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Turning the Tide | Report #16 | Refuse Subjugation

Clearing the Rot and cleaning out the LOT! Where do we start?

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
17 November 2017

All this is needed to give YOU a new life fit for purpose. Freeing YOU from the Cabal and Zionist Kazakh's Zoo! It’s them - Or You!

Self-Help is Humanity’s only solution! Switching on reality.

Looking at the emergent current human species, most of what can go wrong... has.

Is the only thing which switches on what passes for US Intellect, the question of - "When can I get My Dinars cashed?" First, understand the bigger picture and what YOU can help us all do. From Dinars, to false Religions, to UFOs, what do you know?

Where is your quality of judgment calls with so much bogus nonsense perpetrated as history?

Don’t believe those who practice and flatter to deceive.

Before trying to eulogise powers and actions needed, first even try to understand part of the Big Picture reality Rot problem as all inter relate.

Millenniums of Tribal Warlords, Despots, Feudal Monarchies, Dictatorships, through to the current convoluted mess of an unholy alliance between the scurrilous Vatican Jesuits scheming, and the US criminal Military Industrial Cabal controlled war machine nation, with its attendant Zionist Oligopolies of Banking, Media, Law and Federal / Treasury Zionist infiltrated mass malpractice, which combines to control all. Sloth, greed, duplicity and criminality perverts the entire infrastructure. A truly unholy alliance of Perverts, duplicitous Zio Tapeworms and Zealots sucking this gullible humanity life species dry.

Parasites and Despots rule, all unchecked. None are fit for purpose. How could a person as loathsome and deeply criminal as Clinton ever have challenged unchecked for the US Presidency, and still she walks free? Clinton has more baggage than a camel train. But so do most of them.

What of the unreleased volumes of corrupt perverts names attending Epstein's Island where depraved and loathsome men preyed on these young girls. What happened to publishing the list? How about naming and shaming, letting Justice free for the world to see? Values? Who needs to be named and shamed? Who are they all? Including dirty Bill Clinton with his 23 plus trips to Epstein's depravity hole. How can you eulogise this slime as Heroes? Who were the rest? Exposure time for the lot! The Zio MSM protecting their own again. Watergate was the end of US Press integrity.

Who sweeps out this ugly human excreta of an unfit, self assumed ruling species to initiate a new planetary start? If not, has your whole existence been for nothing?

What can go wrong has. It’s ALL unfit for purpose. Stop- The- Rot!

Crime pays in America. Look at Obama, the Bushes and Clinton's.

Where, among all the Leaders is any one visionary candidate, one with a sense of purpose and recognition of a new direction to enable Man to emerge as a creative new Cosmic Species? Who has an exhibited perception of Justice, Morality and Ethereal Soul Values? Look at the Despotic corruption of the Vatican. Godless!
Who can lead, feed need and not greed?

JFK tried. JFK died!

MLK had a dream. So did Clinton, but his was wet. Daily!

Mandela emerged and saved a nation from an ugly Civil War. Where are the new Mandela’s. Certainly not Con Man Soetoro.

Who then as emergent Leaders, possess a collective ethos of values, able to redirect the emergence of a visionary new Global society fit for purpose, to emerge from our blinkered, delusional life, enabling you to take up your role in the greater Cosmos as Kinetic energy aided beings? Transhumanism is coming, but to what end? Who leads as the emerging Superpowers compete? Who is left behind, and how do we address the unholy alliances of Sloth with the current dysfunctional and unworthy misfits in office today?

So much is evolving and leaking. But what is Mankind’s priority list. What is YOURS?

The escalating Military risk of the unelected Deep State raised tensions with Russia and China, leaves America and the world exposed to a narcissistic Elephant Gut Yahoo touring Asia posing like an empowered Caesar, but of such little visible intellect as to fail to understand that it is the Cabal Agency which propounds tensions with Russia and China further. How does it help Americans understand the lies, aggression and mendacity for power, will be paid for by their lives, for Cabal lies?

Trump is trying to build a bridge of understanding with Russia, but like Brutus before him, the knives in his back risk bringing him down protecting Cabal agendas which benefit no one but the Bankers and Vatican. The real enemy is often at home as Emperors found with the Roman Senate. Betrayal and treachery abounds.

The new Soviet Satan 2 Stealth missile, is of such power that only 12 of their almost unstoppable stealth radar shielding missiles penetrating will suffice to wipe out the entire US. Just one even launched will erase the UK or France. An awesome weapon and more to come. Russia has such advanced and sophisticated robotic and electromagnetic weapons as to negate opposing armies, neutering their electronics and guidance systems. Sitting Ducks to mop up in a Russian Turkey shoot.

Forget the claims and aspirations of the US Skunkworks. That’s Yesterdays news. Russia may now be one or even two generations ahead of the US, and with a highly refined Soviet secrecy network, keeps its own secrets close for the nasty element of surprise, while the KGB are plundering America's. Meddle at your peril. Reverse engineering can get the jump on all of you.

Still they probe and poke the Bear. Despite that, Russia and China are scooping up the entire Middle East and Asian economies, escalating also to South America. China has taken Africa. So why continue this wasteful funding of the nearly 1,000 costly US Hegemony bases no one wants? Apart from a flatulent military and Toys for the Boys. Trillions wasted has got them where? From such waste, you got what? A crippled US economy and a world at war. Homeless, jobless and Washington DC - pitifully Hopeless!

Yet during this allegedly unsettled period for Russia, Soviet Food Harvests are booming with record export sales for Russia. Each major Russian sale is another American loss. Where is truth in a sea of confusion and State lies?

In terms of visible new Soviet Weaponry uncloaked or hinted at, whilst the US has two or more alleged post Roswell crashed UFO crafts, Russian intelligence tracking sources indicate 5 or more UFOs were allegedly recovered from Soviet territory UFO crashes, such are being reverse engineered in Kapustin Yar, and also have been since the 1960’s. What technology and weaponry from the far greater Soviet Intel Treasure Trove, has now emerged hidden from the West? How far ahead is Russia now? Generations? Russia has a new found confidence. For a reserved nation, why? Calling that card may now be terminal. Russia has caught up and surpassed the West militarily. They don’t need 1,000 four square meals bases. America has lost the plot, and its pot. America has lost its role now as Global Leader, and can only delay the inevitable. America needs to cut its vast military waste costs. Just Butt out! Feed and employ Americans first. On his tour of the Chinese Wall, how he must have wished to ask President Xi - “How can I build one of these across Mexico?”

The smarter Drug traffickers will just tunnel under it, and far worse, supplying not just vast increasing quantities of drugs, but renting out safe passage not just to millions of illegals to pass through, but the day when they start taking money for the Terrorist groups to start bringing both WMDs and even toxic bacteriological WMDs of such power as to kill millions unchecked, for distribution throughout American cities and towns. Plagues unleashed. The US has wiped out entire civilisations throughout Asia. Millions have died, and vast millions are homeless. Stateless and swamping Europe. US Policies have been the biggest F Up the world has ever seen and still they keep on arming and funding this Brutal land stealing, mass genocidal Kazakh Terrorist Ghetto Israe-Hell for its endless Arab aggression programs.

These are no God’s chosen! They are Lying, thieving, murdering Kazakh spawn marauders hidden inside Judaism. Jews always lived at peace in the Middle East, these are Kazakh swine who stole Palestine, who want it all, and like the Zio spawn in the world, nothing is ever enough.

How long before the anti-American Asians organise and set up God knows what distribution tunnels, bringing into America their own fanatics determined on vengeance. Thank God for US Border protection, the ones Gunrunning Obama did not get killed. When will he be brought to account for that? Plus the vast Muslim Brotherhood infiltration he allowed into America. Problems grow. Enraging the world is not a smart thing to do. Nor is poking a bear! Without consultation or sense, so much has been done by the Cabal in your name. All greed for Zionist and Agency Demon seed. Payback?

How is the world now a safer place with angry millions - Displaced?

Yet the biggest priority in US conceptual thought, is - "When can I cash my Dinars?"

With such, Empires are lost. Supremacy has been lost to Political and Educational Degeneracy. Welfare now owns the disposable Slaves.

Putin had his "Make my Day Punk moment" when he invited the illegal Usurper Con Man Barry Soetoro / alias Obama to go for it over Syria if he felt lucky, and in turn then gloated at Russian bombers power erasing US Battleships electronics systems as a salutary warning, which sent them scuttling away in terror as sitting Ducks. No heroes there, as with Vietnam.

From such rapid Soviet / Chinese evolution, is evident US confusion. Butt whipped in Vietnam, the Soviets stole a lead with the first Dog in Space, followed by Russia putting the first man in space, with no comprehension from the US they were about to be outfoxed and outperformed by the Soviets. Russia won the Space race.

It may well now have won the Arms race. Russia has a defence pact with China and an aura of confidence. What gives him such an aura of supremacy now? It’s clear.

We can only progress in our efforts as one people of all mankind to conquer space when we share in costly technologies and create intellectual product R&D for the benefit of all mankind. Otherwise we fight a pointless, minion species, costly Feudal war. The greatest barriers are the dearth of real Leaders today. Political Skanks now so ineptly rule fools. Few challenge such mediocrities. Why not? None are fit for purpose.

Trillions of critical US and world restoration capital has gone missing, and nothing is done. Now we even have a US approach to the House of Lords from a US WH connected party asking, "Please, can we have our $15T back?" $15T would rebuild America and stabilise the EU. A Debt resolution to ease the confusion. But it’s not theirs. These were funds 'Created' under the Pureheart operation, by the US Fed,Treasury and Homeland Security, acting to Treasury appeals to the criminal relinquished Bar License Usurper, illegal Alien Barry Soetoro O' Bumma, to create $15T of mythical funds to cover over a vast $16T shortfall on the US Balance sheets about to bring the whole US Cabal Ponzi scam crashing to earth. Sleight of hand, and a fast conjuring fix was actioned out of Congressional, Public or media oversight. Albeit deeply criminal and the worst money laundering case ever.

Fact, FACT!!! The US Department of Homeland Security, acting in conjunction with the Fed, US Treasury and working with ,also sheltering, known Filipino Con Man Wilfredo Saurin, coerced a series of major US and UK banks to create, then Launder, $15T of US funds against an entirely bogus asset of nonexistent AU holdings. A duplicitous scam perpetrated between criminal elements of the Jakarta Indonesian Fed, a complicit Indonesian Bank, Cabal banks in the US and two UK Banks who really should know better. SWIFTS were issued between the Fed, two US Banks of substance, and processed via well known alleged Money Laundering Bank HSBC and RBS in London to cross pass such funds and reintroduce them in apparent cross balance sheet transfers, enabling them to enhance a depleted Treasury Balance Sheet, confusing the system and Banks colluding from the top in crime. But who now has that $15T ? And where is the Chairman, posing under the false pseudo-name of a dead boy, since he fled from Pureheart to a then Scandinavian CIA Safe House, until we again blew that cover, as we did with Herzog? The greatest fear of SIS was that if we expanded it further we risked shattering the Atlantic Alliance. Let the sleeping dogs - Lie!

Who is enriched with those funds? An approach has been made from the WH to the Lords for help trace them. Please Sirs, we have lost our money. How do we get it back? Can we have a copy of the Discs you hold? Leaders - Children lost in a sea of confusion! No! Not unless this time we both share AND when recovered, it ONLY goes to use fit for purpose! No more Cabal grandstanding. They lost the plot and the Pot. Their move. But on Public watch this time. With integrity! Those who deceive and steal must be brought to heel.

An alcoholic mediocrity Junker, is the ineffective Leader of the largest Economic trading block, that of the European Union. He’s absurd. A drunken buffoon and a joke. But, as are most of them. Merkel is hostage to unstable coalition collaborations in German society, with no clear Leaders. No clear direction, hindered by ruinous Socialism. As an East German Commie, she was indoctrinated by Leninist dictates, and simply processes a subservient cannon fodder directive to entrapped Germans. Merkel has no clear majority Mandate, and rules simply as the Leader of the largest minority coalition party. Chaos rules fools. Progressive Germans are very frustrated, not unlike Americans under Cabal political rule, entrapped in a Zionist monetary enclave. The EU is a collective Rat Pack of mediocrities. America is not alone. It just has more Rats in power than the rest.

Most EU Leaders are indoctrinated and power control placed Jesuits, marching to the orders of Rome, and the Jesuit Vatican. But under the Knights of Malta, Masons and Skull and Cross-bone Society, America also rots from within. Indoctrination being ruination. All inept as with the Cabal!

Clearly that very transient species now seeking their future transfer to newly enhanced transhuman aided super beings, will create a new directional species. But, what of the rest? Who decides and what criteria? Who travels the new road, and who is to be left behind? See for God’s sake, beyond your Dinars.

Assume you and your children will be left behind, what then? Do you even start to comprehend the implications of this?

Elongating the lives of the Bushes, Clinton's, Zio and like type trash, will produce a truly malevolent-subspecies with unchained havoc! Bush himself bred, but all just kids like Trump, all brain dead. What is the point of enhancing this type of train wrecked misfit, why not delete each such Elite? Bush, Clinton and Trump families are cross marrying Criminal Zionists, or in the case of the Clinton's and Trump, entire criminal families. Why perpetuate such an ugly species? What a complete Klutz Kushner is turning out to be. One from another Zios criminally convicted family Shite house to the White house.

Good Juduaism can be a blessing on nations. Truly a number of good, albeit mislead Jews, do seek to conduct themselves as a God’s humanitarian people.

But the Zios are a degenerate curse. To Judaism also.

America has allowed these malevolent Kazakh Zio roaches to breed millions in an orgy of uncontrolled, wanton greed. Now they also own the lying media. Time to de louse the entire Zio infestation house! Good Jews are invited to assist. Who needs these corrupt Temple Money changers?

From God's house to a rampant louse! Zios are Child and mind rapists in the Temple.

The only finite limit of our abilities, is the inability of the nonentity Elites to understand that all human life is born equal, but most are denied equal opportunity. We hold back the emergence of the majority of our species, by the restraints self-imposed by the failing order of a Society lacking vision, integrity, morality, or sense of purpose and direction. Education denied. Guidance denied. Progress denied! So many children’s potential denied.

Every Child should have a right to life, a Right to Love, Protection and a Right to fulfill their full potential and hopes.

But under Cabal and Zio trash rule - denied! These are the true enemies of hope and the destiny of man. All Rights - Denied, as Kazakhs lied, the future for each life form - Died!

Time to De Louse this Godless House under Kazakh subjugation.

A key part of our post release agenda must be to take schools back from the Jesuits and Catholicism, then to create a new, Pedo free syllabus intent on focused education for all the children, and mixed schools will be a key step forwards, to bring back Muslim and Jewish children away from the platitudes of headbangers. All children need to be educated free of Abrahamian diatribe. Who needs the ramblings of a Schytzo Paranoid Delusional, confusing all children? Free children’s minds to grow with culture and reality. Or follow a Nutter and stay in the gutter?

Step up and determine your own children’s futures not as Church grooming fields.

Citizenship and Ethereal values are key for the new world. Education is the key for the future.

Today, chaos rules, led by fools. Nothing changes, it has been this way for Millennia. Even now, why do we not question as a species, the clearly dysfunctional failings of a lost society led by such fools. How did Indonesian passport holder Obama ever clear vetting?

Moses allegedly was lost for 40 years leading his collective tribal rabble, on a journey a non-idiot with a compass, could have tracked from Mt. Sinai in just 11 days. Where are desert signposts when you need them? So their God lost his way? Really? Do we never learn? History shows no one reads the nation’s Leaders heritage of His Story! How then can we ever learn what to avoid next time if no one recollects the failures of the past, and why? Hubris, the arrogance and pomp of failed Hubris. Look at the sordid criminal Bush family. Degeneracy and corruption overcame all, as they bribed, extorted, betrayed and corrupted their nation. A Traitor’s Crime Family!

Sadly - it worked!

America, from the first Federal breaches of trust, breaches of Treaties, betrayals of the Native Americans, and practised mass genocide, was a fertile breeding ground for the Mafia, Zio corruption, bribery, extortion, and Luciano who, as with the Cabal today, owned Justice, or at least the Judges and police. The Mob owned the system. All we have done, is merged it , re-clothing whores, Pimps, Shysters and Fraudsters, as Attorneys, Senators or Congressmen. They just re-suited the Trash and cross bred it as Clinton's and like type.

Currently, so many are in a pursuit of a free handout from the speculative opportunism following the genocide of nations. Entire countries, and ancient civilisations have been wiped out by the deviant Agencies, and Arms plus money supplies funded to ISIS and the like, by the US and Israel. The Middle East has been decimated by Cabal regime change ploys, and the duplicity of the vile Kazakhs seeking their mad conquest for a greater Israel. Millions of innocents annihilated. Who cares? Is there any moral perspective left to any of it? Looking on, looking in, any Ethereal watchers see only degeneracy of a species. Self-serving, none deserving.

Where is hope, humanity and moral conscience in any of it now? It’s a Global dilemma. Humanity is losing its Soul. Japan needs to stop its cruel, mass destruction of annual Minky hunts. Save the Whale, harpoon Trump! Moby Dick is lost at sea.

Reality indicates that the Sovereigns and major syndicated groups appear likely to currency convert first. That in itself will suffice to underpin and capitalise the relaunches. A successful conversion of Dinars for example, under an exchange procedure for new notes with the last 3 zeros removed, would take the volumes from the warehouses and hangars, and underpin a new civil order. Banks can just sluice out the ambulance chasing street holders, selecting first those instead, who have shown between the sites, the will and goodness of heart to support Global restoration as a Thinking and Caring Global Task Force, willing and able to create new projects systems and help deliver and install in new or deserving communities. One people, one Global nation of need. We need Hands out across the Oceans, helping brother Man, not hands out as more Gimmes. Time we think as a single human species and feed / house those in real need.

Time, with partial currencies to be released, to start to rethink purpose. Funds Fit for Purpose. People willing to help others, not just themselves. What kind of society do we want to emerge? Where is Your voice?

We - The People?

Funds for our emergent sites will be first, with major cleared Project teams to help put back, focusing funding where it is truly needed. Restoring nations and civilisations we have so wantonly destroyed. Replacing the Cabal Hegemony bases, with Trade and Educational centres. Humanitarian aid teams. Reaching out to our brother mankind. Atonement for the Millennia of cultures we have destroyed. Successful new integrated redesigned and planned communities can lead the way for others. We need an agenda, a purpose to be a better, more enlightened species. Time to rethink and plan balanced and structured new communities with sound values to enrich all. Time for the US Military and Agencies to F off back home! Go! Stop funding and arming Terrorists. Stop funding regime changes. Look at the carnage caused.

Who will weep for America if the Fanatics come through those border tunnels? Payback? WMDs can take many forms. Each horrific.

We instead need... to educate and liberate.

Truth to break free, to educate and expose false religions.

We did nothing as Lenin emerged, communism thrived and vast millions died.

Now we sit neutered again as the filth and despotism of the ugly Cult of Islam can only be eradicated with education, where 9 to 13 year old girls do not have to suffer arranged, forced marriages of carnal hell to ignorant, mutant 40 to 70 year olds, ending the untold misery and beatings from this medieval and perverse gutter trash.

Time to expose, punish and end the numerous vast numbers of Church pedos. Withdraw their pointless Tax shelters, take back their land holdings for community use, sequestrate the Vatican’s vast manipulated fortunes extracted with the enforcement of the murderous Inquisition and their kind, and end their 2,000 years of lies peddling to a naive humanity blindly following false concepts of Gods which the Vatican, as the known Mafia's Bankers, does not follow. Close down the Vatican as a false State! Blinkered Nonsense! We take away their schools, we sever their tentacles.

Explore beyond, think out Ethereal reality, expand each human’s own consciousness, to emerge from this Caterpillar Deep State of most of today’s sub species of non-thinkers and help mankind emerge to fly to a real destiny as Ethereal Beings. It’s time to think and be... More!

As the first of the major PPs start to release, how they are ring-fenced, and kept safe to use accrued profits only to restructure society in achievable steps matters. No more following outdated Mantras of false ideologies.

Just 12 mainly unconnected men, over 3 centuries, attempted to challenge and expand each person’s concept of humanitarian, moral and family values, and to question the purpose of living, to being more. They challenged the Feudal despots, iniquities of each conquered species, false States and raised the concept of human values for all. 12 men converted and lead 1 billion to believe in something more, at terminal cost for many of the 12. Just the concept matters.

Armed with funding, and a valid cross funded agenda, what then could 120 or even 1,200 of you from the sites, correctly focused, achieve today with 7 Billion so much in need? Raising the bar is the start. You don’t have to get cashed out from currencies to make a difference. Contributing time while waiting could open so many more personal opportunities, when the projects start. Self help and helping others in such need is the key to all. Pulling together as one nation of all to put back.

The Chosen One is not coming, nor is Democracy from any State. It’s ALL down to us each to conceive and achieve fundamental change. No more passing the Buck. We each need to take responsibility for all actions, and refuse subjugation.

Settlements, when partially released, need to be phased and focused. It will not be a Yahoo's free for all. Funds are too finite, and discretion is likely to rule. Group PPs can be channeled, tracked and directed. Tens of thousands of loose cannon, grasping Wannabes, is not an appealing concept or sight. Money needs to be channeled and via the PPs first, and will be. After that, who knows? It will all be phased to first feed need with organised groups. Priorities will come first.

Elders will cooperate for Selective AU transfers, but only to such groups as can be evidenced as worthy, who will pay for it, and who will use the new platforms to trade up using profits accrued for a fitting agenda. To enhance humanity, ecology and nature. All life is sacred. All living organisms are inter bound as a Cosmic matrix of life. Understanding purpose is phase one. Understanding yours even more so. A true agenda, fit for purpose, fit for all, is what we aspire to.

OWON has established a selective Global following. A voice of all people who test the boundaries, and who dare challenge the cause of human despair. The Global contributions daily, show that hope lives, in all of you, and post the release of the first of the PPs, we will be considering who from the Readership can help join Response teams to make a difference. If 12 good men can change a world, what can 1,200 of you achieve funded? In the corridors of power, you are read. They fear you are a Real, Thinking Democracy in waiting. People power, growing by the hour. You - are hope!

Free Will - Use it Well! Will you if asked, step up? I will? Only We, The People, can MAKE it happen. Self-help. Your call, or calling? What call will you make?


  1. WOW! That was most certainly an inspiring article. Thank you so much John and Canauzzie.

    Plenty to consider moving forward from this point. Very interesting times indeed.

    John, may I present you with a personal question? I would like to know what keeps that fire alive inside of you and makes you keep moving forward each day with the vigor that you do in the field you have chosen to work within? No worries if you are too busy to answer or possibly prefer not to.

  2. Each day takes me closer to nights with Dolly?

    That apart,

    Justice, liberty, knowledge that can do means must do more? Because we can.

    The innocent smile of a child, the smile of the Elderly passing on a dark night, to look up, and know they are safe.
    The trust of a dog or horse. Nature. To know, feel and be part of the universe.
    Same with Dolly but then the damned husband comes home. No justice.

    A sense of being a lucky human being, with abilities to use, for all. Caring, sharing time. Putting back. Knowing that real wealth, is Soul wealth, and the essence of all, is giving and caring. Being, all we can. Being Human?

    1. Gosh John, that was truly beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your answer. sincerely appreciated.

      Geez, we are going to have to line up some time with Dolly for you soon to release you from all that endless anxiety. LOL

      Enjoy a spectacular day John.

  3. Great article and well said. Let me say though, that I do not agree with a few things. BUT I have no problem agreeing to disagree.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I really want to thank you Big John. First and foremost for this summary that you have put together for us, for your efforts and your guidance. Truly appreciate you keeping us all here focused and also on what should be the priority for us as humans, so we can work together as a society.
    Lets hope that at least the first PP brakes loose and takes off.


  6. GT, Godschild

    Thanks and agreed.
    To us, the value of OWON is access to the so many good people who can help make some kind of difference. Change has to come from within each nation, and within us.
    Change has to come , or the next Agenda will be 21.
    Be clear, it's almost here.

    1. You got that right. As usual John. Thanks for all you guys do to keep us up and educating ourselves a little bit more each day. Started in 2010 following the dark cabal and followed to here period never missed more than 2 days checking in and that was only when I had a crisis going on in my life. Thanks for the years of hard work To all of you

    2. Life is crisis,but it never ends, Only the crisis does. Life is just the journey, how we live it, by choice. Find the angle which works for you, and build on it. Crisis ends, new shoots begin.

  7. Wonderful article, I think all here would cherish the opportunity to participate in humanitarian projects to help bring some peace & prosperity to this world, and to also further expose and extrapolate those that only want to enslave and exterminate us. I’m in

  8. You got that right. As usual John. Thanks for all you guys do to keep us up and educating ourselves a little bit more each day. Started in 2010 following the dark cabal and followed to here period never missed more than 2 days checking in and that was only when I had a crisis going on in my life. Thanks for the years of hard work To all of you

  9. I agree Scott, I certainly want to participate in helping to restore this planet, educate the truth, feed healthy food, and help those in real need. I just hope I live to experience it.


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