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Greed, for what none of us can take with us. Man’s pursuit of the false Gods of Mammon. Yet Heaven is here, in the love of a Child, family bonding. The simple, dedicated and trusting love of animals. The awesome beauty of nature. Caring for the sick and aging. Can open forums like this help Man come of Age? Addressing the real questions and issues of existence?

How can we have so much and yet be so blind to all? So much suffering. But so much goodness for those who take time and care to look. This site's role is simply to co-enjoin the minds and hands of Nations, to try to find a better way to co-exist as a family of Man with dignity, humanity and hope for all. A voice for the nations and people. We all care deeply about the state our world is in and abuse of freedoms. It is no more than a site of many voices debating real concerns. A voice of all people and real issues.

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