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Turning the Tide | Report #14 | Our Future is not yet written

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
28 May 2017

Our Future is not yet written, but Cabal Forces will try.

An ugly Global Predatory Force of State and False Churches left unchecked will subjugate all of humanity to a Drone Life of terminal mind enslaved misery. Agenda 21 would be but the beginning!

The democratically elected US President, the choice of the Real People, is already under selective and focused attacks by the low, devious likes of Soros, Clinton, the unelected Con Man Criminal Usurping Obama (Barry Soetoro), Deep State Cabal protege, and so many other malignant Washington and Criminal Global power forces. Now they dare presume to escalate a possible impeachment move? Advocated ever more by the ensconced criminal, treacherous Washington circus dwarf, McCain.

Yet no one tried to rid America of the Kenyan / Indonesian illegal Usurping Rat although all knew? But he was Complicit. How much is Trump?

These are malignant forces ranging from the corrosive Zionist predators in Israel, to the assembled Kazakh families of Europe. Also the unelected, so out of control, presumptive CIA and Homeland Security and the oh so very criminal Washington Jewish Cadres.

This people's choice President IS Democracy. Humanity, public or community values, means nothing to such parasitical entities. Power at all costs, Agenda 21, is their mantra. Subjugation, domination and extermination. Life, yours(!), means nothing the them. You are each disposable assets. Their Deep State (Unelected!!) has one agenda - Sequestrate! Exterminate. Deep State is as ugly as the name purveys. Dismantle it, before it - You!

Now, with Comey the first to be cast aside, the battle lines are drawn, who next?

Do we have to wait for the sleazy manipulating low standard Crime Family Kushner's to decide, up to their slimy necks in cahoots with Mossad and the worst Israeli criminal family tyrants ? Who has Daddy's ear? How can this be allowed, or tolerated? Kushner's a Gofer for Zio trash and is working Trump like a Puppet. Man up at the Pentagon and sanitize this mess. These people have no place in the White House.

While uncontrolled in the shadows, an Illegal Usurping Con Man plots, and the Hilderbeast recharges for another intended run. All around a whole new emerging world which is recycling its new role and powers. A confused Trump is struggling to even understand, let alone contain the day job. Predictable! How does such a Mental Midget - Bridge it?

Will America co-enjoin the changes evolving to enjoy the ride, or get taken for one itself for a change?

With ever faster emerging Robotics, and Transhumanism now to come, to simply be alive, for those Jobless, that may well become its own survival Witch Hunt. The Tri-Laterals own population ethos is a Global reduction to only 500M people. To be achieved how?

If YOU are not among the 500M, YOU can do what? Who acts for you, if you don’t want to go into the night, you survive how?

It won’t happen, of course it’s just wild and false speculation. No one would ever do such a thing. Really?

Exactly what millions said in WW II as they were loaded onto the waiting Army trucks and Rail Wagons, vicious leashed dogs ripping at their heels, troops screaming abuse and vitriol of hate, shipping them to the waiting Concentration Camps. 6 Million Jews the media never stops yapping about, while ignoring the rest. How special was that? Now that profiles like a vengeful God scourging a virus. It is stirring again in Europe as NeoNazis rise visibly from recession. Hateful, vengeance. Loud!

The 20M front-line Russian troops conscripted by Stalin, who died on the Russian / German Front? Laconic indifference allows Monsters to be unleashed. As has been the accumulation of Deep State powers and their vast array of prepared FEMA Camps. Will Trump be Man enough? Does he even understand? Do you?

But assure yourselves, that was just Hitler and the Nazi regime. What of the Neocons?

What then of Stalin's purge, the c20M Russian dead? How many more vast millions in the Gulags and the Soviet purge where savage butchery occurred as Stalin cleansed Russia?

There are no innocents. Think of Britain's own shameful first creation of Concentration Camps in the South Africa Boer War, Clive of India’s Black Hole of Calcutta treatment of the regional targeted populations in India, Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Federal Americans appalling and brutal repression with mass genocide of Native Americans. Inhumane Slavery in the US Colonies, right back to the Roman Empire. Man has propensity for the unthinkable. A combined, ugly death rate never disclosed by false histories. History is a story of untruths.

But this can’t happen in a civilised America can it?

Really? What was the last count of waiting Barbed Wire caged FEMA Camps, the rail track delivery systems and the Red Zones? What technologies will be used to mass process them out? What is Truth in the Deep State - of Mind? One where YOU don’t matter?

Israel's vile daily persecution of the Palestinians. Genocide unchecked! No shame!

Who calls out Israel for 9/11? As with Clinton and the Bumma over Benghazi. Shame!

Will Israel's dirty hand be called? Americans would be furious. Try a Referendum then, armed with truth. Why are American Politicians swearing an oath of allegiance to the Pariah State of Israel? An UN labelled apartheid state.

The Tel Aviv Mossad focused plans are for the vast, extended stolen new land territory base of Greater Israel, but at what cost? Supported by American money, American arms, American media, for an invading Kazakh race whose own ex-Genghis Khan's spawn of Mongol Plains Marauders knew no bounds of inhumanity, now educated, spread as Locust Colonists, occupying Wall Street, the US Federal Reserve, and the US Treasury. Who goes into the night as they seize and sequestrate ever more?

America's meddling is killing the Middle East and the Planet. America is meddling in Asia. Why? Who gave Washington the right to kill nations? Why is America meddling in Syria and training terrorists to kill Syrians? Why is America meddling in Iran just to protect Kazakh Israel? Why is America arming and funding Pariah State Israe-hell? Why not give the American nation a vote on Israe-hell and pack the lot off? Give Americans a Referendum vote on Kazkhville. An American referendum on Israe-hell and America's 990+ meddling global bases. Sure the world is unstable. Who has made it so?

The mass focused swarm of their Shit Flies is visible in mass power behind the White House, The Agencies, Pentagon, Justice and the Supremes is beyond disturbing.

Yet truth is denied to all. Knowing Israel did 9/11, why is Trump surrounded by them?

This combined manipulating focus of such power will do what? Why worry about Palestine? They just took over a dumbed down America! Rethink America on the lines of Palestine. Yes They Can! And Will! Who now runs the White House?

Look what a Kenyan Usurper and his Muslim Commie Czar achieved alone. Zio Rats are now left to run free? As is now! A Roach feast of their banal vulgarities.

Hmmmm, Clinton and Obama choosing to do nothing while Loyal, American Ambassador Stevens and patriotic Seals died a cruel, VILE and avoidable death in Benghazi, while refused rescue or even assistance by these malignant and repulsive Traitors. The million innocents who died for a false Iraqi war? The 400% increase in Afghan Opium production funding the CIA's and Banksters' profits, and the 990+ US bases bringing Global threats and Cabal terrorism to all? We are a civilised nation. America has Walmart.

Corruption abounds - but knows no bounds.

The society we now have is an inherited domain. One orchestrated by the Feudal systems of Robber Baron Monarchies and false but abysmally predatory, Godless Churches. Stolen lives and stolen minds.

An unchecked Vatican deflowers children. In whose God's name? The Jesuit Pope refuses to hand over 2,000 known Deviant Priests. Since when was he above the law? Why is Interpol not smashing the doors off this Borgia's Carnal Papacy vice den of iniquities? Where is Italian shame? Where is real Justice. This Pope has no shame but what can you expect from a Jesuit creep? He comes with a packaged history.

People have been subjugated to develop as a parallel universe species.

Society is misdirected, propaganda gullible. Who Rules - Fools?

Any original thought soon determines logistical reality, and then truth.

The naivety of a Papal knee, is sure as hell no place for me!

Freedom, consciousness, liberty, is all under attack and duress.

The Media and MSM is all Jewish owned, Propaganda trash. Newspapers are now in free-fall, as is their advertising. With the power of the internet, truth breaks free via the Alternative Medias, and in panic the core establishments now seek to suppress it.

Now yet another of these Varmints wants to self control Google to his own remit. Worse, with self avowed arrogant and presumptive dreams of the Presidency. Shock horrors, unleash the Beast!

They have and now surround Trump. This gross, flatulent, banal, ego monstrosity needs minding and direction. True to Zio form the so sleazy, Blackmailing and Whore mongering Kushner Crime Family have sidelined Bannon. Who talks, or thinks for Americans now? For you? At least Jackie O gave the Kennedy Sleaze some class.

From Bush onward, it’s all been Low! The Jewish Mafia has none. Tinker type Gypsy's Dogs.

What price is the reality of Freedom in our so called Western Democracies? Beyond the EU’s concept of a collective Democracy, what is occurring in a small town in Germany's State of Saxony - Anhalt, is the creation of an entire Modern Military Training Ghost Camp, costing multi hundreds of Billions of Euros. Unknown to German Taxpayers funding this, or EU nationals, this vast complex will be ready by 2018, and is assembled to deploy and train troops to fight European Citizens across European nations, planned for any outbreaks of Freedom Fighters should they dare go into conflict with the atrocities of the EU Leaders and Oligarchs as the pending economic breakdown threatens.

As the EU crumbles, post Brexit, expect to see Budgets cuts and flash revolts once reality bites in depressed nations.

Unemployment is soaring and the hopelessness is cranking up desperation. 25% of Americans can’t even pay their monthly bills, and 40% have less than $400 in the bank. So much for a Consumer society, one who can’t pay? The wheels are coming off this wagon.

The Muslim Ghettos are building, and their Rapes, child molesting and crime increasing. The Public are sick of them and a Flash Point is coming. The EU will implode, and for what emerges, review Europe's history. Ukraine has only just avoided another genocide disaster but sits right in the front line of a Russian confrontation zone packed with NeoNazis, and a cultural will to mass sanitise Muslims. The Eastern Balkans are a Tinderbox. Arming Germans again is inviting WW III.

By 2018, the EU will have a German based, highly trained mass battalion of crack Stormtroopers just waiting for an excuse to unleash force. Legalised Thugs with weapons waiting to be let loose. The worst of Boys with Toys. It will set a precedent.

We are unleashing a new, armed EU Nazi Stormtooper SS Regiment, created for suppression. So much for keeping Germany neutral and disarmed? So much pent up coiled aggression.

Be assured the US has the same plans under numerous Homeland Security regional control centres. The Tyranny of Big Governments marches on. Each cross colluding.

Where/when is the Flash Point coming? As always, collapsed economies. Exactly how Hitler rose through.

NATO is now building the infrastructure for major troop emplacements right on Russia's borders. Coupled with ever growing rumours of a US planned Pre-Emptive Strike intent. Remember Kennedy's resolve faced with Russian Missiles in Cuba?

An ultimatum followed. The new, highly educated, experienced and focused Russian Patriots running Kremlin command are no easy push overs. Push, you will lose an arm. Russian people are used to hardships. Mentally durable. Massively Patriotic.

Sorry but, 9/11 lost less than 4,000. America went into mental breakdown. American Shrinks did booming business. How would America handle the loss of 50M in a day? The loss of 200M in 2 days? Russia had the foresight and care to build shelters for its citizens to save 40M. The US instead has focused only on Elites. They don’t care about the people. American people, are good people, trusting, believing nationals with a good heart, but have all been sold out from within. Still they trust as gullible innocents. But no one is on Point Duty for Americans. Trump has the finesse and Diplomatic skills of a Klutz. Low IQ (visibly), and he lacks any experience for the Global sophistication needed even for America to hold its territories against an emerging and unstoppable Eurasia. Lavrov and Putin can only see him as a Mental Midget in global positioning. Truly, he is Gross! No less moronic than Bush 43, or less sleazy than Clinton. America simply has a vacuum of political quality. Not a dearth in America, just in US Politics. No First World Political Elites are more sleazy and corrupt than Washington's. They defile all that is good about America. It debases trust.

As the freight trains now run from Beijing to London, a vast continent is opening up. Trade routes bring wealth and security. With that comes education and enhancement of Cultural relationships. Respect for nationhood. Not the raping, robbing brigades of Genghis Khan, his Jewish assimilating Mongol hoards, now educated operating unchecked within Wall Street Banks and American society, while their filth pollutes Hollywood and the MSM. These Kazakh marauders, as the Roach pollutants they truly are, need to be scourged from nations, their ill gotten gains sequestrated, and fresh air injected for nations to breath again. Roach free. The lot are plague of pestilence upon the earth, who left unchecked, will devour all, then each other.

We have two optional courses.

One to expand consciousness and culture.

The other as prey to the Kazarian or Muslim vultures.

Open each mind to free human kind.

Americans are mixed from all races. It’s time to rejoin again all races, and be at one with all our human neighbours to share and enrich this planet.

Time to rethink values, how we care and share. How we live, for all as one nation of humankind. Exit this Abrahamian nonsense, GROW - UP!!! Stop Halal slaughtering of terrified defenceless animals. Stop these Wars. Scale the Deep State right back and purge the Agencies. Defend rights, not Cabal sequestrated territories. Defend - Freedom. Cut all US Military and Agency budgets by at least 50%. Wake up and face up to truth! America has become Ugly! A good people are shamed by the consequences of the Cabal and the Disgusting Zio rats. Our worst planetary abomination species.

At last changes are coming. Education will save each nation. Time to expose and close the Zio trash. A true abomination of our species.

Defend the right for each child to be born knowing it’s loved.

Defend the right of each child to have the chance of unbridled education, care and freedom from persecution.

Defend the right of each child to grow up in safety and security, to fulfill its potential and dreams.

How about we start, at last as a species, to discuss as nations what matters to all. To think forward on how to create a uniform Global society of nations, where we educate all to understand that the wealth of goodness earned by the bearer of each Soul, transcends shallow Zionist opportunism and itself is the real key to the Promised Land? How can we seek peace when the Pentagon Cabal is at war with the Planet for opportunism? Which is the worlds biggest Pariah nation?


  1. This is the most accurate and powerful report you have had issued for a while. A true reality check. We need to save good Americans from the rot within.This is NOT aimed at so many decent Americans, but the viral Vermin operating with impunity within.

    Is Forest Trump capable, or have his Mossad handlers got him well and truly stitched up in a Zio straightjacket? These Vermin will stop at nothing to exterminate everyone, then each other. Poor Palestine is only the start. They have stolen land from Syria, Lebanon and seek war with Iran. They now control America.

    Damien is in the WH, what now for the 666 Office tenant? Why are 990 plus bases at war with the world? By what right?

    Why have the Jews taken the US Treasury and Fed? Why can't Americans control their own money? Why has Prostitute funding, blackmailing convicted Felon Kushner got WH influence now? A man linked to Israe hells most evil Mossad Gangsters. How much in debt is Trump to these evil people? Is Trump now, like Obama before, just a Gofer for the Organ Grinders above? The Deep State want it all and will stop at nothing.
    Unelected, immoral, devoid of all conscience, the two can not co exist. Will Forest Trump just be a failed one termer? A Comb over Poodle with no intellect or bite?

    We really WANT Trump to succeed. Why is he now so surrounded by these Shysters? Can he fulfill any promises? Is this just another Poodle Faker?

  2. It's long past time for this nation to return to being a Republic. The corruption running so deep and wide across this nation and the world must be seen in the light for all to see. Perhaps our president will take a moment and dump onto the internet all those 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner's computer.

    Each person globally would then have a chance to see the truth with the pressure rising to arrest those perpetrators seen and heard in each video, audio recording and their emails to be brought to justice. As some information links to other nations, those already known to arrest and charge pedophiles and their kind so would the hunt begin for the criminals who have caused so much harm.

    Our world needs peace for all our sakes. We need to grow up and be the people we were meant to be, not divided by race, but seen as one people living together as family should.

    There is so much that could be if we give ourselves a chance; advances in technology, freedom and opportunities to explore so much more than we know currently. We need that chance without those who would do most on the planet great harm.

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