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Current State of Affairs
1 December 2017

New World Disorder has the Khazarians and Cabal in total confusion, seeing the Global growth of public thinkers bypassing the lies and confusion of Religions.

Slowly the masses are awakening, and thinking for themselves. At last!

With Currency conversions and long overdue PP Redemptions now on the table for resolution, it’s time to address ahead some key Social Dilemmas which need essential forethought if we are to break free of Cabal bondage and start to fulfill our Human potential. Time to come of age.

In this often confusing and hostile world, with age, experience and intellect, certain human trends become self repeating realities. Generally, children born of a sterile Ghetto type existence, from the Trailer Parks to State housing, tend to be entrapped in a perpetual cycle, where Crime becomes a source of employment, girls are knocked up by 18, and boys locked up by 21 or so. Feral Brats. Respect is only availed to the most vicious of the local Gang masters. All sad and Self-perpetuating. It’s a Global pandemic. No life of family values to nurture, absentee fathers, gangland rules apply. Survival. Budding Politicians lacking only the sophistication for false presentation. Apathy abounds, hope and direction is absent. Each a product of their own environment. Sad, demeaning, and dangerous. Society left to the dysfunctional Churches, ignores it, and they run Schools badly as Cash Cows for the Vatican. No one is addressing the real issues and these silly Religious phonies are incapable.

Each person derailing in life or society, is truly a sad and lost Soul. So many wasted lives and an indictment of our inhumanity to each other. How do we change it, because if WE THE PEOPLE don’t act between us to make a difference, neither the Churches or Governments will lead? Time to think beyond the fast fix, for real solutions, and to start to fix the core problem for once as a Thinking Humanity.

With the coming phased Currency releases and Settlements, it’s time that some thought is applied to avoiding the glaring mistakes of the past societies, and a thought for Real humanity to progress. Time to Guard, guide and nurture the Children as a collective responsibility of us all. Those Children Matter! How can WE make a difference and Man Up?

We need to help guide and educate them from birth to understand as the most important code of life, that we are ALL Keepers and Guardians of our own Souls. Ignorance of that is no pass out. It’s long overdue time that Leadership arises to make such Ethereal Education the key Moral Imperative of Humanity, not Church gibberish, and not to depend up those confused but deviant Shape Shifting Religious Quacks for a pass through.

Teaching needs a new criteria of values because societies won’t, and families fail.

We need Good, enlightened Teachers to help guide and develop towards the new society we all need. Who else cares or can be entrusted? Teach Soul Values now! It’s time YOU ALL, in the Communities, take collective responsibility to take the Schools back from deviant churches cashing in and failing society, stop their Kiddy Fiddling, as they enrich the Vatican and Jesuit orders. Nurturing, Guarding and guiding those wonderful little new Souls is YOUR jobs! Churches have failed you all. Self deluding followers of Fables or vast and unacceptable numbers of deviants are hiding out in Holy Orders. The vast PROFIT income accrued by the Churches for poorly educating those children needs to be cauterised out. Communities need to be given full Board powers to run their own schools and wasted profits to the manipulative Churches stopped, then returned to Education budgets in your own communities. Churches hold you back. Look at Ireland's appalling Catholic ignorance and mediocre schools under Religious autocracy. The poor nation is a century behind the times.

Lead with your hearts and find the real God, true compassion and dignity of being a good Human Being! All are one, you are each part of one for all. Seek Divine guidance in the Souls you all have and bring those new lives into a world fit for purpose. This is your journey, make it right. All you need is within you.

Children educated by a Higher Order, can grow up with Higher Soul Values, and awareness of real values. Unless we change, they can’t. Where do we start? When? What is good Citizenship? There is no solution in Godless divisive Religions.

Science is unlocking minds and options. With new molecular atom binding breakthroughs in the Graphene sector, a quantum leap could soon bring long heralded low cost energy within reach for humanity, revolutionising transport, communications and power costs, negating the Oil and Gas Moguls, and removing carbon fuel dependency. With it, the complex webs of fuel charging rackets, and the labyrinths of tax accruals and wasteful State parasites employed as vacuous low life scavenging tax collectors and enforcers sucking us dry. Society and humanity has lost its way. We have lost the point of everything. Time to re-track this demeaning existence. Time to rethink the Values of everything, to get anything.

Start with the Land Ethic of how we protect our interim Custodial Duties towards our life giving and sustaining our Mother Earth planet, and each other. Or do we live only with the incessant values of these parasites and Zio trash, off each other, until the last has gone. Then what? Leaders have failed you all. None are fit for purpose. Where are their values, or any points of life? Do we allow them to open Pandora's Box, and deny you all for their self gain? Each are just ever aspiring Oligarchs. Look how Mugabe has just ended up as they brought him down.
Thinking people rejected Clinton, and Brexits voice was heard. People power needs to empower, now, those actually fit for service. Won’t that be a change?

It’s time now for a new Moral Imperative of real people power.

Political Leaders are mainly failed mediocrities, confused by the Global village of Internet news and a rising public awareness of their vast collective ineptitude, sleaze and corruption. Truth will not be denied. Why allow such inept fools as the Clinton's, Bushes and the halfwit failure Obama to rule and ruin your lives?

Define our existence. What is truth? We will be releasing a number of articles and videos which will challenge the very foundations of your whole belief system and knowledge concepts. What is truth - are you ready expand your mental faculties to take on board truly vast alternative realities? When all around you is a Fable, what then in your new emerging world of alternating realities... matters?

The power of you all, is infinite, and co-enjoined means co-empowered. Together, collective power can force change and a new direction, as all your voices are heard, from the Herd!

Our objective is to enable you to think existentially of the higher real alternatives, and to enable you, intellectually, with a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the complex, but awesome reality of the universe, its true evolution, its checks and balances, and YOUR meaningful role in it.

You exist, You matter... as Ethereal matter!

We need to reset your thinking, not leave you wrongly tracked by the perverse and limp wristed, self-serving idiosyncrasies of the Council of Nicaea politically crafted fables, introduced only to mind control the Plebs, when their own Gods were not performing. Empress Helena simply gave Constantine a random chance option for the concept of a minority Jewish Cult, and his Spin Doctors created the rest as a manipulative tool. Created Fables! So the Myth of Christianity was born, bearing little reality to the Gnostic Gospels, or any foundation in truth or fact. For over 1,700 years the Vatican has capitalised on its cash cow of lies. But at what a cost holding you all back?

As for the so mistracked Satanic Cult blood sacrifices of Judaism, Islam and Zionism, unreal! How can a thinking person so callously mutilate their children? Disgusting practices! They need to end in a Thinking society. No God asked anyone to mutilate a child! Not YOU or anyone! It’s a truly disgusting Mad CULT malpractice. Vile and perverse. Inhuman... inhumane!

For centuries, the self creating Illuminati's privileged classes have ruled all, shielded themselves and the real truth from you and from Public view, while living off all your backs, in their world of privilege denied to others. For you the scraps. For the last century 3 central groups have dominated and restrained the development of mankind. False Religions have for over 6,000 years. It’s time to come of age, expose and foreclose on each, and them for a change. Your time, your life, your rights to decide and to be - Free! Truth empowers. Each release will give you thinking material to take control of your own Being and Destiny. You are not a Surf of the State. Their State!

The Vatican, the corrosive and utterly corrupt Khazarian Zionists forces falsely posing as Jews looting nations blind, and this century the US Trilateral Commission, its Council for Foreign Relations, and the unaccountable scheming CIA Military Cabal have between them virtually railroaded nations to war for profit and wars they not only caused, but funded.

Look not at False His-Story, but Their Story!

They have entrapped nations into a fiscal web of Fiat Money and Taxation SLAVERY. Self-serving, an unholy bondage. Despots rule unchecked. But their children don’t fight the wars, yours do the dying for their lying. Why die for their Lies? Over a million poor Iraqis did. Tens of millions of Asians, Muslims and Africans are now displaced, homeless and hopeless, drifting across Europe as an unwanted Locust swarm swamping Social services and escalating crime. Europe is bleeding because of US Cabal Hegemony. 9/11 was only their first real calling card. What may come next?

Because you chose to do nothing, if thousands of IEDs and WMDs are smuggled through those Mexican Drug tunnels, will that wake up the smug indifference as Freeways or city car parks, office blocks and shopping malls explode next in mass carnage, to the rage and fury of nations lost? Or devastating viruses released as weapons of attrition for payback. All now within reach.

They have lost everything, so have nothing left to lose.

As tiny Britain withstood the Blitz, and crawled out each day to rebuild, it helped stop Hitler from what next would have been the Luftwaffe and rocket bombing of America. Some thanks from a nation with parties such as the Vile Bush Family who were guilty of part funding Hitler in the first place while enriching itself from War Price Racketeering in lifeline food deliveries, as Britain truly stood alone for 3 years against the Nazi war machine. The resiliation of the Brits was inbred and staunch determination. But how will America cope if payback comes?

It took poor Britain over 60 years to repay that incestuous false War Loan Debt to the same disgusting parasites because the decency of Post War Gentlemanly conduct left them unable to rebuff and refuse the Fed Zio Racketeers, and tell them to Shove it as they gathered like a Vulture flock to feast off the defenceless carcass! British Gentlemen as Political leaders naively handed over our Gold reserves, and Empire to an emerging US rogue parasite State. Had we compromised with Germany, we would have kept the lot and left the US then standing alone, who would have faced the Nazi Stormtroopers and folded. Sanitisation would have followed and America would be a different nation today. History or reality? Bad decisions carry consequences. But for some, memories. Of course it was right to stop Hitler, but at what a price? We paid a terrible one, and post war betrayals, as did the Native Americans once they too, lay down with these Federal and Cabal Feral Dogs.

9/11 the US came apart. Mass hysteria. But the bravery and courage of the State Public Services stood out and apart. Police, Firemen. Medical services, you arose and contained it all. While Leaders like Bush, Cheney and others ran away and hid. Gutless Bums! Each an Elite Coward on his feet, running for their hideaways while real people manned up. But we all saw as well the hysteria unleashed. America can not mentally cope with the mainland war attrition would bring.

Each of these Elites have their undeserved life style, with dismal contempt for their fellow man, and the arrogance of a class presumptive of their own standing. Each are equally deluded and divisive. But, they are as self deluded from the big truths. In the never ending chain of your life's many pit stops, the judgments of this one, will determine the next, or worse, far worse if justified, Atonement. Ethereal powers beyond your concept of imagination, determine true guilt, and consequences we face.

For almost 2 millennia, the Vatican has ruled a vast Global material gaining Empire, maintaining the illusion of their own hierarchy being the exclusive gateway to a false creation of their misguided concept of God and absolution. This being their false Mantra, sold based only on their presumptive exclusive appointment, by a nonexistent entity such as is presented. Their so false concept of God. Be assured, true Ethereal and Cosmic power, bears little resemblance to the pitiful platitudes of these Papal monstrosities, such as are orchestrated between Black and White Popes from the Vatican.

This Carnal House of perversions, covers unimaginable scales of Global child molestation and grooming, despoiling the innocence of a child, but over the centuries, life sees millions of their victims from their Inquisition onward, traumatised, desperate, brutalised and subjected to the perverse filth they unleashed, unchecked across their covens of Schools, Monasteries and Orphanages of their Trafficked children. How many Epstein's Islands have they been running with the desperate children in their orphanages, disposable assets to succumb to their despotic will? Who will hold this Despots Den to account?

Who calls time on these Godless, accursed subhuman miscreants. Exposure and closure will be this centuries accrued consequences, as we call time on this Vatican slime with its Papal brothels, and mass cover ups moving its thousands of Paedophile Priests, Bishops and Cardinals to its vast Global web of networks to escape retribution within its Web of illusions posing as a false religious order. Society, dysfunctional as it has become, would never condone any Corporate Company betraying Trust as Educational providers, for such Pedo plagues as unleashed by Catholic and Jesuit Schools. Their licences would be long gone and as such as a malfunctioning Corporation, they would be drummed out of office.

Why then, with their centuries old vast abysmal record of Child abuse and chicanery, are we condoning and allowing these proven, unfit for purpose collectives of deviants, deranged and deluded misfits and perverts, to mass congregate and cherry pick our children? See how they now run from media exposure?

Once part Settlements are released for the major PPs or Currency Groups, not only must education, and re-education be a high priority, but we need to define what that means, the Syllabus needed, and how we define the standards needed for Education, Citizenship, Statesmanship, Humanitarian values, Community values, Family values, personal relationship values, Ecological values, environmental values, and for example as per certain Buddhist principles, our consideration for and sensitivity towards all of natures life forms as good Stewards of Mother Earth's harmony and balances. So much of what goes wrong, goes wrong at the beginning, as we have simply failed to care for emerging Souls, leaving instead such hostile nurturing environments as are visible, and violent breeding grounds for the scales of hostility and depravity as is unleashed upon the sick societies of today.

We can’t change the past, but will we never learn from it? What is the point of cashing out vast Billions from unearned currencies if we don't make good use of it to help stop creating genocidal societies? What are the real priorities? From the PPs we need to focus on selective new education. To plan and create small new communities, new offshoots of life, to try to establish better societies as a blueprint road map for others. To try to make a difference starting small. If 12 men could lead a billion, what can 12 new green shoot planned communities do for others to follow? Where do we start. To try to do anything, however small, is better than doing nothing. Money is finite, the fantasies propounded by Blogs simply will not happen. Small steps, well planned is the way forward. Successes others can follow. A clear start giving hope to new children will help develop a new genre of conduct and beliefs. Role models for new emerging nations, to act as a candle of light for others. We can’t change the past, but we need to try to shape the future. No one can, or will, fund the vast range of Projects so many aspire to. Money is and will be finite. Control of limited funds is key. But with the commitment of so many good people on the sites, a series of Global Task Forces can start to make a difference. As will the training of Midwives at the Teaching Hospitals to go into the nations and make a difference bringing new life safely into our world and teaching others. Let’s make the PP’s a Thinking Societies solution for phased Resolution, A New Revolution of caring and sharing?

It’s not about Me, Me, Me, Wannabe, but the Destiny of each new life form, born each day, to help guard and nurture each new life born into this world and help make our world fit for real purpose. If 12 men could reshape a world, what if we start by reshaping first 12 Global communities as a road map for others to follow?

12 Beacons of Hope? There can be no change - Until WE do! As the keeper of your own Soul, what will you take forward as your own accountable Book of Life? That will be one Book - You cannot pass.


  1. This is thinking forward, if the releases go ahead as negotiated for the major groups, how can we try to make it work best for the future and avoid repeating past mistakes?
    Mankind must Man Up- take responsibility and take self control.

    Saving F ups is a thankless exercise. We need to give the new children a chance.
    Churches are NOT the right solution for Education,it needs Thinking, Committed Parents, deciding School agendas and keeping YOUR children safe. Not feeding Vatican and other Hustlers coffers. Not for Profit Education,and a fair chance for all YOUR children.

    Every child deserves an equal chance, we fail them not providing it. Let ability rule lives, not pampered Elites failing. Ability for Office,not corruption. End the Vatican NWO and Masonic corruption. We need to re track thinking. Education to benefit YOUR children and society not Church coffers. Teach Children Ethereal values,set new standards,lift the bar and let them decide. Give them a real chance now. We CARE!

  2. John, brilliant article, to me one of the best yet. Very forthright and to the point.

    I do agree regarding parents being involved in education. Absentee parenting is
    truly what we are witnessing in society right now....let the schools raise your kids,
    the easy way out. Leaving teachers to not only teach, but parent, police, counsel,
    semi discipline...they have to wear so many hats, not fair to them at all ! Shakeling
    society to perpetual poverty through the slave system has created just what they
    wanted to create, dependent non-thinkers...and curriculum has contributed to the
    problem. Thankfully, our kids are thriving, forward thinkers and contributing well
    to making life better for all.

    My children are in their 30's now, yet even when they were in
    school, I was involved up to my eyeballs, daily! There was a
    very involved group of parents that made sure we were at the
    forefront of ALL major decisions. I was even dubbed "the leader
    of the against group", ha, it was well worth it.

    Your comments regarding the environment, well, man has for sure
    not stewarded the earth well. Look at the dead zone in the Gulf
    of Mexico, all from the chemicals being poured on GMO crops...
    don't get me started. And this is just one example. The lie of "geo-engineering"
    via Chemtrails to "save the planet" while sickening man, poisoning the water we drink, the
    food we eat and the air we breath....has got to STOP!

    And, if you are an alternative thinking and treating doctor, scientist, naturopath, you
    have to hire a body guard, the suspicious death count went up to 79 this week, in
    barely two, contributing, caring individuals lives taken because they
    are exposing the lies of big pharma, cancer treatments, vaccines or are close to
    breakthroughs that would drain the cabal coffers.

    Ok, think it is time to sign off here. Obviously, you sparked a righteous ire.

    Time to get this show on the road !!!!

    Cheers :)

  3. We have to boot the Churches out, sequestrate the schools as damages settlements for so many Church Pedos, and man up. Our kids, we guide them, guard them and and control them. No more copping out. Parents who can't take full responsibility,stop breeding! Or lose them!

    Our kids,WE Say! No more Churches getting fat on fees. No more child indoctrination.
    Professional Teachers,well trained, well paid to help make up for so many bloody useless parents. Getting knocked up does not make a Parent. That child deserves a shot. Too many poor parent deserve to be - Shot! Kids need to be guarded from Crap parents also. We need to rethink the lot. A child is a blessing, not a toy! Goyims - Wake up.

  4. John, was just thinking about this this morning when tending the stock. Having been in the community for nearly 20 years, the news I heard yesterday was something that could only shake my head at. Rt 66 initiative from Chicago to the west coast. Native American tribe behind and plenty of opportunities for those who help. Lot's of development, but no mention of stewardship or children, just land prices going up as various enterprises are developed, one that am guessing a casino/race track and the supporting industries that often go with that. No thank you for this shepherdess.

    I have found a place that although off the beaten track that will make a nice place for those who need healing. It needs TLC, but with somethings, good management and thoughtful planning much good can be created.

    1. If they do clear the PPs we will try to make the rights moves for people but it will need our new extra US Corporate and Global infrastructure place. Full Diligence and careful planning. It has to be set upright to work and self fund.

    2. Agree John, that's something am giving much thought to. Met a good managing team at an open gate event(Holistic Management) for the Monte Prieto ranch and was impressed. This outfit successfully manages a number of ranches in Colorado and NM. Not a lot of ranches, but enough to know they are the kind of people would like to work with. On the flip side of this is the healing part, would like to be able to bring the better methods to the table for those who aren't able to cope with the medical system as is currently.

  5. Awesome articles , I pray they release the funds to so many hungry poor worn down good people many working into there 70's to keep a roof over there heads everyone is struggling eating unhealthy GMO foods fluoride and who knows what in the water . Stressing how to make the next rent check people need to feel how it is not to worry if you can afford school clothes or food ,

  6. Wow. What a wonderful bringing it together type of informational article. It seems like a dream world, if we can only all pull together and make it happen. It appears but it could be done, was some strong people leading. As most of you know through all my years on these sites, that my main interests and concerns, are natural help methods that work and clean water and clean air to breathe. That's a big challenge when we are being systematically killed controlled from breathing chemtrails and drinking fluoride water and being zapped with smart meter producing radioactive waves.


  7. I personally, have been leading a one-woman crusade in educating people ain nd our community about the health risk of all of the above. Attempting to educate them on natural healing methods, that are now available, if they only know about it. I have seen absolute miracles with people that have serious health conditions, that have been treated through the gifts in the earth that are natural. Also, the new technology available to us now that will allow the body to heal itself using frequency and energy. By optimizing the correct frequency back to everything in your body, it gives your body a chance to heal itself. I cannot say enough good things, to this method I am seeing absolute miracles to those people that are then being treated through my new scanner that reads their current frequency in every single organ in their body, and then the unit actually optimizes their frequency back to where it should be.

    Would like to share our experience and taking the small 8 acre farming land that we have. 3 years ago we started growing non GMO, organic seeds. We have had Excellent success in growing healthy food, and the actual Taste of the food is so incredibly good. However, I have been so disappointed and being able to get enough people willing to actually donate their time and energy to help produce that food. It's a lot of work farming I have learned a lot of energy goes into it. My disappointment, stems from the fact that people will let you give them free food and a heartbeat, but after you've done all the work and you tell them they can have free food if they come and actually pick it themselves, it's rare to have anybody show up to get that free food if they have to pick it. It's crazy they'll drop by and let you give it to them in the bag and thank you. And tell you a million reasons why they don't have time to pick at themselves or are not able to pick at themselves. It's been a real eye-opener for my husband to realize that people would actually rather back Wrap food at the store. They would rather eat the junk GMO grown food, supplied at the train grocery stores where they can just pick it up, pay for it and walk out. I guess it's easier not to have to put forward the time or energy that it requires to just pick your own free food we offered them that is healthy non-GMO, organic.
    We had a lot of vegetables go to waste on the vines or plants, because we could not manage to harvest it all ourselves. It takes more than two people two tend you're such a big Garden.
    It was a real eye-opener for us to realize what are Society has really become in the fast food world that we have grown up in.
    I've decided that we will have to grow a smaller Garden next year in order to to supply our individual needs, or pay 4 help to harvest, thereby making it necessary to sell the Harvest and a higher price to cover the cost. But you know what? It's hard to find someone to employ to do gardening. There are so many people out of work, but their mind set is to get government Aid, welfare checks Etc than to use their body to actually pick vegetables, that are good for their health. It's become a crazy world. It's often hard to digest what we have become in my lifetime.

    We all just have to keep striving to educate those around us that they do have choices, and they are the product of the choices they make.

    John this is a big endeavor, but if we can find enough people that are willing to use the brain that they have been given, one small step at a time, you can awaken a population of indoctrinated fools.

    1. Good point, but you can't save Bums nor will we try.
      They key will be like minded communities, and let wastes of space fail.
      Welfare will end and many of them will get sorted with a hollow head rioting.
      Population reduction will be pursued.

      It's how we help the good ones that matters. Bum's wont be carried free for ever.

  8. I apologize for the rambling above, and the many errors that voice texting made in my rant above. Hopefully you got my drift. The article spells it out so perfectly. Thank you.

  9. We need to BE the Role model. Teach Farm Grow Learn and Thrive.Follow thru. Make the World a better place.

    1. As one force of all Beings, being ONE but better.


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