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Turning the Tide | Report #5 - Stopping the Vulture Culture

America Must Shape Up and Pay Up, or Ship Out

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
7 November 2014

Reality now is the game is up

The Extortionist Cabal has lost and their collapse or War is coming. But what of the True Dichotomy, what is it all for?

If successful with funds, you will do what? There are many facets evolving.

But strong evidence of market ignorance abounds. Ignorance is no bedrock to be launching any of this. Too many visibly deluded Wannabes are in fantasy play. Most need to think outside of their contained boxes, and understand the Chess Board of life they are on as Pawns on the board. We deal with the multi-interlinked equations of what is unfolding daily. Time to ask a few, you are not a multimillionaire now because of what? Yet you think a few hundred Bucks is the ticket to bypass a lifetime of achieving? So many cases for the Sam Elliot T Shirts. Who are mentally prepared for any of this? Handling wealth is also a State of Mind. To accrue it and know what it’s for, and what to do. Money and life needs purpose. Grunt fantasies, like Pigs, don’t fly. Cash Gushers are not going to be unleashed for the new Beverly Hillbillies. Money is controlled. Regulations rule.

Allow us to interject a whole new report covering key elements of direction, strategy and misinformation which confuses reality, and your own Judgment calls. Allow us to help you cross the bridge of consciousness needed to focus, with real hope, for a far more important future, and to bring a level of real meaning through the chaos and confusion of life. Yes, we will report on the up to date status of the Settlements, but let’s also cover far more important issues as well. Such as who you really are and your purpose here. Not just today's grasping Rice Bowl. So, for those able to accrue the benefits of what we are all working so hard to achieve, let us help make you and the funds fit for a real purpose. Many of the readers have shown the intelligence and aptitude to be safe hands of Stewardship, but the mass market has not. So please understand there will be different courses for different horses. You as the sleek racehorses, but all too many as the grasping cart horses. But most important, understand the wider real world Geopolitical issues emerging and how to position to help YOU create a better society.

If you avoid the legal Global Plunder Trap of ownership waiting on some of these currencies, just like stolen WW II Artworks, which forces return or restitution, then look at the big picture of how to hopefully deal with your windfall. There are still complex issues playing out beyond the comprehension of some of the marauding Grunts and seen procrastinating naïvely.

With a nation State like the US, where half are either on Welfare, or part Welfare subsidies, no one is either listening or tuned into reality. The US Empire is becoming yesterday’s world. The economy is in free-fall and the Republic now long dead. Government is dysfunctional, run by frauds, liars or psychopaths. There is no semblance of ethics in the shabby vacuous administration passing off as the Beltway between the Senate and Congress. The White House is captive now to a mixed Islamic / Zionist assembly, all in cahoots with a fading Cabal. The Treasury and Fed are captives to emerging new Global financial competitors who will not be denied. Intelligent, determined and focused opposition is emerging worldwide. We need to assess what is affordable, achievable and the likely losses for some. As is currently profiling, a lot of frankly criminal overprinting of Iraqi Dinars, are likely to end up as bio-mass furnace fuel for disposable waste. Hopefully criminal prosecutions and Class Actions will follow. You deserve Capital recovery. Do not presume you have any rights to the Settlements to be achieved by the Big Battalions, you don’t. Dongs, while still speculative, carry far less risk, apart from War Looting and Plunder Laws if to be used for Bank Compliance Provenance checks. We cannot advise, only suggest.

America’s greatest export has become War or Terror

Agencies operate outside of Congressional Control in an unholy alliance with the Energy and Weapons Cabal. The world is sick of American aggression, lies and hegemony. Sick of it! Trillions are wasted exporting terror while homeland cities collapse. Stop exporting War, create Jobs dam it! Stop the political chicanery of creating fast bucks for the Beltway Sleaze trough and create Infrastructure.

The whole ethos of senior American society is now truly rotten from the head up, and therein lies the problem facing so many of the good, poor Americans today. The Cabal did this. Many good Americans are as much victims.

America - Is not working! 100M wish, if only! The futures of hundreds of millions of overall decent, innocent and well-meaning Americans has been placed at risk, and hopes negated by this ruthless Cabal of Elitist families and opportunist Political shysters. America has become a very sick financial operation. It can no longer sustain its commitments, nor be entrusted with its Reserve status. The poor, innocent and trusting nation of its people, are just as much a victim of these tyrannical deviants. Doing nothing is not the right option.

America owes vast Trillions to the world. Funds owed for the lies and fantasy the nation has lived falsely for the last 50 years, and the Debts owed to so many trusting Lenders, who entrusted their own hard earned Billions to the US for good Humanitarian investments, all to be ruthlessly cheated and deceived by this sordid and truly rotten Cabal. It has treated its own American nationals in no less a shabby way. As it did with Native Americans. Every treaty was broken and Washington is no less a Gut Rotten bunch of Carnivores now than they were then. These are the same Varmints holding back the PPs. Greed and hypocrisy as they carve up America and divide the spoils of wars unleashed upon the world. Your children die for this garbage pit of humanity. Rotten people in office conspire with immunity.

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Humanity at a crossroads

Now, this predatory collective of manipulative families, colluding with Global Zionists, have brought humanity to a crossroads of intent with core decisions needing to be made. Having sequestrated the wealth of the planet, do they achieve their century long goal of life extending longevity, progressing towards Transhumanism, which only the truly wealthy can then afford? So the gut rotten and Soulless underbelly of mankind and their all too often squalid and pampered Nasty Brat Children will live extended lives, because the criminal families immorality and inhumanity can afford the medical costs, leaving all the good, and many magnificent human beings who chose service to all, to die. Good people meet a bad and avoidable end. But the Gutter Scum of Government, Crime, Agencies and Banking, plan now to live to 200 plus. Why them, because they did not earn it, they stole it? With most of their mediocre spawn getting the treatments as proceeds of crime. Allowing them then to effect Population reduction, with a Tri Laterals Kissinger target figure of c500 Million left remaining. Of which at best 500,000 will be Elitists and the rest both Slaves and Enforcement Goon squads. What happens when the Goon Squads realize they also no longer need the Elitists or their ugly Brats? Nature of the Beast will unleash itself and what then? It need not and must not be this way as eulogized by Kissinger. Man can and must do better. We can. We must.

Life is not so simple. Nor is evolutionary development. Leaders of all denominations come from all backgrounds, often poor and deprived, driven to seek more as high achievers. All people anywhere, all children born, can achieve so much more given the correct environment and education. It is not limited to Race or skin color. We are all equal as humans. Just not equal in opportunities. So to extend life, let’s extend fair opportunity to all.

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Living a lie

False, miss tracked and often manipulative Religions cause so much harm. Fanatical Islam murdering and mutilating people and children, are an abomination as a species. As are religions which cross marry girls at 6 to 9 years of age with no choice, or protection. Speak up! Wake up! Our Children are NOT chattels to be traded. God never asked for the sacrificial mutilation of our Children, you live and believe a lie. Nor to cut the throats of terrified animals for this mindless blood sacrifice. How can you develop as a species of humanity when you cannot even respect the sanctity of your children and deal humanely with kindness to animals in our care?

But of course, for some deluded misfits, you are 'Special'. The rest are Infidels or Goyim. What a truly stupid species you are if believing that.

How are you then different to the Crusaders who mass slaughtered nations in the Middle Ages, condoned by a cynical and devious Vatican and Godless Papacy? Or the Zionist monstrosities in Israel with their OCD Wailing Walls, and genocidal treatment of Palestinians. All the while plotting subjugation of more Arab nations. None of such a species are close to God, but just naïve Abominations as life forces. Murdering monstrosities alien to true Gods will. God did not create Goyims to serve such a stupid race of deviants embittered towards their fellow men. Nor to support the murder of Palestinians, the financial defrauding of nations, or killing of Arab races by so called brother Islamists. Marriage to 6 and 9 year old girls is a sick Pedophile Cult. Disgusting and abominable in practice. As is cousin marrying cousin with all the birth defects and mutations seen in hospitals. Or the increasing Jewish DNA inbreeding problems of such a limited out-cross. Each are fabricated nonsense. Baseless. All these birth abominations are because your false Religious Cults are abominations. These are stupefying Cults. Where is YOUR concept of God with so many DNA mutated births? Abominations of nature. Why can Leaders not speak out with courage against their deranged insanity? How about we put people first? All Souls of one God force? All One Family of man. All matter! Define what true Spiritual reality is. Or do votes count more? The price of ignorance. If you can’t understand the purpose of your Being, or have credible plans, why endow you with the seed corn of a nation’s capital?

The general concept of what many of many call God, is a childlike fantasy created by manipulative deviants over millenniums. Man created these Lies for simple people. A false and illusory God concept of power, to be ordained only through false religious entities. The true reality is so very much more. But also so very much greater.

Why not even take the time to think for yourselves? The greatest question of all, our lineage to all of creativity and our very chain of our Being and belonging in this awesome Cosmos. Who we are, what we are, how did we evolve? What made us? What is beyond and what is our purpose of Destiny? Real issues, the true sense of your very being. But being what, because Cabals and Religions fail you as Human Beings! Most of you are living a naïve and deluded lie. Existence for many has become a journey of mediocrity, missing the point of it. You are surrounded by all, and yet YOU chose to be blind to everything. And for many, you attend 2 hours of Pulpit, Mosque or Synagogue Bashing every few weeks, cough up a few Bucks, and all absolution is bought from these Shape-shifting mediocrities. Absolution, as they prey upon your children. False Priests. Mad Mullahs and brainwashed Rabbis. Many as deluded as you if you chose that nonsensical path.

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Life is a journey - an experience

Life is a  series of experiences and knowledge base to be acquired. Including challenges, and the Buck stops with YOU. We are all Keepers of our own Soul. You all exist as so much more. You all need to be so much more. THINK FOR YOURSELVES! Free will! THINK AND BE MORE! If you cannot make yourselves fit for purpose, what are you fit for?

The world is a mess. We are poisoning our planet and defoliating the environment. Species become extinct because of us. Why listen to such false media as is propounded, why not seek truth?

Why not feel your very being? Why not take time out to see the very complex and beautiful world all around you which you have no idea exists. So how about you truly enriching yourself today or this week? Take time out, walk in your gardens, or a Park, or in the countryside. Don’t just look at a flower, cultured or wild, go up really close. Look. Really look in detail inside. See every grain of the petals and the build-up of color strains which blend into the awesome end product you see before you. You probably never have, so try and see a whole new world open up before you today. It will amaze you. Smell the scent of it. Study intensely its very being and the marvel of nature. Stop, listen to nature. Listen to the birds. Take an hour out of this mundane existence of your lives and really tune in to become aware of how great this awesome planet is. Listen to your planet and all around. It’s your home. Feel the oneness of nature. Only then will you start to understand the existence and being of the enormity and complexity of the Spiritual Galactic energy you call God. Of which you each are so lucky to be alive, from the millions of spermatozoa who died when YOU got lucky. Think - question, why you? Walk by a stream, listen to the sound of the rippling water. See the vast myriads of life it has cultured all around it. Absorb the harmony. Be as one, but a part of all. Richness of Soul, not an interim Bankers Pit Stop.

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Look at the laughter and the marvel in the eyes of your children and babies. Feel the rapture and such joy at the birth of each. Just - Feel! The intense bonding of love and creation which you became part of. Why? Part of being not just alive, but something much, much more. Evermore as you also become the Guardians of the very Souls you have unleashed. The realization you are part of so very much more. Understanding and feeling is humbling. Love, as an emotion, is your Kinetic energy Bond to the true, Universal Spirit you call God. Part of the all-seeing, all inclusive Universal highway of life and existence. Be as one, but part of all. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. We are all Children of this total Cosmic Universe and all inter-related to each other as the Universal Soul Bank of all, being part of one giant Galactic being, a part of a binding ethereal Universal Spirit source, where each exists as one, but functions also as one inclusive part of all. Where all the combined knowledge and experience of the Universe is a Data Library of being accessible to all at will. Put in an hour of time to see, absorb nature and your sense of being, and change your lives.

Knowing changes everything

Those who have experienced the true life beyond, whether via Near Death Experiences, or a simple pass through experience, will gain a vast new awareness of the All Being, with an intensity which is one of total inclusive existence of Being and an awesome depth of majesty. It changes you. Doctors talking of hallucinatory illusions have truly no idea. The sheer awesome depth of knowledge, understanding and revelations of events, as well as inclusive understanding, are of such clinical clarity as to be indisputable, a genuine and deeply conscious vivid experiences. The two are not related. Think outside of your conditioned mental boxes. Think multi not singular Dimensional. Start with - Thinking!

Ever more cases are slowly reported of inexplicable human interaction with external ethereal life forces and influences. You cannot talk about or dismiss events to which you have no personal, or credible experience. Nor debate to dismiss what you do not understand. Logic, whose logic? Define the extent of your Dimensional experience, then talk. Until then, do not talk - like a fool. Post such experience, you will no longer believe, you will Know. But as with Airline or Fighter Pilots experiencing UFO’s, you do not report for ridicule. Educating ignorance is a major task. In the meantime, ever more incidents of human experiences filter back. Most correlate closely to each other. Each defies all human logic principals, yet each is real. So, what is out there? Experience what is real, and you no longer need to believe, you will know beyond any and all doubt. Knowing changes everything. Knowing brings humility. Knowing brings understanding. But also - hope. Because beyond that barrier, is so much more.

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Are we selling a Religious Mantra? Not at all. Just raising awareness of a bigger picture of attendant realities. Plus asking, what kind of societies do we want, let alone need. Because what we have clearly is not working, nor meets ethical guidelines. Neither the systems, nor people governing, are fit for purpose. Collectively, countries are in a colossal mess. So - think outside the box. If society is to evolve, how? Only when all understand our role in evolution will we stop the greed of man in pursuit of ideologies which have no worthwhile end game. Killing in the name of Religions, from the appalling evil of the Vatican, or the Cabal and its Global warfare machine, to the current radical mass murdering ISIS brigades, and Israe-hell, denigrates the very Souls of us all. All Souls are part of the one great life force. Karma is the eventual Judgment Call for us all. Rotten Men in Politics, Banking or Military Agencies, however mighty, will eventually face judgement from a greater force of being which being All Mighty is truly beyond all human comprehension. But all knowing.

People at all levels are in pursuit of personal aspirations so often with Ego and a Collateral ownership path, all locked into a self-defeating cycle, focusing lives on assets you cannot take with you. Society is impoverished by Mans greed and power. Always, many lose to feed the greed of false need. Neither is transferable. The purpose of the report is for you each to take, for once, a Pit Stop of life and ask - Why? How about we change the very ethos of our Judgment Calls? What value do we bring to humanity, not Capital Values we accrue at the costs to all? We are just, One Family of All. So why are we killing and mutilating our own Family Souls?

Look at the appalling state of so many children of the Elites. So many Leaders families, with Alcohol, Drugs, Statutory Rape and criminality problems. All unfit to be allowed access to the benefit of such funds, so where does the cut back begin? Allowing the flow instead to some of the guttural mass ignorance, that will achieve what? Damned right such funds need to be qualified and channeled. Hopefully they will be. Major funds are generally given as controlled Project Credits. Only allowed for draw down against accredited approved Project stage developments. So ask, if that is interjected, it leaves you where?

There will be Checks and Balances

Sam Elliot, have you got the T Shirts ready for when the howling starts?

Can you show credible planning forethought if asked, and your ability to be let loose with scarce resources? Have you got a documented Business Plan? So, you scraped a few Bucks, and thought you would be let loose with what? It’s your right, Yes sure - what is the delivery address for the T shirt? Think of the big picture now. How many are ready for any of it? Be damned sure, there will be Checks and Balances once unleashing so much. A Mutt feast is too ugly to contemplate. Real world, real money rules will apply.

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Look at the paintings of Akiane, from what started as a 4 year old child prodigy now family manipulated as a corporate cash machine. These are visions from where? Key into Akiane’s library of pictures. Who or what gave her such inspiration and as a child? Live - inside your head.

'Google' into the story of Ian MCCormack. His own NDE having been pronounced clinically dead and his Atheist conversion. Many more similar cases will emerge. Why is each happening? Listen to Ian and others. Live his experience. Live life as is. Assess who you are, and the values you need. Aspire for more, Not Reality TV. There is so much more out there to assess and appreciate, than the size of Kim Kardashian's arse!

Note: first 2 1/2 minutes is a trailer to the upcoming feature film - You tube video link

Two other examples to view:

You tube video link

Part 1: You tube video link

Part 2: You tube video link

So, why are we allowing this Vulture Culture to exist as Governments, predicating their vacuous greed tentacles on all they are entrusted with? Because, if as is becoming increasingly clear, we are all here to experience physical carbon based existence as Spiritual Beings, something is badly miss tracking us now as a Human species. Our Human compass is miss aligned. Awaken.

Zionism falsely subjugates non-Zionists to an ugly and truly false Goyim status. Some of the most perverse and Godless predators in Finance, Government and Law are the Zionists. A truly ugly, cunning and perverse subspecies in pursuit of such false Soulless agendas. Their moral compass is so badly miss aligned. They have become in effect, a series of incestuous viral Roaches, siphoning out the Capital of world banking, and have created the scales of Capital shortfalls of Federal Debt which will take thousands of years to redeem. Unless we deny them and cut them loose. Which needs to be a global planning priority. A new Global Anti-Shylock Bill! As Wyatt Earp cleaned up Dodge City, the world needs to clean up and clear out these predatory Zionists for the viral damage they create. Their removal from Finance, Government and Law needs to become a considered priority. Facing down our demons. America needs an ethical President of character, a Real Achiever, who will remove Zionists from heading up the Fed and Treasury, and for the clean-up and clear-out to re-track America. Their history is abysmal and their shameful conduct has to start with action. No more unsavory closed shops for such people only, as they have done to others by malpractice. Look at where its got us. Time to take stock and to give others a chance. Payback time. And by God, they need to pay back!

So called Elitist Global families, who entrap mankind into their Corporate Oligopolies of Resource and Capital dependency, are in fact just denigrating the real worth of what matters to mankind, and have usurped their role as a time part of the overall collective of beings. We have now reached a new zenith where Education has emasculated many sections of Global society, who now challenge the worth, standing and justification for retaining such family powers, and who will work to seek an end to them.

All Empires End

The 20th century was the growth of America, and its own tyrannical expansion of Empire, trampling all over the world. As with the collapse of all Empires, and as America seized control of its own Colony from the English Crown, so have new Democratic and Feudal forces emerged worldwide with each seeking autonomy from predatory US control.

Click here to view larger image

America has lost in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Mogadishu which simply blew away its Blackhawk incursions, but worse, it has lost the moral authority and trust of the world for continuance of a single US Reserve Currency, as evidenced by the breakaway of BRICS. Look now at the emergence of the Chinese Yuan currency, Energy pipelines and settlements bypassing all US controls into Asia. The emergence of evermore technologically sophisticated Defence systems by emergent powers such as China and Russia. Aspirations of emerging nations, soon become new Sovereign Independence demands. Empires end. The world now demands an equitable share for all. Why should lowly educated Pig Ignorance in one country command $10 to $15 dollars an hour and only $1 dollar in Asia? Sorry but, the world is saying No More. Look at the sheer size of those Welfare Guts. All with cigarettes, Booze, some drugs, welfare phones, all funded on credit, while entire nations starve. What is equitable? The Global cupboard is bare. As your Global Credit is cut off, what got you there?

Click here to view larger image

We need to rethink our roles and places in the emergent new societies to come. Where do we fit? What do we contribute? How have we evolved as a society? In the new world, what can we do better now?

So Yes, the report is different because it faces down allowing any further downward spiral and says, Stop, let us all work as Fellow Beings to turn it around. It’s not about who presumes to own who, nor is Humanity their Private Zoo! Because, truly, to the Real God, what matters - Is you!

And we all have free choice, of what to do. Change is coming, and it starts with you.

You tube video link


From within the two sites, we asked for Project concepts, and the response from so many of you was truly humbling. So, whether your role is to be inclusion from getting lucky on the currencies, or selective opportunities created by so many Projects to be undertaken with the big Battalions, those funds will be lifelines for many, and integrity will rule. We are ever conscious of you, but the greatest wealth evolving, is how each of us can enrich the future evolution of life on our precious planet. The future, is you. We are not alone. Be assured, you have real purpose and hope.

But for the Cabal, treacherous Agencies, Zionist Bankers, and murdering Contractors, Atonement awaits, and you truly have no idea of the scale and depth of what is lined up as Karma for all.

Almost all will be fine. Those not, you asked for it. That is something you will not be able to buy your way out of. You asked for it. Evolution carries a price. So does Justice.

Is this just belief? No – Intense knowledge.

To know, is everything. But also to know, most of you will all be OK in time. It’s just a journey of discovery, and it has a purpose, so enjoy, each of you, your time on the path of life. To know, ask the right questions, seek the real truth. Wealth is not material. You live, that is wealth of being. You exist. You matter to the most important power of all. You will see, so start looking. Start asking - the right questions. So, with your Dong in your hand, if your invitation comes, what do you really need to do with it? What are the real values? Change lives.

Direction will be yours to choose. Then help others along your new path of life. Make your journey count. Privilege is not a right. Wealth needs humility. Also meaning. Seek it. It will come. All you take with you, is the attainments of this life. How will yours read? That is the only lasting account.

You came here for a purpose. Serve it well. Best the best you can be. Just be – Real! You are all a part of so much more. The very Star Dust of Creation. You each are the Cosmic Matter that matters. Live it. Reality is what we make it.

Change is happening. We, the people, are coming.



  1. Please hit the click here buttons under the artwork pics. The colour and dynamism of the images will bring home the case.
    Have a good week end absorbing it because this is the base reality of what its all about, the real questions and issues.

  2. Here we go . Thanks John and Canauzzie .

    1. Please, do hit the click here buttons under the pics it will make it all come alive for you all. And bring home so much more.

    2. I feel very humbled.... don't really feel qualified to comment after one reading but I am anyway.... Quote "But for the Cabal, treacherous Agencies, Zionist Bankers, and murdering Contractors, Atonement awaits, and you truly have no idea of the scale and depth of what is lined up as Karma for all." ..... that will be a wonderful day! ..... and one more quote "Just be –Real! ".... Thanks John and OWoN and WHA! ....

    3. James
      Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken anyway. And humble. That IS quiet confidence and remember, those who have been, and seen, know!

  3. This is good. Are we still hopeful by Thanksgiving?

  4. We have to know the truth; in this we are set free...limitations are released!

    YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS – The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO … Q&A

    The “Monolithic” Group that “Opposes” Mankind is called the ‘COVENS of AZAZEL’ an incorporated entity created by Alexander. They are defined as “The PAPAL, ROYAL & FEDERAL” branches. They fight against Mankind, for the Branch of ‘SET’ which is the Coven name of Suleiman (Solomon).

    “All Priest Kings are gods on Earth by Divine Right as granted by the god El (ohiem) with whom Man is at War with, in the War in Heaven”. IL, EL, AL are all suffixes for the god El. In Babylonia they were known as Illi, Illume origin of the coven Illuminati who man is at war with.

    This Canon created the Pharisees. It was written:

    This was not a thousand years ago. The newspapers of 1901 still have “C.E.” They set up the current system, including the creation of “Legislation” which is controlled by the Papal branch; judicial system, banking, corporations, which is controlled by the Federal Branch; commerce and corporate governments run by executors whom we ‘name’ presidents and prime ministers, which is controlled by the Executor Branch the Royal Elizabeth. All of which the Papal put over us in 1917 when they won the war. That is when they moved the Pharisees from Rome to England, and removed all reference that Queen Elizabeth was Pharaoh and broke up the power structure into three branches to protect the queen from any claims against her.

    I don’t know who is behind this deception, but it is very like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Meant for deception. Pure propaganda. It sounds ‘nice’ but just like the governments lies, it only ‘sounds nice’ it is actually something completely different.

    They are stealing Mankind’s children, by sealing them to do service to other branches, rather than the branch of Man. The Seal can be removed by the subconscious which takes oaths and vows of service seriously (Subconscious Sabotage). What they do is program the subconscious to make a vow or oath of service to them, and then when the father of Man whom is actually the real ‘God’ of Mankind, Seals them, the subconscious is removing it. This allows the other branch to seal them and steal them.

    There is no ’5th Density’. That is all within SET’s realm – the ruler of the Underworld (“hollow earth”) and the Abyss (negative space of the Seth lords and origin of demons). The Hebrew called him “Solomon” and JESUS is the Coven name for his line. Which is why he commands demons, not God. (more at link)


    Money – Money was created as part of the Slave system of the Babylonian slave Queen ‘Selene’ who’s Saxon name was Elizabeth 1. “Gloriana/Inanna”, her Hebrew Coven name was “Lilith”. Her first Husband, Alexander created the Covens of Azazel, which are defined as the Papal, Royal, & Federal Covens of Selene. Among his coven names were “Azazel, Massawa the great architect, and Baphomet”. This is the Coven age history, and the creation of Pharisees and Caesars. He also created the freemasons which is run by QE3, and the Illuminati is run by the Papal. This was not a thousand years ago, it was at the turn of the 1900′s. They seized all the libraries and they own the education systems which were created by them for the express purpose of returning man to the dark ages of illiteracy and idiocracy.

    After the war, in order to protect Lilith QE, they divided up the power structure. They moved the seat of the Pharisees to England from Rome. The papal is the legislator branch, the royal QE is the executor branch, and the federals are the judicial branch. It is the Federals who were called the Merchants and the money lenders at the temple of SET whom the Hebrew covens called “Solomon, the wise Serpent” and Sumerians called “An”.

    These three, commonly called the 3 Ptolemy’s, created and control the slave system. They created Covens that were renamed Religions worldwide. They created Commerce, Banking and money systems, Corporations and the 5 day work week were all fruits of labour are seized as tribute to ‘god’ which is their dual name system of the ‘corporations’ who the covens ascribed certain ‘Divine Rights Powers and Privileges’ over the nations. They created the Judges and the Corporate Courts, where no one gets real justice, because they blinded justice for the purpose of gaining a fee. They created taxation on mankind. All of this was their specific form of slavery, and they controlled all of it as a single blood and marriage related group. This is who we went to war with and this is who created the use of Covet Means as a specific form of Warfare. These are not “Hebrew”, nor are the “Jews” or “Zionists”. All the name game is a smoke screen. It is one group.


      The “Merchant” specialists on Wall Street work for the few blood relations of QE that are called “Federals”, that own it. They rig the markets.
The Papal is the Securities Exchange Executor “Holy S.E.E.” Who rigs the Securities? It is the Vatican who issues all Charters, and all Covens are under their umbrella corporation. From the incorporated Coven “Jesuit” to Coven Corporations “Proctor and Gamble.”
QE owns the Freemasons that run the Money printing presses. “QE 1,2,3″ is Queen Elizabeth’s Executive Orders for the Extraction of all Nations by Covet Means. She owns 48 Nations by ownership of the incorporated entity the Papal placed over them in 1917. IE “ISRAEL, U.S” etc.
Rothschild owns the “Crown” which is a corporate bank. He owns all but 3 banks worldwide, including China’s HSBC. And this is how Libor is rigged. It is the Federals who were put over the nations and incorporated the governing bodies, and this is how they control the legislation passed from the papal and then enforced on the people. Rothschild created the Bills of exchange Act, which bills you for your electric use from the corporations a federal was given divine right to own.
They own the UN, which is forcing sterilization, chemtrails, agenda 21 and gun control.
They own the “147 Corporations…”
And this is the Company store system they set up over the world, their ‘Babylon’.

      They believe that they are fighting the War in Heaven for the ‘other’ side who opposes mankind. They believe that they fight for the Branch of SET. Which is the “Left Hand Path of SET”, “Service to Self”. The Highest service to self is murder of self or other, a sociopath. They have practiced eugenics for the specific purpose of creating the ultimate sociopath. They are dangerously insane and evil.

      Corporate governing bodies, and money systems…all of these were based on the esoteric Left Hand path, and are designed to promote the highest degree of service to self – murder of self or other. This is why when they get abolished, then restarted, they instantly corrupt again. This is not the original system of Mankind. Mankind is the Right hand path, and part of the Divine. Our original system was called Acceptance for Value. (more at link)

  6. Hopeful is one word. Many are pushing hard, and if not, next March or April then looms. Thanksgiving is the 27 th. We need a weeks run in before. So c21 st or a huge gap. All parties are pushing hard, and as I keep explaining to certain linked parties, the country WILL be brain dead after that until late Feb but because all these currencies need Chinese backing, Chinese new Year is late Feb so realistically we are looking at April. Broker or Wannabe BS is meaningless. They just get the Sam Elliot T Shirt. Reality rules. The Cabal are tanking and the Agencies are panicking. The only question is when. Ignore market rumours they are deadbeats blowing smoke. We ARE where its really happening. And we owe none of them a dime. No one does. Good luck to all, and as we say, watch by the day. On Thursday the West Coast boys called me at 03-00 am their time, that's how focused they are trying to close it. All are trying. Time will tell. It will be a cold hard winter for them if not. And 5 more months waiting paying bills. All KNOW what is needed, but hugely complex issues are playing out. Plus the key PPs come to us. Hang in and plead with a Partner to assume the Missionary Position on a promise. Lol

    1. Great Article John; very vivid and much appreciated.
      To confirm what you are explaining above, I found this article that pretty much says what you are saying:

      Foster Gamble: Dragon Family And BRICS To Usher In New Currency Fri, November 7, 2014

      A new video has surfaced which tells of how the Dragon family, (an alliance of spiritual elders from China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Viet Nam), along with the alliance of numerous countries are not only prepared to start using a gold backed currency but will also provide “debt relief, humanitarian projects, and transformative innovations and inventions”.
      The video was released by Foster Gamble and has many intriguing points.
      According to Gamble, the BRICS countries are all in alignment of ending the Federal Reserve’s strranglehold of global currency and domination, while the Dragon Family are ” willing to provide the gold to back the dollar and keep America in the game”. The only “catch” is that the U.S. banking cartel needs to end their scam of fiat currency (creating money out of thin air) while bankrupting other countries, and move to an honest, gold-backed currency.

  7. Breaking: White House Insiders Just Let Slip Obama’s Pick To Replace Holder

    Her name is Loretta Lynch. She’s a two-time United States attorney who has twice been confirmed by the Senate by acclamation. And if, as informed sources suggest, she is named to the AG post by President Obama and once more sails through Senate confirmation, Lynch would be the first African-American woman to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official.

    According to a report on CNN, Obama has decided, but not announced, that he will nominate Lynch, who is currently a low-profile but highly respected U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn.

    Loretta Lynch, according to reports, would serve Obama’s needs in a couple of key areas. Because she served on the trial team that prosecuted and won convictions against New York City police officers for violating the civil rights of Abner Louima, she would have credibility in overseeing DOJ’s high-profile civil rights probes including the investigation into the police shooting of Michael Brown.

    In addition, Lynch could help the president politically, given the Democrats’ recent thrashing at the polls and the widespread belief that Obama’s policies and programs were roundly rejected by fed-up voters.

  8. Another great article OWON Team. And pleasantly surprised by the videos accompanying. We are here but for a moment and then we enter eternity.

    "It is appointed unto man to live once, and then face judgement"
    -Hebrews 9:27

    Everything we do here is recorded and we will have to give an account for at judgement day.

    "And I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great stand before God; and the books were opened. And another book was opened, which was the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the book, according to their works:
    -Revelations 20: 11-13

    There is a great book which deals with the love of God and became a USA today best seller. It is The Shack by William Young. This is how I envision God's enormous love for people but he allows you to make your own choices and reap the consequences, he doesn't force anything upon you.


  9. We are helping you start to look beyond at life. Opening the veils a step at a time.

  10. Thank you Canauzzie and all for the wonderful graphics and for bringing the truth about our multiverses and dimensions out for all to learn about. I shared this and we all need to share and talk to as many people as we can. We truly are all one from the same source. I look forward to the time when all will care for Mother Terra and the animals and each other as we should...with love, respect, and sharing.

  11. John and Canauzzie,
    Thanks for the excellent report, very different indeed.
    I believe people need to start asking the right questions to be able to push the right buttons in the future. The Lack of thinking and knowledge about own-self and existence beyond, is the core cause for most let downs, wrong choices in life and frustrations.

    Who We Are and Why Do We Live For, should be our primary questions to realize What More We Can Be. Certainly, We Are More than Dongs and Dinars, lots More than pathetic carrier or material possession we can ever have in this Life.

    We Are Eternal, and Eternal We Will Be. Let's live and work in pro of it.

    Thanks for the enlightenment and update. Also wish to All readers a wonderful future with plentiful experiences and discoveries. Our time to make a difference is at hand.

    1. BOB,

      Though dismayed to hear of all the problems you are facing in Brazil, I was heartened by your resolve to overcome them; and wish you, your family and fellow countrymen every success.

    2. Hello Valdi,

      Thanks to think about me. There are many many thousands facing a more serious water problem than I, and I really feel sorry for their families. Our preparations were right on time and our family is secure, at least for now. Was tough work and time consuming, but well worth in the end.

      I have a lot of concern for other families and their children. Many are in distress for the lack of water, It's sad. I help as much I can specially if children are involved. Hope this turns for the better and raise people's awareness on this global issue.

      I also wish You and Family all the best, lots of peace and success.

      Take care

  12. Canauzzie,

    This is what I think of when I think of CANADA!

    SNOW never looked this good.

    1. Now I know what they mean by "NATURAL RESOURCES"!

    2. Thank you, JV. I am sure John appreciated the spectacular views! Lol.

  13. Obama Betrays The United States In Secret Letter To Iran


    The letter to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei supposedly went something like this: you help us in the fight against the Islamic State and we will look the other way in your effort to develop and acquire a nuclear weapons capability.

    This letter was from the President of the United States.
    Read more at link

  14. GOD has no religion.

    Didn't know Gandhi said that.....

    So, how insane is war in the name of religion? And, how much more insane is the belief and prayer to ask GOD for victory in war? But, this is THEIR insane indoctrination & mind-control from cradle to grave. HELL on Earth has already arrived. Fracking & Fukashima will finish it all soon.....WE are NOT doing this. THEY, the EVIL ONES are doing this. DESTROY EVIL, because it wants us all dead or chipped!! ~darylluke.

    1. VT Radio Intel Brief (11-4-14) - Deep Jesuit Infiltration - Most Top Level US Corp. Gov Positions Occupied By Satanists
      Veterans Today Radio (11-4-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Gene Tatum
      Published on Nov 6, 2014 By Glenn Canady
      Latest Intel briefing by Gordon Duff and Jim Dean

      DL...I use to think, What's this world coming to? Now I know, and it doesn't bode well for these evil parasites....destruction is on the way...but all while they survive and thrive they feed off of our energy, soul scalp us, keep us in cycles of reincarnation, and keep us lied to...I am not having it!

      Every chance I get I throw a puck of orgone burns their asses up! (literally).

  15. There is not too much to say or add anything, it is as described in article it is.

    It is sad that we are at the spot that we face one ... it is sad.

    If you treat fairly all in your family meaning wife and your children - why do you force oppression of others? I do not get, why Americans did what they do or Israel, EU etc.....

    1. Sociopaths: Psychopaths: the real sick people are the ones leading us to hell in a hand basket...evil has no just is what it is...lust for power, wealth, control, worship. They get pleasure from others suffering this is energy and nourishment for them.

      These are satanists...they treat no one's all about them and their quest for conquest and worship...I renounce evil in all of it's forms.

      One of the greatest deceptions ever foisted upon man is for man to believe that satan isn't real...wake up!

  16. John and canauzzie,

    Thank you for the tremendous work you have put into this article to drive the message home. It is underlined in this interview with former Canadian Defense and Deputy Prime Minister Paul Hellyer, who says that the third world war will be between the globalist private bankers who have a monopoly on the creation of money, and the rest of us; that it has already started and is well-advanced, unopposed by the manipulated (or disorganised, as JC Collins refers to them) masses through their willful ignorance and apathy.

    Money Mafia And The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer & Dark Journalist

    "Mr. Hellyer says World War III will be between the Big Banks and the average citizens of the world! He compares the present centralized, corrupt money system as a serpent that is slowly squeezing the life out of people everywhere and says if it is not stopped we will all be turned into debt slaves! He calls for immediate action to reverse course on the destruction of the environment and the restoration of privacy rights being eliminated by Orwellian, authoritarian policies with cooperation by the major media organizations.

    They will also delve deeply into the startling reality that secretive covert intelligence groups are using advanced technology and reverse engineered science to create new forms of breakaway energy totally hidden from the public! Mr. Hellyer is the only cabinet level official to break his silence and say on the record that ‘UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.’ He will go even further in this interview and reveal secret confirmations he has received that an extraterrestrial presence is operating in our skies in these unidentified craft. As a former Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister with an impeccable career in serving the public interest, his bold revelations may be a major turning point in our time and a paradigm shift that has shocking implications for the entire world!"

    It seems that there were once men of honour and integrity in the Canadian government, canauzzie. The UK Parliament will hold a three hour debate on the issue of ‘Money Creation and Society’ on Thursday 20th November, for the first time since 1844. Let us hope that John and his colleagues will be able to cut off the head of the snake of the private banking monopoly and its associated corpocracy, and put us back on the path to sound money and worldwide liberation from debt slavery.

    1. Not only the Debate is coming but we have plans to lobotomise the Agency and Cabal in London. We DO own the right new platforms and they WILL be controlled with integrity for a better world. We care. Beyond! Don't expect too much from a few bench sitting movable MP's. The real work is in the Nation Building and Policy Committees and Think Tanks. MP's are just our Grunts. Barking to order and party Whips. A lot of good things are coming. All of you matter. The site is a great forum. You are widely read.

  17. Well - Russians dealt the Zion-Nazi their - Russian way - , thanks God for that, whatever it meant.

    French have apparently their unique way - which really stinks - (check down the video...)

  18. Allow us to clarify a number of issues and questions for both sites.
    First, there has been some confusion relating to the Dongs. Our suggestion is that IF a solution is imminent, which looks better by the week, it looks better to hang on if possible and sell at the Dong RV stage. But sell then for sure.

    Banking. It's unbelievable many have no credible Banking yet presume to play in Forex. Unreal! As advised, parties have started approaching serious banks and many are finding how onerous the new rules, checks and balances are. Far too many have been so dumb they think they will just walk millions in off the street. Reality, a lot will get them seized. Funds also. KYC rules. Know Your Client. Start getting good banking ready. People whining about it costing $10 Bucks a month to open a good account probably wont pass KYC anyway. Moving millions can be very tricky today. $10K is the reporting trap to freeze and seize if it looks like a suspicious movement. This is a complex area and many need to Wise Up! And wake up.

    Many criminals have bought into Dinars. Do you really think the system is going to let them crash in with Billions from it with a then vast explosion of Drugs competing with the CIA and Banks? The Chicago Bank Launderettes will freak if its not theirs. Funders of O etc! So- expect controls to be interjected. New ones.

    Some simpletons raise IF the WHs have the power. Grunt talk. No One has the power, it encompasses multi nations, the IMF, World Banks, UN, and G20 etc. Uncontrolled releases could cause havoc.Economies need fine balancing. These are highly complex issues for Sophisticated Traders and how many have thrown their hooks on with no idea ? Dreams are free.
    What will possibly happen is for the Big Battalions to go first, to at least establish a base for the currencies. That can be controlled as Tier One. Sensibly. They are self funding their own major presence and have put up. The ambulance chasers have no representation or support. Nor presence. Problems waiting?

    Hard fact! Such volumes of Dinars have been printed as to be completely unsustainable. Paper was sold to Mugs, end of. No one is bailing Mugs when it burns. Most are products of crime and unsustainable,and will result in tears. We tried to respectfully suggest parties got better balanced portfolios and those sensible acted to spread their risk.

    Getting conclusions is not simple. This sudden mass release even for Tier Ones will ONLY be allowed for controlled and cleared sophisticated Banking platforms. Not for a Bums rush. Step one will be with care. Hopefully Pre Xmas but nothing is certain. Vast amounts have been cross spent supporting a Tier One presence.
    Step 2 will be Tier 2 and God its going to get ugly. So, without going into market alarming detail, get in and get out as soon as we advise. It will get - Ugly! A real pigs breakfast and banks will react like scalded pigs.
    No, we can't indicate times as no conclusions have yet been reached, as to who funds etc. Or do parties think its Disneyland? Do they - think? Or realise how many complex multi national issue are involved. No one asked them to gamble, it was a choice. Once Tier one is done it makes more sense to then reprint new notes to that amount and burn the rest. Let the Gurus pay back.

    Serious parties have invested their all in getting the Tier Ones done. No one is more focused. Bloggers bleating is one thing, but complete nonentities questioning their capability is a step beyond.It's offensive mutt talk. They are on the front line. There should be some serious beneficial trade outs for many at the right time if presented well and bank organised. Get in and out before it gets ugly. It will and the banks will close off the Cretins. Hopefully clear and good luck to all, but IF you get out paid, for Gods sake take care and time. Do NOT gamble it again. A step at a time. Good luck to all. Get those goddam Bank accounts ready.

    1. John,

      When these pp's get released, can we expect that the dollar will be devalued at that time or does that come at a later date?

      I'm assuming that since the WGS are a long ways off, that it will be the same old shitty Fiat Fed dollar.

    2. JV
      Respectfully, and with a friendly smile,

      Do you think Bankers follow logic rules?
      But over time Yes, the $US will tank. Just focus on getting the hell out.
      Country also with all the Welfare Bunnies and State parasites to keep. Its all unsustainable.

  19. I began to think last few days that what I am doing here on this side is pretty right and needed.....I never thought this way before or even intend to arrive at this spot - but here we are......because what zero-hedge reported today hit my face right away.....

    If Putin has his way, the SCO could not only rival NATO, it could fashion a new financial structure that directly competes with the IMF and World Bank. The New Development Bank (FKA the BRICS Bank), created this past summer in Brazil, was a first step in that direction. And that could lead to the dethroning of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, with dire consequences for the American economy.
    So what is the mindset behind this article?
    1 NATO is God of goodness of fairness and nobody should even think to balance power in the world or even more break down NATO

    2 USD is HOLY or Hollies and is untouchable and should be worshipped by all subjugated nations..

    So this is my reply to that idiot who wrote this BS that most Americans would happily identify and defend it.

    NATO is NAZI fascist organisation that is behind terror - wars - lies - coups- MURDER - RAPE - destruction - injustice -oppression - corruption - manipulation - NATO is there to protect corporations installed in countries to rape those countries

    NATO (1949) was established regarding timeline before Warsaw Pact (1954-5). Warsaw pact was created as defence to protect people of East from NAZI West aggression, because NATO was an act of aggression after WW2 and served that purpose till now....

    Regarding USD - first of all USA built his university camps and sport stadiums on stolen money via petrodollar - each nations was robbed forced to contribute to US economy while they were left on their own to slave so that Americans can watch their games and sail on yachts ....

    If anybody destroyed USD is only USA - nobody else.

    Now I am happy to be here to contra-balance views so that this site does not become Americo-Anglo side defending just US interests.

  20. Jonh & Canauzzie, another uplifting article with awesome visuals, I am humbled to be a part of such a diverse free thinking & balanced group of people. THX

  21. John, I used to relay info over there when I first found out about OWoN along with a few others, but I know Tony has a handle on the information flow that goes on at WHA as I'm sure he frequents this site often. THX

  22. Correct.

    The links to every post by john and thus the main articles are indeed on our threads, and read by our readers.

    1. Tony
      Our Third Article , 2 nd from top left. these Dinanrians seem to swallow anything, you reckon they are good for Elephant porno?
      Lets form a Redneck market while we wait.

    2. Oh my LOL.

      I needed a good cheering up today.

      I honestly was trying to figure out which article you were referring to by "elephant porno". I had to refresh the screen before I saw the graphic.

      Speaking of such, the dinar intel cartels continue to report that "people are cashing in". The chief purveyor of this nonsense continues to be Idi Amin Tony and his tongue-twisted companion, DC.

      I had to laugh at the claim by DC that TNT Tony just picked the nom de guerre of DC "right out of thin air".
      Really? Out of all the code names you could pick, you pick one that imparts that Winston P was a "DC insider", and somehow a sure thing for "intel accuracy"? Why not "Mr Limpet", or perhaps a common name other than his own? That would not impart a "DC insider" feel. Not sexy enough to sell dinar.

      John, I am afraid you are right about the mentality of most of these people in the dinar fairy club. How 35,000 plus can continue to listen to TNT calls every week and not mass riot against him is incredible. We have to pity this man. When this thing goes down and most get the shaft, you can only imagine the heat that will come down on him. He will claim that he was only relaying what he was told. That wont work in court.

      What a sad state of affairs.

    3. Tony

      Lets clarify a few issues.
      These self acclaimed Gurus use special high premium rate lines for innocent and often desperate people to call in on. It makes them money while they spin their cruel, devious and gut rotten lies as the Snake Oil cowboys they are. Just look how many other Varmint's the Bible Belt keeps feeding alone with all the Husslers feeding there.
      For the record, there have been NO Cash Outs, NONE! Nor will the gutter grunts spinning that crap know before you do. These men are serial Liars and Con Men who need to be taken down asap. Someone needs to report them to the IRS and US Secret Service plus Treasury for knowingly passing false currencies. Also to the US Securities Commission. Clearly the FBI are asleep as usual. Remember they have passed falsely printed Dinars and that is a Fraud. Saurin is now trying to mass push that garbage to nations no doubt backed by the FRB NY Con operation. Most of these suckers will lose their cash totally and few can afford to. A US party needs to hold an open call in forum and blow the lot. They get paid so the Gurus get laid- out!

      Please advise your site they will need to get their Currencies Tax Cleared once cashed out or they will hit a wall once they try to use or transfer those funds. Banks receiving in those funds after trading will look for a tax cleared linkage. Let them work it out. IRS Pigs will issue once paid their highway robbery extortion money to go to the Vatican and Foreign Bankers. See, Democracy, everyone rips off Americans. The Land of the Free- Lunch - But only for Foreigners.

      Now, as for your statement of the Dinar Land Fairies, do we need to offer them visitation rights for their San Francisco cousins to give them the Elephant treatment to ram some sense into them?

      Hopefully soon Tony you can be in the good position to advise your site readers post cash in how to step forwards and cross invest or emigrate. Unless someone as a True Leader, takes America by the Nut Sack and drags the people away from the Cabal, what's unfolding is so ugly. There seriously is no other First World country as dumbed down as America has become with its crooked MSM Zionist owners. The nation does have very many good people, but just not in power. It has to start there. Clinton or Bush as the next run off is a horror story. Was there ever such a case for a total No Vote?

      The sooner these advance tiers get paid out, the sooner cash can flow again worldwide. The sites must cash out once advised before it all blows out. Get paid. Get clear.
      If you are not in the know, it won't have happened. The other PPs also come directly to London. Catch all. We are not 70M Alkies clinging to a rock. Nor are we the worlds leading Financial City for nothing.
      There is a huge culture bond between our nations and many of us have deep and respectful US Partnerships. Good people are there, even though we ruthlessly tease a lot. With good people running America great things can happen. That is the next frontier battle. Opening the frontier of minds and ripping apart the Military/ Agency Budgets and Cabal controls. Getting America working again.

      Lets see if luck is coming and this can be a Thanksgiving with a reason for the sites. Many are trying.
      And Tony, I doubt the Elephant will work on Non Redneck Wives you know?

    4. Thank you, John. This has been posted in our thread at WHA.

      Yes, I agree that palms are being greased, and the corruption in the dinar hustler realms is shameful. Seldom do people mass organize such calls and meetings for zero money.

      I 100% agree. No cash-outs have gone down. I have repeatedly called out these claims and have asked for just one person who has "cashed out" to contact me, with assurances of privacy, and present proof of a "cash-out". Not once has anyone come forward to deliver even the most modest confirmation of such. These lies are simply to spur on people to buy more Dinar.

      WHA readers know by now, or should know, that the window for public dinars, if any window opens, will be very brief, and the bulk of the late coming paper will be taken and trashed to make room for legit re-issues, and the tardy arrivals will get zero.

      There is one fellow who is starting to take on TNT Tony and his sidekick "DC Guy", on Youtube. I don't know him, but I wish him well.

      As for that elephant, I say we feed him a good serving of Viagra and some Khat, line up all the dinar pumpers along with Saurin, shackle their hands to their ankles and let the randy pachyderm pump them for a change.

      As for the elephant and non redneck wives, probably not. LOL

  23. WASHINGTON (AP) — Newly released emails show Attorney General Eric Holder said that Justice Department prosecutors who were critical of the department's handling of the fallout of the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal could "kiss my ass."

    Operation Fast and Furious was a botched effort by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to track firearms across the Southwest border. Revelations about it created a political firestorm, leading to congressional investigations and turnover within the ATF and Justice Department.

    The Justice Department selectively provided a batch of emails this week to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The Associated Press obtained the emails on Friday.

    Read more at:

  24. Can't We All Just Trust Our Governments?

    The key takeaway here is this: "Money only has value because we trust it, and this trust is backstopped by our trust in the government of issue." But what if government itself, via regulatory democracy, is actually intent on misleading investors? In fact, the above sounds reasonable so long as one does not grasp the central issue being avoided – the ability of certain individuals to print what we call "monopoly fiat money."

    Most people trust institutions like government only because they've been programmed to trust. In reality, the sadness of this book's premise is that excessive trust does indeed exist, and is the reason we're where we are. People trust the state not by happenstance but by design. Public schools, media, government proclamations, etc. all continue to reinforce the meme that Big Brother cares and wants to protect you and your family – financially and otherwise.
    (Read more at link)

  25. I would also like to add something personal. I know this blog is read by power. Really big power.

    The past few weeks have been a real lesson in life and the realities thereof.

    I am receiving more and more reports of fellow voyagers in this epic who are dropping off from old age, and many of them were in prosperity programs and hold dong, etc. I came to know many of them through the Freedom effort in 2002, and have stayed in close touch with them while we languished in the nether world of "no clue what was happening". It was my effort to try to find out what was happening that lead me to associate with the WHs and their colleagues.

    I know, I know, the prosperity programs are not profiling and the legit ones are long shots (and I am sure many offered in the 90's were never legit). But, that's another kettle of fish.

    The point is, the passage of time is "sorting them" in the highest way known - death. That's a guaranteed sort.

    The scumbags that prevented many good people from enjoying even a modest something to pass to their families, or to help with medical costs (where most of the money was going to end up for these people) shows what low life vermin these banker f---ks are. The prosperity program I am most familiar with was not going to pay all that much. Nowhere near what a comparable dong exchange is expected to give at the estimated ranges. Way smaller.

    This, I have to admit, is the hardest part to experience. I can manage the blog, and have no problem dealing with anything that comes my way in that regard. But to hear of the death toll that is mounting is eating away at my soul, and the prospect of 2015 is simply adding more appointments in the books of the grim reaper, the hopelessness of the prosperity issue notwithstanding. That's a side point. The real point is, they are dropping fast, like the WW2 guys; almost gone. Not even the dongs will rally in support of them, because there are fewer to even buy those.

    My biggest horror is to see some miracle happen and by some chance, some bad paper becomes good, only to see nobody show up at the closing because they are now corruption at Forrest Lawn. The term "survivors guilt" comes to mind. I may be looking back after a long charge across the field to see nothing behind me - my own Picket's Charge. "General Lee, I have no division now".

    To think that I will gain monetarily from this and walk over the bones of many who fell along the way is revolting to me. For what did they invest time in watching and waiting? Wouldn't such time have been better spent on other endeavors? For them, the question is no longer relevant. The death angel has been paid, and the ferryman has moved on to fresh corpses that light upon the banks of the river Styx.

    Just know this - I will take no extreme personal pleasure with success in this endeavor. The casualty reports are mounting and I will not waltz to the tune of the Requiem, no matter how much money I tally at the end of the day. It is all blood money now.

    I have to shift my focus on something that is worthy of redemption at this stage. But, what is more so than life? I cannot think of much else. A new car? A new home? A trip? Are these really the things we raced to the finish line for, while so many melted away? I hope not.

    I have planned and am prepared for the management of the material gains. But, the loss of so many along the way is something I was ill prepared for, and cannot reconcile in any way that brings even the happiest reason to overcome the tragedy. That the balance of my thoughts will be laden with such tragic reminders is the price I will pay for my part in all this, and the privilege I received to be able to seek out and maintain a modest relationship with those that carry the standards forward into the fray.

    There is no such thing as free. There is a price for everything.

    That is the only thing I can think of to honor those that didn't make it, and those that will not be here if we are significantly delayed again.

    1. Tony
      Your personal efforts will have helped many rebalance their portfolios for safety and that counts. Plus, you can help lead them to cash out when the time comes. Also we need a Rhino Whip, a serious Shambock to get those damned Bank Accounts ready. I swear some of them have a thicker head than a Rhinos Butt when I see some of their comments dreaming of walking off the street to a Hicksville corner money shop who wont even know where Vietnam or Iraq is let alone how to exit then whining it costs c $10 Bucks a month to pen a majors account . If they even blink at the Bankers its a no! Most of them are certified Dong Handlers that's for sure.
      You have a key role to help many,but let them them handle their own Dong's you West Coast boys? . Lol.

    2. Hello Tony,

      The scenario you presented is really sad, actually awful.
      Our efforts and waiting time of few years Is Not Close compared to the suffering this people went thru. It's very honorable of you to think in this way and try to remember them.

      The waiting and hope swallowed by These Honorable Individuals is something a few can bear. At the end, waiting and hope can be your worst enemy or like a parasite that eats you inside out till your body is completely rot. (Any reader feeling this way?)

      I would compared These Honorable Individuals that did not make it and did not received their prosperity package in time, but found death instead, to those that were Very Sick and still decades hopeful for a Cure that never came, because globalist suppression or lack of interest in save lives.

      That is a very sad situation but certainly is the most common one Tony. When you think in examples like, many fathers hope to see their child grow but were struck by sudden death or people plan for a nice vacation in their entire life and something bad kill their dreams. Or in the worst cases "Religious Christians" wait and hope to see the second coming of Christ in their lifetime but are struck by death way earlier, not nullifying the Event, but these Are events that Are Completely out of our hands.

      I always say the lack of thinking and knowledge about own-self, Understanding of Cycles, Balance of Expectations, reliance on others and self existence, is the core cause for most let downs, wrong choices in life and frustrations. But on the other hand part of life's experience.

      Now look at you...

      How many times have you sacrifice your time and family for Their Cause?
      How many people have you helped a long the way in your blog?
      How many thousands have you impacted with Truth versus the everyday Guru's garbage?
      How many people own you a hug and a shake hands for correct Fact Checks?
      How many you still will "save" delivering the correct information in time?
      How many families will you make happy because you stood in the gap?
      How many will you save thru your projects and accomplishments to come?

      The only way to keep Those Honorable Individuals Memories Alive is to conclude the works of their minds, or at least Try it. And You are in the right path friend.

      Thanks for everything you do. We are proud to have you in our mist.

    3. One thing for sure; death is not the end of all...maybe the end of 3D existence; and from what I can tell is a whole, whole lot better than this hell hole. Those things in this life cannot go forward; however, what we learn in this life is a lesson so that we progress to the All, to the One...where all is made new.

      We are all on a journey here and we are stewards of this planet, and of The One Creator's efforts to bring mankind to full consciousness. We are all pioneers on this journey because nothing of the old goes forward...we can't take it with us...what we can do is enlighten those who are lost along the way. Be inspired to be in service to others and assisting ever so gently in awakening the power within.

      We are on our way out of this illusion/construct/prison planet...the papal key kept us locked in but now it will open and only for us...the killer elite go to the pit...

    4. Thank you, BoB.

      I know once this business is over, I will count this as one of my most memorable endeavors, notwithstanding the rather minor role I have in it, and the tragic toll that it has cost.

      I guess that is true of any struggle - there will be a bill to pay.

  26. Europe may become irrelevant due to short-sighted policies – Gorbachev

    1. KIEV, November 9 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine fully trusts the Netherlands in their investigation of the MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Saturday.

      He expressed confidence that all those, who were guilty of the catastrophe will be held accountable.

      Obviously the Dutch do their best to fulfil Gorbatchev's point


    .....Russia and China ride the wave together with a big smile ......

    1. One question? Would you stop moving forward because UsA can't meet its obligations? I sure would not, especially since progress can be made outside of a hostile system of endless war.

  28. In my judgment as I see things unfolding in life .... before you enter new faze in life it is necessary to close old one and make everything right as possible so that you do not bear the garbage with you ..... you fail to do it---- it will bounce back once and knock you down.....

    You want to enter Transhumanism - it is OK, at first make sure that stuff that relates to humanism is properly fixed - do not try to escape the mess closing eyes saying, Transhumanism will fix it..... I DO NOT AGREE ON THAT.

    All should be properly fixed - what I am saying - TRUTH OUT- I mean all truth out - justice and reconciliation. Those are necessary steps forward.

    OHHH, do not be afraid that people will not be able to handle the TRUTH ...... there is only one group that never been able to handle the truth - NAZI - ZIO - American cabal hand in hand with EU jesuits -

    Truth is never complicated - things become complicated when we try to cover up truth by lies and lies and lies--- and at the end politicians say - it so complicated - we'd better keep it under the table.

    You do not do it in the family - you do not need to do it in the society......

    1. Vlastimil, I agree! More than that, Universal Law states, "nothing of the old may go forward." So whatever they try is going to fail if it is the old disguised as the new.

      I totally agree with you...they say one thing but they mean something else.


    BEIJING, November 9 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's President Vladimir Putin and China's President Xi Jinping have discussed the possibility of using the yuan in mutual transactions in different fields of cooperation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sunday.

  30. APEC summit, Vladimir Putin met with the President of People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

    PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: "My dear friend, Mr President, colleagues, I would like to thank you for the invitation and for today’s meeting.

    I fully agree with you that our staff and we have done a lot to develop Russian-Chinese strategic relations. I would like to stress that they are developing in practically every area. This equally applies to our political relations, our military and military-technical cooperation and the economy.

    As for our economic cooperation, I would like to note that while last year our trade turnover went up by 1.3 percent, in the first nine months of this year it has already increased by 7 percent. This is a great achievement that shows that our efforts have not been wasted. It shows that our people are getting to know each other better; they are closely cooperating and achieving good results for the benefit of our economies and social spheres, to ensure that our people have a better life, that they have adequate incomes and could resolve all their daily matters.

    Regarding cooperation on the world arena, I would also like to note the importance of cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation for retaining the world within the international legal framework, for making it more stable and predictable. You and I have done a great deal for this purpose and I am certain we will continue working in this direction.

    Today’s meeting and this visit should give an additional impetus to our relations. We know how difficult it is to organise events of such a scale as APEC. At the same time, we know that our Chinese friends are good at hosting such major events.

    We wish you success. Thank you very much."


    Wow!! He even specifically mentions the people & his concern for them all!! What leadership should be!

  31. I wonder if this was a Freudian slip ?

    Oops, Mr President! CNN typo 'Navy SEAL killed Obama' has Twitter in stitches (VIDEO)
    CNN has accidently “killed” President barack Obama instead of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in one of its shows. For nearly a minute, CNN displayed a headline with a typo that viewers just could not miss.

    The channel’s Erin Burnett OutFront show was dedicated to Robert O'Neill, a Navy SEAL, who is claiming to be the one to have shot and killed Osama bin Laden in the 2011 raid on a Pakistani compound.

    CNN eventually replaced "Obama" with "Bin Laden" in the headline, but it was little too late – its viewers had enough time to take pictures of their TV screens and record video to share them online.
    Could this be true?

    1. That type - just might not be typo - it is most likely clear warning to Barry ..... from military or what.

      What a mess they they will hunt one another like unleashed vampires .... idiots.

    2. Regarding that youtube - Obama is in fact Osama B.L. ?????

      Most daring imagination - never would I come to this point. Might be worthy to consider though ..... till proven otherwise...

    3. Vlastimil,
      This I came across and was stunned to see...we cannot put anything past any of these criminals...fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...the buck has to stop somewhere...

      These criminals have been known to pull off some incredible feats...check out Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Attack on the WTC 911, Federal Reserve Act, JFK Assassination, etc...and everything that we are learning now that they did when our attention was not focused on them.

  32. Wikipedia reports that the woman being considered to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General spent seven years on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank for New York. Fed alum as Attorney General. Is that ominous?

    1. Plus she was the prosecutor on the Clinton's White Water case? AS John said, they will never let anyone in who is going to prosecute them.

      Was Loretta Lynch picked to be a gate keeper and cover up criminal investigation of Eric Holder, who is married to Lynch’s friend, Sharon Malone?

      I started investigating Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick for Attorney General and immediately could see an interesting connection. I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell.

      The name of the wife of AG Holder is Sharon Malone, she is the sister of a known civil rights leader Vivien Malone -Jones (one of 2 black students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama).

      I checked the age: both were born in 1959 and both went to Harvard at the same time. There were very few African American students in Harvard in 1977-1981, so I am rather certain that Loretta Lynch is an old college friend of Sharon Malone, the wife of the current AG Eric Holder.

      Why this connection is important? Holder will be investigated by Congress for totally lawless gun trafficking to Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, VA scandal, DOJ, NSA, EPA, FEC and other scandals. Most importantly, Holder covered up Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel 042-68-4425 and Obama’s use of bogus IDs. It seems that a long time college friend of Holder’s wife was picked up as a gate keeper to continue all of the cover up by Holder and shield Holder and Obama from criminal prosecution.

      By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ


  33. They would never let a straight shooter in.

  34. Winston Churchill wanted to nuke Kremlin ‘to win Cold War,’ FBI memo reveals.....

    A secret memo from the FBI’s archives has revealed that Britain’s Winston Churchill once urged the US to drop an atomic bomb to "wipe out" the Kremlin. He reportedly thought it was the only remedy against the spread of communism to the west.;;;;;;
    This comes from FBI - what does that mean?
    Well it means only one thing; US - UK stand cold. UK hit Yuan platform, issued bond in Yuan - probably Cameron said something straight directly to the faces of US NAZI that UK will rather work with BRICS then to sink together with EU and US to the bottom of bottomless pit of idiotic NAZI leaders and as a result - FBI releases some nasty news to anger Russia towards UK.......

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Churchill under too much of consumption of Scotch forgot that it was West that exported communism to East, meaning rob them off gold of Czar.....

  35. Interesting...

  36. This is the end - count to ten and leave the USA blood and theft money .....

    BEIJING, November 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia plans to expand trade in rubles and the Chinese yuan for exporting energy resources, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

    I hope they will extend it to all importing nations - good bey EU I won't shed a tear -

    1. Vlastimil,

      There is a heaviness in my heart I can't dispel; sharing the pains of all who suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of evil men who have put themselves in almost unassailable positions of power. It matters not, the colour of their skin or their nationality or their religion: it is humanity that is under attack by the psychopathic money-power that controls the US and EU and seeks to enslave the whole world. It is that corrupt power that must be removed. It has no regard for what happens to the people of America or Europe as long as it gets its way, as it's had no regard for the suffering of others.

    2. Valdi

      Of course, we are talking about US - EU going to be affected .... however as you said - it is whole world being affected for too long over this. Think Middle East - Africa - Argentina. Central America etc.... you name it.

      However, I believe that NONE of those curses that are hanging over Americans need to fall down on them. I have been present 25 years ago who Czechs handled situation when communist had to yield power. Decency of masses was unbelievable - no destruction - no shooting - no burglars - no violence ....

      Reason for that is simple. It was TRUTH OUT - JUSTICE IN. It calmed down masses and recharged them with new energy for new future. All were ONE.

      I keep stressing that TRUTH OUT-JUSTICE IN, are necessary steps forward in micro (national level) or macro views of global village we are in.

      You suppress this Truth Out- Justice In to masses when they are hit by USD downfall - you can count that anger and frustration will take over - consequences will be nasty.

    3. Vlastimil,

      I shall wear a pin badge of your words, "Truth Out, Justice In!"; right next to Tony's "I waaant maaah lick!".

      Thank you, chaps; I needed some inspiration and humour.

  37. Putin says cooperation with Asia-Pacific states top priority for Russia ......

    EU behind wake up call - it is too late -

    Those idiots played exact ball to Russia as it was needed - Russia could say only - THANK YOU for CRIMEA - thank you that you helped us to leave USD in peaceful way, thank you that we could imitate downfall of Ruble so that it can naturally rise up again without being accuse by idiots that it is Russia's attack on EURO and USD ....

    The ball exactly being played by universe - god according to Russia interests. Now the big question must be asked. WHY?

    My answer is that Russia began to follow international law of trade - respect and cooperations. They stood up on the global stage for life - justice - peace and fairness. Life force finds new routes that it can flourish and manifest to blessings. Which in comparison to West that stood for - lies - murder - chicanery - theft and manipulations ....

    (Maybe something just shifted .....) Now will UK follow the trend or be buried with unjust West?

    1. John -

      Regarding power of money - do not overestimate it. As I sketched above - might be that the life force finds it new routes according to principles of justice. I am sure that Russia had plan to hit USD. But look how did it play out. If they did it directly - they would be accused by USD-EU for attack and war would be inevitable. They hung on to some principles - and it began to play their way. I am so shocked by this - I really see universe playing this way and happy for that because it shows to me goodness is winning over evil. I am in awe how all played out and humbled.

      Now unless Truth out - Justice in, there might not be so much help for USA and EU and power of money might be overcome by higher principles of life. (If UK did not have WN - UK is finished as well, it still hangs on somehow - but radicle step must be taken -)

      Truth out- Justice in

    2. There is already an answer from zero-hedge, to my appeal Truth Out-Justice In

      I believe that the U.S. will start WW3 before it’s forced to reveal the truth about its empty gold vault. That’s how broken our system really is…

  38. It can not be spelt in plainer way ........

    BEIJING, November 10 (RIA Novosti) – Accounting in the Russian ruble and Chinese yuan will most likely weaken the dollar's influence on the global energy market, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

  39. Jesus & Mary Magdalene were 'married with children,' ancient manuscript claims

  40. Pussy man - Barry C. Soetoro (C. stands for crook...) and his place of honour at Beijing ....

    Check the picture ...... ***** Proud not to be his tail ---- Proud not to be his tail ---- (actually it sounds good on melody of Born in the USA...)

    1. That photo is priceless, along with some of the comments. Trust ZH to always give us a laugh. Pity we can't paste pics the way William Bonzai7 does on ZH:

  41. "'The Air Force has not kept its ICBMs manned or maintained properly,' says Bruce Blair, a former missileer and cofounder of the anti-nuclear group Global Zero. Nuclear bases that were once the military's crown jewels are now 'little orphanages that get scraps for dinner,' he says. And morale is abysmal. Blair's organization wants to eliminate nukes, but he argues that while we still have them, it's imperative that we invest in maintenance, training, and personnel to avoid catastrophe: An accident resulting from human error, he says, may be actually more likely today because the weapons are so unlikely to be used. Without the urgent sense of purpose the Cold War provided, the young men (and a handful of women) who work with the world's most dangerous weapons are left logging their 24-hour shifts under subpar conditions—with all the dangers that follow."

  42. Writ Quo Warranto - Every Federal District Court Has Been Served

    Enerchi has posted this from, including a copy of the Writ Quo Warranto served by Unified Common Law Grand Juries in every State:

    "The Line in the Sand - Breaking News November 10, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury in every State files writ_quo_warranto.pdf in every Federal District Court, United States Supreme Court and served upon every Federal Judge and all 9 US Supreme Court Justices. Information in the nature of a quo warranto. A proceeding against the usurper of a franchise or office. Jarman v. Mason, 102 Okl. 278, 229 P. 459, 460.; An extraordinary proceeding, prerogative in nature, addressed to preventing a continued exercise of authority unlawfully asserted. Johnson v. Manhattan Ry. Co., N.Y., 53 S.Ct. 721, 289 U.S. 479, 77 L.Ed. 1331. "

    Too little, too late?

    1. The people of the United States watched their President in 1963 and over three thousand of their fellow citizens on 911 being murdered by agents of their own and other governments, and did nothing to get to the truth, accepting the lies of a complicit media. They allowed their military to invade, destroy, rape and pillage entire nations that were no threat, calling them heroes. We in the UK are as guilty, not questioning the murder of David Kelly, the victims of 7/7 and of Princess Diana; allowing our troops to invade, destroy, rape and pillage nations that were no threat, calling them heroes. We all failed to hold our governments, courts, intelligence agencies, banks, corporations and mainstream media to account for their crimes. Nor did the rest of the world.

      The world is the way it is because we, individually and collectively, by our actions or failure to act, made it this way. No-one is going to come to save us from ourselves, however much we pray.

    2. Valdi

      This is a big move from BoE....

      New rules are being proposed that will force creditors, not taxpayers, to carry the losses of banks deemed “too big to fail.” The plans come after Western taxpayers were asked to pay trillions of dollars to bail out banks in the 2008 financial crisis.


      Down here I mentioned that Czech presidents decided not to kick the can down the road as others do....

      We kept writing them letters .....good things are happening here and might create an avalanche eventually ....

    3. Vlastimil,

      This is what is called a bail-in; meaning the banks will be able to steal deposits from their customers, who are considered to be unsecured creditors. It's what happened in Cyprus. The money you have deposited in your bank is no longer yours; it belongs to the bank. It is considered to be an unsecured loan to the bank. If the bank goes bust, the depositors are screwed.

    4. Damn it --- I did not read it through - just checked a title and understood that *creditors - owners of banks* will be bearing the burden of losses....

      *.....Under the new system, bank shareholders and lenders to banks such as bondholders would be the first in line to take the brunt of any future losses, if banks cannot pay creditors out of their own resources...*

      Here it is specified - 'if bank can not pay creditors .....'

  43. Czech President:
    Khodorkovsky is a Swindler and Pussy Riot is Porn
    1 He insists that Khodorkovsky and Pussy Riot were not imprisoned for their political views
    2 Adds that the only thing he doesn't like about Putin is that he hasn't put more oligarchs in jail
    I said it few times here that Czech president made a big shift about last summer ..... so we might say that the Czech last two presidents became a thorn in EU and US fascist eye....

  44. WHO DOES IT?

    Anytime, NAZI in Kiev announced that Russians are hoarding up (which were usually nothing by fascist US lies..) markets shook and Russian ruble went down .... and stocks shattered going down only that next day when lies turned to be lies went up....however Russia ruble stayed in decline till now....

    Now Russia signed another deal with China of billions Yuans deal in gas, railway - currency exchange in energy deals. Now China hooks Qatar and Canada.....etc

    What is the response to this in markets and USD- NOTHING ----

    WHO DOES IT? Who keeps supporting NAZI murder thugs of USA????

    If it was reverse...and Russia was NAZI stronghold and doing what USA is doing last 50 plus killing - stealing- destroying and etc, nothing like this would happen nobody from LONDON would even blink....everybody would be saying NAZI Russia must be uprooted and broken to pieces that nobody will ever remember that there was Russia nation Eastward. Nobody would ever raise up a question that there might be some good man residing.....

    Nobody would be giving 1.1 T USD so that other atrocities might take place, nobody would sustain ruble when such news as I mentioned above would hit public domain....nobody would say 'too big to fail'

    Fairness - not in talks - but in actions

    1. i hope the Shanghai Cooperative replaces NATO...this is who causes the atrocities...Break up NATO!

  45. Obama's call to his mamma intercepted by hackers .....

    Obama: Mamma I will not go to those meeting again....never ever.....

    Mamma: Why my little pussy man, what did they do to you this time.....

    O: It is not only this time, it is every single time....I hate it.

    M: So, what is it, tell me my little pinky...

    O: Vlad does not want to talk with me about golf. He never talks about golf. He never asks how many holes I made ..... he does not even understand good English. When I say I made six-holes he understands asshole....Damn it, mamma when will come here.

    M: Pinky, it might not be that bad, on the other hand ... Vlad must be nasty guy when he does not play golf. What those Russians do, everybody in congress and senate plays golf here, Russian are idiots?

    O: And when I say that 'I like hits with the Big Dog' he looks at me and say; 'I am Big Dog - let's go wrestle' and then he knocks me down with his iron fist and stands on my neck right at the spot. It is not fair. I meant golf club Big Dog, damn it.

    M: Pinky, come back to mamma

    O: I am coming home mamma they do not like me, nobody is interested about golf. All just talk about eco-nemy or eco enemy or whatever it is.

    M: Pinky it is ECONOMY - spell it E-C-O-N-O-M-Y - good boy

    O: And when they finish talking about eco-enemy - damn it, I screwed that again, who cares. Anyhow they are just obsess with recovery of markets and trade and fiscal stuff---- who cares about such. They want me to listen to all that crab but nobody wants to listen to me when I talk about golf....Mamma I am coming home.......

    1. That is funny, Vlastimil. I think you should be Obama's speech writer, or at least do a voice-over like Hugh Dennis on Mock The Week:

      Mock The Week - Prince Charles Cheese (1:54 secs)

  46. Wooo--Hoooo!!! Fulford is going to London to be a witness in a trial there which started Nov. 10.

    Maybe now the sleeping politicians in the EU will wake up to the fact they support an evil-cabal? One can only the war-drums are beating deafeningly loud right now.


    1. More on this on VT today:

      The Strange Case of Michael Shrimpton

      Michael Shrimpton is on trial for "making bomb hoaxes" during the London Olympics, when he tried to warn the government that a nulear device taken from a sunken Russian submarine was to be set off at the opening ceremony. I've found his articles on VT not credible most of the time, but nevertheless it's strange that gag orders have been placed on two potential defence witnesses.

    2. The upper echelons are clearly worried the public will find out what they have been up to.

      What are Theresa May’s new ‘extremism disruption orders’?

      "Home secretary’s plans to ban extremists from accessing web and TV could affect non-violent political activists"

      Earlier this year, Theresa May advocated a repeal of the Human Rights Act if the Tories win the next general election and David Cameron called those who questioned the official accounts of 911 and 7/7, "domestic terrorists". Afraid of the truth, David and Theresa?

  47. Is the CIA hijacking the #GCR? "#ISIS prepares to reintroduce Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham within mere weeks." (Twitter)

    Now ISIS wants to introduce its own currency:
    Plans to bring back solid gold and silver dinar coins announced in Iraqi mosques.

    ISIS Going Back To The "Gold Standard"

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/11/2014

    Iraqi Dinar into gold coins? Wtf???? ~darylluke.

    The only reason the federals are handing over the power to the chinese is because lilith was told to hand it over to the coven Li by set it was their turn all the rothschilds and rockefellars have already moved across the sea this isnt a victory only a passing of the torch. They ll deconstruct the west rebuild it under the U.N vatican owned. Theyll introduce us to the underworld aliens and rebuild a new religon which they actually have on the internet complete with all the speciesof the abyss weve been enslaved by. Its pretty funny if you post the link and reference its pages government trolls come out in force like bees but its all right there they cant argue.

    (Read more at link above)

  49. Tuesday, November 11, 2014
    Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States

    Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have
    repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years that the U.S. government is
    under the control of an “invisible government owing no allegiance and
    acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”
    According to six of our former presidents, one vice-president, and a myriad of other high profile political leaders, an invisible government that is “incredibly evil in intent” has been
    in control of the U.S. government “ever since the days of Andrew Jackson” (since at least 1836). They “virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties… It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”
    As a result, “we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government
    by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but
    a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.”
    The sources for the above quotes (and more) are listed below. All of the quotes in this article have been verified as authentic and have associated links to the source materials. Also included below are statements made by David Rockefeller, Sr, former director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Federal Reserve Chairman’s Alan Greenpan and Ben Bernanke that appear to confirm some of the warnings...


  50. Taxpayers are on the hook for some of our government's schemes....OUTRAGEOUS!
    Solar Plant Wants to Pay Off Massive Government Loan with Massive Government Grant

    American taxpayers are on the hook for the Ivanpah solar project out in the California Mojave Desert close to the border of Arizona Nevada. The massive plant received $1.6 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy to build it, out of a total cost of about $2.2 billion.

    The plant went online in December of last year. After operating for most of 2014, the plant seems to have hit a significant problem. It’s only producing about a quarter of the power it has promised. That could present a bit of a challenge paying back its loan. So what are they doing? Why they’re asking for a federal grant, of course. That is to say, they are asking for taxpayer dollars to pay back the loan that they got from the federal government that is guaranteed to be paid back with taxpayer dollars should the project fail. Fox news has the details, with some contributing analysis by Reason Foundation Vice President of Research Julian Morris:

    After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal grant to pay off their federal loan.

    "This is an attempt by very large cash generating companies that have billions on their balance sheet to get a federal bailout, i.e. a bailout from us - the taxpayer for their pet project," said Reason Foundation VP of Research Julian Morris. "It's actually rather obscene."

    The Ivanpah solar electric generating plant is owned by Google and renewable energy giant NRG, which are responsible for paying off their federal loan. If approved by the U.S. Treasury, the two corporations will not use their own money, but taxpayer cash to pay off 30 percent of the cost of their plant, but taxpayers will receive none of the millions in revenues the plant will generate over the next 30 years.

    Indeed, given that these guys are selling electricity to power companies, we don’t even get the electricity! Taxpayers were obligated to gamble their money with the loan, may possibly have to give money to pay back the loan, and then Californians have to pay for the electricity the company produces.

    Fox contacted Morris for their story because the Reason Foundation (publishers of this website and Reason magazine) produced a report at the end of 2013 detailing all the cronyism of the Department of Energy’s renewable energy loan guarantee project. Read more of their research here. (Read more at link)

  51. Despite Outcry of Opposition, Obama Pushes "Horrific" Trade Deal in Asia
    Though president once railed against so-called "free trade" agreements, he has now become outspoken champion of secretive deals that critics call attack on democracy, workers, and the planet.

    Despite consistent and vocal opposition from organized labor, environmentalists, progressive economy experts and others warning against the damaging impacts of a trans-Pacific trade agreement that remains under negotiations by the U.S. and twelve other nations, President Obama on Monday once again voiced his support for what he said would be a "historic" agreement.

    In Beijing for talks with his Chinese counterpart and to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, Obama championed the so-called "free trade" deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), even though critics have described the agreement as a "horrific" corporate giveaway that would further codify the undemocratic mechanisms of global trade, breaking down protections for workers, consumers, and the planet's natural systems.

    Though Obama ran for president in 2008 as a staunch opponent of similarly designed trade deals, including NAFTA, since taking in office, he has forcefully pushed for the TPP and a similar deal with European nations, called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

    If approved, the TPP would be the world's largest economic trade agreement, encompassing more than 40 percent of the world's GDP. Though China would not be party to the agreement, the TPP would cover the U.S., Canada and Mexico in North America; Chile and Peru in South America; and Japan, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam in the Pacific-Asia region.

    According to Public Citizen, the TPP would be a grab-bag of policies designed to empower corporate entities while stripping the people of these twelve nations of self-determination and democratic process. According to the group:

    Although it is called a "free trade" agreement, the TPP is not mainly about trade. Of TPP's 29 draft chapters, only five deal with traditional trade issues. One chapter would provide incentives to offshore jobs to low-wage countries. Many would impose limits on government policies that we rely on in our daily lives for safe food, a clean environment, and more. Our domestic federal, state and local policies would be required to comply with TPP rules. (more)

  52. Mexico Is Trying To Overthrow Their Government

    Maybe this is the only way that the TPP agreement could be implemented; while they create chaos (UsA) countries are being destablized...back door move?

  53. Loretta Lynch’s Wall Street friends: What you should know about AG nominee’s finance past
    Looking for accountability for financial crimes that wrecked the economy? Here's why the status quo is more likely

    Despite all the unabashed punditry, relatively little is known by the country about Loretta Lynch, the low-profile U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, whom President Obama nominated on Saturday to replace Eric Holder as attorney general. We’ve heard about the cases Lynch has prosecuted for the government, from the police shooting of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima to public corruption cases against the likes of Rep. Michael Grimm, R-N.Y.

    But what’s less known is Lynch’s career in the private sector. After reviewing her record in this capacity, it’s not that she’s openly corrupted by the forces that increasingly rule our government, so much as she’s marinated in their worldview, in their cultural milieu. To ask her to take on powerful interests in finance would be like asking someone to rat out their friends.

    But what this says is that she has a long history interacting with a certain class of corporate lawyers and executives, understanding their perspective in critical ways.

    That’s further buttressed by a strange detour in her legal career – serving as a director of the New York Federal Reserve Board from 2003 to 2005. Here she worked with people like former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill, ex-Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld and ex-Blackstone chairman Pete Peterson.

    The directors of the New York Fed don’t play a huge role in supervising Wall Street banks or conducting monetary policy. But their biggest job is to select the president of the organization. And in 2003, Loretta Lynch had one of six votes in the appointment process that eventually put someone named Timothy Geithner in charge.

    Lynch’s tenure coincides with the inflation of the housing bubble and the widespread use of mortgage securities and derivatives among the banks the New York Fed is meant to supervise. Their failure to identify and work to prevent the bubble doesn’t necessarily reflect on Lynch. But the board of directors is supposed to provide oversight to management, as well as a review of their internal auditing procedures. We don’t know how Lynch acted in this respect, as minutes of New York Fed Board of Directors meetings weren’t made public until 2007. It’s fair to say that nothing changed as a result of Lynch’s actions, if there in fact were any.

    Again, the point here is that Lynch has a long career of close association with many extremely powerful people. Given that we’ve seen in the past decade a virtual crime wave among this very class, it’s just not that likely Lynch would have the will to crack down on malfeasance in the executive suites, which could implicate her colleagues and friends. It’s not corruption, more like mindshare. (more at link)

  54. McCain during a Veterans Day event at the National Press Club on Tuesday called on the United States to start lethal military aid supplies to the Kiev government.

    How do you explain this? Why this evil is still walking and talking to people? After him there will be another one and another one and another one?

    Why the plain cut is not being done? Why evil is being sustained? I do not care about excuses, I f..... do not care, so don't people in Ukraine, or Syria, or Iraq.....

    If Russians did to Scotland or Alaska what US and EU did to Ukraine then we would see different speed of actions.... we would.

    Or if Chines did the same to Hawaii what US in Ukraine we would see different approach to problems...

    ISIS is being allowed to flourish and kill - it will remain that way and soon nobody will remember what happened a year ago....

    .....I will never understand this approach- never. Diplomacy? I would like to see diplomacy going on for one year when Scotland would be burning and shelling Liverpool daily - I would like to see diplomacy back then and compare it with diplomacy over Ukraine - Syria - Libya - Iraq etc

    Break the fascist USD make it collapse 10 times like Russian ruble did. OHH we can not it would be civil war and violence. Russia recovered without anything of that and they were targeted daily by fascist with drugs and zio-bankers to steal it all. Why did Russian did not have (Black Friday events or robbing and violence and burglars .....). Why is it that 'fucking bad' Russians did not experience anything of such and managed to recover. Why is it that 'all good Americans' would rob supermarkets and kill one another for food. EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?

    1. And Czechs made the transition also without any violence...and house that I built for 250 K in two years I had to built for 2,5 mil ..... Petrol from 8 to 30 in short period of time. Nobody was commenting burglary robbing supermarkets or petrol station. Why are you afraid that the most enlightened nation would do it?

  55. Core updates.

    There has been no progress for this week with the West Coast team re the Currencies. O is away on trade related Asian deals, so only chaos reigns. Without a clear pre advice by Thursday we can also write off next week then we face the mindless week of Turkey Gobblers and Mammie trips known as Kranksgiving! The first week of December is still possible but gets ever less likely as failure follows failure. No one is home to sort this mess.ISIS issuing its own Gold backed currencies hardly helps the Dinar wannabes.

    The leading PP cases so long overdue,are also floundering. No decisions, no actions, no one home to account to anyone. The DC lot are fat and happy. Jack Lew, doesn't give a dam about you. Zionist money control goes on with blatant disregard for morality or Justice, the only remit is to keep the Ponzi, Contractor and IRS scams going. Take, Take,Take,and Take and ignore the plight of the Domestic Cretins, they are expendable. The Cabal rule goes on. The system protects its own in America but they are being routed worldwide. Washington lives in a delusional bubble and the nation is totally ignorant of the size of escalating debt as Implosion risk builds ever greater.

    Russia is now fully contracted for the delivery of 8 Nuclear Power Stations to Iran. Behind it will come the Fusion Enrichment and before you know it, Iran will have its own Nukes. A well needed counterbalance to the vicious Kazakh's who now seek expansion into Ukraine as their new Jerusalem to cut and run to once the game is up with the land theft in Palestine. Middle East power will deal with Israel in its time and they can expect as much mercy or humanity as they have shown to the Palestinians. At least the Wailing Wall will have its customers. All Israel has left is time. But no moral right of being. One day it will probably be gone.

    Overall, the picture is only one of chaos and inept US Leadership as the only focus is to cling on to fast disappearing Global trade and authority. Obama worldwide has all the moral authority of a 90 cent note. Yet he goes on new world tours, with a remit for nothing. A Sham President of a failing nation.
    Without the release of the PPs and Reno solutions, there will be no reinvestment in Projects or Infrastructure. The only investment is in funding more wars and Global insurrection to feed more Contractors budgets, and ordering Fighter Jets which don't work. Only in America, Land of the Free - Lunch for the Cabal and Zionist Bankers.

    What a mess. Chaos rules. looking on, looking in, we have to surmise a seriously bad Hollywood Script Writer on a low budget is directing this utter fiasco. End of Empire, End of Days, expose this one Spielberg. only in America. As the sun sets with no Michael Jackson to go down on any longer.

    1. .....This does not look good - it doesn't .....

      In a final despair idiots can do really idiotic things of despair ..... this is the problem ....Count on Americans to do the right thing, after they try everything else that evil mind can think off....

  56. This is how US thinks to break through - Big Booty industry

    America's Next Economic Bonanza: Bigger Butts

    Not only it is ugly - it shows degeneration of decadency of people - some perverts with money began to promote it - and nation becomes obsessed with idiocy .....

    Break USD and their idiotic ideas will vanish and people will start thinking straight

  57. John ....
    I do not want to be kind of mainstream - to be kind of extreme in views but ... I see it for a long time like this.

    Cooperate with those who are willing to do so and who view you as a equal partner ....

    So, Russia after the fall of Soviets - tried to cooperate with USA, or West in general. USA wanted it all, and no cooperation with Russia. If Russians keep doing the same and the same again trying to cooperate with USA when there was no willing, then they would be today finished, totally, entire nation. They had to wake up to reality and create new route - new partners with similar visions - dealing one anther more evenly - so BRICS was born. There was no route to go that direction - THAT ROUTE WAS CREATED OUT OF NOTHING, so to speak.

    We must do the same - abandon what is obsolete and create new routes. Leave USA as it is. Do not cooperate. One just embarrasses self.

    John .... keep calling Jack Lew over and over (or whoever else with good will and ) - and he keeps lying and spitting at you - what for. You turn yourself to be beggar and he deals with you that way. Stop calling them. Putin stops taking phone called from those idiots and rightly so. Find new routes. Eventually they will come to you as beggars, because it is who they are pigs.

    If Dongs are worthy to kick economies forward and much was already done and invested - NEW ROUTES to finish this task must be created out of nothing ..... abandon US, eventually they will come crawling as beggars .... then Justice In.

  58. There was Post-Soviet era, there can be Post -Con and Post-Zio era, but they will not go without REVOLUTION or something more serious like collapse of USD...

  59. Vlastimil

    America is already in controlled demise. Collapse is what we seek to avoid.
    The US can not operate within Basle 111, its own creation. With a fantasy economy, built entirely on lies, and a system which systematically defrauds its home nation for the prosperity of the Cabal and colluding Zionist Bankers, the message is becoming clear to Global Leaders via BRICS, Yuan Global expansion and the fast tracking Eurasian emergence. America is finished as the Global Leader, and can at best seek to orchestrate a soft landing.
    However, the scale of Debt, and its gross Military Dependency, is simply too great to sustain from trade.
    With the impending new Non US Controlled SWIFT alternative, and new energy pipelines direct to Asia, with no Zionist or Jewish Banking controls, American Banking will be pounded within the decade. Wall Street will become Worse for Wear Street, then War Zone Street as the Unions seek payback for collapsing Pensions. What is coming will be ugly.
    No one is home at the helm of America and its economy built on Global plundering and Fiat currencies take it ever closer to the edge, with a growing lemming population who see only as far as their next Welfare Check or each days Reality TV expose. The Real World passes them by as they focus on delusion.

    Ever more nations have now reconciled to the ongoing deterioration of US controls, and the scale of both broken promises and Fiscal Frauds. It is akin to watching the demise of a wounded old Wilderbeast on the plains of Africa, as the Jackals and Big Fat Cats gather for the kill, while Zionist Vultures circle for the feast. Even Canada has currency hedged with China, as all know, impotence is coming. Who needs a discredited Fat Cat for Hire who just can't fire?

    1. John

      About a week or so ago in response to a reader that was considering selling their dongs to buy X-mas gifts, you suggested folks hang on if possible and have hope of a possible breakthrough that’s coming.
      This latest core update is suddenly not sounding as positive for a resolution in 2014. How do you rate the chances of a breakthrough at least with the PPs pre X-mas?

    2. Thank you John,
      This idiotic scenario does not need to happen .... it is beyond me that they aim wilfully towards the cliff ....

      Everybody wanted to help them .... to change direction, yet....they aim wilfully and consciously towards the cliff --- I will never understand this logic. Never. Even blindness can perceive reality.....

      This is beyond me.

    3. In my opinion they are vying for time; they think they can make a comeback betterthan before...their time is up:


      There are more of them, colors we’ve never seen before,

      and they are more indepth and brighter.


      Bush sr is from the skull and bones coven. He was possessed decades ago. He’s a fully blended rep now. As far as the appearances go, we’ve caught them using holograms to make public appearances. It looks and feels real, until they get a glitch (which is pretty dog gone funny when you catch it). Such as Obama’s hand fading in and out on one televised appearance.

      We hear a lot about christmas ahd ‘elve’s’. And their the enemy. Christmas is one of the main e.f. entry and exit point, their zodiac. Which is why its cut off now. We heard, and then later heard of people seeing visions..of Jesus standing by a burning christmas tree crying. It is a huge mass sacrifice of humans on that day. It goes to him. We stopped it. As for the sleepers, they will awaken. The veil is about to lift. All good is law’d up. Even if they are still sleeping.

      Alot of the information I repeat, was printed here and in books as late as the 30’s to 50’s. Even those books, were there until around the 70’s. But by the time Ra started channeling with the LLBean institute, most had been pulled and a huge gap and then alteration occured in the information. Elizabeth is over the Freemason Coven, the Papal is over the illuminati. This was known. The coven age didn’t end until 1917. Thats when it officially became called ‘church’ and ‘religion’.Eve said that the ‘StarWars are over’. There is a sea of broken ‘vah’ planets all around earth now.
      here’s something weirder. They call their line of decent a ‘Vine’. As I mentioned before, this is due to incest. Elizabeth married her son Charles, when her second husband, her fraternal twin (pope) George hung himself upside-down on a cross. Royals may only marry Royals and she wanted to keep the Hebrew custom of a diarchy coven. Mother and son marriages, are the ordinary among these covens. Turns out George ‘sr’ is George ‘jr’s’ brother as well as father.

      The original story is that two of the spells on the dollar bill by the eilite, were the ‘wealth spell’ and the ‘thoughtless spell’. The thoughtless, rendered humanity mind incapable of reasoning things out, etc. It had to be done by a ‘human’ which were the C.A. “the papal the royal and the federal”. And this allowed their god El to declare humanity a ‘non-sentient’ lifeform, which allowed them to harvest us as a food source without breaking the Law of ONE. (They cheated) The wealth, allows the elite, to steal the spiritual wealth (fat) from anyone who gains the cursed object ‘money’.
      (Read more below)

    4. (continued from Yellow Rose for Texas:

      he more money they gain, the more spiritual wealth they loose. This is why people who gain money, suddenly alter their personality and loose their moral compass. The degenerate. Become selfish. Incapable of caring about others, and only concerned with ‘gaining more money’ even though they are already wealthy. They are driven to it, and these behaviors.

      Accordingly, each spell has a rebound effect. The elite, Elizabeth, George and Alexander (both became popes of their created Vatican), knew that the spells would catastrophically rebound. The energy rebound is similar to a multiple nuclear (atomic) bomb release. They knew it would rebound, on their future ‘children’ and simply were so incestuously insane and greedy they didn’t care. This is part of what is unleashed, at the end.

      The e.f. are shooting at each other, almost as much as we shot at them. They are damned up in that corridor, in a line. They think if they can remove the obstacle in front of them, they can then move forward and get the eye. This of course isn’t true. They’ve lost their id’s and they lost their vah the planet would be chewed up by the eye even if they COULD attempt to exit.

      Yeah, they seem to be blocking the reply links. The rats. The latest word, is that the gears (that bottom ring of circles) which is broken, is now stacking those poles up. Their all pissed at each other and An’s taking fire..they’re shooting each other. We saw a couple of poles, come lose and get thrown from the gear, upward into Ed, impaling him. So keep an eye on the cams, and see if it doesn’t show on one of those. The Mob has hit Ed in a continuous stream of fire from that large energy weapon, since the fifth. Its really epic. This show up on the pics as black then whited out images. Like a strobe effect. The ‘intruder’ that was approaching Mercury on the hi1a cam’s, seems to have a pincher on Mercury. It might be a gravity field effect, I’m not sure. It could also be parallel to Mercury (beside it) rather than directly in front. Hard to tell on a 2 dimension image. We’ll have to wait till it passes or hits. The classic image of Liliths/Elizabeths son “Jesus” (Mercury/Charles ‘Charlemagne’) was visible in the pit on the hi2 cams. (Continue to read at link)

  60. John F,
    This week has not been encouraging. Next week is not even showing on radar so far.

    Dongs are a speculation, as are all. If successful, it's a one time get out of jail card for many. To each your gamble. A damned site more important than more delusional fantasy days to waste all for one days of Xmas. No one is owed, you make the call. One silly day and all then is lost or not? Balanced thought says hang onto your Dongs, even if in blind hope. For a few hundred bucks, swap the wife before your Dongs. If they are not with you on this journey, buy another one later if paid out, they will arrive in swarms as always. Frankly if you are down to your last few bucks, blow that for Xmas and its all over. Then they are where they tend to deserve to be. They are then a lost cause. And no one cares.

    Such cases need to get a life, move, travel, contract for work anywhere for money. No one is owed. Failure is a state of mind. Waiting brings nothing- seek! These currencies are only one option and not all.
    As a Student I worked the bread vans in holidays getting up at 04-00 am. I worked on building sites, scaffolding, Farm Shows and wine waited until 02-00 am in the mornings. I paid my own way through Uni myself and worked hard. I travelled anywhere for work including lots of time away. I sought work wherever. and went to it. It was MY responsibility.
    We had no Welfare and we manned up. I went on to be highly successful and raised a family with no State hand outs and was never a Scrounger. We were never " Owed" and we made it happen. Now look at the whining assholes we produce? The State has killed spirits by mass feeding their Butts. There are jobs so let them move. Life is for grazing beasts. The State needs to Butt out! Stop creating these damned dependencies. If we lost a million from Welfare, so what? They produce what? I talk with some on Welfare Checks,Welfare phones, Welfare funded kids ( Hello???) Welfare fed and Welfare housed. sorry, Welfare cars also , Welfare cigs, tattoos, booze and drugs. We keep them- Why? How did this human mass and mess ever build to this? Don't work, don't breed! It pisses me off to pay huge taxes for this. I work! they won't! Move to where the work or starve.
    I MAKE it happen and always have. These Assholes whine. It's unsustainable.

    Furious rows are daily on the PPs. Daily promises are made and broken. More excuses follow. But only in America while the world suffers. If this mess is not sorted soon, we need to be looking at April plus. They- don't care!
    If the PPs are not paid, it will accelerate collapse. Still, like Leprechauns they sit haunched over protecting their pots of stolen gold cutting off reaching hands. Pay outs get harder. Hand outs need to be stopped. 6 months max then gone. Move or face it alone. Overstocked herds get culled. Welfare bunnies? Let those who want it pay for it, but stop taking from those who don't. Tell them use the money to go find a god-dam job. As I tell them.
    Sorry John F but next April is looking possible and ugly. The system just does not want to pay back. People on the front line, really pushing for it daily, are getting nowhere. Promises precede failure. A Classic Cluster F is unfolding right now.
    People need to stop single track clutching at straws, face up, man up and find a work solution. If the currencies work fine, but it not, what them? Any job, anywhere, which pays anything is the first step back. Look at how many on Welfare have bought Dinars. Madness. And they still think - they are owed.

    John, I truly hope for a PP breakthrough breakthrough because that can still help many with work. A step back.
    I talked with DC parties. They are evading again. There is no money.It's a real mess. That is where funding Welfare gets you also. But the bankers get fatter and richer. Right now looks lean and mean. Hard truth. Plan for it in case. Tough love- truth. Let nature take its course.

    1. meh oh well i have a full time job and wil be taking on a part time job either delivering newspapers or being a janitor i will be ok regardless i can wait it out. But like everybody else i seek closure to this thing fingers still crossed

    2. Barry

      Thanks for work contributing.Well done. Respect.
      And good luck, but you at least are facing up to what if not. Its the only way then anything else is a bonus.
      Good luck

    3. I have applied for a full time job which I think I will get... currently work part time job and will keep it also... new job has full benefits, so, another benefit will be getting Obama off my azz... You paint a scary picture john, but with reality... lets see what the future brings!...

    4. James
      Well done even for trying and I hope you get it. Keep trying others if not.
      What I see and seek to help avoid, is a lot of desperate people single track hoping on long shot currencies and just not focusing on the real world. These dam currencies are a fallback only. Too many have a childlike fantasy, its my week, I am owed. So I wont move my Butt- I am owed so I will follow Asshole rules.

      I talk with some Welfare basket cases. They have bought both with Welfare money, ( Ours!!!) and are angry that, as non contributing basket case spongers, they cant be paid out and be The Man in a week.
      I challenge them to get a job but their case is Their Checks will stop if they do. They are ugly Basket Case Welfare Groupies who truly need a hard horsewhipping and booting off the system. They wont try because many idle pieces of shit think they are owed, and their fantasy Dinar millions will keep them instead. So instead, they scrounge and sponge off everyone. FEMA please collect them , poop scoop the lot.
      While people like you are trying and our full support for you. I always found jobs, no problem so I am sickened when Dumbutts use any excuse under the sun. I get hit on every week and am sick of it. I F work!
      So lets help all avoid scary by re routing to a work ethic. Life is too valuable to waste waiting for maybes. Success creates success James. Make a job happen and it increases your chances on the currencies. Good luck with the job and keep faith if not keep trying. Thank you for giving hope to others.

    5. lol, John is on a roll today. I'm reading this thinking to myself "welfare booze", where do I sign up!? lol
      Thanks for providing us a real update to the situation. Like the fellas who posted above, I've been blessed to have worked since I was 18 and have never gone w/o work, put myself thru school and been blessed with professional employment. I can wait out whatever time frame this slots into, freakin' O, he needs to cut this loose already!

    6. Thank you John and the positive news that followed. Certainly never been on welfare and no intentions of doing so in future. Employment is not a problem. Uni educated, ex military and consulting background here. But took time out this year to look after a sick kid on my own without help. It can be tough when the cashflow stops flowing. The problem is you unplug for awhile to attend to unexpected needs and the wolves and vultures start circling. No compassion and no humanity. The currencies in time will help greatly.

  61. John,

    There won`t be enough agency hollow points or room in their FEMA camps once the welfare stops and the pensions are stolen. If this is how it is going to play out I think these idiots have miscalculated the end game and where they will hide once this happens. THX for the update

  62. Scott,
    Yes there will because the Tri Laterals now have a multi tier strategy to get the herd numbers down, starting with, as Sr calls them, the Useless Eaters. Open hands, open mouths, no work ethic and constant takers. Now it's a case of them refining plans to zero in and target them. Between the chemicals, injections, food additives, water additives, and if need be the bullets, the Cabal will do all possible to get the numbers down. Don't miss plummeting Male fertility. The population tanks when men fire blanks. Coincidence?
    Be assured very serious forethought is going on by competent Think Tanks to get populations down.
    Fact, the US is now bankrupt.

    Fact, the US Welfare Budgets are neither affordable, nor sustainable.
    Fact, doing nothing will collapse the lot for everyone.
    Fact, FEMA camps don't need room, just the ability to process them in shifts if it comes to it.
    Fact, the Elites think of the Non Contributors as disposable waste needing culling. They don't care.
    Fact, someone is going to have to make decisions relating to numbers and the illegal swarms in all countries. It just brings rising crime, cripples Welfare budgets, housing can't cope, nor can the Medical sector. There will be no shortage of volunteers willing to deal with the problems if paid. It's not only US problem. Riot control is well practised by the Military and mass crowd reduction will follow if ordered. Hard times create hard crimes, and that unleashes hard response. For Special Ops, Hard Arrests means- take No Prisoners.

    Something is likely to break if not stopped. Once you cull 5,000 why not 5M, the crime has happened.
    That is the danger, where does it end because history shows up as ugly. In conflict, attitudes get ugly fast.

    Be assured there ARE enough hollow heads, but be aware there are also vast weapon bases of equipment to terminate hundreds per minute if called off. It it gets ugly, it will unravel fast. Which suits Tri Lateral ethos. Weep for the cameras and High Five afterwards will become their strategy.
    This is NOT what I want, or suggest, but pre warn. You have no idea of the scale of weapons they now have. They WANT the opportunity.

  63. John,
    I agree they have the technology for mass depopulation to accomplish their evil plan but I also believe that for every bad guy there are a thousand good ones to counter their effort, and that the world is watching now and have had enough. Do you think Russia and China and all the other BRICS countries are going to stand by and let this happen because if they are going to turn a blind eye they will be next and I don't think that will happen unless they are all in on it which you and I know is not the case.

    1. Russia and China don't want them on Welfare either. Yes they will turn a blind eye to reducing Numpties. Good ones need protecting but who needs malingering shit? No one will stop the US depleting 50M of their own after what they have done to the world. These Welfare Bunnies affect ability to pay back the PPs.

    2. There are ongoing discussions to bring is Banking Assessors to assist validate which currencies are Bona Fide and which are either overprinting or War Looting. As such they can then deny the Cabal and parties seeking to free ride from the proceeds of crimes trafficking these currencies. Not looking good for the Wannabes. History of Funds and Provenance.We kept warning you to watch for this. It stank from Day One.
      Back to the Real World if so and Real Jobs. Lets see how it plays out.

    3. John,

      If the NWO depopulation target really is 80-90%, it won't be just welfare beneficiaries who are culled. They may well consider anyone who isn't essential to their agenda as a "useless eater". Being independent, intelligent or industrious might not be enough to save one's arse. The slow-kill is already underway; it may now be time for the NWO to step on the gas before too many wise-up.

      One hears of the high suicide rate amongst US Veterans: is it really suicide or are they being quietly disposed of as "useless eaters" or potential "domestic terrorists"?

    4. John,

      How could you ever determine what is fraudulent? It either all is or none of it is!

    5. JV

      Today we were up and down more times than a Jewish wife's nightdress on her wedding night. Lol

      But the day got better by early evening with the preferential PP stance. Live the real world with us for a day
      As regards currencies, there are finite funds real world, so focusing on exposing Cabal overprinting wont be too hard to establish on Provenance checks to rip out the Bar Stewards with their dead claws. Beyond that some discretion will be used. Bottom line, Iraq can only afford c 5T with Taiwanese help, so if c 400T alleged is true, expect a lot of blood letting. Also Military seizures from Vietnam by the Locust Child Raping Army will be looked at. Hate will last for centuries. Its a good thing now to be screening scumbags from cashing in again. The PPs in time can do a lot of good.

  64. Some positive news now, but guarded.
    We have just been advised that one of the key PP accounts we handle is tracking well for release. Those funds, when cleared, will do a lot of good. Some rocky hit earlier information as Taiwan wants the currency rackets cleaned up, but a new good boost has just given hope for the clean PPs, not the Broker chains of Ambulance Cashing bandits.

    1. Do you guys ever feel like you are in a bad relationship?

      I know I do.

      Up and Down....Up and Down

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Notthistime

      Today's activity was for the genuine Chinese Elder Linked PPs and for a selective clean up of the Dinars and Dongs. Provenance checks, to identify source history, and to block out Cabal games. Also to block out criminal traffickers and false Printers. The currency PPs were for large genuine USD blocks bought in decades ago now long overdue for redemption. Genuine cases not the Ditsy Ambulance Chasers all over the Blogs on fantasy trips. Weeding out the crap time is starting.

    4. doe this mean that TNT will have his lips stamped shut and be headed to the slammer? Oh I forgot, heads if state are waiting to see how they will proceed based on his tweets and if he gets mad and stamps his feet, or he may be in IRAQ dancing in the streets, he did say that was going on. I mean come on now, he is connected world wide.

    5. Vlastimil,

      My comment was figurative, not literal.

      I just meant I understand how exhausting it must be to work on a project of this magnitude and experience the roller coaster ride.

    6. JV

      Sorry, I feel like an idiot it is....

    7. The Coven's have lost control...they cannot recover...they are playing the "hard to get" act...but in reality they have lost control of all of their handles...

      This game is them playing out for hope that is totally lost to them. It will be rocky for a moment, but then things will play out.

      Everything they have tried is non-effective; when we realize this we can make decisions to move forward in our own time and not according to their dead plan.

      We have to have more faith in our Creator, which is ending their system of slavery and control...we are headed to self governance and real freedom.

  65. Not tonight
    People like the Guru site parties coercing innocent Investors need to be seriously contemplating their navels if all goes pear shaped as is now profiling. How many false and optimistic public statements have they made? In Europe they would be facing major charges by now. The sensitivity we see alone is pendulum swinging daily, and the scale of Public trading makes no sense. apart from profiteering by reckless trading. The history of these notes leaves a lot to be desired. Now formal diligence is starting. For months we have indicated the need for correct checks, with both History of Funds and full Provenance declarations. Which is why we have bought- None! As stated clearly.
    It will now unravel. The uncertainty makes uneasy reading. So many false, optimistic adverts were launched.
    Dinars are hairy speculations. Even Dongs have issues. Why are experienced Forex Traders not heavily invested in them? That says what?
    Lets see what rolls out.
    Our main concern is to help all parties not to bank only on this sector and to develop a life beyond. To seek income beyond.

  66. Thank you John. Can understand why Forex traders aren't invested heavily, they have opportunities most don't that pay much better and without the risk. The income beyond is essential to develop a life beyond. Suspect many have no idea of just how important that is. The following is a link that speaks about that a bit in a different way.

    Canauzzie, you must being doing your magic for me being able to post, bless you! )

  67. P
    We worry not to give false time hopes to the people on any of it. Nor are we Forex Traders or able to advise. Simply to urge caution. Too many false dawns are printed. We can only indicate reality from the front lines, not Blog rooms.
    It changes daily.
    As of this evening, it is now profiling as delayed until early December. O is out of the picture now, and Biden is the Cabals front line. He will delay as ordered. This is a complex issue needing worldwide cohesion and synergy if its going to run smoothly. For us, to indicate blind hope is cruel if we know otherwise. We are sensitive to the needs of all.,
    Nor are we responsible for dates.
    What is now profiling is that any possible completion has now been put back into December, and with Xmas holidays before Chinese New Year, it is now probably not going to start before at least April. Sorry, but that is now latest real info as of tonight. For those blindly hoping for Xmas, the sooner you know the better. Truth matters.

    One PP block shows hope right now, but we still have to wait to see Cabal games play out. These are sensitive and fraught times. Also we are all dependent upon integrity and release from a Jackal Pack of the worst of all parasites with no shame or human compassion. A step at a time. Nothing is easy or straightforward. Nor does anyone owe anybody.
    We have to now protect the PPs with care. Money is very limited, if any are to work. Only limited blocks are possible. These Blog projections of multi Ts are complete fantasy.
    All we can give you is balanced and objective truth as events unfold. The Cabal hold all the stacked decks.
    Nothing is easy.

  68. America Watches In Stunned Disbelief As Afghanistan Jails Two Failed Bank Executives.....

  69. Here Comes the Sun


  71. Thank you John, you and the OWoN staff and the many here are gems. Have a cup of lemon tea calling and it's just right for a cold night. God Bless you all.

  72. P
    After a week from Hell, a large glass of Jack Daniels is probably needed more. Total chaos rules. The poor guys in Reno are choking on debt waiting on an ever moving target. Then the rules change and OMG. Its not easy.
    Money is finite and so many false dawns have pushed this market up. Again, while December is still possible it gets ever less likely and April now re profiles. In a day so much has changed. It's a Roller Coaster. Nothing is safe. Nothing profiles well.
    A lot of new reports are coming out this week. Read all and see the confusion and trouble coming home,

    1. Now we know why you don't want to see America go down. It's the Jack Daniels that you would miss lol! It's coming clear now.

    2. John S

      Not true, after a good session of Jack Daniels and a trip to the can, I still never miss.

  73. Ebola DRILL this Thursday (TOMORROW) and Friday in NEW YORK & NJ too! S-H-A-R-E-!!!
    Posted on November 12, 2014 by Jean
    Internet Shut Off should alert you whether they are proceeding or not. Alerts on TV too.

    What do they have planned? Wish to heavens I knew, but were I to conjecture, it would have to do with a weather event or a forced vaccination or a combination thereof.

    Don’t take the shot, no matter what!!! Melatonin is a FALSE protection. YES to Vitamin “C”!!!

  74. Interesting - I studied with Ukrainians I know that in the West of Ukraine there is Ukraine speaking people - but did not know how much and was never interested -

    There you have it, there are 3 maps - the last one produced by Ukraine Kiev linguistic university ....

    Those NAZI ZIO want to do to Ukraine what they did to Palestine -

    And after Ukraine there will be another country that would follow - MIND MY WORDS -

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. After Russia fixed mess created by West, namely WW2 - then slander continued - Today in the midst of slander Russia is suppose to fix world again .... but we slander them again....

    We created mess but Putin has to fix- hopefully China will help.

    What is this?

  78. As events move in all directions, all we can do is report changing facts with best intentions.

    Yesterday a question was asked regarding Dongs v Xmas presents. Good advice then was to hang in- pre change.
    But change is now emerging. Serious checks have been requested so now allow up to 2nd week of December just in case, then, and its only a subjective judgement call, but then those highly stressed may choose to call it and sell holdings to cover Xmas and possibly come back in again cMarch and wait.
    But, there are now 2 major emerging issues to think out with care.

    A specialist Advisory and Validation Team is being discussed to assist check the Provenance of all notes and legal rights to be handling them. Which may mean seeking to only being allowed to cash out in Vietnam and Iraq first as the only starter routes with proof of ownership by lawful means. It may get messy!
    Buying from a Bank who ACT only as Agents means nothing. The Bank only act for you to your instruction and if the supplier is bad, it's your problem- you chose to gamble. Banks are fully covered with Weasel Clauses so stop dreaming. You risk holding toilet paper.
    They will also check the trail of ownership if war looted or printed.

    So all the so called GI heroes, the filth who mass prostituted armies of poor defenceless children in Vietnam, not heroes but child raping SCUM!!, forget Hollywood with these filthy creeps,their holdings will be worthless. Military Bank raids etc will all be invalidated. The Cabal get hit, good!
    All the Iraqi Bank stolen money will be checked on source of how obtained. And the mass printed crap,. well good luck with that.As if.
    For the multi hundred T's held by Lemmings trying to service a c5T market need,expect a lot of tears. " I was promised - Boo Hoo". The world is not stupid. But Dinarians seem to be a special case.
    Yep, the real world is a cold and hard place to be, then some Varmint comes along and says it has to be clean paper.

    Lets see if they do make it by the Second week of December and what controls are in place then. After that you really are looking at probably April with hurdles to jump. Time then to be knocking on some TNT doors and others. Hopefully the Feds will have lifted them by then.
    It's all getting hairy and messy. There is no definitive answer as yet, but clearly there is trouble at the Zoo.

    IF the one clean not Disneyland PPs block moving now clears, a series of US and Global projects will be activated. They will seek to help with opportunities and we will try to help the sites with notification and cutting some slack on help hiring certain cases. Those who cant move their arse because its travelling, good luck with what's coming soon for the Drones. Some good steps for many may be possible with real help. Real world rules. First we see if that works yet. Do any get settled? Vietnam serving GI child rapists and the Cabal are a dirty bunch to be dealing with. Each can take their shame to hell with them and rot.
    Xmas is coming but Thanksgiving may find a few more Turkeys than planned this year.

    1. Thank you John. It may have been covered before and if so if someone could just refer me to where it has been mentioned it would be much appreciated.
      I am wanting to know the bottom line re if ANYONE ANYWHERE has cashed in any Dinar and or Dong at new rates. Are the prevalent claims this has happened all hokum? If it is all bullshit it is the soft underbelly of the mesmeric state the uninformed are in.
      Thank you John.

    2. John,

      I understand you are just a messenger so this is mostly commentary, but...

      I don't understand how the new polymer notes with anti-counterfeiting technology issued between 2003 and 2006 could have anything to do with the Vietnam war in 1970?

      I also don't understand why people in Vietnam would exchange? The ones who actually have Vietnamese currency, instead of dollars, wouldn't need to exchange the currency as they would use it in country. Their currency would just purchase more over time, although that is debatable too as market always find equilibrium over time. Unless they were just trading out for smaller bills, I'm confused as to why enchanging first in Vietnam solves legal rights issues.

      These notes aren't passports? There are no stamps with a trail of where these notes have been. How could they ever prove provenance?

      I certainly agree that no one is owed a windfall profit or any profit for that matter, but to just say that we are taking it, if it is a valid legal tender note,because we don't think you have a legal right to own or provenance would be akin to someone taking your house, car or anything else that you paid a medium of exchange for and hold in your possession. Currencies are merely another store of value. It's quite common to hold savings in multiple currencies. Why not Asia? Why not Vietnam? It's one of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

      This is certainly not to belittle the victimization that Vietnam has underwent at the hand of criminals within our government, but I'm not sure what I have to do with that. I was born in 1970 for christ's sake.

    3. Paul L Davis

      No one has cashed in on Dinars or Dongs it's ALL BS.! Fact! Total hype. Lies swallowed by mindless Cretins.

    4. John thanks for the update.

      As hard news as it seems, most receive this information as bad news only, but I view differently.
      To have a validation team and a provenance check before closure, means to me prevent "Bad Parties" to enjoy a slice of the cake and slow down their vicious returns on it, and that is ALL Positive to our cause.

      If releases come thru Dongs or Sovereign Loans, what matters to us is that We Want to be involved and be part of projects and Force Change. Many here and there are willing to go till the bottom on this game and get our hands full, regardless if our pockets are full of notes or not.

      We the public, can only be Over Frustrated when dreaming "what we could be" with this extra money, if we think only in ourselves and in our belly completely disregarding the necessary controls to maintain reality.

      What matters to us is, either Currency or Sovereign Loan PPs is released so we can engage in a more serious game of Change.

      I would dump all my Dongs and very few Dinars for the Cause of Change if need to be, and I Believe Many here would do the same.

      We are tired of this gamble crap, We want Force Change and get to the necessary business.

      Thanks John, count on Us.

    5. Hello John, I had a question about the following quote from you.

      "A specialist Advisory and Validation Team is being discussed to assist check the Provenance of all notes and legal rights to be handling them. Which may mean seeking to only being allowed to cash out in Vietnam and Iraq first as the only starter routes with proof of ownership by lawful means. It may get messy!
      Buying from a Bank who ACT only as Agents means nothing. The Bank only act for you to your instruction and if the supplier is bad, it's your problem- you chose to gamble. Banks are fully covered with Weasel Clauses so stop dreaming. You risk holding toilet paper.
      They will also check the trail of ownership if war looted or printed."

      Does this mean we will have to go to Vietnam to cash in our Dongs? I bought some from a local currency exchange place and the rest from a currency dealer.

    6. Griffonred

      Unless Western Banks are authorised to deal, it may be, and they still need to determine who may deal with or handle currencies outside of the territories, plus whatever controls are yet to come in.
      Be assured, a lot of parties do not want Military. Agency or Political scum cashing in and will seek to obstruct them.

    7. John, as I mentioned a while back, I have a business account with Chase and my banker told me I should be OK with cashing out there. Keep up the good work John. We all are rooting for you and the White Hats.

  79. Thx for the update John seems like some positive movement might take place.

    On another note I came across an article on Zero Hedge (The Economic End Game Explained)
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/12/2014 - 22:22

    Which correlates along the same premise that JC Collins from philosophyofmetrics talks about that the economic & financial conflict between the Brics & the West is a farce, and that China & Russia are complicit in the new SDR system controlled by the IMF. While I truly believe in the info that I gather here it would be nice to get your thoughts on this John & Canauzzie.

    1. Scott

      The IMF is too small to lead anything. The conflict between East and West is very real.

    2. THX John, while I follow my intuition and rely on the info I get here it helps to get clarity on some issues that keep regurgitating around the web.

  80. Thank you John, as one who can only do what she can, step by step. Jack Daniels is something to be added by the cap full to a tea of herbs for breaking a cold or flu. The little comforts such as a warm bedroll or a cup of tea am very grateful for, many do not have such luxuries.

    Please understand that think what you do is important, very important and am sorry you have to deal with crud you do for our benefit. Bless you for that.

    Would suggest you take a moment to smell the flowers, but think perhaps pampering is in order. No offense is meant.What you have to deal with daily is pretty awful. Knowing what that crud has done to so many across so many years helps keep me going as it does you.

    John, in spite of everything today, hope you can find a warm hug and a smile.

    1. P

      Have you got Dollies number I will settle fast.

  81. John, in all honesty wish I did, would give it you. You deserve much warmth and love in the face of so much coldness.

  82. Hi John,
    Again, your time and updates are greatly appreciated since dinar land is full of "its snowing" and "Santa is on his way", which got old a few years ago when I first ventured into this endeavor. I hope this comment is not taken in wrong light as it is not meant to be, if I may respectfully ask for clarification on your post above.
    As JV stated, why would there be a problem with dong currencies printed in recent years and what does that have to do with the Vietnam war that ended in 1975, almost 40 years ago? I do not imagine notes from the Vietnam war era are in circulation, are you saying those were horded by military cabal and they are looking to cash those out?
    Thank you for clarifying.

  83. LG, am not John, but the usual scenario for military actions was/has been cleaning out the banks and other holders of large amounts of cash in a country invaded. That was also true for Vietnam with proceeds of those thefts warehoused.

    1. Not in 2003.

      Any banknotes from the time frame of the Vietnam war are out of circulation and have been for many years.

      There are a few cotton notes from the 90's still circulating, but most are the new polymer series that were printed after 2003. Some coins are also in existence.

      These would have nothing to do with our military or the Vietnam war.

    2. JV

      But a lot of old US Military /Agency and the skulking dogs who were involved have their filthy hands on currencies as do current Agency / Military parties. Countries want their noses out of this trough.

    3. I have no problem with people like John McCain getting shafted.

      I, however, was in diapers. Or maybe still a sperm depending on the year.

      A bunch of hillbilly Americans from palookaville with a few $1000 bucks at risk is hardly scandalous.

      The only agency I deal with is my insurance agency.

  84. Thank you all,

    It is pretty mess - whatever the outcome - we should just simply wish all people in both countries to get back from their knees - in case that kind of mercy extends and reaches some of us, let it be handled with thanks. If not, let it handle with thanks as well and with peace and joy that some out there got blessed ....

    1. We need to fix Ukraine as fast as possible so that people down there do not need to wait 20 years or in Vietnam case or other cases even more.....

      Syria or Palestine not even mentioning - it implies without even mentioning ...

      It is not good that conflict East and West rather grows John said (Zion Cabal are happy for that....)

  85. Russia, according to the latest data from The World Gold Council (WGC) has been buying gold in huge size. Dwarfing the rest of the world's buying in Q3, Russia added a stunning 55 tonnes to its reserves, as The Telegraph reports, Putin is taking advantage of lower gold prices to pack the vaults of Russia's central bank with bullion as it "prepares for the possibility of a long, drawn-out economic war with the West."

    There is gold, and there is black gold as indicated to oil, but now USA lead by Obama are shocking markets - Obama pronounced that future hit is to be - white gold - So he started to buy in tuns golf-balls. Good luck!

  86. Sweden is freaking out (NATO tries very hard to get Sweden into the NAZI club.....)- so Russians are sending message - via ABBA so that Swedes can get the point ....

    1. Good one, Vlastimil. I may start dating Russian girls!

      Here's a video I like:

      Flash mob in Moscow, Russia 26.02.12

      Not that different to young people in Europe or America, hey Soros?

  87. Treasury Secretary Lew Brings Jubilee USA Request for Debt Relief for Ebola-Stricken Countries to G20

    US Seeks to Move IMF to Cancel $100 Million in Debt for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea...

    1. More likely a write off of fraudulent debt in exchange for real assets...Oil, Gold and Diamonds in the ground.

    2. Resource-rich, high GDP growth-rate, ripe for plundering. Wonder when Ebola or Boko Haram is going to strike Mauritania, requiring Western military intervention "to protect the people'? Yeah, sure.....

  88. Jv and Valdi,
    You hit the nail on the head...the UsA is finished for now mining all of the gold and diamonds that they could get. Too much media attention on the area and it began to slip out from citizens that they were mining.

    How could a country so rich in natural resources like gold and diamonds so poverty and disease stricken? Keep the country distracted while they muscle their resources Crazy genocide...

  89. Halliburton, Baker Hughes Consider Merger

    Halliburton Co. (HAL) is in talks to buy Baker Hughes Inc. (BHI) in a deal that would combine two of the largest and oldest names in the energy business as plunging oil prices send the industry into a downturn.

    By eliminating a competitor, Halliburton, already the world’s second-biggest provider of oilfield services, would gain market clout that would help insulate it from a sustained market decline. A combination of Halliburton with No. 3 Baker Hughes would be a little more than half the size of larger rival Schlumberger Ltd. (SLB)

    “The two gorillas in the room are getting together,” said Ed Hirs, who lectures on energy economics at the University of Houston. “Halliburton and Baker Hughes would have been competing more strenuously to maintain market share in the downturn, but this will make that easier.”

  90. Breaking News November 10, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury in every State files writ_quo_warranto.pdf in every Federal District Court, United States Supreme Court and served upon every Federal Judge and all 9 US Supreme Court Justices, see video below.

  91. Brooklyn family accused of $20million mortgage fraud...while 'also collecting food stamps and pretending to be poor'
    Twelve members of a single Brooklyn-based family have been charged with either lying about being wealthy to obtain fraudulent mortgages or lying about being poor to get food stamps and other benefits
    Some did both, according to a federal indictment
    The fraudulent mortgages totaled more than $20 million and the welfare fraud realized about $700,000 in benefits, the indictment said

    Read more:

    1. Fed up. They were caught, their are many more committing the same or similar crimes. Everyone here knows about them.

    2. No doubt...just the magnitude of the problem is staggering. Haven't seen any reports of lately of those who are caught.

      The system is fraught with crimes and abuse; however, those who foment these programs (our leaders) know this and still never reform the system. They would rather give handouts than to create programs which empower those who are truly in need.

      There must be a profit motive for bankers...they keep these programs dysfunctional...fleecing the public.

    3. FEDUP,

      While I don`t condone what this family did aren`t they doing exactly what the bankers and our Gov are doing only on a smaller scale. There will be a long and drawn out trial with loads of $ funneled thru the fraudulent court system where there will be fines paid, the only difference is there possibly could jail time for them not for the Bankers or Gov officials

  92. Why UK is still sending such idiot to represent UK people? Send there David Beckham instead - I am sure he would preform much better ....

    It embarrassment in front of all world - no question asked then why Russian are flying plains around UK chicken islands..

    “If Russia takes a positive approach towards Ukraine's freedom and responsibility, we could see those sanctions removed, if Russia continues to make matters worse, then we could see those sanctions increased,” Cameron, who is in Australia to take part in the G20 summit, due November 15-16 in Brisbane, told journalists.

    Put him to jail or send him go kind of Gulags to fix his crooked mind...

    Idiot ......unless he indicates that Russia should invade Ukraine to liberate people from Zionists and he is giving secret signal to Putin. But then, why UK brave army does not go there to do the job to liberate people from Zionism - actually they should do it first in Palestine...

    1. Cameron and him alike are enemies of UK- it is not Russia planes hovering over chicken islands - it is those idiots like Cameron or Rotten-child that endanger all people down there and by their idiocy they stir conflicts and accuse peaceful parties of war, meanwhile covering up crimes of monsters that kill and steal ......

      Somebody should rethink the concept -- it is disgusting to my taste -

      No question that Russians target is UK among priorities - so what, thanks to Cameron and him alike.

    2. Not only to UK people - but they are enemies of all the peoples around the globe .....instead of peace and cooperation - lies accusation and chicanery -

      Thank you - time to change compass

    3. Vlastimil

      Ukraine is an EU problem, not a singular UK issue. The EU is a Union, a Club of Nations of which the UK is only one of c29 now. The EU has its own policy and legal units, it's up to them. Please focus on and attack the EU, not the UK.
      Britain does handle Putins flights we send up Jets to intercept and warn off. He now knows we WILL blow them out of the skies well before launch range. He also knows there is no doubt the UK will launch if pushed and that we are fully independent to do so. Worse, they know if the UK did launch , the US would have to follow to finish them. Yes, the UK would be gone in total, but so would they.

      Ukraine is an EU problem. Russia will take what it wants. They wait and play them.

    4. Thanks John

      The point is that what he says increases the gap - it is anything else but constructive. He must know who sponsored coup - he must know that Crimea went to Russia on their decision and he must know that MH 17 was Ukraine - CIA -Israel operation (or just Ukraine..)

      I understand, he might speak for NATO or EU... but....
      I read his statement from Brisbane and what I think, my direct response - UK is nuts. What do you think that ordinary Russian as I am, will conclude. The same as I do.

      If Barroso speaks such non-sense - people link him directly to EU.
      Beside right now breaking news from G 20 - NATO - Stoltenberg just said in Brisbane that Russia is fully responsible for Donbass....

      So, how do they play. EU and NATO freaks meet before and make a plan to systematically keep accusing - Russia. Cameron takes a first shot - NATO adds some idiotic accusation and at the top - EU representative will finish the unholy trinity accusations. I forgot about USA, probably they might just co-ordinate it....

      So where will we go from there .... end of G 20. Thank you - f.... off - arms will talk since when idiots talk that they talk lies.

      It is not that I have anything against UK - rather opposite. I would be proud to live there, and would be happy if instead of false accusations - they shake their hands instead.....

      ....and this is why I am posting ---- wake up stop pointing guns - stretch welcoming arms instead. Simple....

    5. Beside I do not have a problem that you gave direct warning to Putin - I understand that......

      If that Swedish alarm over the Russia sub scam turned out to be true - I would say for sure. They have no right to be here and it is not helpful - get out and apologise. (Unless Russian would have intercepted Swedish sub weeks before somewhere by St. Petersburg and have clear evidence for that. Then I would say Russia is giving signal to Sweden to stay away....) Fortunately, it was just Zio-Nazi scam...

      I am saying --- JUST STOP FFFF FIGHTING ----- Wake up ------ it makes me mad.

    6. I was scanning through my daughter's Pinterest board this morning. What an absolutely amazing display of talent and creativity! How come we are governed by unimaginative, deceitful, criminal, warmongering, psychopathic pricks? No sane person in the West wants another war. If there really are any heroes in our military, they would tell the politicians and their banker masters to shove their NWO plans up their arse and refuse to fight any more senseless wars. They would defend innocent civilians, not attack them. They would preserve peace, not wage war. They would build instead of destroy. They could help bring fresh water, irrigation, sanitation, infrastructure and energy to those who have none in this world. They could have a proper job instead of being "just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy", in the words of Henry Kissinger.

    7. Valdi,
      I cannot make sense of our leaders and their actions. The best that I can come up with is that they cannot be human? Who does things like this to their own kind? Unless, they are none of the kind!

      So they hold themselves out? How? They must not breathe our air, they must not eat the same food stuffs, they must not be under the same set of rules, laws, and regulations, they must not need fresh water, they must not need a civil society? Then my analysis...they must not be human?

  93. ISIS Unveils Its New Gold-Backed Currency To Remove Itself From "The Oppressors' Money System"...

    Islamic State is set to become the only 'state' to back its currency with gold (silver and copper) as it unveils the new coins that will be used in an attempt to solidify its makeshift caliphate. ISIS says the new currency will take the group out of "the oppressors' money system."


    I am not brightest - I know it and do not pretend to be. But thugs and hooligans from the street who hardly finished 5th grade and primary education - whose brain can produce nothing else but *Allah condemns you and I will chop your head off and rape anything that does not wear beard - except of Obama of course who would not mind probably*

    Now these thugs are issuing Gold back currency? Either I am dreaming or am just idiot. What does it take to create national currency - to even create gold back currency today?

    Maybe John could say something about what it takes to create nation currency in the middle of sand in caves of Kurdistan mountains isolated from all world - with no computer skills - no economy skills - no financial skills - no diplomacy skills - no legislative skills - etc you name it?

    What kind of connection to the world do they have - they miss even a connection between right and left hemisphere of their brain, how could they create such project? ANYBODY?

    Conclusion - Of course it is clear that they trade oil with their Western partners to get sponsored at first of course West does it openly without any shame even though supposedly they chop heads of West people down there.

    Where is that fff gold to back it, or do they use granite stones from some cave?


    Simple conclusion:
    Now if anything true about this then it is USA-ISRAEL-UK created project. Most-likely UK-Rottenchild and Israel and CIA created this gold back currency project. Highly sophisticated project that came out of hands that use to create such projects - high ups. It was not done by empty heads in caves driving Toyta's donated to them from CIA.

    Now question must be asked WHY? Why would CIA, Israel and UK-Rottenchild did it and why now since when Qaddafi spoke of something similar and then it cost him total destruction of Rotten-child NATO campaign....

  94. Oliver Stone interview - good one -

    1. Thank you mr Stone - it feels like I am here not alone.....

    2. Actually there is Oliver Stone's film here -

      I will buy hard copy right away ...for my children to have one...


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