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Lifting the Veil | Report #12 | A New Year New Beginning to All

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
31 December 2017

A Year Ending - A New Year New Beginning to All. The good coming soon. What is reality? What is the purpose of your life, of you? Why - You? You are more, far more, than you realise.

Before the Fiscal battles commence for 2018, we need to start first by asking, what sort of Society is fit for purpose to serve all communities, the infirm and the Elderly? A nation with real values, fit for purpose, not Elites? What we now have, is not working. The world is now remodeling, but into what? Where do people factor?

Disclose needs also apply to determining who we are, and what is real.

Disclosure of truth and reality. Disclosure of False Truths, and False Gods. Time to come of age.

Before the moment of human conception, between 40M to 250M sperms are ejaculated in a deadly race for life, the right to be - You. A hundred million or more died losing, so you can become - What? Why, YOU? Do you realise the wonder of what you have already achieved and won? You won! Value this life and your journey of discovery.

Disclosure of the real purpose of life, living, and the false reality permeated upon us, by the Cabal, Deep State, Satanic Gullible Zio Trash and False Churches. The God conceived of by childlike Religions simply does NOT exist. You are following unquestioning in your belief of Childlike fantasies. These are just simple fables, created by equally simple (-ton) but devious and Usury men. Your Souls and Ethereal being is real, the fables just not so. Know the difference. The reality of your being kinetic living energy of Real Afterlife is so, so much more. Huge. You exist, you ARE! Think reality now.

The Churches and Cults version of God does NOT exist, and the Cabal's is Mammon.

Churches have propagated only Genocide and Pedo Priests. This coupled with the rape of child brides of Islam or Mormons, as with cynical Smith’s Polygamy, along with his disappearing Gold plates. Cults? Godless, self serving, manipulating deviants, rule sad naive men. All are false. All hold back humanities cultural and Ethereal development.

Question reality and get real. Reach for truth and understanding. This is your journey.

No Child is born with a Religion, nor a perception of Race or Colour. We teach it - falsely! Religions mass kill innocents, and manipulate minds. Religions teach hate and divide families. They understand nothing. Be the Master of your own Being.

True Soul Aware Leaders do not Kiddie Fiddle! Nor propagate genocide as per the Vatican, Radical Islam and Jesuit Orders. As for the daily monstrous abuse of Palestinians by the illegal invaders Zio trash of Israe-hell, so much for what God’s will? Where is their humanity? Like Soros, Pestilent rapacious SCUM!

Radical Islamists and Zionists are a genocidal pestilence. The Satanic, perverse Zionists are an anathema of greed and Zealot fantasies. They are unhinged, scheming and devious Roaches. Look how they congregate as Locusts in Banking. Unwelcome vermin in any society even from the days of iniquitous Temple Money (Short) Changers. Education will bring about their subjugation. Eurasia will have a solution for them. Loathsome parasites.

No child is born hating. We condition it or teach it. Wrongly!

Look at the vicious and vile Radical Islam. Centuries of the Vatican’s murderous Inquisition, millions died brutally because of them. Inhumane tortures in whose God’s name? Islam’s own genocidal past in the Middle East, as also with their Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean. Jewish Slave Trading across Africa. Nations of Islam killing each other at Religious behest. What God is Allah? What another Religious screw up activated by a Cult Pedo with a child bride.

No Child is born owed to a nationality, or belonging to a collective so called nation. Truth - You are each Masters of your own Soul. To be respected, not abused. You belong to no one. Nor should your Birth Certificate be sold and pledged by Vatican, Cabal and State type entities.

Your very Soul itself is part of a collective power, to exist both as one, and part of all in a higher realm of Dimensions. The nucleus and cells of intelligent energy.

Those among us who have truly Soul Dimensional traveled and experienced the in depth awareness of being among the ascended Souls, understand the aesthetic mutual awareness of the Collectives guidance, affinity and access to the vast matrix of collective knowledge which permeates throughout all existence, openly accessible to all these arisen Souls on call. All as the collective vast shared knowledge of all Being, all that has been, and is yet to come. All empowered and collective shared knowledge of just Being. Being one of one, but one of All! Being more. But being a then Ethereal Being. The Love, affinity and collective majesty of the next realm will be profound, far beyond your current concept of reality or expectation. Awesome and so very REAL! Be prepared to be amazed. When you belong, as one of all, you will understand this journey and why.

Your God is a Collective, of all Beings, with Higher Ascended Souls on multi dimensional plains of hierarchies. Creation is not simple. Nor is life. To come of age, is to start learning truth. About yourself, your existence and purpose. Your destiny.

The Ethereal existence of being, is a totality of Soul Beings, plains of awesome kinetic energy, beauty of a differing series of ascending Realms, where all is one, of peace, calm, total harmony, enlightenment, and affinity with all. Dimensional realms, each to develop through. Each are progressions of enlightenment. To experience is to know, but then, so much more. To understand, the purpose of Being - A good Human Being.

The reality of your concept of God, is in reality a power so, so much more. One so real.

To unexpectedly experience ahead with Soul guides, the deceased afflicted Souls with Down Syndrome or other genetic abnormalities, seated or lying in current physical form while Soulful Ethereal Beings of Light Energy, translucent whole Beings of a higher life force, reach out with healing hands, a loving Spiritual energy of whole being, and with their smoothing hands heal and transform the physical characteristics into a visibly emerging new clean life force, with new facial or bodily features for the next stage of physical progression, and new planes of existence, until eventually each Soul progresses to the stage where a bodily familiar form is no longer needed. You will each develop ultimately as just pure light energy, able to assume a familiar human form (or other worldly life forms) at will when needed. Then to travel as light energy life between the realms, dimensions and galaxies. All concepts of time and space is negated, you are more. The Caterpillar to the Butterfly. That is immortal You.

Those having lost a child, or loved one, the pain and trauma is hard to bear. Mortifying. Such poor beings are bereft of hope in despair.

But you have not. Trust. Awaken. Hear.

The new life force does now exist and will then raised by Higher Ascended Souls in parallel time, knowing both you as its creating life parents, your love, and bond to them, and while developing in a differing realm today, will also reunite with you when your time comes to depart this path and rejoin the timeless path of your true journey. Neither give up hope nor belief. Your child or loved one lives, and will do so forever. You are not lost, just parted and your paths will cross again. Truly!

They know you. Your love and your pain. Each is bonded with you. Have hope, it’s real. They will greet you in a new time. Their love for you is profound. Their existence now eternal. Your life had a purpose creating theirs. You will reunite bonded.

Cosmic existence is immortality. The unity and all being of what is to come, will be profoundly beautiful, far beyond anything you even contemplate. Life - IS! You will see. Belief, non-belief, it does not matter, what is - IS! All IS greater than you.

But, and these are key points.

Order, and purpose has and needs controls and Justice.

While the higher life forces truly have a deep purpose of being, each also, as well as Soul Guides, will, where appropriate unite as a Collective of Soul Judges to assess each life, how lived, values and awareness. Assessment is far more tolerant and understanding than the fire and brimstone pulpit bashers understand. There is deep understanding of humanity. Life journeys are reviewed to ascertain the learning curve of if each Soul now understood, regrets, has awareness of need for greater compassion, and the consequences of your actions and hurt caused to others, or wildlife and ecology. Earth is a living, breathing mother planet. Actions have consequences. Souls need to understand them to evolve. Tolerance, self reflection? Be aware of other's despair. Becoming a better person is the journey, to lose and become more. Compassion, values, ethics. Your awakening.

Now, the Big One - Atonement.

What is beyond IS tolerant, compassionate, deeply understanding and wise.

Most issues are tolerated and understood as foibles of developing humanity, BUT, there are standards and tolerance levels, beyond which, should you chose that path, the consequences which befall you then become immeasurably more profound, and more clinically attuned than your very worst nightmare can conceive. Should the collective Higher Ascended Souls determine that you have transgressed to such a level causing mass harm, mental cruelty, and physical or ecological damage to the planet, there are varying ways enforcement will be invoked to deal with each deserving of serious retribution as Justice.

As a Soul, unless otherwise determined, each is created as an eternal life force, it does not die by normal human pain or stress levels.

As the Soul is Ethereal energy, physical options are different. How do they deal with perverse corrupted malignant Souls needing very serious retribution? Free will was so badly abused. Karma.

Energy can only feel Higher Energy shock treatment, delivered as energy surge’s of such power and heat as would kill a human many times over, but now as a truly malignant corrupted Soul they can face a sensation of pain beyond any burning in a hell concept, one where the pain is off the Richter scale, and no one hears their screams, or cares. Death would be welcome relief, but is denied as Rot now pays as their Rot is burned out! How long is immortality? How long does a devious, Evil and tyrannical Malcontent like Bush 41, the vile Clintons, Soros, Rothschilds, Hitler, Pol Pot, Child Raping Priests, scurrilous Banking Deviants, particularly Zionists, lapsed moral Jews, and those among us who have knowingly, deviously and duplicitously brought deep despair and suffering to others, participated in and condoned depravity, destroyed societies, families, and have lived a life of Soulless wanton personal gratification with no care or respect for the lives and well-being of others, expect to get away with it? You won’t! You don’t! Come the day, hope this you will not see!

Atonement is a reality few will really have to face, but those who do, will enter a Realm and State of Being beyond their worst nightmares, with no Attorneys to talk them free. Begging to now die, denied! Pain 10 times greater than will kill a human, Payback, and Life’s Playback! Tidal waves of unceasing retribution.

They hear you now. Trapped in perpetuity, screaming for mercy, in a place of no escape, where absolution in only a remote hope after Eons of suffering and reflection of harm done. So many lives of harm to live through, injured Souls who despaired, their pain is now shared and revisited. The consequences to so many. That Book of Life, carries all. Nowhere to hide.

Justice will prevail. Always. Truth atones to those who truly deserve it. Elites? Not where they are going, for sure. Checks and Balances.

To make a difference, to emerge as a worthwhile species at last, our human society needs to rethink its values and the true purpose of life. Many of you are now already attuning to this. Like minds. You are heard and read.

Ethereal values. Each Soul matters. Each Soul is part of all. Each thinking Soul needs to make a difference. Economic values need to be based on reason to invest - in People and Nature. Ecology, harmony, life!

Our current system entraps all, to Fiefdoms of enslavement under either State or Zionist Banking servitude. Values of Being are lost. We all need to change - It!

During the next few weeks we will start a phased release of reports showing economic corruption and waste of such vast Trillions as are inconceivable, naming, exposing and shaming the Rogues, Liars and Fraudsters who have perpetrated Fraud on a scale which makes Madoff a Kindergarten brat. Big names, flawed Souls! We will question why, where it has gone, and who needs now to account. We will seek to get a WH Trump nominated Task Force to trace those lost funds, sequestrate them and return recovered funds to be Fit for Purpose. That Book of Life will open on their pages. Bastards!

OWON, WHA and WHR has a volume of like minds and caring people.

A while ago we tested the market and raised an appeal for one reader in need of help. You responded, the best of you contributed and a man’s life was re-tracked. YOU did it! Thank you, to each who helped. His dignity was restored and a life re-tracked.

Your goodness goes with you. Your Book of Life knows. Good deeds are good Karma.

Behind the scenes we are working on Redemptions and PP releases.

Serious progress has been made with the Elders. Trust established, belief and affinity of purpose. Respect for the real Ethos of what is in creation.

When released the funds freed up need to be used for good purposes. Not feckless greed and wanton arrogance, but selective reinvestment back to achieve more for society. To help re-track and change our world in steps by rethinking and reshaping new communities, each then as a Beacon of Light others what can be done. Thinking through the worthwhile purpose of limited funds, and you. How to make a difference.

To put back and re-track.

You rallied to our call on Mike, we were humbled and impressed. Goodness is alive.

Once the funds are released, we will make them fit for purpose.

Our values are Soul values. We do - Understand.

Our Promised Land is not Elitist's greed, but helping re-track and put back.

We are only Custodians here.

Mankind is coming of age now. The Human spirit is alive and awake. Intellect and awareness is crossing oceans. A whisper activated in a chain can become a roar in its exit country. Humanity is not a currency, but a life force of value and being more. A common goal for so many.

12 men changed a world. 12,000 of you post releases can change it again.

No information is not because it’s not happening. Now is just not the time to discuss progress, or where it’s at, because the true enemy inside the gates, needs to be contained and blind to the emerging awakening of Soul revolution among them. Political leadership is poor, and inept people serve for greed. Churches are a disgrace, and have long since lost a purpose of being, or any Ethereal direction. All we need, is within us already. We, the awakened, must lead. Each within our communities. False Gods must go. Inept Political Charlatans must be simply bypassed and replaced by Community values. Inner values, family and humble humanitarian care.

If 12 men could, what about you? They started with nothing, just a belief and sense of purpose. To bring hope, and enlighten. That reached and encompassed 1 billion over time. Post release funds, what can we do with purpose?

MLK had a Dream. Mandela freed a nation. Churchill gave a nation hope to get through years of Luftwaffe bombing, before secret production out of of sight, released thousands of Spitfires and over 3 days in the Battle Of Britain, over just 3 hard days and nights in the Battle of Britain, turned Hitler's vast unstoppable all conquering Luftwaffe to shit, as we shot them out of the skies and put the Hun on the Run. That smashed the Nazi curse or America would have been next and fallen to the vast Nazi war machine.

As we must do to the Cabal and the Zionists. Resources are finite for need, not greed. Two dogs can not live from a meal for one. Time to take back from the parasite Mongrels and get the re-tracking jobs done. Re-tracking with your backing.

Britain’s people voted to Brexit from the Jesuit's Vatican EU monstrosity.

Americans said No to that Clinton Ho and Deep State. Hope is alive!

Post release, we must succeed by focusing on need. Thinking for a better purpose of being, the Beings of Star Matter. Change is coming. Evolution now will be mental revolution. The rule of Political Pygmies is ending. Truth has now surpassed the MSM.

Now purpose of being is the new Mantra. Being free of the Vatican NWO Knee!


  1. John, this is beautiful. Brought a tear to my eyes and touched my heart. I am looking forward to the goodness to come. I have learned so much deeper truth over the last five years. I am grateful for OWON and community for this. Thank you all.

  2. It IS your future Biffie, and all of you.
    Nothing prepares you for what is to come.

  3. What a positive message. We all feel it - this drive to achieve the breakthrough and then the growth of the new world.

  4. 👍 very inspiring, wonderfully written

  5. Well guys, you certainly did save the doozy material to kick off the new year with. LOL

    Thank you so much for the report John and Canauzzie, it is utterly beautiful. This is exactly what I have been waiting for.

    Firstly, may I wish you both a magnificent year ahead and sincerely thank you for all of the time and effort you have contributed to redirecting our world along a better path. I appreciate both of you very much.

    I'm honestly not sure I can even put a sensible mature comment together in response to the material shared in this report as it has presented me with a rather tumultuous evening. After my first reading of these words, for some reason i decided I needed a good cry and went outside, sat in the dark and did just that.

    A good portion of this material reflects what I have considered to be the truth for many years. Maybe having it confirmed by those I feel I can trust is why it has impacted me so robustly. Maybe it's a sense of knowing someone understands these experiences and that has offered relief causing release. I'm honestly not sure.

    I am sure about one thing though. This is the best report ever. Thank you very much.

  6. I have been waiting patiently to read this, as if I knew this article was coming. Thank You John. This article has clarified a great deal for me.

  7. John and Canauzzie,
    By far, the best report yet! Thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf. This is a tremendous way to start the New Year! ❤️

  8. John and Canauzzie

    What a wonderful message, thank you for all of the time and effort put in to this forum and helping us along this journey.

    Each previous comment as well as the report resonated and I offer a heart felt "SUBSCRIBED" to all that are here.

    As John stated that nothing prepares us for what is to come, being a part of this community certainly makes us more aware, informed and allows us to grow.

  9. The response from so many is touching we need you all on side. A big task awaits us all.
    Don't for a moment think nothing is happening. We just can't go public on any of it until it's done. Huge focus and pressure is on.

    Reversing a system as criminal as the US Fed and Treasury is a big task and politically sensitive as hell. Dealing with the biggest crooks in the world is not easy. Almost 6,000 years of Temple Money Short Changers prevaricating from positions of power is a daily battle.The In Justice US System is rotten to the core, and with it, the Bush Clinton and NWO Vatican Crime families. We are right on the edge, but the Sewer Rats keep blocking the door. The US system took 100 years to get this rotten as it's been founded on crime and genocide. No one has stood up to them and now whine because they have squandered the pot. We ARE on the line, and progressing. But detailed progress reports would enable them to close avenues fast. Tact, diplomacy and diligence. And a dam great Rat Trap!

  10. Thank you John and OWoN. Just the inspiration and encouragement I needed to be optimistic about battles being won and changes on the horizon as each day passes. I'm feeling such an undercurrent of happiness that much is happening under the radar as you frequently remind us.

    Way to go!

    And please put a lot of gourmet cheese on that Rat Trap to further entice the evil ones at the top of the pyramid.

    I can't wait to see what unfolds with the upcoming reports.

    Thanks also to Paladin, WHA and Canauzzie for providing this information to us as timely as is possible.

    Happy, happy New Year!

    Cal L. Girl

  11. Wow, super wow!! This summarizes it all so clearly and truthfully as this resonates within me so powerfully. This is why so called "spiritual gurus" fail....they fail at uniting us. They end up having their followers put the focus on them instead of the collective by kowtowing to them. No human soul is a slave to any master of any kind. Thank you John, and may you enjoy a happier new year.

    1. Any chance of the Muslims fantasy promises?

  12. Wow ! This is wonderfully written ! Says it all. Trump working on all thus corruption now ! MAGA !

  13. My Dear Friends John and the big Canauzzie,

    TMAN from White Hat Reports. Although I do not write much as of late, I always lurk. 12 men started 2000 plus years ago and conquered the world with Words for all. Unfortunately, the Word was harmed severely by others but that's ok we have not lost as individuals, as beings or as a group. As an individual, you have a one-on-one relationship with a higher power ... consider having a relatonship today.

    We signed on for this duty so many generations ago. We will achieve with all of the spiritual warriors we sit with.

    So as they say in show business ... JOHN, YOU NAILED IT !!!! Well written my friend, well written!

  14. Thanks T we try. Truth is its own cross to bear. With humor. Post releases you know what we have to build towards. It's not over, it's only starting. You know whats in play, fingers x.


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