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Will Zio / Cabal truth revelations help our Social Revolution for good?

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
21 February 2018

What started originally as a conceptual disclosure on apparitional Beings of Light Energy, Transhumanism and AI developments, invited then a parallel debate on the very mind destroying projects via Black Ops Budgets which poor Yohannes Riyadi and others been historically funding via Grey Screen Bank Trading Programs, for this grubby Deep State / Vatican Cabal. So close, yet so Gross! Money scalped which SHOULD have gone to the nations! To house, educate and help people! Stolen by the Zionists and Cabal.

WHO has stolen the future of Humanity with impunity? Who is funding these circa 1,000 US bases, and Rendition Centers, with whose money? The world needs to look at this ugly Cabal and ask, in whose name? Who also gave these rapacious Fed and Banking Zionists such power?

Where should Real Leaders life focus be? Will any focus on enhancing humanity? Not the way it’s going!

Nations are economically crippled, and beholden to the cynical duplicity of ruthless Zionist Banking, the War Monger Military and Agencies, Big Pharma and the Gulf of Mexico Petrochemical type mass polluters. Not least America. As we have seen, the FRB-NY operation has been allowed to run up Grey Screen Trading and Derivatives gambling exceeding $50,000 Trillion on the Riyadi account alone, while always publicly denying him his share of his lawful Profits, and even denying truth of its existence. Yet clear checks via Bank of Indonesia, and internal Treasury / Fed references expose their lies. As they have also done with a vast array of other Elders and Trusting Nations accounts. Everyone has been a victim of the cynical Bait and Switch US Treasury / FRB-NY scam shuffle. Always, they deny, and always LIE!

On one hand, as with all Elder's accounts, they deny their very existence until Obama / Con Man Soetoro needed $15T to cover up a Treasury / Fed black hole. Then suddenly a completely fraudulent series of SWIFTs appeared cross referencing such AU volumes as simply did not exist, to carry out a bogus FRAUD asset scam to justify raising $15T over several SWIFTs which would be used to protect the illusion of a solvent US, by Money Laundering, Conspiracy to commit Fraud and Wire Fraud to patch over an insolvent Fed.

We then saw the Pureheart Chairman disappear, (a Chairman using the false name of a dead boy - and also Marlon McCall who acted as Company Secretary for Pureheart,  which was the company who carried out this vast fraud) his passport visa denied renewal by Clinton and clearly still flagged, and a series of Bank Chairmen were involved, who then suddenly could afford very early retirement. Really? The kickbacks on $15T can do that. The paper trail is undeniable, but as with the Herzog Fraud, all investigations denied. Despite Herzog threatening to turn the lot of them in if arrested and extradited to the US. Ackermann was pushed out of Deutsch Bank, and the excreta tracks were visible. But no one moved. Justice? Why is Herzog not on trial in America?

With the usual FRB-NY and CIA dirty tricks game of creating falsified papers for trusting investors, which they then use as an excuse to deny distribution of profits and redemption, it is also their Achilles heel. Prove once they are lying, and the whole pack of lies crashes down, them with it. Once they face perjury evidence they crack. That we achieved from day one pre-testing truth.

But with DC and both Houses rotten to the core, there was no receptive audience to address it with the corrupt Presidents, Bushes, Clinton and the Kenyan Con Man Soetoro. A tainted White House, of sordid men. But now, under Trump, is change coming as the hope of the people? He is America's only hope so far. Will he rise to it? He promised!

Where has so much funding gone and been syphoned off to, as none has helped America? Nor Trusting Global Beneficiaries in need, so cruelly and cynically denied by scurrilous varmints? Who funded a million dead in Iraq for the false and illegal Non-WMD war? Another nation destroyed by this vile Cabal.

So who in the WH will now ask the big questions? Like with the $15T which is now trading into vast T’s, but a party purporting to be from the WH has now established first contact with the House of Lords asking for help. However, the only key party who can help and unravel the lot, is also a UK Patriot, and is hard nosing a recovery share percentage for his own nation. More will be exposed as we lift the covers and expose these grubby chicanery deals.

Lifting the cover from Project MK Ultra and beyond, the CIA’s desperate attempts to withhold Disclosure is losing momentum AND CONTROL. How dare we seek Truth? That is mind blowing to them! Enlightened minds cannot be subjugated, as it then reverses the carefully planned Dumbing Down Protocols.

Light Beings, Clean Energy, UFO propulsion systems, Nevada’s Dugway Area 52, Dimensional jumps, Underground complexes, Remote Viewing and Cosmic Helmets. What is really going on?

Free energy? Yes, it’s there! But the last thing the Big Oil, Energy companies or even Governments want is for you to access it. No taxes then for them to laud it over you. Freeing you? Who gives them the right to enslave you?

What has the Real Illuminati been doing with your money, but not in your name? If all you think is real, is not, what then is? Why is the vast Vatican funded Deep State Space Tracking telescope utility named Lucifer? What a duplicitous contradiction in faiths. Jesuits worship who?

Yet now, as you awaken, you dare to question? Awake you will see, your new reality is truth and all around you is an illusion. Joe Public IS Delusional!

The race now will be about control. Global Democracy, or NWO? AI and Transhumanism follows, but only for the Elite or secondary serving support families, the new Feudal monarchies. Those left out - will do without.

Centralised Religions, centralised Banking and Global Catch All, screen all, know all, and total remit of all Taxation. Draconian surveillance is here, and the unelected Deep State with it bearing down on all of you. When is too late?

But far worse, with the acceleration of AI and Transhumanism, since when does a Robot care, least of all about you?

The future of humanity will be predicated upon enhanced, or non-enhanced beings. What God will help those left out? Most of you.

Try explaining to about 4 Billion Asians, 2 Billion Europeans, Africans and South Americans, their host nations cannot afford to incorporate them, nor care. Yet they will enhance Bush 43 and his offspring. IQ will visibly not have been his pre-qualification. How long could it sustain Soros?

What monster stirs in the corrosive Deep, Deep State of America today. Its threatening base tentacles encircle the Globe. It’s out of control Arms, People and Drug trafficking. Agencies unaccountable beyond the reach or supervision of Democratic Government. Accountable to no electoral ethical powers as the Deep State grows wings. Ugly! We must keep up the pressure and help Trump drain the swamp, or was it just more Electoral rhetoric?

The ruthless and criminal CIA was formed in 1947, with its primary Agent base sourced from the German SS. Thule Society, Nazi SS mentality agency staff brought into America under Operation Paper Clip (1, 2) with new identities, to serve a whole new hidden Military agenda with all the looted far superior German UFO and rocket technology. As was then forewarned by Eisenhower, the incoming, all powerful self serving Military Industrial Cabal was to be feared. Unelected, with a far reaching hidden agenda, alien to the ethos of The US Constitution, aggressive plans formulated 75 years ago are now becoming evident and exposed.

Even then, Eisenhower as the ex-Military President was deeply worried by what he saw and could do nothing to stop it. This ugly, corrupt threat to world peace, subject to no Democracy.

The NWO monstrosity is already Deeply embedded within, and how far this Vatican / Deep State Oligopoly reaches is of great concern. All powerful, rapacious, depraved and incestuous. None are fit to lead Humanity's Primary Objective. Unelected, indifferent to all of you. As is Soros.

Failing risks losing not only the plot, but the species. So much has been funded, all Black Operations, to service Clandestine agendas whose primary objective is the fundamental constraint of Liberties, and the derogation of inherent rights or purpose of being, of our brother and sister humans to serve a frankly ugly and perverse Elite. One whose primary control is not by Leadership, merit, or elevation of the Principles of Humanity, but by sleaze, corruption and Agency / Vatican supported inhumanely conceived terror. After all the Vatican lies, has ensconced the illusion worldwide, and embedded over 1,800 years of it. Their own Knights of Malta, Jesuits and Masonic Lodges encircles America. Reaching also into China and running the EU. The Luciferian Claw that rocks the cradle!
A murderous, perverts CIA wrecking crew is loose. Just look at the consequences of the Traitorous Nazi Bush and Trailer Trash Clinton families they unleashed, when the remaining criminal psychopath was still in the race for the White House. She needs life without parole in the Big House. Ask the Benghazi brutally murdered victim's families. What is the time for each Clinton crime? She Knew! How many died for Clinton lies? How is the bar so low?

How did Soetoro EVER clear vetting? He hung these men out to DIE! Was ever a President so Gut Rotten a Coward? One as bogus as Barry?

One such former Agency study group involved Dr. Donald Hebb at the McGill University, which received CIA grants as early as 1961 to undertake sensory deprivation studies on students and others with their added interjections of drugs such as LSD, to assess the impacts and implications of hallucinatory mind bending drugs upon the human psyche for current and ongoing mind altering chemical and/or electronic aids. There have been many side effects and casualties, most covered up. Even today, much of the applied research has been put to Military and Agency use in their Global hegemony and ruthless Rendition Centre Torture programs. All this will be applied ruthlessly also in the FEMA camps if the Cabal round up is activated under Agenda 21 and more. Russian Gulags, German Concentration camps, Chinese prisons, man’s inhumanity to man all shows no ending. Conditions within become evermore gruesome, as was evidenced by the sickening glee in Cheney’s eyes echoing his loathsome vocal support for waterboarding. So many completely innocent beings were subjected to this appalling deprivation, under illegal CIA control. Abu Ghraib evolved left unchecked, as another American Cabal hell hole on earth. The world looks on in abject horror. As with so many more unregulated Agency Black Operations concealed in sites from Morocco to Poland. There are currently almost 1,000 bases, now they want 37 more? Each are bases in their own right. Madness! The question is how long Russia waits.

Shameful - forever Disgraceful! What are we letting loose to stalk the earth as it will also turn on its own? In whose name perpetrates such shame? This so badly hurts Americas name worldwide.

Vast displaced 7th century mind warped Islamist populations are now encroaching into Europe fleeing the persecution left behind by this sickening, perverse Cabal Hegemony ensconced in US Politics today. The danger of unchecked escalation by those unfit for power. But it’s not America picking up the crippling costs. Or social consequences.

You wonder how America can be so impoverished and in such vast debt? America is now insolvent for Quad Trillions. Wasted or Stolen? Who has use of those FRB-NY funds? Why are all redemptions reneged on? FRB-NY IS guilty of mass wire fraud.

You, as Non-Elites, have no concept of the vast uncontrolled Trillions raised and wasted by the Pentagon and US Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRB-NY), which has bankrupted the nation beyond infinity, as well as enriching the Zionists and depraved Political scavenger families such as the Bushes and Clintons, to syphon off undeserving fortunes of unbelievable magnitudes. Yet no one seems either aware or willing to step up and say No More! Do you even care?

Such parasites are treated as American Royalty. Really? The bar is now so low? Not one is fit to stand comparison to the Founders wishes and aspirations of the Constitution. Not one is a true Patriot. Not One Fit to Be an American! Why was Soetoro allowed to pull of his Con and still prances free like a preening Chicago Cockatoo?

Operation Mocking Bird has almost fulfilled the Agencies planned objectives dumbing down the masses. Operation Paper Clip camouflaged the Nazi SS Elites to integrate war criminals within American society, As with the Germanic and Treasonous Bush Crime family. Anglicizing these Nazi families to keep them hidden from the Public domain, as with the Hitler Nazi supporting Bushes. All Court proven as Traitors. They still are today. Millions have died at their evil hands since.

Not only have they and their Skull and Bones Neocon cohorts betrayed and robbed the future of nations in an orgy of corrupt depravity, but in conjunction with the uncontrolled CIA, over which a sterile Congress long since lost supervisory powers, unchecked it has allowed the emergence of such Black Operations Projects as to threaten the very mass extermination of mankind, unleashing weapons and powers beyond the comprehension of most Souls, aided by a Ghoulish Cabal, interwoven with the Luciferian Vatican, whose objective is domination at any price.

How better emphasized than the Tri Lateral and Kissinger's concept of the worthless Goyim Slave forces to serve Zionists, or the Useless Eaters the vile and Treasonous Bush would exterminate tomorrow at will. All supported by a Tri Lateral's conception of a world reduced to a Global population of only 500 million, as long as they, the all too often ugly Elites, and their equally all too often half-wit useless children, become the new Elites. Creatures as ugly as Soros, as venal as Kissinger, as rapacious as the Rockefellers, or Soulless as the Rothschilds, would by design, rule all. Sterile mentalities. Like slugs with a slime trail of carnal depravity, they serve no higher goal, nor aspire to seek ethereal wisdom or accomplishments. These are just bottom feeding predators. Elites, this, are you mad? There is no Soul befitting such inhumanity.

America under even the lurid and sexually louche Kennedys, once strived to reach for the stars.

Education among the Ivy League Universities soared to new heights. It was an exciting time to be an American in pursuit of the American dream. Admired by the world as the flag flew high. Until that is, having murdered JFK for challenging the status quo, it was then left floundering under the remit of the Bushes and Clintons. It turned into the nightmare of today. America's pride and ethics died under the Bushes and Trailer Trash Clintons.

JFK espoused hope. Bush elected a Dope in 43. Bush 43 and Blair took the world to an illegal war where no WMDs existed, a multi-millennial nation was destroyed, and the Agency conceived ISIS was unleashed, funded, trained and armed by America. So sick!

Great emergent civilisations develop and enhance cultures, centres of learning and lift the bar on a far reaching agenda of new heightened awareness of evolved societies. From the old Chinese Dynasties, to the Asian epicentres of learning, the Greeks, Romans and British Empires, all contributed to and advanced the needs of emergent societies. Until, along came a vibrant new nation with a dream of hope, from the Stature of Liberty out, one forged by Civil Wars and conquests, but one for whom caring and even great men of their time, the Founders, created The Constitution, itself a Charter of Rights and Liberties for which its own nation, and those in need, could seek protection from the injustices of Feudal Monarchs, Slavery and oppression. The Founders sought to evolve as a new society, to service need and create a Just Society. They had a Statue of Liberty and deep family God based values to underpin and protect the children of the nation’s future.

What has gone so, so badly wrong in America? In whose name?

Russia and China have each been evolving rapidly parallel to the United States. Each have focused on internal education, infrastructure projects, and cooperative Science Sharing with Joint Military R&D Defence budgets to accelerate new breakthroughs, applying learning programs to accelerate Sciences including better Military systems, leading edge technologies, but better and faster. More important, cheaper! The baton of power is passing and Eurasia is emerging. The antidote to failing America.

The US has achieved only a badly flawed failed F35 jet which is hemorrhaging Trillions in debt with an agenda solely to enrich Lockheed’s Cabal shareholders, protect their dividends and regional suppliers, and to hide truth from an oh so gullible Public. It’s CRAP and flawed! The Baton of control, and power is being lost. Deservedly. Incompetence and failure does not sustain Empires. Nor will McDonalds and a thriving illegal Drug empire sustain America. A sick Mongrel pack now preys on its own.

Concurrent to all this both China and Russia have been focused deeply upon ground breaking parapsychology and complex inter dimensional research projects, with a deep and far reaching series of agendas. America has been left far behind. Simply because, as can be seen from the Global field performance of Lavrov for Russia, Putin’s trouncing of Obama and a sustainable Global core resource asset buying strategy by China, America has simply lost the plot, and its old Industrial leadership wealth pot.

Eurasia has re-evolved, and seeks to establish our species roles and our Being within the Cosmos. Eurasia understands the major roles and road ahead.

We live in an era where encounters with Beings of Light, intelligent shape changing energy buzzing aircraft and even the International Space Station is experienced, where evermore OBEs (Out of Body experiences) are being reported by credible, objective parties, where Spiritual experiences as encountered by many such as Dr Eben (1, 2), are all attesting to inter-dimensional life experience beyond.

Among us are many, who equally having experienced both dimensional and Astral-Dimensional Plane transfer, chose not to go public, but now all knowing, are seeking to quietly enhance the evolution of Man and to raise your consciousness to an understanding and acceptance of the multi-dimensional universe matrices we occupy. This is an era similar to when man conceived aircraft and left the ground to fly. Now we are conceiving dimensional realities, wormholes, folding space, interstellar flight and matter transfers. Slowly it begins. Now you are thinking.

Preflight an Astronaut must train to a disciplined agenda so as to be fit for service and purpose. Why then allow such an unfit, undesirable rabble into national Leadership? Clinton is a lying, conniving, criminal psychopath. If America cannot even contain such a visibly dysfunctional Mutt as that, how can it be entrusted to lead anything? Yet we prosecute for unleashed dogs? Just not for Political Rapists, lying deviants in Public office, Traitors or Cabal deviants it seems. When will Trump unleash Justice? Where is the Epstein's Island Log Book?

When will they be exposed and shamed? Who will publicise the names of all? Where is the MSM Moral outrage?

Kennedy tried to lift America's dreams to reach for the stars. He was proud to be an American, and revered by nations. Jack, no Angel himself, still raised the bar as well as hell. He earned respect. A new age of consciousness evolved, one where a vibrant society started to challenge new human awareness and consciousness of being. These were the days of JFK. MLK who had his dream of freedom and died for it, but set Afro-Americans free. And Mandela, a truly great man of humility, who would not renounce his dream, and set South Africans free of persecution, to become equals in their birth homeland. Free to be human. Those were the days of aspirations, clear forethought of change, and the will to enforce it. Or die trying. Now what’s left, can only die lying.

But since, we have only had the vile Bushes, Soros, the sleaze ridden Clintons and the Rockefeller / Rothschild Zionist trash with their Tri Lateral population reduction agendas. The evermore exposed Vatican, with a depraved Kiddie Fiddling history second to none, still clinging onto world subjugation via the Jesuit agendas. Their Black Popes and Black hearts enslaving minds in ignorance to serve a nonexistent Council of Nicaea conceived false Deity. Where is truth as the real bedrock of a new society? Time to grow up, and like Santa, lose the Fairy stories. Get Real!

Let us quantify this for you. In our own tiny Galaxy alone there are 400 billion stars. There are an equal number of huge Galaxies in the observable universe. For every grain of sand, there are 10,000 stars out there. Allowing just 1% of Stars to have potentially earth like planets that factors into hundreds of billions of earth like planets. As a new emergent civilisation, we are surrounded by potentially billions of intelligent civilisations, but using our current standards of electronic and light based communications systems, it will take thousands of years for our attempts at communications to reach anywhere. How can we conceive of civilisations millions of years in advance of us? What life ethos has evolved? To them we have attained the evolutionary development of a Chimp in comparison. They will treat us how? Congress deserves to be caged.

So where is everybody? Which takes us back to the Fermi Paradox as now you are starting to read, contemplate and quantify, where is everybody out there?
Are we alone? No. Revelation is coming.

But are we ready? No. Are you, really? Look hard at Joe Public. Too dumbed down to think.

But first, we have to surpass The Great Filter. The selection process to filter emergent societies and civilisations past established check points to determine readiness for emergence as an acceptable evolving species, justifying Cosmic acceptance, information transfer and progression towards a new dimensional evolution as Star Beings.

But to progress now, evolution needs to become a planned Global goal, an aspiration with a meaningful and enlightened process agenda. One Evolved, but how while a Mutt like Clinton stalks Washington? While the CIA funded ISIS stalks the earth? While the subspecies of Islam and a manufactured Jewish faith following a paranoid delusional madman like Abraham cut pieces from their children. Oh, but he promised them they were special. Akin to Adolf’s mantra. While Muslims force child marriages upon 6 to 9 year olds, and Zionists perceive their fellow neighbours as Goyim, fit only to cheat, deceive and rob at will, and subjugate to a bondage of Fiscal slavery. What an ugly species each are. Evolved? Are you serious - Be ashamed! They cannot even think for themselves yet. How evolved is this ignorant, naive stupidity? Think, enlighten, wake up!

We are ALL, one divided people. One human kind, and too often, NOT Man-Kind!

But be aware, as we currently stand, SETI broadcasting our very being here, invites what happened when Columbus opened up America. If encountering an aggressive, resource stripping civilisation, our future may be terminal. First, we need to understand the Cosmic Jungle Rules.

Or, as regards visiting Lifeforms, back to the Beings of Light, who and what are they? What is their agenda in this tiny Cosmic bubble of human lifeforms? What is life? What is intelligent life?

With the time, radiation belts and vast distances of space, intelligent lifeforms visiting earth are more likely to be only advanced synthesised energy lifeforms (as with the Greys), created as complex organisms able to function within thought parameters, to work and respond to preset agendas and to report back to host civilisations evolved before humans even walked the earth. To them, mentally we are less than pygmies. The Bushes still cross breed them. Exhibit Soros or the Rothschilds as ugly examples of our evolution. The 21st century and still Bush trained wildlife in suits stalk the earth. Have we learned nothing? Where are the visionary Leaders? Clearly, the Political forums are the wrong places to start. Why follow Failures?

Societies are conceived in the human mind. Time to chose for ourselves before they take that away.

Be assured Russia and China are fully deploying ever growing investments into both Parapsychology, and Galactic research. Each society has ever expanded its own education base, and alerts to the reality of kinetic energy empowerment, seek to be abreast of new emerging life-force encounters, and the technology needed to compete. It is no coincidence that Russia has a seismic lead over the US in rocket propulsion systems and space warfare technology with the rumoured 7 recovered craft being reverse engineered at Kapustin Yar. What hidden ET technologies do Russia and China now possess? Clearly many.

While the US built its own newly emergent post war space race systems using captured German Rocket Scientists, so did Russia also. Russia, now aided and cross R&D program funded by China, has via its own Area 51 in Kapustin Yar, which incorporating its own captured UFOs, reverse engineering has been steadily achieving evermore scientific breakthroughs to gain the first mastery of space, as exampled by China's capture of target satellites, and Russia’s role in providing host vehicles taking satellites into space for the US as NASA investment cutbacks has left America lagging way behind the Soviets needing Soviet delivery vehicles to maintain a Space presence. America lost the vision and lost the plot in an orgy of Political greed.

Exampled also by the now superior Russian fighter jets for sale, and the advanced silent Russian Subs able to get within 5 to 7 minutes striking distance of America for preemptive attacks. Times have changed as power has devolved to others. When Obama tried to grandstand with Russia over Syria, Putin placed his warships into position and called him out. Both Russia and China increasingly face down the US. Obama propounded the US still has a Space warfare lead. If even true, which is dubious, Russian spies will soon resolve that. They always have. American traitors have never hesitated to give it all up for a Buck. The American way. Payola.

But confrontation achieves what? Will we ever learn? What is evolving around us seeking contact is surely immeasurably more important. Russia is releasing evermore of its own UFO encounters and allowing scientific community debate as they Reverse Engineer the rumoured 7 crashed crafts in the Kapustin Yar complex. People worldwide are challenging news restrictions and alternative realities. Human consciousness is awakening. Yours?

What is truth? What is consciousness? What is going on?

So, while we clearly know the key agendas, and real progress being achieved, without releasing sensitive information, enlightenment is a state of mind and starts mentally between our ears. We end up with the society we deserve. Worse the Leaders! Yet around us a whole new complex ethereal world is now appearing and evolving. Contact is mentally also. Who is awake? What is your take? Are you - ready?

How will you handle what's coming?

Be assured whatever the US Cabal subjects its own poor nationals to, the real now Free World is accelerating its own awareness programs and uniting in purpose to create the planetary Liberty the failing Cabal has denied to its own. The only State of interest to us is the State of Mind of all needing humanity. One World of all Nations.

Stage one, we simply preadvise you of coming Disclosure. And next WHY you do not have free energy, and the enormous Global redirection of Society, rethinking Man, rethinking the purpose of humanity and all it heralds in. The big question, is it now possible that a group is truly developing alternative power with the conscious integrity to blow the whistle and time on the Cabal? Look at the escalating collective wisdom and mind challenging contributions from so many of you. The integrity of being and purpose the site was founded for. To lead with humility, and lift the Veils. It’s coming. Remember Mike. We united for one of our own and changed a life. You all did it. We lit a candle of hope and you rose to it. For one man. You DID it! Next we will light the vision of real hope for Man- Kind, so trust so much good is coming. We are empowered in knowledge already, but working as hands across oceans to remap the new way forward. We have no price, and that is real power. JFK, MLK, Buddha, Mandela, Gandhi, and so many like minds. Ideals raise nations to be more. Human consciousness will open your pathway to the Stars. You hold in your own hands the greatest free asset of all. Your Soul. Respect it with care, and those of others. Real value is Ethereal. The rest just an illusion. One man gave ideals to 12. The actions of 12, reshaped a whole new world until the Vatican and Zionists polluted it. When the standards and ideals of one are sound, in time it goes around. Like truth!

As a collective Global group, think of what we could do if only 10% of the syphoned Yohannes Riyadi type of funds and others were redeemed, as lawfully owed. There are so many alleging deferred redemptions. Any true means major change is possible. When will FRB-NY be dragged into Public control?

We could Pay off the entire US Debt and get America restructured. Trump - Seize those funds back!

We could kick start the Global economy. Now! End the need for Wars! Now!

We could end world poverty - Fact! Now. Trump?

We could fund major new energy projects and cut your costs helping every family in the world.

We could address Healthcare and Education for all. Now. Trump?

What would it take to get a FULL Congressional Inquiry on YR’s account, and all Elders, and then extradite Herzog, Bag Man for the Agencies, Bushes and Clintons, so we can get them lined up on Public Record facing Perjury charges when the lying starts. Why did Mueller allegedly stop Romney being questioned about the Falcone Fraud (see White Hats Report #s 3, 5, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15) and Bush 41 contract seized by Interpol in Berlin? The Florida FBI unit told Falcone's Attorneys that parties came down from DC to block it. Yet Mueller investigates Trump? Unleash a Global Team of Forensic Investigators to trace the money, recover it all, re-track our planet and needing Souls.

This money was made round to go around! The WH are chasing the $15T. Who has the power and integrity to lock onto the alleged $50,000 T of Off Balance Sheet Grey Screen funding - Hello? If it can fund 1,000 unjustifiable, GROSS, vast Military complexes, and Cabal back pockets, why not nations as intended? Fund NEED not GREED! These assets were Endowed for Humanity, not Theft of FRB-NY parasites. Where are these funds now? Are there any leaders fit to lead? Who?

But, we are hearing strong rumours of mass arrests now in planning, with at last, Military type holding jails, with thousands named in warrants, not only in real process, but at last, Clinton looks to be heading for the chop. If, so - Well done Trump! Massive accolade if you take her down.

How do we then dismantle the vast Global Zionist Banking Oligopoly? They have to go! It’s a worldwide Roach infestation needing De-Lousing!

Why is Soros not on trial for War crimes? The Mossad fix! Israel - be ashamed! Trump, Chess - Your move? Mate! Don’t let us down on Clinton. The world is with you. Benghazi can be avenged.


  1. A timely reminder that, as a human collective, we cannot move forward until we let go of the travesties and victories of the past.

    Thank you for the article.

  2. Excited for disclosure. Free energy will be the biggest game changer with massive flow on effects, lowering costs across and along every supply chain.

    Thank you.

  3. Free energy and anti gravity propulsion,will reshape humanity.
    Sydney to London in 2 hours then AJ. Game changers.
    We can then repratriate 6 planes of Muzzies a day.

    1. Send em back to Saudi land as their Wahab psychotic imams created them!



    2. Once in Saudi land spend the money on a wall to keep em in he he


  4. John

    Wonderful article however, Trump is mobbed up as we are seeing what he is doing is worse then Clinton and bush!

    John Bolton and more wars for Israel?




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