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Our Last Stand | Report #8 | A New Trump Broom and Global Recovery

One World of Nations
Our Last Stand Series
7 January 2018

Where are vast Trillions hidden to recover our nation’s right now?

Unbeknown to the trusting nations, truly vast, colossal amounts of Capital, vast Trillions, adversely now affecting all nations and causing emperious Global stresses, have been sequestrated out of the Public domain, hidden from all view, and all needed Allies Trust abused, enriching key Cabal families, funding Agencies and Military activities, underpinning Hegemony, Weapons manufacturers, and ever growing unauthorised Black Operations. Also Secret Space Programs, as well as allowing unethical and criminal Presidents, plus the US Treasury and the FRB NY, to mass manipulate these funds, in vast ever compounding Bank Programs, while reneging on their contracts with Lending Allies, betraying their Trust and betraying nations. These are true greedy Renegades!

America spends more on Agencies and Defense than the rest of the world put together, not to protect America, but only to protect the Cabals assets. These huge annual Bank Trading Program Profits are not used to help America, but just themselves. An enormous waste and such acts of treachery to all their innocent funding victims. None have been paid a dime, it’s all been STOLEN! Look at the state of Congress and the Senate. Slippery Weasels who don’t give a damn. It’s no longer the United, but now the Grifter States.

Betrayal of a nation. Betrayal of its people.

These activities start via vast AU and Cash Funds which are held as Elders and other Patriot's Trust Assets in perpetuity, intended to help develop their nations and America, also good causes. But the Deep State Thugs and their Zionist Banker Cohorts, have instead helped only themselves and have criminally sequestrated funds which in ethical hands could, would and should have kept Asia, USA and Europe strong. Not to fund Wars, and Genocide.

Part of these vast funds were used to fund the Iraq wars, personal sequestrations by Bankers and Political Crime Families, and were traced by us also being used, in his time regularly, by Bill Clinton. Be clear, contrary to all the denials, their LIES and Fed false fronts regarding these vast funds, before we even took it forward at such high costs ourselves, we first checked out the true integrity and validity of these enormous funds and the contracts we hold, by ourselves first funding a Senior White House Presidential Legal Advisor, to go in and check the integrity of these accounts and contracts. He did, and at the time confirmed both of them and that Clinton was a regular user, as were others.

These are funds which, if used morally and ethically, would have repaid America’s national debt and with real Presidential vision would have underpinned new infrastructure and vast new job regeneration programs. Instead, feeding only their own pockets, they and the devious Bankers have knowingly reneged on the Trusting Clients, hidden vast skimmed off fortunes offshore for themselves and left the nation and yourselves crippled under increasing Debt Servitude for life. Lives wasted. A million needlessly dead in the Iraq war. Millions homeless and displaced. Vast millions impoverished and America’s Debt Burden crippling the nation.

The Middle East is now in shameful ruins because of their inept meddling, and now an impossible to contain flow of millions of under educated, displaced people, are swamping Europe, destroying economies and civilisations. Endemic Rot has caused the lot! All to feed the Deep State greed.

Apart from nations, Leaders such as Marcos and the Chinese Elders, also good US Patriots, were all ruthlessly robbed and defrauded of vast Trillions which has not even gone to serve American interests, or Public benefit. Nor to reduce ever growing US Public debt burden.

This money instead, went to secretly contracted Bank Trading Programs, under Deep State control, producing vast Trillions of wealth then created in secret via the Feds Pentagon Grey Screens Trading System, servicing Military Needs, Agency Needs, the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, (This Non US Owned, Non Audited, Not subject to US Oversight) Untaxed!!! Zionist!!!!, Behemoth at the front of all US Bait and Switch scams with the Zionist US Treasury and Cabal Crime families like the Bushes and Clintons running America. The Fed and Treasury is nothing but a Zionist Kleptocracy to siphon out wealth at will, and escalate Zionist control over gullible Goyims. End the Fed and their Fiat scam. End this Zionist Monopoly of the Treasury.

As we progress out evidencing the Contracts, Thieves, Fraudsters, Parasites and Traitors, we will expose names. Amounts stolen or denied, exposing their lies, Perjury and Corruption. Hopefully the White House will come up to speed and take it on.

We will also open up on exposing the enormous amounts now owed to American Patriots who themselves helped bring in vast Billions to help America, their Country, funding support insurance binder cover themselves, and who also agreed to accept a small negotiated performance related return in fees for their role in the success of all of this. To date, not one has received a Dollar, but the Politicos, Agencies and Bankers have aggregated vast personal profits, and funded such enormous webs of Offshore owned and controlled multifaceted corporations beyond anything you can conceive. All proceeds of Crime. RICO, the lot!

As part of disclosures and exposures, let us remind the White House teams, that the Bush / Herzog Contract seized by Interpol, cracks wide open the truth of corruption, and clandestine use of such activities by Bush, the Clintons, the Agencies and others. As part of the extensive investigations we also found Bush in JV funding and business operations with named KGB Generals, which reverses back into the Russian Mafia. Putin cut off Bush because he was untrustworthy. Herzog has threatened to bring the lot down if he is put on trial in the US. Hello - Trillions to gain and recover and we leave this crooked Bum hiding out in Germany where Merkel hides him at Bushes request? Was there ever a better time to show the power of the Oval Office by having him extradited to the US?

The Congressional Inquiries and targeted Enforcement Teams brought down the mob.

Where is a new Elliot Ness when you need him?

Oh what a Web they weave, those who practice to deceive.


  1. The first sighting show. The next series starts with the names,contracts, seismic theft and crimes. The Bad Fellas!

  2. OK...well...we're all waiting. But we've been lied to for years...yes, lied to--once, twice, three times--that could be humanness and things that were beyond human control...but this has been ongoing for years and years. "It's just around the corner"..."next week"..."next month"..."next year"............ After so many disappointments and false deadlines, it's hard not to think that this has simply been a longstanding enemy psy-ops meant to mollify and nullify those really seeking to stop these criminals. Proof is in the pudding...and we haven't seen any pudding...for years. Where's the pudding? Make us stand up and shout "You did it! were telling the didn't lie...way to go!!" We're waiting...we're hoping you are for real.

    1. What part of the old White Hats reports were you not reading? How could we have been more specific? We named guilty parties we gave proof. Now we start again.

  3. This money needs to appear ASAP or it will be the complete annihilation of the US.

  4. For multiple reasons Robert.

    We are working on it by the hour.

    This morning I was talking to Elders in Asia from 5 onwards. Our US parties were onto me from 5 am their time, also so pressurized to get it done. All are focused, but Zios control the money, and those Rats don't pay back unless the real squeeze is applied. A one way trip to Gitmo. Shackled, blindfolded and water boarded. Preferably before questioning. Then 10 times a day until releasing and dropped naked into Syria or Iran afterwards.
    The US does not need annihilating, the Zio's do.

    Free they will only start again. Who has the monopoly on the Fed and Treasury.

    Who are behind almost all Wall Street Crimes? Who manipulate all Banks?

    Money will not be freed, util we cut them to their knees.

    Once the Petro dollar fails, a new Wailing Wall will appear in the US. Stretch it across the Mexican border, 2 for one.

    This is why we keep a Glass Ceiling in place in London so we keep them out at the top.
    ASAP is not soon enough.

    Watch each day this week. Let us see what breaks. Tomorrow onwards,all time zones are live. The US is always a day behind, so chaos.

    1. John, is waiting for zios to be gone and doing nothing any better? I mean maybe 'they' should hydrate a few groups, in mass number a few will get through and do some good for humanity, yes some zios might get their paws on some of the loot but we can go after them at a later time, plus this would be bait for the remaining trolls

    2. Who says we are doing nothing?? We just don't talk about it much b/c we don't appreciate talk per se and we find much talk detrimental to accomplishing things (besides painting targets on backs). And I'm not saying all talk is can encourage those who need encouraging IF the words become reality and don't remain just words (not naming names [Fulford, etc...whoops, who wrote that?]. Having said that, I am (we are) encouraged by the few responses to my little word-prod. We are hoping with the rest that the words have equal action behind them. We are watching and hoping and continue planning.

  5. I've learned to not say much and just keep posting. Red pilled a friend of over 20 years recently because he asked. The truth was just too much and that was without the human trafficking, spirit cooking etc. I may not always get it right, but will keep trying. Thank you OWON for giving us all a chance and a place to blog.


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