exist in today to become more of what we have the potential to be and that you may see that change begin to shine through in your life time?


    2. Aurataya

      Some sectors will for sure.

      The questions is what we do about the rest,or who cares?
      Don't assume all can go on as is, it can't.

      We have lost control of money. The US has lost control of the Global economy.
      Russia,China and the BRICS nations are collapsing the Petro Dollar.

      The US Fed is bankrupt. The Treasury hides vast quad T's of Military/ Agency Cabal debt. A stupefied public think it's all mumbo jumbo and does not matter.
      30M to 40M on food stamps and Welfare Checks think it's their RIGHT and it's not.
      There is no money to feed them free honey. Nor need for them.

      There is no money to keep feeding a fat, gross Military and 1,000 bases.

      The Beltway long ago derailed the Constitution. It's bankrupt morally and financially. Americans live in a warped reality bubble. They have no concept how bad things are. Politicos even less.

      As trade runs out,money runs out. Consumerism is ending.

      We no longer need an economic model based on the masses buying,but with new focus on asset protection, new thoughts are of the surplus masses assisted dying. So, why feed those we don't need? Which brings us to Agenda 21 and the like. Or the Tri Laterals ideal population ethos. You really think China will feeds its own if the bubble bursts? Or pay Australia from what they can just come in and take? Oz will get "Traded!".

      Of course there will be life enhanced aids all mass extended for those who are selected or can afford.

      But what of the rest.It's not free. But then will come the big one, what about Me?

      There are no reserves to take care of the masses.
      There are no humane plans for the masses.

      Self help is the Elites helping themselves.

      If you want Clueless, look at Brexit. We watch the sharks circling there as all predators circle. Between Brussels, the Vatican, the Bankers and swarming Muslims,it's a Tinderbox.

      No one in power is thinking of the masses or future for all. Only self
      interests and gain. Positioning to take all. Leaving the rest with nothing. These vapid Mongrels with Brexit are a disgrace to the human race.

      No one is thinking or planning for a world to help all. Our world is a carnivores cage. Who gets to feed, or enhance,it won't be equal chance.
      Societies are ailing and failing. Eurasia is coming, and with it the Big Dogs face off. What then?

      But , as with the idiot Chamberlain in 1938, "There will be Peace in our Time." a year later WW11.
      People can't handle the truth. At all levels. Are they born Ostriches?

      If we want to rise above, we have to rethink who is fit to lead?
      None I see are.
      So who will draft a new Grand Plan for all? Or care?

    3. Thank you so much for your lengthy response John, much appreciated.

      I do actually understand your perspective and probably that of many others where there is no need for so many of "the rest" in this world particularly in consideration of the current state of the large majority of nations on this planet. I accept that reality but it does not release me from the great sadness and suffering that I see looming. It could have been such a magnificent experience for all had the entire situation been handled differently.

      With regard to Brexit. I am amazed May is still standing. I do hope you are out of the EU soon with a No Deal exit. I do wish your country well on that front.

      You always offer me so much to consider and I appreciate that the perspective you share of the bigger picture comes with a good dose of reality even as tough as it may be to face sometimes. Thanks John.

  7. Biffie,

    Once you understand that single DNA change, the whole game changes. It was a highly intelligent interjected DNA Quantum leap. Total game changer.

  8. Excellent article!!

    Aurataya, I will post also in the Active Comments to ensure you see this. Two excellent sources of more information - Dr. Joe Dispenza's book "Becoming Supernatural" speaks to our bodies and dimensions. Also, the work of Kryon - he has been telling us for 30 years that "you came from the stars". Not as detailed as the Notch2NL explanation given here, but excellent resource information. If you go to you will find reams and reams of information, both transcriptions and audio recordings, on our true origins.

    1. Hi Mygirl,
      Thank you so much for noting this for me, I sincerely appreciate your kindness. I definitely know the "Kryon" name. I did listen to many of his videos several years ago, his voice was absolutely hypnotic.

      Thanks again Mygirl, I will definitely delve into the info you have shared here. I hope both yourself and hubby enjoy a truly wonderful 2019.

  9. We try to inform and help you take the steps of true enlightenment.

    Once you have actually experienced real and factual OBE transfer, then you fully conceive all realities. There is no " Jesus" waiting, Nor need.What is beyond is totally ethereal and all inclusive. Unless, you get Butt scooped for Atonement. Or worse as Bush 41 has just experienced. His own, maybe not alone, Purgatory. Will half a million years pay off his crimes? It's the least he deserves. He will be keeping seats, "Very Warm" for his spawn and Cabal fodder.

    Atonement is real, VERY, and his kind cant retrack now. You don't Plea Bargain Absolution. Higher Ascended Souls determine your selected paths. Souls are immortal, and nowhere to hide from the pain. The level he now knows. More, deserves. His spawn will follow.
    Look at that families degeneracy, drunks, drugs, perverts, child rapists, murderers.
    He now is where he deserves to be. Atoning.

    1. Thank you for sharing that additional info John. I'm pleased to know that Bush 41 is now facing what he deserves.

      I have had some unusual experiences in my life but would truly love to experience a full on OBE of the type that I have heard others have experienced. Heavens, that would really make this life meaningful for me knowing without doubt the reality that lies beyond this realm.

      I have never been swayed by the whole Jesus story John. I have no time for any form of religion whatsoever. And I'm pretty sure I won't keg butt scooped for atonement. I believe I have made only one serious mistake in my life which I make myself pay for every single day of my life having that memory confront me and feeling the endless pain of that huge error. Hopefully I don't need further butt kicking by the time I move on from this world.

    2. Also, I have to admit, that I am actually looking forward to moving on from this world. I know it's going to feel so much more meaningful to me than this world ever has. I know that sounds weird to some people but it is truthfully how I feel and have always felt. This world just does not float my boat. I have always been ready for the next ride.

    3. Aurataya

      There is so much tolerant understanding of most issues .Injured, sick, beaten and traumatized are healed and restored as one. You need to be seriously bad to Atone.
      Or Zionists.

    4. Thank you John, I appreciate you expressing that. I have probably tortured myself enough in this life to make up for my error.

      I know it sounds like I have a death wish but heavens, I am really looking forward to experiencing the world beyond.

  10. Afterlife, for most, IS forgiving. Ignore Religious Bible Belt Twollocks!
    Unless your a Bush, Clinton, or possibly even a Trump, most will be OK. Don't eulogise low lives,just live yours. Life is a journey of discovery. All aspects for most are understood.
    Your Book of Life is what matters. All becomes clear as your Cosmic life is there for all. Cosmic TV is the new reality. Blushes?

  11. Oh dear, cosmic tv frightens me a tad. LOL No more secrets. Yikes!

    Geez John, I wish you would tell me one day how you know so much about the afterlife and similar topics. Can I twist you arm a little? LOL

  12. Aurataya - I don't usually come back to reports after I've first read them but felt I needed to come back to this one. Didn't know why (cuz I know you saw my first comment to you) until I scrolled through the comments. When I read that you have a memory that confronts you every morning my brain screamed "STOP IT! Stop right now." This is not part of the life you are meant to live. The past is the past for a reason - we learn from it and move on. Forgive yourself. Are you familiar with Ho'oponopono? It will free you from this loop you have created of starting your day off with what I can only imagine is misery. There are many, many youtube vids using Ho'o so that you can choose a method of using it that pleases you - set to music, or with lovely graphics, but it's also very simple and easy and you can do it right here, right now. Apply these words to the situation whenever the memory comes up, whenever you feel the need, and allow yourself to receive them.

    I'm sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you.

    Allow whatever emotions come up to come up. Acknowledge them. And let them go. That's why they come up - they want to leave! And we stuff them down again and keep them, silly humans that we are. Let go. And let God. Blessings.

    1. Beautiful Mygirl, I am attempting to write a reply to you in response to your most generous comment here but it is taking me some time between bouts of tears as your kind words have brought me to the realization of exactly why I have not let this issue go from my life. I will return as soon as I start making sense again ;-)))))). Thank you so much.

    2. Mygirl, I had written quite a lengthy response to your comment but have decided not to share it here as it is probably not of interest to anyone else and may just be boring to others. And I do not want to treat the website like my personal healing room. And I am such a yapper when dealing with things of this nature that you would never be able to shut me up if I got started on this one and went into full swing mode. lol

      I will say this though. For some reason, your kindness in sharing with me as you did here, possibly sparked something in me that has unravelled this issue quite a bit and allowed me to gain a great deal of understanding about this today. It was an exceptionally eye-opening process to go through to be quite honest even though it was difficult and sad to finally face.

      In reference to your suggestion regarding Ho’oponopono, I did come across this some years back and did try it due to my desperation in dealing with this issue. At that time, I did not gain a successful result. I realized just today that that failure was not due to such method of treatment but my own hell bent unwillingness to let this issue go. Maybe now is the time to try this again.

      Mygirl, thank you so much for being such a big sweetheart and offering your time and energy to share with me as you have. I do sincerely appreciate your generosity. Put it this way, it will be a day I will not forget in a hurry. LOL

    3. You have a beautiful soul, Aurataya, and I am happy to be of service to you in any way that I can. I am thrilled to read that the grip this memory has on you is loosening! Something else that may help is asking yourself what you want when this memory comes up - are you wanting safety, wanting control, or wanting approval? When the answer comes to you, let that go. It's like peeling an onion, yes? And let that wanting go. Cuz we know, if we are wanting something that means we don't have it. I hope this helps you continue to loosen those knots, and the hold this has had on you. Yup, "hellbent unwillingness" - time to let that go too! It's ALL about letting go, luv.

    4. Mygirl, you are truly awesome.

      Firstly, my apologies for my delay in responding to your wonderful comment above. I have been stuck in a hospital all day today due to the ill health of the elderly relative I care for. Things should ease time wise in a few days hopefully, then I can get back to driving everyone nuts again. lol

      Mygirl, what you have offered me in you comment above has again assisted me. I know exactly what it is that I need now from this issue and it is forgiveness. But most definitely a case of me forgiving myself. I am going to have to work hard in achieving that.

      The great thing is, after going through yesterdays experience that you assisted me to unravel, was that I gained the understanding of exactly why I was not letting this issue go and keeping it present in my consciousness for so many years torturing myself as I was. This was the key to moving forward as until I fully understand why I am doing something of this nature I find it hard to correct. It was the same type of process with all of the addictions I have had in my life. So I understand it now and as sad as my realizations have been I am so pleased to finally understand why I was doing that to myself. It seriously shocks me at times how long it takes me to gain understanding regarding my own behaviour. In this case 11 years.

      Mygirl, you are absolutely correct in all that you have shared with me on the path moving forward and I thank you so very sincerely for being such a kind and giving soul to walk beside me as you have in recent days. Your support and guidance has meant a great deal to me and always will. Thank you so much Mygirl. May you always be showered with beautiful offerings of those things that make your journey truly magnificent in every way. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. Aurataya.

    Astronauts , experienced Pilots and many competent professionals have seen UFOs but are disinclined to report them for fear of consequences. Ignorance plus State Men in Black controls exposure. It's taboo.

    Imagine then the tens of thousands plus who have experienced.Dimensional and Astral transfers, even from early childhood and for whom declaring their vivid and clear experiences would have them ridiculed. So, they are coerced to stay silent.

    So many times I have seen senior Consultants denigrating OBEs as one delusional misapprehension or another.

    Be assured,even once having experienced what is beyond will leave you with zero doubts as to the authenticity of your visitation. The clinical and intense clarity is beyond any doubt, your not tripping, it's real. Beyond. Calm, ethereal , all inclusive and Immersed with the quiet knowing calm of your own singularity of Being,but your ethereal Soul accessing the Universal knowledge and power of all. You are one, you are all. You are the total of I AM. Your enhanced understanding underpins your awareness of being and empathy to all.
    You see the majesty of the Cosmos and your Being as being part of all. A new awareness and kindness to needs.

    Which is why, the stench of Zionism, Nazism, radical Islam the corruption of the Deep State, gross inhumanity of the Clinton's,the evil of Soros,and Child Abusers,sickens my Soul.

    I AM the being I chose to be. With humour, compassion and a totally of knowledge where doubt is not in being.

    Religions have a lot to answer for. Each distracts you from truth. You already ARE a Soul of the Universe. Immortal.

    Your purpose of Being, is being more!

    Aurataya, the Being of all has humour,compassion and understanding. You all are the body of one. All life is precious. Never be afraid to say no to the Bush or Clinton sub species. Eternity in Atonement is a Bitch for 90 years of gratification. No place to be.

    What awaits is a Majestic beauty you will encounter, have no fear. You will awaken from this journey, wiser , and richer in Being. Bush? You can't buy a pass to Soul values . Or escape assessment but compassion and mercy rules all. Just trust your being and value. Each are the Universe. It lives through you.

    1. I've been following these (OWoN) postings for two years now and much enjoy the quality and nature of exchange. My journey of political awakening began in mid-nineties with my reading of The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin then Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

      Having read John's profound, The Lifting of the Veil (Dec. 30), I thought I'd post a few words I wrote (embedded into this 3-minute video) a few years ago. No product or service to sell, just wish to share in hopes one or more find it of value. Not sure how to do this or if I even should [I read the Terms of Service]. In any case, here is the link. I was a (legitimate) trance medium for many years (until 1995) … the words in the video are my attempt to portray a small part of my internal experience while spirit was speaking through me. That inner environment/dynamic was breathtaking for me and I tried to capture some it for the video viewer. I know this sounds weird or objectionable to some but wanted to give a tad of background to the video. Please be assured, I would not have presumed to post this video were it not for the words and 'sound' within The Lifting of the Veil.


    2. Thank you, Thomas. I look forward to watching this later this evening.

      May I ask why you are no longer a trance medium? I don't mean to pry, those who can do this fascinate me and I'm always curious about every aspect of mediumship.

    3. MYGIRL56, I developed three bulged discs in upper spine and was unable to hold a sufficiently deep trance state (for any period of time) despite use of neck brace. I lasted fifteen years and am forever thankful [I was originally a skeptic and generally 'at sea']

    4. OMG John, your comment was just magical to read, imagine and bask in. Thank you for taking the time to offer such a lengthy detailed response. The only problem now is you make my longing for such experiences even stronger.

      I believe that the truly magical experiences of a soul’s journey do not come from this 3D world. I know life here can be good in many ways but to me most of it is so superficial and meaningless here. Like you are on a carnival ride just bopping up and down seeing minute morsels through the manipulated haze of existence here. Some seem satisfied with that but for some reason I am not and if I am honest, refuse to be. Maybe that’s the whole point of having a life experience here.

      You mention the ridicule some have faced when sharing experiences of the total awesomeness described in your comment. That is a huge shame due to the forward progression and more in depth understanding so many could have known on this journey by such knowledge being shared with all. Now I am wondering why some people have these incredible experiences and others do not.

      I did have a weird experience when quite young that I have never understood. After it occurred and once over the initial shock of the experience, I did mention it to two people hoping to gain some assistance in understanding what it was all about. One person, who was acting as my supposed guardian at that time demanded I seek the immediate help of a psychiatrist, the other person told me I was just a weirdo and making up tales for attention. So basically, I never mentioned it again, that was over 40 years ago, but have always been curious about it. If I can manage to shorten the whole story a tad I think I will be brave enough to share it here and see if anyone can explain it for me.

    5. Hi Thomas,

      I just watched your video and it was truly beautiful, so delicate and sensitive. Thank you so much for sharing it here with us all.

    6. John, I am just rereading some of your earlier statements that have me thinking a bit, one specific one that stands out which I have highlight below. Sort of thinking out loud really.

      "I AM the being I chose to be. With humour, compassion and a totally of knowledge where doubt is not in being."

      Now this particular statement, not only what is stated but also the manner in which it is expressed, confirms for me that we each possibly take part in a planning process which sets out a rough idea of a path or maybe a set of experiences, we and others might consider to be beneficial or needed to be experienced whilst having this particular life experience to enhance the growth or awareness of our particular soul aspect. So this plan would be overseen by others of more experience who could offer a much wiser form of guidance than that which a younger soul may have. So maybe our souls have many aspects??????? If we are One and come from One but there are many of us then we are smaller facets of one big diamond so to speak. Each aspect/facet has had it's own journey to experience since the beginning point of this specific aspects creation, hence all the differences between each of us. Some are older souls, some are younger and we all have completely unique experiences from the point of creation which is why we all seem so different. But also why some of us may feel a strong connection to another soul even though we have no awareness of a connection as far as this 3D world is concerned because of the shallow level of awareness we generally have entering this realm.

    7. So that also brings me to the point of wondering why, if we decide the type of path to be followed when coming into this realm, why would so many decide on a path of evil? How could that possibly make a soul better. I get that experience would be gained traveling such a path but why would one desire such knowledge? And if one is aware of the atonement process at the end of this experience, why is that soul not guided better prior to entry to avoid such a horrible end to this specific experience here?

    8. AUTAYAYA 13, thank you most kindly. Your generous welcome, together with your experience and thoughtful comment, move me.

    9. Thank you, Thomas. And yes, welcome!

    10. Aurataya. Free will. The Cosmic life force game of chance. Ethereal TV

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Hmmm, that is a dangerous game then John. Probably good for the daredevils though. Not my cup of tea. I would rather be highly organised and well directed on a good path. Maybe with a few little cheeky sidetracks here and there just for a touch of fun though. LOL

      "Ethereal TV" I think I have just clicked to what you actually mean by that term John. Yeah, it does take me a while sometimes. Haha.
      Hmmm, so a big game/experiment of "let's see what happens" then. No wonder I don't like this place.

  14. Thank you Thomas for your valued input.

  15. I am always feeling strong emotions when John writes the expression 'Book of Life'.
    During my OBE, the most advanced ethereal being among the five I have met, showed me in 'playback' some key days or events of my life.

    Everything is 'recorded' and the sum of our decisions and actions creates our personal 'Book of Life'.

    Funny that as much as I was afraid to die, after I left my physical body, I had a feeling I was returning home. Everything was more real, nothing had been as clear as what I could sense in this multi-dimensional reality.

    To be consciously living out of a physical body and simply existing as a lucid being without limitations or constraints gives a new meaning to what we call death.

    The intensity of energy that resonated through my soul when the most advanced being regenerated me has still an impact on me even many years after I have 're-entered' my physical body.

    The beauty of the 'after physical life' helped me 'feel' with more than 5 senses and with more than 3 dimensions how life is precious.

    Thanks for putting the time in creating those special reports!

    1. Lucc, your comment was absolutely tremendous to read. I can only imagine the sheer magnificence of actually experiencing such an event.

      Lucc, could I be so bold as to ask you why you feel you may have had this specific experience? That's only if you feel like sharing more on this topic.

    2. LUCC reading your experience makes me tingle. I've done several past life regressions; the last two have both started off planet - at source. So amazing, the feeling I have when I recall those beginnings. Thank you for reminding me - I get so caught up in the day to day around here that I forget to sit, remember, and BE.

  16. LUCC

    Thank you for your contribution. You are not alone. Nor is it hallucination. You know that from the clarity of your journey and being. This life is only a pit stop of a long line.

  17. John this was a great report and a real eye opener, thank you. I have been pondering some of the questions you raise. You say that the enhancement was “purposefully designed and interjected…But by Whom?”. Can you expand on Do Where they a malevolent or benevolent race? Why did they go to such an effort to accelerate our evolution? Was it out of pure goodness or was there another agenda?

    Michael Tellinger and others such as J Justice speculate that our “Creators” needed a semi intelligent slave race to mine gold. The couldn’t work with the existing humanoid species on the planet at the time (Homo Erectus) because they weren’t smart enough to follow basic instructions and orders. They needed an intelligent slave but not so intelligent that they might develop notions of usurping power. This state of affairs exists to the present day. What are your thoughts on this theory as to the “Why”?

    Also, as an aside, I do wonder if the biblical phrase “we were created in his image” was literal after all.

    Michael Tellinger: True Origins Of Mankind

    1. Great video. Thank you for sharing it John F.

    2. We are multi-dimensional Beings OF LIGHT
      re “we were created in his image"

  18. John F

    Look at the skull designs and NOTCH 2. The new Man is totally different to any other Being and evolution was not heading in that direction. That was a total new DNA Design Interjection. Not just on a Being, but they must have transplanted many. They reshaped the evolution of a new species.

    Agenda? Start shaping the planets to cross breed a new Human Zoo feature. Millions to Billions of years ahead of us, possibly even Dimension Travellers also,their Agenda we can only guess. But look at the impact of the new design. Factor in the new voice box also. Dweebs excluded.

    The thing about Intelligence John F, is that once you release it, it can accelerate to its own determination. Or cross breed with the Bushes and lose the lot! Sr was not bright. Just corrupt. He bought the Farm.
    Factor in now the sophistication of your Soul determines species progression also.
    No question the smart are getting smarter.

    But then there's the Democrats to restrain the lot.
    Fact, we did NOT just evolve. We were interjected for a goal. Then Bush and the Clinton came along and threw in Obama to score an own one. Evolution. Look at Big Mike?

  19. The Symphony Within/Thomas Jacobson


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