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When Truth is ugly, who pays - We The Sheeple?

No one has better defined the reality of America than Oscar Wilde.

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
31 March 2018

We live now in a schism of time, uncharted territory where one insensitive wrong move by inept Political Leaders who profligate the corridors of power today, or the out of control Pentagon / Agency Complex, will have a collective Nuclear consequence for all. Few understand the true balance, or as is, the Imbalance of power today as Evolution has followed Revolution. But organised chaos and random criminality now holds sway over the power of nations, and the epoch we risk unleashing on an innocent mankind if not checked. Yet it could be so different.

For some 70 years a growing Military / Agency / Zionist Cabal has taken America towards its ever evolving Pariah Status. As warned about by both Eisenhower and JFK. One where its people have no clue, or often even interest, of what is done in their name, for the profits of others and damning consequences for you if the Military Cabal overreach is ever challenged, with a Nuclear foe who then says Enough, and lets fly in anger. Tensions are rising over Syria, and Russia will respond if attacked.

It’s difficult for poor President Trump who now realises he is surrounded by vast assembled, multi-tiers of power crazed unelected officials and private interests, who hold no allegiance to him or the nation, and are simply the ugly, pernicious, Criminal and Treasonous Deep State, currently still headed by Con Man Soetoro / Obama, the Clintons, and others. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, even the Supremes have many issues to answer for. The extent of corruption of Enforcement Heads does not augur well for America. Worse, many of his own key Department Head reporting dependencies, are all compromised and untrustworthy Deep State Cabal mafia. He is out gunned, out classed and under financed for this fight, facing the Khazarian Mafia, Self-Serving Agency heads, deeply corrupt and contemptible Political deviants like the Clintons, Bushes and Obama, all with one vested interest, to get him out, whatever the cost. Whichever way. They have stolen and defrauded Trillions and will do all possible to keep their Gravy Train intact.

How do you even keep your own head intact, when all around are crooked and treacherous. Even worse when finding they all work for you. He inherited this deeply compromised flotsam with the job. Many have held key roles for decades, burrowed in like lice infestations. The very reason for the SES's existence, to facilitate hidden actors into every branch of government.

How can he replace this infestation for the good of the nation? For you?

So much is out of control.

Instead of just the incessant squawkers bleating Me, Me, Free loading Me, what if Reason, like your lives to date is lost, and the next game is Hardball if the rockets fall? Has a nation so ever earned it, because a Mach 20 Stealth Missile is indiscriminate? Shock and Awe, Payback? Real world, a major bloody nose has stopped many a Bully. The world is not disposable just for US Cabal Zionist Tyranny.

Because then, you sure as hell need to understand those rules and fast. Level the Cabal Zio trash Greater Israel playing field, before its lash-back from Russia levels you. Only by awakening the Sheeple is there hope for real change. A voice is not only for whining.

Plan for the best, or die like the rest?

The American dream has long since been sequestrated by the rapacious Kaharian nightmare which is the power block now driving the Tri Laterals, usurping the Constitution , and manipulating a deeply corrupt Deep State to serve Khazarian, not American, interests. Exactly as stated by Tri Lateral Khazarian Kissinger, the US Military are just stupid, DUMB body bags, to be used for US Foreign Hegemony power. Expendable Sheeple. You willingly serve - that?

The Political complex has been mass Khazarian infiltrated, and both Houses swear an Oath of Allegiance to a Feudal Rothschild manipulated, false Fiefdom of Non-Hereditary Khazarian Jews, whose primary Agenda is to create a Greater Israel by sequestration of nations, as is the Zionists Primary Agenda, and, in time, World domination if not stopped.

Russia also had similar problems with them, same Zio trash Mantra, but Russia resolved it by simply shooting most of them to clean house. The Khazarian Zionists remaining spawn fled to the United States or Palestine, and thrived, sequestrating unchecked all before them at will as a Locust swarm. America today is living proof of how much can go wrong when allowing free settlement to these manipulative, Rabid Locusts.

As was done to poor Palestine, is now a game play to usurp the lands of neighbouring Arab States. America has made the same fundamental mistakes, by allowed them in unchecked or controlled, now look at how they have possession of the game board called America as they play the gullible under educated Sheeple. Why have so many nations kicked them out before? All had major cause. Others acted. Now they own America. An Alien life force devoid of loyalty to America, disinterested in the Constitution, and existing solely as a parasitic plague infesting all they touch for self species gain. This Barbarian enemy is inside the gates. Remember what happened to Rome?

The Khazar Zionists are the primary Deep State force manipulating naive US Agency and Military complex resources to do the dying, for their lying, with the sole agenda of exterminate and sequestrate - Each neighbouring Sovereign State. Good luck with Iran, and Syria has failed to fall. Protected now by a Soviet Defence weaponised wall.

Now both Russia and China are doing massive and extensive Military drills, and cooperating together in Training Exercises with a joint Soviet / Chinese Mutual Defence Pact to face down and take down US aggression if it becomes a security threat. Both Russia and China are at a heightened War Risk alert Status, and both know there can be no phased aggression if anything unleashes. Each have their own plans, and know that Preemption has to be a likely foremost option in real conflict. Russia now expects a fierce war over Syrian and is ready for it. With China’s backing in the wings. Russia is ready to fight. To the Death and this time the firefight will and needs to smash right into the US Homeland to bring home real War truth!

As you do to others? America’s lost the Middle East. With no Culture of it’s own, bar Hegemony, what was ever the point? It’s wake up time in the Homeland Zoo.

Furthermore, the smart, long range economic strategic war planning Chinese, are now moving to end the Petro-Dollar monopoly over Commodity markets, and US Global dependencies. Why needlessly attack the US militarily unless pushed, when they can instead just syphon away at its Capital base with a new asset backed RMB Global competing currency, creating Fiscal implosion to the US Ponzi Fiat economy, itself backed by nothing but hype. China is calling it out first by a sophisticated move killing the Petro-Dollar as the Global exchange standard. Derailing its Global influence as a Naked Emperor. Power battles play out across Asia, BRICS and the EU.

While, still we must hope there is sufficient ambiance between the collective Political hierarchies to avoid a confrontational Doomsday scenario if provoked, as the US fleet recklessly again amasses its War Flotilla to strike Syria and Iran, heightening tensions and exacerbating detente by Sabre Rattling against Syria, and a veiled threat to Iran. Rattling a highly Patriotic, well armed and trained Russian Militia who have denied US Hegemony with clear Syrian Rubicon lines set. As Russia and China also now help defend, Arm and build a strong Trade base with Iran and the Iraq war will have consequences for America. It needs to be the end of reckless US meddling.

The US is losing the Middle East, and Asia will follow. Russia is fully prepared for conflict and War if Syria is attacked. Russia has already proudly announced its own unstoppable Hypersonic Mach 20 missiles, its advanced Stealth Bombers, and superior Jet Fighters. China with its Defence Pact with Russia, has the same. So what is the point of these costly 1,000 US Hegemony bases and flawed US Jets which will fail in battle, when both Russia and China have the new advanced and unstoppable military technology to erase them, and will in any point of conflict?

Most will die in the sky, and not even know why.

Why are these vast US Trillions not better spent funding America's own collapsing economy and Social deprivations at home? Tri Lateral Khazarian Deep State political racketeering promotes only an end game to benefit Greater Rothschild's Israel, using the body bags of dumb Americans marching again to a false drum. With America’s abysmal failed record of Wars, when will they get it? If attacking Syria sinks their fleet, what then? A full on Homeland conflict? A recipe for mass hysteria if that kicks off.

When a British War Ship was destroyed in the Falklands war, it was hit by an Argentinian Exorcet missile, supplied by the French. Many were burned alive, hundreds jumped into burning seas, many died. War is ugly. Brutal.

Syria is a Tinderbox where Boys with Toys if going live, will find not many will!

America today is a collective hotchpotch of a proud but confused series of obedient but self serving Tribes. None bar the Zio and Bush / CIA trash having an eminent domain over the welfare and protection of a so well contemplated Constitution, with these collectives of shyster Political miscreants paid off to swear ridiculous and appalling Oaths of Allegiance to the Rothschild created Israel for, not Jews, but Khazarian misfits to swarm in from nations who wanted them mass extradited.

Israel has little to do with good and decent Jews and is 98% Khazarian. Another lie unfolding. Jews never had a problem in the Middle East. Khazar's do!

Judaism itself, by and large, is just another man created, fabricated Cult bearing little fact in its heritage, bar the Mantra - "We are Special". Deluding and binding the subjugated and gullible captive children to a social exclusion and separation from fellow man. False Gods rule gullible minds.

Under Eurasian Laws when evolving, Judaism and Islam, can and will be educated out. Eradicated from the Zio trash games. Zionism will go. Russian roulette if need be.

The Cabal and its Agency, plus Jewish Special interests groups, which have perniciously and cynically exploited America and its trusting but gullible people for their own corrupt interests, are taking this poor, unworldly and well meaning people, but often naive generations, to the brink of war. Another! Will it never end with unwanted US meddling? Was ever a nation more callously betrayed from the inside?

Even now, the unelected, scurrilous, self-serving Deep State manipulates its will, taking the lives of millions and now shelters itself behind the illegal Kenyan Indonesian Usurper, Chicago Con Man, Crooked Barry Soetoro, fronting as Obama. Did ever an illegal so deserve Gitmo caged for life? When will Trump Man Up and lift usurping Deep State criminal Soetoro and the Clintons? Is he just another Troll?

America today is living proof of what happens when this ugly cesspool of Zionist interests get their dirty, loathsome claws into the Political stage, MSM, Banking and even the Supremes. They have bought DC and tainted the very Soul of America. Nothing escapes their Rodents claws. Focus on the concentration of corruption in both houses as they procrastinate, postulate and Sequestrate! They mainly are who?

Was a nation ever so proportionately misrepresented? Open those minds and ask- How can 6% of the population carry 80% of the votes either directly as rigged Representatives, or calling on, with vehemence, parties owned by and bribed by them with their disgusting Oath of Allegiance to their false, Khazarian State which embodies the DNA seed of the raping, pillaging marauding scum of the plains under Genghis Khan? To them the whole point of these poor targeted nations, is to create next a rapacious Greater invasive Khazarian Israel, (Not for Jews) as they wage war on all neighbours, sequestrate and plunder at will as they have for Millennia. Such an ugly and rapacious species. As they do to all nations, they are doing to America, and have neutered any voice of protest by buying up this dumbed down Political system of Takers and Fakers in both Houses and suppress all protest in their Mocking Bird media.

In cahoots with the unelected and unaccountable war creating Military Industrial Cabals Agencies, they now own the media, own the Banks, own the Supremes and Justice. The White House and HS is riddled with them as a wriggling Can of Worms, all posturing for positions and special interests. Protecting the Tribe! Once the US economy crashes, will Germany be history revisited? The blame game?

Cynical duplicity. The Claws of these interbred, so many faulty DNA, Khazarian whores. A truly ugly, disparate species. Where they settle, their degenerate ways and ambitions follow. Shylocks, Shysters. Banking malpractice. Assimilate, sequestrate - Annihilate?

The Middle East has been a series of emerging nations for over 5,000 years. America for only 150 years. Now it is ever more being destroyed.

Asia and the Middle East have founded much of modern civilisation as we know it today. Dynasties, Culture and long established trade practices, Arts and Sciences. Each taking thousands of years to evolve. Each having unique Cultures and a proud heritage. But the rapacious US Cabal has destroyed all of it. Artifacts, monuments, cities, what did these Morons care as they blasted away or bombed poor, terrified, defenseless innocents into the stone age. Baahh, when can I cash Maaahh Dinars? As millions lose all. So it has been across Asia. The Children of Vietnam prostituted to this low breed GI filth. Apart from the Trump imaginary Heel Spurs, Clinton draft dodges, and Bush 43 having paid stand ins for this retard. Elites don’t fight. Elites serve - Only themselves!

Where is a President fit for office, with Integrity and a brain? That is the madness and sadness of America. Such loathsome dross in office. The lesser evil of the trash running. Such hopes pinned on Dopes. How much longer can the Clinton Baggage Train of mass corruption continue?

Yet, since the ending of WW II America has raped Asia unchecked, looted the Marcos funds, plunged Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia into wars, betrayed poor Vietnamese to the horrors of the Vietcong, and Cambodians to Pol Pot as these Hollywood Superheros ran screaming for their Mammies. Trust betrayed, ugly truth. The world sees and judges. The world has watched with growing concern and disgust. A subservient self-serving population has allowed this, in their name. Clueless of the escalating consequences. Nothing lasts. If this comes back on America, reflect why!

The Cabal and Zio Trash Bankers have betrayed, cheated and pillaged continents in an orgy of greed and mass corruption Regime changing nations subordinated to Puppet Regimes. What us, they cry offended in shock? How dare we? Mass ignorant of history or truth. As the millions perished to serve the needs of the Cabal Pariah State.

America's rapacious greed has put the world back 50 years with the incessant Agency contrived wars, the escalation of the Drug trade as it now controls the Afghan Poppy Fields, where production is up 400%, guarded by US troops, whose Criminal CIA caused in turn the emergence and escalation of a radicalised and armed fanatical Islam. More Heroin, more money to arm the Taliban.

More work and power to the CIA and drug money for the banks. Power! Productive Opium fields for the Rothschilds. Insane! Millions die for this US lie!

A focused Russian War machine, behind a well educated and Patriotic Soviet Military, has now quantum leaped past America with reverse engineered technology and weapons from Kapustin Yar. The benefits of which have been militarily shared with China as a joint Military pact to protect each from the Barbarian Hegemony Pirates.

If War is triggered, the US will reap the whirlwind now. 9/11 will be kindergarten if the US unleashes blow back from Syria. Having fouled up and failed every Military escalation they started, why continue such a failing model? America never plans the Peace! Always they seek to use other nation as the conflict zones with no concept of the consequences for the Homeland. Ask the Vietnamese or Iraqis about American trust.

America at best has a Nuclear Shelter capacity for circa 1 Million Elites. Your on your own. No one cares.

Russia has built Nuclear shelters for 40M of its own people and drills them now.

The US is clueless and cares nothing if Syria escalates. How real is the risk?


Senior Russian High Command view a major war as imminent. They prepare daily. Yet America rolls on, nonchalant to all. As with Rome when the Barbarians erupted. If only Hollywood ran a film about WW III truth. What if? Only that will permeate the Muppet's skulls.

For the Zios of America, if this kicks off, the invasion which would follow, would not PASSOVER! The LOT will be taken. Israel, forget it. That will be long gone.

The race on now is between the Gratification of releases, or the confrontation of the species. We see BOTH! BOTH are REAL! What if? But which if?

Only the releases will save the Species. Obfuscate much longer, while Russia and China get stronger, it just needs one typically arrogant and stupid move directed from DC, and the earth will move for many. Russia needs to do the world a major favour if so and ensure if WW III breaks out in the Middle East then KhazarVille is hit, neutroned and totaled forever as retribution for what these truly nasty Roach parasites have done to the living world, and guidance to the US to deal with their own infestation, to save its own host nation. The Civil War was not fought for them to sequestrate. America fought to end Slavery, and ended up totally enslaved to these Khazarians with no concept of how they came as Roaches in the night, and syphoned off all without a fight.

America needs to withdraw its armies, stop meddling, STOP muddled US Kids Dying for Zio games!!! Use the vast Intellect inherent in America society, to create world leading products, to use the bases as Trade Stations, as Mercy Medical Centers, Educational Centers, and to lead by Caring, Sharing and Humanitarian values.

Stop Enslaving, start Behaving as Soul Guides to enhance and release the Ethereal values and Consciousness of being a Greater Being! Let a Real President arise?

Restore and appreciate the Values of the Forefather's good intentions with the Constitution, put its values back and simply remove Khazarian Rodents from all positions of trust and power. Be a Good Samaritan nation, earn Respect. Restore the ethos of Liberty and Bring it to rescue our fractured world. Replace Khazarian Thiefdoms, integrate Ethereal values and become a Global collective of Cosmic empowered Beings. Good neighbours and end Fiat Banking. Cease enslaving, start behaving as a Thinking Man to be Kind! Arise, every Man as a Knight of the Cosmos.

Release not the missiles but the Settlements and lets unite, not fight. Get those damned Tanks out of Jordan. Leave Syria. Stop funding Israel. No More US wars! Send only Khazarians into the night. Release what is owed, build nations dreams. Say No to Zionists. Kill only ignorance and the Cabal. Where are the arrests? When?

Where are the Bond Pre-Advices now in process?

Where are - Real Leaders?

Defend Liberty for all. Remove those War fleets. Remove Wars!


  1. It's a hard world out there,and living a life in a Disneyland bubble achieves nothing.

    If we are ever to evolve, it starts by recognising our real problems, and false religions have a lot to answer for. Only when humanity asks the right questions,can we retrack to a worthwhile destiny.

    No ONE is special, you ALL are!
    Segregated groups breed inbred DNA problems, self proving the non viability of the groupings. Heriditary DNA flaws are nasty. Not God sent! Hereditary Non Sense!

    Self serving religions are pernicious. Look at what they have done to the Fed and Banks.
    Serve the nations, not themselves.
    We are ONE!
    Ignorance of truth and reality is a retrograde species.
    Mankind, Be Kind! Humans need, Feed not Greed!


  2. In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

  3. Excellent article. Just read again, and hope everyone spreads.


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