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Sterling Currency Group (aka Dinar Banker) offices raided by FBI - UPDATE - INDICTED - 22 FEB 2016

OWoN: You wait forever for a bus then two come along. First TNT Tony takes a hit, then Justice comes knocking on Sterling Currencies door. Hello Racketeers, fancy doing a lot of time? So much for the overprint dreamers. It's a bust, so get the hell out of Dinars while you can. How many times have we told you it's another South Seas Bubble about to burst? The smart ones who listened swerved a train wreck. Hopefully TNT Tony gets busted again. A lot of unhappy Bunnies won't be happy their fantasy just imploded. No Free Dinars it seems.

(Scroll down to see updates) Last updated 22 February 2016

The FBI wants to hear from investors in Sterling Currency Group. They’ve set up a tip line for potential victims at 877-236-8947 and a website here.

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F.B.I. raids home and business in Brookhaven

WSB-TV2, Atlanta
3 June 2015

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The FBI raided a DeKalb County home and business Wednesday morning.

Our cameras were rolling at a currency exchange company on Buford Highway and a house on East Brookhaven Drive as agents removed boxes of evidence.

FBI agents, along with the Brookhaven Police Department, descended on the home before 7 a.m. and stayed through the day.

We first showed you the scene on Channel 2 Action News at Noon, and again on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m. as agents continued to go in and out of the home.

Agents were seen taking equipment in and removing plastic gloves when exiting the home.

All day neighbors were quiet, but curious. Some took pictures of what was happening at the corner house. Neighbors tell us businessman Ty Rhame lives in the home with his wife and young child.

Neighbors said Rhame is in the foreign currency business.

Rhame's business, Sterling Currency Group, was the location of the second raid involving Brookhaven police, the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

Channel 2’s Wendy Corona saw one marshal take a sledgehammer to Rhame's 4th floor unmarked office suite at the Druid Pointe Building.

When asked to elaborate on the details behind the search warrants and what officials were gathering in the raids, the FBI sent a statement saying they are "not in a position to discuss the details of those searches at this time."



FBI conducts search of offices of DeKalb County business, CEO

Note: video may not be viewed outside of US. If video fails to play try link.

By Melinda Roeder
3 June 2015

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) -FBI agents conducted a search of the offices of a local business on Buford Highway in DeKalb County on Wednesday.

Agents also searched the offices of the CEO of the company.

Agents are collecting evidence from the business, which specializes in Iraqi currency and the processing of private financial transactions between the U.S. And Iraq.

The business is called Sterling Currency Group. The business specializes in check payments and wire transfers with Iraq.

FBI agents gathered evidence, including documents and computers as part of a sweeping search warrant.

Authorities also searched the Brookhaven home of Sterling's CEO, Frank Bell. Sterling operates out of the 4th floor of a commercial office complex in DeKalb County.

A woman who works at a different company on the same floor tells CBS46 that Sterling's doors were always locked and its employees seemed very secretive. In fact, there is no sign to even indicate Sterling is headquartered in the building.

The FBI will not say at this point what exactly agents are looking for, but a spokesperson says they are serving several search warrants in connection with this case.

Stay with CBS46 News as we will continue to update this story as new information becomes available.



Why choose Sterling Currency Group promotional video


UPDATE (4 June 2015): Guru Terry K detained and home raided


Related: FBI raids business selling dinars

Mendez visit the offices of Internet Management for a fraud investigation

By Marina Cobian
3 June 2015

Translated from Spanish

The raid conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) during the morning in a business that sells dinars, located on Roosevelt, Hato Rey Avenue, is related to a fraud investigation, He confirmed the press spokesman of the federal agency, Moses Quiñones.

"In general, we could say it's a case of fraud," the official told this newspaper.

He explained that a federal grand jury takes nearly a year investigating the alleged fraud which did not elaborate.

FBI agents, accompanied by the IRS and police officers in Puerto Rico, arrived at about 7:00 am at the offices of Internet Management Mendez. Quinones explained that could be there until noon.

He said that, in general, in raids seeking documents and computers.

So far, it is not anticipated that the FBI made arrests related to this intervention.

Mendez Internet Management is dedicated to the sale of dinars. The business is best known for his radio and television programs, called "The Truth About dinars", and cyber page.

Since 2005 to the present it is sold on the island this coin Iraq under the allegation that "in the near future" will increase its value, as described cyber company page.

It also specifies that Internet Management Mendez sold a minimum of 1,000 dinars for $ 2. It has emerged that there are people who have bought up to $ 150,000 in these dinars.

On the other hand, last night, the owner of the company, James A. Mendez, posted on his Facebook wall a hopeful message.

"Everything is there squaring .... We will have our victory ... !!" he wrote. He accompanied the citation with a photograph that shows a light at the end of a tunnel.






UPDATE: Feds move to seize mansions, planes from company selling Iraqi currency

WSB-TV Update
By Steve Gehlbach
10 June 2015

ATLANTA — A federal civil lawsuit to take assets from an Atlanta-based business alleges the co-founders and executives knew they were running an illegal investment scheme.

The FBI raided the offices of the Sterling Currency Group on Buford Highway last week. The company, also known as the Dinar Banker, sold investors nearly worthless Iraqi money, in the hope that the currency would eventually jump in value.

The complaint of forfeiture filed in U.S. District Court Tuesday alleges Sterling’s co-founders, Ty Rhame and Jim and Laurette Shaw, and Chief Operating Officer Frank Bell collected more than $600 million in investments since 2004, then used the money to fund extravagant lifestyles.

The government lists a $6 million Buckhead estate at the corner of Valley and Tuxedo roads as part of the scheme. Property records show it is owned by the Shaws. The feds also want to seize a Brookhaven mansion valued at about $1.5 million, other local properties, two beach houses in Panama City, Florida, three airplanes and three luxury automobiles.

The court documents detail emails between the co-founders that make it appear they were well aware they were making millions on false promises and profiting from people’s false hopes. One from Jim Shaw to Rhame about his wife reads, “She has lately been very nervous and was crying last night because she knows we are running an illegal operation.”

Atlanta defense attorney Bob Brennan, a former federal prosecutor working financial fraud cases, says lawsuits to take assets often come before an indictment and criminal charges.

“There’s an active criminal investigation, but no one’s been charged with a crime yet,” said Brennan.

The FBI wants to hear from investors in Sterling Currency Group. They’ve set up a tip line for potential victims at 877-236-8947 and a website here.



UPDATE: Feds: Buckhead mansion, planes tied to Iraq currency scheme

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By J. Scott Trubey
and Willoughby Mariano
11 June 2015

ATLANTA — Sterling Currency Group’s leaders lived the high-life: mansions in Buckhead and Brookhaven, luxury cars, property along the Florida Panhandle. One even flies a private stunt plane, records state.

They trumpeted their good works, too. Tyson Rhame, an Air Force Academy graduate who lives in Brookhaven, ran a family foundation that got notice for its donations to DeKalb County schools. News accounts said his partners in Sterling, Buckhead’s James and Carol Laurette Shaw, donated 100 acres for Savannah College of Art and Design’s equestrian center. The pavilion is named in their honor.

But the business that helped bankroll their lifestyle and largess — dealing in Iraqi currency — is a scam, according to a federal complaint seeking to seize homes, cars and aircraft. And, court documents say, the philanthropists fretted about getting caught.

“We are risking serious jail time as promoters of a Ponzi scheme ...,” James Shaw wrote Rhame in a 2010 email, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. In the same email, Shaw said his wife had been “very nervous” and “crying” because “she knows we are running an illegal operation.”

Early this month, the FBI raided locations related to Sterling. No arrests have been made, nor has anyone been charged with a crime, a spokeswoman from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta said. But federal prosecutors allege that the properties and related businesses were used to defraud investors and launder proceeds.

Federal prosecutors declined further comment, except to say they are searching for possible victims.

Michael Brown, attorney for Rhame at Alston & Bird, declined to comment. Numerous attempts to reach Rhame and the Shaws were not successful. A woman who answered a phone number posted at the gate of the Shaws’ ivy-covered, $4.8 million Tuxedo Park estate said a reporter had the wrong number.

Sterling, also known as Dinar Banker, operated in the obscure and lightly regulated world of foreign currency trading, where investors take bets on whether the value of a country’s money will rise or fall. On its website, Sterling bills itself as “Your #1 Source for Buying & Selling Iraqi Dinar.”

“We believe in serving our customers with Integrity & Transparency,” it says.

The federal complaint says that Sterling used a well-known scheme. After the Iraq War began in 2003, various promoters began circulating online rumors that the U.S. Department of the Treasury planned to give the country’s currency a massive boost. When the currency was revalued, holders of dinar would get rich cashing out, the scheme goes.

Sterling was wildly successful selling hard currency, according to investigators. Since 2004, the company claimed $600 million in gross sales, the complaint says. In 2011 alone, their gross receipts totaled more than $245 million, according to the court filing.

Bundles of dinars would arrive at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport from the Middle East, then were hauled in trucks to an area office. Employees sold them via phone and online across the U.S. and Canada.

Investors could snap them up on layaway, or cash on delivery.

Dinar promoters ran chat rooms and hosted conference calls to make sure buyers were eager.

One pitchman, identified only as “TerryK” in the complaint, was secretly on Sterling’s payroll to the tune of $150,000, the complaint states.

Dinar trading was poised to go mainstream, the company suggested on its website in 2010, according to the federal complaint. Clients would be able to exchange their Iraqi currency at kiosks and “remote satellite offices” at major airports, including Atlanta, Chicago-O’Hare and New York-JFK.

And Sterling assured investors it would be a trusted supplier in an industry rife with scams. On its website, it states it is registered as a Money Service Business with the Treasury Department, has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and “supplies a Certificate of Authenticity with every currency order that guarantees in writing that all of our currency is authentic. Our currency is legally obtained, legally transported, legally declared, and from non-criminal origin.”

“We are proud of our ‘Sterling’ reputation and the trust our customers put in us!” the website said.

The predicted currency reset never happened. Currently, it takes 1,200 dinar to equal the value of $1. These promotions have become such a concern to the FBI that it set up a webpage to field tips from possible victims.

On the day of the FBI raid, “TerryK” told investigators he made up claims that he had sources who knew the dinar was about to rise, court documents say. A Sterling executive told the FBI that such rumors were a “mythology.”

The government alleges that Sterling laundered revenues through a complex network of companies and accounts. The complaint names numerous companies and trusts said to be linked.

Alex Rue, a securities attorney and former lawyer with the Securities and Exchange Commission, said investors should be wary of claims of opportunities that are too good to be true.

“There is always an element of, ‘Why am I so lucky?’ ” Rue said.


UPDATE: 1 December 2015

OWoN: TNT Tony gets sentenced. Calls person taking video an "idiot".


How long does he have to stay in jail?

1 year and 1 day then 3 years probation and he can’t talk about dinar or any currencies exchanges any currencies*

* not confirmed by OWON


The Facts:


UPDATE: Sterling Currency Group execs indicted in $600M Iraqi dinar sale scheme

Atlanta Business Chronicle
22 February 2016

Executives and promoters of Atlanta-based Sterling Currency Group LLC were indicted Monday for their roles in an alleged $600 million scheme to fraudulently induce investors into buying the Iraqi dinar.

According to U.S. Attorney Horn, the indictment, and other information presented in court: During the scope of the conspiracy, the Iraqi dinar was touted by some as a potential investment opportunity. Information publicly available on certain internet websites, blogs, chat rooms, and conference calls fueled this speculation by predicting that a “revaluation” of the Iraqi dinar would occur imminently. A “revaluation” or “RV,” in this context, meant a sudden, exponential rise in the value of the Iraqi dinar as compared to the U.S. dollar and other relatively stable global currencies. Individuals who owned Iraqi dinar would realize potentially enormous gains if an “RV” ever occurred in this manner.

Sterling Currency Group, which also did business as Sterling Online Processing Services LLC and Dinar Banker, was a Georgia corporation with its principal place of business in Atlanta. Sterling sold and exchanged so-called “exotic currencies,” including most predominantly the Iraqi dinar.

Tyson Rhame and James Shaw were co-owners of Sterling, which began operations in 2004.

Frank Bell began working for Sterling in 2010 and became Sterling’s chief operating officer in 2011.

According to the indictment, Terrence Keller, who was also known as “TerryK,” led an Internet-based group known as “The GET Team,” which consisted of a website, an internet chat forum and weekly conference calls in which, among other things, information was disseminated to participants concerning the potential investment value of the Iraqi dinar.

Keller, through The GET Team, was one of the leading internet-based proponents of the “RV” theory. On The GET Team’s website, internet chat forum, and on weekly conference calls, Keller is alleged to have falsely claimed to have information from, and verified by, high-level confidential sources in the U.S. government, the Iraqi government, international organizations, and major financial institutions, regarding an imminent “RV.”

However, Keller did not have information from, or contact with, these supposed high-level confidential sources. The indictment alleges Keller, Rhame, Shaw, and Bell knew and believed that representations concerning an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar, particularly claims that the information came from one or more supposed high-level confidential sources, would boost sales for Sterling.

Keller allegedly claimed, directly and indirectly, to The GET Team followers he had no financial or other ulterior motive to promote the Iraqi dinar as an investment, but he was simply disseminating his knowledge and information so that others could benefit from it as well. To that end, Keller told his followers he did not make substantial profits from his dealings with Sterling and other dinar dealers that advertised with the GET Team.

Keller allegedly had a secret arrangement with Rhame, Shaw and Bell to promote and “pump” the Iraqi dinar in exchange for payments made by Sterling to benefit Keller. Since at least as early as August 2011, Sterling paid Keller more than $160,000. Keller consistently downplayed these financial benefits to his followers and listeners.

The correlation between Sterling’s increased sales and Keller’s promotion of the Iraqi dinar was allegedly further cemented by the presence of a Sterling representative, including at times Rhame and Bell, on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums. At various times, Rhame, Bell and other Sterling representatives participated in conference calls and internet forums in which Keller made representations to followers concerning the imminent Iraqi dinar “RV,” his access to high-level confidential sources, and claims that he was just trying to be helpful and received no financial benefit for providing this information to others. The presence and participation of Rhame, Bell, and other Sterling representatives on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums provided further validation to followers that Keller’s claims about an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar should be believed.

The indictment alleges the promotional activities of Keller and other dinar promoters were essential to Sterling’s financial success and generated Sterling millions of dollars in dinar and other currency sales.

In December 2010, Rhame is alleged to have told colleagues that Keller and the GET Team pushed 80 percent of Sterling’s business. In December 2011, Bell is alleged to have referred to the GET Team as Sterling’s “largest referrer.”

Between 2010 and June 2015, Sterling grossed more than $600 million in revenue from the sale of the Iraqi dinar and other currencies. During this same time period, Rhame and Shaw received more than $180 million in distributions from Sterling.

Tyson Rhame, 51, and James Shaw, 53, both of Atlanta, Frank Bell, 54, of Decatur, Ga., and Terrence Keller, 55, of Grayson, Ky., are each charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud as well as several counts of mail fraud and wire fraud.

Rhame and Shaw are also charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and 12 counts of money laundering.

The indictment also includes criminal forfeiture listing numerous assets to which the defendants may have an interest. Specifically, the government is seeking the forfeiture of millions of dollars held in financial accounts, foreign currencies, three private airplanes, three automobiles, numerous corporate and trust entities, as well as real property in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Iowa.

The company said the federal government’s allegations are “inaccurate, and in some instances flatly false.”



  1. Well a lot of those FBI Agents looking at the size of them have not gone short on Free Dinars.
    South Sea Bubble time Guys, time to take the medicine. Gullibility Gruel?

    1. I with you Lai Klee, this is perfect timing. That bastard TNT Tony is going to jail and now his crimes against all those innocent people who participated in his 14 dailyplus program, and now this. I really hope we are close to finding closure soon for these currencies. And John thanks for the heads up last year about getting rid of the Dinar, I'm glad I did. I only have Dong now and I will take whatever the Elders decide on those. Keep up the good work John and OWON.


  2. Amazing timing. Sterling has been in business for YEARS and only NOW they get raided. Probably another Obummer tactic send in the SS to further delay the RV

    1. Obama sent the Feds to raid delay the RV???


  3. Lai Klee
    The role of the site is not to seek accolades for being right. Our greater real concern is for the consequential train wreck of lives and lost hope of desperate people. When will the Bush./Clinton / Cheney. Greenspan Crime Family get raided?
    The FBI blocked the Florida agents processing Romney and have obstructed the arrest of Bush 41 for the Herzog / Falcone crime and Fraud. When Bush appointed the FBI Head, allow the obvious deals struck. Corruption rules. Obama failed to suspend Biden, his own VP, when handed a clear case of bribery from a Congressman. Corruption is endemic and DC rotten to the core. Clintons?????????????????? Only in America.

    1. I totally support your motivation John. You have 2 political parties in America, "The Demopublicans" and "The Reubmocratics," both run by the same criminal factions/families. Believe me, it's NOT only in America, i is worldwide. I have had bitter first hand experience of corrupt politicians AND LAWYERS in Georgia. The thing I found interesting about the Sterling case was that it is a CIVIL case brought by a competitor, so I am curious as to why the SS a/k/a/ FBI were involved. Here area couple of links to the case, in case (no pun) you haven't seen them and

    2. Do we know for sure that the FBI was serving a seizure order based on that Civil case? I am not aware that the FBI is chartered to act in civil litigation.They are a criminal investigation agency.They must have been compelled by a court to look for evidence based on a criminal complaint.

      I am not a lawyer and I don't have time to research this case, but I would be stunned if FBI action of this type was purely as the result of civil, and not criminal, investigations. Since when would the FBI use sledge hammers to gain access to a business office as a result of civil litigation?

    3. Read up on the Civil Asset Forfeiture Act of 1999 and subsequent cases. It will scare you. Or should.


  4. @ White Hat Auxiliaries,

    I would love to hear a call in broadcast by TNT Tony from prison. It would start like this:

    "I always thought I would be here one day and today here I am.... prison"

    1. Now that's one prediction we can all agree he would be right about. LOL

      I am still laughing at the "Obama raided Sterling to stop the RV" comment. Oh my, I needed a good laugh and that did the trick. LOL

    2. I am glad you got a chuckle from my post. I am sure you must have heard or "tongue in cheek humour!"

  5. Honestly, never heard of these folks until I found your blog through a forum that has nothing to do with these foreign currencies. I'm waiting on some things, so thought I would do some research. Good God some people are rotten and take horrible advantage of gullible people. Charge them, put them in jail, and throw away the key for a couple of years.

    1. desperation and blind faith, the tools that are used to convince those that have very little to lose that they should participate in something that is questionable.

    2. Your post "desperation and blind faith, the tools that are used to convince those that have very little to lose that they should participate in something that is questionable" sounds like what politicnas do every day.

  6. Guess I should have said that they have a lot to lose instead of little to lose.

  7. As a matter of interest who is "Guru Terry K and what are his qualifications for holding the title of "Guru?"?

    1. To add to DL's comment below. TerryK is a founding member of GET TEAM. A RV forum.

  8. TerryK has made a lot of money selling recipe books a couple years ago when I followed him. But, generally, a guru is one who has "inside sources", but those identities are never revealed. Yet, a few years ago Benjamin Fulford adressed this publicly one time. He said, "It(IQD RV) is a scam, and the bush cabal is who profits.". JOHN here has subsequently repeated that ad nauseum, and the truth is finally coming out. I lost a lot of money, and my hopes and life shattered as a direct result of those fraudsters. Seeing them go to jail doesn't make me feel any better. ~darylluke.

  9. Is it a foregone conclusion that Sterling Currency is dirty? Or is it a matter of being raided because they apparently employed/had an association with TNT Tony?

    Can the info on the company that buys back dinar be reposted, please and thanks. I'm thinking some may need it and will have missed it.

    1. MyGirl, I don't think anyone knows for sure yet what Sterling may have done. But, one fact is that they have litigation pending against them for dirty business practices. Being sued does not mean they are guilty of course, but you have to wonder....


    2. No one knows for sure yet. But in the video I saw NO IRS, so one would have to assume it is criminal.

      If I was to guess, pure speculation, I would say they are under investigation for paying commissions to Gurus who pump Dinars as 'get rich quick'. "If not today, tomorrow for sure", creates a get rich quick frenzy where people get caught up in the frenzy and buy.or worse the greedy or poor may buy layaways which they cannot afford to buy out at term end. So the company gets to keep your deposit without ever providing anything.

    3. Thanks, Peeps! That's where I purchased, along with all the people I know personally who are in this. We knew nothing about the hype and gurus at the time, we thought it was a simple opportunity to perhaps catch a currency revalue. Talk about Babes in the Woods. If any of us had been aware of all the guru poo we would have passed. But then, I wouldn't be here, would I. So there it is - every cloud has a silver lining.

    4. MY GIRL,

      Here you go!

      Try Sell Your Iraqi Dinar - Safe and Easy!

      From their website:

      Treasury Vault currently offers 3 programs for you to sell your Iraqi Dinar. Payment is sent to you in 24-48 business hours via FedEx Overnight at NO CHARGE! Your dinar DID NOT have to be purchased from Treasury Vault to qualify. However, please send your currency and any accompanying materials received when you obtained your Dinar (certificates, envelopes, etc.).

    5. I used

      I have bought and sold several times and it's a 24-48 hours turnaround to receive the notes or get paid.

    6. Of course, it may just end up being expensive toilet paper.

      But cool is it to wipe your ass with a $25000 bill.

      Worth every penny.

    7. Thank you all - much appreciated!

    8. JV

  10. Mygirl

    Did the birthday boy rise to the occasion as a duty call? Lol.

    1. I had a great day and a lovely evening, John. And that's all I'm going to say about that!! (WINK!)

  11. So are the dinars we hold are they no good to us now.

  12. So no rv and we won't be able to exchange our dinars.

  13. New question: If dinar holds no value, why are there businesses still willing to purchase? $810 USD per million is a pretty decent buy-back price (Treasury Vault. Haven't check yet) - do you suppose these companies are part of a battalion so it's worth something to them either way?

  14. Mygirl, ( If only Lol)

    Sadly, nothing makes sense in this whole debacle so far. Nothing stacks up or has. Which is why I hold none.
    Iraq at best can justify c$6T so forget the overprint fantasies. That is all for brainless Broker desperation Wannabes. Iraq has no infrastructure in place, nor even a functioning Government. Insurrection and ISIS are active within its borders and it has no structured solid Oil / Gas contracts yet worth a light. Effectively, it is impotent. Now that I know will focus you. Red lights on fast an impending angry Piranha attack if no signs of life quickly.

    Iraq is scuttled and still trying to even walk.
    The US is broke so who will fund any of it? The IMF will only support a few hundred B.
    A lot of innocent, decent and trusting individuals sank their funds into this. But so did a lot of greedy churches with congregational funds. So many stand to get hurt here.

    Ive only been a successful International Funder for over 40 years so what would I know? Non of it has ever made sense to me. Why would any Buyer give you a Million dollars for what he can buy today for a few thousand dollars?
    The problem is, a lot of truly poor and desperate Souls put their last hard earned savings into this and cant afford to lose them. If it tanks so many will lose all. Even bigger idiots keep propounding their rights to be paid.What rights? Overprinted Toilet paper comes with no rights , and for some of them debating with a visible half wit, questions why?

    If it goes, as the South Sea Bubble did, the lot goes. Iraq can just as easily issue new notes itself. Negate the lot as War Looting and US Profiteering. They owe no one a dime. No one has such funds to buy it in, so who will and how. Why? The IMF won't bail it, nor will China. The US is Broke!

    At what point do you bail for safety? Many have sat on these notes for 20 years. More failed promises than a Beverly Hills housewife.
    Your call, we stay out of it.

  15. I went to a local currency exchange last year and sold back my dinar. First, I called the place I bought it but they would give me half of the original purchase. The currency exchange didn't pay what I bought it for it but I felt better knowing I didn't have it. I continued to purchase dong but stopped a while ago when I read in the Vietnamese financial newspaper that they weren't expecting the dong to rise.

    Had a dream the other night. The RV happened but only through this site. They said if we gave them all of our dong they would trade it for .16 cents per dong. However in small print it said that we turn our money over to them and we get 10% of the total. Lets say you had 21M dong at ,16 = $3,360,000. Then 10% of that would be $336,000, The rest of the $3,024,000 would go into their pot. We were given a survey to say what projects we are interested in and where we would like to live. They said that Corporate would be calling up to say what project we would be the founders of and working at soon. I woke up as I was calculating the tax I had to pay on the $336,000 and realizing that isn't enough to pay what needs to be paid and pay for a house.

  16. Well
    As you can see from the growing scale of arrests and seizures, you have all been the sad victims of a Ponzi Scam. That is now official so head for the exit door.

  17. Lol we have our long awaited answer on the currency rv.

    See ya all in the next scam!! (Bitcoin, anyone?)

    Signing off.... for good

    1. Sad, truly, if the RV was the only reason you were here. Especially considering that the RV is not the reason we are here in the first place.

  18. You think it is over? Tony is so slippery!

    I have been wondering why I did not see anything further on Nick's posted list of actions on Renfrow's case. Well, look at #83 and 84. Rule #20 (I looked it up) states that a defendant who pleas guilty may have his case transferred to the District where he was arrested if it is different than where he is indicted.

    So Tony indeed gets to go home. Don't know who the Judge is there and what further tricks Tony will use to evade punishment. Now it looks like there is a very good chance that his presentence investigation will be disconnected from whatever viewpoint of the KC judge and someone new who hasn't heard his BS yet will be treated to it. He may get away very lightly.

    Anyone who wrote to court personnel regards his character and activities should send it again to wherever he is actually going to be sentenced in California. This really is necessary because Tony solicited from his "followers" to send him their stories and how they have dreams and plans since being on his calls -"so that he could put these stories into a museum he planned to build about the RV". Good grief! People HAVE sent him their stories with thank you's for helping them with their dreams of helping children etc etc. Guess what these were really for: showing to the court for his character. Now he has moved his court site, judge, everything and can sent with his lies again to the new court who will probably just want to get him out of their system and may buy his lies about himself.

    Also, would you post this FBI website pertinent to Tony and Sterling, et al? They are asking for information and names. All the pumpers should be caught and dealt with so they don't just move on to their next scam.

    Let's mop up these guys. If we don't, no one may do it. Let's take this to the complete truth and clean up!


    1. FBI statement:
      If you or a relative have been told that you will make enormous profits from the purchase of the Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah, or other foreign currency, the FBI encourages you to complete this victim questionnaire.

      5 currencies in the 1st basket and 15 currencies at a later date.

      So is the FBI correct, an unscrupulous, overreaching 3 letter agency also controlled by Bush or........

      This is not about criminal misdeeds, although Sterling and these other liars are most likely treading on the highwire of ethical standards.

      This is about another theft of millions of dollars using civil asset forfeiture laws.

      Is this really any different than swiping funds from Tropos or Wanta? Or stealing Ukraines gold? Or Iraq's Oil? Smaller scale, but still criminal theft of assets.

      They haven't even been proven guilty yet and we endorse the government taking all their possessions?

      The FBI is not there to protect people from a currency scam, it's about millions of dollars in asset forfeiture.

      If it is a scam...thes what are the global settlements about? What are these articles about an RV posted here for?

      That's the way the government works. Why are we trusting them to do the right thing? They shouldn't even be endorsed here.

      I certainly don't endorse the misguided deeds of these unscrupulous liars, but let's be honest. They aren't selling crack to babies.

      And people NEED to take personal responsibility for their actions. Including the people who bought dinar, dong or whatever. Losses are part of risk.

    2. JV,

      To be fair, balanced and objective is why the video explaining Civil Forfeiture is in the article. I agree that Civil Forfeiture in it self is a scam. It can so easily be abused and is. It should only be allowed after criminality is proven and they have a conviction. It is likening to law enforcement becoming a 'for profit' business. More laws, penalties, fines and fees to exact an additional 'tax' on the people and now you pay for their investigation, also profit, whether guilty or not. And at the very least you must bear the cost to fight it. Hardly seems fair.

      It is easy to say that Sterling is somewhat guilty so they deserve it. If so, then prove criminality. this way it protects innocent.

  19. 10 plus years of hearing that the RV is close.Paying for sites to hear calls hearing the same info that was put out years ago with a different spin to it.One thing about TNT it free bs.Lol


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