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Lifting the Veil | Report #11 | Hope for Humanity

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
28 June 2017

Reshaping a world without American Cabal Corporate Hegemony, posing as a Government fronting only the Pariah Deep State, incalculable Fraud, or Zionists Banksters. We need Hope for Humanity, once clear of the Beltway and Jesuit Beast.

World Independence - FROM the Cabal Day? Putting back!

Our world is now power shape-shifting, but to where?

History is profound, and one thing is constant. All Empires end. Usually badly, because lacking Hubris, Elites never see it coming. America's uncultured predatory Klutz Elites Post collapse, will see even less. Was ever such an evil and truly vile Deep State Cabal ever more deserving of ruin. In Global dynamics, the Deep State simply fails to factor in that 350M can no longer bully and seek to control 7 Billion. A hegemony empire which will leave behind little apart from McDonald's when implosion comes. A vacuum of ignominy. Zero Culture. How do we help them reintegrate, not disintegrate. It’s going to be tough for the world’s perception of Billy No Mates as the world polarises towards Eurasia.

Only the evolved cultural associations of mutual trade and civilised values offer a trade recovery lifeline, as they did post the British Empire failure. Global family links and The Commonwealth saved them, by retaining the Banking and Foreign Exchange powers of the Financial City of London. Money made the world go around, with London as its Epicenter. Yet it still is the Epicenter of all Global Financing and Foreign Exchange. The Culture Capital of the world, owned by no one, inclusive for all to coexist. A Revolution of minds. Emergent new thinking. A Homogeneous society which simply gets on together. Because we can!

So apart from mass ignorance, what else is going so wrong in a world of Human Beings where man’s inhumanity plumbs to new lows. Where pernicious Cults pass as Religions, Kiddy fiddlers rule the Vatican, Priests pray on children, and the Muslims follow a certified Mad Pedo with ever escalating violence . It’s time you all stood up and asked - What is truth?

2 to 5,000 year old convoluted fables? Work it out, it’s mainly all BS! Carnal houses conning you. Mans time of dark ignorance needs to end. You are the protector and Steward of your own Soul, so why would you willingly entrust that and your children's to deluded and conniving Bar - stewards in silly dresses? Smell the sulfur.

How then, following the economic collapse of the old British Empire, did this nation survive and maintain both its culture and economy?

Mainly, Trust, Goodwill and Cultural values. Britain’s Public School Educational system was the envy of the world, being used by leading Colonial Power Families to educate their own children, boarding out with Britain’s own aristocracy, and its Merchant Banks were entrusted to help and shape new Global emerging powerhouses. Public schools forged new Dynasty chains. Unique privileged access and allegiances. America, devoid of real Culture, has none of this. The shifting sands of time has left no foundation. Too late now. Ambulance chasing a departing bus saddled down with US defaulted debt ledgers is a big ask. Nations do not forgive arrogant cheats and liars. Especially one when seen to be in such a visible death spiral.

Where is the so much needed Global Leadership, as all now seems to be predicated only upon the coming Eurasia.

Is now a time to be seeking the release of higher Human Consciousness and new ideals?

While we give no full credence to multiple blog sites and articles, it’s well worth going by Google into such sites as to be claiming interaction with Higher Ascended Soul civilisations such as the Arcturians and others, then expanding out. Do the research and follow the tracks. It’s going to be a whole new journey of enlightenment for you. One worth making. Step into Star consciousness. Think Cosmic realities. What are values we need as a Collective mankind, when whole Political hierarchies are now proving truly inept, corrupt and useless. So much research merits reading. How do we retrack humanity? Self help. It’s an interesting journey with far better answers.

NASA itself is on the very verge of disclosure to announce the ET communications established, the visitations and impending arrivals. Also the multidimensional visitations, and ethereal variations of Cosmic forces. The FBI already has disclosure briefings in place, but the usual CIA intransigency is in play protecting Cabal Deep State domains. Unfortunately with a Chump like Trump, sophisticated Leadership will not be availed via that comb-over Klutz, when disclosure comes. For the ET’s it will be on a par with meeting a Space Monkey in a suit. America needs to be looking at the next intellectually endowed President. The Chump was only ever a Hillary blocker.

The emergence of the new Train and Rail track Systems bringing goods overland from Beijing to London, heralds a whole new Cultural epoch in emergent civilisations. Who needs malcontents or Machiavellian mischief from the Halls of DC Agency mischief. Regime changes dictated by DC are ending. As are US alliances. America is fast becoming Passe. Emergent nations are doing so, bypassing America. Rather like stepping by a poop scoop.

With emergent alternative Gold backed currencies and barter level trade exchange models, and fast incoming blockchains, who needs to deal with an ageing and failing Industrial nation who lost their pot, and the plot, in the Casinos of life? There is no despised Defaulter Credit Trading lifeline when on the way down. Just the waiting knives and payback. The Pond divides America from all trading continents. Simmering discontent more so. People are finding a way now to dislodge the parasitic suits. No to taxes. No to the State. No to Bank tyrannies. No to tracking where the youth of today using fast evolving technology will just simply slip all leashes, dump the flea pack, and live fast and loose. The parasites cannot survive without you and all their laws are for them not you. None are thinking forward to evolve humanity. Only how more to encroach upon it. Think for yourself. Already America is now passing Laws to make all cash and asset holding illegal and subject to total confiscation unless declared. Wake up, these Bastards want to steal the lot as their tyranny ends! Wake up!

We need to remove all Churches from School control, and tax them as the businesses they are. Any Corporate Educating Company caught molesting its students would lose its license to operate and be closed down, jailing all those responsible.

So then why not close the worst offenders of all, the false churches?

We live in a world where we can put a man on the moon, send explorer rockets to the Stars, circle Saturn and reach out to the Universe.

Yet we cannot build a bridge between nations? But we can build a Trump or an Israe-Hell wall to divide all? Is this evolving as a species?

We have vast Space Radar investments trying to reach out and communicate with any far reaching Cosmic life forms. Yet none it seems dedicated to reaching out to the most important life forms of all, each other. We are still as divided as Abel and Cain, but with ever more sophisticated ways to kill each other.

A world is waiting in limbo for a GS restrained by malcontents, and the usual shape-shifting Zionist / Jewish Banking shysters. A world is denied while this "We are Special" mistracked bunch of Kazakhs play their usual games with Goyim lives. Until it costs them theirs.

After 5,800 years it is clear, they will never learn. So we must. The danger with a sad Cult like Judaism, is that their children are brainwashed from birth, inheriting a Mantra of clear division, and a Kleptomaniac ethos. It’s all acquisition with no cultural vision. The end games is always an Exodus, whether Egypt, banishment from most European nations for centuries, Hitler’s Camps, the Gulags in Russia, or those yet to come. Their venal, inhumane and psychotic cruelty to Palestinians, earns them no friends, and their Coven malpractice in America typifies a world left to their delusional entreaties. Their sexual degeneracy in Hollywood and Epstein’s vile, sordid Island, projects an all too common image of their predatory, seedy practices. As they own the media, what exposure? Truth denied, their morality lied.

Eurasia will tolerate none of it, and with the might of the world’s largest Economic and Military power being assembled, a Governing assembly forewarned of the malpractices and Oligopoly tactics of this Sect, will have none of it. They will either assimilate, or face viral consequences. This predatory Cult has gone far enough. From Egyptian stonemasons and Tribal Craft scheming Gypsies Dogs, to our 21st century version of still not refined, just better educated Armani or Gucci suited and booted Gypsies dogs. Proof, dress a Mutt but it’s still a Mutt. Only higher family education focus has kept the Mutt pool in the game. Look at the sheer scale of Jewish inbreeding genetic abnormalities. Yet no Heads Up to Abraham?

America is a stark example warning to Eurasia of the iniquities of this species if left unchecked, and consequences for nations once they assume control, as with America. This can be such a ruthless, parasitical, deviant and divisive Sect. One Eurasia must and will remove. All in pursuit of Nutter Yahoos and Nutter Abraham's deranged fantasies. Psychotic malcontents. Yet no one dares call them out.

A world divided with their cynical contempt for Goyims. So much brutal ignorance, arrogance, contempt for Brother man, and such cruelty is practised in Israel. Their cynical abuse of America’s goodwill is sad to observe. As is this profane manipulated Congressional Oath of Allegiance to this despotic Kazakh Cult, with its so many despicable perversions, and profane tendencies.

Good Americans real future, needs to be interfaced now under the Commonwealth alongside their Colonial Cousin Brits. Trade benefits, Cultural links, and joint participants in contributing towards a sophisticated, Science driven, Ethereal new world. America has significant talents, why waste it?

Even Russia has a sound core Orthodox religious base and good base values. All nations have 'issues' but both Russia and China have well educated populations and strong pact bonds. Put simply, in the new, emerging Globally educated, scientific accomplished nations, there simply is neither a place, nor room, for Jewish chicanery and their Oligopoly practices. Family values Yes, but the Goyim delusion will be their undoing. Divided, they will not stand. As 6 Million were force marched to the Nazi camps, where was their Special Bond with God? Nonexistent! As is this sad and mythical Bond nonsense. Time to grow up, review the insanity of Abraham, and reintegrate with humanity. Time to shave off the circumcising Shivas! A truly barbaric, Blood Cult practice. There are no Goyims, just Fellow man. There are no worse Zealots than blind Bigots. The sordid, misguided misfits of Zionism is worse.

The US Treasury and US Federal Reserve, reeks of malpractice. Ever more so the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with its Foreign Ownership, Tax Evasion and Audit Evasions, geared more to mask its blatant criminality. A Kleptocracy of vanity

Why is all American money held , issued and manipulated by a Jewish only Federal Cabal? Try such an Anti Trust Oligopoly on them and they will all screaming blue murder and head banging at the Wailing Wall. It’s long overdue time America heads were banged together to stop that blatant Bankster Chicanery, and the lot outed!

Truly, it’s now time for Humanity to wake up, wise up and grow up! Get Real!

Post the NASA releases all will change. Mans wake up call. A vortex spiral for the churches, and the singularity call for mankind. And we worry only for RV’s?

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  1. Note the child brides of this filthy, Perverse Cult. A truly ignorant, rabid pestilence.
    We arm them????????


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