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OWoN Exclusive | Who lost our Liberty?

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One World of Nations
10 October 2014

America is now the Founding Fathers Worst Nightmare. The Nation of Shame. So many noble thoughts and lives cost for this travesty?

There are no Nations. It’s a myth of captive Tax Slaves. Your failed Leaders Bad decisions travel and affect everyone on this planet in consequences.

We are really just one nation of everyone, interdependent upon each other. How can such low trash be allowed office to lead?

What a mess. What a Goddamn almighty mess. Millions traveled to the new land, most seeking to escape the Feudal bondage and suppression of Europe. Millions of poor, innocent Africans, were seized from their villages, and came in genocidal bondage as Slaves. Up to 60% died in transit, chained in appalling conditions, and subjected to brutal inhumanity by an ignorant species of low life Predators. Be in no doubt also, some of the largest and most inhumane Slave Trafficker Merchants were Jews. Yet history records none of it, where is truth and their inhumane shame?

Only now they do it through Banking and The Fed. Still trafficking lives! Yours!

Anything for a Buck. Man’s worst inhumanity to Man.

Who now controls America? Who now are the Banker's Slaves?

Now here we have this America of today. Has the nation still learned nothing? Crime, despotism, genocide, theft, corruption, deceit, chicanery and a total lack of ethical human decency. And that just 'is' what passes for the US Government. Emulated by the Banks and Fed.

The Founders would be ashamed, appalled. What has become of so many fine ideologies, the hopes and aspirations of the new nation? This was never to be ordained. Each new generation seems to excel in a new depth of social depravity. The worst of man, the social graces of the Beast, has won. The Peaks America once attained led the world at its zenith. Truly great men emerged in America as Founders. Good men. Honorable men. Men of integrity and hope.

Now it leads in depravity. Everything which can go wrong, has. Looking on, looking in, it’s really not a pretty picture in reality. A nation befuddled, mediocrities weaned to believe they are special, where nobody loses, marching like clockwork Soldiers to a flag which stands for nothing. We see a Drones collective, Leaderless, clueless and a transient declining life-form of a now bygone era. A nation built to follow a Hollywood creation myth, of a dream which never was, mass bred to spend the Ponzi Fiat money enriching the elites, creating a visual resemblance of a normality which never was, now held in a state of Stasis, while all around them changes. Life-forms in a star spangled Goldfish Bowl, seeing only the Universe within the glass, oblivious to all around. Refined blinkered vision. Clueless of the depth of Geographical variables of nations, or wishes and aspirations of new emerging nations, infinitely more intelligent in reality. A society of Me, Me, Me. It’s my right, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! Reality will be a cruel paymaster.

A sub culture of a nation, weaned to believe all would be alright, because the State is all powerful, and WE, are American. We are Special. Damn Reality, why come home with a bang now? A dead fish always rots from the head up. So, wake up time, look at what passes for a Leader today in America. This IS from the head up.

The figurehead of Excellence, the President. Which ONLY a Natural Born American can aspire to by Law.

Pentagon note - History will judge YOUR Shame!

We lead with the example of what should be the finest on show. This President. Only in America:

  • A man, of widely questionable sexual orientation, with no records of a girlfriend, but records of Boyfriends and Chicago Memberships in Bathhouses of notoriety. Of murdered alleging Gay lovers.

  • A man who knowingly submitted a visibly bogus Birth Certificate. Yet nothing is done.

  • A Man who has used the Social Security number of a dead Connecticut boy. Among many others in his bogus charade of a life. Yet nothing is done.

  • A Man who no Student at Occidental can remember. Strange? Yet he passed vetting. How?

  • A Man whose Bar License was surrendered, as was his alleged Wife’s. Why? Yet they cleared vetting? How?

  • How can this man with his Bogus Birth Cert be legally married? Or possess a legal US Passport contrived with fraudulent documents? When will this Fraudster be brought to Justice?

  • A man whose very upbringing and social surroundings, predicated alarm within any background check, yet he seems to have bypassed the system. How?

  • What degree? Records?

Try taking a US Government job by fraudulent deception, and see what happens once you are found out. Yet Sheriff Joe is blocked from enforcing the Law by a Columbia Corporation of only a few miles jurisdiction? How can a restricted US Corporation bypass criminal law? Are the Supremes not oath bound to support and protect the Constitution? Are they fit to sit?

A man who has been reported to the Supremes as a bogus Usurper and Charlatan, yet nothing was done. Why not? How can they remain Supreme, as the very pillars of Justice, knowing such a Usurper presides over the very governance of America and is falsely in the White House? They fear the shame and ridicule of acting now. Not the ridicule of doing nothing? The world knows and sees all. Looking on and into the Goldfish bowl, appalled. A soap opera of travesties. Why write it when you can watch it. Because America majors in fantasy, and the land of denial absorbs anything issued by a dumbed down media. The ultimate mushroom farm. Kept in the dark and fed plenty of manure. A Dummies farm colony of ever lower grade humanity has emerged.

As the Usurper has placed his own Gatekeepers into the Supremes to rig Justice, it gets worse.

America started with Excellence. From a tortuous series of conflicts, Great Men of Vision and Conscience inspired belief and set the bar so high. A nation was formed to enlighten. Guidelines set and written as the ideal of the Constitution. The Founders sought to lay the framework of vision and ethical guidelines. A Great, great nation of such hope.

As Liberty was born

In came the Gold, in came the wealth and in came the Jews. Then followed by the Kazakh Zionists.

The rot really started. From an emerging Federal State of Washington which had orchestrated mass genocide of vast millions of Native Americans, a cold and shallow Federal infrastructure grew. From lying, reneging, cheating and breaking every Treaty put before them, this Varmint Rat Pack in Washington and Texas set the standard for the duplicity of the Administrations to come. When they got away with murdering the tribes, and Genocide was the norm, the tide was set for their Chicanery to follow. Rotten men grew from the mid 1800’s, and once Jekyll Island sold out the nation, the Racketeers, Mobsters and treacherous Political Deviants formed a Cabal of Special Interests to plunder the nation, armed by an ever growing Industrialized Military power, to plunder the world.

They raped nations and trampled civilizations

They defoliated Vietnam and their daughters. Just children sold to satisfy the lust of this ravaging and diseased pestilence. A truly ugly and predatory species evolved from ignorant men. But - we are special. Yes, the Bay of Pigs, Mogadishu. Sure.

During the emergence of this Cabal monstrosity the innocence, visions, hopes and dreams of the Founders, were swept aside by a largely unelected series of Special Interests, in collusion with Gut Rotten Nazi Agency fronting Varmints like the Bushes, then Clintons, who progressively robbed the store in a never ending orgy of greed. The Teflon men and Slick Willies. However dirty, or degenerate, they got a pass out from retribution as contrived national heroes. Aided by the Zionist money men.

And Liberty cried, as Liberty died

West Point DOES deliver some of the brightest Military stars on the planet from its Academy. Men sworn to serve and protect the nation and its ideals. All who start as Men of Honor and integrity? Their ability is not in question, direction is.

When a Senior Officer, albeit one whose real career was mainly an overrated Desk Jockey who married well for patronage, then becomes General Betray us, whose closest real experience of action was with a feisty Media Blogger 6 inches taller than him, who honey trapped him for information advantages, it empathizes the lowering of standards of those also following Clinton with Public Zipper problems. An Agency head, getting Honey trapped with Head? How low is the bar? From Hero to Zero!

Look at what is now the 'ACTING' President. The focal head of all which is the standard America sets as its flagship.

And Liberty Weeps

As do the very Souls of the Founders. Bowie and Davie died on the Alamo to buy time for this Crock - ett? Has this nation now lost all Hubris and shame? As the world looks on in despair. Great men forged America. Armies fought for its freedoms and right to be - an American!!!

And every one, born again today, would willingly take up arms again to defeat the Tyranny which now enslaves their beloved nation. Have the people lost all empathy to the ideals of what forged this nation. The only thing Obama seems to be able to forge are his Birth Certificate, SS numbers, Passport application, Presidential running declarations, Occidental records, and very purpose of being. Yet knowing all this, Congress does - Nothing. Shame!

Some of the finest Officers of West Point have sold out, even knowing this is a clear Illegal not lawfully or even competently able to command. Each will pass into ignominy as sad and mediocre men who failed their nation in your time of need. Never was America as badly let down as the very core of Pentagon ethos to defend the nation has been usurped as they sell their very Souls, for their lick and Corruption Club Pass. Shame! Heed well new West Point Graduates, how low the standards now are. How can you aspire to so little?

And Liberty Weeps on YOUR watch!

The Pentagon are the Guardians of the nation to protect.

Yet the greatest enemy is now within. Buying up, betraying or murdering all in their path. Enslaving the nation without an ounce of remorse. Shakespeare, if reincarnated again, forget Denmark, the rot is in Washington and Texas. Unchecked as it encircles the world, it will devour all in its path. Yet none seem able to understand Russia, China and India are saying, "No!" Instead they are training, practicing and readying their own Military to fight. Obama says we failed to read ISIS. Jesus wept. Try Russia and China. Both able and very ready to nuke you with no more than 20 minutes run away time if pushed. Eat that if it comes. Clearly they don’t read well the war games in practice for showdown time.

For which you all as innocent Civilians caught up in the middle, will be atomized dust as defenseless and devastated as 9/11. America, as the world saw, does not do Homeland War well.

The only heroes that day truly were the State Emergency Services, Police, Fire Services, Ambulance crews. Great job guys! Suddenly the Titans of Wall Street and Pentagon were quivering cowards as you stood tall. The world saw all, and you all who served New York as a credit to America. And the world stood as one with all of you. America right, has its place in the world. Minus the Cabal. The battle is not with America, or Americans, but with the Cabal, Agencies and manipulating Zionists. This is NOT anti-Semitic or anti Judaism. Not! It calls out only the malpractices of Zionist chicanery. And the Cabal. Never forget Bush and Cheney ran away and hid. Elite-Cowards!

Yet in your hour of need, we, your comrades, the world, stood with you

A Cabal which even now is employing and enabling the arch crook Wilfredo Saurin to yet again seek to cross trade and subvert nations within the EU to absorb ever greater dubiously sourced bogus Iraqi Dinars, from his Bangkok hideaway. 100T Blocks are indicated. From raising a bogus $15T for the Fed he now tries $100T blocks of bogus Dinars. But Europe won’t bite! They are baiting their hooks for the gullible all over the planet. Nothing for them is too dirty or treacherous. They take then ask, “What can you do about it?” and laugh. The Cabal of evil. How many debts have been redeemed? None!

Look at what is unfolding. If the US implodes, be sure, the consequence will be a preemptive strike in fury. Multi nations would combine. The Usurper says, we failed to realize the importance of ISIS. And he thinks Russia's and China's major scale War Games are not practice attacks for war?

America has never had to feel the wrath of a Homeland War. Only seeking to give it to others. With 9/11 it was a nation of wailing Banshees. Foul, unfair, poor me. Woe is us. Yet imagine that 10,000 times over, as that is real war. As was the bullying, cowardly Iraqi Shock and Awe impact on a poor, Defenseless nation. Try that on Russia and they will nuke. And if the US tries to go face on with Russia, China will attack from the rear. Putin is actually a Moderator. Russian Hawks look for the big one. Yet the idiotic MSM and naïve Numpty US Politicos smear him. With no idea of the hard-nosed Commissars behind. Really not a good tactic.

55% of all Taxes plus vast Grey and Black Screen Trillions from Bank Trading Programs are generated to fund an ever greater out of control Military monstrosity, whose largesse feeds the favored Contractors families. All bypassing the IRS or nation. Every dollar sequestrated by these manipulative Traitors, steals the hopes and dreams of the nation. Crockett and Bowie died for this country. So have millions more. MLK marched for freedom. Afro Americans fought for the right to belong for centuries. Yet even now they are suppressed. America has the potential to feed the world, and once did. Yet now it cannot feed its own. The poor get poorer, and the Elites steal ever more. These are not Elites who created great Industries or Institutions. These are Parasites who robbed with the Banks, and betray the nation as Traitors, robbing the life blood of Americans by manipulating State contracts entrusted to their watch. They subverted your trust and diverted your money.

Never before in the History of America, have so few, stolen so much, from so many

While pampered Barbara Bush, living fat from the proceeds of Bush crime, arrogantly asks why should she stress her beautiful mind worrying about the suffering and deaths of the poor? This while her husband and sons rob the Nation's Life store, and cavorted as Father and Sons with Prostitutes. Who cares about the nation? How can they understand moral dichotomies as families of no Morals or honor? Their grandchildren are caught in drink cases, drugs, stalking and illicit under age Statutory Rape of Minors, with allegations of Pedophile cases and cross entangling with photographs of Jr kissing the heads of notorious Homosexual Prostitutes. So, as with O, just how low is the bar? About the Class level of the Bushes and Clintons it seems.

How did this Beacon of Light nation EVER allow itself to get in a so goddamn awful and dirty mess? Congress, a House meant to represent the ethos of Americans freedom and conscience of the nation, has failed abysmally. When the CIA control center in Frankfurt, can cross trade Grey and other screen monetary games and Bank Fed Programs, for vast trillions, aloof from and out of control of the host mainland, to pursue its avaricious and out of control global war games, who controls who in this squalid Zoo?

Congress is sterile. Holder denied and defied Justice with impunity. Obama assassinates akin to Nero. The Agency Drug deals for vast Billions in conjunction with sordid Bankers, and the only overriding agenda in the corridors of power, is My Lick!

Betrayus came in hailed as a Hero and left as a Leper. He got his lick it seems! Was he taking coaching from Clinton?

Truly, the Barbarians are now already within the gates and running the Zoo. Reign in this farce.

Liberty has fallen

There seems no sense of shame, or even purpose. Was America ever so divided? Values have died.

Yet this is STILL the nation with unparalleled ability, Education and intellect to regenerate a new world path to both enrich and enlighten nations. Basically, the States went rogue and left the Reservation of consciousness allowing mediocrities and Charlatans to lead. Reagan never trusted Bush. He read that right. Clintons are the ugly alternative. Utterly corrupt and despotic. The 'I’m alright' Jacks of a Jackal pack. Time to raise the bar and put some behind them.

Yet we deal daily with so many good Americans. Each and every one a more fitting President. Only Washington seems not able to understand what a great honor it is to represent and humbly serve the trust of the nation in any role. What is wrong with these people? Where is their sense of Honor?

Clearly, it is hopeless introducing new and True Patriots seeking to serve America into the feces bowl of self-Interests in the Beltway. But who will start to clear them out and clean up? The rot is endemic. And tragic to behold.

Where is Leadership? Where is vision? How can an Agency operation via Frankfurt be allowed to continue asset stripping the world to fund and enrich a Military Cabal no one wants or needs while the Motherland is in free-fall? Or to continue funding ISIS and Global terrorism to self-justify their sordid existence in perpetuity? How did Congress ever become so sterile? How can such impotent Representatives ever represent America? All seem content only to stand in line for their sordid lick, as the Empire folds in this nation of the blind. Bush and his Nazi Neocon Zionist Cabal, seem destined to achieve their Fourth Reich Colony, but it will be so short lived. Destitute of a moral objective, Karma will unleash its own havoc. New emerging nations look on, look in, and see the rot to be contained. Ebola is a small virus compared to what these 'Dogs of War' have unleashed to date, or can left unchallenged. A face off is building. Collapsing the PetroDollar will accelerate it.

Yet none of this need be

Releasing the PPs owed and so overdue, can unleash a wide plethora of Energy Projects which will do so much to reign back import costs and address Global warming issues, as well as pollution. Nature and Mother Earth can breathe again. Our home world so needs a break. Lower cost energy will accelerate new trade and industries. Innovation will break free with abundant opportunities and new world concepts. We need to be funding projects not Wars or Military Family's whores!

Releasing the reneged on PPs will help fund new Space innovations as we open up the skies to a vast plethora of new communications technologies. Actually learning to talk to each other will reduce so many tensions. We need to be fighting ignorance, not each other. Feeding the minds of nations will help fund the needs to evolve and feed so many oppressed people in need. Leaders evolve by Education. Conflicts can be avoided by reason. These mindless, barbaric and guttural Third World Religions will not stand up to the intellectual challenges of a more enlightened nation state of its people. They will see, and want – Freedom. Especially their Youth who will aspire and conspire to break the shackles of the Mullahs. Dogma is a poor competitor.

We can start to address the needs of Ecology, our Lands and Oceans. To clean up our world, as well as our act. Time to address the Big Questions:

  • Who is Fit for Purpose to Lead?

  • Who are we, what is our destiny? 

To apply Science to correct so many DNA faults, to work together as Global nations project sharing to cure disease. An application of great minds.

Our Wars need to be against Ignorance not each other. Starting by removing such from Leaders.

Our only limitations are our boundaries of vision and to explore the ethos of our Souls. Unlocking and releasing the potential of all. Every human being on this planet, every child born, can be equal to each other, given opportunity, education, tuition and guidance. We need to aspire to be - so much more. Let Humanity and the Human Spirit evolve. Seek now the greatest goal of all, Enlightenment. Many times we read comments from readers and are ever humbled by your potential. People, you all need to make it happen. Raise the bar of consciousness. We know among us those who have traveled, who have been, and know YOU are worth so much more.  Set Vision free.

  • Release the PPs and Stop the Cabal!

  • Man Up the Pentagon to honor Great Ideals.

  • Cooperation not Confrontation. Free up Minds!



  1. Key in on the montage pictures, read and think.Can you handle the truth?
    Look at what is at risk, what is happening and what is possible.
    Understand the big picture. What has been done to and across you. By whom.
    Then you will know so much more. The Pictures will tell you a lot more. In vivid colour. Not with the u taken out to dumb it down.

  2. This comment was brought here from another article just as the new one was posting so I am placing it here so it will not be missed.

    From John:


    No. Major nations are talking and reshaping the world. The UK is about to issue Renmimbi Bonds which will trigger trouble for the dollar markets. Germany is just about to sell major Gas storage tanks to Russia which will screw US German power relations. The UK is in multi facet discussions with China, India and South America.

    The by election yesterday blew to hell the UK Governments laid back attitude to the EU and uncontrolled Immigration.

    We are discussing huge Global issues with Asia and London. Things you will only hear in 2 to 5 years are happening now. Every morning I talk to Beijing, HK, Taipei and Europe and mid day the US.

    It's what YOU don't know you don't factor in.

    Huge issues are in play and playing out. We need to ease the US out of its roles a step at a time.

    All is happening, but many things can not go Public.

    Ask, who are Scanners and what are they for. I said,WHO, not the ones you think as electronic.

    They! Much Deeper, much Bigger. Then, when you understand that as China is a big user, then you will understand a world the Public does not see, but is here. So then, once you see it opens up so much more, how big is it?

    Then you will see that its not that nothing is happening, but everything is happening. Just that you do not know.
    But be grateful, with OWON you learn a lot. Lol

    1. I have no idea what this "SCANNERS" comment references!! Very frustrating......ugh

    2. Find out and learn. Do the leg work. It will amaze you.

      Joe Kelso, a US Agency contractor, was a Test Case Guinea Pig for the Agency Cosmic Helmets also, and ended up in the Stockholm Institute to be put back together when it fried his mind. Joe did hits for Sr. He was a bad piece of work and died this year. Expendable. China and the UK do it with mind power. The Agency needs the helmets. They are years behind playing catch up.
      Those parties watching from above are for a reason at Entry Ports. You are being Mentally scanned. Look at Channellers also. Way to go DL.

    3. That is what this movie was based off of-

      Scanners (1981) They always show you in movies what they are doing
      A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him.

      David Cronenberg

      Saw it several times.

    4. Thank you John for mention of the scanners. Much like the Matrix, ever seeking to control and changing tacts as the mind realizes it's being swayed. How many realize they must learn to protect their minds and thoughts? To recognize what's not theirs to begin with. This isn't Harry Potter, it's real life.

    5. I cooked an egg this morning with my mind.

    6. VIDEO: Magnus Olsson: Transhumanist Agenda are mind-stealers! Brussels conference to feature NSA whistleblower William Binney


      VANCOUVER, BC – In this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, founder and director Magnus Olsson gives an update on significant aspects of the Transhumanist Agenda, which he describes as “mind-stealers”.

      Magnus Olsson estimates that already several million persons in Europe are actively “chipped and online” with nano-neurobots in their brains inhaled from chemtrails and now entrained to super-computers and HAARP. Approximately 80% of humanity has inactive nano-neurobots in their brains inhaled from chemtrails that can be activated and entrained to super-computers and HAARP in the covert program to “robotize” humans known as the Transhumanist Agenda.

      Covert Harassment Conference 2014 with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

      Magnus Olsson announces a major international conference exposing the Transhumanist Agenda to be held in Brussels on Nov 20, 2014, featuring NSA whistleblower William Binney. William Binney is a 30 year NSA veteran who resigned in Oct. 2001 because of the flagrant constitutional violations NSA was engaging in.

    7. JV, was that fried, scrambled or poached?

      Fedup, their technology is limited, it's electron based. The part of space our little planet (along with our galaxy) is heading into will play havoc with negative technology like that. Far fewer electrons than photons can be expected, helping a number of positive technologies possible.

    8. Much of our inner thoughts are not our own; this is the invasion of our minds from outside forces...we have to renounce these thoughts and overcome the manipulation...many cell towers appear to be for the telephone companies, however; emitting "elf energy" (electronic low frequency) which; interferes with our human frequency vibration (energy signature) and lowers our vibration. Sucking negative orgone keep the positive orgone energy (POS) that repel them we must stay within our sacred hearts...this has a lot to do with sacred geometry/an quantum physics.

      Everything is connected, everything! Everything has an energy signature...

      Keeping our vibration high brings the light into the earth and this is done by "love" from the heart and not from the head...this is why they try to keep us praying which opens up wormholes that allow these creatures to invade our environment...there is nothing out in's all within our hearts where our Creator has created us in his image...this they cannot touch or overcome.

      Guard your heart for out of it are the issues of life!!!! Very meaningful!

    9. P, I love talking with you. You bring the finest points out and let us know that we are doing what is necessary to bring the positive changes which TPTW are fighting against.

      I know that the light is invading the earth like never before and is putting a clamp on their plans.

      Thank you P

    10. P
      I saw a SOHO picture of where the earth is right now and it looks like we are entering a new phase and leaving our current position...we are actually going through a's amazing...our Creator knew.

      ALLI CAT : “Knock knock knocking on Heaven’s Door” xxx

    11. Thank you Fedup, am aware of these things you mention.
      Can tell you it is real work to keep vibration up. My heart has known a lot of heart break and protecting it at this point is essential. Part of that is trying to find humor, enough to laugh. The other part is the two things that carry in my pocket. A bolt from a truck of someone that told me the silliest story have ever heard and still laugh at years later. The other bolt is for my wheel barrow for those rare times find a 1/2" nut. That brings another chuckle as the universe can provide in the darnedest of ways! )

    12. P, I hear you, and my heart is touched...what we have to know for sure is that there is a purpose for everything, and in everything there are lessons to be learned. Our Father, the Creator of us all owns the entire physical world, we ask and we receive. I take comfort in the fact that I am...

      You are an inspiration...

  3. This site needs to be viewed by many more, How can this be accomplished ? This is REALLY urgent. Please, Thank You, John and Canauzzie

  4. Agreed, we all need to get it out to all our contacts. Hands across the oceans.

  5. The last example of a true woman of honor, of compassion and hope for the down-trodden in this country was Nancy Reagan. As a teenager I read about her and had a heart full of PRIDE to be an American. Barbara is not fit to lick that great LADY's shoes!! What good things does ANYBODY remember about that cold blooded reptile?


    1. DL
      As the daughter of 666 from her mothers affair with Crowley what do you expect?

    2. DL, That's not really Barbara Bush, it's the Quaker Oats Man

    3. No, no, I think she's Dave from Wendy's Fast Food Restaurants???? LOL

    4. Scott, or the Colonel from from KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken...this is so funny...I said this years ago. All jokes aside, they are truly satanists..

    5. Barbara Bush is known as the "Bookkeeper," and our 41st President is name: George Scherff who worked for Tesla:
      George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”

    6. FEDUP,
      I really think she is our 1st Pres George Washington

    7. Scott, "George Washington" is tops!!!!! I am cracking up! Oh...this tops the colonel and Dave! You are so funny!!!!

  6. Iraq should just issue a new currency not redeeming these current counterfeits. Problem solved. Currency PP's can now be released, solving many, many problems. One hand Fingers X, other hand on my Dong! lol


    1. DL
      Part of the problem you have is the greed of the Agencies and FRB NY trying to sucker more countries into taking that bogus shite to help prop up their own Ponzi debt mountains now frying them as Derivatives choke.
      That is a key block right now. Bush- Whackers trying to mug more.

    2. JOHN,
      My suggestion takes that out of the equation, doesn't it?


    3. My understanding is that stuff isn't counterfeited but was printed by authorization, just fools kept printing when they were supposed to have stopped so how can distinguish? I say bring the rate in low and flush out the trillions. Only drawback is the peeps will be the ones flushed out and the cabal will sit on their stash till it goes up. Oh well, no solution.

    4. Sorry but there is no way the system will allow vast numbers of Peeps to get freebie Dinar millions each. What of the vast millions who worked hard and get nothing? Proceeds of Dinar crime cant pay. Smart ones switched to Dongs fast. Now with your Dongs in your hand you can dream of entering the Promised land. Dongs are less crap and Yes, they will flush out the basket cases. Be strong, hold the Dong/.

    5. Absolutely, been stocking up since you and WHA advised months ago!

  7. Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward


    1. Now, Webb’s bombshell expose is being explored anew in a documentary, “Freeway: Crack in the System,” directed by Marc Levin, which tells the story of “Freeway” Rick Ross, who created a crack empire in LA during the 1980s and is a key figure in Webb’s “Dark Alliance” narrative. The documentary is being released after the major motion picture “Kill The Messenger,” which features Jeremy Renner in the role of Webb and hits theaters on Friday.

    2. DL, here's the youtube....
      The CIA supported the Nicaraguan Contra Rebel organizations cocaine smuggling operations into the U.S. to help pay for their revolt against the Nicaraguan Sandinista government.

      Below Alex talks to Freeway Ricky Ross, who was set up by the very same CIA insiders Webb exposed:

      Dark Alliance

      (If this was you or me we would be under the jail)

  8. President of RussiaVerified account

    Official Kremlin news

  9. Libya v. Goldman Sachs – Geneva Business Insider


    Each month James is joined by David Smith of the Geneva Business Insider to discuss the latest breaking stories in politics, finance and society. This month they tackle: Libya’s sovereign wealth fund’s billion dollar lawsuit against Goldman Sachs; the many, many fraud cases and convictions against GlaxoSmithKline; and the latest DOJ show trials against the banksters.

  10. If just 5,000 of you email the site to 10 associates, it creates 50,000 new hits.
    If they do the same it goes viral at 500K hits then YOUR site is big time.
    Its just as much in your hands now. Nothing else compares out there. The more hits you help it get, the more power you all have. Be proud, be loud, go educate your inner circles. In a week it could top millions. Let your voices be heard.

    1. Thanks John,

      Another eye opening article that cuts right through all that's been hidden and exposes these vile scum.

    2. I emailed my peeps. They already hitting me on email about the article:)

    3. Scott you need to help WHA get this article and fully understand the big picture.
      Like realising Santa's make believe. Like DC! Crocket died to make way for this crock.

    4. Sent to Kerry Cassidy and others...sent to many on my list. Getting feedback from friends and they are very disgusted. Told them to post on FACEBOOK and TWITTER their contacts. Told them to sign on to voice their opinions.

      Thank you John...

  11. Replies
    1. Remember you all made this possible. Be proud of what you and Canauzzie have created. For an Irishman Heh? Lol. He normally rises to it. Bear baiting.

  12. The Next Round of the Financial Crisis is at Our Doorstep.
    Phoenix Capital Research's picture
    Submitted by Phoenix Capital Research on 10/09/2014 16:21 -0400

    The next round of the financial crisis is at our doorstep.
    The primary driver of the stock market, since 2009, has been the expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet. Remove this expansion and the S&P 500 would have effectively flat-lined.
    Now the Fed is ending QE and “surprise” stocks are cratering.

    Is this really a surprise?
    After all… we know that…
    1) Stocks are expensive by just about every conceivable metric.

    2) Global GDP growth is overstated dramatically with China at most growing 3.5% per year, the US in recession, and Europe in a full-scale DE-pression.

    3) QE is completely useless at generating growth with Japan in a triple dip recession after launching a QE program equal to 25% of its GDP and the US in recession despite having spent over $3 trillion.

    4) Central Bankers don’t care in the slightest about how their policies affect the rest of us.

    5) Even investing legends who have made their billions off of stocks admit the market is a complete farce and that a Crash is coming.

    6) Billionaires moving their money out of stocks and into ANYTHING else at a record pace.

    And finally..
    7) None of initial problems which lead to the 2008 crisis (excessive leverage, rampant fraud, etc.) have been addressed.

    Let’s face the facts. The very same problems that lead to 2008 remain in place today. The people who created this mess have gone unpunished. No one went to jail. No rule of law was upheld. Instead trillions of US taxpayer dollars were funneled to a bunch of crooks and liars.

    And the Fed and friends actually thought growth might come out of this?
    I’ve written before that the Fed’s policies were cancerous and would kill the system. This has proven to be the case…
    The bond market is illiquid and extraordinarily dangerous thanks to the Fed screwing up the yield curve and soaking up Treasuries from QE.

    The stock market has no bearing on reality, with accounting standards thrown out the window and investors fleeing in droves.

    The economy is in shambles with almost all job growth post 2008 based on phoney accounting or crappy part time jobs… again thanks to policies employed by the Fed.

    The middle class has been destroyed thanks to Dollar devaluation and rising costs of living that have wiped out savings and made it impossible for the average American to get by.
    Retirees and those close to retirement have lost valuable interest income courtesy of the Fed’s zero interest rate policy.

    At the end of the day, the Fed with its misguided theories have demolished capitalism: the single most powerful form of wealth generation in the history of mankind. All the Fed has really accomplished is leverage the entire financial by an even greater amount… which has set the stage for a collapse that will make 2008 look like a picnic.

    If you’ve yet to take action to prepare for the second round of the financial crisis, we offer a FREE investment report Financial Crisis "Round Two" Survival Guide that outlines easy, simple to follow strategies you can use to not only protect your portfolio from a market downturn, but actually produce profits.

    1. We are preparing for a "massive 60% stock market correction."

    2. Fedup, with the last year's "gains" "lost" in the last few days, it's looking good. More and more of the cabals chicanery is being revealed. Europe is shaky as we are here in the US and with different key events occurring its all coming together. You can spot the important aspects now if you are watching. Those bits and pieces that do come out from behind the curtain are usually important and may be even key to events dominoeing into place.

      Stirring boiling pots like what Vlastimil spoke about above are meant to destabilize regions and stalling progress. More money from weapons and supplies sales for the cabal.More dead people, more population reduction. Just wish folks could see they're being used and refuse to play along. Too many are hard pressed and the last things they they need are war and anarchy with winter knocking at the door. People really need to wake up.

    3. P, the destabilization proves that they are losing control The impact affects us and when discussing the situation most people cannot believe. With the MSM being publicly outed and other bits and pieces of news here and there; we see a pattern forming of lost control. They're holding on to a lost's an exciting time to see real history unfolding. For them, it's about money; for us it's about freedom from tyranny. Notfornothing, real events are unfolding like never before.

      What really is sad is that the change is all around us, it's in the air. People don't realize the power that they have and are too intertwined into the deception that they really believe is real. This is why I say that waking up is hard to do because there has to be mass acceptance of what is real. We have been under this deception for so long that people accept it as normal, never realizing that the old ways and knowledge is losing it's hold and that comfort zone has massively lost it's grip...and they keep aimlessly moving along within the matrix...the deception is so horrid with layer upon layer like an onion, people are programmed to not accept change even if it's for their good.

      When folks are confused they tend to run to church where they feel that they will hear something that sets them apart; however, the church's are rendering folks hopeless and are part of the deception foisting images and concepts and words which have the opposite effect on our lives.

      The lesson here for me is that we have to do the work, we have to do the real work of finding out, we have to look at precepts and line upon line; seeing reality through our own eyes instead of someone guiding us into knowledge. Our Creator gave us this knowing from the's all within...anything outside of ourselves is what is used to misguide us. We have to think for ourselves; which most folks have depended on others to do the thinking for them...this is ending and what will they do?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Vaccination cards to buy food or get a job?

    20 shots per year. God help us if this is true!

    It's a country of zombies now.

    What will it look like if we can't even buy food without showing a vaccination card!

    John, seriously we need this dong thing done. I don't need much, just enough to get my kids away from the psychos in this country.

    1. CT just declared martial law because of ebolla, and there is no cases there!! I think JOHN needs something, yet I don't know what. I am completely spent TRYING to express here how really bad it is right now. To no avail. We wait in hopes, but it looks like we may be doomed, and killed willfully by these monsters quite soon. I have no plan. I HAD one. THIS was it!! All my other creative adjustments and ventures enabled me to get to this point. My back-up plan behind my back-up plan has expired. No pulling rabbitts out of my hat. Hat is truly empty, and no other hats in sight anywhere. As i said last month, "DEADman walking, here!". That is a fact JOHN. Fact. ZERO hope, JOHN. ZERO.


    2. DL

      Try to make it somehow ...., we know that you try hard.

      Not sure how John could himself effect all - as all know it is not one man show moreover, no idea where we are with elders...

    3. Our leaders are soulless, they are cloned machines programmed and guided by other nefarious beings; these we call our leaders. They suck the energy out of us, they live off of our emotions, they created a false reality that we are waking up to. Every country on this planet is like this. There is no where to run to because our Creator is forcing us to depend on our inner knowledge of Him and to use that which he gave us to clear the way.

      We have to become vampire slayers, demon hunters, fighters of all evil...this is what we are here for. We have to arm ourselves with the full armor of our Creator, He gave us all power in heaven and on earth. Our work is cut out for us!

  14. Klayman is suing O over Ebola flights...
    ‘I am fashioning a lawsuit to force Obama to curtail travel and immigration from Liberia’

  15. We need to get better educated .....


    We need to create seminars - we might be just invited to some seminars created by your level guys to London or what - I do not mean that you would be doing this - you have your appointees ----

    We convert these education farther to street people of our level ----

    It needs time and money ----- and some commitment.

    Or I do not know, seminars to educated people based more on academia not only informative that this site is.....

    1. Vlastimil, agreed!
      Knowledge is power; and in order to awaken the sleeping giant we have to find that medium that can touch the most souls. All of the truth is out there, but it's here and we attempt to gather this truth in one forum and direct all to this knowledge...God knows how this can be done. Arming societies with the truth is the real conflict.

  16. This MH17 investigation will end up as 9/11 investigation ---- should we bet on that?

    Release content of Black Boxes --

    Extra ordinary times require extra ordinary step ..... if Churchill came with a strategy of negotiation and diplomacy we would all were today NAZI uniforms ....we are at war for too long ..... Churchill did not need 10 years to come to senses ....

    We are in a war ------ if we have todays politicos seated in the 30s WE ALL WERE TODAY NAZI UNIFORMS....end the story.

    Please man up ....

  17. Vlastimil

    The Neo Nazi and Zionist trash have had a century to dismantle Democracy and penetrate Banking , buying up the Political Grifters along the way. They are dug in as deep as Tapeworms.
    Just trust that things ARE changing. Many of us are focused and committed but only Diplomacy makes real progress unless you have the might of real armies at your fingertips. Change is a process of evolution, or revolution. The latter needs the Sheeple to Man Up and they wont.
    The next few months are critical. It's no time to pre show our cards.
    Just trust that Global parties are working together to effect the changes needed. It starts with dismantling the US War Machine and rotten Agencies. Change takes time. Intense discussions play out daily, just not on a Public stage. Dedicated, focused Patriots who do care are cross linked. Elders talk with Elders. Men of both Vision and Honour communicate. We know change is needed, but first we need to clean out the Tapeworms. 970 plus Global bases cause a lot of tensions and incite havoc. Dealing with this pernicious rot is complex. It needs time. Our reality is a revolution of minds. The site is a start. Huge progress in a year, thanks to all. It has its own momentum and is building.
    Your voices are heard across the world. The comments are mass read. Your thoughts matter and carry.
    Once we get the first of the PPs free, see progress then. Partial RVs also will help. Self help is the key.

    1. Thank you John ....

      We all here want to help as much as possible ... or at least those are action people....

      I just posted another warning that is coming from Estonia ..... it is really a boiling pot, I do not want to be negative .... but one needs to be alarmed by what Estonia had been doing for along....just check political statement from them around Ukraine conflict ---- they were shouting that Putin has plans to take Baltic states...the rhetoric had been prepared step by step.....

    2. In bed I believe in evolution - otherwise I see that revolution is must have since too much damage done to public mindset...only hard shock can reverse it.....

  18. Estonia is NAZI country as it was during Hitlers era alongside of Ukriane --- NAZI there were rehabilitated more then a decade ago - the same story as Ukraine....


    Estonians week ago welcomed the allied forces of the American and Texas and over their heads, patrol aircraft from NATO member countries. In defense of the country but the million-dollar motto "Help yourself and you will be helped."

    These fascist from Texas are most likely mercenaries......

    In Estonia there is Russian minority ..... it needs a spark that can be easily arranged and we have second conflict ...and fascist will be shouting that Putin is about to take Baltic states.....

    This had been prepared and I wrote few weeks about it...

    Release the content of Black Boxes of MH 17.....break down the USD over night so that other people will not be again sacrificed for American lives....

    Mind my words.....sorry about that. Even blind can read the writing on the wall.

    1. With another conflict they will seek to divert attention from MH17N in case investigation is after the truth.....

      Estonia is a boiling pot of US making ...

    2. This is the cabal at work behind the scene pushing for mass destabilization...moving from one weakness to another. This will stop! If they don't they will be made by One greater than man.

    3. Agree Fedup - and it's already in progress.

  19. Forex Investigation a Global Affair

    The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority was the first agency to say it’s looking into allegations that dealers shared information on client orders with counterparts at other banks and timed trades to influence prices. Since then, authorities on three continents have started looking into claims of rate-rigging, how the foreign-exchange market functions and firms’ roles in currency markets. No one has been accused of wrongdoing, and none of the reviews has been completed.

  20. Fed Up
    Assume cases are being developed and we need time to investigate the many links found to see where the leads take us.
    Remember how we started with the Pervs. Its the same with the Bankers. Dogs are hunting.

  21. Off topic for DL

    Diver finds evidence showing giants lived in Arkansas

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. WTF? From the UK, airplane loads of Arabs to the U.S. on flights listed as 'Empty', bypassing Customs and Immigration in the US????

  24. Bix Weir Today

    | Print |

    10/11/14 Bix Weir:

    Many people have sent me the following article related to a huge meeting next week with the heads of the US and UK financial regulators. The meeting has to do with the ability to wind down large "Too Big to Fail" banks. Here's one of the articles:

    U.S. and UK to test big bank collapse in joint model run

    "Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on Monday will run a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank with operations in both countries that has landed in trouble."

    "Also taking part are Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation."


    On the face of it it doesn't seem like such a big deal but how many times have we heard of "exercises" and "simulations" being scheduled and run the very same day as an actual false flag event happens??

    Many times!!

    Pre-Planned 911 Exercises,_2001

    Pre-Planned Boston Bombing Bomb Drill

    Pre-Planned London Tube Drill

    ...and there are many more. Turns out that planning drills during life altering events is more the rule than the exception!

    So be AWAKE and AWARE next week as I don't think this meeting between the Wizards Pulling the Levers is just a simulation...


    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

    More info at

    1. JOHN,

      What are they up to in your "back yard"???
      Some might say, "Just bag 'em, and tag 'em when they arrive!!". I'd agree whole-heartedly with some who might say that....


    2. DL
      We are running bank simulation exercises to test UK ability to stop market panic and runs IF the US majors roll over. With the US, how long can the lie continue is the real question. Perpetuating Fiat extrapolation has limits. The Fed is running out of zeros for Gray Screen trading, the scale of Cabal extravagance is so great. Once you allowed Non Elected Military Profiteers and Zionist Bankers to run America, you lost the Plot, and you lost the LOT! Congress is a complete failure. Shameful. So, we are building and market testing our own residual capacity so, IF you go - or when, London does not get swept away with you.

      Which is why we have launched the Yuan London markets, assisted the Euro, we are boosting the Pound and working with China/ India and BRICS. Put simply, we are stepping back from US dependency and preparing for a possible US crash. How long can the US Lie be perpetuated? If the US goes as the shallow Con act it truly is, there are no Domestic support plans and FEMA will soon be full of parties considered anti State. This we see. Extensive Civil Disorder plans are in place to mass fire on rioters, and the Agencies now hold vast files on categorized risk citizens to pick up.

      For a country with so much potential, citizens of real value may as well be lying in the gutter, staring at the stars and asking,"Where did our Freedom go?" Holidays, marches, false PR boosting BS, masks over the big issue, and are just a false illusion. Thanks F giving day.for what? Was there ever such a ridiculous mass Turkey day? 320 M idiots wast another week. Gotta go see my Mammie. Chaos.

      So much has been lost because Good People stood by and did Nothing! What can you lose? Everything! So many good men fought for your Freedom and died for nothing- Because you now won't?
      The US is now left for for the Weevil's, crooks, slimeballs and Cabal? Be sure of one thing, if the usual suspects try running here, not only do we have a Glass Ceiling to keep them out of Banking top jobs, but we have a lot of bridges for their one way trip down the River Thames. If Brits riot, they know who to go "visit" and will. Brits, unlike the US, do get Off their Arse and march when needed.
      Freedom is only a Right when its fought for and protected. Wimps are culled because they rolled over.
      You think those FEMA Red Martial-ling yards on rail track delivery are for nothing? Neo Nazi Agencies will repeat Third Reich practices. Fear what may come. History shows men never learn until too late.
      6 M people died a horrible death as innocent victims of the Camps in WW11. So now will the new Jew be you? Neocons are a sick state of mind. As are the Cabal and Zionists. Trouble in Paradise? Time to wake up and take fright, or you WILL also go into the night. 2B plus hollow heads now delivered. Hello?

  25. Incredible script, reading like a novel . the coyote is headed for the trap. Lets see what happens after the meetings this week in London John.

  26. All or nothing.

    All, now hangs on the PPs. That is the turning point. The power and intellect of the Elders and Patriots of ALL nations depends on this. Even dreams need to be funded to become reality.
    Within the nation blocks are men of vision and good intent. But each need the Capital to re ascend and lead.
    Ideas only become reality when funded.

    In a century we learned nothing and allowed men of low character and no worth to seize control.
    No one focused on or pursued the high ground. Morals lost out to money. And a feral people followed.
    But now the Free Lunches are running dry. Sheeple are confused. Who now feeds the hurt, sick, poor or the useless?
    Now the moral agenda becomes the dichotomy. Why values need to apply and lead now?

    Men of vision have values. The Bush /Clinton and Kazakh Zionist scum sought only power by authoritarian control and no human values.
    Man must learn that every dollar has a price. When it is taken, we all lose. We need to earn it by putting back value.

    Water is the building block of all life. Energy is key to all technology and science. We need to focus on non depleting and non carbon polluting energies. Conserve and use our assets. Polluting is appalling. Why poison Mother earth?

    Now is becoming the time to lead man from the earth to the skies. To raise the vision and consciousness of humanity.
    Or your only horizon is the height of the gutters the Bushes and Zionists will lead all to.
    Power is within the mind, your consciousness, and the inner world within. That is dimensional with the gateway to all of being, creation and ethereal kinetic life. To be as one, and part of all. Only then, can you see.

    Politics has failed. It is time for man to ascend and transcend men of low value. To be more. So much more. Even vision is free to the poor. Value, is your values, start from there.
    Stand as one united as a people, one of all. We need to rethink all that is. All we are, or can be. Exploration starts within, with our very being and values. There are those who were born alive within, and who know more. Born, connected, and a part of so much more. Born, knowing. Allow ever more and each to emerge.
    If the PPs commence, those with values are well placed. Their time comes for a reason. Their life's journey has been preparation, experiencing the depth of abuse and allowing the new genre of values to collate with reason to be the new mantra for all. Each knows their Soul and being. Be assured, they wait, watch and ready.
    London is only a step. What is coming- will, in its time. Behind is so much more than a Bush or a Rottenchild.
    Those waiting have Souls of value and know their part in the universal patchwork entities of life. Each are humble, and wait to be. PPs will release so much more. London is key for a reason. But all will unite.

    1. Thank you John for this. Having come from a place a short while ago where got more hugs in 5 minutes than had seen collectively in the last 15 years. Your report is the icing on the cake today! ) Thank you..

  27. John,

    Indulge me here because I have never really understood how the system can be changed with more money from PP's when the system itself is staying the same? I understand the goal and philosophy, but how will pumping more money into a flawed system make it better. I always thought that the WGS needed to be released to really change things so the entire system could change. What exactly will change with these PP's. Is it just an endless war chest to fight back with? Why are they so important? Doesn't the entire system need to be revamped?

    And I also don't understand why it's so hard to get money if the Elders own enough gold to pave a road to the moon. If they want the change can't they just borrow money against the gold and put it in the MTN trading platforms with you in London?

    1. JV
      1.How can the Elders borrow against their Gold in the existing system when the Rats own the system?
      2. We are now already now in detailed discussion with the Elders for obvious non US linked issues bypassing the US completely. As are BRICS etc.
      3.Too many people have Disneyland ideas of Gold holdings. The US Agencies and Military stole most via Marcos and other frauds.
      4. Elders trading with us in London excludes now the US.
      5. The only issues now are how we can assist US parties recover their funds and get part into play avoiding the Cabal.
      6. We are not supporting the flawed system but bypassing it in stages.
      7. The system is being revamped but we need US releases to assist US parties, past victims of Cabal and Fed thefts.

    2. John this is very interesting development . Should be a small smile (for the PP big people ) and Big smile for the little people or maybe as this is Sunday the choir can sing Amen ? Thank you .

  28. Another flawed investigation, the fox raiding the hen house!....

    Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker

    WASHINGTON — Not long after American forces defeated the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in 2003, caravans of trucks began to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington on a regular basis, unloading an unusual cargo — pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills. The cash, withdrawn from Iraqi government accounts held in the United States, was loaded onto Air Force C-17 transport planes bound for Baghdad, where the Bush administration hoped it would provide a quick financial infusion forIraq’s new government and the country’s battered economy.
    Over the next year and a half, $12 billion to $14 billion was sent to Iraq in the airlift, and an additional $5 billion was sent by electronic transfer. Exactly what happened to that money after it arrived in Baghdad became one of the many unanswered questions from the chaotic days of the American occupation, when billions were flowing into the country from the United States and corruption was rampant.

    He is equally frustrated that the Bush administration, apart from his office, never investigated reports that huge amounts of money had disappeared, and that after his investigators found out about the bunker, the Obama administration did not pursue that lead, either. Mr. Bowen said his investigators briefed the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. on what they found. But Mr. Bowen added that he believed one reason American officials had not gone after it was “because it was Iraqi money stolen by Iraqis.”

  29. Some Dans and Swedes think alike ...... they had enough!

    The right-wing Danish People’s Party (DF) and the libertarian party Liberal Alliance (LA) have called on Danish authorities to stop welcoming refugees – and instead put them back on the plane to their country of origin.

    DF (Dansk Folkeparti, or Danish People’s Party) were more harsh and straightforward of the two, with their spokesman Martin Henriksen telling Politiko media outlet that the party would like to see no refugees in Denmark whatsoever.

  30. Who lost our freedom?

    They have sold their souls to satan in exchange for wealth, technology, and power; and they have lied to us about this. In this they have changed history and destroyed all knowledge of who they are, what they are, and what they are doing...all the while using humans as slaves and nourishment. They also hid our true nature and history within this same construct.

    We lost our way because instead of relying on our Creator, we began relying on man; and man began believing that man can rule man...we gave our power to lies and betrayal, not really knowing what we were giving ourselves to...not trusting our Creator. Because the truth was steeped in lies and deception we gave them the power to take away our freedoms and liberty became an illusion...because what they promised they never had any intentions of fulfilling.

    After these demons, reptilians, greys, and other sordid inhumane beings; gained our confidence in that, they appear to us to be human as we are; and they are not...they foisted all types of deceptions, lies, extortion, hatred, death, poisoning, corruption, weather wars, indoctrination, religions, loss of freedoms upon an unsuspecting human race- they are who we lost our consciousness to. They played us big time and trapped us in this construct where they controlled time, energy, and money that they created for us to depend on. They trapped us in the abyss where they figured we would never find out that we were actually in the bowels of hell.

    They created hierarchy's over us and began to rule over us by hidden language, and quiet acceptance of their tyranny.

    We lost our freedom because we gave it away.

    However, no evil can go forward...and our Creator has begun to open His gate out of this construct...and we are leaving all of this hell, death, mayhem.diseases, war, clones, lizards/reptiles/satan/demons, destruction, contaminated hell hole to them...they created it; unbeknownst to them; they created it for themselves...All good go forward, all evil goes to the pit...the veil is lifting and we are poured out of here.

    NASA has shut off the SOHO Behind and Ahead images of our sun and of about the 3rd of October we see the earth ready to go through the eye...yeah, there is a shift, a shift out of this part of space. Their secrets have been disclosed and they are exposed for who and what they are. They fooled themselves because what they created, they created for themselves. We are redeemed...They love the lie, they love evil, and just what they love they have to live with...they are trapped in the construct and cannot leave...although they have been trying, our Creator will not allow them to leave other than going to the pit...they have been defeated and we are in the throes of this defeat. They refuse to gracefully give up. They would rather poison 1/3 of the population before they give up; all the while them knowing that their plan will not succeed. The wheat and the tares have been divided and the call went out; and they lost and we won...good can exist without evil...

    They thought we would panic because of ISON, well; come to find out ISON is our friend...The cup of their iniquities is full; too much evil worst than Sodom and Gomorrah...Our Creator hear our cries and woes...we were never abandoned; we just had to wake up to the truth...

  31. Peter Kling & Alfred Webre: NWO Facebook hits, ISIS & Ebola False Flags & The Positive Time Line
    Sun, October 12, 2014

  32. 297 Congress Critters Have Earmarked $3.8 Billion for Organizations Tied to Them or Family Members

    Remember back when Democrat Congressman Jim Moran, U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 8th congressional district gave an interview where he said that Congress is underpaid at $174,000 a year and needs a raise because Americans need to understand that Congress is “the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world”?

    Well, check out what the “board of directors” has been up to.

    According to watchdog groups Legistorm and CREW — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — a total of 297 members of Congress have earmarked $3,776,001,807 for organizations that are connected directly to them or to their family members.

    For just one example of how this works, check out this research into the conflicts of interest and crony dealings of Dem. Rep. Rosa DeLauro here — and she’s just one example.

    Other interesting tidbits:

    85 family members of 67 Congresspeople have worked as federally registered lobbyists connected to lobbying contracts worth $1,207,764,582.
    19 members of Congress have paid 19 family members a total of $6,876,026 from their congressional office payroll (including Rep. Moran who paid his daughter a salary of $53,353 for working on his campaign committee in 2010 — just saying).

    Cronyism rules the day in Washington. It’s all about who does the most fundraising. In fact, 91% of the time, it is the candidate with the most money who gets elected. That might be why the people we’re supposedly electing to help run things in this country are more concerned about fundraisers than their constituency and doing their actual their job.

    But I guess that’s obvious by now and goes without saying (even though I just said it anyway).

    And America just keeps re-electing these people. Despite the fact that Congress had a pathetic 10% approval rating in 2012, a whopping 90% of them were re-elected regardless. As Todd Phillips, founder of wrote, ” If ever there was an indication that democracy in American is broken, this is it… Members of Congress enjoy some of the best job security in America — and the least amount of accountability.”

    Why do we even go through the rigamarole of having elections? Why keep up pretenses that our system isn’t completely and utterly broken?

    It’s actually (sadly) a lot like this:

    “So come November, the choice is clear: do you want another spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists…or a spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists?”

    - See more at:

  33. Harvey Organs web site has been taken down for publishing detailed records of metals market rigging. Truth hurts.

  34. Sadly we have yet another damned US holiday today. We know from decades of frustrating experiences when the US has a single day off, the week always fails. Write this week off. We only have next week now up to Thanksgiving. After that its a mindless nation of basket case Turkeys running to their Mammies until February. Minds of Children. So, realistically allow 3 working weeks left then its a Pig Feast until February and start again. If these Clowns fail again it will be a long hard winter for many. Forget dreams, these are Turkeys running the show. Thanksgiving signals disaster for about 12 weeks then. Try dealing with these Clowns looking in. The world has had enough. What we see weekly is appalling. Behind every so called great American male is a very surprised wife! We hear you!

    1. Sadly you're right John. While they are playing on this short work week will be seeing of can do something for the desperately poor and in need of services including reasonably priced medical, vision and dental. The need is so great at this point know that some of the so called Christian healthcare providers are in trouble. There needs to be a program that simply is and coupled with opportunities for work like Wanta's train project would help many. Where was yesterday saw a lot that needed addressing, and it was but a small portion of a world full of hurt.

      That cold winter experience for the northern hemisphere and the desperate straits in warmer climates need addressing. There's still not many well to do that are helping, not counting what you John and the others who are "doing". The worry and concern seen yesterday is endemic, not just here in the US, but everywhere the mistress of lack has set up camp. Some how, ways need to be found to provide help even if things don't "click".

    2. Just what does CO-LUMB-US mean?

      CO: means:prefix: co- 1.
      (forming nouns) joint; mutual; common.

      LUMB: To screw something up and never admit to it whatever, dragging people down along the way.

      US: pronoun: us 1. used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people as the object of a verb or preposition.

      READ BETWEEN THE LINES...its all deception and trickery with words. They disguised the truth with a lie and we just go along.

      What I have read over the last 24 hours is that the packaged meats might be "injected with the ebola virus." And since this is "high turkey time," we might not want to celebrate the holiday that represents:

      CO-common, LUMB-screwing up and never admiting to it, taking US- down along the way...You be the judge! It's right in our faces.

    3. Thank you Fedup, as one hoping to serve the homeless this year, will be sure to wear gloves prepping raw meat. Would have liked buying organic local turkey to provide, but looks like the same old stuff again. Another year of struggling for the many.

    4. Hi John, Didn't you say last week that you were going to try to get the PP's through on the 17th? Are you still going to try to do it then? Also the PP's you are referring to are the major PP's and not the Currency PP's right? The Currency PP's still should be coming soon right? Once again we all appreciate the work you are doing. The Cabal will lose in the end.

    5. P,
      I understand because in giving back we too assist with helping. What we do is solicit free turkeys in July to be delivered to communities by way of the State Representatives who give them out, however; it only feeds them for a day...perpetuating poverty. Part of the self fulfilling prophecy. I just want to break the cycle.

    6. 1/1/14 we all knew Columbus Day is on 10/13/14 . How can a one day stop an entire week of work ?

    7. Griffonred.
      Unfortunately try as we do, we all missed the fact that the Pooch Pound has orchestrated yet another holiday this week. I know these Clowns of old and have now written this week off. They have so many worthless holidays we lose count. Post the big crash, see where it takes them when a new system starts based on pure productivity and show or go. Time for the Fairy Tale to crash to earth.

      The PPs will be the special Private PP,s and private currencies. Big dogs only. That said we have quiet hopes it will spill over to Dongs. Dinars are a dogs breakfast and need frankly burning apart from the Tier One transfers. The overprints are bogus and need trashing,.Iraq is not so stupid as to be saddled with them. Proceeds of crime deserve no time. Half wits who bought can write it off to experience.

      PPs will be project denominated and will help many. They matter.
      Fantasy projection on the Blogs will not happen. Capital is finite. The rest is just horse excreta.
      Controlled currencies and Dongs can help you all. Dinars wont be funding Dinners for the Pack Puppies, but Dongs may change many lives. Even then, real world money is finite. It will be limited as will be pay outs. Most will go to where needed. We will steer it clear of the Cabal. But recovery will still be a step at a time. A lot of Delusionals will get a harsh wake up call.
      No one owes anyone. As I don't trust any of them an inch, another slip due to Holidays does not surprise me. Lets see how the week goes. It takes what it takes. Its up to each to fight their own battles.
      Columbus has a lot to answer for!

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. P,
      You can open a food bank and solicit donations from local supermarkets and walmarts, costco's, and other suppliers; who are willing to give because it produces a write off for charitable contributions and most time they will be focused as helping in community newspapers.

      What you are doing is what we have studied for over 20 years, and folks do need help especially in rural areas and minority communities...there is a lack of substantial food outlets for food deserts and for those who lack transportation to get to the nearest market.

      There is an organization called The Food Trust and they help with financing, set up of food outlets, and they assist with identifying food sources...also, there is a federal program called Fresh Food Financing Initiative which provides financing for food outlets where there are none helping the economically disadvantaged to create the opportunity to have alternative food outlets.

      The state program that I know of that assists with heating and utilities...LIHEAP; they provide oil and heating for those who are having hardship.

      You might want to partner with your State Representative in your area who can provide with resources through the Governor's Office.

      Always at your service P...always...

    10. Thank you Fedup, am well vested in local aspects/regional and statewide aspects. Here there is food banks, but as know the gal personally who runs the largest locally, know enough things are extremely strained. Li Heap benefits are generally limited to one time good portion of an utility bill annually or x amount of wood. Doesn't help when the next bill is even higher or the wood has run out. People who can are leaving the area due to high fuel costs and lack of employment. Often it's the tiny communities like the one mentioned that don't have food banks or even a farmer's market. They are way out there, outlanders as I call them.

      NM has lost a large portion of its large employers. Cronyism is alive and well sadly in employment opportunities and with government and school systems increasingly the largest employers in many rural areas the results can be seen. DOT has some more rural locations, but again, it goes to who you know or are related to.

      Have no liking for the "poly" "tics' locally. We had a really good one, but she has moved into the private sector. Can't blame her, she knew how corrupt the state is. Found when you have a good one, make their life easy, the others just do what you have to do and hopefully they'll "get" why its good idea to make them look good.

      No, Fedup, am seeing a trend and recognize that communities need to work together to move forward for mutual success. Communities can no longer hope that their reps will help them, that the feds will rescue them, etc. People need people and the more they realize that by knowing/trusting their neighbors and working together, they move forward.

    11. P,
      I know, and we elected these officials who are basically useless; especially when so many go without basic needs. I do understand, and this is where private funding comes in to facilitate some type of permanent solution to empower communities who were left to fend for themselves.

      I found out this morning that there are food banks who receive donated goods, but they charge the poor people money...then what good is the food bank?

      Very unfair and biased. We are all one big community, and reaching across these divisive borders is what we have to do to help each other; realizing that everyone is basically corrupt and will only react minimally to make themselves look good...

    12. Fedup, sorry to hear someone was charging for donated food. The food pantry's here don't. Some like the one I know have thrift stores to help feed the neediest that can get there. The main NM outfit is Road Runner Food Bank and they are able to get foods to the local pantries and senior centers along with other food distribution locations. The local food pantries raise funds through various ways and are able to get a significant discounts when buying from Road Runner. They try hard to make every dollar count. But the people on the receiving end see no cost for the food they get.

      There are commodity programs as well as WIC, but often you have to be able to certify and/or get there to receive the food. For many just getting to these locations is beyond their means. For some seniors in some, not all areas, there is a delivery system set up, but it's run by a for profit company from their non profit section. You may have heard of Meals on Wheels. It's helpful, but has its limitations, particularly in rural areas.

      With numerous cut backs and donations in decline it's getting very tough for the food banks to do their jobs.

      With that said, when things happen will begin with the small church that has accepted me and begin having seminars and hopefully a conference in March on localization and community gardens. It may be before that depending on what and who can pull from other places that are already doing like successfully. Some aspects like public transport already have those pieces and it's a manner of things happening.

    13. P
      Once the private funds are made available, I can see many of these problems solved. Basically, it's more beneficial to have food access right in the neighborhood and this is what we have discovered and have planned for.

    14. Agree Fedup, it does need to be localized. It's been a long road here getting people to realize they can do it. Did find ways to seed the ideas though and that in itself has been worth the crud that occurred with some of this stuff. Am building on idea after idea, innovation to innovation in ways people can get. Don't know how long will be able to to do it though as the home front is falling apart more and more daily.
      It's not likely will be staying here even though have been asked to as really want to get away as far as can from soon to be ex.

  35. Cal girl see the joke I left for you as a comment on the humour, plane one.

    1. Ha, ha! I took the bait and responded.

      Also thanks for the heads up on Scanners. Never saw the movie, but the DVD is now on order. Looking forward to it. I'm already aware of the existence of such but this will help introduce it to the family, the horrific crap that's been developed, and why.

      Call Girl (lol)

  36. Banging Up City of London Banksters: former Scotland Yard Fraud Squad detective Rowan Boswell-Davies:

    "I have a very, very, very strong belief that the only way you can really regulate, particularly an environment like the City where they are dealing with other people's money.....the only way you can regulate that, if you find people are stealing that money, then regardless of how they see themselves or their class, you deal with them as potential criminals, and you deal with them in exactly the same way as you would deal with them if they were, say, robbing post offices or mugging old ladies in Brixton or Clapham or Peckham or whatever...and that's always been my view. I've always taken the view that there should be no social distinction between people who commit crimes in the streets and people who commit crimes in the suites."

    It's a shame Rowan Bowell-Davies has retired.

  37. Has anybody tried to reach out to Elizabeth Warren or send her the reports here at OWoN or the WhiteHat reports. She seems like a champion for the republic as well as rule of law, I have sent these reports to Dick Durbins office to no avail as he is as crooked as they come. Just curious if she is aware of these reports because if she is she must be be controlled opposition.

  38. John, another use for funds. Using certain frequencies of ultrasound to smash open particular viruses in the blood. Run the blood through a tube outside the body and subject it to the right frequency and shape of US wave and voila the blood re enters the body cleared of the virus. I don't know why this wouldn't work - the idea occurred to me a couple of years back. This needs to be looked at by biophysicists and a pilot study done. Cure for flu? HIV? etc

    1. The science behind the idea: because viruses are regular polyhedrons and each type would have its own set of resonance frequencies that, when hit by sound waves at that frequency, would make the walls of the virus oscillate and break. Remember that bridge in the states that broke after twisting and oscillating in the wind? Same principle. Once broken the RNA and proteins spilling into the blood would force the immune system to make antibodies to hunt the rest of the viruses hiding in tissues.

    2. I've heard H20 theragpy is quite successful. I was even consuming food grade h20 is my water for months, taste nasty though. Supposedly viruses cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment and being our blood stream is depleted of correct amount of oxygen, it is a hot spot for cancers, diabetes and so forth. I've been meaning to do some more reading on this but do know there are several clinics setup throughout the US that offer this treatment.

  39. MOSCOW, October 13 (RIA Novosti) - British Prime Minister David Cameron and members of the UK cabinet would not support a resolution recognizing the sovereign state of Palestine, and the country's policy towards the autonomy will not change, a representative of the Prime Minister's Office told journalists Monday.

    Well well well ..... too much afternoon teas for Cameron with Rotten-child ......

    1. This is not diplomacy ..... they are had been bought ..... and if I am not right, then probably I am right anyhow....this can not be diplomacy it would be idiocy ......

    2. Vlastimil

      Dont worry about these small time Tics in our Flea Circus of politics. You saw the thrashing they all took at the 2 last Bi elections. There is every chance UKIP may hold a balance of power in a year, then see how it profiles. Simply put, the people have enough of them and a route is now possible. Inb the UK,,dogs once shamed see their own Butts quickly, Palestine WILL get recognition and some small time runt of UK Politics has no say. Remember how Parliament put him on notice over Iraq. They are just variations of Dung Beetles. Voters will save them next year. Expect shock seat losses.

    3. John, dung beetles do more than roll manure, they provide essential services to soil and plants both. The parasites mentioned, do they actually do something beneficial?

    4. They keep restaurants and clothes shops going. Plus wine stores, Hookers and Hotels. Beyond that I see nothing.

    5. Really funny, John. That's about all that's keeping the economy going I do believe.

    6. John & CG, don't forget the black market drug trade, back door economics....

    7. Not my fault you missed the L and got short changed.

  40. MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. Relatives of two Russian journalists from the VGTRK TV corporation, killed in Ukraine, have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights demanding that those behind the killings be found......

    Rightly so.....

  41. Guys you would not believe what Fascist Zionist MSM published today in Czech ....

    A big title of an article named: 'Putin gave a command to Russia soldiers to withdraw from Ukraine' after the title the rest of the article says nothing about about Putin or Russian soldiers ... it talked only about supposed injury of one leader of Doneck republic.....

    John it would be really good to have some cash so that we can begin taking these fascist liars to justice.....

  42. Benjamin Fulford just said:

    " We need to start with what we can actually see and do. That means arresting and physically detaining the people we know to be involved in crimes against humanity and the planet. The satanic families that own the BIS, the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan must either surrender or die."

    I couldn't have said it better myself!!! ~darylluke.

    1. DL

      It requires power at fingertips at any John says. It would mean revolution ..... if backed by people in arms.....

      Which is unrealistic now.....US police was reinforced .... we lost momentum 2-3 years ago....militia failed.....

  43. Moscow pledges response to Estonia’s entry ban for Russian academician Tishkov....

    I hope I am wrong...but am anxious about Estonia NAZI build is a boiling pot of US making.....US needs to cover up way is to portray Putin as someone who wants Baltic states.....

  44. US Stock Market down by 223. points at 4 pm today. All indicators are down today. This is in addition to last weeks losses.

    1. US Stock Market down by 173 points today, again...

  45. Racketeering Dinar Gurus have knowingly trafficked papers of no viable worth to trusting investors. Many have lived high on the backs of the poor and desperate.
    Perhaps post the first stage settlements of PPs a viable project we should contemplate is to create a grant of c$10M to underpin the legal costs of starting a Class Action against these Traffickers and seeking RICO actions, in addition to the recovery of all funds sequestrated and costs plus interest charges incurred to be repaid to all Dinar purchasers and compensation for damages.
    None of you deserve the shabby actions of these Vultures. A Class Action would bring home the sheer scale of their crimes. .

    1. This is brilliant! Total exposure of the main arm of the currency deception.

  46. NSA has been using a system code-named SENTRY EAGLE to infiltrate foreign networks and acquire sensitive data.

    © RIA Novosti. Mikhail Fomichev


    MOSCOW, October 11 (RIA Novosti) - The National Security Agency (NSA) has been infiltrating foreign networks to acquire sensitive data using a system code-named SENTRY EAGLE, The Intercept reported Saturday.

    “The facts contained in this program [SENTRY EAGLE] constitute a combination of the greatest number of highly sensitive facts related to the NSA/CSS’s [Central Security Service] overall cryptologic mission,” one of the leaked documents obtained by The Intercept stated.

    “Individuals briefed into the SENTRY EAGLE may not share information regarding this program with those not read into this program, or foreign nationals, including those with whom NSA/CSS has a Second and Third Party relationships,” the document also stated warning that revealing any of the “core secrets” would jeopardize the national security of the US.

    According to Intercept, the NSA has also had agents in China, Germany, South Korea and in American firms, possibly impersonating employees or businessmen.

    One of the programs in SENTRY EAGLE called the HUMINI, a human intelligence asset, has the ability to intercept communications and electronic signals. The programs can also weaken encryption systems.

    The documents were leaked by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and do not contain identity numbers or name of government officials who would know about the classified programs.

    The Snowden archives indicate that the NSA’s activities have been ongoing as recently as 2012 despite the document being dated 2004. The sensitive information acquired follows an NSA/CSS framework from information released to the public colored green to information only released to selected government individuals marked in black.

    P.S. At this hour the NAZI Paperclip NSA engineered Ebola virus 'Black Op' that is being trumpeted by the NAZI Paperclip NSA-controlled, corporate fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media is designed to continue to scare the American People, create a submissive atmosphere to coincide with a direct declaration of "Martial Law" and a massive crooked U.S. bank 'Bail-In' on the American People's pension funds.

    In closing, this is a direct message to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew:
    It is time to fully implement the terms of the World Financial Settlements and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which will return $32.7 TRILLION to the U.S. Treasury and save the world economy.

    Note: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde wants you to do it NOW aka tout de suite!

  47. Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government.

    These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

    They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely.

  48. John

    If we take God as a kinetic energy .... my question is then:

    Can we speak of God having kind of personality or will? And this brings me to another question. On what base would people get kind of judged or evaluated for their advancement? Would it be also based on energy and vibration and developed consciousness? (Like 'love' has a certain vibrational energy ..... hate etc have other energy frequency ....)

    Why would there had to be life at all?

    1. Spoiler alert lol - please do not read the following post if you would like to continue to believe that life does not make sense. And really do not read it if your fundamentalist Christian beliefs do not allow you to believe reincarnation is at least possibility. Apologies in advance for any ruffled feathers. And I really do not want to debate with anyone. I don't know, for sure, if any of what I say below is true and I am ok if it is not.

      V - my understanding is that life is about God knowing Godself in an intimate and personal way. Doesn't make a lot of sense and this is my understanding from many different sources. When God was one God could not "see" Godself - hence the separation.

      As far as judgement my understanding is that after death there is a life review and we judge ourselves. And usually we are so appalled at our actions while incarnated we ask to be sent back to right the wrongs we committed(this is karma). This is why it says judge not lest ye be judged. As we judge others so we judge ourselves and then cannot accept ourselves and the mistakes we made - and back we come time and time again. When we finally grow to accept that it is all God's will in this divine game of hide and seek God is playing with Godself in reality, we accept ourselves and our mistakes and those of others and we get off the wheel(of karma).
      And that does not mean we don't fight to right the wrongs while here. Sort of contradictory, I know. It's like we are in this big game that really doesn't matter and yet we have to play as if it does. Life is lived on at least two levels(probably many more than two) at the same time.

      I'll get off my soap box now. Just wanted to share because I find a strange comfort in this understanding and that is what I want for all(comfort in the struggle - another contradiction). I see your anger and struggles and want to lighten the load, if possible. So to summarize, as the song says, don't worry, be happy. Easy to say and not so easy to do. And we can do when we know on some level that it is all God and therefore all good!

    2. John S

      It is easy, please anytime anything namely your spiritual views that can invoke good responses ....

      Of course I agree in some way .... judging others here and now means also condemning something within us ...... however this is definitely not entire spectrum of it..... we must judge and act upon our judgment to protect life, freedom and justice....

      Final kind of overview of life once we depart ... I really do not have a clear concept .... I do understand Christian stand but it might not be again an entire perspective on realities ahead.....what you are saying of pronouncing a judgment over ourselves is best mirror concept ..... this makes good sense of course...

      Regarding God's will .... not sure anymore ..... John's concept that we are on our own coming out of conscious evolution makes good sense to me as well, actually it appears that it is right at the spot.....

      First of all who pronounces what is God's will? We had this views in past and result was blood, murder, death, etc.....

      Thanks anyhow....

      Regarding my anger .... yes I am pissed off at many things.....


      ..... then Cameron does all possible to cover up these crimes taking away from Palestinians right to self determination .......

      .....yes I think somebody should do the same destruction to him and his home, rip him off all rights to justice and then he might see what he supported .....(I mean of course first of all to those committing such crimes and destructions.....)
      .....Ukraine today is the same story.....

      If we do not judge then we leave cabal gangster to do what they wish......if we do not repay them the same load then laugh at us and at justice that we are futile idiots who actually deserve such treatment..

    3. Yeah it's a paradox - angry action and peaceful inaction coexisting and all happening at once. It is having one foot in the world and one in the spiritual realm. Or "in the world and not of the world" as Jesus reportedly talked of.

    4. Well it is rather this way 'angry action' is REACTION ..... as an action to restore balance that was cause by crime or whatever violation in action blocking balance of coexistence ....

  49. Doneck is being continuously shelled - destroyed, people killed. About 45% of industry is systematic genocide....

    Now regarding Black Boxes of MH17..... in case, after decoding the content, it would be beyond doubt that MH 17 was downed by Russia .... have no doubt that MH 17 Black Boxes would be release right at the spot....right at the spot and Cameron would take all his pride to make that announcement.

    Because of failing doing right thing and stopping obvious crime against humanity....justice should look like this.

    US should have their 40% of industry destroyed as East it should be shelled as Doneck, so the rest of West countries that support this fascist crime.....

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Efforts by the Israeli lobby in the UK and Britain’s Friends of Israel parliamentary groups, have recently gained momentum to block a motion to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

    British lawmakers are expected to debate the motion, proposed by Labor MP Grahame Morris, which calls on the UK government to symbolically recognize the state of Palestine.

    If they love Isra-hell that much, move them there, confiscate all they have, return homes and properties stolen from Palestinians back to Palestinians and let these Jidish racist live in tents...

    My entire life I did not meet anyone who thinks bad about Jews.

    Now, find me one single Jidish family that is not racist, that does not consider other nations as GOIM filthy pigs - under nation that is suppose to serve pure race of Jews? If there is one, then they live in total separation from the rest of Jidish or Jews or Khazars or whatever, somewhere in Amazon forest.

    Prove me wrong on this one.....I am happy to correct my views....

    Story of word SHIBOOLET ....

    There is this story in OT, one tribe of Hebrews consider the other tribe with contempt and look at them as inferior tribe....well it happened once in fury of war, those who considered themselves superior to were wipe out, all males, wipe out in anger by those who were once looked at with reversed once and very fast.

    .....they said, "All right, say 'Shibboleth.'" If he said, "Sibboleth," because he could not pronounce the word correctly, they seized him and killed him at the fords of the Jordan. Forty-two thousand Ephraimites were killed at that time. Judges 12

    1. Britain officially recognizes Palestine

      Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:28PM GMT

      The British Parliament has passed a non-binding motion recognizing Palestine as a state with a majority of the votes.

      British Members of Parliament (MPs) voted in favor of the motion with a majority of 274 to 12 after a six-hour debate on Monday.

      The debate was initiated in the House of Commons by Labour MP Graham Morris, who said that the UK is morally responsible to take action because of its history as a colonial power in the region.

      Throughout the debate, the plight of the Palestinians was reportedly highlighted by many MPs.

      Prime Minister David Cameron was amongst the government members who refrained from voting.

      The debate was being watched around the world, following Sweden’s recent decision to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state which drew anger from Israel earlier in the month. Other European countries are also likely follow suit.

      Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven made the announcement during his inauguration speech at the Swedish parliament on October 3.

  52. MOSCOW, October 14 (RIA Novosti) – The events in Ukraine showed that the international law is in deep crisis as many international human rights organizations turn a blind eye to crimes against civilians in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.
    “They [the events in Ukraine] have demonstrated a large-scale crisis of the international law, basic norms of the Universal declaration in human rights and the convention to prevent genocide,” Putin said at a meeting of the Kremlin human rights council.
    “We witnessed double standards in attitudes toward crimes against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, the violation of fundamental human rights – the right to live and the right for personal security. People there are subject to torture, cruel and humiliating treatment, discrimination and extrajudicial measures,” the president said.
    “Unfortunately, many international organizations simply turn a blind eye to these facts,” he continued.

    OK those international organisation that turn eye on to them exactly what they turn they eyes from ..... then they will learn a lesson. Once for all......beside do the same to those who supported and committed those crimes....

    We will be then without cabals over night.

  53. The Lie Machine: Trade “Partnerships” and the Hegemony of US Corporations Over the Laws of Foreign Countries...

    Firstly they drained other countries wealth via Petrodolar ....after that they entrenched and such economies via military and corporation ....

    When will American repay back what they kept stealing?????? Much of that stolen wealth is in US mega sports like NHL, NBA etc.......

    Justice ... let all world does the same to USA as they did to the world....

  54. Sang Tan/AP Gisele Buendchen contemplates currency exchange rates.

    Gisele Buendchen -- the international supermodel, wife of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and, according to Forbes, the 89th most powerful woman in the world -- made a move so out of character that it left many scratching their heads.

    "I won't get out of bed for U.S. dollars," the headlines screamed, referring to the Brazilian beauty's demand that she be paid in euros instead of dollars for her new contracts with Procter & Gamble (PG) and Dolce & Gabbana. According to Bündchen's sister and manager Patricia, the uncertain outlook for the U.S. dollar caused the supermodel to make the change.

    Up until that point, Gisele's name had been regularly connected with haute couture, jet-setters and Hollywood -- but finances? Not so much. However, investors should have paid close attention to the future Mrs. Brady's financial maneuvering, because she was providing them with a powerful signal of change –- a contrary indicator.

    A contrary indicator is any action, proclamation or trend that on the surface would be considered an endorsement that a market or asset is moving in one direction, when in fact, it should be seen as the opposite. It's a warning that a change is coming, especially in a long-established trend. Some of the more common ones involve points when "everyone" -- not just the experts -- has recognized the pattern. That's often a good sign it's just about over.

    One of the most famous –- though possibly apocryphal -– tales of a contrary indicator involves Joseph Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy and a savvy stock market operator. In the run-up to the 1929 crash, stock speculation was running rampant as the general public rushed to buy equities. Kennedy claims that he knew it was time to sell his holdings –- which he did before the crash -- when he received a stock tip from his shoeshine boy. When the guy shining your shoes thinks he has insider knowledge, it's a pretty clear sign that uninformed investing is out of control, and that those rising prices are an unsustainable bubble.

    1. This is what happens when someone is desperate to sell $750 million in stocks

  55. Bob Graham on CBC: War in Iraq and Syria a Result of Saudi Support for Most Extreme Elements of Islam

    October 13, 2014 • 8:54AM

    In a major Oct. 9 interview with CBC’s “Day 6″ program, former U.S. Senator Bob Graham laid the responsibility for the present conflict in Iraq and Syria directly at the doorstep of the Saudis, and said this could have been avoided had the 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry been released earlier.

    When he was asked about the fact that we are heading into another major confrontation in the Middle East without a complete picture, Graham pointed out that Saudi Arabia has a long history of supporting the Wahhabi sect of Islam, and has contributed to the development of this extreme form of Islam which is now being expressed in Syria and Iraq. The war in Syria and Iraq is a result of this Saudi policy, he said, adding that the U.S. has suffered directly from this with the 9/11 attacks, and the people of Iraq and Syria are suffering today.

    “The connection is a direct one. Not only has Saudi Arabia been promoting this extreme form of religion, but it also has been the principal financier, first of Al Qaeda, then of the various Al Qaeda franchises around the world—specifically the ones in Somalia and Yemen— and now the support of ISIS,” said Graham. “I believe that had the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 been disclosed by the release of the 28 pages, and by the declassification of other information as to the Saudi role and support of the 9/11 hijackers, that it would have made it much more difficult for Saudi Arabia to have continued that pattern of behavior, and I think [we] would have had a good chance of reining in the activity that today Canada, the United States and other countries either are or are considering going to war with,”
    said Graham in an interview with Brent Bambury, host of Day 6 on CBC Radio.

    When host Brent Bambury asked Graham why would the Saudis have asked for the disclosure of this information, Graham called their request a “farce.” As to Biden’s comments last week about Saudi Arabia, Graham called Biden “one of the most prescient people about the Middle East,” and noted that Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, had made similar comments about the Saudis.

    Asked about the vote in the Canadian parliament this week to join the campaign against ISIS, Graham answered:
    “ISIS is a reality. It’s brutal and it has the potential of reaching into North America through the apparently substantial number of Canadian and U.S. persons who are now fighting with ISIS. I think had the 28 pages been released 10 years ago, and had dampened the ability and commitment of Saudi Arabia to export its extreme form of Wahhabism, and exposed the Saudis’ funding of these extreme organizations, it may have avoided the necessity of having a debate in the Canadian parliament as to whether to go to war.”

    1. You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia


      Saudi Arabia's internal discord and tensions over ISIS can only be understood by grasping the inherent (and persisting) duality that lies at the core of the Kingdom's doctrinal makeup and its historical origins.

      One dominant strand to the Saudi identity pertains directly to Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism), and the use to which his radical, exclusionist puritanism was put by Ibn Saud. (The latter was then no more than a minor leader -- amongst many -- of continually sparring and raiding Bedouin tribes in the baking and desperately poor deserts of the Nejd.)

      The second strand to this perplexing duality, relates precisely to King Abd-al Aziz's subsequent shift towards statehood in the 1920s: his curbing of Ikhwani violence (in order to have diplomatic standing as a nation-state with Britain and America); his institutionalization of the original Wahhabist impulse -- and the subsequent seizing of the opportunely surging petrodollar spigot in the 1970s, to channel the volatile Ikhwani current away from home towards export -- by diffusing a cultural revolution, rather than violent revolution throughout the Muslim world.

      But this "cultural revolution" was no docile reformism. It was a revolution based on Abd al-Wahhab's Jacobin-like hatred for the putrescence and deviationism that he perceived all about him -- hence his call to purge Islam of all its heresies and idolatries.

      "Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. "

      Abd al-Wahhab demanded conformity -- a conformity that was to be demonstrated in physical and tangible ways.He argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader (a Caliph, if there were one). Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote.

      My comments:
      (Actually, it is said that Saudi Arabians are Zionists Jews here's the proof:

      So we cannot say that all Muslim's follow this teaching, and to paint all as these are would be in error.

  56. John,

    What is your opinion for the drop in gas price?
    1) Global demand slowing?
    2) US trying to hurt Russia?
    3) Control of petro-dollar is lessening?

    Is this a sign of change or just control?

    1. Jack
      The market is awash with oil. Market forces. Cost cutting for find buyers.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. John

    Actually, what Vietnam and China elders say about this game of fools? For Vietnam it must be kind of nightmare or what???? I can not even imagine it.

    Eventually once game is over and after picking up details of this game all should be publish to wide audience so that other countries learn what fascist US assholes kept doing to Iraq and Vietnam etc....

  59. Time to reduce reliance on the dollar: Russia PM

    "We have nothing against the dollar, but we believe that today's currency system should be more balanced," he said, calling for a greater number of major reserve currencies – which are held as foreign exchange reserves by the world's central banks and are used in international trade.
    Medvedev highlighted that countries like Russia "really depend" on both the dollar and U.S. economy and are, as such, somewhat beholden to their fortunes.

  60. We are now seeing a clearer picture emerge of Financial reality. Too many have been clutching at fantasy straws.
    1. Finite and very selective PPs for funds such as original Chinese Elders funds are being processed and some HAVE been settled for onward controlled Project use! Direct to the Nation States, not via the clusters of Brokers and Wanabees, and the usual Kling- ons!
    2. There are a few genuine remaining cases waiting resolution we monitor by the day. Most of the associated Basket Cases have no chance and are of no credibility.
    3.At best, the limited special interests who are well organised will get a currency trade out. Desperate gamblers who were suckered by the unscrupulous Gurus will just get a bath. Reality time. At least with Thanksgiving the Turkeys will get company. Many Dinarians face a nasty shock. Hopefully we will see the arrests of all those involved for trafficking bogus notes. The My Blessings crowd will fund a lot of Wailing Walls , " I was promised!!". Fools and money?
    4. WHA also helped many of you realise the need to get cover spread fast.
    5. Many fantasy blogs were set up to encourage dreams for the gullible. Most just sad. Many God botherer's rambling their vacuous piffle and stiffing their creditors. Jokes of humanity! A moment of local fame for these meaningless Saddos. They attract a like type of deluded basket cases .
    6. The Shyster Banking Families and Cabal operators, the"Elites", have no interest whatsoever in any of you. They will brazen out any retribution as Justice is crooked. Money is finite and what they have, is taken!. Their history says it all. Sequestrate, confiscate, obfuscate. Bluster it out.
    7. Any genuine currency RVs will be at a level the countries can take. Major increases would kill their Exports. Industries and Jobs would collapse saddling the counties with a new nightmare and social unrest on a major scale. Just to enrich a bunch of Kling- ons? Any movement will be finite and responsible.
    8. Talk of Iraqi Dinars as the new Global Reserve currency is for the lunatic fringe and Varmints! Morons! Not ever!
    9. Only PPs for a few selective cases have any chance this year and that is NOT bankrupt failed Prosperity gambles. When are they going to get it? Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare! Again, how many months and years will they keep swallowing it. We are done- its done, next week? Hallelujah. How many times? How many reputations have lost all credibility propounding this incessant excreta for the last 5 years? Thieves and Parasites NEVER pay back - it's gone!
    With the few real PPs ( NOT Prosperity toilet paper!!!!) we can slowly start to expand Project Funding needed and credible cases a step at a time. Profits from trading will be used to fund Infrastructure and Nations,
    But, the good Souls, creative ideas and responsible views of many on both sites have shown encouraging areas to support and help real lives. We do read and see- all! And thank all of you.
    Opportunities will be extended where possible to help many with funded roles to rebuild lives.
    Again, any who are fortunate enough to get out, focus on Self Help this time. These ideas of mass helping others wont fly for most. Even at a possible $5M pay out, expect to lose $2M in tax grabs leaving you only c$3M. Invest that at c4% annual interest and its only $120K a year less taxes again so assume $75K net at best. Allow $15K for Depreciation Accounting and you net c$60K at best. That will not set the world alight but it will help those able to get it. Clear your debts and get a life. Get paid out- Get out- Stay out!
    Our get real message with respect to all. Those able to cash out at c$5M note its c$60k or so net income real world. Tax will steal you blind, for which they have no legal rights whatsoever. Reality is a great leveller.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for the update, was just reading the morning site while enjoying my cup of worlds greatest non-alcoholic beverage, as do daily. Projects are a go and that's superb since many will receive jobs, direction and vision. Currencies, if I understood correctly, are no-go at this time. Since dinar has been ruled out, you mentioned previously dongs may reset or revalue at increase, yet to be determined. $5M sounds bombdiggity, so my humble question is, for those who have stocked up on dong, is $5M max allowed to exchange or could chaps (not me) who have been stocking up for long time become NBA ballers w/o game?

    2. LG
      Agreed Projects will help many, and we will allow no funds for Military or Agency use, well, apart from exterminating Child traffickers and that we will approve. Bullets too!
      If you have $5M Dongs no reason you can not cash the full amount at the new rates when released. Forex is Forex. Saw, with amusement you NBA comment.Don't sit playing with your balls when the the go for it signal comes,. Lol
      Remember Dongs are not hooky Dinars.
      Controlled currencies can go any time. The Poo Pool is Dinars.
      But zero is showing for prosperity paper. That profiles like Dinars.
      Private deals for Dinars are not Public rates. Dongs may well be,.Good luck with them.
      Give those balls a break and switch to the Dong.

    3. Agreed, cannot be baller prior to exchange cause my game has been usurped. But after exchange, will be balling bombdiggity style!

    4. Thank you John. You've given a lot of people real hope! I'm optimistic we can all start moving forward with our lives soon.

    5. John,

      To expand on your comment about taxes and the comment I made about money being dropped into the same old system a few days ago.

      1.) Do you foresee this income tax system and the fraudulent IRS going away anytime soon?

      2.) Once we cash out, what is to stop these banks from just seizing it or freezing it much like they did to Falcone? If they will do it to big guys like them, what is to stop them from taking the small fishes funds? You already mentioned that Stumpf at WF has been complicit in stopping payout.

      3.) From what I can find, there are only about 3-5 banks that could or would even handle this exchange in the USA and they are WF, JP and BofA. Maybe a few more, but basically all the criminals banks loaded up with derivatives. Your comment about doing nothing seems risky with the challenging environment financially that the world is now facing. Can you elaborate on this as it seems contradictory? I would think you would want to move it as fast as humanly possible into tangible assets.

    6. JV
      The IRS have no rights in Law to tax you it is an ILLEGAL operation with No US statutes in place. None!
      But no US citizens will fight and the judges are paid off. So no, with a gutless nation of sheeple, I expect them to keep on sheering a flock of cowards. Easy money mugging fools.

      Of course Banks will try to grab it but if you are too indifferent to face reality, and Go, they will take it in stages. As the US implodes, who else will they screw? With so many mugs to chose from?

      Once you get it paid, we will publish a strategy fast. No point in warning the Jackal pack ahead.
      Armed with such money, why would anyone with half a brain seeing what is profiling even want to stay? Pre 1939, 2 M Jews fled Europe. Many to America. All were pre warned. 6 m sat back stupefied. Their pay day was horrific. You will be the Cabals Jews as they cannibalise what's left. As the world turns its back on the Cabal , who else can they feed off? Sitting Suckers make easy targets. Cash in, cash out, get out!

    7. Got it.

      This changes nothing geo-politically.

      Get the flock out...dump the US citizenship for an offshore haven citizenship like Nevis, Dominica, Mauritius, etc.

      You answered my question.

      I just hope this happens before we are staring down the UN forced vaccination campaign or they close the borders and revoke the passports we have.

    8. VETTED NOTICE TO THE WORLD: "The IRS has never been authorized to collect taxes or enforce any laws"
      David Robinson, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011
      Phone 207-798-4695 • Email:
      PRESS RELEASE For October 3, 2014

      RELEASED BY: Administrator David E. Robinson, 207-798-4695
      3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine, 04011


      THIS NOTICE Challenges the income tax, and the authority of, and the very existence of the Internal Revenue Service. We offer this notice to you as a Caveat. Beware of being duped by IRS people. They have no authority anywhere whatsoever. The only legal offices of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue are in the District of Columbia, and cannot be operated outside the District. All the outlying offices were abolished in 2001.

      Please read this notice carefully, and send it to any IRS office that you believe has any authority over you to collect taxes for the Commissioner, in the District of Columbia. Most Americans operate on unfounded presumptions that the IRS has authority to collect taxes or to compel others to collect taxes for it. Chances are, you may feel compelled because others told you that you are compelled, and not because you’ve actually read the law for yourself.

      The IRS has never been authorized to collect taxes or enforce any laws. And since March 9th, 2001, the Commissioner has had no legitimate Offices outside of the District of Columbia. But the IRS continues to pretend to be the nation’s tax collector, using the United States Mails to extort money from the public.

      In August of 2003, Ms. Vernice Kuglin was acquitted of several charges of “willful failure to file” and “false information on W-4’s” because Ms. Kuglin had asked the government to produce the taxing statute that made her liable to do so, and the government had failed or refused to produce it. And it seems that there are at lease two other cases that are similar in nature. In U.S.A. v. Lloyd Long, in 1993, a similar verdict was reached by a jury in Tennessee. Prior to that, in 1991, John Cheek (Cheek v. United States, 498 U.S. 192) argued before the Supreme Court, which held that since the government had not produced the required taxing statute, that he could not be convicted of willfulness.

      Thus it is now res judicata that the government cannot produce the taxing statute, i.e., “the issue’s been definitively settled by judicial decision.”

      The government cannot produce the taxing statute because Congress repealed all the internal revenue laws in 1939, and has never re-enacted them. The Code of 1954 did not, and could not, repeal or modify the Code of 1939, hence it is not a code of laws; its unenforceable as law. Hence we demand that the President, his Cabinet, the Congress and the Judiciary, examine the facts presented here and either rebut the facts and conclusions or admit that there is no “internal revenue law” to enforce. And even if there were, that the IRS could not enforce it.
      Read more »

  61. John when does the 48 hour begin before a forced RV ? Thank You.

    1. All or Nothing
      Our TOP B of E execs are in the US right now in deep discussions. Supported by IMF views etc. We all want an end to this nightmare, but we are dealing with really vexatious parties who deserve to be lined up on the end of a rope. These are thieves who have got away with it for a century now being called to order. Truth does not sit well with renegades. Let's see how each day plays. Many truly need stringing up. Shadow Governments of banking thieves and Agency Traitors are a bad cocktail to deal with. They still don't see the game is up.

    2. Hi John,

      It sounds like they are here for the currency reval, so I am assuming this is within our grasp and we should be watching closely? Is this recommendation to cash out quickly still advisable (speaking of Dongs primarily).

    3. Cant comment on reasons, but when we flag the Go you you and WHA, go fast.

  62. John,

    Isn't The Bank of England Rothschild owned and the major shareholder in the Federal Reserve, are these execs your talking about agents for you and the WH`s from inside the B o E.
    Thx for your tireless work.

  63. Scott

    The B of E is NOT Rottenchild owned its a fallacy. They wish! Good B of E forces are there and to discuss our plans for holding accountable and Jailing bad Bankers. That has huge implications for the Zionists now. Extradition is a 2 way street. But Yes, B of E is a shareholder in the Fed and we are "Dealing with misconduct ".
    See this as Good.

  64. World’s Largest Aquaponics Project, in China’s Third Largest Aquaculture Lake

    This is a great idea

    Huge positive implications for third world countries.

    Australia Leads the World with Wheelie Bin Compost Toilets

    1. All about aquaponics, big projects going here in Rocky Mountains, perfect for Africa as well.....tis a bright food producing future in it....

    2. EWO found a few more cool things courtesy Suzy Star. Promising technology.


    “Mr. Putin’s neo-Soviet revisionism and ISIL’s [IS’s] terrorism have their own distinctive characteristics. But they share similar means – intimidation and violence to achieve a similar goal: rejecting democracy, tolerance, and the rule of law as the gold standard for international relations. Together, they are part of what I call ‘the rise of the rejectionists’ – a trend that may dominate NATO’s security environment for many years to come,” Vershbow stated.


    Those who do not like justice might not like my words....
    But Russia has very right now to defend their reputation by whatever means.....and I would only agree on that......

    Hang all those West fascist and do to them what they deserve.....

  66. Calling Russia ‘threat to humanity’ puts Obama’s sanity in doubt - Medvedev

    The problem is that majority of West is lining up to Obama's mind .......

  67. Aluminium could be poisoning our brains and causing Alzheimer's, professor claims
    Professor Chris Exley argues aluminium posioning could cause Alzheimer's
    Aluminium builds up in the brain until the 'toxic threshold' when it can't cope
    This will bring on early onset of Alzheimer's and make the condition worse
    The metal compound is now found in almost everything we eat and drink
    Found in tea, cakes, bread, wine, cosmetics and drugs like aspirin
    Builds on previous work which found link between aluminium and cancer

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. Guess what...chemtrails was mainly 'aluminium, plus other nasty stuff...

      Do detox guys....

    2. NAZI used fluoride in concentration camps.... it makes people to be indifferent dumbs people .....makes also people infertile .....

    3. Aluminium detox ....

    4. Seen the planes spraying today. If this mess continues unabated, going to have to wear ebola suit indoors and ebola suit with bowtie outdoors..for protection that is.

    5. Vlastimil,

      Here are a couple more detox methods:

      Spirulina and Chlorella Aid Heavy Metal Detox

      The chemtrails here in the North West are particularly heavy and frequent. There's hardly a day when we're not being sprayed like cockroaches. When I was practising medicine in New Zealand I offered my patients chelation therapy with intravenous EDTA at their request.

      Whoever is responsible for the chemtrailing is poisoning us and the planet. I get angry that this is happening without public or parliamentary debate, and without our consent. It's a crime against humanity. Our politicians are either misinformed or incredibly stupid to allow this to happen. I would like to pitchfork those responsible!!

    6. Good job Valdi.
      Chlorella and food grade DE also work very well for detox. Started with the DE years ago and haven't stopped as the spraying continues.A couple of Tsp of DE in with flour can be done with most baking without losing the food's flavor or the DE's effectiveness. If you do froths of some sort use a Tsp of DE when mixing 16 oz liquid. Not too chalky that way.

    7. Hi P, what does DE stand for. Thanks

    8. Biffie, DE is Diatomaceous Earth.

  68. 93% of US population suffers of aluminium poising ......

  69. John,
    Will it be possible to exchange Dong in Brasil or any other South American country and NOT be a citizen? Thanks in advance!

  70. “Pardon Us For Our Country’s Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases” – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Speech at the UN

    (Please excuse me if this has been posted elsewhere. Why can't our politicians be of the same calibre as Lavrov? Could it be their brains are sozzled with heavy metals?)

  71. Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF
    This below is very very good. What the article includes is a time frame from 1900's through now with all the advances in technology that we know about some, and are just learning about others. That timeline is an interesting history lesson, that exposes the lies told to us about global warming along with other energy related issues. They knew and lied about the effects of ELF as well as the very lowest frequency.

    Add to all of this the fact that Evergreen admits their role in contracting with weather modification which is considered by Russia and the USA as weather weapons. The video is one of the best I have ever seen on this subject. Its so comprehensive and complete. You read and decide and watch the video.

    Remember, Evergreen airways got their start by the CIA in their drug running operations to finance their black ops. From that start they have grown into one of the largest airlines in the world. If you watch the video and read the timelines and associated acts against us, then you will know more than 90% of the people on this planet. This is the best analysis I have ever seen. Its worth the effort.

    Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF
    Written by Joan Biakov, Coup Media Group, Jan 14, 2011

  72. Update reality checks for all to end the week with. Truth!

    1. Reckless speculation on more Blogs this week attests to RV and PP completions. Total, absolute BS! Mindless stupidity.
    2. An NDA status is in force right now which means no one real is talking. Anyone talking is barking!
    3. Nothing is coming out on the Blogs, and parties should not either speculate or hype false positions. We don't need or want to hear positions from Blogs. With respect to all of you, neither do you. You have 2 credible sites. No others are. We are right at the table where it matters.
    4. Reports will be issued when the time is right and approved. Not before and not now. It is still ALL work in progress. Just- wait.
    5. More report of Ebola, projects etc will come out for you all overnight. Senior Military Generals are losing in with the Usurper and his vacuous antics. He gets ever closer to the night of the long knives. Little Nero will be cut to a Zero.
    6. We will give you reports on the economy. Real info. We KNOW how much it means to many, but please, just - WAIT. Reading garbage will just frustrate and delude you. All in its time. There will be no info now until at least mid next week and maybe not then. Info coming from wild speculators overnight is all wrong. Idiot paper. Just hang in and hang on.

    1. John,

      Can you elaborate on item 5 above. Just for clarification. Are we taking coup?

    2. JV
      At this stage its a full on public challenge. Much as the Military seek to avoid such a move, it gets ever more needed. How else can they clear the Rodents out?

  73. JW Files Taxpayer Lawsuit to Stop Congress from Participating in D.C.’s Small Business Exchange

    OCTOBER 15, 2014
    Documents Show Congress Submitted False Information to Participate in Exchange

    Though restricted by law to small businesses with 50 or fewer employees, D.C. Exchange allows Congress to provide health insurance to 12,359 members of Congress, staffers, spouses, and dependents

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today filed a taxpayer lawsuit against the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority to stop Congress from participating in D.C.’s “Small Business Exchange.” At least 12,359 members of Congress, congressional staffers, and their spouses and dependents currently purchase health insurance in D.C.’s “Small Business Exchange” even though Congress far exceeds D.C. law’s 50-employee limit for participating in the exchange. The lawsuit, which also names the Exchange Authority and its Executive Director, Mila Kofman, as defendants, was filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on behalf of D.C. taxpayer Kirby Vining (Kirby Vining v. Executive Board of the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority (No. 14-0006496)).

    Judicial Watch’s lawsuit cites applications filed by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate with the D.C. Exchange Authority. The applications, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, show the House and Senate claimed to have only 45 employees each. They also show that the House and Senate attested to having “50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees.” Congress employs upwards of 20,000 people. D.C. law limits participation in the exchange to small businesses having fewer than 50 full-time employees. The applications also falsely state that the House and Senate are “local/state governments.” The “electronic signature” section of the application includes the following language:

    I’ve provided true and correct information to all the questions on this form to the best of my knowledge. I know that if I’m not truthful, there may be a penalty.

    The actual names of the signatories were blacked out by the D.C. Exchange. (more at link)

  74. Nationalize The Federal Reserve

    It’s clear that the gold-hoarding, ISIS-funding, Ebola-creating international bankers are bent on destroying America. Their current flurry of wars and interventions is a desperate attempt to both stave off a deflationary depression and to shut down the giant spotlight increasingly being shown upon them.

    At their core they are Nazis, so the black Obama provides the perfect fall guy. There is but one rabbit which Obama can pull out of the hat which will prevent both his and our demise.

    He must nationalize the Federal Reserve. And he must do it now.

    (Excerpted from Chapter 19: The Eight Families: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

    In 1789 Alexander Hamilton became the first Treasury Secretary of the United States. Hamilton had close relations with the Rothschild family which owned the Bank of England. With Rothschild financing Hamilton founded Bank of New York. He died in a gun battle with Aaron Burr, who founded Bank of Manhattan with Kuhn Loeb financing.

    Hamilton exemplified the contempt which the Eight Families hold towards common people, once stating, “All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The first are the rich and the well born, the others the mass of the people…The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge and determine right. Give therefore to the first class a distinct, permanent share of government. They will check the unsteadiness of the second.”

    Hamilton was only the first in a series of international banker cronies to hold the key position of Treasury Secretary. In recent times Kennedy Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon came from Dillon Read, Nixon Treasury Secretaries David Kennedy and William Simon came from Continental Illinois Bank and Salomon Brothers respectively, Carter Treasury Secretary Michael Blumenthal came from Goldman Sachs, Reagan Treasury Secretary Donald Regan came from Merrill Lynch, Bush Sr. Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady came from Dillon Read and both Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Bush Jr. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson came from Goldman Sachs.


    Nearly a century after Lincoln was assassinated for issuing Greenbacks, President John F. Kennedy suffered the same fate for issuing silver-backed United States Treasury Notes to counter the Federal Reserve. The US sank further into debt and US citizens were terrorized into silence, knowing that if “they” could kill the President “they” could kill anyone.

    With a nearly $18 trillion debt looming over America’s collective head and an Illuminati WWIII depopulation fest in the Draco cards, Obama must find the courage to nationalize the Federal Reserve.

    And he needs to know that when he makes that move – no matter if you like his policies or not (and mostly I do not) – we have his back. (Full article at link)

  75. Seized dollars buy US police BMWS, Mercedes

    he United States local and state police have spent more than $2 billion, seized from Americans, to buy items including sports and luxury cars

    The Washington Post reported on Saturday that it had obtained 43,000 documents, dating from 2008, which show how police departments and drug task forces take cash and property without a crime proof under the US Justice Department’s Equitable Sharing Program.

    The program allows the police to keep up to 80 percent of the assets they seize.

    “Of the nearly $2.5 billion in spending reported in the forms, 81 percent came from cash and property seizures in which no indictment was filed,” the report said.

    The seized money was spent on Humvees, automatic weapons, gas grenades, night-vision scopes, sniper gear, and electronic surveillance equipment.

    The spending also included a five-million-dollar helicopter, a million-dollar command bus, and an armored personnel carrier costing $227,000.

    There were also sports and luxury cars, including at least 15 Mercedes, a dozen Mustangs, some BMWs and two Corvettes among the items.

    The Post’s report said the owners of the seized money or property should prove that they were obtained legally in order to get them back.

    “All of this is fundamentally at odds with the US Constitution… All of this is at odds with the rights that Americans have,” said Brad Cates, a former director of asset forfeiture programs at the Justice Department, adding that the new documents showed the program was being used as “a free floating slush fund.”

  76. Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”

    Stock markets across the world are starting to crack. Last night Europe was heavily in the red with drops in excess of 3% in some market exchanges. And, as soon as the bell rang this morning on the East Coast, U.S. stocks continued the global decline.

    Though the Federal Reserve released a report today indicating that the U.S. economy was on pace to grow moderately, investors were having none of it. After topping 17,000 for all time highs just a few weeks ago, stocks have tumbled over 1,000 points through today.

    The meltdown will be shocking.

  77. Excellent stuff guys, good motivation and info...all around. I appreciate it.


  78. Putin and Russia all together have their firm stand....

    .....US and EU fascist are finished, not even dog will bark after them ....., question is only if sheeple will be finished alongside with them.

    It’s futile for the U.S. and its allies to “blackmail” Russia over the Ukraine crisis, President Vladimir Putin said in a newspaper interview today.

    Russia’s partners should remember the risks involved in disputes between nuclear powers, Putin said. He accused Barack Obama of adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.

    “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbia’s Politika newspaper on the eve of his visit to the Balkan nation today.

    Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three “major threats facing humanity,” alongside the Ebola virus and Islamic State.

    “Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile,” Putin said.

  79. Russia urges international action against rise of racism, heroization of Nazism in Ukraine

    Moscow has qualified these actions as “the gravest violation of the fundamental principles and norms of international law and decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal."

    Russia urges international action against rise of racism, heroization of Nazism in Ukraine

    1. NAZI parade in Ukraine......

      Radicals carrying symbols of Ukrainian WWII extremist leader Stepan Bandera marched in torch-bearing demonstrations in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lvov applauding statements of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi advocates.
      “This is blatant violation of all international law principles and Nuremberg Tribunal verdicts," said the Russian ministry's Dolgov, adding that calls against Russians were being voiced at the gatherings.

      No wonder that US and EU sideline with Ukraine....all of them are NAZI frontrunners....

  80. Only one entire country in Europe is SANE!!!!!!!! And it is Serbia.

    BELGRADE, October 16. /TASS/. Belgrade prepares to give a hearty welcome to Russian President Vladimir Putin who is arriving on an official visit on Thursday and will be a guest of honor at the country’s first military parade in 30 years.

  81. Ukraine most likely used to down MH17 missile that is no more in Russia arsenal in cockpit that appear to be from gun of jet fighter .....


    Hackers from the group CyberBerkut penetrated into the interior of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and published on its website a number of documents. One of the Ukrainian army warns of documents that should be prepared for unpleasant things. Under the text of Aug. 7 is signed by the Air Force chief of Kyiv Igor Zorin and content is dedicated to the downing of Flight MH7 over eastern Ukraine.

    Netherlands, the Commission is found in the plane shard-to-air missiles 9M38, which include air defense systems Buk-M1 and Buk.

    Dutch Ukrainians warn that this fragment most likely include warhead type 9N314 or PVO-9M38 missiles. M1 missile system was introduced in the USSR between 1970-1980, but in Russia was completely removed and upgraded. In contrast, Ukraine has these old complexes Buk M1 after the fall of the Soyuz about 70 pieces. Russians today operate only with M1-2 systems Buk-M2 and Buk-which were put into service after the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

    Hello Cameron .... if the Black Boxes indicated that Russia is behind shooting down MH17 you would be shouting that via BBC from Bentley tower day and night.....

  82. For a long time I believed that things can smooth out and we can co-exist and step forward together forward new future BRICS-EU-US.....I believed that Putin wants this and whole Russia as well....go together in mutual respect....

    I lost this hope about year ago when last hopes of bikers or truckers etc vanished .....

    I have many very good friends in the States.....long lasting friendship over 20 years or what (not from blogs - personal contact development ...), all of them wonderful least last 10 years I kept informing them about what is on the way.....they believe I am insane .....

    ......I am so sorry that this had to go that way.....I am really sorry...


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