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Our Last Stand | Report #6 | Baptism of Fire - The Trump Team Restoring America

Trump's smoking fraud and RICO (racketeering) howitzer to bring Yellen and the Deep State to heel fast

One World of Nations
Our Last Stand Series
12 March 2017

Here are Trump's and Sessions' Silver Bullets and RICO evidence to bring the Cabal, Yellen and the 7th Floor Deep State to their knees! Also how to part fund both the RVs now and also urgent PP redemption needs to help America and their Allies recover fast.

Trump and his team need to know where the bodies are buried to launch a full head on reprisal attack. The new team and a genuine democracy respecting American Presidential Republic cannot coexist together with the Vatican, Zionist Deep State Military Industrial self-interest Cabal. This NWO is the worst of the unelected, indifferent, Autocratic Criminal Cabal regimes the Founding Forefathers sought always to avoid. The Deep State is Jesuit controlled, Zionist aspirational NWO and aids only criminal Presidencies such as the Bush / Clinton and Obama hierarchies, with cronies the likes of Kissinger and Greenspan, interfacing with Mossad in Israel and the loathsome Rothschild’s perverse tentacles. A truly evil, parasite regime. Not for America! Not for you. Below is exposure, as karma bites back.

Give Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions the leads and help now. It’s time to assist the democratically elected choice of the people to restore and unite the States and supporting Allies.

It’s time to Jail the Traitors, Pedos and Zionist criminals, sequestrating their proceeds of crime - all their funds. Unworthy varmints! Time to torch the lot!

With Dirty Politics, two can play. Karma is the consequence which always takes them down. Just when they thought they had got away with it, truth surfaces.

On November 4, 2004, Tropos Capital Corporation of America was the designated recipient of $700 Billion of funds transferred to Tropos, Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo) but unlawfully intercepted and sequestrated by the usual high ranking members of the criminal Zionist Cabal owned Federal Reserve Bank of New York. These funds were hijacked in transit and never arrived in the designated Tropos account, but were intercepted and plundered, being used for nefarious purposes by this Federal Reserve Mafia and their Deep State cronies. Trillions of dollars have since been accrued in compound trading and none assigned to benefit the American people as intended.

This battle is just one of so many transgressions aggrieved Creditors are fighting, which has been raging for 13 years, with no lawful Regulators able or willing to enforced Justice! Letters and demands have gone out to all parties including Obama, the Fed, Treasury, IMF, Regulators, Prime Ministers and Presidents of many nations exposing how deeply untrustworthy and treacherous Washington and the Fed are. It has deepened Chinese and Russian distrust of America. All G20 Members have the files. The BIS disclosed they were part owned by the Fed then tried to take it back realising they had let the cat out of the bag.

Lawful money was intercepted, which has now compound traded into tens of Trillions, bypassing benefits to the American people and State, for feckless Self Interest. This ACAT transfer, as evidenced, was unlawfully STOLEN in transit by the Fed. Racketeering! RICO! This is the ACAT COPY - FACT! Proceeds of Crime! Sequestrate these funds back. Including all profits accrued.

Let Yellen explain to a Congressional Committee of Inquiry how and why this was intercepted and sequestrated by the Fed? Where are the Trillions it has made now? Pay it back - Restore America now! How many more similar cases are hidden such as the Chinese Elders vast portfolios, and war plundered Gold? The Deep State, Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Greenspan and Baker / Cheney have a lot to answer for. As Bush 41 stated, "If the American people ever found out"???? Well, soon they will! Bush and the CIA stole America!

This ACAT redeemed alone with its now accrued vast compound interest, can clear America's Budget Deficit and help underpin the RVs. Credit to Trump if unlocked.

If Trump's team chooses to contact OWON, all records will be forwarded and contacts provided direct with extensive records and support. We seek only to help America redeem such funds, as there are many more also, and for Americans and Allies to benefit.

Why continue doing nothing, allowing nations to suffer, while these organised criminal prosper with corrupt political protection to ensure no retribution.

So much good was envisaged by honourable men with Patriotic intent. Only to be reneged on and cheated by scurrilous rogues in positions of power and trust. These funds, if repatriated where owed, would clear the US budget deficit, a master stroke if actioned by Trump's team. And would restore America's battered Hegemony reputation by such a needed show of integrity.

This particular $700B was immediately cross traded. Profits alone compound into vast Trillions. Who took it, and what have they done with it? It can, and must, all be traced and accounted to help America - profits sequestrated. The Taxes alone will restore DC debts and help re-task America and desperate families.

It’s overdue time now for a new emergent America, worthy of the right to represent its people, to show its intent under new, visionary and Patriotic Leadership, by recovering and releasing all such funds, where the taxes accrued alone can restore America, its infrastructure, and once redeemed, can enhance lives in the indented nations so much in need. America needs one again to become not only the powerhouse Industrial nation it once was, but to restore its integrity with a fair reputation for probity and Justice. Germany had Nuremberg. America will fill many more Tribunal Docks clearing out the Deep State, crooked Politicians, Bankers, and the Cesspool of Washington and Pentagon Agencies.

Those responsible for this blatant illegal intercept, need to be jailed with clear, organised RICO Crime penalties.

Was there ever a better time to bring down the crooked Fed and Deep State?

FRB of NY is a Foreign Owned, criminal sham, selfishly serving not America but themselves. Exposure and closure there is long overdue!

This needs to get to Bannon and Sessions, to help Trump and the team. Such funds can be traced and recovered back to pay for a plethora of US needs. Sequestrate them back! Get Americans Working! These and so many more cases are Treasure Troves waiting.

Trump and Sessions, as good and Patriotic Americans, CAN help Trump recover it all and restore America! Restoring honour. Do the good deed to feed so many more needs.

Is there a better time for this new broom of elected people's Representatives, to ask for a Congressional investigation of the parties, their Lobbyist indebtedness, their Cabal treasonous associations, and to expose the unwarranted controllers manipulating legislation and shackling Justice bodies investigating and enforcing it. Time to be restoring trust in America, and to be seen to show that the new team are conscious of, and dealing with the establishment criminals, and Bankers, running loose evading lawful retribution.

Drain the swamp!!

Time to remember, with humility, what the Founders gave you all!

With the right Trump Support Team, we are also prepared to open Chinese Dynasty Elders doors to renegotiate now for the vast Trillions of USD, Cash on Pallets, all sitting in Asian warehouses, to help arrange currency swaps, pay taxes and fund major infrastructure. We CAN get Americans back to work together. There ARE solutions to help the new Administration fast fix problems.

Even on arrival, $200B of those Tropos' funds were routed to the Bank of Scotland and $500B also routed via the Fed to Wells Fargo by Yellen. Why? So many have got rich feeding off it. Just not the intended American projects or the people in so much need.

Exactly as Bush 41, Herzog, Clinton and Biden did with Falcone’s funds, in a feeding frenzy of criminal greed. Josef Ackermann, then at Deutsch Bank, helped orchestrate that. A vast audit trail of conspiracy to defraud - hard evidence exists. We hold hundreds of pages of record as evidence. Names, dates etc.

Bush, Baker, Greenspan, Kissinger, Cheney, Clintons, Soros, successive corrupt Treasury Secretaries, CIA Heads, and Josef Ackermann ex-Deutsche Chairman, all have so much to answer for. What a Machiavellian Cabal of thieves.

Trillions of funds sit in Offshore Banks, syphoned out of America and other trusting nations, running a decade behind waiting for long overdue reneged on redemptions. It is cruel. It is wrong! It is UNACCEPTABLE!

Funds to restore the Constitution. Funds to settle the GS. Funds for the RVs. Funds to enrich society and humanity, not the gruesome Cabal and Deep State. Funds fit for purpose. In this Deep State, the incumbents are simply not. Unelected, unconstitutional!

Michael Herzog, Bushes and Clinton's Bag Man, was arrested in Germany by Interpol and the German Financial Crimes Police. An array of deeply incriminating documents, contracts, and signed agreements incriminating Bush and others were seized by Interpol and the German Police. Copies were made available to Falcone’s Lawyers and have been presented to the FBI. As have supported allegations of Bribes authorised by Bush 41, using Clinton to buy off Biden, and incriminating evidence exists interlinking corrupt CIA officers, also an ex-Lt Governor of Texas, with further sad FBI maleficence. FBI Agent WL, of the Palm Beach Miami Division, was directed not to question Romney for his alleged part in this vast conspiracy corruption case, or the $1 Billion it was alleged he personally syphoned offshore, for assisting in an orgy of Bush greed. Teflon men. Why?

The CIA, under Panetta’s control, were deeply involved with Bush and the Money Laundering trafficking of these funds, helping Biden seek to evade detection from the tracking Forensic Lawyers team. They have the Agents names, Bank visit dates, Bank witness statements, copies of transfers, and other deeply incriminating evidence. When Bush again unlawfully used State planes, at State expense, to criminally exploit YOUR funds as a Deep State Cabal manipulator to cover the crimes of a corrupt Vice President, as well as to cover his own tracks bribing a Government official.

Faced with the hard evidence of this, Senior FBI National Executive Officers arrived in Miami to prohibit the local Agents interviewing Romney and investigating these serious incriminating allegations. Clearly it was FBI hands off in Texas. Why? Bush appointed them!

Deep State cover ups are exactly why the Trump team now must understand and accept the depth of corruption and maladministration of this unaccountable Shadow Government. The Deep State and Cabal simply MUST be dismantled. No one is better placed now than Trump to serve America. No other Advanced First World economy has an unelected, beyond the law, Shadow Cabal, such as in the US. It breaches the entire ethos of the Founders Constitution.

They do not serve the people, only themselves. They have no purpose in a truly Democratic society. This false, unelected, unaccountable Cabal Administration, is a duplicitous anathema to open Government. As is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is an Offshore, Jewish Owned, Jewish Run, Non-Tax contributing, parasitic criminal bank. It runs a series of Bait and Switch scams on poor gullible nations or High Net Worth organisations entrapped by its so many tentacles.

These collective funds, have never been allowed to serve the moral purpose intended, and have now built into vast trillions. Once recovered, the due taxes alone will relieve US debt and fund so much needed infrastructure. As it should have done for the Lending Elders own societies. The profits for the 'Introducers' who brought those funds over, have been syphoned, stolen! The usual Deep State orgy of greed. The Agency and the usual Zionist Bankster Mafia plus their Political Shysters, have misappropriated the lot. Trillions are in play, lining pockets, but what has been used where intended? How deep do these Cabal Throats go?

The Deep State corruption routes have audit trails, which can be recovered to Jail the lot of them. How many projects and jobs were lost by this perverse and cynical Fed interception and fraud? To date the receiving company intended has never been paid.

Still, now out of office, the Obamas, Bushes and Clintons, are playing Politics, now gaming Trump's team, who are the real and only True People’s Choice. Patriots trying to recover America. The authority, hope and integrity of the Oval Office is being obstructed at every turn by corrupt agendas and these louche operatives. History will judge this time badly.

Direct written appeals to Obama, as evidenced to you, asking him to help trace these funds now in multi Trillions, to benefit America failed. Why? Why did he knowingly betray America?

Why, if an honest man, would he ever cover up such a fraud? As he did again when provided with the evidence on Biden’s bribe. So much for all this plague of Demo Rats!

Only when you understand he is NOT an American, but a criminal Kenyan Usurper working to orders, does it become clear. A duplicitous Muslim Chicago Shyster, stripped of his bar license, as was his cohort Partner, each cynically self-gaming the system. Shaming the Oval Office of all its inherent dignity. They have trashed America and deeply indebted the nation by eight years of greed, incompetence, vanity and collusion.

So many truly great American Patriots and the Founders, escaping European Feudal corruption, forged this great nation in blood, lives and the beacon of hope and humanity. Not to see it all denigrated by the last four truly shameful sordid little men to hold power and betray the trust and hopes of all.

Trump's team need understanding, support and evidence to use to effect the cleanup - Draining the Swamp.

In the case of the Falcone funds, the attorneys allege they can evidence the original Bush secret contract seized by Interpol acting with German Fraud Squad Police raiding Herzog's office and home safes in Berlin. As Herzog has threatened to all and sundry, if he is made to pay back what they stole and made, he will then expose all his dealings with the Bushes and Clintons, and bring the lot down. Extraditing this venal Zio Rat from the Bush arranged German DKDV protection now under Merkel, Trump in one stroke can bring the whole Bush Crime FAMILY and Clintons Crashing down, restore faith in US Democracy, restore the trust of the nation and if setting up both a Presidential Task Force and a major Congressional Committee of Inquiry to recover all these funds, expose all the historical criminality, sinking Obama, Clintons and Bushes, as one great combine of retribution for the American people who entrusted him for this goal. That is a Presidency to note! His Legacy! Face them down. Take them down. Leave YOUR mark in history.

In one single move, it may help secure his second term because if not, they will unload it all in three more years to get the Deep State back in control, then it IS game over for American Democracy forever. A cruel end to be avoided now.

Clinton now has Huma deeply embedded again as her 'live in' personal assistant, joined at the hip, planning to run again in three more years. Mafiosa Teflon types.

This now needs Steve Bannon as Intel Coordinator and Jeff Sessions to mass prosecute. The closest they are to a Dream Team to help The Donald recover America.

Our combined group are prepared to provide all the key contact persons, files and records to help and guidance on the network of files and records available showing the roots of this grand conspiracy for the last 50 years if needed. As fast as they panicked, and closed down Pureheart once we exposed it, with its Chairman President, a close Bush associate, being also a convicted Money Launderer, Drug Trafficker, ex-Agency party under Homeland Security protection, also using the name of a traced dead boy to hide his real criminal identity, all exposed. Their enormous network of Global assets and international structures, including KGB associates, we also flagged and recorded. As were the Chicago Crime Family associations. Run as they did, their entire data base was downloaded and is ready to sequestrate the lot. All safely stored across multi safe sites for future use. Corporate structures, accounts, names, criminal links, nightmare time we have it all. Truth has that nasty habit of coming back to take you down once dirty. They are so deserving!

Enormous assets exist for a Clean Presidency to recover, seize and rebuild America as a good Patriot. A Clean Presidency? Now that’s a first since Reagan. Even he distrusted Bush, and ring-fenced the One Termer out to protect America. He can run, but he can’t hide. Under him American integrity died!

Michael Herzog needs to be extradited from his Safe house in Germany back to America to face a Congressional Committee of Inquiry. One part composed of independent Global Audit and Legal Advisors to prohibit Deep State and Bush / Clinton attempts to block truth. Herzog has all their dirty secrets, and like a nasty vengeful Leprechaun parted from his Gold, has threatened to unleash all of it.

He, Ackerman and Bush need to be arraigned explaining to Congress why the Vice President of the United States took a bribe via Clinton, acting for Bush 41, to deny the release of the Falcone Funds and profits, so that Bush and his cohorts, including Romney, could continue reaping vast profits from the account. Those profits had been intended to rejuvenate downtown Miami and to help the Katrina victims. Instead look at where they ended up, and the cover up which ensued. Denying vast, depressed communities just to enrich Traitors! Deny need, feed Greed.

The funds to effect the RV’s, underpin the GS and to fund vast new Infrastructure projects, can all be recovered if a Task Force of Elliot Ness Type Incorruptible State Officers can be empowered to go after the perpetrators, trace and sequestrate these vast proceeds of crime, and to restore the multi Trillions to both redeem what is owed, to poor reneged on Allies. Also to then fund the new currency releases, and the large Capital Projects for States and Federal Recovery. Yes, with support the Trump Team CAN make America great again. There are more than sufficient smoking guns to show him the way. Is there the will?


  1. John,

    Wow...explosive! Where to start? I'll send links to my Congressman (early supporter of candidate Trump) and the Trump Team. Hope it gets through to them.

    Question re: the two Vice Chair candidates for the Fed, which I would hope are waiting in the wings to be the replacement for Yellen ASAP.

    Do you have any comments about either of these two?

    John A. Allison IV, a strict libertarian, former CEO of CATO Institute.

    Hal S. Scott, Harvard Professor, Director of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation

    More questions to come after I digest this a little more.

    Thank you so very much for this incredible exposé. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in addition to everything else posted previously. Words can't even describe what you, Paladin, Tman and all the White Hats have on your plates.

    1. John, you nailed it!! I want to send this to Trump too. The more the better. I have one, what address do you use?

    2. Check under White House listing, also ask Google, and thank you. We need all of you to help if we are to help America. Also please send copies to Steve Bannon he's key.

    3. Here is the address I used to send this to Pres. Trump:

    4. Here is the address for Steve Bannon's Twitter account: Stephen K. Bannon‏ @StephenBannon

    5. Another address for Pres. Trump -

  2. Thanks,
    No info on either but both will be compromised or not screened clear.

    1. Okay, that's a big disappointment. Appreciate the response. End the Fed!!!

  3. John,
    When I first read this information in the White Hats Reports, it made my hair stand on end. It's been over 6 years since then and still no resolution for the good guys. Many thanks for keeping the information alive!

  4. Wow. They really have been using us, keeping us in little worlds and pens. It's struck home now that they have in fact enacted the hunger games, just invisibly. Our situation is qualitatively no different.

    And yet, there is a new frequency now and the dial is turning. A frequency incompatible to success for these shysters. As we are amidst the old and the new we will continue to see the destruction of that which cannot continue; to be replaced by infrastructure that serves us well and cleanly. This process they do not have control over.

  5. We all need you getting this to Bannon. Trump does not read.

  6. I remember hearing that Trump doesn't do email or the internet. He likes twitter though. I wish we could get this on all tv stations at the same time and on every phone out there.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and laying this all out there. I sure hope this gets to the right people.

  7. It needs you all to get it to Bannon. He reads.


    A must watch

  9. Indications from FBI tracking parties indicate both Clinton's, Humma and more will face jail from the Wiener files as the evidence cross implicates so many. These files are now being referred to as the new Rosetta Stone, as they implicate the Clinton Foundation, dirty Bills sex activity via Epstein and more, and the Child Pedo activities of the Clinton's and more.

    Hopefully at last these are now charges the current Director wont be able to run from and has to act.

    Trump said, Clinton would be in jail if they elected him. When? That WAS an Electoral promise! Life without parole is too short for both. Clean up America. Clear out the Cabal.

    Now, how about the murder investigations for Obumas ex alleged Lovers? The Bush dead files? Time to clear out the trash. Free Americans of this Cabal.

    Deep Six the Deep State,and sequestrate the pernicious theft and fraud of the Rotts and Rocks. The Rotts and Rocks have looted $300B a year from America via the Fed, for so many decades it would refund the nation. Time to clean out that sty and take it back. When?

  10. It will be interesting to see IF, and when Trumps team address the CIA Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering,the link to the last 4 criminal Presidencies, the known Laundering Banks, and who is then arrested to allow Justice to be done.

    It's long overdue TIME the Bush / Clinton Crime Families went to jail, and the Puppet Obama / Barry Soetoro follows. Nothing less is Justice. Will Trump be a REAL President and clean up America? We must all hope.


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