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One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
18 November 2018

How about, to lead as One World of ALL Nations, we conceive a world fit for purpose with better planned use of Elders assets to help all? This we are discussing. It takes time, they need to trust who? But imagine if Trump would only unleash a Presidential Task Force to go after all sequestrated Deep State assets, a full forensic search and seize the lot? In a stroke we could rebuild America and unleash a vibrant new nation. Vast tens of Trillions have been taken and cross traded. Take it BACK! It’s YOUR Money!

Repositioning the needed NEW Anglo American Alliance and why, as post the GCR (Global Currency Reset), one form of World Government is coming. But not NWO. We must change, as a Species and our Humanity. Too many are confusing World Government with NWO. Neither Russia nor China will ever accept the US Vatican NWO order. Rightly so! Nor will we go with NWO.

Let us show you all a far better way Post GCR. We are doing it! Every effort is being made with the Elders to find an acceptable way to effect the release of their long held funds, as well as to bring significant AU holdings into the system with trading profits to help all.

But learn to differentiate between a World Government inclusive with a consensus of all nations of mutual respect and cultures and a NWO. We will get one or the other eventually. It’s how we try to effect a system representing all which matters. Otherwise, not pursued to benefit all, you will get a Bankers NWO as is the pursuit of Bilderberg's. Troubling times. The Third option of all countries now just operating alone is bankrupt Cuckoo land. The EU was never planned correctly. It was just a Rothschild's Vatican / CIA / Jesuit Socialist Pit. It will fail alone. As will Hegemony and the Money Changers as parasites on humanity.

In a world of 7.7 Billion people, pragmatic decisions will have to be made to unify safe economic harmony and balanced use of scarce resources. Not self servicing Washington's Hegemony with less that 5% of the Global population of the Cabal and Zionists presuming to dictate to Billions of others. Emerging nations won’t stand for it any more. Africa is ballooning towards its own population of c4 Billion with huge social pressures and desperation migration. As is the disintegration of the Muslim worlds with over 20% of new French births Muslim alone. France is in free fall. Europe is swamped with Afro Muslim illegals and it’s getting out of control. No one is focused on helping fix the source. Bombing Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria into oblivion displaces tens of millions. Madness! Heartless arrogance.

We either share this world, or lose our share of resources and fail to think out a world worth living in for the coming generations. Saving even half our wasteful Military budgets would transform the world. Fight poverty and ignorance, not helpless humans. It’s time to rethink and conceive the world we want. That time is now. Because, united by hands across oceans, we can. Leave it to political forces and you are tools of a Superstate.

It’s time to rethink and conceive the world we want. That time is now. Because, united by hands across oceans, we can.

Life and events move ever faster. But so do relationships and consequences. Left to the current fools in office, Evolution right now can risk Social Revolution, as evidenced in the dangerous conflicts at risk of escalation in the Ukraine and surrounding areas, if not checked.

The US attacked Afghan Bin Laden’s Tora Bora Canyon using a MOAB, leaving a vast scorched earth afterwards. Even the 22nd SAS Special Ops unit hidden tracking Bin Laden and in position to take the shot and ready, eyes on, to take him out, thought the US has launched a nuke and radio signaled to Hereford accordingly - "The Yanks have just dropped a Nuke!" Then no one factored in a MOAB. Afghanistan, was a MOAB testing ground.

There are consequences. Russia, meanwhile Kremlin tracking all of it, now has their own FOAB (Father of all Bombs - Even more powerful - also do the Iranians, produced especially for Israel) which will, for Russia, be launched almost for sure if Ukraine’s Neo Nazis first attack, totaling out large land forces, that cross including the many resident US Mercenary Contractors and Agency provocateurs funding, arming and training this Neo Nazi regime. Poetic justice. A FOAB for these Mothers! What then? These are the costs of Cabal agendas. Ever greater killing machines.

The death scale will be seismic. Empiric. Leaving the US to do what? Both sides facing off as the US Cabal is pouring tens of thousands more troops and tanks into Poland just for the Khazarian Mafia land theft game play. They Covet Ukraine as another Israeli Locust hoard land grab, as with Palestine. Their conspiratorial lying, while US Boys do the dying. Again, why? Russia trains for impending conflict. As does China, with Russia and China in joint War Games also. One common enemy. All for Khazarian and Vatican subterfuge. Your pain, their gain. Cabal Deep State policies are a farce. This presumptive arrogance and the 990+ bases needs to end. Threats don’t work. It’s time for good consciousness to expand and share this one Planets Global land, for Everyone! Nurture nature. Is it not time to expose and close this thinking? To come of age, educate, not rage.

But - concurrent and parallel to all this, quiet, low profile - well meaning exchanges of views are taking place with calm dialogue. No one is positioning for or looking for gain. Or conflict. Instead just to help reason and avoid it all. We so need to see the start of the Settlements and the GCR.

Conflict free is our aspiration, and we have a uniformity of Projects priorities, based on how to ensure we assist Global economies, with wealth generating investments, where there will be merited purpose for investments made. Profits generated will be sustainable, job creating and planned infrastructure can be phased in across the planet. People's need we will heed. All your voices. We need to change thinking. We need to share opportunity. Not a mass of Global Ghettos where, bereft of jobs, education or hope, the only employment open is anti social crime evolving because of desperation and failed Leadership. This we need instead to focus on. It won’t come from Politicians, but your collective voices of all through websites such as yours.

Because the spirit of mankind itself, emanates throughout all we are doing. There is an accord between principle Elders, US Patriots who acted for them to assist America, and other US and Global intermediary parties seeking to help heal our flagellated world. Understanding and tolerance. Vision. Conceiving a better world starts somewhere. It starts, with WE THE PEOPLE.

There is an accord between principle Elders, US Patriots who acted for them to assist America and other US and Global intermediary parties seeking to help heal our flagellated world. Understanding and tolerance. Vision. Conceiving a better world starts somewhere.

GCR Money this time needs to work for all. The misguided and ravenous Temple Money Changers acquisition route always ends up depleting humanity, derailing communities, and chaos rules fools. None worse than Wall Street. Paper Tigers are rabid. Only avarice and Fraud thrives.

We instead are looking at harnessing and uniting the considerable skills of so many nations, creating worthwhile employment and Job / Skill training. Craft skills producing articles of value to serve societies needs. Pride in work and products.

Project sharing, harmony and integration of nations as we see with top German cars, part German part British cars. Establishing both nations, skill sharing. This we need to expand as a Global ethos. That negates conflict. People united by common interests.

A unified common Global education system to enlighten all. Investing in people not squandering Trillions on wars funding Mercenaries. Opening minds, opening doors.

Investing in the areas of Sciences, healthcare and ever advancing technology. Applied together, with the best of our minds, what good are we capable of?

Just one, of so many examples of need - is the ability to house our people and families in dignity. We need to change the Planning and Banking Cultures and look to the benefits. It’s time to conceive the societies and cities we need, how to mass educate and feed need, not greed. Let aspirator design our future.

A world fit for purpose? A world where your voices are heard, caring and sharing.


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