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Lifting the Veil | Report #10 | A whole new world

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
10 January 2017


A whole new world, but what is real now? Arise a New World or accept the New World Order? Who, or what, is in control now? Will Trump Lead, or follow the Deep State lead? How will he handle the real Antarctica revelations when they brief him? What’s down there? What of the Ecological threat also? Will he grasp it and lead? What is truth? Not what you know!

New Leaders, new views, a new approach, or a Billionaires Tea Party destined for tears?

Be careful, be clear, Trump was elected both to stop Clinton and a Public, albeit correct and well merited, backlash of anger to remove the Political Elites who have derailed the great American power house of Industries, and who under Neo Nazi George Bush, Greenspan, Cheney and the Kazakh Mafia, looted America blind. A Zio backed Rat Pack of the most predatory kind.

Will the new team take back America, or abdicate to the demands and threats of the unelected Deep State? How can America ever be the Land of the Free, when the Cabal care nothing for you, or for me? Far worse, once briefed who will lead on Antarctica? It could be a coming Global catastrophe. Who unites the world for this? America's cities and sea ports will be lost as will be its economy.

Having stolen America over 60 years by Deep State Stealth, what do they care about these interloping new boys with some trappings of wealth? Why should the Cabal share power, in their minds, they have it?

Only in America is the President denied access to the real power loop. Try that in Russia.

Clearly a lot of Space UFO activity is blanked out. Why? Will trump clarify why? Why not? Will 2017 release truth? Disclosure?

How effective will be his new Global Grand Plan, based on his own real life awareness of nothing? When all around you is wrong, how do you re-task the great Ship of State to set sail for what is right? What America does not need is another naive "Yes We Can", then to fail again!

With 8 years of America's demise under that small-time Chicago Union Organiser Obama, there has been no grand Plan or Vision. Just a complete ignoramus elected chanting "Yes We Can". But he soon proved he Couldn’t. How the world all hoped for a new Mandela. But all we got was a chicken legged, Chicago Bathhouse Funny Fella. He came with a roar, and will leave with a whimper. Eight wasted years as America suffered under the Rule of a Narcissistic Fool. The Military Industrial Cabal had a field day toying with the Chicago Slum Lady and her Commie Pet Project. The great US Power House stalled. From a career, which beckoned him as a disbarred Lawyer, facing one now seemingly only deemed for one with a bucket and mop in his hand to Walmart, but instead he was rigged into 2 full terms in the Oval Office as a Democrat. Captain of a new Titanic Seeking an Iceberg to make his mark. He missed the icebergs and sank America.

Clearly with an unstable Alcoholic mother, and 2 very strange Alcoholic fathers, raised in part by Commie Mentors, his life’s Compass was visibly set wrong. So, they took a clearly dysfunctional screw up, and with no possible suitable Professional history role visible, having lost his Bar License, they made him President. What else? Only in America. God has humour.

No wonder Hilderbeast thought it was a home run. At least the great American Public decided her fate, and came out in armies protesting with their Hell No votes! America is awakening. Now the Hilderbeast stalks America, with hostile of intent wreaking vengeance on her tormentor, with no regard to America's interests. He took her train set. Obama took it before. Forever the Bridesmaid, if Dirty Bill does not knock them off first.

Now the Court is reviving Clintons email case, and the media queue up to run articles on the soon to be ex-President, more on his alleged Chicago affairs with his co Chicago Bathhouse membership with Rahm Emmanuel, Coke sniffing Larry Sinclair, his Pakistani boyfriend Sohale Siddiqi, another marijuana and Coke head, in addition to Obama's earlier "alleged" numerous associations with older White guys. As for the murdered alleged ex-Lovers? How did this sad and sordid little man ever pass vetting? Have the Democrats no shame? Has America any Ethics bar left?

Trump and his team are entering a truly Turd ridden Elitist's swamp in Washington. Will he bed down with it or drain it? America needs the guiding influence of his team. This is now their time to make their mark on America. To raise the bar. To raise the Flag. To raise new hope. But to face the need to succeed. Or this IS America's swansong? This is such a good chance for Trump and the team to turn America around. Unlike the Supremes who chose to do nothing when informed of Obama's criminal, usurping deception (and oh how badly history will judge them). To go forward Trump must face down the criminality, and deal with it. Be you ever so mighty, the Law is above you! Yes, Trump team. YOU MUST MAN UP! Dismantle the Bush Neocon Cabal, go after the Clintons, dismantle the Fed, and post retirement from office of the Usurper, go after Obama and Jarret.

But first we need to raise awareness with Trump, that nothing is as perceived.

What a voyage of discovery awaits him. But will you, the trusting Public be told the truth? Is he any readier than you? With his known attention span limits, how ready is he to take any of it on or in? How ready are you?

Revelations for him will take on a whole new meaning. And for you?

But, beyond what we will reveal here, there is so, so much more.

The enigma is Trump. Beyond managed Sound Bites, is the Man up to the Job? America and the world needs change fast. We must hope for the quality of the team to carry all. You EACH are America's hope now. But there have been interesting appointments, and that is hope.

As the old Leaders have each been swept down to Antarctica, for what? Will Trump be briefed?

But, be careful of media over-hype.

There may be different reasons for leaders visits to see first-hand the devastating impact visible across the Ice levels and the melting Glaciers. You are not told for example, that if West Antarctica goes, that sea levels could rise as much as 10 feet! What that would look like? Read here.

Time scales and danger levels vary, as the range goes from 3 feet to 10 ft over 50 to 200 years or more. How often are forecasts and estimates so wrong. Never mind the questionable cap melting, just look at the 10 feet level and that sure as hell seems to be coming this century. Even 6 ft in decades will have devastating consequences. Derivatives and Insurance calls will go off the map and be unmet.

Stock markets are now geared to funny money. If they go, Banks follow. What then? Be assured of one thing, Politicos always get it so wrong. Neville Chamberlain, "There will be Peace in our time". Churchill dared to question it. WW II followed. Wiped out nations.

Now the media ethos is don't frighten the Bunnies. What is truth? Look at the reality of escalating storms and sea levels today. What if?  So many reports all varying on when, but most showing one end! It’s not about the maximum possible end, it’s about even what 3 ft will do. The answer to that is - a hell of a lot of damage! It’s like asking how do we stop an Asteroid. Right now we don’t because we have not prepared defence. Nor have we forethought the enormous Global consequences of Melt Down as Politicos waffle nonsense and focus mainly on self-enrichment. Will they get it and act in time? When have they ever? Do any understand the consequences of Fiscal collapse? When the system just stops?

The Totten Glacier on East Antarctica’s coast, is now showing accelerating collapse. What is now realistically likely if events continue, will be rising seas of 2 meters this century from that Glacier alone (so add that to what we mentioned above). Once the barriers go, just how long do you think you will last if trapped in a New York or London underground train system if that sea comes pouring in? New York, London and Asia all flooded. Hello? What economies? No insurers can cover it. There is NO Insurer of Last Resort. There is no fall-back position, just disaster. This truly devastating tragedy unfolding is way beyond Politicos comprehension to resolve. They are incapable, and the public are just simply mass ignorant. Remember Katrina in New Orleans, and how pathetically that was handled? Imaging both coasts with rivers rising inland.

The scientist later told media that before the end of the 21 century "the great global cities of our planet near the sea will have two- or three-meter (6.5 - 10 feet) high sea defenses all around them."

- RT

Warm water is now circulating under the Totten Glacier, accelerating melt down from what was first thought, making it even more unstable. Now that will reshape nations and for sure, is a wake-up call to Leaders. We are slowly facing up to the Antarctic threat and it’s not UFOs.

So Yes, the visits can have real reasons beyond Conspiracy theories. Real world wake up calls to Leaders now. Billions affected. Real world. Educating Trump. Educating YOU.

So, with the new revelations in the Corridors of power, how about you? Why is your right to know less? How effective have they been to date? Your lives in their hands? Really?

We live in a world of heightened tensions. 2017 will be a year of REAL conflict risk. How about if instead, we let Hegemony die? Reshape human thinking?

From a background as a Global Real Estate / Casino Hustler Developer, Trump has been propelled into a multi-dimensional world of Global dynamics well beyond his knowledge, experience or conceptual awareness. Unlike the Obama "Yes We Can" who couldn’t, this time America has no time to fail and stay in the Leadership game. If Trump fails and is Trumped, his Ace Card will be America against Nations who are not bluffing.  Was a good support team ever more important? But Trumps visible multi facet weaknesses may become his strength. Trumps well propounded limited attention span will make him ever more dependent upon levels of hopefully competent and trusted multi facet advisors expertise. A time, if in conflict, to allow those best able to judge, to recommend real moves and policies. It may be claimed many have no State background. Yes. Correct. Seen how bad a mess those that do, make? Just look at Clinton!

So, giving otherwise proven independent operators a chance may be no bad thing. Is common sense a bad thing as none is visible in DC?

At least most have made their own way and fortunes, and do understand the real world. It’s way past time to ditch the Beltway slime. Trumps team just may deliver a series of good moves, and hopefully Cabal removals! The question is how far will be needed to raise the bar. Or be allowed to by the Shadow Government pack? Who rules America? Until now, not the people.

Trump is now moving headfirst into a world far removed from any of his conceptual awareness. He has shown he does have cognizance of his shortcomings and will take key appointees such as Mad Dog with him to Agency and Pentagon meetings. So now they also must brief two. But Trump has the Counsel of Bannon and others to keep him grounded and aware. How the Zionists will despair of that. More heads to monitor them. That will not go down well with the Cabal, having had visible unchallenged Presidential control for decades. If and how he reigns them in will be interesting. Him having declined daily CIA briefings is a good start. Recaging these out of control Cabal Monkeys readjusts perspectives. For Trump, the world he is now entering will seem like Disneyland.

Antarctica. Many perspectives. Many views. Many issues. What is truth?

Over the last year, there has been a procession of World Leaders visiting Antarctica. Why? Kerry, Obama, Cameron and EU Leaders. Why?

From the alleged Admiral Byrd inner earth civilisation, the alleged South Pole hole, the gaping mountain access portals, and visible Ice sea entry portals, there are many questions. Many. What and where is truth?

Trump v Putin

Look at the sensible move of no knee jerk reactions towards Russia by Trump and his team. Obama's pitiful floundering, closing Russian Diplomatic operating bases in the US over, so far only failing, allegations of Russian electoral rigging. Compared to the proven Democrats crimes anything else is minor. Russia hardly needed expose anything. Internal disgruntled US Patriots were already active with a flood of releases. These are Obama's last inept attempts to patch over a visibly failed legacy. Trump is correct to seek no part of it or him. Or his policies. History will judge Obama as an inept Usurper, criminally inserted by a scurrilous assembly of Cabal interests. As a Leader, the man is a disgrace. Truly, a travesty of injustice. Putin is right to wait for this fool to depart.

There does seem every hope that Trump and Putin will find an accord. Itself a major positive move to recover our Global economies. This would not have been possible under Clinton.

So, what are the positives to take into 2017? Hope for the people:

  • Irrespective of the Political quagmire, America itself has abundant talent and excellence and still huge potential if redirected to focus on recovery. It still has the vast technological lead so far. But now it’s time to use it wisely, not for wars. Lead! Build on the positives.

  • The new Trump administration realises that the Military and Agency excesses have been draining and killing America. He has already declined the CIA requests for daily briefings and stated his intent to have senior Military Advisors from his own team as meeting delegates to verify the quality of information and directions needed. That Neuters the Cabal. Good call!

  • Trump has declared an intent to drain the swamp. 2017 will not be a good time to be carrying a corruption flag. But will he man up when the going gets tough?

  • Emerging nations now all realise the need to de-peg from the US dollar and its Institutions. They KNOW the cost is Hegemony. Russia and China combined are sinking US dominance.

  • Will Trump realise the ONLY way America can now survive, is to build a new Empire based on willing cooperation, and mutual respect. As the British Empire had to do. De-dollarization IS proceeding rapidly. As are new Non-SWIFT banking systems. Nations now all know they cannot retain their Sovereignty beholden to this parasite regime. It’s ending.

  • The Jewish Zionist MSM did all possible to maintain a stranglehold on the CIA Operation Mockingbird public disinformation propaganda circus. Every smear possible was tried on Trump and failed. The MSM are in disgrace, deservedly so. Powerless and Naked Emperors. Declining sales and the MSM is in free-fall. Retribution will follow. Bannon will not deal with them kindly. Nor should he. They were caught lying while thousands were dying. Truth has died on the MSM watch. Media licenses need to be reviewed. New information delivery systems. Bannon and Trump need to END Jewish ownership and control of the MSM.

  • But the next problem will be Mossad’s interactions with Trump's Jewish Son in Law and his Criminal convicted felon father. His Advisors need to really isolate and restrain this reckless relationship. This man has no experience or maturity for such Middle East talks as are proposed, nor can Trump be allowed to instigate such childish Nepotism policies. The Muslims will play him and eat him alive.

  • It needs mature Team reflection. Including facing Trump down if needed. He needs to understand the enormity of the job. As do you. The Job is bigger than the man, and the Team need to impose this upon him. If so, real recovery is possible. It needs to start with relationships.

  • The real earnings of the diminishing US economy have been seen to be visibly dissipating into Hedge Funds via Pension Funds. This is a bottomless pit of high risk Derivatives, with incalculable Offshore Tax Evasion, as seen with the likes of Romney and the Bushes, and the legions of Zionist Skanks who mass occupy Wall Street, the US Treasury and the US Fed. A Zionist Oligopoly Rogues Charter. Also, it’s a CIA racketeering banking scam. It ALL needs to be reviewed, and curtailed. Reign in and deal with these Barbaric Traitors. Trump needs to seriously look at the vast commercial entanglements of the CIA.

  • If Trump is serious about draining the swamp, direct the State Dept. and Homeland Security to seek the Extradition of Michael Herzog from Germany and Paul Guenette from Canada / Israel. This will open the entire can of worms. Herzog has threatened to bring the Bushes, CIA and Clintons down if he is made to pay back what he and they stole. A good place to start. If Trump is truly serious, start here.

  • The Bush contracts seized by Interpol and the German Police in Herzog’s Office and home will crack it wide open. Only Bush 41’s Neo Nazi DKVD role stopped Merkel from allowing it to proceed. Herzog belongs in an American jail. Bush and the Clintons with him. With the power of the Oval Office, Trump needs to have Herzog brought to face American justice, a full on Congressional Inquiry trial. Use it! Extradite Herzog and Guenette!

  • Make it clear to Israel, attempt to allow them to flee and the US comes in and takes them. No more Jew Criminal safe havens in illegal Israel / Palestine! Stop funding this Pariah State! Even the US is now rebelling. American, NOT Jewish policies for America! We need to stop the Roach feast in America. Trump must restrain his Zionist support affiliations, and listen to collective team policy views. That Pariah enclave does not have a future, it’s only time. Like an incoming tide, the Arabs will take it back. Trump must be shielded from Nutter Yahoo and the Mossad Goons.

  • Time to direct the releases of the long overdue Private Placements entrusted and loaned to America to help build its economy but ruthlessly reneged on from settling redemptions by the Criminal CIA Agency and Fed Zio trash. Time to swill clear this filth and take a moral view to repatriate debt obligations to trusting Allies. Raise the bar and standards. Repay Trust! Stop reneging! Get the Zionists and Jews out of Treasury and Fed control. America and the world has no chance while they control the Counting House.

  • Time to help rebuild the so unfortunate trashed nations, victims of ruthless US Hegemony. Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Zimbabwe. Millions have died because of inept US meddling. Release the RV’s dam it! Build trust. Lead morally for a change! Do the RIGHT THING. Yes, YOU Can! It’s long overdue. Do that and be a new Global Folk Hero.

  • Vast Billions are syphoned out each day from Global MTN and BG trading. Trillions annually are skimmed. That funds Agencies, Black Operations, Zion Trash Greed, Pentagon Boys with Toys, and millions die for a lie. YES - it DOES. Key CDFI new members WERE fully briefed on the Pentagon Programs and their need to fund Agencies and Pentagon projects by Pentagon Generals in Washington! Fact! These funds need redirecting back to restore America and the Global economies. All this colossal overspending bypasses Congress.

  • These vast funds, so many huge Trillions, need to be recycled, rerouted and redirected instead to pay taxes, to be directly reabsorbed back into the Global economies, producing real wealth and to re build our depressed Industries. Build humanity. Build trust.

  • It is now claimed that the US has no aircraft carriers on active service protecting its interests around the world. If so, GOOD! The world is NOT yours, and a nation of c350M can no longer go on threatening 7 Billion for Washington Hegemony. Nor should the suffering continent of Africa be its new victim with escalating wars and Agency sponsored terrorism. At best between the way over the top Military, the treacherous Agencies, State Departments, and the Zio Banking trash, at most 5 million people are engendering these venomous threat policies to a Global 7 Billion population. Destabilisation and Wars start with and because of THEM! This is the Lice ridden virulence which needs to be highlighted and removed from and for the good of this planet.

  • Never have so few, done so much harm, to so many. THEY NEED TO GO!

  • America cannot go forward when its policies are not progressive, but so backward! Ignorance rules Fools!

  • This is now an Epoch time for America. A clean sheet. Will Trump use it wisely? Will he rise to it, is he Wise?

  • Now, it’s all about his team. Their agenda and who faces down or backs down with the Cabal. Will they disarm and dismantle the Cabal? Without, there can be no change, and there will be no hope. Nothing can flourish in a Cabal vacuum. Starting with truth. Who clears out the trash?

  • The real problem the West faces, having spent the last 70 years building a US inspired Neocon Totalitarian State and its vast, cross entangled electronic spying apparatus, is to question has it now gone too far to stop without only a total collapse able to dismantle it? The entire Monetary, Banking and cross Taxation system has congealed into a truly vile authoritarian, pernicious regime of brutal repression. Who will kill off this malignant Hydra? The State won’t. Politicians won’t. Does Trump even care? Power corrupts.

  • Unless Trump kills off the Neocons, there will be no change and be assured, they will block him at every turn.

  • Extradite Herzog from Germany to face a full on Congressional Inquiry, and watch the lot implode. He will bring down the Bushes, Clintons and CIA. Now THAT will clean up America and let the nation’s economy flourish. It needs to be followed by bringing Josef Ackermann, ex-Deutsch Bank CEO over to face Congress and CIA linked corruption charges. In one set Inquiry, America will be rocked on its heels, and Trump will be draining the swamp. See who won’t cooperate then. The Trump / Neocon face off must come, and it must be a full - on Snuff contest. To the end! All CIA commercial contracts worldwide must be taken over by the Treasury and State, all Agency Drug and Criminal actions stopped, those guilty arrested, and a 25% cut back on all US Military and Agency spending. Start closing the bases, and bringing back the Military to man the borders and rebuild America. Get tough on crime.

  • Herzog on trial before Congress will bring the lot down with all the Interpol files and records seized from this nasty little Skank. Trump needs to play that Ace Card. Bush and Clintons in the Dock. Taking back America and all they stole!

  • Instead of millions dying needlessly each year serving the cannon fodder needs of a ruthless and predatory Military Industrial Cabal, and its Petrochemical Financiers, it's time to rethink the real meaning of Freedom, life and humanity. Life matters. If we are ever to become a species worth saving, each life born needs to be precious under the protective cover of all.

  • We need to remove consciousness away from the truly ugly, cruel, abhorrent and misguided self serving greed of Zionists, and unite as a species to fight the greatest problem facing us now, the coming tidal surge, both of rising seas and the dispossessed nations and homeless.

  • It's time to assume real Leadership. Apply the brightest minds of our generations and to think out a tidal control mechanism which can protect our coastlines and cities, protect our economies, and protect helpless Souls from the ignominy of a needless end without hope. Water is the building block of life. Why allow it to become the Destroyer? We need Scotty to beam up all your collective consciousness to help work together as one nation of all humanity, to think forward for once and avoid the catastrophe which is unfolding doing nothing. How often do we have to keep repeating the same mistake expecting a different outcome? Doing nothing begets nothing.

  • Money was made round to go around! Zios MUST lose control of the US Treasury. We can not leave a Roach in control of the Food Pot. Look at their century of pernicious theft and guile. Who are all the major crooks?

  • Now is a time for these new emergent generations to face the Antarctic reality, to think forward the vast and destructive implications for all nations, and to unite, each sharing and contributing towards reshaping our planet, and saving the best of our world. The human Soul has compassion. Don't let it be lost by the ignorance of self serving religions. God asks no sacrifice of organ parts, or blood lust tokens. No Halal cruelty, or the pedo marriages of children by predatory men. Look at just how many genetic abnormalities have been imposed upon the children of forced inter family cousins marrying. Religions? Abrahamian religions are sick and mindless. Befuddled Lies! As for the Jesuits and Vatican??? Wake up and grow up. Wise up.

  • We can't even stop an incoming Meteor. In the next 20 years how about we at least work together and stop the global destruction of the entire fabrication of our societies by the incoming tide as it washes away the current barriers and devastates our cities if not stopped now? Our biggest enemy right now, is ignorance.

  • A nation forced through Brexit. American voters just smashed the power of the big 2 rigged electoral Con jobs and faced down the Cabal. What more are you capable of if unleashed united for good?

Who will now lead, so all can now live and feed?


  1. Good job, as always.

  2. Great report, but I would not believe a thing NASA reports as they are controlled by the same ZIO rats that run the FED.

  3. Antarctic research into warm water causing rapid glacial ice melt

    Last year a team of Australian researchers discovered a large channel of warm water about 10 kilometres wide and one kilometre deep in front of the western side of the Totten glacier, causing it to melt.

    "We knew the Totten has been thinning faster than other glaciers in East Antarctica, but nobody has known exactly why until we took these measurements....

    "We found that warmer ocean water is reaching the cavity through this channel at temperatures capable of melting the ice shelf at the point where it meets ground.

    Dr Rintoul said it was important to be able to predict the Totten glacier's future behaviour, because it contained enough sea ice to raise global sea levels by about 3.5 metres".

    1. Correct John F.

      Now see our concern. 3.5 meters will take out the economies if we don't get those flood barriers in. Then the lot goes. Why are we wasting gzillions posing with Fleets? The money, and focus needs to be right now, planning how to stop this God almighty F up bearing down on us!

      We need to be uniting ALL nations to work as a Global collective saving all coasts where possible. Uniting together, Project sharing together, what a way to stop wars? Education to save each nation. We are all one family of man, time to save each other. United we will survive. Doing nothing will annihilate our species.

      It seems, from the moment Man learned to walk upright, someone forgot to switch on the thinking clock. Now, time is not with us. Fail this, we don't just lose the plot, we DO lose the LOT!

      That's why it needs aLL of you voices raised waking up the Muppets!
      Saving Humanity is not Profanity!

  4. i'm proud to be a Brexiteer.....and proud of my American Brothers and Sisters.....I fought the sheeple over here on Brexit....the nay'sayers....likewise I shouted for Trump on our shires to make your voices heard over here....I took the abuse from the simpletons.....and the middle men listened to me and voted along with me....and they quietly shouted for Trump last thing...lets not forget Tony Blair....Bush 2's slave boy and pedophile.....he needs to be brought to justice......I couldn't believe it when he became Middle East Peace envoy....whatta kick in the teeth that was for all of us......but it's giving positions like that to peole like him that got people thinking....same with Obama.....I gave him his first year to 'yes we can'.....didn't take me long to see that 'no he wouldn't'.....many folk here called me rascist for shouting him down for the last 7 years....even my teenage son 'admired' Barry Soetoro.....and that's when my fight really began.....he has now seen the error of his ways and is once again listening to his wide awake dad....I've been awake for 38 of my 50 years.....when i first questioned the hallowed halls of power being run by none other than jews....and their wanton killing of Palestinians.....after all, if the jews were so hard done by in WW2 then why do they treat others like dirt....a question I asked myself at the tender age of 12yrs old....."you'll never take our freedom"

    1. Welcome to the Battlefield. Now you see you do not stand alone, but stand for something- Justice !

  5. Well John,

    One carrier group is on the move again.

    Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group Begins Western Pacific Deployment

    The Carl Vinson CSG deployed with approximately 7,500 Sailors and will focus on maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts. The strike group assets will conduct bilateral exercises in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region to include anti-submarine warfare, maneuvering drills, gunnery exercises, and visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) subject matter expert exchanges.

    Carl Vinson also deployed with the embarked aviation squadrons of CVW-2 which include the "Black Knights" of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 4, the "Blue Hawks" of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 78, the "Bounty Hunters" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 2, the "Blue Blasters" of VFA-34, the "Kestrels" of VFA-137, the "Golden Dragons" of VFA-192, the "Black Eagles" of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 113, the "Gauntlets" of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 136, and the "Providers" of Fleet Logistic Support Squadron (VRC) 30.

  6. Also, thanks for the excellent report. Can't say that I "enjoyed" reading it, Lol. So much at stake and so little time when the country is so divided and the world in such turmoil. Ugh!

    Found an article on Trump's banker liabilities that are concerning for sure, but he will have some tough waters to navigate without their support or is it influence?

    Donald Trump's businesses owe $1.8bn to more than 150 different institutions, new study suggests

    And it looks like Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Sec. will have a rough time in the confirmation hearings based on his past involvement in OneWest and IndyMac.

    Steve Mnuchin faces tough road en route to Treasury post

    Steven Mnuchin, a dealmaker and financier unaccustomed to the spotlight, is on the verge of a very public test: a grilling by top Democrats determined to give him the roughest possible ride as he seeks confirmation as America’s 77th Treasury Secretary.

    And this one takes aim at Dem Kamala Harris, new Sen from Cali.

    Kamala Harris Fails to Explain Why She Didn’t Prosecute Steven Mnuchin’s Bank

    FORMER CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY General Kamala Harris on Wednesday vaguely acknowledged The Intercept’s report about her declining to prosecute Steven Mnuchin’s OneWest Bank for foreclosure violations in 2013, but offered no explanation.

    But the investigation into what the memo called “widespread misconduct” was closed after Harris’s office declined to file a civil enforcement action against the bank.

    1. Great contribution, In give you 3 LLLs for this CaLLL girl.

      See why I am always so nervous allowing any of the Zios near the money pot of nations? If so able, wny have the Fed and Treasury gone bust on their watch?

      Try excluding them from cross employment opportunities and hear the anti Semite howls. Yet the first thing they do with the Treasury and Fed, is remove the Gentiles and loot the store. And no one dare say a word. Why not? Are non Jews too stupid to be trusted to control America's money? Really?

      Who are all the biggest Financial crooks? Why is there a Non Jewish Glass ceiling rigging the Fed? Anti Goyim practices are blatant. Yet no one will call it. Until one day you wake up, and the store is empty.

      How many times have Goldmans cash called the Treasury and Fed? Yet have you seen their bonuses? All the majors? Same game. But no blame?

      If the heat stops one of them getting to the trough, good call. Why not allow a Non Jew All American Patriot to run the Fed and Treasury for all Americans?
      Why not INSIST in it? Stop this restrictive racket! Fed and Treasury representation for ALL Americans. Time Joe Public's voice is heard.

      On Trumps own Fiscal record, Yes, what's new? His long term profile has always been that way.

    2. Lol...the Jews aren't going to give up the keys to the counting room quietly and Trump is assuredly beholden to them. This is really the crux of the biscuit, eh? Sure didn't work out too good for Christ...

    3. John,

      Thanks for the resupply of LLLLLLLs. I was getting very low. Lollllll

      Here's an article in defense of Steve Mnuchin's involvement in OneWest/IndyMac. Who to believe?

      Trump's Treasury secretary pick was not a 'foreclosure king'

      Mnuchin’s record as a financial executive is clear. He stepped into a tough situation with his own private capital and that of his investors, saved hundreds of thousands of homes and took on the big banks to do so. He is an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to save a failing company, serve struggling families and boost our weak economy.

      Cal L. Girl

  7. The best synopsis I've seen from you! Well balanced, nice job. I still have little faith in the global warming scam, as I see it as one of the fingers on the Hidden Hand, seeking feed money via carbon taxes on the air... Oligarchs be oligarchs, they tax people. Trump will indeed need to be brought up to speed...quickly. I'm optimistic still, as he has a lifetime track record of keeping many balls in the air at the same time and I doubt many former presidents could challenge his work ethic. If indeed he invested 30m USD in Dinar as rumored and DOES release the RV...we may well see TRUMP WORLD.. I hope it's a kind and honest place!

    1. Yes, BUT, just make sure if he's juggling those balls, 2 are not yours!

      Or mine!

    2. true! After many decades of research and high level fiscal interaction, The Hidden Hand remains just that to me..hidden. I only know one thing proof positive... These guys are GOOD!

    3. But who, do you think has their hands on Trumps collar, because if he is not on side, he will not be allowed in the game.
      Work it out. As with O, hes still a pawn on the big board. Who directs the real moves above? Joe Public has no idea. Nor the Politicos. Nothing changes, just a new game, but control remains.

  8. This one of the Greatest writings I seen in a long time. Thank you. Some of US Know What is going on On this Planet. Love Always First.

    1. The site has a lot of like minded free thinking supporters.Each contributing invaluable data and reports daily. It needs to grow.


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