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Turning the Tide | Report #17 | What of YOUR freedom - who decides YOUR fate?


One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
3 July 2018

When the American Dream Ends, be careful what you wish for.

As always, Empires end, and those inside are the last to know. All end - Badly!

How do we help America? First understand the TRUE problem and reality. You are ALL being Played, and the True Vandals who despise you as Goyim to be played, looted and cast aside, are more deeply entrenched than a Crab infestation and working you as Muppets on every turn. You are the trusting end product of a Centuries Intelligence Mossad type game plan now reaching it zenith and the final Flush - You Out!

This is for the c340M Real Americans who need and deserve a voice, but get None!

We stand for you! We raise real truths and Justice. YOUR Rights to be free.


This very week at the Turin Bilderberg conference, the illegal Usurper Islamist Con Man Soetoro / Obama, declared that Americans must surrender to the New World Order, and accept the Sovereignty of the newly emerging Zionist contrived Superpower, as Americans simply lack the consciousness capability to govern themselves! Having surrendered all Financial governance of America to Zionist interests, they simply have no power to resist the unfolding takeover of the greater Global authorities. Americans are now considered, mental Kindergarten kids at roundup time by the NWO Deep State. The Bilderbergs have you all in play. A century of deception in the planning. Enslaved from Birth. Owned by the Superstate. Denigrated by the Deep State. How the mighty are falling. What has been hidden from you?

The irony is this this week is YOUR Independence Day, and this Foreign, Non-American, no US Birth Certificate Manchurian Usurper has the temerity to freely gift you to the failing NWO. The pretentious arrogance of this man. How can he presume to lecture others on America? His own Legacy is one of inept chaos.

So, Sheeple for Shearing. Or wake up time? Is it now possible to help save Americans? This is a nation of innovation. 6 million Zionists think they can take over 330 Million Americans. But Americans have the right to bear and use Arms! Gifted to you by the True Patriots the Founders.

The same mass murderous Zionists who orchestrated the genocidal Bolshevik revolution, are the same Zionist Bolshevik Oligarchs families who control Israel and are deeply embedded controlling America's entire Financial infrastructure, the Banks, Treasury, MSM, Justice, Law, Supremes, Metals, Insurers, they control and have as a collective Subspecies, excluded you from everything. Even a seat in the Houses comes tagged with an Oath of Loyalty to Israel, WTF?? The Agencies and Pentagon. Poop scooped the lot.

A must read (follow link):

Where is Paul Revere when you so badly need him?


The WH and Oval office is surrounded and riddled with them. Trump is beholden to and owned by Zionist Bankers as debt obligated to them. Fact, they ARE the Ringmasters. They know it.

The truly sad part of America, a great Industrial nation capable of so much good, is the betrayal from within has devastated the infrastructure, destroyed family values, and left a trusting society bereft of values.

Lacking Hubris, or direction, the sinking Behemoth that became America, is now approaching its end of days as the Global Leader, leaving behind only the pomp and arrogance of a Corpulent Agency / Military Industrial wasteland, where productivity is measured only by the vacuous, unread tens of thousands of pointless, yet costly reports, employing 50,000 wastes of space in the Beltway, to to snoop on all and pontificate irrelevances. The true Ship of State drifts aimlessly in conflict between the Presidency and the unelected but all powerful Deep State. Financially stricken. Morally decaying as the world sees. A corpulent Federal Welfare State on its knees. Designed primarily as a Consumer Society, but no longer needed, so who will now feed the sub-educationally unemployable? We need to re-activate American innovation to save this nation.

Congress has passed a new Defense Enhancement budget, one where its additional funding alone now approved, is greater than Russia’s entire budget. What a ridiculous waste as Home Industries founder just to save more needless American Military jobs. The Burger Gut Buster Desk Warriors of the Pentagon and wasteful Agencies.

America spends (Wastes!!!) more on Defense than the entire world put together.

Who pays? Why, as all US Hegemony has now failed? Why not feed Americans?

It cannot sustain its industries, hold back the tides of illegals, or fund its ageing population. Desperation and poor education feeds crime.

Who cares? Both Houses line their pockets.


A Louche Moral Authority presides over the Political system and Justice is run by Crooks who protect the likes of Mueller, Clinton's, Soetoro, and the venal Bush's. The morally reprehensible and repugnant Clinton's appear Teflon to Justice, and an illegal Usurper, Bogus Passport Barry Soetoro, operates with seeming impunity and contempt for the masses.

As ever, Cabals lose direction and momentum. Soon for the US Cabal, cohones also.

Money talks, and when money walks, chaos rules fools. Does NWO take the pot for the centuries plot? The Cabal role then will just be enforcing the all powerful Police State for those trapped inside. As with the old Soviet Bolshevik State, ever fearing that knock on the door and the long walk to the FEMA Camps or Rendition centers.

We now have a visible dual American State. One UNELECTED and DEEP, but in Power. Malevolent. None work for you.

The other via the Presidency, elected to serve the will of the people, but frustrated on every policy move, bar the vexatious conspiracy of a self serving Mongrel pack, serving only Self Interest, and the looting of America from within. Can a Political / Economic system be more ugly? Or tragic?

As such the battle now is for the Soul of America in such decline as is evident.


A President, one truly elected by the people, supposedly not Cabal, is surrounded by wilful Weevils, who frustrate his intent at every turn. Was a more loathsome flotsam such as this Deep State and its empire of treacherous sycophants, ever more empowered? Presided over in turn by its Zionist overlords. How dare we be so profane as to publish inconvenient truth?

These Traitors to the Constitution revile all Americans, and yet rule within. With immunity and impunity.

They serve no national interest, only Self. Supported in turn by a scurrilous Zionist Media and MSM who deny you truth, evade Justice and coverup for the most reprehensible of crimes, so, so many, allowing only their propaganda to permeate the Sheeple State. New World Order now rules the border. How did it get to this?

People believe what is fed to deceive.


While behind the scenes, the dead claws of Israel and Communist Zionists ring fence and manipulate all events to their own ends. Each with a focused Zionist agenda. Control!

America rides the world as a Whale Colossus, visible to all but the blind, as the feeding host Monstrosity ridden by the evident Maggot infestation of Zionists surrounding each limb of the State host. They are devouring all, as evidenced by Trump’s self avowed subservience to Israel, repaying his Communist Zionist Funders / Lenders and effectively Ring Masters. Benny-Nasty-Yahoo's Crime Family Boy is deeply ensconced in the White House as a Presidential Advisor. He is the Mossad Zionist Drone, reporting back and ensuring all Israeli Zionist interests are supported and protected. The Cuckoo in the nest. Money and Arms flow to this truly evil and fanatic Bolshevik Zionist State. America’s largest Spying threat operates with impunity through its vast and corrosive Zionist Network stripping and devouring America while ignorance rules the sleeping natives. Ignorance is bliss! Bolsheviks rock the cradle.

Now, the reality Check. Who runs who in the US Zoo? Be sure of one thing, none work for you.


The Communist Bolshevik Zionist Crime Oligarchs run Israel and America. The same murderous thugs who invoked mass genocide across Russia, also control Israel and will stop at nothing to create Greater Israel, sequestrating more land, invoking more wars, supported by American arms and America's money. YOUR MONEY is funding more wars, murdering Palestinians, funding failed regime changes in Syria, funding attempted blockages of Iran, funding false wars in Iraq and a million poor innocents dead. All this pain is for Kazakh Zionist gain.

Look at who runs the Kazakh Zoo in Israel.

Jews, NO! Not at all! Just Bolshevik Kazakh Zionist thugs, criminal and crime families. Names have been changed to assimilate and hide true identities. Background check these Varmints and none will clear vetting. Screen these villains and avoid their Zionist Herpes type infections on trusting States and Societies.


None are what you assume. Netanyahu's real name was Milikowski. His father worked as the PA to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a real piece of Bolshevik Communist dirt-bag who emigrated to America in the 1920's from Poland, working with the other hard focused Zionist fanatical Commies to Lobby the UN and US for money and the State of Israel, while working with the Paris Commune true ratbags, and interlinked to varying Intelligence Agencies to destabilize the Middle East, and get the Shah of Iran removed. Israel is a Zionist Bolshevik creation, as is Russia, and as is the unfolding Zionist takeover of now collapsing America. Tie up the pieces. You are being set up from inside, as was Russia. Putin, an Orthodox Christian, hates these Bastards and has only returned to keep them at bay. A Rat Slayer! He is the last thin line between this filth scalping Russia and interlinking with their US Russian or Zionist Oligarchs Cousins in America where Obama was the Fifth Column front to get the Minority vote to get Commie Czars in, to work to orders for the mass influx of Judaic and Islamic interests, and to dismantle the Anglo American Alliance. A Manchurian Pretender!

These, as with Rome, are the Real Vandals within. You have been played for a century. The entire Middle East is being played. As are the Europeans. You are the victims of a Rigged Game.

How can you get Americans to get it, to understand it? They have totally taken away your Banks, FED, Treasury, Supremes, Justice, even the Agencies and Pentagon. Still the American people don’t get it. Their Plot controls the lot!


The time to despair, is when the Islamist Commie Usurper lays it on the line at the Bilderberg's conference, it’s all in the making, and you are there for the taking. You invited THAT into your Home - Land?

As a Nation, all were enthralled to see you rise up, every Good American, and march to those Voting Booths to say Hell No, to that Clinton Ho, and put a Non-Cabal President in office. But where is the power, as it reaches the hour?

Obama says you don’t matter now! They have you boxed in. He and the Zios offer you on a plate.

What of YOUR freedom, who decides YOUR fate?

Who gives these American / Israeli Bolshevik Zionist Crime TRASH the Right, to take you out in the Night? Whose awakening, who will fight? Will you do nothing as the Deep State decides your fate? How much longer - Before it’s too late?



  1. If this does not get through to you, read it twice!

  2. Not Good! Solution? Is there any power of the people when they are so blind as to what is really going on?

  3. Right wing American Republicans are so busy hating left wing Democrats and vice versa that they've all lost sight of the real problem.

    When things get really messy Americans will turn on each other with all those stashed guns and ammo, just like they are doing every day now with words.

    My understanding is that the nation is now divided on party lines and there is genuine hatred between left and right. There will be no need for the Deep State to fire a single shot.

    I just wish they'd all get on with it. The sooner America falls on the sword of its own ego and arrogance, the sooner the world can move on.

    Thanks for the article. I'll bet it will make absolutely no difference to the intolerant tone of some of the comments posted on this site.


  4. John excellent article. Passing it along today with friends, family and colleagues

    100dthMonkey you said - I just wish they'd all get on with it. The sooner America falls on the sword of its own ego and arrogance, the sooner the world can move on.

    Your HATE for the United States is palpable, it is no wonder why some good Americans ignore your comments.

  5. I don't hate you. I feel sorry for you but my pity won't change the outcome for America.

    1. 100DthMonkey, quite honestly I don't care if you hate my country and American citizens. I hate to say it, but it appears that you haven't read and understood what has been written on this blog, or maybe you have willfully made a decision to ignore it.

      Americans don't hate each other. That's where you're horribly mistaken. I can only imagine you come to this conclusion based on news that you see over in your country, but the opposite is true. The globalists want to divide us on every socio-economic level possible. Why? Because a country divided can not stand.

      You think these protests and attacks against each other are just dumb Americans hating on each other? If so you thought wrong.

      It has been proven time and time again that there are protestors that are paid for by Soros/Obama and their ilk.

      The last riot in Portland, Oregeon, that wasn't right wingers hating on anyone. Antifa a rogue, violent group bought and paid for by Soros disrupted that march.

      Republicans/Independents/ Conservatives aren't calling for their supporters to go and attack Hillary, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, etc, but the globalists sure are asking their supporters to attack Republicans/Conservatives- or using your words right-wingers.

      Barack Obama the great national agitator has an army of 40,000 these days being ordered to disrupt this country.

      And I can promise you, the Globalists/NWO didn't in their plan write in tiny print on the bottom to exclude OZ. Careful what you wish for, karma they say is a b*tch.

    2. 100dthMonkey, the blog moves fast. I can only guess that you missed the Walk Away Movement. Here is the founder and he has a growing community.

    3. Arizona,
      Brave try....although some decidedly prefer their illusions. You’re absolutely correct. Protestors/rioters are only in action when there’s a paycheck involved. Otherwise they don’t bother to get out of mama’s basement. Then the ones herding the basement dwellers at the riots are the communist university professors. It will become very apparent if the militia (armed residents) have to muster.

    4. Hi Texian. You are right and this should be very interesting in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately as things come to a head, I think we will see more protests.

    5. Now you see the value of your site to debate and raise real issues?

      1.Welcome to Independence Day tomorrow all You GOOD Yanks. No better song that the one we gave you. It's to keep you free. Respect for your right to be - Free!
      2. From the mess to come, once the tears are drying, there WILL be a better raised value of the new Anglo American Alliance. But it will be as EQUALS!
      You will get no voice in Eurasia or friends at Court, until humility sets in!
      3. Love your Country Music! Its own Soul waiting to be heard.

      This religious dividing SHITE all needs to be addressed! All of it! Deluded, presumptive and arrogant shite! All wrong! Bogus Nutters with the minds of Children. Grow up! Mutilating the sexual organs of Children is a Satanic Blood Cult act! Mothers, for Gods sake say No! Wake the Hell up! Abraham was a Nutter! Certifiable. Who is the more crazy, He, or You? You follow that?

      Stop these Idiot non thinking brainwashed Husbands and breed no more with them until they agree, no more mutilation of your children. No God asked for this.NONE! Nor would! It's a truly disgusting and depraved act. It has to go. Shivas need to be cut by their throats unless stopping. Filthy depravity. Godless! Love your wonderful little children you have NO Rights to mutilate them. Nor need! It's a depraved Lie! Truth will set you free.

  6. John,

    Why should we care what happens at Bilderberg? In the past you said it's just a bunch of people getting together to talk policy and they don't really control anything. If that is the case, why should we care what Obama does there.

    They are just a bunch of lightweights that don't really control anything anyway...right?

    1. But parties who do attend can influence nations towards misdeeds. When a floating Turd like Soetoro advocates just gang banging you, is it a bad thing to have friends at Court protecting you? Its control center is in london.
      Adolf was one only a talk shop for the Nazis in the beginning and look what followed when the Bugger slipped the leash? Soros and the Zios want your Butts!

    2. This is nothing new. It's been a project 50 years in the making. Is that not what this site has been fighting against for 6 years?

  7. Great article John. Especially the wake up insert article The Moscow - Tel Aviv - New York Zionist Axis. Like it or not, the real picture needs to get out there. A twisted mess.

  8. Now you see why I get so frustrated with the Bi Polar characteristics of a great nation being eaten alive from the inside by a parasite locust hoard and won't wake up to deal with it.

    We need all your help to set truth free. Again, look at what 12 men achieved. Together?
    We gave you the God Bless America song,but the election day version, to show you the pride and hope in the face of EVERY American who fought back and got to those voting booths to fight back and stop can do it. You must.You now need revolution .to start evolution.

  9. Huge bombshell about to hit Clinton's, Obama, Biden and all the compromised parties as all the Dissapeared Files have been recovered and are about to go public. We will update tomorrow.
    Including named Clinton murders!

    1. I'm gone for most of the day yesterday and look what I missed. Waiting for update John! This is exciting news!

    2. Oh Lordy, let it be so. That will really get this show on the road.

  10. Just a note to the author. I would share this with more of my friend but when you resort to calling people names like dirtbags and such, you discredit yourself. You don't need to do that. Just tell the facts and let people add their own conclusions from the facts.

  11. Just re-read this article.

    Very well done.


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