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Turning the Tide | Report #15 | A war for free minds is coming

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
13 October 2017

The State of All Nations Today

As the new Gold / Petro backed Yuan is unfolding, the Zionist Con Game Federal Reserve, as it stands, in time will deservedly be dead. Time to rethink a world free of Cabal Global Hegemony.

In this Western Society, bereft of Leadership or Standards, the best way forward is to invest - But.... IN OUR PEOPLE!

Free the masses from the Debt burdens of corrupt and crooked Zionist rigged Fractional Banking. Rethink the Matrix of Debt Slavery, Zio Bondage and SET ALL OUR PEOPLE FREE!

Think through the purpose of Humanity and Lead, do NOT feed these rapacious, crooked Zionist bankers! End the Kazakh's Fed!

Freedom! If it’s good enough for Moses and MLK, it’s good enough for the Western people who are so much in need. Feed hope, NOT Zionist Greed or these Temple Money Changers! Build a world fit for all of humanity! Real Leadership. Worship Souls and Ethereal values, not Mamon! Each life is for Living, not Kazakh Bondage! Rethink the purpose of Being for all of humanity. Let LIFE have real meaning. It merits and needs a Quantum Leap of a Citizenship's Purpose of Being to reset all Human existence. Constructive, thinking Leadership. What is Human life now for? Who will raise the bar for Humankind?

When Rex Tillerson, as America’s foremost Global Diplomat, declares that Trump is a complete Moron, we have a dilemma between a World who totally agrees, and the America which is simply not listening. The dichotomy is - We can do what?

This from the part Sub-Species who voted Obama in - TWICE?

Lead with Vision, not Human derision. Ever greater cosmetic fortunes are being accrued by callous Bankster Derivatives speculation, as we see our Industrial nation’s imploding, bereft of hope or funding, and unstable parties turning weapons on their own people. While Federalist Washington robs the store.

There is a better way. But it’s down to us. Not these posing, failing, so called Leaders. Hope dies under their inept policies and lies! Clueless!

All are owned by, or their very Souls sold or compromised to, the Money Lenders. The endemic Rot of the Zio Rats system which is! Bankers rule Fools! When will a caring society call out and rule out these parasite Roaches?

The Soviets have no need of 990+ costly meddling bases, as with the US. Russian submarines are now using sophisticated cruise type missiles to obliterate and eradicate ISIS terrorist military units, while Russia and China are taking up increasing quantities of Middle East Energy supplies, now agreed for settlement in Yuan and Roubles, effecting the death Knell of the US Petro Dollar, and an end to US Global Hegemony. America is unable to buy or threaten each nation, so now heads into the sands of time for US stagnation. Russia and China are playing them off the board.

As a new Trade contract, Saudi Arabia is now starting to assemble AK49’s under an Arms contract to Russia. Home produced Infidel Killers? Changing loyalties.

Nothing as a long term secure Industrial base currently around, is now seen as sound to build a future economy. Changes are forcing free. But how will it effect each economy? What will fund needs and create sustainable employment?

Within even this coming decade, you will see the enormous scale of emerging market penetration of Tesla type electric cars, and collapse of alternative Carbon fuel vehicles, negating the vast infrastructure support industry which will go with it. Jobs? Goodbye Detroit. Hello Silicon Valley. European cities are banning petroleum vehicles and over time all such production and sales. Change is enforced.

Everything will change way beyond Political controls. Vast new Markets will self lead. The automobile industries will be reformed and jobs hugely reduced. Who then employs the vast new unemployed? Doing what, as they are educated for nothing?

Suddenly the Middle East will experience an unparalleled culture shock as its entire carbon polluting wealth base implodes.

Some Islam Slam for them as their Allah leaves town with their income blown? What then for that Kazakh Carbuncle Israe hell as tensions rise?

Over 7,000 years every society burdened by these iniquitous Money Lenders, ended in frustrated revolution and chaos. How many nations have thrown them out from Egypt onward? Europe purged them for centuries and like a bad dose of Syphilis, still they keep coming back infecting each nation they touch. Once hope is lost, rebellion stirs.

American Hegemony and duplicity in Asia has unleashed ISIS. Zionist Banking malpractice has enabled them to steal America, defraud the nation of its life blood and to create its loathsome Jewish / Zionist ONLY Treasury / Fed operation. All other religions are negated by this duplicitous, self serving Oligopoly of subhuman parasites. However, has America and the world found itself subservient to this rapacious locust hoard of Zionist Kazakh plains marauders falsely posing as Jews?

They own the MSM and deny you a voice. As they do to any emerging Political contender not signing up to the Zio’s noose! End this farce!

From a base of zero tangible assets, the Rothschild's and collective Zionists perpe-Traitors, were able to coerce the poor, gullible US nation into a debt obligation. Paying them such unearned interest with their unfounded asset claims, as to have skimmed off more dollars in debt interest within 16 years than the entire GDP of America. No wonder they refuse non-Jews to be appointed to the Fed or US Treasury, lest Non-Coven Patriots spot and disentangle the lot. What a Confidence Trick they have perpetrated - Again! No wonder they have such contempt for the naive Goyim.

They STOLE America! You have no protest voice as they own the MSM and both Houses! They have an Oligopoly on truth and deny yours.

Not one bought or funded US President is not so compromised as to stand up to them. Money is this root of all their evils. America has lost all control of its own money and is now enslaved by the Weevils! Where is hope? Get them OUT of US Banking! Choke their Hydra. What does it take to STOP Electing power hungry and manipulative Zios to the Fed and Treasury to stop feeding these parasitic Tapeworms? End their cycle of control.

Are we reaching that Epoch moment of realising that all Political Leaders are simply not working? We need to find another way!

The lot today are proven to be as useless. None fit for purpose.

The North Korean conflict again brings home the dearth of quality of perceptions of Leadership today. Two posturing, flatulent fat buffoons, cross trading insults as an arms race now escalates. But each overtaken by major new ground breaking Russian weapon releases. Russia has now unveiled such new generation bombs which are game changers more powerful than the US Nuclear Arsenal - outpacing America. They can now negate US weapons and Yank's Tanks. Technology defeats oppressors.

North Korea (NK) is determined to become its own independent Nuclear power, no less than has Iran. Each will succeed under tyrannical policies. In the power game, which is in effect to control the Korean / Chinese Peninsula, the nuclear Genie risk is high. Poor South Koreans sit neutered in abject terror. As does Taiwan. Each paying vast Billions for US Defence protection, as the Cabal promotes Military Sales opportunism from Agency inspired or created conflicts. Yet their own populations are impoverished, as the Military Juntas and US Cabal ruthlessly milk them dry. Jackal packs corralling Sheeple.

Could Trump even locate Korea on a map? Or indeed, most Americans? Leaders? Most are just shape shifting Bottom Feeders. Is the world marching to a nuclear conflict based on mass ignorance? As the US is bankrupt, quite apart from morally, who gives it the right to interfere in Global affairs, least of all, Regime change?

We are no apologists for that psychotic monster in NK. He or his truly evil regime.

The sad irony of humanity is that 28 million poor North Koreans live in depraved, abject poverty in that brutal regime State, while the world does nothing. But find mineral deposits there and look how fast the US Cabal organises regime change.

For their poor Citizens, the daily horrors of tortured repression subjects them to inhumane base survival. Removal to the sadistic, merciless and brutal Concentration Camps is the immediate alternative for any show of dissent. In North Korea, any considered offence subjects 3 generations of an entire family to the degredation of the Camps, where truly Hell on Earth reigns. It could be YOU in another life.

Instead of the impotent and systematically corrupt United Nations, how about all Nations Uniting, as one caucus of Humanity, to remove the NK Pestilence Junta?
What would freeing 28 million helpless Souls do the for the hearts of Humanity, and question just what we can do, united together for all of Man - to be Kind?

Yet we, by our choice to remain as a world ignorant of Human reality, do nothing to help, and care not. Herd animals feted with menial tasks to serve economic dynamics dictated by a Global Elite, where the Plebeian reality, is to be fed a life as a lie, and to die for Agency or Zionist contrived Pie in the Sky.

A billion can perish in the Gutter, as Religions propound false truths following the rantings of one or other form of deranged Nutter. When will man arise from the Gutters and reach for the Stars. Vast billions are spent educating each Western nation, not to think, but as Cannon fodder for an IT or Bankers Work Station.

We seem to empathize to a Novel, or a TV Soap, yet have little affinity for our own species, with the moral values and fortitude of a Dope. While our brother man dies daily in North Korea or ISIS conflict zones, alone without hope. We remain in blissful ignorance, uncaring. Life has become shallow. We are capable of so much better.

Religious Leaders from the Vatican down, manipulate our nations, to the Whims of a deviant Jesuit clown. A Black Pope with a highly contentious past. But look at their access to and control of America??? They and Israe-hell, control America, what a mess!

We condemn the ravings of Hitler with his concepts of give him a Child to subjugate and falsely educate, and by 7 “ He is Mine for Life”. How does that differ from the Church owned and run Schools, where hundreds of thousands of innocents, have been sexually tampered with and manipulated by primarily Catholicism Kiddie Fiddlers, or Jesuits, who, had they been a Commercially Licensed, State supplier, would have been prosecuted, mass jailed and closed down decades ago as not fit for service. Deviant, endemically corrupt, bereft of compassion or humanity, and empowered by Rome. Vatican City with its fabled, made up and reworked bibles, Global repression of nations, Global cover ups of the worst kinds of Child abuse, their Gold and Land holdings is no House of God. Wake up! Wise up. Their Bank investments, presumptions of Title to hold the power of Souls, ownership of Vatican territories, by whose remit? Theirs? With their so false presentation of them being the only authorised link to God, declaring the Gay community to be Godless, while funding, with your money, Gay Rome Brothels for their exclusive use. This deviant institution is a farce. What Ten Commandments are they then abusing? End it!

Laws for one? Just You, as they abuse them all. Who follows such a ridiculous collective of misfits? How did societies let them get so far off the rails?

Where are real GOOD Leaders today? People with moral conscience, a Humanitarian ethos and compassionate to all. Where is their vision? All they profile is greed!

Why is a new Thinking Mankind allowing this kind of Kiddie Fiddling Robed Vermin anywhere near their Children of today? Totally failed and corrupt Institutions.

Vast Cadres of Jesuit control and manipulate Knights of Malta to sit in key roles across the world as Gatekeepers for Rome, following Jesuit Black Papal doctrines, obfuscating Law, and providing unparalleled access to the US President as 'Religious Advisers' while their horrendous Cardinals cover up mass child abuse and sordid perversion across America and the world. This 'Fabricated Church' built on lies is a true horror story of abuse. Only now are the tens of thousands of cases coming out. Sordid, cruel, lives ruined, generations lost. They dare because no one dares call out this filthy abomination. Think - Clinton and Trump were Jesuit educated, Hello?

Trump was sent to the Jesuits because he was Out of Control and Intellectually limited. No change there then. Clinton because it’s where Deviants like him congregate. Living proof if needed. Does he look like a religious success, or Trump?

So, as failed Institutions, why are they even allowed to operate with impunity? As Religious Advisers to the President??? Look at how they turned out! Each with the moral turpitude of a Slug.

Study the Jesuit Oath. Do you want your Children or our Societies submitting to them? A mind set contrived from this?

Why does such a fake religious monstrosity have access to the Oval Office?

When will America, and the world, take responsibility for the ethereal, ethical and humanitarian education of our collective children and the visible need to rethink and re-track our societies? Are we so befuddled as to think cutting pieces off our children as sacrificial offering to some demonic entity serving as a God offering, is progressive 21st century thinking? Delusional, paranoid fools. Who gives them the right to subject any poor child to this? Who speaks for the Child? Why are Mohels not doing life for collective multi-child mutilation? A barbaric, repugnant and disgusting practice unfit for any society. No ONE, NOT YOU, has the right to do this to a Child!

We need to think out what sort of society we wish to contribute towards helping evolve. Values to attain, rewards, controls, intellectual and ethereal ideological aspirations, and nurturing our young. Caring for the aged, weak, afflicted, or special needs cases. Effecting a wholesome society fit for purpose. Ideologies start somewhere.

What failed Innovation from Trump, who in his very first year of office, has virtually gifted to the Koch brothers, a new unchecked era to continue their mass energy pollution, where their profits are prioritised, and the system of Checks and Balances stays lobotomized. Our planet and eco species are choking with Pollution for Profit!

Kochs just bought the board again. Evade taxes, no pain.

Leadership? Who?

There is no Western avenue for progress. Theresa May in London stood transfixed as her voice failed in panic during an intended career recovering speech, her sudden cough erupted as her nerve went, and she was exposed to all as an embarrassing, irrelevant over promoted Schoolgirl, lacking organisation, policies or national support. Her time like her, has now gone. This is no Maggie Thatcher, but a Prim and Proper lost Preppie Girl who just imploded on a public stage. She’s a failed leader now just waiting the cut, with an attending amusing House Husband, useless. Of such nonentities, nations are lead, to obsolescence!

Facing personal oblivion, she has now been forced to issue at last, a clear Take It or Leave It Ultimatum to the Jesuit led and riddled sham Leaders of the EU. It’s time to smash in with a Reality Check. Let’s see how far their Socialist games get if tens of Bs of UK money gets pulled, we send back and deport millions of their lot, we stop importing German cars, French wines and EU food. Time to stop their cheap flights and let the EU hotels go empty. To hell with our UK lot whining if we cut off their cheap holidays for a few years until the EU hits the wall. They can holiday at home and shut the F up as Patriots. 3 million food pickers from the EU go home and the entire UK unemployed need to be told, off your arse, get to those fields picking, get a job, or starve. Ram home reality. Leadership! Cut Socialist crap. No one is owed. Contribute nothing, they are worth nothing. Save vast billions on Welfare and free up all those homes the EU lot are using. 2 years the EU will be on its knees. The UK and Germany, plus France, have fought before. Always it ended badly for them. History will repeat itself. Times create opportunity. Leaders will emerge. Time for changes. Time to Man Up.

Was Eurasia ever so needed to challenge the masses and enhance a new civilisation away from this corrupt Feudal / Papal / Zionist dross choking the planet?

Eurasia is coming. A vast land mass, interconnected by high speed rail track systems, emergent new planned cities, focused on funded sciences, emerging new technologies and encouraging the arts to the forefront of this emerging Super State.

Russia alone is a truly vast land based nation, rich also in minerals, and unparalleled bio-crop potential to feed the masses. As the permafrost across the Siberian Tundra is melting due to climate change, albeit releasing a vast volume of new hydro carbons to further disturb our weather patterns, it also opens up colossal frozen Siberian waste lands to mining ventures. Unexplored Russia is rich with opportunities. Already the Zio trash are visibly massing and moving in like Piranhas at the smell of a fast buck. Zio trash now appear again among the more criminal of the Oligarchs, which Russia is now attempting to deal with, seizing their assets and jailing them.

The European Union will simply be run over by Eurasia. Russian Orthodox Churches are vehemently opposed to the duplicitous Vatican, and deeply distrustful of the havoc Zionist's cause, ravaging communities for gain. Gulags were founded for such.

Only 3 decades ago Russia suddenly collapsed, the Ruble failed and chaos ruled. Communism died and Zios bought up vast Russian assets at cents on the dollar. Exactly as is profiling in America now. Orchestrated collapse profiting the Zionist Oligarchs again. This time they need to be stopped, but poor America is rotting with them, feeding like Tapeworms from the inside.

When the British Empire failed, the upheaval in society was enormous. The collapse of Russia surprised everyone. But Russia, like the UK before, has reemerged and is transforming itself both economically and Politically. Politically, Putin has a far greater standing than other world Leaders. Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, is the most sophisticated and accomplished Diplomat out there. What it lacks in economic might, it makes up for in smart Leadership.

China and Russia have a mutual Defence Pact. Also R&D sharing in Defense industries. Russia has increasing trade with India and is sweeping the US off the Board in the Middle East, capturing the support of Iran, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. New major trade deals now with Saudi Arabia is the Death Knell for the US Cabal. Pro Active Russian / Chinese Leadership is sweeping the board. Our world is changing fast. We must adjust.

Block Chain currencies deny US Hegemony and will transform Banking as we know it. But taxes also. Be in no doubt also that Wealth Creators will not be subordinated by unfair Tax demands and will shield Wealth by Stealth in new trade remittances. They will go multi national as countries compete to offer then better terms as Ireland and Germany are seeking. Singapore is expanding, so is India. The new Raj is appearing.

All will evolve now. High Tech will surge, software will lead the future. Money earned beyond Bankers grasp, will expand new options both for nations and Societies. Money is power, with the power to reshape directions. Technology will shape and reshape the future for all. But led by which of today’s failed Leaders?

Moses allegedly spent 40 years lost wandering in the desert based from Mountain Sinai, until his walk to Mount Nebo, where with failing sight and health, he allegedly let his locust swarm loose on Canaan, resulting in that Kazakh's Despot hole today. What God so directed those tribes to take 40 year traveling for what can be done in just 11 days? Oh for a fast food chain when they needed one. Where was their God's Sat Nav? Isn’t history such inaccurate nonsense? Nothing stacks up. Simple people's fables! How many bought into it. Ignorance is not Bliss!

Profits and market opportunities will transcend Political doctrines, as opportunism will reshape markets and people mass directions.

When Wealth Earners don’t care to pay Federal Welfare, what then? How do you tax income which bypasses you all in new settlement chains? Technology will outstrip Federal laws, and Global opportunism will take over. Taxes will simply be deferred and bypassed with aggressive Wealth Creators saying - Go to hell! State Employees will be hit and hard as earned money talks and walks - Free!

Block Chains will unchain nations. Block chains will have no source base to tamper with or Tax. Freedom will be exponential to intellect. There will be no borders for creative wealth hoarders. Big changes are coming, but be careful of wealth sequestration as Federal administrations and banks seize funds once they start hemorrhaging cash and their Golden Goose stops getting laid! Be ready, not afraid. Shaking off the State and Zio lice will be a good thing for new emergent powers. Without the ability to enslave its citizens, the Cabal can do what? They will fund 990+ bases - with what? They will fund the voracious Beltway - with what? Vast ocean touring US fleets will be funded how? Who wants, or will fund, the sabre rattling Fat Cats of Nato? Or the US Rendition centers?

Trade will transcend borders, and consequential trade loss costs will determine policies, as nations will talk through their pockets. Free trade settled in Bitcoins and not a Bit for States in taxes? My time, MY Dime! How will they tax what they can not see? The Ethernet will become each nations Get Free bet. A war for free minds is coming. How can a State sequestrate what it can not locate? They will try, but smart money will relocate each week. The State, as you know it, faces defeat. Freedom will not be suppressed.

Software will help hide each deserving earners hidden wealth lair. Communities will transform. Total Evasion will become the new norm. Self sufficiency will replace the State deficiency.

What then for Parasites as workers de louse? As ever more become self-employed, self interest will determine declining contributions as Tax Stagnation is felt in each nation. Earners will just poleax Tax. How do you Tax multinational companies without a visible base to sequestrate? Free rides for wasteful State suits will be under attack as intelligent driven wealth creators break free of Bankers and parasites. Where does the State go - as a mainly parasitic Ho? No more wars for State Whores.

Build your wealth with stealth, because when economic reality hits home hard, the Banks will freeze accounts and Pension funds will fold as income drains. The States will sequestrate those funds as sole Self interest. You will be left as Red Riding Hood alone and confused, bare, in the Federal Wolf’s Lair! Take care where you store your assets, these are dangerous times. Think as a Fox, but outside of the box. Survival!

Lead - Yourself!


Leadership. As Obama has attempted to leave a poison pill to siphon off Bond Holders funds to feed his ridiculous Obamacare, stealing assets from you for his Socialist arrogance, it will infuriate Investors trust. What more can you expect from a serial shape shifting Kenyan / Indonesian illegal, usurping Con Man? Yet note, a State Employee paid in hundreds of thousands, is now freely spending vast millions. Acquired how?

There will be attempts to overkill tax with the soon to be revalued currencies. To Max Tax with impunity. All to feed the naive limp brained Obamacare and patch holes in the Zios reckless and criminal Fed. Expect real resistance and aggression to this.

Not Leaders but Parasites and Socialist Bottom Feeders! Changes are needed. It is them!


  1. John

    The problem I see with some of your statements is 300 million long guns in amerca and even I have some.

    Oppurtunity long gone in 'merica and culling will not work here so good luck with that one!

    However, your work contains much truth!

    If a culling begins come and get me he he...

    We are waiting...


  2. "Are we reaching that Epoch moment of realising that all Political Leaders are simply not working? We need to find another way!"

    Hell yes!

  3. A historical piece, should be kept for future study, a great synopsis and clear vision.

  4. Well,

    All great propaganda contains great truth.

    My favorite bible hero is pilate with his most favorite quip as to that nature of truth.

    All politics is local.

    He was a fine democrat named Tip an Irishmen like me.

    There is a huge difference between the parties.

    What is a human right?

    Splane it to me?

    Much love to much truth


  5. John you say don't be scared. Heck, I read this about 3am and now can't go back to sleep. I have been hoarding precious metals, I have money in the bank no house payment and work. I have a government pension. All of everything you say I'm doing wrong.
    I have cash outside the bank.
    I must keep the money in the bank to invest it in flipping houses. I can't purchase houses without proof of funds. I'm trying to think outside of the box but I'm stuck!
    My plans were to educate the poor if RV happened and now I don't feel I'm safe. I guess I will be coming to live with you. LOL.

    1. Derbygirl I plan to work in that area too. I have Sth America in my sights. Let's see what happens.


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