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Turning the Tide | Report #19 | A New America

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
7 November 2018

With the realignment of empirical Global territories, new wealth, power and dominance will all have to be rethought through. Each nation now seeks to be free of the US Cabal Zionist Hegemony snout.

But how will the old dual Anglo American forces now re-task and reemerge, each still with a viable hold of dominance, however hidden. Be assured, smart pervasive forces in each nation will play out new roles for position. Can we each cope with the new Chess Board moves? Because, we must.

Donald Trump is trying to free America of the Deep State. Americans have no greater enemies than those Usurpers of Freedom within.

Evolution or Revolution? Even the British seek Brexit to re-evolve as a nation freed from Socialist Pariahs. They will of its people who said No More!

The shock for the Deep State as (God Bless you ALL those Thinking Americans who voted for change) Trump was elected by the WILL of the people to Drain the Swamp. But will he?

The social drive of Asia now wanting its own territorial freedom to emerge will be accommodated. Board games are yet to be played out. London is the most accomplished Chess Player bar none, and its US Alliance is strong with the City itself being key to all of Washington's capital dependency based positions. As new reemerging and re-tasking for all new profile players, the Anglo American Alliance will become more convoluted and strategically intense than ever. Mutually dependent. Let us do Good!

Repositioning now is key. Also conceding old strategies.

Change is unstoppable. As will be the future homogeneous integration of the vast Russian territories integrating with East or West, and with the new found emerging expansion of each empowered new thinking Being, with so many nations soon to be freed from failed religious dominance. Religions will not stand up to the scrutiny coming. Societies all will go into focused conflict with the old Vatican and Rothschild's Zionist control of monetary systems. Their claws will be broken free, by each nation and culture seeking their own destiny. A cooperative of nations will find their own new level. Free Spirits of course will want a say in the destiny of their own nations and cultural changes. Not least the abominable cult of circumcising children. Future societies will look back in abhorrence as such blood cult, perverse practices.

The key question now, is how post a GCR (Global Currency Reset), we best help seek a new Global plateau of emerging nations and the new Thought Patterns towards a better World Order. One focused to protect our home planet for all? One uplifting humanity and spiritual values. Freeing minds.

With the incoming hard reality of Eurasia, try as it will, Washington's Military Industrial Cabal and its NWO Agencies, will simply be excluded. Not allowing its presumptuous Hegemony control of Global affairs, manipulating trade and monetary policies. Self Interest will be surpassed by Collective needs and Free Will. We need to rethink the ambiance of collective interest, not self. A marriage of minds.

The American people soon need to coexist with emerging nations, in planned cooperation - not Colonization. Seismic changes for America.

Better planned nations are emerging, each now free in their own lands. As Britain had to learn with the Commonwealth, wealth had to be shared for Common, Collective good. Or all relationships will be lost. Feudal autocracies ended. So will Washington's Cabal corruption.

With new emergent unstoppable forces, as much for America also, after over a century of Fiscal dominance of the enslaved manipulative Zionist Fed and US Treasury mind games, the American people's own self interest as a nation, can and must now emerge free of these parasitical families.

America and the West needs to be Zionist monetary free, and to form its own national and domestic money policies with its own currency, one serving the people, not as Zionist enslaved Sheeple. The US Treasury and Fed must be sequestrated and run by Americans, for Americans, and no more Global Zionist filters.

Just the Zionist c2% of the US population must no longer control 100% of the nations money or wealth. This Oligopoly chain must be broken. It’s visibly obsequious and offensive. Zionism is a truly feral ideology falsely compromising good Jews. Zionists, like Rothschild's, are assimilated Khazars, not Jews! End this buying of Seats in both Houses, and this so undemocratic Oath of Loyalty for the Bought Rothschild's Pariah State of Israel. Good Jews can, as always, live in peace with neighbours in the Middle East, by a policy of Education, Technology sharing, Scientific cross shared benefits, Mutual Heath Care, and an end to seizing and occupying land, for expansion at the cost of long established true entitled nationals. Good Jews, who are respected by Muslim cultures, live themselves under a needless subjugated threat, as a result of the consequences of actions by these Khazar invaders. Israel in its present form will never be accepted. Even Netanyahu's wife is on trial for Fraud and Corruption as he manipulates all resources to avoid his own.

Many Jews in Israel are not happy with this Mossad tyranny regime. Rightly so. The MSM needs to stop lying about these Despots.

America and its Allies need to be free of ugly Usurping parasite forces bleeding the nations dry. Each nation must evolve to where wealth earned is not sequestrated by the hidden claws of lock down Zionist Treasury policies, or votes bought with Jewish money and sworn Oaths of Allegiance to Rothschild's Terrorist State of Israel. No more.

Both American Houses must have Allegiance only to America and freedom of mind for Humanity, freedom and acts of good conscience. One to serve the needs of its nation with humility. One where values matter and enable true Kinetic humane value growth. Thinking energy, bonding and harmonious to all.

Our development must become as Cosmic Beings, all as one to nurture nature. It’s the coming of a time to start to think now the type of Global society we want. A vision of Humanity, Compassion, kindness to animal welfare, ecological processing, compassionate society values, and protection of all of Earth's resources balanced in harmony. Time to come of age.

Just look at the far sighted quotes and creations of True Leaders of their time.

The invaluable National Health Service created by Lloyd George

The numerous cryptic quotes of Churchill

Not least, those of JFK.

Where are such Leaders now? We all need to be rethinking the meaning and values of our nations. Values of being a Good Human Being. What are the values of a good life?

Re-task the GCR only after thinking out what type of new society do we want? What type of relationships do we want with our neighbours, our Allies? What values do we want to establish as the building blocks of the new society, ones free of Dogma, and which can be now be tutored to all our children, educating, caring and establishing new concepts of the values and purposes of Good Citizenship, Community values and new Community Planning? A new Society fit for purpose.

The GCR must be used to underpin thinking out a better way forward with emergent Alliances. How can we not afford a few Trillions to tackle Global poverty and famine, when we can squander and in debt nations wasting tens of Trillions on wars and Agencies. Vast Contractors Mercenary armies are devastating nations, and bankrupting America. Unethical, unprincipled and unacceptable. No thinking Leaders can condone this any longer.

Cease viewing Mercenary rented killers as Heroes. Nations are being emotionally stunted by false propaganda. Evil rules Fools! Only shame will come from this. 990+ Hegemony bases. Why?

Both Empires, the Anglo American conglomerate of Agency and Corporate Global interests, need a total reset. First thinking out a model of ideals which merit the excellence both nations are capable of. A caring, sharing series of partnership values, beneficial to all. Wealth of Soul becoming Ethereal achievements, not Corporate controls and Enslavement. Why release the GCR only to be sequestrated by the same Temple Money Changers who have corrupted nations and enhanced corruption to a fine art for over 6,000 years?

Clearly, unless power overrules them, they will not change. A Blood Cult like this has 6,000 years of committed indoctrination, one committed to to Coveting EVERYTHING!!!

Yet each is born a blank slate human being, then shaped by Cult domination as their indoctrination takes over. No less also with Islam. Blood Cults. Each, ruthless in pursuit of false wealth. Each Covet! It all starts to go wrong there. False values. The convenience of false Gods. We take innocent children and turn them into this. Man made, wrongly tracked creations.

Society goes wrong, when those selected to Lead are simply not fit.

Look at the cross Political spectrum. Corruption, incompetence and maleficent species as a collective. Across Asia ever more Presidents, Prime and Finance Ministers are being jailed for corruption. Truly, what an ugly mess. Sex trafficking across Asia runs unchecked, truly vile! China deals with corruption with a bullet. America needs to!

Soros sits impervious to Law, funding, meddling and seeking to indoctrinate nations, as well as funding Migrant Chains swamping the EU. His funding of the illegal Usurper Soetoro, to cripple America's emergence for 8 years, and now seeking to further destabilize this emergent nation under the undemocratic Pariah Deep State cross infecting all Agencies and State powers. Soros is a truly vile, Nazi collaborating War Criminal who should long since have been brought before The Hague to stand trial for his crimes, dispossessed of everything and incarcerated for life readied for what next awaits this despicable life force. His protection is his bought Political sycophants. Sad. In what society can this happen?

The entire Western concept of Democracy has been left totally bereft of the Values which once formed them. The West has lost its way and purpose.

Will President Trump be able to achieve the re-tracking and recovery of America, with good values? It affects all of us.

What can or will you do to help fight for Justice? What values will we pass on to our children to help shape their world? What can you do to help change ours? Doing nothing begets nothing. Inspiration can change each nation. Everyone is born mentally empowered with Free Will. Use yours, to Free others!

Evolution is a thinking process, what kind of better World Order do we want for our next societies? Sharing ideals as One Human Kind?

One World of Nations is a step. Your voices carry. Human consciousness begins evolution. Yours. It’s our journey, now chose direction. How we treat and deal those we meet on our path of life. Our consciousness of being, a better Human Being.

So, the key and innovative rethinking needed outside the box, to restore America as a True Industrial Empire, but one focused on Trade and Wealth creation. Offload the waste baggage of Free Loaders and yesterday ideas. Why fund more failures?


1. Disband the now defunct NATO. They would not stop a Russian invasion across Europe. At best they can hold the line for 24 hours. We then have to go to tactical nukes anyway, so what’s the point? None!

Fat budget Bases, who ran away and allowed genocide in Kosovo. The EU does not pay its way. NATO is a Turkey gobbling up wasted Trillions. Spend those funds instead on Education, Welfare where justified, future thinking R&D, and building Global Trade Missions. Build Alliances NOT Enemies!!!

2. Close hundreds of US bases which serve no real purpose. They would all be wiped out within a few hours anyway. Idiot thinking! Those bases ONLY justify more Pentagon and Agency Fat Cat budgets. Afghanistan was for what? America is losing it. Trillions wasted feeding 4 squares Contractors and pointless Squaddies. Build AMERICA!!! Rebuild America! Build Trade Alliances.

3. Cease funding armed Mercenary Killers who Murder for Cabal Profit. If a Military incursion merits action, do it honorably with Regular US and UK Forces. Cease creating wars to create Profits for Fat Cat Contractors and Agency opportunism. Iran is FULL of CIA Business Negotiators cutting fat deals outside of American oversight. As they are in most nations. CIA is also an acronym for 'Criminals in Action' which is more befitting. What a two faced shamble.

4. The UN. Is there a more pointless, corrupt and time wasting bunch of incompetent Numpties? It’s rotten from the top down. Special interests thrive and waste bottomless Expense accounts. They achieve what? Trillions wasted. A vast, pointless bloated autocracy.

From the City of London powers out to Washington, let’s have a Military which is fit for purpose, focused on resolution not Regime change revolution, as body bags for Zio Cabal avarice.

Before the GCR hits, it really is time now to ask, is any of it worth the body bags and vast needless Military budgets? 50,000 Washington / Agency reports a year. What the F for? No one reads them. Chaos rules Fools!

End Imperialism and Political chicanery. Are any of them fit for purpose?


  1. They're stealing the AZ election:

    And wtf is happening in FL.

    This is a deliberate attempt to crimp the Senate control.

    1. Donald J. Trump
      ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

      Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!
      6:38 PM - 8 Nov 2018

    2. The head crook in Broward County has been identified:

    3. Yes but many more cases of huge Demo voter fraud need checking and seats suspending .


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