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Current State of Affairs | The Trump Presidency - looking ahead, looking back

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
12 February 2017

Will he stand, or will he crack?

Will the Man of the People, carry out the Will of the People?

Jailing Clinton? Jailing Epstein again? Draining the Swamp?

Will he end the Fed or duck as he did with the CIA?

Will he Stop CIA drug running? Will he reign back CIA rackets?

Has he got the Brain Power to take on the CIA Military Cabal?

Will he end the Zionist illegal occupation of Palestine?

Will he bring back Troops not wanted in the world and put them where they are needed, manning the borders. Protect the Homeland! Stop mass illegals flooding in.

Sometimes each picture is worth a thousands words.


  1. Sometimes the range of pictures say a lot more.

  2. That was fantastic John and Canauzzie, thank you so much. The images were absolutely brilliant and most certainly tell a story of their own. The image of the five previous Presidents was very telling. Just look at their faces closely, their horrid character oozes out so abundantly. Trump may have an ego but a much stronger character can be seen within him. The final image was such a magnificent one to end the piece on, truly makes one ponder many aspects of this life experience.

  3. Pictures can trigger and enhance thoughts. Trump is an enigma. The next 4 years will determine what substance and if Clinton is left in play, we may see 8 Trump years.

    The big question now is what will he make of his time and chance?
    Already his picks are falling and failing. Lets see what he does for real over 100 days. So far hes failing. What will he do for real? Man up time Trump.


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