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Turning the Tide | Report #6 - Passing the Baton

One World of Nations
21 November 2014

The Kingdom of Spin Meisters

Define what IS American Government and this Mythical US Democracy as we just see a bloated flatulent Sperm Whale heading for the rocks to beach itself. Is anything real in Camelot?

There is a considerable juxtaposition between this PR contrived image created to spin worldwide, and the direct cross national trading experiences, or the reality of poor Joe public trying only to spin his wheels between Pay Outs and his Welfare Checks. Something is badly wrong and not working. Unfortunately, that is an ever growing number of Americans. From the Great Industrial Empire of the 20th century, to now become entrenched no longer as the Magical Kingdom, but the new emerging Welfare Bum-dumb takes swallowing. What has gone so badly wrong with America? Where and what is truth? Often a trip back to basics is necessary to see in context what we have staring us in our faces, yet are too blind to see. Hard truths and raw facts. Understand your enemy to defeat them. But ask the big question- Where will it end? Or how can we change it?

The Real End Game for ALL species is Extinction as history shows, but let us explain how to plan it. Understand how and it will help mankind and YOU! Because, have no doubt, post Transhuman Man, it will become a 2 species system and the future for one may not be good. You - will be where?

The NWO Empire

On whose dollar, and protecting whose Energy fields, does the Pentagon justify just under 1,000 enormously expensive Military and Agency bases straddling the world. Iran and Russia are surrounded by them. Because not a dollar befits Americans. So ask why vast Trillions are wasted illegally helping Elite Fat Cats get fatter, while YOU don’t matter? Which nations can feel secure facing that daily threat? Who gives them the right to threaten the world this way? See Russia's and Iran’s perspective. A Mongol Hoard of Barbarians on their borders waiting to invade with the forced installation of McDonalds, Dope Dealers, Fat Foods and Hookers to go. Yes, sure, they do a lot for family values, protecting the Oil Barons while they spread their HIV and HPV. Fear contact more for what many carry is a whole special kind of terminal bullet. Courtesy of the NWO Empire.

Those God Damned Bases are costing high Trillions needlessly. They feed only the Cabal and Military Contractors. Reducing nations to ruins at will, while complete lack of liquidity at home decimates trade, jobs dry up and home communities simply implode across the nation with evermore Detroit Domino effects. But these damned Military, Agencies, Beltway and Wall Street Hog Troughs gets ever richer printing Monopoly Money pursuing a Derivatives Ponzi Scam with No Lender of Last Resort and an encroaching end game of Total Systematic Collapse. Now they have their Bloodsucking antidote. Sure, they have now created a catch all law whereby your own life’s savings will now be seized to prop up the banks when there is nothing left to milk. Now they will pull your Teets off. Leadership. Hah! Now ALL that is yours, is theirs! You now have, and to them are worth- nothing! Is that American Democracy? Hello?

Cull the bases and reverse invest into Trade Missions to create wealth and get America working again. Make money, not war! Feed the nation, NOT Offshore Cabal and Political Bank accounts.

The loss of Constitutional values

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To any balanced outsiders, looking in, there are two clear and distinct Americas, one with no values, no ethics, no compassion, morals or Humanity. Yet they have everything. You, on the other side, with good values and hearts, have nothing bar the delusional dreams they feed you. Your concept of America is just not real. Sadly. What became of Constitutional values?

You actually think you are an American, have value, and dreams, but you have nothing. You are actually the end surplus by product of the now defunct United States Corporation, a redundant asset, the Cabal are now trying to determine how to dispose of it and you.

Study your real enemy, the Cabal. The so ugly families of Elites. No culture, ethics or morality. Yet, they have between them stolen your nation and all the Settlers ever aspired to. Your real enemy, is within. The Bush / Clinton / Cohen Crime families with the Zionist Banking mafia cohorts bleeding you dry.

Yet under the very noses of this ugly Autocracy, sits the greatest prize of all, and it’s within reach for everyone, starting with Enlightenment. Real Americans can win this battle of Souls versus Arse Souls! You - DO - Matter!

America took a 'giant leap' for mankind

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America reached for the stars and achieved the very first Moon Landing. An American Astronaut first walked on the surface of the moon. Standing there, looking up, looking out, seeing Earth, our Mother Planet, and the majestic magnificence of the Cosmos, brings home what a tiny, but could be so significant life form we are, and the contribution we could make towards seeding life across the Galaxies. But first, how do we respect and preserve the life we have. Nature is all around us. For this first big step Americans, be proud, be very proud.

The first big step was expanding our Universe. You made it happen. Mankind’s first step towards Star Colonial expansion.

The next, and key to all now, is expanding our consciousness. The real frontier which matters.

How can we find our way to the stars, but lose our way as Humanity?

Why do we aspire to so much which means nothing? Yet fail to recognize the values and true enrichment of everything? The most important asset we have - is Life! Only life feels, and is a sense and purpose of being. Dead, inanimate objects have no real material value. Without life, where is there a purpose for anything? We collect and protect non-functional cosmetic objects, even protected at great costs, yet the most precious of all, our Soul fellow life beings, we ignore, despise and terminate under one form of misguided doctrinaire mantra or another.

Life – Is precious! ISIS are consigned to eternal damnation for beheadings and destruction of our fellow man. Mohammed, with his numerous fumbled attempts at an evolving Koran, left behind such a dysfunctional mind set of extremities. A Medieval, pig ignorant Male Taxi driver’s concept of humanity in serious need of a good Sat Nav inner compass enlightenment. Islam is an ugly 7th century masochistic hotch-potch of an alternative Cult, drawing down on the surrounding beliefs and ignorance of the time, with an austere and radical view towards the feminine being of womanhood. Unleashed upon the world today, chaos and brutality follows. Will no one call it as it is, this unholy Cult alliance of despotic, bestial men? Transhumanism will consign the anal byproduct lot of them to the waste bin of our species. Along with mass ignorance.

The collective of mediocrities

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Political Leaders today are generally speaking, a collective of mediocrities whose survival seems to congregate around voting to order of Lobbyists orchestrated legal enhancements to enrich a collective Elite, and further disenfranchise the rest. Intellectual capability is noted, mainly but its absence in a flotsam of mediocrities. Clueless Cretins, voting to order, shuffling their grubby votes as directed by a Banking or Military Elite, whose sole remit is both maximizing Fiat monetary gains for the Bankers, or Toys for the Boys in the Military and Agencies, with no concept of the consequential chain reaction to evolve from their greed, avarice and utter naivety. Oh what a tangled web they weave. And you, with no say – Pay!

Then along comes the Ethereal Curve Ball, Enlightenment of Man. Evolution brings revolution.

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And all the best laid plans of the Weevils, both Military and Bankers, crash to earth.

Suddenly, there is clear Global dissent towards US Grandstanding, and emerging nations challenge for autonomy. Within the US and EU amphitheaters of power, new voices challenge direction and authority itself. In whose name? Emerging is the wild card. Thinking Man.

Now Asia has also thrown its hat into the ring. Another big dog at the rice bowl.

A new species emerges seeking to devolve power, as seen in Scotland, and to evolve towards autonomous regions serving communities, addressing Public need, not Bankers Greed.

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What has become ever clearer, is that for evolution to succeed, the US has proven to be unfit to lead. But the same applies to most nations. Political Shysters unfit for purpose. Mediocrities exposed. Power now will have to be by informed consent. Not the Bush / Clinton / Cohen crime families, totally bent! Nations now want a collective say, and none will accept the old US Cabal way. Or this sad, dysfunctional Obama Puppet, an embarrassment whose had his day.

As always in history, it repeats itself, and we never learn. Mediocrities assume power, and chaos rules. Empires end, and the cycle of change emerges with evermore new players. As is seen today.

Passing the Baton

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The Dysfunctional United States, became the epitome of corruption. Sleazy and venal little men, assumed Political and Banking power, operating under a Federal mantle and cloak none were fit to wear. The last 50 years of domestic ignorance and callous betrayal of the good nation’s trust in the MSM, has allowed Charlatans to aspire to Fiefdoms the Founders gave their lives to ensure would never again be visited upon the Free American People. Liberty once had meaning, and a Statue in its honor. The Baton must now be passed - or taken!

But that’s a good thing. Because - a huge volume of talent within the US can now cross cooperate instead with multiple nations, and work together as truly Uniting Nations akin to the British Commonwealth of many nations, to create wealth, a mutual collective of Man, to aspire to be all that we can. This will unleash major American capacity benefits to all. Trade, not conflict. 250,000 Military jobs cost 25M American jobs and put homes at risk. Let’s wage War on Political ignorance instead and remove these mediocrities. Starting with a President who IS fit for purpose. Raise the Bar!!!!

Now, the battle is on for minds and ethereal consciousness, transcending borders and false nationalistic perceptions. Cooperation not confrontation. No one today can pursue isolationist and divisive policies. An evermore sophisticated and empowered Global audience will simply deny the Mad Dogs of Wall Street or Beltway Hegemony Cabal games. The world evermore, will say No More to the Zionist Whore! And that will be the next frontier. Facing down the Kazakh clowns!

Humanity against ignorance

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Working on collective needs for humanity, without triplicated confusion and costs, will enable us to accelerate Projects and achieve ever greater accomplishments. The world needs to be our Chess Set. One where all can play and no one presumes to be a King. Where the game becomes humanity against ignorance. Science working together to address our so many DNA faults and aging diseases. Re-inventing and redesigning Man. Who are you to challenge our wish to enhance nature when you are not crippled with a debilitating disease, or skeletally impaired, or genetically disadvantaged? How dare anyone deny to others what we take for granted? These are the battles we need to be fighting, genetic malfunctions. Curing Cancers and debilitating illnesses. Recovering and enriching lives. Resolving Energy needs at affordable costs. Making life matter. Cleaning up pollution, tackling Global warming and the atmospheric issues. Sharing, as a nation of all beings, the problems to be addressed, and using the necessary release of Elders and others Private Placement Capital, to focus on crisis issues. To plan for a better future for all. Not to target how to enrich false status by fraud and sequestration, but to enrich so many blighted lives, and to remove the fundamental causes of diseases and genetic malfunctions. To aspire to become a greater being, we first need to understand the wealth and privilege of being- a Human Being.

This transcends borders, or mythical Nationalities and nonsensical religions. God is not about unhygienic beards, or mutilating our children by Neanderthal surgical incursions, it’s about being as one, with the power of all. Understanding our very being and emergence in the Cosmos.

We don’t need Political Chancers or Greasy Shysters to interject their opportunistic agendas with subjugation. We just need Global cooperation. Hands across the oceans. One nation of Mankind - to be kind. Our power is within. Our power of being, to be more. That needs to transcend all nations. A collective power of one. One compassion for all. Together we are mighty. Man stood on the moon, so what is removing a mountain of ignorance compared to that? It starts with removing mythical borders, dispensing with archaic and false religions, understanding the dimensions of existence, the ethereal collective power and being one of all, and working in unity, harnessing the Global power of minds and abilities, and understanding our being and collective importance to each other in this tiny Milky Way Galaxy of ours.

Transhumanism will be the end of our fragile, malfunctioning Human form as you know it, with the next challenging obstacles being how we incorporate the enormous intellectual escalation of assigned powers to incorporate all, or our species as we know it, faces a terminal end for many. The key and power of Immortality carries awesome responsibilities, not to allow draconian abuse, to transcend mans greed and to reach for true Spiritual understanding. Without a worthwhile purpose of being, there is no viable end role for the Human Being.

Post the release of the PP’s, many of you may have very important roles to play. Our agenda is to selectively redesign a new way forward, people empowered and with compassionate focus addressing real issues. One nation of humanity on this small planet we all depend so much upon.

We will then put in motion, hands across the ocean. Let dreams become reality. Hope for all. Our wealth is for humanitarian feeling, not more Zionist or Cabal stealing!

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  1. First, try clicking onto the images for the larger and more powerful shots, it will all come to life for you.

    The message simply is - We the People. MATTER!
    But one people, removed from the Yoke ( Joke) of Nationalism, with life extending enhancements which ARE coming, and with mental capacities multiplied 500 times greater than now. Imagine your life then.
    Nations will have to adjust, or be left behind.
    But again, it all comes down to cost, who will be enhanced, who will be left behind? That is a battle ground bearing down fast. It has already started in the Military and Intel sectors. Governments and Wealth will gain first. But what then of We the People?
    Once we take the next step, it crosses the boundaries with no way back. None can afford to be left behind, and the new Super Species will be both Selective and Discriminatory. The great dichotomy then, is what about the rest?
    Who gets to play God and decide who is funded, and who is grounded? Who matters, who dies?
    Step outside the box, and see what's already fast tracking our evolution as a species. Reality is that c50M will gain phase one enhancements. With c7 Billion left, who is selected and what about the rest? Money and resources will rule.

    No one is adequately studying the intricate social implications, as the Politicos queue grasping for their slots,and no one considers the Have Nots. Be in no doubt, the Tri Laterals ethos to cut c7 Billion to c500 Million, is a Real Danger and Wake Up time for the Zoo. 6 million thought it would not happen to them in Europe, but it did. They were cattle trucked in and history records the horror. And still- we never learn. How we handle evolution now matters. Wise up, or line up.

    1. Awesome, "Humanity against Ignorance!"
      If they had half a brain they would be on track for our futures...we do matter; and without us there is no "them." Transhumanism is the man made excuse to cull the human population; but without us there is no them...we have it all, and we can do it all...who needs ignorance to replace true humanity...not us! It is time to wise up...

  2. Obama secretly extends US combat operation in Afghanistan......more drugs money on the table

  3. Ukraine, US, Canada do not back Russia-initiated UN resolution on heroization of Nazism......

    I keep preaching the same dogma - break USA to free humanity - do it by whatever means - IT IS NAZI stronghold.

  4. I can't believe this whole thing boils down to a few rich folk wanting to extend their lives, and to do so they are willing to murder 6.6b people and trash the planet. That is not smart, it is beyond description of insanity. They have telegraphed their intent via the Hunger Games propaganda, which is also a warning, as was The Matrix.

    Homo Cogitans... sure why not. I think what is and will beat those bastards is Homo Luminus. With consciousness of a higher frequency than merely mental, the hu-mans requiring tech to live will be beat, and removed as the Earth rises out of their depth. They will, and are, drowning in light, which they cannot handle.

    1. AjnaAndy, you are right. It's about "We The People" becoming who we really are. Not what we have been told for so many generations, but the Creator Gods that we all are. The inner dimensions inside each of are to explored, consciousness raised and working toward a state of unconditional love.

      The technology we can all expect to see will be real jump forwards for many planet wide. With health restored, genetics cleaned up, and the basics so many need in place, we can get to work on our planet and so much more.

      Those who have held humanity in chains, theirs is another destiny. They made the choice to continue on and as you mentioned will not be able to tolerate the increasing vibrations as our planet ascends into a higher realm. By the very nature of who they are so shall it come to pass their placement will be in a like condition as to their vibrations and prior actions against humanity. John is very right about what faces them.

  5. ......Elevate humanity means today to level Capital Hill and the the rest will follow very fast .....

  6. UK should imprison Rottenchild - just take army - invade his estates - mark him as enemy of humankind - he is behind most of crimes committed by NATO

  7. 10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer .....

    Now - voting out the cabal will not change the direction of the free fall of the society. It will not happen. I would even say, let's wait for transhumanism to have all fixed - (not me - I'm saying - fix first the world and then let us enter higher stage...)

    One might say - let's do more preaching - (Well preaching that was done till this day did not prevent this direction - did it. How did the preaching help to contain cabal last 50 years, how did the preaching help to contain NAZI in Israel.... DREAM OFF- after dreaming- HARD WAKING UP INTO REALITY



    Only this dogma will recharge people to make a leap and begin over from the scratch... But how do we get Truth Out- Justice In?

    Only way .... collapse of USA will lead people to inquire what had happen and would help them to hunt cabal .....

    By voting out cabal even if that happens it would not restart and recharge people to aim for highs .....I AM RIGHT ON THIS ONE... because even the new establishment will do all possible to hinder and hide truth because exposing truth to public would mean possible new rebellion and disgrace in front of the global community. And this will never happen - so even the new establishment must behave in way to hide truth and justice.....

    You will never recharge and restart decaying society, unless revolution......better to have controlled revolution .......

  8. U.S. does not want to ask for UN SC mandate against IS - Lavrov

    Russia November 22, 12:34 UTC+3
    "I asked Kerry why they would not address the UN Security Council. He replied in that case they would have to fix somehow the status of Assad’s regime,” the minister said


  9. Sadly, this article is true of America in my opinion. We are divided between freedom loving, hardworking citizens, and the collective of welfare parasites. The Orwellian US government controls the media, law enforcement, etc.

    An economic person that I follow/read, has coined the phrase "Reverse Totalitarianism." US citizens truly live in a police state now, but choose to believe the lies about freedom, etc.

  10. In my case, I cannot leave the US due to family and financial issues at this time. Instead, I choose to get out of the existing system by becoming self sufficient and forming connections at a local level. A member of my family is attempting to enter politics at the county level. I am trying to start a small, aquaponics farm for my area. I truly believe that we need to jump to the next level of our existence by helping others and leave the greed/hate behind us.

    1. Tammy, you're doing what you can as you recognize the need. It's serving others which as a nurse you already do and are upping the anty to do more(serving others) as you see it's needed. Young, middle aged or older we all have our parts to pick up and play in this evolving place we're all heading to with our planet. And for many, it's a growing passion, heart centered, that is calling them to action.

    2. Thank you P for your uplifting words! We keep trying!

  11. As a nurse in a large, urban hospital, I see the welfare state everyday. Three generations of Americans (White, Black, Hispanic, etc.) have learned to rely on the government for decades.

    The welfare state continues to live on free money for food, rent, phones, etc. If a person is not on full welfare, they can receive subsidized rent for the family home.

    I had a patient the other day telling a friend how to receive free TV/cable, paid for by the government. The extent of the corruption has a long reach through generations of citizens. And these people will continue to vote for this continued existence.

  12. Unfortunately the entire country, side for a few, suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

    They have been conditioned to the point of no return.

    I feel like I'm a cast member in the movie Idiocracy.

    Trying to breakthrough is almost impossible. Ultimately, they will have to figure out a way to set themselves free.

    It would take a complete reversal of the social experiment and 50 years of deprogramming to clear out the goop for REAL change to take place.


      Sorry to say it that way but it is like that and I understand it, however it can not stay that is necessary to move on and expose truth...whatever it might be either USD buried or whatever ...

      ...We are on standby for too long....

  13. This is an older article but shows how fungus is being used to degrade some plastics.

    Fungus that devours plastic might help clean the environment
    February 5, 2012

    Example of PUR-A plates initially used to screen for polyurethane degrading activity after 2 weeks of fungal growth. (c) Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University

    A group of students from Yale University, along with molecular biochemistry professor Scott Strobel, were on a routine trip to the Amazon’s Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, when they stumbled across a peculiar type of mushroom capable of eating polyurethane plastics. If successfully applied to landfills clogged with millions of metric tons of garbage plastics, this could have a potentially critical role in cleansing the environment.

    Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer which is makes up most of today’s plastics. Although, plastic is recyclable in certain degree, most of the world’s plastic wastes are simply dumped in giant landfills where it simply remains there indefinitely, since it’s not biodegradable.

    Pestalotiopsis microspora was showed to to have the most ability to survive while consuming and degrading polyurethane in aerobic and anaerobic (oxygen-free) environments, like those found in waste landfills. Initially the scientists collected 59 fungi endophytic organism, and after a lab analysis they selected Pestalotiopsis microspora as the most effective fungus , by observing the rate of plastic degradation.

    “Polyurethane seemed like it couldn’t interact with the earth’s normal processes of breaking down and recycling material. That’s just because it hadn’t met the right mushroom yet,” the authors write in the paper.

    Yes! This remarkable fungus can survive dieting exclusively on Polyurethane, without any kind of oxygen. It’s been proven to work extremely well under lab conditions, however, it’s yet to been tested on massive landfills, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that it should work. The same paper notes more and more plastic is being produced every year and cites 2006′s production at 245 million tons. How much of these plastics will end up in the Earth’s soil? Super-fungus to the rescue!

    Let’s not forget about the Chernobyl fungus that feeds on radiation either. I for one welcome our new mushroom overlords.

    The research was published in the journal Applied Environmental Microbiology.

    By Tibi Puiu
    Accept reason, challenge the world and think. With my posts at ZME Science I try to bring bits of science to the people - of all kinds and backgrounds. Science is what will move the world past its current petty nature. Let's show everyone how science can change the world!

    1. P, thanks for reposting this. My passion is with cleaning up mother earth and helping all have clean water, air, and food. It is wonderful to know that there is help out there to do the deep cleaning.

  14. John the expected implementation of trans-humanism is ?

    1. A whole complex series of variables, but watch the spaces open up as we pass the key benchmark steps. For evolution to take its next step, WE have to evolve. Evolution waits for no one. A major curved ball just could side swerve a lot of Cabal aspirations. Good people could take a lot of Elites Self - Serving designs off plan.
      Always, commeth the hour, commeth the man. Or, as will be, enlightened people will emerge Globally and unite to re shape societies with compassion. Barbaric Imperialism is no match for the true human Spirit.

    2. I will be here from inception to application. Thank You

    3. @John - your comments today are spot on and sensing a shift towards great compassion. It will be needed for this great deception in approaching end times. The end times of the way we have lived and known life. <>

      Released humanitarian PP allows a limited chance for relief and rebuilding. However, everyone needs to prepare as best they can for what is expected to come under full blood moons April 2015- Oct 2015.
      I for one do not care to kid or deceive myself with polite pleasantries.

      My eyes and mind are WIDE OPEN -- NOT SHUT!
      So thank you for your upfront RAW thoughts and spelling it all out.

      God bless all of humanity for what could rein down upon us as judgement
      The Nine Harbingers - ONE CAN NOT DENY FACTS PRESENTED!!!
      America and Biblical Prophecy
      Johnathan Cahn Financial Collapse of the US before 13 Sept 2015

  15. USA - watchdog ... greg hunter- gerald celente

    Of course great analyst Celente is not my top but just little bit under top - he sees it too pessimistic - war end.....hope he is not right at this one though history speaks clear and he can see it clearly

    1. Bankism is actually good term - I like it.

    2. Another one -
      Political atheist - I like this one also, I guess it fits great to BoB

    3. US Army did not win any substantial victory since WW2 (and then it was only because Russia finished the job with Hitler and Americans came to muscle up only after decisive Russian stroke against Hitler...) all what US Army did was - false flag - terror - rob - defeat - and run away

  16. Sweden and birth of kind of transhumanism ....

    Sweden has a global reputation as a leader in developing innovative technologies. But will a trend for inserting microchips in the human body catch on? The Local spoke to one of the first Swedes to choose an implant to unlock her office door.

  17. "Facing down the zionists" is no small task.....

    Closing 50%+ of the 971 bases worldwide is a great start.They all should be shut down, because the world does NOT want them!A huge waste of money and drain on Americans lucky enough to have a job.


    1. Agreed, all the bases should be closed. There is no reason for the bases, nor the personnel, except for the police state to enforce its US dollar tyranny across the world.

  18. Interesting to see the site readers interceding to challenge repetitive rants. It does become tiresome after a while and loses its impact.
    For the record, the site is NOT anti American, but anti the Cabal and Zionist malpractices. Americans are our partners and Allies in many theatres of operations. While we support Putins right to protect Russia's borders and well-being, he is still a KGB thug with his kickback take off all Oligarch and Russian Mafya operations. He is still just a Political thug. However, a more skilled one than the Bush/ Clinton Crime families. Many Zionists are in fact key Criminal Russian Oligarchs, and the major State Asset Robberies were almost all Russian Zionists. Russia has just the same problems with them as America and Europe. The whole world has had endless trouble with them for Millennia. They are the lowest form of sub human weevils who simply gain control by skilful family education and duplicitous cunning. That and the religious Cult of inter tribal inbreeding, with all the DNA and genetic disorders that brings. Just as with the Muslims. Cults whose God deserts them when their malformed children are born. Cults create their own abominations when messing with nature and delusional cross breeding of arranged Cousin marriages. Hospitals carry the costs.
    Mankind is now self elevating to higher consciousness of being and learning. The banal and brutal circumcision of children needs to cease by Law. Who protects the child? Leave the lid, its not yours to destroy you Yid. No child once maturing would ever elect such an offensive and barbaric practice. Defenceless children are unprotected. As most realise, the Kazakh s /Zionists seem to throw the wrong part away after birth, post their degenerate and traumatic operations. The world then suffers the consequences. It's a truly grotesque and abominable practice. God has no such covenant- Rubbish! These are no more than deluded Blood cults, emanating from Abraham, a paranoid schizophrenic suffering delusional lapses who almost sacrificed his own child. No word of God, just a complete Nutter! Don't eulogise insanity! Mankind is growing up, a new season of reason.
    Reason permeates throughout the sites and challenges Man to rise to be more. Life is precious, and Children are in the Custodial care of all of us, to be protected, nurtured, loved and cared for with all needing equal opportunities to be educated and fulfil their potential as humans of a higher order. We need to progress towards thoughtfully contrived and controlled Transhumanism, retaining our humanity. Refined intellect needs to remove these archaic Cults posing as Religions and people need to seek the reality of their Spirit and links to the State of Being and Universal belonging.

    1. John

      Thanks for comment, I understood this evil game. This no problem - all here do understand the core of the problem.

      I will not argue over Putin - never met him and never will. Or China, I am not sure if China gets the lead how it will be. For sure the best is multi-plural power in the world.

      Problem is a public eye. Zio-Jesuit cabal of Khazars are taking over the world in hidden way, it has been clear.
      Cabal do not speak for themselves - they speak in the name of America. Kerry represents USA - so Bush - so Obama. It is USA who made Ukraine - Iraq, Libya etc....public will always makes emotional stand according to public image and their representatives.... (In Russia not so many know about you, but all know about Cameron British PM and his accusation ... what it will create?)

      Putin might be thug- it was not UK that said no Iraq invasion, or Yugoslavia, or Syria etc it is Russia. They might have their stakes there, I understand.

      Beside if one compares Valdai speech of Putin or Lavrov speech at UN with Cameron or Obama ... of McCain..

      Truth Out- Justice in - reconciliation and forgiveness at national level so that healing twisted emotions can be done - I stand for this and always did.

  19. Beside I never said a word about that all exclusives are 'American focused' - restore America. So it is, it is needed and it is truth, I will only support that. Question is how to restore it, here we vary. Nobody said that they are tired of hearing the same from 'Exclusive' and that's OK. I like exclusives and always will support them if they go always the same way as they do.

    I understand that Americans like when in exclusives all encouragement and attention goes to restore America, they might feel special that attention is on them (I do not know, maybe not, maybe they do not care... but such are emotions..)

    It is OK with me, I support all that will bring results that we all want to see - question is if it will bring results....this is main point of all discussion.


  20. John, thanks for the report. Very excited future indeed.

    My dear Americans friends,
    Hope is still Alive and We got your back. You lost many battle but Still not the War and
    Homefront. We care for You and love your children as we love ours. Many of us would contribute in unimaginable ways to see you succeed. Also many os us would feed you, fit you and take care of your children in times of adversity.

    I'm Not a Patriot, neither a Flag Lover as You, but I believe we are All Equals under the Sun.

    Let's fight a good fight, together and for a better world. The War is Not Over, We still have much to accomplish. We believe in You.

    You have a Friend
    A Platriot

  21. There are deep, meaningful and skilfully thought through agendas in play right now. International negotiations with multiple Sovereign Nations Leaders, is like being in a China or Porcelain crockery shop. Everything needs to be handled with a care. Letting loose a Bull or an Elephant as tactics tends to have enormous costs.
    We all understand the ugliness, treachery, and criminal agendas of the US regimes. It showed its treacherous head with the US Native American Indians Treaties. All broken, betrayed and brutal genocide unleashed. Over 200 years all they have done since is acquire more technological and murderous weapons which they have used without mercy to steal the assets and soul of the planet.It is just evolving rottenness.
    But if Hitler had won WW11, a Billion would have died. Genghis Khan wiped out civilisations as did the Romans. The British Empire was no Angel, it created the worlds first Concentration Campos in South Africa, and sent Gunboats to suppress nations anywhere. Its treatment of its own nationals was as barbaric as it gets. Empires have all been founded on wars and theft and feudal monarchies as has evolved now in the US.

    2 things helped change Britain. One was free mass education which not only opened up society, it ripped apart the old Elite families. From the bottom up, real Leaders emerged who transformed the nation. Opportunity unleashed them.
    The second was our invaluable National Health Care, which extended life and relieved suffering for all.
    The world is now developing by collective education and wealth sharing.
    The American people have been denied a true opportunity to emerge as a thinking and enlightened society by a dual cynically rotten and corrupt system of Elitist Political Parasites like the Bush/ Clinton Crime families, and TOTAL Zionist control of the US Treasury, Fed and Banking. Add to that control of the MSM which allowed the scale of dumbing down of the masses visible to all today. Rothschild's WERE removed from power in the UK, Blogs have it so wrong. We despise them and keep them out.
    Americans, as a people and nation, need a fair opportunity to really participate,and are as much innocent, even naive captives of the vile Oligopolies which control every aspect of their being. Half the entire nation still don't realise the Cabals ruthless Military /Agency focus has destroyed the countries Industrial base, its transport systems are archaic, and it is now carrying 2 entire generations of mass unemployable with compounding costs which are unsustainable.

  22. So, Americans internally also need opportunities, ask the unemployed what life is like.
    The Tri Laterals are an ugly and despotic mind set of Elitists for whom life is cheap. The nation is now led by an Illegal, undocumented Chicago Commie of questionable gender, whose been indoctrinated since a child to follow a degenerate Paedophile and its blood cult Muslim mindlessness. He has no track record of achieving anything and has imposed 6 years so far of unstructured chaos on America, leaving the Cabal and Zionists to wreak havoc at will.
    The consequences are emerging with China,Russia, BRICS, and Global hostility. Americas Jewish Voter and party funders, have allowed this unhealthy relationship with Israel, which maintain total instability across the Middle East, and has only just avoided war.
    So, Yes,the current and real dilemma with the US is deep. But who is structured right now to step up and take its place. The EU is full of parasites and cronies led by Jesuits and beholden to Bankers.
    So, its not easy. A rudderless boat is no solution.
    Yes, the world IS evolving and change is happening. But what we have, sick as it is, needs continued nurturing while we culturally and skilfully interject change by reason and negotiations inside. I KNOW what we DO achieve. WE stopped Cameron over Libya. We stopped Rothschilds when we blocked Sassoon out of the Bank of England Governors job and blew his career. We have forced though the Paedophile Task force which is now probing deep.
    We are forcing changes over the EU or out.
    WE are leading the Global introduction of the Chinese Yuan as a Dollar alternative. We will become a key force in BRICS. People are making it happen.
    Entrapped within the Not So United States, are innocent millions needing an Ally to relate to and work with on Global operations. Many just need opportunities denied to them by this criminal Cabal,.Remember less than 5% of Americans have ever travelled outside of the US, and are culturally ignorant of what exists outside of that contrived Goldfish Media Bowl they live in. They are as much innocent victims of this and the Welfare system which enslaves them.
    Economic impacts are evolving and the consequences will be ruthless. The Tri Laterals will opt for a Lock Down. Followed by a Cull Out. What we see in the US today, is on a par with the Nazi party pre WW11. With everyone in denial. As long as the Hog Troughs flow freely. And when it stops, as it must?
    America left the rails 50 years ago, and we did nothing. Now its coming home. The world will have no more of them as is seen with Iran,Russia,China and BRICS. Trust and pray hard for the delicate hands rocking the cradle of civilisation, because ONLY the Elders right now will get you all through this mess. All is far from lost and people of sound ability and good conscience are hard at work trying to correct this out of control Global tanker and it starts with getting the PPs redeemed. That means America paying back what is NOT theirs and is in long default! From that we can fund new dreams for societies.
    But, we have many good American partners also seeking economic freedom. They need to, and WILL, play an important part in our recover agendas. We are all in this together. Calm hands, sound judgements and no knee jerk hysteria is how to get it through.Only Britain stood up to the combined military might and Blitzkreigs of Hitler's war machine. We destroyed his Luftwaffe and turned the tide. Forget the self narcissist BS from Hollywood.What crap!
    A tiny Island held out, and it not the Germans advanced rockets and Atom Bombs would have taken out America next.
    That Mother of Parliaments burns the midnight oil 24 x 7. Have hope, much is happening. Look at the combined goodness on both of the sites,.The will is there.

    1. All this sounds fair -thank you and it makes me happy and peaceful.....

    2. Wonderful words this AM john, wonderful!.... your words also go out to a list of folks that I have accumulated over the last ten years.... many many thanks!

    3. Thank you John for this spirited speech. We are all truly partners in this endeavor.

  23. Thank you John for your words.

  24. Thank you once again for a generous Update John.

  25. 7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief
    It's not hard to bring a little more equality into each others' lives.

    1. 100,000 homes so far

    Teams of volunteers across the country hit the streets early in the morning to put a name and a face to the long-term homeless in their communities. The volunteers started canvassing at 4 a.m., combing the streets to gather names, photographs, and stories of the people sleeping there. They searched for the people at the highest risk of dying from being on the streets. Once they identified the most vulnerable people, they offered them a home.

    That was the 100,000 Homes campaign’s approach to eliminating homelessness in communities across the country for the past four years, and it worked. In June, one month before their deadline, campaign organizer Community Solutions announced that its more than 230 partnering cities, counties, and states had surpassed the goal of placing 100,000 people in homes in just four years. It was a bold goal. In the traditional housing placement system, it often takes more than a year to work through the multiple agencies, treatments, and counseling requirements to secure a home. The process is intended to ensure that government subsidies for housing go to the people best prepared to receive them. The 100,000 Homes campaign flipped this paradigm by offering housing first. Once housed, people received supportive services to deal with substance abuse, mental illness, and joblessness. The housing first method is quicker, and it’s successful. Studies show that two years after receiving supportive housing for free, more than 80 percent of people were still living in a home instead of on the street.

    Community Solutions isn’t stopping with 100,000 homes. Next January, the organization will launch Zero: 2016. This new national campaign will target the elimination of all chronic and military veteran homelessness, one home at a time. It’s another bold goal, and they just might do it.

    2. Suddenly debt free
    When 80-year-old Shirley Logsdon went into the hospital for a back injury, she came out with nearly $1,000 in debt that she would never be able to pay. For a year and a half, she received persistent phone calls from debt collectors. Then Logsdon received a letter from Rolling Jubilee. “You no longer owe the balance of this debt,” it read. “It is gone, a gift with no strings attached.”

    Letters like the one Logsdon received were sent to 2,693 people last November, when Rolling Jubilee bought and forgave $13.5 million in personal debt. A newly released study by the Urban Institute says about 77 million people in the United States have debt that is subject to collections—often debt that was incurred to pay for basic needs. That’s one of the reasons the Occupy Wall Street group Strike Debt formed the Rolling Jubilee project. “We believe that no one should have to go into debt for the basic things in our lives, like healthcare, housing, and education,” the group says. Since forming in November 2012, Rolling Jubilee has bought nearly $15 million of debt for just $400,000 on the secondary debt market, where lenders sell unpaid bills to collectors for just pennies on the dollar. Thousands of individual donations averaging just $40 have paid for these debt buys. It’s a bailout for the people, funded by the people.

    More can be found at

  26. Awesome article P..... sometimes the ones who really need help are the hardest to find.... being able to help someone who is truly in need is a wonderful thing!....

    1. “We believe that no one should have to go into debt for the basic things in our lives, like healthcare, housing, and education,” ...... think about it.... any of these basic three items automatically put you in debt.... under Obama care if you get sic you will be in debt with the large deductible and things it does not cover.... how many people run around worried constantly about the basics?.... a lot!

    2. Unconditional Basic Income – an Economic Model for a New Renaissance

      It’s time for the “Third Way”…
      The Unconditional Basic Income
      The U.S. Basic Income Network defines the UBI as “… an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.” [1] While it may sound radical to some people, the idea of a UBI is not new. In fact, English lawyer, social philosopher, author and statesman Thomas More proposed it in his work Utopia in 1516. [2]
      This one, simple economic change could solve inequality, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, welfare, pensions and the minimum wage issue all at once, reverse the effects of recession almost overnight and take huge amounts of pressure off the environment and ourselves. It’s this ‘Third Way’ that can break the Left/Right ideological impasse. (Relying on banks and corporations to create jobs is an economic ideology that has proven itself futile.) It supports innovation by allowing corporations (including small businesses) to focus on their trade and frees them from having to provide social services and jobs. It also frees people from living under the thumb of state-run social programs, such as welfare programs and oppressive work situations, reducing bureaucracy in the process.
      Most importantly, it recognizes the value of the myriad unpaid work that is done every day by parents, grandparents, volunteers, artists, musicians, writers, students, friends etc.
      It would immediately take stress off the environment because people would not be forced to drive en masse to meaningless jobs and make useless widgets for a living. They could afford to buy organic food, and support organic agriculture. They could make ecological lifestyle decisions because they would not be forced to buy the cheapest of the cheap. The planet and the people on it would heave a massive sigh of relief.
      As an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) system, everyone gets the same amount, roughly the equivalent of a US $10 per hour job. Everyone gets it, rich or poor, working or not, and there’s no means testing, so NO new bureaucracies.
      But this is not socialism! People can choose to work and can make as much money as they want to above the UBI, so capitalism remains intact.
      The simplicity of the idea is its beauty. The UBI has been supported by both left and right leaning politicians as a way to eliminate poverty and avoid violent revolution. [3] [4] [5] Both Milton Friedman and Martin Luther King supported the idea of a Basic Income.
      Switzerland will soon hold a referendum on this. If it passes, it could herald a new day for humanity. [6]

      The Economy of the Unconditional Basic Income
      The UBI can be funded by diverting most present social service funds into this more efficient model, and then shutting down large numbers of redundant government departments (retaining education and medical etc). Theoretically, the UBI is so simple it could be run on a single computer that transfers the UBI into everyone’s bank account automatically every month.
      Another source of funding could be a Financial Transaction Tax – a tiny percentage taken off every stock market transaction. This would also address the out-of-control microsecond computer trading issue on the stock markets. As of 2012, there was an estimated $21 trillion missing from the global economy because it is hoarded in off-shore tax havens for multinational corporations and the richest 10%. I think this is the place to look for missing tax dollars. If we tax these corporations properly, (i.e., tax stock market transactions and stop giving them subsidies in the mistaken hope that they will create jobs) then we will start to force them to bring that offshore tax haven money back into the general economy. (continued next)

    3. (continued from UBI above)

      Either way, businesses would not have to pay for the UBI. A UBI is different than a minimum wage because employers do not pay for a UBI. It is funded through taxes. Employers in embattled low wage industries could therefore continue to sustain their businesses and pay low wages, because people would no longer need to be paid high wages by industry. They would be working to add to their Basic Income and improve on their basic quality of life – not just survive.
      Because there is no means testing for a common UBI, no extra bureaucracy would be needed. In fact, the UBI has been shown to “promote efficiency and a shrinking of the federal bureaucracy”. [7]
      There would be no effect on inflation, as long as the UBI is funded through taxes and not through ‘printing’ money. (Inflation is caused by money creation in excess of demand.) Employers also won’t need to inflate prices because they won’t have to increase wages. In fact, a UBI would be better for business as there would be more people with disposable income buying products. Business would increase overnight – instant consumer demand and instant stimulation.
      Additionally, as shown in pilot projects, a UBI will cause an increase (in some cases doubling) of small businesses as people use the UBI as startup capital. This increases market supply and competition thus further reducing the possibility of inflation. The UBI encourages market supply to reflect consumer demand, thereby avoiding inflation while supporting the economy. It’s a win-win.

      A Renaissance of Human Creativity
      Wherever a UBI has been trialled, people worked more, not less, and started small businesses. The amount provided was adequate enough that they didn’t need to go into debt to the banks to ask for a startup loan. For instance, in Dauphin, Canada’s “Mincome” experiment, and in Omitara, Namibia, crime decreased, health care costs went down, and the overall economy improved. Two basic income pilot projects have been underway in India since January 2011 resulting in better food, better healthcare, better children’s school performance, a tripling of personal savings and a doubling of new business startups, all leaving the overall economy much healthier than before the UBI.
      With issues of social and economic wellbeing and inequity addressed, the potential of a UBI is a renaissance of human creativity never before seen in the history of mankind. We have many unpaid workers in our communities. Volunteers, artists, musicians, homemakers, grandmothers, etc. It’s now time that they were valued, and rewarded monetarily, by our society.
      British economist Guy Standing explains…
      “Globalization has brought not just greater inequalities but also chronic economic uncertainty to the world’s population. Governments have failed to effectively develop or adapt social protection systems to reduce economic insecurity.” [8]
      “I believe we must see basic income as a question of emancipation, a question of building freedom, building control over life and of social justice, not just as a measure for dealing with poverty. We must understand that the debate on basic income must be seen in the context of a global transformation taking place in which inequalities are becoming unsustainable and… a tiny plutocracy is gaining income from the system while the growing precariat is facing falling wages, unstable labour and a loss of rights. They are being turned from citizens into “denizens”, losing rights. This is unique.” [9]
      It’s time for real change — an Unconditional Basic Income! But politicians won’t do anything this positive without a grass-roots uprising from the people.

  27. Absolutely James, you're right. Would like to hear more about how they have in England and other places that health care is part of being a citizen in that country. Maybe a step farther and seeing the best examples used worldwide. The other basics, people or programs coming together to get done what is needed for whole communities, but in a manner that it works for everyone. That's what liked about this article, it showed ways people were coming together to get done what was necessary.

    1. James and p, fyi in Australia we have universal free public healthcare and we simply pay a 1.5% levy on our income. Free hospital and GP ( local dr) no matter what is involved for treatment. Why can't other countries do that? I am astounded the yanks fight and squibble and call it socialism. Lol. But I think the US model is based on insurance. Silly. Just do what we and the UK have done: govt pays out of tax revenue. What else is tax for??

    2. Forgot: if you earn over 85k then you pay a surcharge of another 1.5% making 3% all up. Result: we all have universal free healthcare.

    3. AJNAANDY.... I cant see anything wrong with that whatsoever.... except that all the big insurance companies and all along the line wound not make a fortune!.... we need real leaders!

  28. John

    If OK, I resend your comments to Czech presidents and some other alternative links - American Embassy in Czech unleashed hunt after president since he refuses to bend down to them....Our PM had to rapport to Bidet a week ago. All government in Czech is blackmailed by NAZI - USA is happening today ....

  29. Vlastimil

    They all know fully what they are dealing with. More reports will be issued tomorrow on the Ukraine. They know the dilemma with the US. Non need us telling them what to do. Events will for force a solution over the next few months after Spring starts. they will plan their moves. The Cabals Global corruption is becoming ever more exposed. Falcones Attorneys allege Biden took a $200M bribe and that will emerge at some stage. There are growing files on Biden. As with all of them. Political parties will all stand back from that Slop Trough at some stage. Bank disclosures will always tag Biden and all of them. Capone was taken down by Tax. They all have dirty shorts.

    1. Thanks John

      And sorry for my outburst. I am not putting down our American friends, not at all. I just saw how Czechs got recharge for new start after Truth in- Justice out. All done in decency - public behave without any anger nobody was destroying things or anything like that, no burnt cars or robbed groceries .... believe it. I was there as all my friends. Such experience was amazing - it was real revolution with all decency - nobody drunk to disturb the cause - no burn tires or shooting ..... because people saw that Truth is coming out and Justice hunts those who oppressed us - communists and Russians. I hated Russians as everybody else in Czech. It was generational emotional damage - it took me long years of hard work on myself to get all healed, yet many Czechs still live with those scars.

      Anytime idiots like Cameron or Obama spits venom on Russia unjustly - it creates emotional barrier towards all nation of Russia in Britain and vice verse in Russia towards Britain and it is not easy to heal. Most people will always live with those scars of hatred....Politicos might leave as you say, but scars of this emotional damage remain and can burst anytime....

      West managed to destroy good relation between Ukrainians and Russians. We have all generation of young Ukrainians hating Russia for no cause ..... this is the problem. Not talking about the Middle East - I have not been there.

      I am sorry for what we have to face ..... it does not make me happy. I do not have any good solution for USA. The best would be if Americans like army comes forwards and cleans up the mess in DC and tells the world what was happening and who did what. World would accept Americans again at the spot and say - there are still straight people of decent character in the USA -

      I believe this is the best - would it happen. For many years it was my hope, it is not anymore, then only hope is that people will rise up and do it themselves - then it would be very bad.

  30. Picture worth of 1000 words or what.....

    NATO Jets Surrounding Russia: Before And After
    ..... and this does not show Southern EU like Romania, Bulgaria ....

  31. I really expect that the front page of 'the Sun' (and other West MSM) will once display what is true in the same way as they displayed false lies and accusations - and after that they should display at the front page apologies and begging for forgiveness on their knees..

    nice front page of the Sun....

    Obama Refuses to Update the Record on MH17

    Then I would know that justice opened the door .....

  32. John,

    One thing has got me confused and that is this unknown with regards to the overprint on the dinar and how it will be handled.

    To my understanding, Reno has been taking in dinar and counting it for several years. I'm assuming that they have in fact stopped and been on standstill with the paymasters sitting in wait for at least 9 months.

    You have said multiple times that Iraq only needs circa $5T. Surely, the PP groups in Reno know how much they have accumulated.

    This has been counted and is sitting in the hanger. Why is there then so much unknown. If you have $5T, then why isn't it...sorry, no more.

    If there truly is $600T overprint. How could there not be $5T sitting in Reno. It just seems like this should be known by now this late in the game.

  33. I got $37.50 per 1M VND. Jeez......I paid $85.00 per 1M. THAT is the business I should have gotten into!!
    Selling VND for 200%++ mark-ups!!

    EWO, I did send you a PM yesterday.No reply here yet(about re: coins). thnx.


    1. umm, will check again, will catch up with you tomorrow

    2. JV

      Reno is sitting on vast amounts but we are not at liberty to reveal this. Clearly there is a huge problem depending up what rate is to be used. Also who gets out and who does not.
      Iraq only needs and can justify c$5T in USD value. So multi hundreds Ts at USD value are out of the question. The overprinting dilemma will have to be faced down. For example, do they convert at c1 cent or c $3.40? Who knows and Blog sites certainly don't. For sure hundreds of Ts are out of the question.

      What may happen is the big battalions in Reno will get converted first, either in part or total. But then, do they convert the smaller denomination notes or the large. What happens to the vast overprinting which are proceeds of crime? Be sure of one thing, there is not the money in the world to fund a Dinar exit of these magnitude of notes at any dollar status if not selective. If the big battalions get part out, a lot left will just go up as bio fuel. Even now, parties cashing out Dinars or Dongs get burned by the conversion rates if trying to get their money back. It is selective racketeering. A lot of dreams are broken. We keep urging people not to base lives on this roller coaster ride. It is very high risk.

      Because of the power players involved,and Year End Greed, there is still a chance this may get done right up to the second week of December now, but if not you really need to be planning April plus. Chinese New Year totals you out until March then it needs setting up.Weeks!
      Dongs should get done but again at what rate? Forget Guru talk, it's all childish.
      Those in with the big battalions will get first run. Whenever that is. Public markets could be way behind with internal country markets being set up first and Global months later. Right now, its a mess, all of it.

      The vast Dinar overprinting is a real issue and only complete morons are so deluded as to be dreaming hundreds of Ts will be conjured up to fund their childish fantasies.It won't!
      Economies are regulated and balanced. Needs are finite. Exits will be limited and controlled.
      A lot of people thinking a few thousand dollars will unleash for them vast millions need electric shock treatment in Belle Veue or similar Nut Houses. So many Dinar Homers out there. Who do these imbeciles think is funding it? Few seem to think out this dilemma. We were promised. Sure. Clearly more than one was born every day.
      This is all a giant South Seas bubble operation. Parties need to Google into the South Seas Bond bubble and read up. Some made big, most were ruined chasing the fantasy.
      Some will make, many will lose. Smart money will move first. The rest will be a dog pack and it looks ugly. Its a long shot gamble for most and good luck. Those with Dongs would seem to have a better chance. But, it's ALL about the rate. What is affordable and balancing the economies. China has huge holdings in Vietnam and will not trash their investments with reckless conversions. Economies come first, not Global Grunt gambling operations. So many esoteric Blogs are beyond naive. Projections for everything, money for nothing!

    3. Hello John, I wanna say that we all are rooting for you guys to bring this to a close this year. We know you guys can do it. I also wanna vent if I could, I recently watched a video of a man released from prison after serving 40 years for a crime he didn't commit, due to a lie from a 12 year old boy, who allegedly got a conscience and confessed that he lied. And the nerve of the judge to tell him that this was a huge victory and that he should watch who his friends are and he wished him good luck. These D.A.'s and judges care about no one's pain except for their own. That boy now a man does not even care that he sent an innocent man to prison. And the real killer got away. Things like these are unforgivable I hope you are correct about what happens to an evil persons soul like Judges and D.A.'s who abuse their power.

    4. Griffonred
      Souls are eternal. You will see. The 40 years was unfortunate, but his life will get much better and what is to come will be beyond uplifting for him.

  34. This is where received my shoveling snow "training" years ago. It's good to see neighbors helping neighbors.
    Dozens Show up for Shovel Brigade Mob

    BUFFALO, N.Y.- Dozens of volunteers showed up in South Buffalo Saturday morning to help dig out their neighbors.
    The group, called the Shovel Brigade Mob, was organized through social media, by those who were not severely impacted by the storm and wanted to help their neighbors who were.

    "We didn't get much snow in Elmwood so I haven't seen much impact from the storm, so I thought it would be good to come down and help out the people that really were buried in by it," said Dan Wemmell, a volunteer.

    Buffalonians buried in snow appreciated the help.

    "This feels good. Even though we are facing a real challenge it feels good to have so many people you didn't even really know come to you and help you," one South Buffalo resident said.

    You can find more information about the shovel brigade, including how to join up with them, on their Facebook page.

  35. P
    Good post and that is the Social conscience we need.

    Post the PPs lets keep the spirit and do a lot of good.

  36. Watch the coming news Chuck Hagel has just resigned so as not to be part of what is coming down.

    1. Received this message on a Breaking News Alert at 9 am this morning...

    2. BREAKING!!!!!!! WHITE HOUSE: Latest attempts to HIDE TRUTH (Hagel Forced out)
      Hagel "fed up with micromanagement from the White House"... 'Muslim extremist - ISIS' is an “imminent threat to every interest we have....this is beyond anything we’ve ever seen.”

      Read more at An Obama Admin Official Dared Tell A Truth Obama Wanted Quiet, And Obama Just Made Him Pay

  37. The pressure is really mounting now on David Cohen at the US Treasury and his links with Nutter Hahoo, as well as the activities of Jeb Bush. The world Intel Units are watching and nations are cutting off US dependencies. Coming hydrogen car releases will devastate the Texan Oil Barons, and OPEC is now seeking discounted diaper supplies fast. All this will make the US War Machine and their c1,000 bases a key item to cut hard. If Cohen is not stopped then Lew will probably go soon rather than carry the can for the disaster coming. Hagel has jumped, more want to.

    1. Oil is such a dirty energy source.

      There is no reason why we can't have clean hydrogen motors on every car. They make them that run on water for christ's sake.

      This would destroy the funding source for these scumbags.

      Post PP's, this should be a priority. Building hydrogen vehicles.

    2. JV
      From next year watch the new hydrogen's hitting the road. Within 3 years Oil cars will be collapsing in value. Hydrogen in the next step. New technology will give c350 Miles to a tank, and 3 mins recharging. So what Tax Scam will the Governments use then? Oil companies will implode. And the Arabs?????? No jobs left as Camel Jockeys.

  38. Worldwide Currency War Erupts

    by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that derivative ratios involving HSBC Bank of Hong Kong, along with the Central Bank of Japan, have reached 10,000 to 1 with U.S. Bank of America facing insolvency tied to naked short positions in the Japanese yen currency.

    Worldwide currency derivatives are about to go hybrid aka the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan, the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong.

    1. JV any idea what that last paragraph means?

    2. Absolutely none...but it was interesting so I posted it.

    3. It means derivatives are starting to fail and if it triggers a compounding default the lot comes down. Bankers have done this for false bonus greed again, think sub primes x 1,000!

    4. John,

      Daniel Estulin wrote in his book "The TrueStory of The Bilderberg Group" that these derivatives were created to destory all the banks and roll them up into less that 10 banks worldwide and 1 World Bank all under the control of a very small group of people.

      When you see how these are structured it makes sense. The banks are leveraged 9 to 1 or more. The system collapses. 75% of the population banks with institutions holding these derivatives.

      The banks fail and are counter parties to each other.

      The derivative holders get paid first in a BK.

      There is not enough money to satisfy anything but the debts owed to the derivatives holders because of the high banking leverage.

      They move money back and forth between each other which keeps them capitalized, but everyone else loses their money.

      System collapses

      Out of the ashes rises a "New World Order"

  39. John

    Regarding my hunt after Rottenchild - and why he is not imprisoned with all his clan --- in case UK can not find any real reason to do so there is a hint -

    Rottenchild banking sponsored directly Hitler - it means only one thing - Rottenchild should be charged by TREASON and all his banking clan just confiscated ..... Russians should get their shares from that blood money - 20 mil of them died and country was sent to stone age so to speak as it was devastated by WW2

  40. Czech President: Khodorkovsky is a Swindler and Pussy Riot is Porn....

    He insists that Khodorkovsky and Pussy Riot were not imprisoned for their political views....
    Adds that the only thing he doesn't like about Putin is that he hasn't put more oligarchs in jail

    Peace loving and mutual cooperation supporting US Embassy in Prag unleashed a hunt after president of the Czech Republic ......

    ....clear evidence uncovered and released by alternative news in Czech ..... they were caught right at sponsoring and coordinating protest via paid clowns and MSM.....

  41. Hagel is NAZI . ... innocent blood is dropping from this filthy mouth any time he opens it. Resignation does not make him innocent nor Holder....

    1. Maybe that idiot McCain can take that place instead to see boat sinking - he still does not get a point just because of his idiocy - he fits perfectly for the job....

  42. White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

    The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday — and right before a major holiday.
    “It’s become an unfortunate tradition of this administration and others to drop these regulatory agendas late on a Friday and right before a holiday,” Matt Shudtz, executive director of the Center for Progressive Reform, told The Hill newspaper.
    The White House’s regulatory agenda for spring 2014 was released on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, when millions of people set out on weekend getaways or family vacations.
    “It’s unfortunate because it’s an update on protections for Americans of all stripes,” Shudtz told the Hill. “It lays out the administration’s plan and it deserves more attention.”
    But the White House may have a good reason to do so because its Unified Agenda for fall 2014 includes some 3,415 regulations– more than the last regulatory agenda, and one that includes 189 rules that cost more than $100 million.
    One of the most contentious rules is the Environmental Protection Agency rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants. According to the agenda, these rules will be finalized in 2015.
    They have been criticized by Republicans and the coal industry for accelerating the demise of coal-fired power and for setting the stage for increases in electricity prices. Republicans, who are set to take control of the Senate next year, have vowed to fight EPA regulations.
    “The president said his policies were on the ballot, and the American people spoke up against them,” said incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican. “It’s time for more listening, and less job-destroying red tape. Easing the burden already created by EPA regulations will continue to be a priority for me in the new Congress.”
    But environmental groups and the EPA argue the rule will actually help lower utility bills and help fight global warming.
    “The good news is that we can afford to tackle the growing threat of climate change and, really, we can’t afford not to,” said Starla Yeh, a policy analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Doing the right thing will save money even as we protect our health, our communities and future generations.”
    A more pressing EPA rule set to be finalized is the so-called coal ash rule for coal-fired power plants. A final rule will be issued by Dec. 19, and could be bad news for the power sector, which will bear the brunt of $20.3 billion in compliance costs.
    But probably the most fought-over rules to be finalized by the EPA next year will be its redefining of the “Waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act. The EPA will issue its redefinition next year, according to the agenda.
    Federal lawmakers from both parties, along with companies from virtually every sector of the economy, have opposed the rule, saying it greatly expands the EPA’s power to regulate even small bodies of water on private property.
    “The ‘waters of the U.S.’ rule may be one of the most significant private property grabs in U.S. history,” said Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter, adding “they want to take another step toward outright permitting authority over virtually any wet area in the country, while at the same time providing a new tool for environmental groups to sue private property owners.”
    But the EPA says the rule is needed to clear up uncertainty over the EPA’s jurisdiction in the wake of two Supreme Court rulings. The EPA says “the decisions established important considerations for how those regulations should be interpreted” and that “[e]xperience implementing the regulations following the two court cases has identified several areas that could benefit from additional clarification through rulemaking.”

    1. November...holidays are high ritual times and they require our energy in passive participation to pull their dirty deeds and mind control off...

      Stop participating in their madness...these holidays are created for a reason...and we didn't create them! We are only contributing to our own enslavement.

  43. FBI Confirmed 42% of Congress Active Pedophiles! Many More Secrets Exposed!

    1. Fed up,

      This is why nothing gets done. They are all controlled assets. Many are MK.

      Makes me sick.

    2. JV
      Sometimes I get physically sick on my stomach....instead of our leaders "putting fires out" and solving some problems; they're creating the problems with no solutions in sight...

      The whole lot is corrupt, and we cannot trust anything that has to do with them. I have a vote of no confidence!

  44. Just got the Breaking News that the Grand Jury in Ferguson will not indict the police. More fires that they are starting with the end result of tyranny, fascism, hatred, chaos...created by them, all of them.

    I have no confidence in anything in the MSM...I believe that all incitements in the news are basically false way or the other.

    1. This How The Bolsheviks Began the Russian Communist Revolution
      Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Tuesday, 25-Nov-2014 14:51:54

      In Response To: ZeroHedge: Ferguson In Flames: The Morning After (NaturalWisdom)

      Isn't This How The Bolsheviks Began the Russian Communist Revolution?

      Long story short - the Hasidic Zionist bankers wanted control over the Russian economy, so they brought terrorist communist agents from New York, USA, to Russia.

      The Zionist terrorists organized disruptions in every major Russian city they could infiltrate.

      The Zionist terrorist agents began the (false flag) killing of Russians in public, blamed it on the Russian Czar, and then turned the now incensed and out of control mob toward the Czar and his ministers.

      When the Zionist terrorists had created complete chaos, and total breakdown of Russian civilization, they dealt the final blow by murdering the Czar, all his ministers, his entire family, and taking over the Russian government.

      The criminally insane Bolsheviks then went on to mass murder MULTI-MILLIONS of Russians in cold blood - because they could, and they were in power, and killing is what reptiles do best.

      Be careful out there whom you choose to align yourself with.

      Understand you are being used and set up to fail.

      Understand race is purposely being pitted against race, and American is being pitted against American - if you are dumb enough to buy into the propaganda.

      The New York Hasidim Zionist invention of Communist Bolshevism never went away.

      The demented maniacs just gave their self different names into new generations.

      Today they call themselves the 'Dept of Homeland Security'.

      Today, the Zionist insurgent agents posing as police who are (false flag) murdering Americans in cold blood are either Israeli Mossad terrorists provocateurs, or dumb-as-dirt homegrown agent provocateurs in police uniforms trained and controlled by the Zionist Israeli's.

      The game plan of the reptiles is always the same, because control out of chaos is all they know.



      : Ferguson In Flames: The Morning After
      : ZeroHedge
      : 25 Nov 2014

      : Shortly after 9pmET last night, prosecutors relayed the grand
      : jury's decision not to charge white Ferguson Police officer
      : Darren Wilson over the death of black teenager Michael
      : Brown... and all hell broke loose..

    2. There's always the consideration of a "false flag" for their purposes...and as soon as they try to pull one over on us...someone discovers the conspiracy... You be the judge:



      Described as "one huge channeling negative energy" to open a stargate? Interesting!

  45. Furgeson, MO.

    Get out the hot dogs an marshmellows!! Whole bunch of news stations doing continuous coverage.

    Anybody notice the Grand Jury announcement guy stating 7-8 times the meme "heart and soul"?


  46. Is this just some sort of weird coincidence that the day
    Benjamin Fulford's Report comes out Hagel resigns?

    Or, does it really mean something and has something
    to do with what Benjamin Fulford posted today?


  47. Toyota & Honda announcing they will be selling hydrogen powered cars next year is pretty BIG news.
    NOT a single word about it in MSM-whore network, of course.....

    It is my hope that the Pentagon brass do take action now, arresting criminal satanists and
    to restore the Republic of the United States and Organic Constitution.


    1. The 2016 Toyota Mirai: A Car Powered by the Energy of Hydrogen
      PL Chang | Last updated on November 22nd, 2014

  48. John, Kate to be Queen? Liz and Charles getting the same treatment as Beatrix and Pope Benedict?

    1. Sorry to be so direct John, 'twas a tad disrespectful. If you were able to shed some light on this rumour that would be appreciated. If true I would wonder if the allegations of the ITCCS (aka Kevin Annett) may have something to do with it and is further housecleaning. Thankyou.

    2. Ajnaandy

      The Queen will never abdicate, but once gone we all want William and for Charles to step aside but he wont. No one wants Camilla but Charles is driven by ego. Hopefully the Queen can last another 15 years, so the Charles impact is reduced. With luck he may go first. These old Windsor birds have a habit of hitting their century. It is what is is. Charles is such a Plonker he could single handedly force a Republic within his first 3 years. But Kate will be there soon enough.
      Abdication is unfounded rumour. Like Charles- No substance.

  49. NORAD to Buzz DC with F-16s Tonight
    Flights to take place between midnight and 2 am.

    F-16 Fighting Falcons demonstrate an 'Elephant Walk' as they taxi, Kunsan Air Base, South Korea - 14 Dec 2012(Photo at link below)

    BY: Stephen Gutowski November 24, 2014 11:49 am

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command and NORAD will fly “Civil Air Patrol aircraft, Air Force F-16s, an Air Force C-38, and a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter” over the nation’s capitol late tonight. “The North American Aerospace Defense Command and its geographical component, the Continental United States NORAD Region (CONR), will conduct exercise Falcon Virgo 15-02 Monday night into Tuesday morning, in the National Capital Region, Washington, D.C,” CONR said in a press release. “Flights are scheduled to take place between midnight and 2 a.m. (EST).”

    The agency said the operation is a training exercise “comprised of a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region (NCR) Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Eastern Air Defense Sector.” They said it is “designed to hone NORAD’s intercept and identification operations as well as operationally test the NCR Visual Warning System and training personnel at the JADOC.”

    They said the operation is part of its “response to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001″ and ensures “CONR’s rapid response capability.” “Since September 11, 2001, CONR fighters have responded to more than 5,000 possible air threats in the United States and have flown more than 62,500 sorties with the support of Airborne Warning and Control System and air-to-air-refueling aircraft.” NORAD conducted a series of training flights over D.C. earlier this month as well.

    "Bomb bay doors open." Could this be the wake-up call Pentagon is signalling to DC satanists? ~darylluke.

    1. Agreed DL. Reminds me of UFOs buzzing the WH in '52

    2. DL
      Its a training exercise relating to increasing war risk emanating from mad US policies.
      Hagel stepped down because of growing concerns and unacceptable risks. More today on that.

    3. John,

      I respectfully disagree. Something is not correct here. "training exercise" at midnight? Hagel is physically marked from an "accidnet at home" making a statement(resigning)??

      Sorry, but it does not fly with me what you say. I see it quite differently.


    4. Benjamin Fulford named the "UNHOLY TRIAD ALLIANCE", which is holding a stranglehold upon Americans, mostly. Jeb, Cohen, and Netten-nutter from Israhell. We now have THREE enemies of HUMANITY to focus upon. What happened when Nutter went to Moscow last to meet President Putin? Now, Nutter wants to wage war upon Iran!

      My point is that this is just way too much for COINCIDENCE. The man releases a report, and within hours we get TWO huge things happen here. NOTHING is random, but by design.

    5. DL new articles on Hagel plus coming out today will expose a lot more.

  50. VT very interesting. Personally I think O has been booting the bad eggs from the nuclear command - I know others think the opposite. Gordon Duff talks to this and brings in Hagel..

    "America's Nuclear Command Meltdown" Nov 22, 2014

    "This week, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is expected to announce the entire restructuring of America’s nuclear weapons force based on findings of two studies, one from within the military.
    The other, highly secret, has examined over two decades of espionage, weapons theft and the takeover of key nuclear command positions by both religious extremists and individuals with personal lives so out of control that they are considered at risk for blackmail."

    "Editor’s Note: You just can’t make this stuff up folks. Right wing email lists are being worked to spin the continued cleanup of the nuclear command, for the most obvious security reasons, as some sort of anti-military Obama’s revenge on the Air Force."

    So the cabal booted Hagel ahead of this restructure? What do people think?

    1. "Even savvy Internet readers get sucked into the hype. All those who are “very unhappy” with Obama are easily profiled by Google so the email list pros know exactly who to shovel the propaganda manure out to. They know that as long as it hurts Obama, the readers don’t really care too much if it is true or not.
      Most are very patriotic Americans, big on national defense, and don’t have a clue that they are being played for suckers by the same crowd that brought us 9-11 with the WTC’s being brought down with mini-nukes."

      loc cit

  51. The Blogs are cranking up complete hogwash again today on RV's. with 100% failed track records, they keep talking excreta! Plus asking for donations and pushing more deals. Nothing is moving yet, ZERO! Wait until you get reliable news on the 2 sites do not get carried away listening to Losers and Loonies. The Dinar Shills are in need of mass arrests.
    If your not pre advised, it will NOT be happening. Reading those crap sheets unbalances your judgement. Greed rules fools.

  52. Senate Report: Scale of Wall Street Holdings Are “Unprecedented in U.S. History”

    Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Senator Carl Levin, released an alarming 396-page report that details how Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks have quietly, and often stealthily through shell companies, gained ownership of a stunning amount of the nation’s critical industrial commodities like oil, aluminum, copper, natural gas, and even uranium. The report said the scale of these bank holdings “appears to be unprecedented in U.S. history.”

    Adding to the hubris of the situation, the Wall Street banks’ own regulator, the Federal Reserve, gave its blessing to this unprecedented and dangerous encroachment by banking interests into industrial commodity ownership and has effectively looked the other way as the banks moved into industrial commerce activities like owning pipelines and power plants.

    Continue Reading at .....

  53. Great find Fedup. Keep up the great work! ) It's the ownership of these commodities that has accelerated pipeline and pumping station developments across this country. Am sure we can find the same for the Keystone Pipeline. On a another track of thinking: Have to wonder if fracking harm done in some communities could possibly hold the hidden bank owners responsible?

    1. P,
      Much of worthy news is buried so deep it takes only discernment from our Creator to find it...

      Heard last week that Sunoco (Philadelphia) is building an east coast pipeline across the State of Pennsylvania... creating thousands of jobs and much revenue for the state...however, never saw it on any ballot...and citizens never considered at what cost? Our whole system has been hijacked and they are doing what they want especially since our regulations are only based on executive orders and not rule of law.

      Upstate Pennsylvania holds the Marcellas Shale, huge...contaminated drinking water, animals perishing, land contaminated, taxes not derived. Farmers are livid! The Marcellas Shale area is easy access to New York Diamond District...go figure...

  54. Hidden Messages In The New $100 Bill? (Video)

    Video blogger Johnathan Kleck claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 bill that warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.
    Back in 2002, it was exposed that when a $20 bill was folded in a certain way, it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks. The story caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years before the incident in 1998.
    Kleck goes on in the video below to reveal his new findings on the $100 bill. A chilling prophecy of future events with doomsday images.
    Are they showing us our future hidden in the currency we struggle to obtain? Check it out and see what you believe. I have to admit, the similarities seem to be too much of a coincidence.

    1. Not sure about all the apocalyptic stuff. I did notice the pot of gold on the front of the bill. Hoping that is a message about the coming of asset backed currency!!!

    2. I hear you John S...with the current situation in this world...anything is possible...but it's all within each of us individually to know...

      Maybe that big pot on the front is an indication that the dollars are backed by gold...just saying?

  55. All parties hoping for early currency exits need to look now at the Employee Dependency overlaps unfolding. A successful conversion will require a sound chain of parties in place able to coordinate. The US absenteeism travel to Mammie madness starts Wednesday and will take out any system reliability until at least next Wednesday so write off next week also . These never ending US breaks cause havoc. Logistically now nothing is likely to start until at least Tuesday 9th December, and if that is missed, next year becomes ominous. DC Fat Cats don't care, nor do the Bankers. So much for the Guru rag sheets today again with all their false dawn garbage. Then note their scurrilous hands out for donations. What a bunch of sad misfits. Go Get em!

    We wont be able to advise now for a least a week because Disneyland takes over tomorrow. God only knows how poor Employers cope with it. Every other week has a day off. So, sorry, but look into December and good luck. So much for the Guru Losers, but send them your money. As if?

    1. It's good that Russia is not involved in this PP and RV and GS junk play - otherwise all would be shouting thug of thugs of KGB is blocking our lives and progress - he is bloody soulless beast of east - or yeast.

      I remember one of my students from USA - she could utter only this is in our discussions over Iraq war - *I trust my president and my government* That was her contribution ..... very enlightened. But we liked her anyhow.....

    2. One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.
      Thomas Paine

      John, always looking forward to your's always spot on...Thank you!

    3. Vlastimil.
      Everything is right with "Justice In, Truth Out!"

  56. Conflict between US Embassy in Czech grows bigger and bigger ..... Czech president is spitting at the face of NAZI US and they hunt him as much as they can in zio-MSM in Czech ... and then he hits them again with something on Ukraine - EU - Russia -

    This time ----- he compares Czech and US beer in public ... so tomorrow I expect US Embassy will jump through the window to find anything else on our president - in case they don't they are still masters in lies....

    The Czech president Milos Zeman eulogized his country’s trademark beverage, while insulting US beer as “filthy water” during a presidential business summit in the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

    Asked about which beer is the best in the world, by the longtime Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaev, Zeman did not hesitate.

    “We have built several breweries here already. We might make good planes, cars or other products, but most importantly, never forget - Czech beer is one of the best in the world,” said the 70-year-old.

    “American companies just offer some kind of filthy water instead of beer, they can compete with us.”

  57. Looking at how rapidly 2 of the old Blogs are about to fold now, it brings home ever more the importance of retaining good alternative media's such as the 2 sites and having freedom to express within reason. The bar was lifted when OWON took off and old hat lost appeal. Inaccurate reporting lost credibility, and some of them just lost the plot. The Pot soon followed.

  58. Brics bank proposes new world currency.

  59. John, you're right.

    Fedup, sorry am having some issues and Canauzzie has done all he can, so it's not his fault.

    PA is a beautiful state, am hoping that things go forward with the hydrogen cars John has talked about, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. It's going to take innovations of like kind to stop the devastation of our planet by ones who just don't care about anything but more money in their already filled to the top pockets. Those jobs and revenues will come in other ways, helpful ways for everybody's benefit.

    1. Oh, no shade on his work and's the internet and the other so called news outlets who claim to know something and have it buried so deep you need a magnifying glass to find it...such is how it's just worth stating that they really don't want us to capture the real news...

      It's time for new technology, new energy sources which are perpetual and infinite...where the sources are readily here just for the taking...not depleting any of the earth's precious resources for our own greedy need for money.

      Our futures really look bright, and our future is Now...


  61. American Spring Night 2: Coast-To-Coast Protests, "We Have Every Right To Destroy A System That Seeks To Destroy Us"

  62. The Break-Up of OPEC Could Be Imminent

    Is the sun setting on Opec's reign?
    Oil group faces biggest meeting in 20 years as in-fighting and a US resurgence curb its ability to hold prices.

    It wouldn't be the first time the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries has met in an atmosphere of deep division, bordering on outright hatred.

    In 1976, Saudi Arabia's former Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani stormed out of the Opec gathering early when other members of the cartel wouldn't agree to the wishes of his new master, King Khaled.

    Opec's 166th meeting in Vienna this week looks as if it could end in a similarly acrimonious fashion with Saudi Arabia and several other members at loggerheads over what to do about falling oil prices.

    Whatever action Opec agrees to take to halt the sharp decline in the value of crude, experts agree that one thing is clear: the world is entering an era of lower oil prices that the group is almost powerless to change.

    This new energy paradigm may result in oil trading at much lower levels than the US$100 ($126.79) a barrel consumers have grown used to paying over the past decade and reshape the entire global economy.

    It could also trigger the eventual break-up of Opec, the group of mainly Middle East producers, which due to its control of 60 per cent of the world's petroleum reserves has often been accused of acting like a cartel.

    "The oil market is being redefined by two factors. First, the astonishing growth in US oil production ... Secondly, the realisation that the world economy is much weaker than was previously expected so demand is being squeezed," says Yergin, who also sits on the United States Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.

  63. John I have just given you and your colleagues an energy push in support of your efforts. The darkies are using these holidays to delay, which is against the wishes of the rest of the planet. A concerted energy push is needed now by all of us to birth this baby.

    Folks, I ask you to join me for a few minutes everyday to send empowering and grateful energy to the WHs. This is our baby. If there is one thing OWoN has taught me is that it is up to us. So let's deliver! If this is new to you try imagining the WHs successfully wrapping up a key agreement and seeing the celebration on their faces. Or sending light if that is your thing.

    1. AJ
      This is power in action, time to focus our intentions in the right place...take our eyes off of "all of them" and direct our energy and imagination/attention to that which we want...this is what we do.

      Thank you!

    2. Physicist Proves That We Can Change the World If We All Have the Same Intention

      The following analogy is quoted from an Epoch Times interview with physicist Dr. William Tiller, who studies human intention.

      Dr. Tiller has shown us that human intention has an actual physical impact on our world. We already know that human thoughts can change the formation of water crystals, but Dr. Tiller took it a step further.

      He’s discovered an immensely powerful type of energy in the vacuum space within molecules. The vacuum space was long thought to be empty. He’s discovered that human thoughts can direct this energy to do anything from changing the pH-level of water to helping improve the skills and functioning of autistic children or drawing people out of depression.

      The power of human intention could grow exponentially if we could all direct our intention toward the same goal, he said, using the analogy of a light bulb to illustrate this point.

      Think of each photon (particle of light) as each person’s intention: (see analogy at link above)

  64. Ajnaandy.
    Imagine had this been Nesara or RMN whose first action would be a hand in your face for 50 bucks.
    Here you get real truth, not rumours, balanced facts, objective opinions and selected media cross views. Plus the liveliest of all comments sections with all free to contribute and many great issues by all of you who are widely read. .

    We can't control the settlement time, but we sure as hell do crank up the pressure.
    But here, we have a focused agenda to work towards an inclusive Global society, with values, plans and a real humanitarian ethos so that all Souls born today have a future and role. No oppression and citizenship standards to serve all communities. One where every child can grow and excel to their maximum, and feel at one with nature and their Spiritual being. You all do matter and that is lost on the parasites in the Cabal. Even worse with the Zionists, who feel contempt for the Goyim, as they cut the throats of terrified animals, and pieces off their children. Dreaming they are special, because a paranoid Schizophrenic who almost murdered his own son told them so. To be led by the ramblings of a madman, or the other herd by an old Paedophile, raises base questions of evolution. Why have none of their minds evolved. They follow a false God concept of Blood-lusts controlled by madmen. Such control, be very afraid. They are the enemy. The PPs can free up so much and once seen to be working, watch the switch in new paradigms start.

    1. John,

      This would never have reached the front page if not for your efforts and those of your colleagues. Thank you.

      "The family of a missing boy have been told by police that he may have been abducted, abused and murdered by a paedophile ring of leading establishment figures."

    2. Valdi

      1. All Intel Agencies have been ordered to locate and make available to the Investigating units all secret files on bent Politicos, bankers and Judges. So the bad news for Leon Britten and is Missing files, is that we hold 3 sets of everything and they are always archived. No one dare day all 3 are missing or mass sacking and jailing will commence. No Pensions or cough!
      2. You will soon see "Mysterious Deaths" and arrests. Does it matter how we deal with them as long as we do? Understand, much of this is not for the Tabloids, but we have it handled, and the calls will be made as needed.
      So much more is unfolding.

    3. It sound like Putin style - so be it. Czech president said that he regrets that Putin did not clean up more of oligarchs ..... they are few in Czech and Zeman can not smell them either .... he would be happy to clean the cage as well....but how?

    4. Personally, information is free...most of what we determine to be truth is gained through discernment; however, I will not waste any money on information that is free. And, money as a tool can be better spent helping so many who are desperate, children and seniors...

      I remember when television was free, all one had to do was buy a TV and plug it in...

      Now, in order to have a television you have to have (pay for) cable and you have to have (pay for) a digital converter. Without these a television now days will not work...paying to be lied to and mind controlled (programming). Whose the fool? Just saying...

  65. John, thanks for the updates and Reality Checks.
    Many of us did not expect long delays as these but we're hanging there. If comes in December, awesome, but if we are forced to wait for 2015, so be it. Even if delays its not what we would like to see and hear, We appreciate You and Canauzzie to Keep It Real for us. I've learned there is Freedom in Truth and we found right here.

    OWON Friends and Beyond,
    Let's not be discouraged by the delays. We know the waiting time is one of the hardest challenges we can endure, but let's not forget that is also an advance school of learning and personal grow. During these hard times and trials we are solidifying our ideas and perseverance.

    Meanwhile we wait, let's continue touching the hearts and minds of people and preparing ourselves for the great tasks ahead. I call everybody to be positive, to have Hope and straightforward mindset for the coming activity.

    We are here because We Chose to Be Here, led by destiny or by a Greater Kinectic Force to be part of Change. Let's Not allow Money, the RV or "I want to be" change Who We Are. Let's not allow the delays to rip apart our dreams of transformation that are in our hearts and basic foundation of OWON. We are a few in a billion, so be encourage.

    Be Alive, expect for the Best.

  66. Replies
    1. Thanks for the encouragement, BoB. Indeed, there is no need to wait: we can make the best of what we already have.....or at least make a start. Alan Watts asked his students what they would really like to do if money were no object, and upon hearing their replies he would say, "You do that....and forget the money".

      So, for the benefit of those in the Lurch, or a Slump, or a Waiting Place, or is Dr Seuss to give his advice, as a short break from all the doom and gloom :-)

    2. Oops, wrong URL!! Here is Dr Seuss:

      Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss

    3. For the poor and decent party who got stomped on by arrogant Numpties on a Guru site here is payback time. Their site was specific- ~today. All wrong- again!. Worse, these LOSERS keep maligning good people who don't need their phobic mouths engaged in invasions of their privacy. So, from the loonies with its TODAY, go back, rub their noses in it and tell them head on, you are a basket of Losers, it won't be today, or even next week so why keep perpetuating crap and posing like you have access, or even matter? Stupid don't get access! Ask how many times do you sad Losers need to keep mouthing off before you realise how stupid you look? Tell them Ignorance is not a Badge of Honour.Ask in future, how about first you engage your brain before letting your mouth into gear? Bear Bait the clowns. Payback can be fun, and face it, to be on those sites says it all. And for you, lesson well learned, you are too decent a person to be insulted by nonentities. No one of ability frequents such sites. Throw them a poisoned bone to choke on and leave feeling you scored one for the Gipper. Such sites truly are an insult to intelligence. It attracts its own level of Snake Oil vermin, best left well alone.
      On the 2 real sites, you will know before any of them. Write it down to experience. Good luck and keep your head up. Your among understanding friends.

    4. Comments by people who contradict the status quo (of lies & deceit being peddled as truth/facts) get their views deleted, then get banned. Good luck with trying that, though...

  67. Save the Children staff furious over ‘global legacy’ award for Tony Blair

    Internal letter signed by almost 200 staff members says award is ‘morally reprehensible’ and endangers STC’s credibility globally

  68. Couldn't agree more. That slippery Phoney deserves nothing, he's a Creep!

    1. Save the Children have over 100,000 signatures to take the award back...

  69. Great comments and introspection BoB and Valdi

    Tomorrow, in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. I personally don't know if it was a true event with the Pilgrims and Native Americans breaking bread together back in 1621 or not. I mean even Wikipedia isn't even sure. Lol. They state... In the United States, the modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition is commonly, but not universally, traced to a poorly documented 1621 celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts.

    However, giving thanks should be a regular occurrence, and so I am declaring everyday is an OWoN day of Thanksgiving. It is a feast (pardon the food reference Lol) of information, education, opinions, truth, and friendship.

    John and Canauzzie. Many thanks everyday for the exclusive articles and commentary, the broad range of other newsworthy topics provided and the opportunity for so many to make their own contributions in the form of essays and comments.

    And as always, continued gratitude to John, T-Man, Paladin and all the White Hats for their dedication and relentless pursuit of justice.

    1. Where's my second L so I can thank you?

    2. Agreed Calgirl, thx to John and C for their endless work, not just on bringing dynamic articles but the fight to release the PPs. Happy thanksgiving all.

    3. Calgirl, and all the truly beautiful people in America who far outnumber the crooks, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, with lots of love and hugs from this side of The Pond. xoxoxox

    4. John -

      You ARE relentless on many levels (Lol)
      CaLL GirLL (two extra L's - wink, wink).

      If I ever move from California, I'll have to change my name, sorry.

      Valdi - thank you - love and hugs right back at you!!!

      Hi LG - yes indeed, the fight continues for the PP release and will be won by these incredible White Hats. The pressure is mounting and there will be a victory for all of us.

    5. No, that wont work Keep the name and change the region! Invade it! The American way. Lol
      Make them an offer they cant refuse. Change the name or eat McDonalds 365 days a year 3 times a day.

  70. Czech PM from DC where he was called by Joe Bidet is on the way to Isra-hell to meet Satanyahu -

    Czech PM is a weak man but even if he was strong generally Czechs have no idea what kind of animals run the show - they are still generally naive believing that after Iron Curtain down, West is our loving father....

    Anyhow last PM was strong and clean - he began to cooperate with Russia since Czech was blackmailed. Cut all biz ties to Russia or no investment money in Czech and not EU membership -- thank you NAZI. We lost about 60% or market over night....

    Anyhow first it was Hitlary who flew to meet him to give him orders - no biz with Russia. But he flew to St Petersburg with top biz CEO to settle biz deals with Russia. Soon after Satanyahu came to visit him personally, (it was stated that Satanyahu came to thank him for support of Israel ...) Anyhow, in like two months he had to resign - he did not commit anything wrong but forced over staged snooping by his girlfriend .....

    Now Czech president showed a big finger to NAZI US thugs and in US Embassy no one has erection since so they try very hard to discredit Czech president.... They have to kill him to silent him, this is fact.

    Now situation in Czech will be tense - PM will be thwarted ..... and totally blocked...... It will be nasty in Czech.

    Thank you USA ..... as long as your people can watch your sport games .... let sacrifice others....How about if this happens to UK Cameron? OHHHH it can not, since UK is faithful friend to NATO's thugs and sends regularly soldiers to exercise at Russia doorstep.....

  71. This is good one -----

    State Duma speaker Sergey Naryshkin suggested that NATO members should expel the United States from the bloc, asserting such a move should return the security situation in Europe to normal levels.

    “I have one fantastical proposal – I would suggest that European partners oust the USA from NATO,” Naryshkin said on Tuesday, as he spoke at an international conference dedicated to looking at possible ways of overcoming the current crisis in Europe.

  72. Jim Willie for those who are interested....

  73. The US Embassy in Moscow reported that the Ukrainian hacker group Cyber-Berkut has allegedly revealed the documents from a United States Government mobile device, containing information on US military assistance to Ukraine.


  74. Jamie Dimon's Daughter Is Asking You For A Favor

    On Laura Dimon's Twitter feed, before it was removed:

    "If you know of any scams, crimes, or hazards that should be exposed or looked into, I want to hear from you!"


  75. All this NAZI USA fascist regime and their terrorist thieving practices began to affect me - too much negative nasty news and it keeps going - I come home from job and NEGATIVE NEWS - NAZI USA are planing to f-----k up the world using this or that --- they steal gold there or there. they blackmail here or there ---

    I see last week plus it has negative impact on my personal life - too much is too much.

    If NAZI Embassy in Prag will do some coup in the Czech Republic then I would ask canauzzie to block me for some time from here because if I have access here then I would say something very bad about America as it is....and probably not only once as I know myself ....and rightly.

    It is not good.....

    1. Vlastimil

      The ONLY problem is balancing who the target is. It is ONLY the Cabal and Zionists. They are the very, very, very bad wrongdoers, the American people are just as much innocent victims of this scum. You just need to focus your anger on who, and not have it read as blanket attacks which then alienates all the good people who need you and all our support. Please, just be clear who and not a blanket American attack in total. Then all can support it and help us all focus on the true blame.

    2. Fair look -

      Who pays US soldiers to go and kill and steal and torture? Who cooks meals for those soldiers? Who does logistics? Who develops and manufactures weapons? Who clothe them? Who works for the intel communications network for those soldiers? Who builds their barracks? Who supplies them with electricity and heating? ........ etc

      Now police enforcement of any kind --- from TSA, NSA, CIA, FEMA, NORAH, FBI .... etc

      Beside majority of USA public is adoring and supporting US army - it is a mental power behind it of ordinary citizen ...

      You must come to simple conclusion (we speak about cabal who are let say 5 000 in USA plus on top 30 ..)

      The rest of the society happily and wilfully work for them. Soldiers are happy to go and shoot for their wages....

      It is majority of real working public civil force that makes this happen - it is not only cabal. The worker who makes shoes for army is happy for wars - they said it clearly during Iraq war. These manufactures did not deny it, they said it openly - war is good for us.

      How many people are employed to sustain US army - and thus US cabal? My guess 25% or working Americans?

      Americans want change? Let soldiers go home or turn their guns on their officers? Let those who work for military go on general strike let say for 55 years? Then I would say, they mean business. Well they will not because they like their bugs rolling to their packets so they slave happily for cabal.

      There are few here and there on blogs, like there were few dissidents in East Europe hanging around complaining, criticising doing here or there actions against the regime to feel better ......

    3. Those are all valid points Vlastimil and fair questions.

    4. John

      We took down communist in peaceful way - I was just a street pawn - for sure there was help from outside the country, yet done in peaceful way - but it was ruled by Truth Out- Justice In attitude -

      Nobody, I mean nobody in whole country turned to destroying things - burning - robbing etc .... people behaved in peaceful manner....Communists were exposed and had to go - to their credit. They left country with no debt and they understood that they were not welcome anymore ...... But all country basically all were united against communist ideology and playing 'half truth and lie game and twisting facts and giving better jobs to those who became communists regardless abilities etc.....'

      And we did not adore army - this is a big thing. Once you adore army - you want to see them in action ....subconsciously.

  76. P, Valdi, Calgirl, thanks to reply friends.
    The encouragement comment came from the heart as simple as it is. We are all in this sicking ship together and to change this mess we need to support, trust and encourage each other. I wish the best to all of you and a prosper future. Hopefully someday we all meet.

    To our American Friends Worldwide, Happy ThanksGiving.
    I hope you take a minute during this holiday season to reflect that this could be the last normal Thanksgiving you will have as a Nation. Make the most of it, give your time and attention to those that you love and care. Pay a tribute, if you feel like, to those that made difference in your life and record these moments.

    As the Nation changes, so it changes the people. Be Positive and Encouraged during the necessary process of transformation. Expect the Best and a Brighter Future out of it. We are behind you and want to see You succeed.

    Remember, many of us care for You and your Kids.
    Happy ThanksGiving.

    1. Bless you BoB for the kind words and encouragement. To the OWoN Americans here and abroad - Happy Thanksgiving for you, your families and friends.

  77. Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio meets secretly at EU Parliament capital with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup (VIDEO)

    VANCOUVER, BC – Kevin Annett, North American field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.ORG) has revealed that Pope Francis Bergoglio on Nov. 25, 2014 met secretly in Strasbourg, France, the seat of the European Parliament, with Russian and Dutch diplomats. The Alitalia plane on which the Pope traveled returned to Rome within four hours of its departure.

    Vatican funding BRICS; Pope Bergoglio take secret $500,000 payment to certify Argentine crony daughter as future Dutch Queen

    According to Kevin Annett, the Pope’s meeting Russian diplomats was in furtherance of arrangements through Deutsche Bank of the Vatican’s financial contribution to the BRICS central bank, of which Russia, under Vladimir Putin, is a central founder. The Pope’s meeting with Dutch diplomats may have been in furtherance of the Pope’s having provided credentials for Dutch Queen Maxima when she was the Argentine Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti, whose father was a Minister in the military Junta and an associate of then Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio. According to ITCCS witnesses, Pope Francis Bergoglio was paid a $500,000 secret personal fee in order to certify Maxima as free to marry the heir to the Dutch throne Willem-Alexander.

  78. Indian authorities can cancel the beginning of September signed a contract with Dassault to supply 126 fighters "Rafale" 20 to $ 22 billion if France refuses to deliver to Russia "Mistral"

    France - unreliable partner - India stands shoulder to shoulder with Russia ....

    Wake up call - it is impossible to count how many wake up calls we had last years and no result - deafness and blindness rules ...

  79. John

    Regarding education shift - known as common core -

    Would you make a comment on this ... who is behind it, who developed that and makes sure that the West is implementing it step by step....

    How is UK educational system subordinate to this new system of dumbing and confusing children??????

    Thanks, I am having little fights here in school with teachers who lost ability to think .... for themselves ....

  80. Saturnalia

    Do you have anything in hand regarding Jesuits and their aim to shift educational system in the West, namely common core or anything that aims to shift from classical model? Thanks.

  81. Vlastimil

    Most of our educational shortfalls are in high immigration areas. Mass Illegals or immigrant cross breeding of the lowest social groupings who have no education, low standards of literacy. poor or no English standards, and ever growing one parent families on 'Welfare. Low Class Welfare Louts producing ever more illegitimate kids from multiple stupid girls, and it grows from there. Our school systems are good, but some of the product coming forward is very poor. With the best will in the world, look at George W. Mutts are bred! What does anyone do with them? He is living proof and he had the best. Moral being, you can't educate stupid. Cross breed racehorses with Gypsies dogs and where do you think it ends up? It's called Pissing in the Gene pool. Start there.

  82. There are no NAZI in Ukraine ......

    NATO flag alongside of GERMAN NAZI swastika and Ukraine NAZI flag......

  83. The Politics of Thanksgiving Day

    As family excitement builds over Thanksgiving, you would never know November was Native American History Month. President Barack Obama publicly announced the month, but many more Americans will be paying much greater attention to his annual declaration of thanksgiving with the ceremonial pardoning of a turkey.

    Thanksgiving has a treasured place in the hearts of Americans, established as a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to rouse Northern patriotism for a war that was not going well. Since then, Thanksgiving has often served other political ends.

    In 2003, in the age of U.S. Middle East invasions, President George W. Bush flew to Baghdad, Iraq, to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with U.S. troops. He sought to rally the public behind an invasion based on lies by having a host of photographers snap pictures of him carrying a glazed turkey to eager soldiers. Three hours later, Bush flew home, and TV brought his act of solidarity and generosity to millions of U.S. living rooms. But the turkey the President carried to Baghdad was never eaten. It was cardboard, a stage prop.

    Thus, as an example of hypocrisy and insincerity, Thanksgiving 2003 had a lot in common with the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621. A year earlier, 149 English Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower landed at Plymouth and survived their first New England winter when Wampanoug people brought the newcomers corn, meat and other gifts, and taught the Pilgrims survival skills.

    In 1621, Governor William Bradford of Plymouth proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving – not for his Wampanoug saviors but in honor of his brave Pilgrims. Through resourcefulness and devotion to God, his Christians had defeated hunger.

    Bradford claimed that Native Americans were invited to the dinner. A seat at the table? Really? Since Pilgrims classified their nonwhite saviors as “infidels” and inferiors — if invited at all, they were asked to provide and serve, not share the food.

    To this day, we are asked to see Thanksgiving essentially through the eyes of Governor Bradford (albeit with a nod to the help provided by the Native Americans). Bradford’s fable about stalwart Pilgrims overcoming daunting challenges through God’s blessings was an early example of “Euro think” which cast the European conquest of the Americas as mostly heroic and even noble.

    Having survived those first difficult winters, Pilgrim armies soon pushed westward. In 1637, Governor Bradford sent his troops to raid a Pequot village, viewing the clash as mortal combat between devout Christians and godless heathens. Pilgrim soldiers systematically destroyed a village of sleeping men, women and children.

    Bradford was overjoyed: “It was a fearful sight to see them frying in the fire and the streams of blood quenching the same and horrible was the stink and stench thereof. But the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice and they [the Pilgrim militia] gave praise thereof to God.”

    Years later, Pilgrim Reverend Increase Mather asked his congregation to celebrate the “victory” and thank God “that on this day we have sent six hundred heathen souls to hell.”

    School books and scholarly texts still honor Bradford, ignoring his callous brutality. The 1993 edition of the Columbia Encyclopedia [p. 351] states of Bradford, “He maintained friendly relations with the Native Americans.” The scholarly Dictionary of American History [p. 77] said, “He was a firm, determined man and an excellent leader; kept relations with the Indians on friendly terms; tolerant toward newcomers and new religions….” (see more at link)

    1. So sad to learn that so much of the history that we learned in the US schools is bunk. I love history, and I keep finding out things that are the "real truth". I had three sons, and if I had it to do over again, I would never send them to public schools in this country. A tutor and digging for the real truth would be better.

    2. OH MY GOD!!

      That is disgusting beyond words to me!!

      After they butchered an innocent sleeping village "....they gave thanks to god..."!!! INSANE.

      Lloyd Pi is correct, "Everything you think you know is a lie!".


    3. Biffie and- DL...these godless monsters serve their god, and through blind allegiance we actually by default when celebrating their hol-i-days worship that which we believe blindly is benevolent, and we just go along with it...our intentions are honorable, but the fact still's the not knowing that really twists my mind.

      So what I have aligned myself with is not celebrating any holidays, and especially not spending any money with their Company Store System...unless I have a need.

      Breaking out of the matrix is a daily task and requires repetition, and intention. When renouncing evil in all of its forms requires becoming conscious of their blatant lies and trickery to usurp our energy.

      They twisted the truth to get us to unknowingly worship their god through their energy portals.
      Most holidays are high ritual worship time for them.

    4. In my judgment, those kind of pilgrims who crossed the pond might not have been enemies of natives - those who followed them and wanted to gold and power and land - or whatever were driven by such idiotic murderers ideas. Nothing changed since that?

      For sure it was messy and I would vomit just thinking what crimes were committed there .... never I will understand that....

      We come here in Sweden to native SAMI people, we are in their land going for hiking - we have just such deep respect and honour for them ..... just respect, considering them as special people out there ..... totally reverse of what zio-nazi do.....

  84. “Strong Economic Medicine” and Regime Change at the IMF: Does the Name “Strauss-Kahn” Ring a Bell?

    Ah-ha! So Strauss-Kahn wasn’t on board with the IMF’s shock doctrine prescription. In fact, he was opposed to it. So there were voices for sanity within the IMF, they just didn’t prevail in the policy debate.

    But why would that be, after all, Strauss-Kahn was the IMF’s Managing Director, his views should have carried greater weight than anyone else’s, right?

    Right. Except DSK got the ax for a sexual encounter at New York’s ritzy Sofitel Hotel. So the changes he had in mind never took place, which means that the distribution of wealth continued to flow upwards just like the moneybags constituents of the IMF had hoped for.

    Funny how that works, isn’t it? Funny how it’s always the Elliot Spitzers, and the Scott Ritters, and the Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s who get nailed for their dalliances, but the big Wall Street guys never get caught.
    Why is that?

    The fact is, Strauss-Kahn was off the reservation and no longer supported the policies that the establishment elites who run the IMF wanted to see implemented. They felt threatened by DSK’s Keynesian approach and wanted to get rid of him. That’s it in a nutshell.
    (See entire article at link)


    On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the world’s 193rd nation. Less than a week later violence has erupted in South Kordofan, an area on the new border between Sudan and South Sudan which is controlled by Sudan and rich in oil. Not content with the seizure of South Sudan’s oilfields, the Rothschild-led Eight Families banking cartel looks set to push the new border further north, grabbing yet more crude oil from the Sudanese people.

    For decades Western intelligence agencies backed the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in an attempt to lop off the southern half of Sudan for the Four Horsemen of Oil. The region contains 75% of Sudan’s oil reserves. What became Africa’s longest running civil war finally came to an end when Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was pressured into ceding the southern part of his country to the IMF/World Bank vampires after the conflict they created left more than 2 million people dead. [1]

    Within days of declaring itself a sovereign nation, South Sudan’s state oil company, Nilepet formed a joint venture with Glencore International Plc to market its oil. Glencore is controlled by the Rothschilds. The PetroNile joint venture will be 51 percent controlled by Nilepet and 49 percent by Glencore. [2]

    On Friday South Sudan’s new President Salva Kiir Mayardit signed a law formally establishing the Central Bank of South Sudan. Sudan is one of five countries – along with Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran – whose central bank is not under the control of the Rothschild-led Eight Families central banking cartel. It is therefore no coincidence that the currency of this newest Rothschild oil fiefdom is called the South Sudan Pound. [3] (more)

  86. Here is the ONLY good news I came across this day. ~darylluke.


    Park City, Utah, officials were the latest in a series of local governments that have been forced to respect the Constitution by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). SAF has run up an impressive number of legal wins to protect second amendment rights. It has become the ACLU of the gun culture.

    In the Park City case, the city had adopted local laws in direct violation of the second amendment and Utah state preemption law.

    The city law prohibited all use and possession of firearms; all carrying of concealed weapons; carrying of loaded guns inside a vehicle; showing a gun in an angry or threatening manner (no exceptions for justified use of force); and using a gun in a fight.

    A city hall attorney, Tricia Lake, was clear about the illegality of the city's law. From

    " Had the City Council not repealed the sections, the restrictions "would amount to unlawfully restricting an individual's rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution . . . " as well as rights outlined in the Utah Constitution, the report said.

    The council members were not happy about being required to obey the Constitution.

    City Councilor Liza Simpson said it was "simply irritating." Simpson said she would not be the City Councilor who made the motion to approve the repeal.

    "Do we have to," Cindy Matsumoto, another member of the City Council, said.

    They reluctantly repealed the illegal gun laws on 25 November of 2014. The council members seem quite willing to create law for others to obey.

    These seem like unusual positions for a rural Utah town of 8,000 people. Perhaps a reader can comment on the local politics.

    Park City received the letter from SAF in July of this year. It was signed by Alan Gottlieb.

    ©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Link to Gun Watch :

    Posted by Dean Weingarten at 11/27/2014 01:28:00 AM

  87. Strategic Game Changer: Russia Agrees to Sell Air Defense System to China ......
    To understand the significance of this story you must know two things.

    One is that the air defense system in question is the most advanced in Russia's own military arsenal.

    The second is that so far Moscow has been reluctant to transfer its most state of the art weapons systems to China.


    This is called trust between friends who seek peace and mutual cooperation that you know they will not betray you......Just wonder why UK is not getting the same defence system from Russia? Maybe they do not want to be friends with those who seek peace and fair trade ....

  88. The financial crisis in Europe is prompting some nations to repatriate their gold reserves to national vaults. The Netherlands has moved $5 billion worth of gold from New York, and some are calling for similar action from France, Switzerland, and Germany.

    An unmatched pace of money printing by major central banks has boosted concerns in European countries over the safety of their gold reserves abroad.

  89. Ukraine - Devaluation of Ukraine hryvnia currency 50% this year ... and it will keep raising up.....

    "Panicking" Ukrainians Face Soaring Prices, Warn "Inflation Is War"


    Thank you USA for a nice gift - war, murder and currency crash ....

    OHHHH I forgot we must make sure that USD will not slide more then 35% because people could suffer out there .....

    OHHHH Of course militia could not go forward and take government down by force - it could cause that in shooting some could died and some industry plants could get destroyed as well ------

    But that's OK when we cause a coup in Ukraine that brought war and mass murder and destruction 50% of industry there...

  90. Tony Blair, “Infanticide Endorser” is Rewarded by “Save The Children” ......

    No comment on this ..... even though I would make some though

    1. I can not resist...

      I would not be surprised if this guy B-liar was directly or indirectly involved in all those nasty pedophile monsters ......

      Last thing I would ever do, to trust these monsters...

    2. Vlastimil,

    3. Valdi

      I do not know, one would really cry over such behaviour ...... and they twist it and canonise him to political sainthood....

  91. The Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet is holding drills in the English Channel, the Fleet’s Western Military Region’s press service announced Friday.

    MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) – A squadron of ships from the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet is holding drills in the English Channel, the Western Military District's press service said Friday in a statement.

    There we go. Why should we build friendships when we can build enemies, right Cameron? Think about that when send UK soldiers to war games to Russia boarders, actually how many times were British soldiers at Russian boarder before, can it be counted?

    I will never understand it ..... to threaten your own country, your own home, your own family just for keeping hand to hand NAZI gangsters and dancing to their songs .....

    1. LOT more guilty crooks walking free not far from the Hudson River....Remember China was to have been the ones that shot that missile from a sub not very far from LAX couple years ago?Russian bombers are constantly flying lately,too off west coast.INSANE! An ILLEGAL is driving this country to an non-winnable war.The PENTAGON MUST know this!! ~darylluke.

    2. DL

      Nothing of this needs to be happening - nothing. Pentagon should make their move and invade Texan mafia and gangsters in DC -

      People's lives are being put in danger of war, suffering and death - what for? Idiots.....

      Pentagon is nothing but a big disappointment - once I believed they are people of honour and expected from them a clear just stand .... sure wake up Vlastik

  92. Canauzzie,

    Something wrong with the blog here? Story right below lead article is from last week? What happened to all the (4) NEW/current articles directly below lead-article from just 5 or so hours ago? They are all gone too....


    1. The site is functioning and is represented as it should be. No articles are missing right now.

  93. MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) — Denmark has been paying unemployment benefits to at least 28 Danes while they were fighting for the IS in Syria, AFP quotes Danish Security and Intelligence service PET as saying......

    This is insane - Danish NAZI NATO thug Rasmussen is making whole Europe insane drunk by lies and blood .....

    If this is not a reason for UK to leave NATO and EU then I do not know what they really stand for .....

    1. This means that Danish government supports this .... if it was not leak it would continue in silence of the night ...

  94. When officials at the University of California at Los Angeles began negotiating a $300,000 speech appearance by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the school had one request: Could we get a reduced rate for public universities?

    The answer from Clinton’s representatives: $300,000 is the “special university rate.”

  95. Vlastimil, all could think about is how that money could be used for something beneficial for the students. Realize the importance of successful speakers, but these speaking engagements have gotten to be big business for people like Billary.

  96. Cameron mocks Tony Blair’s Save the Children Award, charity scrutinised.....

    Thumbs up Cameron - maybe he is realising what is happening in the world at last. Just keep this spirit Dave --- world needs more of this.....

    For this he needs to get credit - hope credits will pile up for him....

  97. A big new No Nonsense report is coming out over the week end with extensive graphics explaining the real State of America, delays and consequences. Blamed is pinned hard where deserved, and key Global Senior parties due in London next week have now delayed arriving until January while major remonstrations are made with Washington. No doubt it will wildly differentiate from the tomorrow syndrome, but who do you believe? Stick to Facts, not Guru Acts! This is also time for America to clean up its act. Voting out Varmints is a good place to start. Americans deserve better. So do the world of good Allies.

    1. Smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, as Jack Kennedy was going to before they murdered him. The CIA was a Trojan Horse for the Nazis following the Second World War, through Operation Paperclip. It is the most evil entity on the whole planet. Anyone with a conscience who works for the CIA should resign immediately.

      Here's just one of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by this vile organisation:

    2. Hello John, I know you and the others did all you can to get this closed this year, but it got delayed again I see. Should your above comment be taken as we will not see anything this year? I wanna make sure that I am reading it right. I remember you mentioning that there were 2 sets of PP's, Currency and Sovreign PP's. Is there a chance that they will at least release the Currency PP's this year? Here's to hoping for a miracle to happen.

    3. Voting out - are we talking about in this generation of fifth generation to come? Where is the boarder between reality, hope and naiveté????

  98. Terrence R at WHA and Griffonred here.

    This year for the Major Currency Groups is still possible. But it still needs Chinese Elders backing and they have issues with DC right now. A hard hitting report will be with you all by Monday, as a bare knuckles response to DC. It seems Cage Fighting time is here. Don't count on anything, but rule nothing out. Be assured, when Chinese Srs can not be assured their major London acc's will be unlocked ready next week as advised, it's a huge loss of face and trust for DC. There will be a price to be paid for this and DC will not like the cost. Next week will all be Hardball. As deserved.
    When dealing with Washington, there is a Chump in the mix who allegedly appears not to know if he's AC or DC anyway, so no wonder he's always taking the wrong position.
    No one can call how this will play, but be sure its not going to go away. If China slams out the Gold backed Yuan in retaliation, for those Clowns it's then downhill all the way. It's coming, and asking China to delays will come at a price. Interesting to see how DC responds to a Regime Change request on their turf for a change. How can China do deals with a party whose lost his face? This is the Majors and fielding a Muppet is not a good idea. The world is on a White Knuckle ride on this one. While the Guru Grunts keep telling you tomorrow. Clue- Less!

    1. I did not know that Elders consider US DC as worthy of trust? Maybe some cleaners up there can be trusted to do the job they are assigned to, but they do not make big shot do they? We will see?

    2. Here it comes......

      Gold Repatriation from US to Result in Higher Gold Prices, Weaker Dollar

      MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik), Daria Chernyshova — As fears grow over huge debt levels in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, European governments are repatriating their gold from the United States, which could potentially lead to higher gold prices and a weaker dollar, the executive and research director of the world’s leading gold broker Gold Core told Sputnik.

      Is this an Elders fist? It should have come a long ago.

  99. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made statement on Twitter that France would recognise Palestine as an independent state.
    MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) — French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday on his Twitter account that France would recognize Palestine as an independent state.

    "France will recognize Palestine. This recognition is not a favor, not an indulgence, it's a right," Fabius said.

  100. American Black Friday - De-humanization of human species ..... degradation of human behaviour ..... it is disgusting and CABAL are laughing when people are proving to behave as animals .....

    This behaviour is under human dignity ... as is waiting in cues for getting newly release iPhone or whatever ....

    Until a year ago I did not know what Black Friday is ... then I learnt ..... now American corporation are bringing to Europe as well ---- Yankees go home and never come back -----

    Black Friday is a game that UberMan play with you proving those idiots you go shopping there to be really lower species ..... people behave as animals to save few dollars .....

    This behaviour never was in my country ..... this year for the first time Yankees try to bring it and degrade people in other countries .....

    There is a certain decency among people - but this game deprives people of their humanity -- it is game play by cabal...


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