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  1. All you need to know about the AMC short squeeze.
    Not for vergin ears lol. Take it for what it is, not personally.

  2. Please refer to archived comment which was posted today. I feel it's very important.

  3. Regarding Q as SF reported -

    This is real stuff that I witnessed and lived through. When it was decided to populate Europe with Muslims and jihadists who contribute with nothing to economy or global life of a community this was launched.

    1. In all churches people were directed to preach certain message - LOVE MUST WELCOME those poor refugees ...this is Christian must - you must welcome poor refugees. You have to help them - support them - welcome them...THIS WAS ON AND ON.
    2. Of course Media and government poor this message on people day and night....
    3. Second even bigger message crossed the board - it was JESUS IS COMING TOMORROW message, so to speak. Preachers talked about prophecies that are being fulfilled in front of our eyes..etc... So called Messianic Jews, Israel hailed .....
    4. It is God in work sending here those poor Muslims - we live in the last days .... NEW HEAVEN and EARTH is coming ....

    ALL THAT BRAINWASHING WAS SO HUGE - people did not have chance. My good buddies all got lost - no point talking to them.

    It was clear from he beginning what they are after - PACIFY peoples mind to NO ACTION STAND.

    This is exactly scenario SF refers about Q, this is exactly what ANONYMOUS is also all about - ANONYMOUS was there to go after bad guys to protect you all.... SURE.

    To which degree it is CONTROL opposition? Pretty much 100%....

    1. “It was all a neutralization program to make you think that you don’t have to stand up to do anything.” - Lt. Col. Potter

      The alternative media personalities garnered so much donations from Q bandwagon. Sure it sounds great, as long as Q, Anonymous, White Dragons or White Hats are taking out the deep state, we all could be glued to the monitors, but how do we verify anything that they are reporting is true? Only time will tell in the future, and by that time, we will have lost the precious time known as “now”.

      Those who earn a living from subscription revenues report anything that will increase their revenues, and I will have to include Benjamin Fulford in this group, unfortunately. So I have been saying “buyers be aware” because there is good information that are free if we have the armor known as discernment.

  4. Now I have today just few hours to get something done.

    Yesterday I go to get two boys who I train tennis - I come there and talk to their mom since I had to change my schedule for following day so I had to reschedule training ours.

    So she is up to something. Asked me if I would drive to Ukraine - I asked like why...She says we organise money raising up and any kind of goods....and we will drive it there to help people.

    So what is going on:
    Firstly: these people here are goodhearted no question about that. But they are brain dead. They are enticed and this is going on:
    This is the NEO-NAZI plan and they are reaching out to nations around world-wide.

    If I do not stop it - THEY WILL DRIVE TO UKRAINE WITH SOME MONEY CASH - SOME GOODS. Ukraine NEO-NAZI at the boarder will welcome them take the goods and shot them dead. Because these folks will have their passports from Sweden - Norway - Denmark and will be killed at the spot. Westerner cabal MSM will pick it and say - RUSSIANS KILLED YOUR INNOCENT CITIZENS WHO CAME TO HELP NEEDY IN UKRAINE...

    What will Sweden do? THEY WILL GO TO WAR with RUSSIA - getting into NATO.

    1. Credit to you, Vlastimi, Fri Mar 04, 06:12:00 AM MST
      Jim Stone video - of Ukraine civilians who tried to avoid being captured and send to the front line.

      It is the good nature of people to help others in distress. Ask them to save their energies and plan to spread it out larger and longer than just a short aid visit to a war zone. If they can achieve this they will be able to serve in a much greater way. Im reading many children will need help and guidance
      Make sure they see the Jim Stone clip before they make a final decision.

  5. Now my brother calls me - in our little town mayor organised a concert collecting money for Ukraine to help people with cloths and food. He could not believe it - he is also sharp.

    So they will collect money - give it to Ukraine so that NEO-NAZI can pay foreigner mercenaries that are coming to have some adventure in life. Of course some of that money will first end in their private pockets...

    Do not forget who got money for CANADA TRUCKERS......

  6. Blinken says - US READY FOR MEANINGFUL DIPLOMACY with Russia.....

    So what did we have then before? Before we had as Blinken said - US WAS NOT READY FOR MEANINGFUL DIPLOMACY....

    But why would Russia trust Blinken now? Would you?

  7. I asked canauzie if he would allow to post collage picture of true affection of Johnny English and his best buddies - AZOV Neo-nazi group of Ukraine. I will see what answer I will get.....

    1. I can imagine how the London banking system can put its hands into pockets of Ukrainian depositors using war time regulation at least to use the float while it lingers on, then doing about facevto kiss the button of Elders. Just another way to have hands in pockets which go very deep.


    2. If the images are hosted anywhere paste the link.

      I am not hosting those images, it is your opinion, not mine.


    “Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine”

    The Thinking Man stated in the comment section:

    “I got more truth and facts from that one interview than i would get from 10 years of watching the nightly news. To this brave man, Thank you Sir. and thank you G.C for allowing him to talk uninterrupted. what he has to say is critical to know. I pray for his safety and hope you have him on again very soon. there is no other way to get Truthful information.”

  9. “Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to seek and destroy US-Deep State bio-labs engaged in top-secret zoonotic and infectious disease research in dozens of locations across Ukraine.
    Bioweapons laboratories in Ukrainian cities including Kharkiv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, and the capital Kyiv, among others locations, have been targeted by Russian troops operating under Putin’s direct orders in recent days.
    Meanwhile, the US embassy in Ukraine has been caught scrubbing evidence of biolabs in Ukraine while mainstream media and fact checkers have begun telling the masses that the biolabs don’t exist.
    Ukrainian President V Zelinskiy stated Friday that Russian forces are firing at “military installations” leaving analysts speculating that term could include US-installed and operated bio-labs.
    According to US government documents, the US has multiple biolabs in Ukraine. In typical Pentagon fashion, these biolabs are marketed as “defense.“
    Russia has been warning the US for months to stop operating dangerous biolabs on their doorstep. Mainstream media won’t touch the topic now, but they did cover the news in the past.
    Four months ago, Russia and China asked the UN for the US to be “checked and limited” in biological capabilities.
    Russia and China blamed the US for the Covid-19 outbreak and were fearful that the US had more bioweapons to be unleashed on the world.
    How does this relate to Ukraine?
    Putin has admitted he is engaged in a “special military operation” to demilitarize Ukraine. Mainstream analysts fail to understand the possible scope of this statement.”

    For the entire article:

      World’s most dangerous biolabs studying diseases with NO CURE as Covid leak feared to have infected dozens in Taiwan

      THESE are the locations of the 59 most high risk biolabs in the world as a new lab leak is feared to have infected dozens with Covid in Taiwan.
      Experts from King's College London compiled the report earlier in the year titled "Mapping Maximum Biological Containment Labs Globally" in an effort to highlight the "significant risks" posed by the labs amid the pandemic.
      The paper - and accompanying interactive map - shows the 59 biosecurity level four (BSL-4) locations, both in operation or planned, which deal with some of the most deadly pathogens.
      It highlights 18 in Europe, 14 in North America, 13 in Asia, seven in Britain, four in Australia and three in Africa.
      BSL-4 labs are designed to work with potentially devastating viruses for which there are no vaccine or cure.
      Pathogens which have been studied in labs of this kind include Ebola, the Nipah and Lassa viruses, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever - all which have potential to be more fatal than Covid.
      The locations are high security environments where scientists have to wear protective suits in pressurised chambers which they have to enter via airlocks.
      Despite all these security efforts however, there is always the fear that something could escape and potentially cause devastation.”

    2. How about new strain of smallpox in your neighborhood? I think Putin is the White Hat destroying these labs. Xi Jinping will do his part in Taiwan in my opinion.

      What are the Pentagon doing? Instigating? Nothing new under the Sun.

  10. "It's almost time to take off the gloves. I have a courtesy policy to not publicly reveal secrets about other celebrities but I'm done with the public lies and covert jabs and those not so covert. -- Kirstie Alley

    Kirstie Alley is ready for what she defines as "Sweet, sweet revenge" as far to many have verbally abused her. The games going on behind Hollywood curtains go without saying. It's a maze of deception, manipulation and profiteering.

    She's particularly after two major figures, one of whom she says, "The first shoots her mouth off and has an I.Q. of about 35 and the other one likes you to think he's a hero."

    Thinking it out, both categories could be anyone in at least 75% of Hollywood.

    I'll give her a high-five for one important point, She's not quoting "Q"

    DOJO->(SOURCE CODE) Clif High

    Clif High explains about Khazarian Mafia, how they emerged in history, and what they have done. If anybody needs a review, his explanations are pretty accurate in my opinion.
    He said KM are not Semites. Neither are Ashkenazi Jews, and I think he left that out. The anti-Semitic rhetoric in the media are bogus, but lying about anything never bothered them in the slightest.
    It is very clever of Clif High to use Japanese Martial Arts to illustrate the Q’s mission to give credence to what Q is/was, but this is very misleading because I have yet to see anything credible about Q. By the way, Q is paying Clif High to be their spokes person.
    Like coming up with the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”, they, the money changers, are hinting the credibility of BTC while Japanese at large had nothing to do with it. So who do I think behind BTC? Khazarian Mafia hates our guts, and the Japan handlers have been committing horrendous crimes against us during and post WWII. Yet they keeping stealing our identity to suit their needs.
    Trust and respect are earned, never freely given, and Clif High has not earned either from me, yet.

    1. Besides, it is very difficult for the West to grasp the state of being “nothing” 無 pronounced “mu”, but this is where our culture begins and ends. So when the Westerners try to copy or mimic, they look fake to us, Japanese. There is a term to describe this: kabure.

    2. with the exception of “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust …” sermons during funerals.

    3. Respecting two other cultures and opinions about London and D.C
      Opinions exressed by Vejay and Li.
      There's much more knowledge than opinion on UK and USA human rights autrocities.

    4. “My way or the highway” has been the Anglo doctrine, but if I use sibling rivalry as an example, those who kept their indigenous culture alive will do better than those without in spite of the discrimination, bigotries and redicules we received in the past 500 years. This is why we need to leave the truth as we experienced them to the younger generation.

    5. I posted the following on 3/4/22:

      I think it is very difficult for the white people to understand that the deep state thinks all of us are their enemies due to the fact that in the Anglo nations, they were favored racial group until the global communists showed their true color with the activists like antifa and BLM. The white race in the Anglo nations were the beneficiary of their special privileges all the while they witnessed how the Native Americans, African slaves, Latin Americans (Hispanics) and Asians were treated because they thought they were special and superior, so they must be hoping that they will come out smelling like roses when everything changes in the world. In sibling rivalry, the favored children are the least likely ones to “make it” in life. We will all see how all of this will end up being by 2030.

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  12. 2022-03-05 06:57AM
    Shafaq News/ The US Energy Information Administration announced, on Saturday, that Iraqi oil exports to America increased during the past week, reaching an average of 295,000 barrels per day.
    The administration said in a report seen by Shafak News Agency, “The average American imports of crude oil during the past week from nine countries amounted to 5,186 million barrels per day, down by 928,000 barrels per day compared to the previous week, which amounted to 6.114 million barrels per day.”
    She added that “Iraq’s oil exports to America amounted to an average of 295,000 barrels per day during the past week, higher than the previous week, in which the average exports amounted to 285,000 barrels per day.”
    She noted that “most of America’s oil revenues during the past week came from Canada at a rate of 3.630 million barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia at a rate of 520 thousand barrels per day, then Mexico at a rate of 497 thousand barrels per day, then Colombia at a rate of 144 thousand barrels per day, and then Brazil At a rate of 57 thousand barrels per day.
    According to the administration, “the amount of US imports of crude oil from Nigeria reached an average of 43,000 barrels per day, while America did not import any quantity from Trinidad and Tobago, from Russia or from Ecuador.”


  13. Putin to Ukrainian Army:
    “Do Not Let These Nazis Use You as Human Shields”

  14. GAB News
    I post the newsletter in its entirety because it's not to be found on-line. We Americans and the Russians have been had.

    The entire nation state of Russia is getting the "Gab treatment" by Big Tech and the globalist regime.

    By that I mean they are being systematically purged from the internet all within the span of about a week.

    Google is blocking their apps.

    Apple is blocking their apps.

    YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram have banned or limited access to their accounts.

    Twitter has started "fact-checking" and reducing the reach of their links.

    YouTube has demonetized their videos.

    Reddit has "quarantined" the /r/russia community.

    Namecheap, a domain registrar, has cut off ALL Russian customers.

    American right wing dissidents are no strangers to any of these things. All of these tools of war have been used against us as American citizens for six years now. In Gab's case we have been banned from both app stores, domain registrars, and big tech platforms for years. Now these same tools and tactics of war that have been developed and used against us as dissidents are being used against all of Russia.

    Other nation states should be paying attention to this. Are you going to continue to allow your citizens to be controlled entirely by a handful of companies in Silicon Valley, or is now perhaps the time to start building your own sovereign technology and infrastructure?

    Unlike our spineless Republican "leaders" in America, who had total and complete control over government from 2016-2018 and did absolutely nothing to stop Big Tech tyranny, Russia is fighting back. Russia has shut down Facebook and Twitter completely and this is honestly a smart play. Why give the globalist regime insight into what your citizens are talking about?

    Data isn't just the "new oil," data in a time of war is priceless. Especially the data of your own people!

    Yesterday Gab engineers discovered a massive anti-Russian botnet on our platform, which we quickly banned. There were hundreds of newly created accounts all sharing the same dozen or so IP addresses. They were reposting, commenting, and liking anti-Russian fake news to the Gab Explore page. Our bot detection systems caught them quickly and we removed them from the platform.

    This type of activity is eerily similar to CENTCOM's Operation Earnest Voice. We have no proof who was behind this activity, all we know is what their agenda was: promoting anti-Putin and anti-Russian propaganda. Gab is not a platform for state-backed PSYOP campaigns. We're not going to allow this coordinated inauthentic activity to take place in our community, not from foreign state actors and not from our own government.

    We also aren't going to ban a foreign news outlet or Russian citizens from Gab for no reason. RT News has been on Gab for over a year now and has never once even come close to violating our terms of service. Gab is now the one place on the internet where you can find RT News and you can do so by clicking here.

    Andrew Torba

  15. Russian banks officially on CIPS - WHICH MAY MEAN - BYE BYE London...

    UnionPay, an international payment system founded in 2002, received international status in 2005. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company reportedly operates in more than 180 countries across the globe, including Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Cyprus, Thailand, India, Israel, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

  16. Jim Stone - ROCKS THAT:

    Britain seems to be ramping things up, begging for a direct confrontation with Russia. Obviously. We all know who owns that place.

    ...he sounds like my very conclusion about what London is up to....

  17. Martin Armstrong presents a solution to the current Ukraine – Russia crisis:
    I can only see one reasonable solution and that does not include sending in storm troopers with lightsabers because you hate Putin. Let us state the obvious. Ukraine cannot defeat Russia. This is a losing battle. So let us take a deep breath and look at the real facts that control this dispute and stop the propaganda and rhetoric. I am sure someone can read this and start negotiations without me hopping on a plane.
    The history here is lost in all the hatred and demonization. When the Soviet Union broke up, Ukraine had more nuclear weapons than China and was the third-biggest nuclear power in the world. People forget that interesting point. The Budapest Agreement required that Ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons provided both Russia and the U.S. agreed not to invade Ukraine. Yes, Putin has actually violated this agreement. That could be a negotiating point that would justify NATO entering the war.
    Now the primary sticking point is that Putin does not want Ukraine to join NATO and would eventually become a nuclear power against Russia. That would mean a violation of the Budapest Agreement by the West. Therefore, Ukraine MUST remain neutral at all costs. The solution is that Ukraine doesn’t join NATO and they acknowledge that would violate the Budapest Agreement. This would satisfy Putin’s main concern. This gives Putin a victory and a way out of this confrontation. There MUST be an exit strategy just the same in trading. Everyone is simply honoring the Budapest Agreement which perhaps Zelensky is unaware of and his advisers have probably withheld that information from him. Europe in turn grants Ukraine EU membership which would be freedom to travel for its people – a huge win for the people of Ukraine, not including the separatist regions of Donbas and Crimea.
    The other point will be that Ukraine MUST renounce any claim to Crimea. As I have said before, Crimea was historically part of Russia, not Ukraine, and the people there are Russian. Ukraine can claim that it put in infrastructure and thus it should be compensated for those expenses. Let the Donbas vote under international monitoring but Ukraine has downgraded them to second-class citizens anyhow by enacting the language law outlawing the officially Russian language. I believe the Budapest Agreement MUST be honored and end this nonsense of Ukraine joining NATO. That would violate all the agreements reached with the fall of the Soviet Union.

    The world economy is right on the edge. Looking at Gold and the Dow we see that both are hovering around critical levels that will decide their fate going forward. Remember. Without negotiation, in war, both sides see that they are right. There is never any wrong. So Henry Kissinger said: “The demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy. It is an alibi for not having one.” To end this, we need an acceptable exit strategy for both sides. Otherwise, WWIII is upon us now. This is not some football game where we can just defeat Putin. That stupidity for a solution will only engulf the entire world. We must understand the real threat here for devastation is not a victory.

    We engage in discussions by projecting our own p.o.v., but what if the ultimate goal of the powers that be were total destruction of the entire system to bring the Build Back Better plans? If so, what must we do?

    “President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Olerich, admitted at the World Health Summit in November 2021 that the COVID mRNA vaccines are a form of gene therapy. The pharmaceutical companies knew they were administering gene therapy falsely marketed as a common flu-like vaccination.
    How is this a conspiracy when a top guy at Bayer said directly: “mRNA vaccines is gene therapy.” Anyone who declared that the vaccines altered DNA in any form was condemned and labeled as spreading fake news. Yet, Big Pharma has been touting it as such for months. “Two years ago, 95% of the people would have refused to take the gene therapy. But COVID made it possible.” The Bayer executive smugly stated.
    The mRNA vaccines for covid are a form of gene therapy. This fact has not been hidden from the public. Unfortunately, many are unwilling to accept that they forcibly took a vaccine that may come with long-term consequences as they were unknowingly the first live sample trial on the global population.”
    President of Bayer ► [ "mRNA vaccines are a gene therapy" ] - World Health Summit 2021
    “President of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, Stefan Oᴇʟʀɪᴄʜ: “...Together with Bill and Melinda Gates we’re working very closely on family planning initiatives.” “We are really taking that leap [to drive innovation] – us as a company, Bayer – in cell and gene therapies … ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy. I always like to say: if we had surveyed two years ago in the public – ‘would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ – we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate”.”
    They think they have the right to do this to us, and this issue has not had resolution while we are being focused on Ukraine – Russia conflict. We have no way out other than to continuously refuse to comply or move to Russia since Russian people were not forced to take the gene therapy according to Lt. Col. Potter.

    How do we distinguish propaganda from truth? Mr. McGregor’s rank in the Army was Colonel, and Mr. Potter’s rank was Lt. Colonel. Neither of them made it to being General. The reason must have been their allegiance to defend the Constitution whereas many if not most Generals and Admirals sold their souls to get there, and they are serving their Satanic masters.

    1. Supper ... I intend to use it and when I have time I will explain what for....

  20. Meanwhile - evil cabal are plotting to get NATO into the conflict over Ukraine - evildoers in London need war ...BoJo said today that Ukraine is not NATO and that it will not be easy for NATO to go and fight there...

    The British prime minister said that the West should do more for Kiev though “it is not a NATO conflict”
    Well they found solution - setting up NATO jets for Ukraine. That means PUTIN will shut them down once they cross the border line - THEN NATO will cry MOMMA they shut down our planes-who will help us, Putin attacked our innocent planes. Of course they will send planes from Poland .... Bulgaria .... Romania ...Slovakia...Czech

  21. Former US Defense Contractor CEO Arrested for Allegedly Exporting Military Technology to China

    1. Well how it worked - China is being set as a new GLOBAL ENGINE for the world or be it a centre of Global Management. That's why they needed to elevate China to that level....China was sponsored to become what it is now....
      They did the same with Iran - Iran was getting US technologies all for free - not accidentally, aim was the same. To become another centre for the Global Management. Let say accidentally Biden gave army technologies to Taliban in Afghanistan ... that's a big gift. Of course they were to help little bit in Kazakhstan - to create a conflict on Russian - Southern border, which did not work that well.....


      Sandy Berger was caught taking top secrets in his socks to be given to China during Clinton Administration.

      I have been saying China is being set up as the proxy to take the US down. By whom? The powers that be, so before people hate China and act on their hatred, they need to take a close look at their own government.

      Also, by now, most of us have known what the mass media feeds the public is PROPAGANDA, yet if a person keeps siting “news” from MSM, he/she is letting others know where his/her allegiance lies.

    3. If the Chinese leadership were wise, they will turn on the powers that be in the end because their mindsets are not Satanic that mirrors Talmudic Judaism. I am pretty sure they know who their true enemies are.

    4. I think so also. This is what Lenin did in fact, they aimed to destroy Russia and he turned that around against them .... I say IT IS TAKING A WIND FROM THEIR SAIL......

      And I guess XI does it.....
      Taiwan was basically established by Chinese dynasties when they ran from mainland .... KMT - 3 dynasties. Uniting Mainland China with Taiwan means exactly that - giving back probably the rule or refined rule of dynasties and XI refined communist system.....

      I guess we have to think in a reverse way......Uniting Taiwan may mean in my judgement giving back China mainland to dynasties..... and they have gold evidently as well as North Korea has them.....I guess as I understand South Korea have some elders but the gold is stored in North Korea ... and I guess none can get them without the other.....

  22. I scanned WHA - people are there waking up and reporting what is really happening in Ukraine and WHY - Johnny English tries to manoeuvre saying.....".. of course it is truth and facts that matter.....let us investigate it...IDIOT." Why did not he investigate at the first place - he is in position that he KNOWS what's up there, however he LIED INTENTIONALLY, which is a crime against humanity.

  23. "NATO-Labelled Laptop With Intelligence Found at Ukrainian Nationalists' HQ, DPR Head Says"

    WELL, well, well this BIG ONE. I would not be surprised if it was not left there INTENTIONALLY by some patriot who can not stand anymore KILLING OF INNOCENT AND CORPORATION PLUNDERING UKRAINE .......

    That means one thing: RUSSIAN ARMY got definitely and totally into NATO network long before it was revealed that computer was found.......NATO is shredded. They got what they deserve. This is a WORLD-CLASS HUMILIATION

  24. Johnny English - fascist of London - warmonger per excellence

    From WHA quotes
    "We are preparing we have a fleet of Subs all in position waiting to launch on command. If one nuke hits the UK at least 50 unleash. If we die, all die. It’s that simple."

    It is always the West that talks NUCLER ATTACKS AND CONFLICTS..NOT RUSSIA

    “I would like to point out that it’s in the heads of Western politicians that the idea of a nuclear war is spinning constantly, and not in the heads of Russians,” Lavrov says in an interview with Russian and foreign media.
    In the early days of the invasion, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on high alert. The alert means Russia’s nuclear weapons are prepared for increased readiness to launch.

  25. This is from WHA - a fellow posted opposite view on Ukraine done by UK journalist - good read.

    Well Johnny ENGLISH is not that excited about that.....

  26. THIS is also from WHA from Johnny English

    john2021 says:
    March 6, 2022 at 2:21 pm
    We are facing a grubby war which cannot be won and should not be fought.
    Have we still learned nothing of wars?
    We have a PM unfit for Office. A good but ageing Monarch. An opposition of idiots.
    Laverov has now visibly lost the plot and Putin is battling his own Demons.
    Zelensky is a Puppet and the WEF is run by a Lunatic.
    NWO is dying, rightly so, The world needs new blood, but NOT Ukraines.
    We face 10 years of confusion and rising prices. Mindless policies and price racketeering.
    Chaos comes, and empty gestures. Retirees can freeze or eat, but not both.. Food prices will soar.
    Life becomes ever more meaningless. Retire, to this?
    We as nations, have become a Ship of Fools. Sadly, heading for the Rocks!
    Leaders, or Bottom Feeders? Next stop Planet of the Apes?"

    1. I said it clearly he is either psychopath or FASCIST EVIL beyond any human measures - full stop.

      1. It is UK who did all possible to bring this conflict in Ukraine to fruition. It was planned and it would come, Ukraine was systematically built up by UK fascist alliance called NATO...NEO-NAZI groups built up in Poland then relocated to Ukraine to do their evil jobs under supervision of UK-US advisors and sponsors
      2. Ukraine was helped, directed, sponsored to build up nuclear weapons for the attack of Russia
      3. Ukraine was helped, directed, sponsored to build up BIOLAB for biological war against Russia as well as Georgia and other states around Russia, and I would bet that now US-UK builds BIO-LABS in Afghanistan together with Talibs
      4. UK kept attacking Russia constantly with false flags operation ONE OF WHICH was SKRIPAL
      5. It was only UK who called RUSSIA the archenemy of UK for almost a decade - WHY WOULD THEY DO IT
      6. It was UK who kept accusing Russia constantly by words and actions
      7. It was UK who organised terrorist attacks on Russia soil using either CIA operatives or they did it directly selves
      8. It was UK who organised to take down Russian civilian plane with tourist on their way from Egypt - Cameron was laughing saying - of course we had intelligence on that bomb before hand.

      1. He was asked that UK will release black boxes of MH 17 which would prove without no doubt who really took down the plane. If those boxes were release then conflict in Ukraine would be dealt with in no time in 2015. UK WANTED THE CONFLICT TO KEEP ROLLING - WHY.
      2. Johnny English is main advocate of hate and false accusation against RUSSIA-PUTIN-LAVROV while he knows the truth - WHAT KIND OF CHARACTER ONE HAS TO HAVE

      Conclusion: Peers on WHA began to rebel and not to accept Johnny English lies and began to report fairly and balance about what is up in Ukraine...what then Johnny English does?

      1. We face grubby war that can not be won.....and should not be fought. HERE IS PRESENTS HIMSELF AS ONE WHO IS AGAINST WAR....which is a LIE - if he was against WAR - Black Boxes of MH 17 would be released. His rhetoric of allegations against Russia and Putin would never take place.
      2. Have we still learned nothing of wars? Here again he poses and makes impression that he is actually against wars - WHICH OF COURSE HIS ACTIONS OF THE PAST DENY IT.
      3. Then he turns against his PM and opposition - given a BLAME to them - SAYING - I AM INNOCENT IT IS THEM.
      4. He accuses Lavrov and Putin - against ACCUSATION AND BLAME of others but no SELF-REFLECTION OF HIS EVIL ACTIONS
      5. We face 10 years of confusion ..prices soar ... HE PRESENTS HIMSELF AS THE ONE WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT HUMANITY....

      I AM SAYING - there is a good chance that it is LONDON that keeps blocking any sort of FINANCIAL RECOVERY OR REVALUATION OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. Biggest darkness is under the candle - isn't it. And Russian and Putin's action challenge LONDON financial Headquarters OF THE WORLD....that's why LONDON called RUSSIA archenemy because never ever Moscow was any military threat to the evil island.

  27. The Globalists, the Bolsheviks, Tsar Nicholas II, and His Gold. Part 1:
    The Globalists, the Bolsheviks, Tsar Nicholas II, and His Gold. Part2:

    Mario @ Maneco64 grew up in Brazil and worked in London financial markets as a bond trader analyzes Russian history that preceded the current geopolitical and financial crisis.

    It seems to be Russia was never a debt beat, and the West is itching to take what they have, the natural resources. The question seems to be what will the world do with the perpetual debt beats that have been stealing finite resources. The only thing that is infinite is the debt beats’ greed. I am pretty sure Russia and China on the same page on this issue.

    1. It is only natural Russia and China are likely to form an alliance. How will the West outsmart them with more lies, the only thing that has been working for them until now because the public is gullible to believe anything from the television, the very reason why the powers that want to be want to keep us dumb and fat.

    2. This is not intel or knowledge - it is just my 6th sense.

      Regarding DEBT - I had always sense that they will hide it in cryptocurrency - and then it would digitally vanish...

      People slaving for elite were used to pay debt but it is not possible any more.

  28. Johnny English on his parade -

    "...Many Russian conscripts dying, were lied to and told they were only going in as Peacekeepers, not to invade.
    Is this becoming Putin’s own Stalingrad? How many REAL Russian dead now? It’s mounting....."

    Evidently that FASCIST of London probably moved to that den of cocaine addicts of the CITY this morning ...because in case he was around few days before he would be aware of one fact - DE-NAZIFICATION and DE-MILITARIZATION was and still is the original AIM why RUSSIAN TROOPS to went to deal with NEO-NAZI thugs that LONDON SPONSORED THEM......

    All troops knew where they were going - they had intel for 8 years of FASCIST LONDON SPONSORSHIP OF NEO-NAZI who killed over 10 000 civilians and JOHNNY ENGLISH knows about it and he keeps lying through his teeth...or he is cocaine idiot - psychopath and narcissi....


    1. I am grateful for the life that was given to me. It has taken me many decades to understand all the lessons I received, but I truly understand why the “meek shall inherit the earth”.

    2. These things do not happen accidentally...I just check Fulford and now Jim Stone....

      PEOPLE CHECK PLESE JIM STONE and look what he wrote about his stand towards RUSSIA and what I wrote just out of blank saying that any moral founded being IS RUSSIAN today.

    3. Short sum:

      - No Russian ever called me racist ...because I am white
      - No Russian ever tried to force me to get experimental vaccine ....
      - No Russian forces me to dress my boy in girls dress....
      - No Russian ever mocked me because of my faith .....

      ..... and so on and so on.

      However, it is not about RUSSIAN or not RUSSIAN....

      It is about CORRECTNESS - FAIRNESS - JUSTICE - FACTS - TRUTH - that eventually brings us into CO-OPERATION on the same playing field -ONE RULE=RULE EQUAL

      West will never accept this as long as it is under control of ELITE as Johnny English is, that considers other people matter how much he pretends otherwise.

  30. Fulford has it today little bit mess-mix up in some details, but sometimes it probably happens. He still keeps the same spirit of awareness.....

    However his EU-NAZI fourth reich can be discussed...
    EU with two build statues by the parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg says it all.

    As US was to be hijacked by fanatic cabal elite or whatever, so the same destiny was planned for Europe. Conflict between Olympian-Gods and TITANS...this is how they view themselves.

    What are those symbolic statues - IT IS ZEUS capturing princess EUROPE as wild white bull and bringing her to isolated island to be raped .....

    So, this tells it all. Europe was to be raped and hijacked, rape is symbolically going on via immigrant thugs who were imported there BY co-ordination with LONDON that used of course Jiddish ....

  31. Last week, geopolitical pundits were struck after three middle-eastern power brokers - among them one of the closest US allies in the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia which not too long ago rejected US appeals to pump more oil, signed onto an Arab League statement that did not condemn Russia and instead called for diplomacy, an avoidance of escalation and consideration of the humanitarian situation. We now know why.......

  32. I checked Anna v R, and Fulford again:

    Few things to mention: I have no knowledge from Russian analysts who would refer through years that first Putin was killed and then replaced, this was few times referred as I remember by Jim Willie as Fulford does. I have nothing to say to this. However anything is possible I guess. Important thing is to acknowledge that Putin's wife divorced him.. This would rather prove that first Putin was killed and was quietly replaced....We know about numerous attempts to kill Putin.

    2. Regarding killing of Tsar Nicolas - not easy to put things together.

    2.1 What is more then clear is that it was British Empire which was on decline that earnestly sponsored revolution in 1905 to dethrone Nicolas .... PERIOD. It was London fascist operation.
    2.2 I keep repeating to people is a fact of RUSSIA was to establish a NEW Silk Road. Project of building SIBERIAN RAILWAY - so called TRANS-SIBERIAN WAS A HUGE PROJECT. Germans were on it so were was to connect East and West ignoring British Empire.
    2.3 For the British empire to survive meant only one thing - to destroy that project. Which they did - creating WW1. For WW2 the British set put Hitler to finish what they started in 1905.
    2.4 Regarding Russian gold - it is very difficult subject...since in WW1 or rather after it already - some of it was looted and deported to Paris, London and it could be even NY. There were reports that Paris returned that gold - and Putin gave them to build war-ships Mistral as gesture of thank you ... we co-operate with you and remember that you return what was not yours. London refuses to return stolen gold....
    2.5 This is probably one of the reasons why FASCIST OF LONDON - Johnny English does all possible to get some gold from Elders and why they also stole gold from Venezuela - which of course they will return with interests....ALSO this probably reason why fascist LONDON calls Russia enemy number one for years - since probably RUSSIA has rightful demand for that stolen gold.....
    2.6 That's why the FASCIST of LONDON keeps lying and accusing Russia spitting venom any time he opens his dirty lying mouth.
    2.7 That's why it looks that LONDON will be stripped of their FINANCIAL HUB supremacy once for all - and Johnny English will finally end up working with hands for the first time - and of course he hates that.
    3. Bolsheviks did not kill Tsar - I said it few times. Lies is the best way to confuse and control people. Bolsheviks were PATRIOTS. It was Troicki and his communist minions sponsored by LONDON who committed heinous crimes - it was like these NEO-NAZI Bandera thugs in Ukraine in these days well sponsored by London. Because London fears that they have to return gold to RUSSIA - PERIOD.
    4. It was London who was after killing Tsar - because of gold ownership - but it appears that Tsar was just a steward
    5. It appears to me that continuation of evidence of the gold is with the Russian people and Russian Orthodox Church
    6. It appears to me that the continuation of Byzantine empire is with RUSSIA and Russian Orthodox Church. Byzantine was created of course by Constantine in 325-6
    7. Continuation of Rome is with Byzantine - this of course nobility of Rome never accepted and committed selves to rebuild it....which eventually graduated in today's London.....
    8. Anna v Ritz has some insides on it - difficult to comment unless some have links and are allowed to comment..¨
    9. It was also reported that Russia and China have deposits of gold in amount of around 30 000 tuns - officially, numerous that are published are just for appearance
    10. We will see how the game proceeds

    1. Lots of alternative news and media declare many passing by death at GITMO, most to be found on Judy Bridgton reports. Jusst in case you're an unbeliever she declares it at:

      David Nino Rodriguez
      Michael Jaco

      The above people appear to be getting “intel” from military intelligence that has been saying clones and doubles have been playing the characters like HRC and Putin.

      How do we know if what they are telling us are true? We do not. None of the information they “share” can be verified.

      Speaking of Jim Willie, I got to know him personally when I gave him a five figure donation when he was soliciting for huge donations for about 5 years. He came back for more money from me which turned into several email exchanges with him. This guy has narcissistic personality disorder and has been telling too many fibs to manipulate the public. Coupled this with Q being fake coming from credible sources lead me to conclude that they are not trustworthy.

    3. David Nino Rodriguez  had an interview with Wayne Jett recently who mentioned about Jim Willie. I did not listen to the whole interview, and the video has been deleted since. Wayne Jett was saying the double playing as DJT is in Mar-a-lago in Florida while real DJT is in hiding underground. How do we verify that? We cannot.

      If people want to believe Jim Willie, they can. Who am I to stop them?

  33. Now of course Constantine created city Constantinople that means the city of Constantine which is today's Istanbul in between wars WW1-2. Interesting thing - which was always confusing to my peers at school was that in Czech or Russian language Constantinople is being call TSAR'S FORTRESS - Cařihrad - of course Constantinople was taken by Muslims in 1452-3.
    Thing is that of course Constantinople was established after Constantine announced Edict of Milan in 313. 323 Constantine unites split empire under symbolism of Christian faith. Then he established 325 Council of Nicea....and Constantinople the same year...

    Of course one has to understand that GOLD of Byzantine empire travels probably EAST to Moscow with its Gold one may assume. Why to leave gold to Muslims....

    Do not forget that Putin had probably Byzantine Empire coronation in Athos ....this means somehow the CONTINUATION OF BYZANTINE EMPIRE IS NOW WITH PUTIN - RUSSIA the protector of Christianity and Orthodox Church. When this went to news it changed my whole view ...WE HAVE STILL BYZANTINE EMPIRE that is opposed Westerner Roman Empire .... but Roman Empire continuation is with Byzantine.....

  34. So what happen then in the West -
    Nobilities of Rome moved to Ravena from which basically directed Rome and whole empire for some time being. Ravena - then Venice - Milan - Genova .... THIS IS WHERE Roman nobility ended up when they lost power to Constantine.
    Black nobility is this part of Roman remnant of Rome .... that settled in Ravena and Venice. Rest of nobility went Constantine ... however Constantine had bigger view then only that. He thought of himself UNIFYING EAST AND WEST - it did not work well. Unifying religion for him was MONOTHEISTIC CHRISTIANITY....Here I would have to explain many things but there is no time...

    What remain for Roman nobility of VENICE and RAVENA and GENOVA? They plotted to come back - they had knowledge technologies of global power management. First they united with Goths who came from North - Germanic tribes. Black nobility play it easy since they could not defend selves so they submitted selves under the guise of Christian church by Ambrose of Milan who submitted Milan and north of today's Italy to Goths...

    Byzantine took a wind in their sail using unifying religion to strengthen the rule. West tried and tried and it was obvious that conquering Christianity under the rule of Black nobility of Venice - Ravena - Genova was basically impossible. Their struggle hang on an issue who is most powerful figure - religious leader of secular lord...this was their theme for centuries. However what Venetians did was this - alternative creation of religion that would even surpass Christianity that had stronghold in Byzant....Christianity basically surpassed Judaism religion making it obsolete. In the same line Venetians created ISLAM with so called prophet who was to surpass Jesus in similar manner as Jesus new covenant did to the old covenant.

    Venetian created ISLAM for using it to wipe out Byzant and take utter control and their revenge....THIS CONTINUES TILL TODAY. Venetians migrated through Europe till they settled in London .... they own ISLAM - because they - CREATED IT and undoubtedly have CONTRACT CREATION with it. That's why now they are giving EUROPE TO ISLAM - they control ISLAM....I have proof in hand...I did not uncover it but it was me who put it doubt about this people......

    1. Time for Johnny the Fascis to face it - I read all your moves even before you utter it ...EXPOSED...go back to darkness where you belong.....

  35. Morning stretching - I saw that the Fascist of London Johnny English is shitting in his pants - people at WHA report more and more what is really happening but that bastard of London whose wife had to run away from him because of his psychotic behaviour can not see his defeat. He can not swallow it. PEOPLE GIVE HIM FOR TRUTH AND FACTS - this is what brings him on his knees.

    HIW says:
    March 7, 2022 at 8:02 pm
    Once again….whose fault is Ukraine?

    They have broken The Budapest and Minsk agreements.

    Sorry…not Russia’s fault. And now a truce is offered based on these agreed to accords and Ukraine denies it.

    Supporting Ukraine’s government supports the WEF and NWO.

    Unfortunately ordinary Russians and Ukrainians are caught in the middle and will pay so “The Brotherhood” gets their nuclear war.

    1. HIW is very knowledgeable about Freemasonry and managing personal finances within legal structures. He has been sharing helpful information at WHA.
      “目覚めよ日本人 vol.91全てのカラクリに気づいてくれ!!アメリカ南北戦争編”
      This young man has been teaching true history to other young Japanese people outside of the school system that was imposed by the US post WWII that are maintained by the Japan handlers, the thugs. In this channel he has given 91 lectures in total, and this video is about the tricks or mechanism of the American Civil war that went on for four years 1861 – 1865. By understanding there were the powers behind behind (England) all of these events, we could understand what’s taking placing in Ukraine.
      The massacre of Native Americans (90% were killed off with smallpox).
      The slave ships that brought 3 million Africans to North American Continent.
      Boston Tea Party 1773 – taxation without representation.
      Lincoln signing the National Currency Act in 1863 to fund the war and his assassination in 1865.
      The Military Industrial Complex sold the leftover guns to Japan to instigate the internal wars.
      Videos like this give me hope, and I may be able to collaborate to share what I have learned to free Japan from the US UK axis in not so distant future. Japan should be building their own aircraft instead of building engines for Boeing to make them look competent. The laws will have to be rewritten, and this is no easy feat as long as the Japan handlers are running the show in Japan. This does not mean we could not learn the truth. When enough people understand the truth, Anglo control becomes toothless tiger. Besides, their money is trash, rubbish and garbage.

  36. Most accusations of this unbelievable situition point to America. How can one not see it? But isn't America commonly known as the pawn the queen?

    1. The Federal income tax used to go to Queen en route Puerto Rico. Today it all goes to the US Treasury. Does it mean the UK has no stake in the US anymore? It is very possible WEF is working with the UK. After all Klaus Schwab is a Rothschild.

    2. May be it is about time that Anglo people realize that we don’t want to be you or emulate you because we have our own culture with long history that somebody like Clif High (Japanese Martial Arts) and St. Louis Fed (Satoshi Nakamoto) want to steal from. Throughout history, we have created value for others, and this is what backs our money. This is why we went into the deadlock to prevent the infiltration to corrupt our culture until Perry on the Black Ship invaded Japan. Anglo culture, if we could call it that, was built on lies, thefts and murders, and it is about time people learn this truth.


    Maoris are fighting back although we don’t hear bout it much. New Zealand has been their land that was invaded by the people from the UK. Same for Australia with Aborigines people who knows how to harvest water from ground in the desert.
    The islands of Hawaii belong to the Kingdom of Hawaii, not the shit head Japanese Americans (brainwashed) who turned the Hawaii State in to shit.
    Brainwashed bunch exhibit cult like behaviors. This is AJ from Hawaii at WHA. This is how I ended up being here at OWoN because I avoid what's not workable because my time is finite.

  38. Well done China this time a big kick for a global justice:

  39. SF - I did not know you had an encounter with Jim Willie - it's been some time I checked his activity. It is like Fulford - or anybody else on alternative who lives on it....kind off. One has to be knowledgable about what is out there - listen assess, study make an opinion.
    Of course I am sorry for your experience - it is tough.

    1. I paid a very high tuition for the lesson that we really do not know what’s behind the Internet personality. Jim Willie tried to make me feel guilty for not giving him any more money, but I wanted to know why his common law wife did not even have the courtesy to drop a thank you for the $3,000 that ended up in her account when the reason why he needed so much money was to keep her out of jail. Due to the international wire threshold, I had to wire $7000 into his account and $3000 into hers. By the way Jim Willie is not his legal name. I have wire records, and if he ever take a legal action against me, I will bring a coutersuit for defrauding public. His multiple “demonic attacks” were nothing more than series of poor choices he made in his life. It took awhile for me to heal from this fraud, and I did not open my email account for about six months. Coupled this with 2 auto accidents that took away my cars due to severe damages were plenty losses for me in the past year.

  40. This is in Czech language - I guess it exists also in English somewhere.

    So Neo-Nazi of Ukraine took a picture of selves - of course they had a military weapon gear of UK made and they took that picture in KINDERGARDEN where they barricaded selves using children as HUMAN SHIELD - You can not make this up .... Johnny Englishe's pride....

  41. Turkey goes Russian Ruble trade - this is not good news for the City of London and Wall Street...guess how many will follow and where it will bring us....

    US has to start working with Russian in partnership kick our London from the boxing ring....China knocked them off in HK, very well deserved.

  42. If there is a brave nation and a leader in Europe then it is HUNGARY and Orban


  43. Upright fellows at WHA - Tino, HIW and now Tony joins their club with their correct human and moral reporting on Ukraine scam, while the lying snake of London keeps sponsoring fascist Neo-Nazi murderers.....CROW sits next the Crown - is saying in Czech...

  44. Not only that is encouraging at WHA today -
    I have to correct my views on Johnny English - I called him differently as he deserved by his performance...but I see that I did not assess his character and manhood properly.

    So, let me call him deservedly this way - Johnny English lying fascist BULLY....Yes bully is he also. You know what happens to bully - he gets his teeth knock out when he meets man. This is what is happening to him at OWON. So he goes and calls mommy Vlastimil knocked off my teeth - help. Well Johnny, I tell you by your LIES - MANIPULATIONS - DECEPTIONS - SLANDER AND ALLEGATION I have to come to the conclusion that your father must have be Joseph Goebbels. But then I have a slight challenge - what would then be mother of yours according to your bully method? Yes I got it, not that hard as I thought - it was HH - Heindrich Himmler - SS commander. Exact matching your performance.

    Have fun and look at the mirror which probably is a rare commodity at the City.

  45. As Johnny English .... performed, speaking about me.
    ....who he visibly denigrates and threatens, Czech Security who are monitoring the creatures Hate Crimes and Communist threats, US and UK Security who both are tracking, and ask yourself , can you afford, in today’s Security focused world, to even be seen associated to such such a volatile and acerbic Mutant head case......

    1. A fine choice of words, sir. My brains smoked through my ears searching for the befitting term for that one and the best I could conjure was bombastic. Acerbic is perfect for that one.

    “The word “oligarch” leads some to believe that these rich individuals are part of a mysterious underground society. The Oxford dictionary defines an oligarchy as “a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution,” and oligarchs are those who have profited off of the regime – in this case, Putin’s.
    Is there a difference between a very wealthy American businessman who has profited off of American capitalism under [insert president here]? Technically, there is not as anyone can condemn another’s political system. America’s democracy has certainly come under fire by many leaders, primarily in the Middle East who have stated America is akin to a mafia organization. Trudeau showed us Canada is not above freezing individual accounts without Due Process. Our governments have exposed themselves throughout this pandemic, especially by letting us know they are not above coercion and silencing free speech.
    So while many cheer the asset forfeiture of the evil Russian oligarchs, make no mistake about it that other nations can and will use this new tactic of war in the future. Governments can not only seize their citizens’ assets but have the ability to freeze international capital. How could anyone feel safe investing in a Western nation if their assets will not be protected? These Russian citizens can have their assets seized without proof that have any ties to Putin.
    The wealthy citizens are always the first to flee when a city or nation is failing.

    As I have stated, this will totally destroy the world economy as we know it. Foreign investment in Russia will be seized, and the prospect of this migrating to China is extremely high. A line has been crossed. You do not go after the assets of private individuals claiming they are holding personal money for Putin. That would be akin to saying someone was holding money for any politician simply because they live under that leader’s rule.”

    But this is/was their precise plan to BUILD BACK BETTER. Mental illness?

    1. Of course this is pretty fair assessment.

      Regarding new sanctions that Biden placed on Russia regarding oil and gas - guess what. Do you think that he or rather "they" have no comprehension that this will not harm Russia so bad - but it will help to ruin USA and EUROPE at first. So, WHY would White House do it? China will smile to this. Russia is totally SELF SUFFICIENT COUNTRY IN ALL ASPECTS.....for example they do not need iPhone - they have Yota phone...etc....they do not need google - they have ....

      This does not look good....IT MAY BE A PART OF TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. If this would happen under Trump I would say - it is done to crack let say bad guys .... at this moment it may be the same game but reversed....
      Whatever is partial aim appears secondary, primary aim was to crash the world by any means. Ukraine appeared to be the last resort - that's why NATO or West never agreed on peaceful solutions. But Russia bites back...and badly.


      Keystone pipeline closure was an indication of the Russia sanction to ensure the majority of the US consumer was not going to be able to survive. Like Daniel Estulin was saying the other day, Russians know how to persevere, but the American people do not. Many have no idea what awaits them.

      The Secretary of Transportation wants the US consumers to buy $55K electric vehicles due to high gas prices, but how do we create electricity to charge electric vehicles? Going more nuclear as Chernobyl and Fukushima continue to leak radiation sounds insane, but what do we expect from government?

    3. I am sure people have forgotten about Chernobyl and Fukushima, but the radiation leak never stopped according to my teacher.
      Neither Russia nor Japan are responsible for the accidents. Boy, they really must hate us.

    4. What they failed to realize though is that radiation does not stay in one place. Talk about karma, what comes around goes around. Leaked radiation is destroying all living things on earth.

    5. Pipeline vs Trains vs Cargo Ships

      1 Train has 100 cars, 2 engines and weighs 27,240,000 LBS.

      1 Train carries 3,000,000 gallons of oil.

      1 train uses 55.5 gallons of diesel per mile.

      It takes 119,000 gallons of diesel to go 2150 miles from Hardidsy, AB to Freeport, TX(and MORE than 1 day to do it).Keystone pipeline was to deliver 34,860,000 gallons of oil PER DAY.

      It would take 12 trains and 1,428,000 gallons of diesel to deliver that amount. PER DAY! 521,220,000 gallons of diesel per year.

      The oil will still go to market with or without the pipeline.

      By stopping the pipeline billions of gallons of diesel will be wasted and pollute needlessly. Does that make you feel good?

      Stop the Oil Sands all together? Then we must ship the oil from the overseas sandbox.

      1 large oil tanker can haul 120,000,000 gallons of oil and takes 15 days to float across the Atlantic.

      1 boat uses 63,000 gallons of fuel PER DAY, that is about 1 million gallons of the most polluting type fuel in the world PER TRIP.* (See below)

      Or take 3.5 days of Keystone Pipeline to move the same amount of oil with a fraction of the pollution.

      In international waters ship emissions remains one of the least regulated parts of our global transportation system. The fuel used in
      ships is waste oil, basically what is left over after the crude oil refining process. It is the same as asphalt and is so thick that when
      cold it can be walked upon. It's the cheapest and most polluting fuel available and the world's 90,000 ships chew through an astonishing
      7.29 million barrels of it each day, or more than 84% of all exported oil production from Saudi Arabia.

      Shipping is by far the biggest transport polluter in the world. There are 760 million cars in the world today emitting approx 78,599 tons of
      Sulfur Oxides (SOx) annually. The world's 90,000 vessels burn approx. 370 million tons of fuel per year emitting 20 million tons of Sulfur
      Oxides. That equates to 260 times more Sulfur Oxides being emitted by ships than the worlds entire car fleet. One large ship alone can
      generate approx 5,200 tones of sulfur oxide pollution in a year, meaning that 15 of the largest ships now emit as much SO2 as the
      world's 760 million cars.

      Eliminate all gas consuming cars and diesel vehicles?

      Worldwide car gas consumption is 403,583,712,000 gallons a year. That's billion.

      Worldwide oil consumption is 1,500,000,000,000 gallons a year. That's trillion.

      It takes 2.15 gallons of oil to make 1 gallon of gasoline/petrol, and 0.6 gal of diesel.

      So it takes 867,704,980,800 gallons of oil to run the worlds cars, most diesel vehicles for a year and some ships.

      That leaves 632,295,019,200 gallons of oil for other uses.

      Passenger vehicles are only a very small percentage of the problem. If emissions are the problem, why not just capture them at the exhaust?
      Create an industry to clean exhaust instead of crushing an entire industry and building a complete untested, replacement industry?

      The engines of today are already far cleaner than the engines of yesteryear when the catalytic converter was introduced.

      Are we willing to dramatically increase mining to get all the minerals necessary to make all these batteries and electric motors?
      Mining is far worse for the environment than oil extraction.

      Killing The Keystone Pipeline was glibly decided by emotional politicians without scientific facts. Time to undo this mistake.

      Start work on The Keystone Pipeline and immediately start drilling/fracking for good clean AMERICAN OIL.

  47. This is funny - so it is not only me calling Russia a defender of CONSERVATIVE VALUES - as JIM STONE noticed himself...I am listening to goldfishreport - she as interview with US high ranking intelligence fellow .. min 30 ... and I am laughing ......

  48. You are witnessing a forced global solution to a global crisis which they manufactured themselves.

  49. Three major mistakes Zelensky made that resulted in the uch needed Russian invasion.

    1. He is just a NATO Puppet designed to coac NATO to invade Russia. Gave weapons to civilians to create atrocities- he is responsible. Taught how to make molotov cocktails and flammable paint bombs. Put civilians further in hsrmsvwsy byninstslling military positions amongst the population.
      The atrocities were perped by him, not Putin.

  50. I found Phil Godlewski 2.0 from Jim Costa @ who had this to say:
    “Putin has absolutely played [them] like a fiddle.

    I mean - the dude *is* Russian, I’m pretty sure game theory applies here…

    Do I think Putin is a good guy? Nah probably not. That is to say - I probably wouldn’t sit with the dude for dinner.

    That said; he isn’t a Satanist. He isn’t a Globalist, and he isn’t a Pedophile. And that is exactly why [they] are losing their fuggin’ minds right now, and exactly why I refuse to believe anything [they] say about him.

    What I see is the Deep State ree’ing their brains out to a level I’ve never, EVER seen. And I like that. I like that a lot.

    “Shall we play a game?”…”


    “5 days and counting... clif high Mar 7
    We know now that the 12th of March, five days from today, it’s happening. That’s the day that the telco’s of the west disconnect Russia from SWIFT.
    This is why Russia wants all their businesses to be ‘native’, with their IP’s within their geographic boundary by the 11th. So, in a very real sense, the 11th is Zero Day. Now is it really THAT Zero Day?
    We will only know in hindsight.
    But we do know that the 11th is a key Khazarian majic day, housing many events in the past, such as Fukushima Nuke Disaster.
    This 3/11 may well be THAT Zero Day, but even if not, it is ZERO DAY for the the next phase of the collapse of the Private Western Central Bank Criminal Network. Their Petrodollar goes to shit on that day.
    Their actions, and Putin’s counter actions, have seen to the fate of the PetroDollar. It will not recover from events of this coming week.
    On Friday, telephony issues will arise. The Petrodollar starts waning. On Saturday, problems with international dollar settlements will arise to grow and continue. On Sunday the Markets, PMs, and FX will get the Big Time Jitters anticipating the opening. Gold learns to dance, while Silver leaps.
    No one will know WTF cryptos have been signaling with their over-the-weekend behavior. It will get really bizarre. Five days and counting…”

    I saw the above two days ago and hesitated whether or not to bring it here, but whoever reads this can make up his/her mind and choose to take action or not.

    1. The following is also from Clif High on Telegram:
      "The last gasp of the [CB] criminal gang will be to revalue gold in a desperate attempt to gain leverage within their system. As this system crashes, it will leave gold & silver at the notional & nominal dollar based prices. These may be giant at levels such as 100,000 per ounce. When the US Treasury again returns to issuing USA dollars, we should see a historical return of ratio of about 20 US dollars to an ounce of gold. However, at that time we may be hitting out 600 (new) US Dollars per oz for silver as industry sucks silver out of coins to make stuff like phones & new types of cool stuff."

      The following is from Ezra A Cohen:

      March 8. (Clif often reposts Ezra.)

      1. Cyber Attacks ongoing
      2. Supply chain is next..
      3. Rough estimate states one billion deaths.
      4. Withdraw your money from banks immediately.
      5G highest radiation
      Food shortages
      Water shortages
      Supply chain issues
      World War lll
      Vaccine Genocide
      Open Borders
      Human Trafficking Highest Levels
      Missing Children
      Maxine/Epstein Cover up
      Transgender/LGBTQ School Agenda
      Critical Race Theory
      Election Fraud
      Artificial Intelligence

    2. Based on the above from Erza and Clif High, how do we hedge the money in the bank (my accounts are at a credit union) if we had $60K after paying off all the debts and bought everything possible from the store to stock up?

      Buy 100 ounces of silver that is expected to go up to $600 per ounce. It is not easy to take out that much cash from ATM which I have done when the contractor I hired demanded to be paid by cash last year. If the digits in the accounts vanishes or “bailed in”, this is how we could insure our assets.

      Even though credit unions are considered the better alternative to banks, when the petrodollar dies, nothing is going to revive it.

    3. The delivery of the physical silver should be done by UPS or Fedex, not USPS. The US postal service cannot be trusted like every branch of the government.

  52. I found out who played a role at Chernobyl - but I should be rather quite for some time about that. It was sabotage. It may happen that I will try to interview one person who in my view has dirty hands .... before he dies I guess he may open up...

    1. When the blog participants at WHA become billionaires with their IQD, VND and crypto portfolio, and after making big purchases like private jets and 10,000 sqft. mansions, they may think about how to clean up the nuclear wastes encased in concrete sitting in the ocean. While concrete disintegrates in the ocean water, radiation continues to be active for decades if not centuries. I have known this for a very long time long before I started to learn about the conspiracy facts. I am also very curious why nothing can be done to stop the radiation leak in Chernobyl and Fukushima. This is a taboo subject scientists are not allowed to speak about according to my teacher.
      Since I produced no children, and I chose to live alone, when it is time for me to leave this world, I do not have to be concerned about the people I will leave behind. But I am very intrigued by those with children and grand children never think about these things.

    2. My teacher also thinks active radiation in the earth atmosphere cause psychopathy we see in society today. No kidding.

    3. Imagine with all the paper money people will be sitting with the contaminated air, water and food. I call this a living hell. The Native Americans had the wisdom to live off the land, so they had the respect for it, but the West or Anglo axis killed off 90% of them simply because they refused to provide slave labor for the Europeans in search of the New World.

  53. I gave it a thought about this CYBER ATTACK scenario. It is of course scary .... just check your emotions and thought afterwards you read such....

    This is my conclusion: I said something about COVID at early days when Russians came up with SPUTNIK....

    So, I believe that for sure they had such plans, as many others to torture innocent people, suck energy and money from them, sacrifice them to their whatever they worship or adore.
    BUT AS LONG AS THERE IS STANDING POWER as RUSSIA is, it will not work well for them. It was the same with COVID- They hate Russians to the morrow of their every bone....they can not wait to create another civil war in Russia as they did with Troickij.
    With SPUTNIK vaccine Putin broke their plans. Yes they had variants of vaccine - Japan found out and kicked them out. Is that correct, yes.
    Now imagine if they run their kill show in the Westerner world keep killing people with vaccine...let say first year 30% and then again 20% - WEST COLLAPSE - ECONOMY SHREDDED and OBSSS - HOW ABOUT HATED RUSSIA. And Russia would STAND STRONG with their SPUTNIK - protecting their citizens and nobody would kind of die of COVID and ECONOMY WOULD STAND STRONG.
    I am saying Putin saved the world with SPUTNIK - I said it right away when Russia announce a production of Sputnik - it is on my videos in Czech language....

    It is the same with CYBER - ATTACKS. Yes they can take down banks---steal the money from people but they can not do it in Russia in the same manner - IT WOULD GIVE CREDIBILITY TO RUSSIA and HUGE ADVANTAGE in every aspect of business and finances -
    So, as long as RUSSIA stands - there will be no APOCALYPTIC scenario. Are there APOCALYPTIC scenarios - yes they are on their desks in London - Swiss Geneva and Zurich - Washington....
    I had to sort my thoughts and emotions after I read CYBER ATTACK WARNING ....but this is my take, of course one should be vigilant and take things with high level or responsibility.

  54. Regarding currencies - YES there will be sort of adjustment - I do not have any insiders as others, but hearing also from Russian analysts but it will follow for sure at first ECONOMY STANDINGS...and GOLD in to speak.

    1. According to Paladin who wrote WH reports and created WHMG YouTube channel, the petrodollar will be replaced with the new Dollar one for one. He has kept his silence for a very long time for obvious reasons, but the last time I listened to his video, he stated he and his team were reconciling the gold that will back the new money.

      He also hinted that the new dollar will buy much more, and this may correlate the gold price will ending up being $20 per ounce from Clif High. No one really knows what will end up happening in the end, but gold priced at $20/ounce is like going back 100 years with the purchasing power.

    2. It is very interesting that spot gold is hovering around $2000 per ounce. This may mean they are going to drop two zeros from the old dollar to new dollar. Then, definitely, buying physical silver may be the prudent last ditch effort.

  55. Now to the snake of London - BULLY fascist head:

    Biolabs in Ukraine confirmed - Putin spoke about that many times, not only in Ukraine. Bioweapons being developed there. Confirmed by fascist Nuland or should I say NO-land, or even NO-LANDING because she had probably have attached balls from her husband to appear more tough hand in hand with LGBT....

    Now - Do you want to tell me that MI6 and British think-tanks that create scenarios for 30-50 years how to shape global politics and geo-politics HAD NO IDEA ABOUT IT? In case British had no idea about those BIO-LABS that were developing BIOWEAPONS AGAINST SLAVIC PEOPOLE - then that island is beyond THIRD-WORLD country of Guatemala relevance....and then probably Putin does not need worry. But since Putin is in high alert after BRITISH NULAND - lizARD tRUSS was shitting from her mouth then it tells me that BRITISH KNEW VERY WELL. If the British knew then Johnny English knew as well - because he claims to sit high up among loRDs.

    So, then he KNEW about BIO-LABS and he KEPT sponsoring NEO-NAZI AZOV and all those murderers attached to them. IT TELLS ME SOMETHING ABOUT HIS CHARACTER.
    Of course he truth breaks in he spots lying and swindle showing up himself as THE TRUTH AND JUSTICE PROTECTOR....
    That's why I call him little GOEBBELS - because he mastered the art of DECEPTION - and he learnt that form someone who did it before him.....

  56. Now UKRAINE -

    Russian special forces got hand on UKRAINE PLANS to invade DONECK and start the war machine. Russians got all the documents when they raided some of NEO-NAZI HEADQUARTERS ....

    ...Interesting isn't it. Not talking about A DIRTY BOMB they worked were hard to produce - who helped them? Israel at the first place, I would guess.

    So, all what I wrote about BIO-LABS applies also here - NATO knew about it and planned it together with NEO-NAZIS. NATO is run by US-UK. UK was the first and biggest WARMONGER last two months regarding tensions on RUSSIAN-UKRAINE border.....

    So, our lying BULLY of LONDON had no idea about it RIGHT? I understand that at WHA many people buy his swindles - well NOT ME.

  57. News are being heavily blocked all around....

  58. People do you remember I guess I mentioned it that FRANCE changed blue colour on the flag before X-Mass. I have a sense that Sweden did now exactly the same.

    What does it mean then?

    Old corporation that flew under a certain flag - ceased to exist and a new corporation had to be established. Now what does that everything mean. All that was tight-bonded to that corporation ceased to exist as well. What was it all tight to that corporation - was it currency - debt - constitution - YOU NAME IT.

    I will be after this ..... I will check Finland as well.

  59. I saw some news popping up about radiation in Ukraine relating to Chernobyl .... in link with Kiev.

    1. Chernobyl is under firm control of RUSSIAN-UKRAINE ARMY. It is a joint friendly command of Russian army and Ukraine army, they work together hand in hand protecting Chernobyl. Nothing will come out of that - all is safe.

    2. Those news that are popping may indicate to totally something else - Kiev all back in 1986 when Chernobyl went banana could have been complicit with foreign agents - I will not mane those countries as for now - one I could. One of the fellows was according to my research undoubtedly Czech .... who worked for other nations agencies.....

    3. That means they - fascist caBAAL (or CALL UPON BAAL) had today's realising plans on their table already in early 80s ......

  60. Replies
    1. Cannauzi - I can not access any news - all blocked. But in the morning while having coffee at work I check news and saw that Russians published news that the seized from Neo-Nazi Azov headquarters plans of Ukraine planning invasion - hot war against Donecks and Luhansk. They provided those documents - picture - copies with all signatures of authorities....
      In case you have access - I will try tomorrow Russian language sites - I can that much Russian...

  61. To SF

    I just checked Armstrong...., and guess what I found: Russia disconnecting the internet .......

    What did I write above ...... This will pacify West ... they can not launch global attack .... Russia is out of their reach .... that means RUSSIA would win .... they HATE Russia because Putin constantly pacifies their PLANS...

    1. Russia will be insulated from viruses like Stuxnet. Japan knew how to protect itself from going in the state of deadlock until it was pried open. There are people wanting to go back being closed off again because we cannot reason with psychopaths.

      All nations have the right to be sovereign to protect itself from foreign enemies. Russian intelligence can take care of their domestic enemies. All of this will lead to Pax Americana - the period of relative peace and isolation. The world needs it badly.

  62. For sure there is something about them knocking off news access from Russia - they know that Russia would lie about crooked way of the Nazi thugs.
    Jim Stone keeps alert high because K - Harris coming down to Europe 3.11 - day. Then Ukraine Neo-Nazi shouting from their holes - radiation Chernobyl-Kiev
    Jets from Polands to Reimstein Germany - US has still nukes in Germany for sure....

  63. THE SAKER HAS IT - Ukraine and NATO plans to attack Doneck planned March - Putin did pre-empted pacification.сe-original-documents-planned-offensive-operation-against-donbass-in-march-of-this-year/

  64. So, it has been while checking fascist UK media - but I made the step and checked it.

    SO, JOHNNY ENGLISH LITTLE fascist GOEBBLES - you want to tell me that your Media are independent from higher up power or even politicians -- WHAT A SYNCHRONISATION.

    Hmmmmm, should not we check what NANCY PELOSI says how it all works?

    Pfizer releases its list of vaccine side effects. Wow.


    Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby JUST LIED TO THE WORLD

    US has funded Ukraine Lab Pathogen and Bio Weapon Research since 2005

    A publicly-available document📎 shows a $15MN agreement signed between the US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry to support research into biological weapon research in Kiev, Lvov and Odessa.

    The US govt provided materials and training for “cooperative biological research, biological threat agent detection and response, and improving biological material protection, control and accountability”.

    Details were withheld from public disclosure, but “state secrets of Ukraine” were to be shared with the US Defense Dept.

    Checkmate. Time to reveal what really went on there for almost two decades?

  67. I just listened to Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation -Novak. It is in Russian language.
    1. Russian did not activate by any means a rise of prizes of gas or oil
    2. Russia faithfully honours all contracts signed by every country.
    3. Russia does not participate or agree or aim to create a energy crisis

    Cutting off Russia supply from European customers would hurt European customers not Russia. Governments should honestly tell people where all this will lead....

    1. This tells me:

      West crisis - financial and social as it was engineered - needs a escape goat. This may be also why NATO did all possible that Ukraine will not uphold MINSK protocols or any peaceful solution to Russia proposals. As we know NATO and US ignored Russians sovereigns proposal for security.

      West will call that all those prizes and other things are due to RUSSIA to mislead public from their own collapse.
      Finally, what it was said many times - Europe is to become Islamic caliphate under the supervision of IRAN. Iran is being systematically prepared for this role - how successful it will be is a question. Europe is set to fail and slow down so is US.....Europe will aim to get oil from Iran and gas probably as well...

      Now West is frustrated that Russia ignores their game - and it would mean that in case Europe and US will slow down economically - Russia would then RISE UP - move ahead and even overtake them. They need that Russia burns their resources on wars TO PROTECT selves from invaders sponsored and organised by the West.
      As Putin said - we had to go to Syria because if the West creates there HUB or terrorist they will come to us killing our citizens. This is exactly the same scenario regarding Ukraine - Ukraine was set up as a HUB that would bring about new NEO-NAZI that would be used against Russia.

      This is WEST game - how it will end?

  68. Listened to Putin a moment ago - He does not doubt for a second that objectives will not be met. He is positive and all strategic operations go forward according to the plans ... they did not deviate from the planned draft..

    Russia keeps celebrating Woman's day on March 8th. Part of the interview in on youtube - you want to listen to Putin how he invited ladies to have tea-time interaction with it is. Of course women and children are vulnerable and men should do all to protect them first. Of course women want to know how safe everything is....

  69. Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

    MARCH 09, 2022

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

  70. “Even though Russia and Ukraine have been talking, zero agreement has been reached in stopping the three-week-old war between the two countries.  There is no good faith effort to end it, and it appears the Deep State globalists want this conflict to continue. The only conclusion you can come to is, ultimately, this leads to war, and that’s what they want.  Be prepared for this conflict and escalating sanctions to continue for some time to come.  Maybe this is why Martin Armstrong sees a big war cycle coming in 2023.
    It’s been difficult reporting on Ukraine because of the lies and propaganda.  For the past few weeks, the Biden/Obama Administration has been denying there are U.S. bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.  They called it conspiracy theories and “fake news.”  They should have told that to State Department Under Secretary Victoria Nuland because in Senate testimony under oath, she basically confirmed the U.S. did indeed have bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.  Nuland said she was worried about the labs falling into the hands of the Russians, and she was not talking about the Russians finding out about a cure for cancer.  This breaks a 1992 agreement by the U.S. and Russia on bio-weapons.  Another example of propaganda in Ukraine is many of the videos you are seeing contain old video from other battles and even video game footage that simulate war.  A big percentage are fake or total misrepresentations of what is going on in Ukraine.  It’s all used to sway public opinion against Russia and for NATO.  Even globalist George Soros is shilling for Ukraine, and that alone is a huge red flag.
    As the sanctions on Russia increase, the economy continues to tank.  The big issue is supply of goods and commodities causing spiking inflation.  Just look at wheat prices.  Last fall, when winter wheat was planted, the grain was around $5.50 per bushel.  Today, thanks to sanctions on Russia, it is averaging more than $11.00 per bushel.  Expect the free bread at Outback and every other restaurant to not be so free in the future.  All indications are the tanking of the global economy will keep going because the Russia/Ukraine conflict has no end in sight. and that’s what the Deep State globalists want.”

    34 minute video in the above link.

  71. “I went to the bank for other reasons, and since I was there, I asked for 10k in cash. They said I had to order it. I asked what they could give me, and they replied that there was a limit of 2k. I said I just wanted the cash in case of power grid failures, cyberattacks, and war. The bank teller said that is why everyone is asking for cash these days.
    Then speaking to bullion dealers, they said people are coming in to sell their silver bullion coins from Russia. They said people are panicking and do not want to have silver bullion. Quite astonishing, if I do say.
    I then ran and bought a spare laptop just in case for as this all continues, chips will vanish, and computers will end up like cars — selling for over list when you can even get them.”

    Per Clif High, the Petrodollar may come to an end tonight at midnight.

  72. “The Most Common Expat Problems”

    “🚨🚨Second Citizenship Will Be Dead🚨🚨”
    The above videos are by Andew Henderson, aka Nomad Capitalist. If a war has to come our way, Southern Hemisphere is the place to be, but I am excluding Australia and New Zealand for the same reason I would avoid Canada and the US. Uruguay may be the place for me. Doug Casey has been living there. Japan will not be a safe place for anyone. The Satanists and Zionists all hate Japanese for reasons I am not at liberty to state here, and it will be their wet dream to destroy Japan in its entirety.


    This is interesting because Kimberly Goguen is said to be a fraud and scam artist.
    Like the old the US military saying goes, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

    1. I just remembered someone mentioning Kim Goguen being “blue blood” but “ostracized”. It could mean she is an nephilim hybrid (lizard people). As for Benjamin Fulford, he is part Ashkenazi Jew (not a Semite) because he admitted it in public. He used to say that he was getting many death threats before, but when his daughter had a baby in Canada, he was traveling by air during the lockdown. All of this is bizarre, and I do not make important decisions based on what they say.
      Even if the “good guys” end up taking the power away from the “bad guys”, nothing guarantees us anything is going to improve for the ordinary people.


    New Zealand is not afraid of their authoritarian Prime Minister.

  76. According to the maternity hospital in Mariupol, the doctors were drivfn out by militNt members of the nationalist Azov battalion. After every person was expelled from the premisis, firing ranges were set up and used which included arget shelling and mortar use.

    Russia calling for a UN Security Council meeting is a big deal. As I was talking about earlier, almost every country in the world is part of the Biological Weapons Convention. Article 6 states: "Any State Party to this convention which finds that any other state party is acting in breach of obligations..." "Such a complaint should include all possible evidence confirming its validity".
    Russia has proof the United States breached their obligations and they are about to prove it to the world.

  77. This is from JIM STONE ...his own words:

    After the bioweapons hearing at the UN, the Cayman Islands, where many of the members of Russian parliament had financial assets stached (along with the rest of the world's top people) - the Cayman Islands received an order to seize all assets held by Russia and Russian officials, and they did. Seized them all. It appears all assets, even those held by private individuals are being seized worldwide.

    There was some rumor that the seizures were based upon how people voted in the Russian parliament, but it now appears that even those who had no political power who held assets outside of Russia are having them seized, even little things like shops on main street, rental properties, and vacation homes. Any asset outside of Russia at all is being seized.

    Therefore Russia has every right to seize every asset on their turf also even if it is privately held

    These seizures happened after Russia revealed that the West planned to knock out entire ethnic groups by implanting diseases in migrating species such as birds, migratory insects (monarch butterflies for example) and other migratory animals (caribou would be an example of that) but Caribou would probably not be used because they are North American, that's just an example. A locust swarm could be used etc.
    So what in effect has happened is that Russia busted the United States for setting up a plot to make horrific plagues completely appear to be acts of god, totally untraceable. How do you trace a disease spread by a spiked population of migratory critters? You can't. It would just look natural. Maybe even Corona was released via migratory bats.

    Russia got completely nailed all the way from top to bottom for revealing this. And then got called liars by the liars. There really is only one way to respond to this because if no response happens, then the demon gets bigger and what's going to happen with the next seasonal migration???...
    America and the rest of the west lied and shoved dirt down Russia's throat while lying. NOT GOOD.

    Seeing how the U.N. handled Russia and how much the west continues to lie, it appears the only way forward is world war 3.

  78. There are reasons why I called FASCIST JOHNNY ENGLISH NAZI LYING SNAKE OF LONDON ....

    Look what he does when it is exposed that he was caught lying ...... he has strategy how to fool people ...

    1. He and his fascist peers at the CITY kept lying through their teeth - warmongering - false NANCY PELOSI clear that up - WE DEMONISE - SMEAR, We sell it to media - Media advertise that - we pick it as self evident.

    Now how that snake of London and his peers try to sneak out when they are caught? Check what he write ...


    And then he says ETHEREAL VALUES WE LIVE BY - yes after you take cocaine you bastard of London.

  79. john2021 says:
    March 10, 2022 at 10:54 pm
    Lets all be grateful we have WHA to get the truth out to the people. We expose bad Leaders and lying Politicos.
    Ignorance is not Bliss. Are you taking the P? .

    1. Truth can be a bit confusing for those folks. It will be a hard lesson when they finally hit that wall.

  80. Evidently by the WH rhetoric - CABAL NAZI are getting ready for chemical attack somewhere in Ukraine -

    China and Russia must crash WESTERNER FINANCIAL SYSTEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - cut the snakes head - in CITY of LONDON at first - this is where the brains sits....

  81. ISS - International Space Station WAS BUILT from 75% by Russians - period, full stop. Now this mess is getting out of proportions.

    Rogozin threatened to leave US astronaut in outer space - firstly, Rogozin was getting big pay from enemy of humanity - Westerner Cabal, he was selling secrets and was standing on two soils at the same time. It was like Lukashenko of Belarus. Now Lukashenko woke up and realised that allied with West is his death and MAJDAN in Minsk.
    Anyhow, Rogozin has probably a fat account at Cayman island and he can not access it anymore..... So West will tell him, create a coup d ETAT in Moscow and you can access your account.....

  82. Now president of Hungary - who kicked out Soros and IMF from the country - who opposed to let immigrants to come via Hungary and into Hungary - who opposed to sponsor fascist in Ukraine by any means HAD TO FOLD DOWN - somehow they forced him to bend ....

    ORBAN is HERO with a big H.....

    He admitted some NATO troops in the country - so far he said the West of Hungary...

    All countries had to bend down....I will give some description - countries are being forced to agree with the West..against their will.

  83. SF - REGARDING Fulford interview with her...I stopped following them in 5 minutes ....

    But anyhow, few things I keep open for myself.

    There was a fellow - Pete Peterson - scientist, inventors to what degree he was correct I am not sure. He said he was in many federal projects. Castidy had an interview like 12-15 years ago or what, it may be those days when she still work with that British guy Bill. Anyhow that Peterson said - in the 80s he was a part of the project scanning DNA - and he said that about 10% of DNA has slightly different signature. And he said that it is basically in each nation groups. He said he did not have any answer to that. Of course one has to be selective regarding what is coming out to people from all directions...but so it is.

    Regarding NEANDERTHALs - I gave some thought to that.

    There is a certain rule among cabal. Somebody who is a threat they first aim to defeat him and then to humiliate him publicly. This is how it is done. And finally they create an image for the people about that individual of total disgrace. It was done to Stalin who defeated them and brought Russian from 70% illiterate nation to nation who conquered space. If Russia kept that pace and direction then in the late 60s it would overrun WEST in all aspects. So few things needed to be done. Kill Stalin - replace him with Troickij ideology sympathiser who would eventually submit self to the leadership of the West. Finally to create image of Stalin not a victor over Westerner NAZI but as the one who displaced national groups and created under the guidance of Troickists camps. This all happened - we can discuss it. But anyhow this is their tactic.
    Now what I want to say about Neadertalls:

    1. Few things caught my attention - it was in news like 10-15 years back. In Israel they unearthed a caves on the same mountain. One cave on one side and and the other on opposite side. In one cave so called Neanderthals lived and in another Homo sapiens and it was said it was the same time period.
    2. When you check how in Germany was made an archeological old find - and by whom then it rose up my eyebrows.
    3. The image of a face of an NEANDERTHAL is an ugly face by our standards - and this is exactly what I began to think about.

    Another rule of cabal is to scare people of something that may be good and they portray it is very very bad, ugly, dangerous - they create an image that people do not want to be associated with and discard it.

    When you look at Nefertiti - you are drawn to her - admire beauty, when you look at a picture of neanderthal you do not want to be associated with.

    What I am saying - is I keep my options open. Not mentioning a fact that Cain slain his brother and had to go and find a woman and had children and was success in his doings.

    1. Catholic church sent missionaries to control the minds of the people all over the world. Francisco de Xavier (7 April 1506 – 3 December 1552) was the first missionary sent by Franciscan Church (Jesuits) to Japan, all thanks to the big mouth Marco Polo (15 September 1254 – 8 January 1324) reported Japanese gold notably ornamental gold in castles and such in “La Description du Monde”. All the gold Japan possessed was stolen by England, France and Russia between 1853 (after Perry invasion) – 1857 with bogus taxation, laws and agreements that they had no right to impose, but this was never taught in history.
      “How the Bible has changed over the past 2,000 years”
      We cannot rely on the Western propaganda to know the truth because they stole from the rest of the world, and nothing has changed.

    2. The balance of power has been out of whach on the planet earth for too long, and it needs to be realigned if we want to have a chance at creating meaning life. But chances are many lives will be lost due to the fact that the West refuses to meet half way with the East without the realization that the East does not need to counter with propaganda while the West self destruct. The East has the time that the West does not.

    3. I used to know a student from Papua New Guinea who was studying in Japan. Before Australian missionaries went in, the people there used to practice cannibalism, the little did those missionaries know, that is what the upper echelon practices there, too. It is hypocritical, I think, but they got away.

  84. Please check this picture - it is a ENTRY GATE to the CZECH CASTLE - presidential palace could be said also. It is a complex.

    About hundred years ago in one of the courtyards they erected a monument high 33 meters made of granite - just small version of Washington monument one can say. So there are no two symbols which they were not originals from the beginning.

    Titans statue presents somebody stronger then humans and beat them and kills them - so this statue gives message - do not get associated with such Titans - they kill humans and submit them. BUT IN MY VIEW IT IS CABAL REVERSE MANIPULATION. It is exact mirror opposite. So, Stalin would be Titan fighting for people's right who defeated cabal in WW2. Prometheus brought fire to the humankind and was tortured for that by gods of Olympus or Olympians.
    Jesus would be another example of a TITAN who stood up cabal establishment.

    So, I am indicating that Neanderthals might exist - and are not ugly - and might have slightly different DNA structure and might be inclined to favour justice and be protectors of people. Putin would be one of which - so all people in alternative media...opposite is of course Johnny English the impostor ....

    But I keep my back doors open. I am not saying that this is it....I look around and search and make my judgments, raise up questions and seek to answer them.

  85. Unmasking - must take place. All who want to participate in a war need to umask - this was stated here many times. Corporations have to show where they stand - so they give different symbolic indications - they do not say it openly. Symbols speak....

    QazaQ air ....

    One sign of their symbology is: MIRROR image - Q -aza -Q, or NATO-OTAN

    The same organization so be it SATANSTS or CABAL or whatever.....
    Word SATAN means ADVERSARY it does not need to indicate some supernatural demon ....


    "QUESTION: You noted that the Pentagon rejected Poland sending planes to Ukraine showed they were not behind this drive. Is this just politicians?
    ANSWER: Wars are always begun by politicians. Some for their ego to rule and conquer like Alexander the Great. Others do so out of retribution, such as Hitler, mixed with the idea of eugenics. Biden is now threatening to cut off all energy sales from Russia. There are no peacemakers here. All this is about escalating the situation, and nobody tells Zelensky to compromise. They KNOW that Putin cannot now back down. That is politically impossible. So is climate change, the whole goal behind the Great Reset, the real agenda here? They have gone so far that they pushed China and Russia into a stronger alliance, for China has to look at what the West is doing to Russia and must see that they will do the same to them. Thus, China has restated that Russia is its “strategic” partner. The three obstacles to the Great Reset were Trump, Russia, and China. This is a very convenient coincidence.
    I have had very high-level discussions with those in politics around the world. Those who are unbiased and are witnessing what I see as deliberate are beside themselves. Nobody is stepping up to be the peacemaker here. This is very strange, for in the 40 years I have been dealing with governments around the world, NEVER have I witnessed the refusal to talk when the fate of the world is being held in the balance.
    Where Cuba and Vietnam were clearly instigated by the military’s desire for war, I do not see that this time around. NATO and the Pentagon are trying to keep the West out of this mess. It is without question that politicians are pushing the world to the brink. The truth always comes out in the end just as 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination, and why Oswald tried to call a CIA operative from jail known as the Raleigh Call.
    I have my suspicions, and this time it is NOT the military."

  87. American, Asian, and Spanish Asset Accounts United
    Anna Von Rietz

  88. "In the UK, where Truss is a leading government figure, plans for a dictatorship are at an advanced stage. The UK state has exploited the pseudopandemic to progress and enact a slew of dictatorial legislation.

    The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2020 empowers the state to commit any crime it likes and removes all legal liability from its operatives; the Police, Crimes, Sentencing & Courts Bill effectively outlaws all public protest and, while currently stalled after the House of Lords rejected the Bill, some minor amendments will almost certainly see it passed into law; the Online Safety Bill, when enacted, will end freedom of speech online and the proposed changes to official secrets, counter-espionage; and counter-terrorism legislation will remove the journalist’s defence of acting in the public interest, effectively ending whistle-blowing and investigative journalism in the UK.

    All these tyrannical changes are exemplified by the UK government’s proposed Human Rights Act reforms. Their press release demonstrates how their claim of respecting individual rights, freedoms and democracy is nothing more than propaganda designed to dupe an unsuspecting public."

    1. Every time the West uses the guise of “freedom and democracy”, we need to remember that it is for THEM, not those being invaded. This is how imperialism and colonialism mentality “work” for THEM, not for us.

      The English language is very tricky one because it is a slavery (perpetuating) language, always speaking in tongue and cheek while looking down through their bifocal.

  89. Yet another embarrassing moment to come. What will happen next week when the Whitehouse hosts India PM Modi? Bidfn is recalled having said, "You can't go into a 7-11 without using an Indian accent. Mr Modi is certainly not going to thank Brandon for the advance warning. BTW the DD near me is Filipino owned.

  90. This is the reason WHY Zelensky is the president of Ukraine and why there is conflict as it is - WEF Switzerland - aka Obama transgender freaks with his Michael wife.

  91. SF- Jesuits, to my understanding of history all looks like that Jesuits were created by Black Nobility of Venice and Genova....

    Jesuits place my country under 300 years of DARKNESS .... the nation survived though it was doomed to be wipe out - germanise - swallowed by Germans. Hitler tried to do the same.

    Foot soldiers missionaries had no idea - they are usually honest - believing - might be also naive. It is still the same today. They are honest people who really go and serve for free taking no payment. My wife's sousing served as a nurse for 2 years in Africa - she had to pay her only money for equipment and what ever not that much but still. She did not get anything out of that. Then war came and that village where she was serving - was wiped out. It does not exist anymore she said. She is naive - but has a good heart. After her comes others and others. My wife's co-worker family created school out of nothing and no sponsorship in Africa.

  92. Interesting read: Ukraine includes also map till today how much is under control of Russia:

    I read the article and author is not counting with a fact that Ukraine army is joining Russia step after step....As it was demonstrated Chernobyl is guarded by Ukraine-Russia joint forces....

    He says that such operation would need 80 000 troops on ground. I can not make any comment on that one - I have no knowledge. My comment is only the fact that Ukraine army works together with Russian army to get rid of NEO-NAZI thugs. Once the operation successful - Ukraine army will take control over Ukraine, there might be some provisional government under command of the Army of Ukraine - of course assuring that Ukraine will go under NATO but will join Russian - Belarus forces.

  93. More and more analysts call for departure of fiat currency and re-establishment of gold--

    1. Russia will be the decider and China will jump the wagon and my take is that Russia will not go gold and physical currency at first, then digital will come afterwards. My take is not there will be no more mercy to the West - as SF says - it is too much forward and it can not be stopped. Russia has everything to live pretty comfortably. Highest producer of agricultural products, while Joe and his villains did all possible to crash US agricultural production. Then we have Brazil, Argentina all big agricultural powers. If Russia has those 30 000 tuns of gold plus all minerals in plenty, has superiority in space programs (Americans - NASA are using Russian rocket engines.....) then it pretty clear where the FIAT will go. West last chance is crypto - to fool people that it has values, but as long as it is not backed by anything then it is fiat currency. Of course Biden and others push for that .... but it will crash. We might have two systems competing - GOLD and CRYPTO. Crypto will be HYPE for some time and it can not be sustained without backing.

    How will they make a deal with Russia after what they have done to Russia???? Be my guest.

  94. I saw that Tino at reported that high ranking Russia spy chief was taken down - if it was so, then he was bended, it is like Rogozin of Roscosmos - space agency. All the Russian money seizure is of course crime without any - absolutely - any factual evidence. It is a theft per excellence of the fascist London. And it is aimed only to INSTIGATE a coup and CIVIL WAR in Russia. Taking money from high ranking corrupt officials with hopes that those officials will go nuts...

  95. So final thought for today:

    Idiots in London did all possible to steal FIAT MONEY of Russians - Putin responds we will nationalise all business, properties own by West. So FIAT currency goes banana - and Putin will have in hands - FACTORIES, BUSINESS, HOTELS, HOUSING - bank in Russian hands. So who wins? Fascist Johnny English? Think twice.

  96. Not really, it was not the last post of today: Things are really happening.
    So from Jim Stone:

    Iran most-likely wiped out Mossad base in Iraq - THIS is the BIG ONE. Bigger than Ukraine......, timing is bad for Israel, Israel plays dirty in Ukraine. That means it may happen they might have difficulty to fight two fronts, so much apart. Who will come to their rescue? Joe? He can not find on the map TEXAS.

  97. Can not stop laughing: But firstly Ferrari joined the alliance of blind and went full throttle against Putin. So Neo-Nazi will probably get their red FERRARIs instead of tanks and will go full speed attack backed by Black Nobility of Italian car maker thinking that Moscow will get scared from the RED INVASION....Not good for Ferrari...One has to understand the power game they play. Black Nobilities play this game of power, via their brands cars. Lamborghini and Ferrari - Lamborghini relates to Longobards - Goths and Estragoths who invaded ancient Rome and settle in the north under the Alps...Ferrari is of house of FERRARA -Black Nobility. Pagani, Buggati all the power game of old NOBILITIES....Their links go back to ROME.

  98. MILITARY BRIEFING OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION gen KONASHENKOV - the fellow who gave briefing from Syria on daily basis: Anyhow here it comes what happened on battle field on Saturday 12.03.

    ▪️ On the morning of March 12, high-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukraine’s military infrastructure.

    💥 The military airfield in Vasylkov and the Main Centre of Radio and Electronic Intelligence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Brovory have been disabled.

    💥 During the day, Russian aviation and military air defence shot down 5 unmanned aerial vehicles, including 2 Bayraktar TB-2 and 1 Tochka-U tactical missile.

    💥 Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 145 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    💥 Including: 3 anti-aircraft missile systems, 8 command posts and communication centres, 5 ammunition and fuel depots, 78 areas of military equipment concentration.

    ▪️💥 In total, during the operation, 3,491 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were disabled.

    💥 Destroyed: 123 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,127 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 115 multiple launch rocket systems, 423 field artillery guns and mortars, 934 units of special military vehicles.

  99. HOT NEWS from LGBT stock.

    Johnny English is going to sell on Christies his SHITTED PANTS .... extra calling prize ... in one of pants pockets is folded 100 pound bill is brownish colour. Johnny claims that there was not enough toilet paper. Not only since Daniel Craig began to wear pinkish cloths Johnny could not hold back his true colours and all his cloths including undies are pinkish - hail be the pink colour. This will be a rumble when the sky falls over the CiTy.

    1. If the following is true and shows itself as manifest toothed public, youbeont Havertown wait until Christmas.
      The following is from a Telegrsm account:
      ☝️ How they kept the DEATH OF THE QUEEN hidden for near 2 years is astounding....../// ANONS knew... The TRUTH long ago 😉.......
      Many are missing in the Royal family ( not reported)// many CCP Elites are missing ( not reported) // many are missing in the U.S. > elites> celebrities> military personal, CIA , FBI AGENTS, ( not being reported)///
      > DC GHOST TOWN ( NO MONEY, BROKE DISTRICT... Ten square miles of central DC buildings closed down. Empty
      >UK MAJESTY major castle estates closed. . Buckingham palace closed first time in history and reopens as museum and self guided tours.. Allowing people through the once forbidden Palace to roam
      >CHINA CCP ELITES fortress and dynasty homes and Estates empty/deserted 22 Provinces controlled by the PRC
      >VATICAN RUNS OUT OF MONEY (smallest country in the world since 1929 that controls the Catholic system in 5 continents across the World and collected quintillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of dollars through controlled donations, banking system, extortion, blackmails, money laundering, Italian mafia controlled empire that stretches into Las Vegas system) ... And now they are broke???
      If your don't know what's happening . You'll never know!!!.

      If you know... Keep your seats belts buckled buttercups!!!!!!!



    2. Predictive type again with my cataracts...
      If the following is true you won't have to wait until Christmas.

    3. Rumors are coming out of a flag maker in China that an order was placed by Johnny English of a Union Jack Flag with queenie's face embossed in it's center ensconced with and inscription below, 1926-2022.

      Ben Fulford:
      Eu Negotiating Surrender
      Fake Biden Government Doomed
      The EU or Nazi fourth Reich, knows it is checkmated and is trying to negotiate a surrender to Russia, multiple sources confirm. This means the fake Biden regime in the US will also have to surrender or die, the sources promise. “Ukraine is the head of the snake. Once it comes down there is no globalist empire anymore. It is finished,” explains an Australian special forces officer.

      The reason for this defeat is that the Pentagon and the five eyes nations (Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the US) are refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazi EU.

      This caused the French military to...

      Personal Note: I can't wait until my catholic church orders one of those flags with our pope on it. I'll be visiting Russian Orthodox very soon.

  100. Japan purged Jesuits by a group of patriotic samurai after Shogun Oda Nobunaga ( 6/23/1534 – 6/21/1582 ) was assassinated by Akechi Mitsuhide ( 3/10/1528 – 7/2/1582 )who knew Oda was going to allow Jesuits to take control over Japan. New government was established by Tokugawa Ieyasu ( 1/31/1543 – 6/1/1616) in Tokyo that was called Edo, and Edo Bakufu (government) closed off Japan for 300 years until it was invaded by Perry in 1853, and this is all the problems erupted.

    Whether 1853 or 2022, the parasitic nature of the West has not changed. It has to take that which is not theirs. I have been told “that’s how it is” at WHA once, but Russia changed that once for all. Russia will survive and thrive on her own term going forward even though the West at large is in the state of confusion. This is the difference between the culture based on something real or fake. It will take awhile for the UK, EU and US to get the drift.
    The above video covers this very subject. I am hopeful WEF objectives will go down as well.

    1. 数百年の歴史にもうすぐ幕が降ろされます。プーチンが良いとか悪いとかより、彼がやったことはヨーロッパを、世界のこれまでを終わらせるものとなるからです。









  101. Going to Get Bad, Really Bad – David Morgan

    Last year about this time, precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan was warning about massive money printing and the so-called “everything bubble” popping.  Inflation is the pin, and it found the bloated debt bubble.  Now get ready for some pain as Morgan explains, “It’s going to get bad, and I mean really bad.  There is already mass starvation at the lower end of the economic scale in third world countries. . . . Prices are going to be untenable for many people, especially those in the middle class. When you get gasoline going up to the $5, $6, $7 range and you’ve got food going up to the level it’s gone up to and continues to go up to, it’s going to be bad.  I am focusing on real stuff, not the bond market or what the price of gold is going to do.  I am talking about day-to-day living. . . . When gasoline goes from $3.50 per gallon to $5.50 per gallon and you start doing the math on how much it takes to fill up your car and drive it back and forth to work every day, all of a sudden you’ve got diminishing returns.  Then factor in what your heating bills and what your grocery bill is going to be.  So, there is going to be a lot of people at the margin, and the margin keeps moving up.  It’s a few percent of the population.  Then it’s 10% and then 20% and so on.  When food gets to be 50% of your budget, then there are food riots.  That’s the trend . . . and I think we will get there. . . . We know the ‘Arab Spring’ was not about politics.  It was about food.  We are going to see ‘Arab Springs’ spring up all over the place because of food costs and availability.  You can have a lot of money and not be able to get food too.”
    It’s not just physical assets that are going to be affected, but the financial system too.  Morgan says, “What is all this going to do to the financial system?  It’s breaking, but it’s been broken for a long time.  We just have not seen the end result—yet.  I don’t think the bankers really thought this through all the way.  If you look at the way Russia is, they are a hardened people.  They are used to suffering.  They are used to standing in line for bread and potatoes.  They are not like other nations. . . . This is going to get uglier and uglier and harder and harder.  I do not think this is going to get resolved anytime soon.”
    What does Morgan see coming?  Morgan says, “There are going to be cyber-attacks, and they are going on right now.  There is going to be communication breakdown.  Number three, there are going to be consequences that nobody can see at this point.  And to reiterate, it’s a mess, and it’s going to get messier, and it’s not going to be resolved quickly.”
    Morgan see’s gold at $2,300 by the end of this year and silver near $40 per ounce.  In 2023, all bets are off, and Morgan contends you could see both metals way higher than they are now.  Morgan says, “Silver will outperform gold in the long run on a percentage basis. . . . Silver will outperform gold four to one.”  Morgan also says, “Demand for the metals from pensions funds and other big money managers is a “trend that is just getting started.”
    Morgan also talks about the importance of cash and what the signal will be to get out of the U.S. dollar.
    51 minute video in the above link:

  102. Weapons of Mass Destruction --- Found at Last!
    By Anna Von Reitz

    As I write this, the Russian Government is presenting definitive proof to the Security Council at the United Nations, that "the" US and various NATO Allies were heavily engaged in producing illegal, unlawful, and immoral biological weapons in over a dozen well-funded laboratories in the Ukraine.
    The current Ukrainian Government allowed this activity and...
    (more at)

    1. This while John-boy and his dickhats make comments supporting the Nazis of the UK and US Governments,
      i.e. F.Joe Biden and queenie who is no longer home.

    2. Patents protecting criminal activities amid false claims of "National Security Interest". These Patents blatantly describe the means with which these infamous crimes have been accomplished, who created these evils, and their intended purpose.
      We've also provided video depositions of expert witnesses having first hand evidence and eye-witness testimony of the development of the Covid-19 agenda and the development of the polluted mis-named "vaccines"

    3. Here ya go...

  103. SF - I do not defend or make any apology against Jesuits or Vatican. As a matter of fact, as I stated the Czech people were subjected for 300 years of slavery to Austrian empire and Lichtenstein nobilities and Germans of course. All done via Jesuits - history changed, books burnt educational system we had wiped of Jesuits and Vatican - so to speak, Vatican as Roman Catholic establishment of Rome.....

    But again, foot soldiers - and in many ways may not have any idea what is really up. As I understand today Jesuits were created by Black Nobility of Venice and Genova, Roman Catholic Church under control of Black nobility of Ancient Rome who would account again to Venice, Genova, Florence, Padov name it...

  104. Thanks guys .... it did not need to go this way but probably there is no return. my wife began to stuff extra food. I have some plantation where we grow our own stuff, it is relax to work there.

  105. I saw Johnny English had again abstinence from cocaine so he went his way of empowerment of evil and warmongering -john2021 says:
    March 13, 2022 at 4:21 am
    Ukraine has the snipers. Shoot 5 more Generals and Commanders. IED their approach roads. roads. Use the anti tank missiles on his supply convoys and it all crashes down on Putin. Use bomb carrying drones to mass attack his lines. The Russians will run. Take it to them. Target the Snipers 10 a day each. He’s got at least 50 Snipers to take out Russians. Ambush Russians all over Ukraine; Every day 500 die to Snipers. 2,500 to Drones.
    See how long they take that? Use those F SAMS you Pricks. Make Ukraine a No Fly Zone. SAMs terrify pilots. .Mortore the Russian’s camps at night..Night blind them. No sleep? Hit back hard don’t sit as Sitting Ducks.
    Guerilla warfare. Attack, attack attack. They break. .

  106. So, we will teach the way of honour of a golden rule and rule one rule equal. Warmongers as you are, will have no place in our new world.

    Now as WE THE PEOPLE are with the RIGHT of defending TRUTH - FACTS - PEACE - FACTUAL EVIDENCE. This is our modest stand against evil doers and warmonger.

    Now the way you rumble on Russia means that Putin gave you another punch that you can not withstand yourself. What a shame. A fellow BULLY gets punched and knocked down and keeps asking by standers please would you hit that big man who knocked me down because I bullied him. By standers will spit at you, some may even pee....

    1. He knows - Ukraine was COUP d ETAT done by the West
    2. He knows - Ukraine NEO-NAZI are being built up by the West - including finance
    3. He knows - Neo-Nazi kept killing innocent for over 7 years
    4. He knows that Russia did not take down civilian plane MH 17
    5. He knows that Neo-Nazi and West-NATO alliance built BIO LABS for evil purposes
    6. He know that UK sposored those NEO-NAZI day and night
    7. He know that Ukraine under guidance of the WEST broke Minsk agreements hundreds of times

    Then he turns around and BULLIES people about ETHEREAL VALUES OF ETERNITY....


    1. He is really an idiot - Johnny English Bully, he is using and as his credible sources and the talks NANCY PELOSI non-sense.....

      john2021 says:
      March 13, 2022 at 9:43 am

      There is no maybe if he’s not taken Ukraine in 2 weeks the meetings will start. This is Russia always plotting.
      Putin has seriously damaged Russia it’s a stupid war which could have been handled far better

    2. Our duty is to expose him naked as he is and knock him off.....

    3. It's taken more than 2 weeks to get the Nazis out of the Ukraine all because of moves made by outside influences, USA, NATO, Etc., etc. What else is new?

  107. Vlastimil, John's brown pants... Is that the release he told us he would announce? Just wondering.

    1. Nothing specific, I did not indicate anything regarding the release from his but and release of GS.

      However, once Russia comes to peace settlement with Ukraine which will happen one way or the other with Russia having upper victorious hand...then, I would expect West will be punished, namely London. That's why Johnny is so nervous doing all possible in his warmongering....he knows what is coming.

      1. Russian ruble will go back as it was
      2. With that I assume more GS will continue
      3. Assets backed money
      4. And only at some point later digital

      West hopes to scape goat with digital to hide bankruptcy..

      Anna v R - mentioned that London has illegally Russian gold as well as Prussian gold -- this is what makes Johnny English nervous also....then of course Venezuela will get their gold back as well.....London will loose global trust....

    2. For sure canauzie knows quite good chunk of reality - but he keeps his stand on the side. He is trustworthy.

    3. I'm thinking Russi likely has more hold than any othrr country right now. They are confident and in no way insecure. Im guessing also in Ukrainevthry used much of b ygrirbexpired b technologies and won't unmask the big guns until an outsider makes a move. I for one wish they'd hit all of MSM. Somebody's got to put them to sleep already.
      Government Bans Low Prices
      On another note...
      John Stossel exposes the divide between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”-- Mandatory price minimums for products they don’t want poor people to have, does that sound fair?
      Does this sound like the America you grew up in?

  108. Fake factory of the Kiev regime backfires in their face.

    To confirm that the President of the Kiev regime of Ukraine Volodimir Selensky is still in Kiev - his administration posted a video of his visit of injured Ukrainian soldiers in a clinic in Kiev.

    The problem is that they did not calculate that the military doctor Inna Derusova, who can be seen in the video together with President Selensky, died already on February 26. They didn't count on that and proved themselves that probably many of the videos were recorded in advance.

    “America, You’re About To Be Poor—So Please Don’t Lash Out At Us”

    Gold and Silver spot price in Singapore are $1,972.47 and $25.61 respectively at this time. I thought the Dollar was dead yesterday per Clif High.
    Everyone is focused on the Fed’s policy this week; however, what difference will 25 basis points or 50 basis points increase make?
    I could not find any news on Chinese Cross Border Payment System since the sanction was placed on Russia.

    The moron is worried about the clones. So what if they are clones? Whether clones or puppets, nothing changes the fact that they are actors to give public illusions. Besides, arrests are not happening according to Lt. Col. Royston Potter who is % more credible than this moron.

  110. "The paradigm narrative is out of control. In fact, like an inconveniently dropped dildo from Jen’s purse, it is on the floor of the restaurant, under the table, and vibrating like it’s calling a waiter for Service!

    Their narrative has shaken its way between the legs of the covid and Ukraine propaganda. It will be beating any sense remaining in it into submission over these next days in rapid oscillation with much embarrassing clacking noise.

    The Khazarian Mafia attempt to control the direction and spin of their shaky narrative will become even more confusing for them, and riveting for observers, as yet another major intrusion into their stories arises on the 15th.

    This next BIG STORY of 2022, coming out in mere short days, will start the noisy vibrator bouncing out from under the table to dance wildly around with the Feet of the Elite in public seemingly to the tune of Jumpin’ Jack Flash. It will be Mesmerizing to watch, but be sure to look up, to the faces in the midst of this St. Vitus Dance.

    Just as you had with covid, you will have to learn a new vocabulary to talk about these new developments. Education can be physically and emotionally demanding. This challenge will be no different.

    The covid narrative has been killed, drown in first Canadian, then Global, Truckers’ Piss, but much to the horror of the reeling Elites, it keeps rising like a urine soaked zombie. They need it to die, so that they can feed its energy into their Ukraine narrative, barely alive, hanging onto the ropes over there in the corner, being fanned by the globalist cheerleaders, desperate for a revival.

    Trapped between the hard spot of Covid Lies failure mounting up, and the Ukraine Invasion Bullshit as it limps along wounded by Russian truth bullets, the elites are sliding into panic. They are not yet flailing around, but the level of control is slipping fast as the minions are smelling the fear sweat oozing down from above.

    Our collective, common, reality is going to get a lot noisier, and far more bizarre. As though extracted from one of their adult cartoons, intended to push back the adult mind to an infantile state, the errant, embarrassing, out of control, vibrator of the Khazarian Mafia is going to swell to giant proportions knocking the Deep State onto its ass in a big pile of freshly steaming propaganda.

    As cartoonish as things will appear, we are approaching the opening of the serious part of this War of Humanity versus the Khazarian Mafia.

    Pundits mostly write, or are written about. They don’t usually go to War, so they don’t really know. Truth is not the first casualty of War, rather it is Innocence.

    The most dangerous force on this planet is the man who has to defend Innocence. As Saint Sitting Bull observed, it is the balancing of Rage and Compassion that defines the Warrior, and the loss of that balance that creates a Beast.

    Stay Woo. Stay Human. Hard Times Come Soon."

    The more Clif High talks, less credible he becomes.

    “Zelensky, Hunter Biden — and Their Sugar Daddy, Kolomoisky”

    Truth bomb from Ukraine.

    “A False Flag Is Coming”
    Gonzalo Lira reporting from Ukraine.

    The US can buy time but not victory unless the West wants a total destruction, and this is always a possibility since since so many in the world are aware of the truth, and nothing frightens them more than the loss of power and control.

    Bullies are cowards.

    1. Anna Von Rietz today... the money and zero power to bankrupt the states.

      Always worth a read to alter awareness levels. It's also why I come to owon. WHA brainwashes pro- brit.

    2. I mean, I posted it to SF - and timing just beat it. I mean very sad that they are going again direction of WHITE HELMETS of London - fake chemical attack or even real organised London-Wash..

    “There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world. We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured & pathogens destroyed”

    1. Where's she been. We've been preaching this HERE at OWON.

    2. I will keep my eye out for the truth out there, and hopefully more people will learn what is really going on.


    "Once you have an algorithm that understands you and understands your feeling better than you understand yourself, this is the point when authority really shifts away from humans to algorithms."

    Yuval Noah Harari needs to go down with WEF.

    1. Hubris does not know opinions are not facts.


    "But not just any pancakes — they’re making caviar pancakes and doing vodka shots."

    Xi JinPing chose the word "partnership" to describe China's relationship with Russia.

    1. Xi JinPing is skilled at handing the pancake. Chinese make Mu Shu pancakes with various fillings but not caviar.

  116. I decided to experiment growing green vegetables by tapping into geothermal energy to see if the idea works in my geographical area where annual and daily highs and lows are extreme.

    I bought five food grade plastic storage bins with transparent lids that holds 64 liter. I am going to puncture holes on the bottom and sides to allow water to escape, fill one third height with potting soil mix, and bury them in the soil all the way to the top of the containers in the adjacent forest so that while the trees give shades over the transparent container lids but allow enough light over the greens like green onions, mesclun, arugula, chard, and bok choi. Since soil temperature stays around 55 degree Fahrenheit all the time, greens are likely to survive in summer heat and winter freeze. I was entertaining the idea of building a greenhouse, but I run out of time. Besides, the challenge is how I was going to heat and cool the greenhouse. Storage bins are a lot smaller in comparison, but they will provide enough vegetables for me. If this experiment works, I will keep adding more containers and spread them out in the forest that is fenced off.

    1. Cool,

      I keep my garden and little greenhouse....slugs are problem, contemplating to get dugs that eat them but can not make decision already 2 years, still believing I will wipe them out but it never works well...


      It is natural and will not damage the vegetation or the soil.

  117. Checking things around - all looks like RUSSIA is a winner. Jim Stone made his point clearly said.

    Evidently schmuck of London - Neo-Fascist supporter ... does all possible that NEO-NAZI and murderers will....IDIOT.

    Then all of sudden he speaks CURRENCIES - when was it he spoke BITCOIN and then Digital Currency of National Banks......

    Anyhow, I saw sen Flynn - speaking that PUTIN knocked down New World Order thugs and they are bleeding from their noses and keep cursing all around - so JOHNNY IS A PART OF THEIR CLUB......because he does exactly what they do....regarding reaction to PUTIN....and all Ukraine fascist state....

    Johnny idiot is down his pants. Russia wins in Ukraine, PEACE restored. UK bandits and warmongers arrested....., WORLD HAD ENOUGH EVILDOERS.

    1. That also means that RUSSIA has their OWN way - how to deal with currencies and gold.....and will not subdue to FASCIST LONDON or GENEVE....


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