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Turning the Tide | Report #12 | Pulling back from the brink

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
16 June 2016

Did all truth Die, sold out to a Zionist CIA Media lie?

Looking on, looking in, with a world of such Propaganda lies, what hope is there for any truth to bring vision and Integrity to Global Leadership. No single nation is to blame. A deep rot permeates through Western Leadership, made ever more difficult by the shallow, mass ignorant consciousness of the nation’s populous. For every enlightened figure of hope, we can surround them 10 fold with a mindless Dope!

We can liken the current state of society by that of the statements of a 1960's reminiscent novel of the Roman society paralleling ours, as Rome’s were not dissimilar in many ways. Senates as corrupt.

From 55BC until today, the Political classes have still not understood Statesmanship, and the reality of people and nations. So, your conclusion must be that after the last 2070 years, they never will as a species. Always such cavalier ignorance precedes the fall of yet another society, as it will ours.

"the budget should be balanced, that the Treasury should be refilled, that public debt should be reduced, that the arrogance of the generals should be tempered and controlled, that assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt, that the mobs should be forced to work and not depend on the government for subsistence"

- Cicero's (55BC) political philosophy, Pillar of Iron, by Taylor Caldwell

Even though actually a fictional novel conceived in 1965, a prediction of what was to come.

With America's 990+ Global Hegemony bases, a bankrupt Treasury and Fed, the most corrupt and gutless Political and Banking apparatus of all Western nations, if we can’t arrest its decline, why not arrest the Clinton's, the Zio's Cohen family and the Bush's to start? Did a nation ever need its own Nuremberg trial more? No problem to fill a hundred Tribunal Docks, it is so corrupt and Cant.

One example of duplicitous Zionism is well orchestrated by Bribe taking Biden, as portrayed in this short video. An apology of a man who the FBI and other Agencies have declined to prosecute, because of protection by the Cabal from above. Evidence files exist in abundance, and a hand delivered exposure direct to Obama, was covered up. The President sheltered a known criminal. Bribe Taker, Money Launderer and Traitor. A disgrace to America. His family now also participate in the Global corruption of the Cabal. More Clinton type Trailer Trash in office.

So many good people are in need because of Cabal corruption and Zionist incompetence underpinning their greed. But millions are dead also and ever more displaced nations. Shame!

As the real battle is about to commence now between Trump and Clinton campaign teams, how much will Trump expose in public on live TV, putting her and the criminal Cabal team right in the public spotlight? How much does he want it? If he takes down Clinton, she takes down the Bush's and Obama. Cleaning up America is a good epitaph for a Trump. A good day for America.

Western Leadership has been lost to a vexatious Military Industrial Cabal supported by a rapacious and perverse Vatican and utterly loathsome chicanery ridden Zionist Bankers. But today we will also show you what is possible and in live negotiation right now with Leaders who do care.

Vermin minded Kazakh Dogs infect all they touch. From Genghis Khan outwards, they have raped, slaughtered and pillaged nations and all in their path. These are nothing but Mongol Plains Marauders, devoid of humanity or conscience, who assimilated to Judaism for convenience as an expeditious gain, nothing to do with Religion. It simply allowed them to hide in plain sight, within each society. These are not decent, good value congregated Jews, but conspiring Kazakh’s using a Judaic Cloak of Convenience. They possess neither the family values, dignity or moral appendages of Judaism and as such are just a collective malignant Global swarm of lice who infect all they touch. Wall Street, the Fed and US Treasury says it all. Malevolent swine.

It is no coincidence they have usurped control of the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and Banks. Yet the public sit more like Goldfish blowing bubbles in a bowl while being sequestrated of all self-representation. Time to delouse the Counting House!

It is no coincidence that all the Theft, Fraud, cynical and systematic looting of nations, is the ring fenced territory of this pervasive locust swarm, who systematically enslave all in their path.

We cry against racialism, and religious persecutions, yet do nothing when this spawn creates a complete Oligopoly in the US Treasury and Fed, denying premier oversight and Policy control to any non-Jews. The same with the principal Banks of no Principles, all the domains of the Zio Club. No representation or power sharing until we delouse the Kazakh's Counting House.

Whoever allowed this pervasive spawn to congregate, assimilate and segregate the towers of power so ruthlessly denying Americans a role at the top table as the nation was so cynically carved up?

Of course Trump is a potential issue for them, but even he, now part funded by Las Vegas Zio Casino interests, will be indebted if elected. Encircle and sequestrate, will it never end? Who is not owned?

The EU, is a Jesuit zoo, masterminded by the Kiddie Fiddlers and Priests! Cabal controls lead the Sheeple. Nations are encircled by chaos. Numpties lead. Elected by You! If Britain leaves, as it should do, other nations will also follow. The EU is a burial ground for freedoms, evidenced by an Institution which has not been able to supply Audited accounts for the last 27 years. Vast Billions go missing. Where have the Trillions stolen in America gone to? Who will prosecute the Clinton Foundation?

The systematic corruption of Leadership is a Western pandemic. Look at these assembled Mutts. But how less than the same Western mind sets which blindly follow, as do Islamist's, the incoherent ramblings of a mentally deranged paranoid delusional schizophrenic Abraham? Or the as psychotic ever evolving Koran changes of Mohammed and his 6-year-old wife. Christianity also grew behind this. With the collusion of the Roman Council of Nicaea and its created Papacy of subjugated mind control. Fantasy rules subservient fools. Why entrust your mind and ethereal guidance to them? Wake up from their adolescent Fairy Stories and Fables. It’s all a closet farce or Pedos circus.

When do people think - for themselves? Only at that point will there be the start of Cosmic enlightenment and understanding. Only then can our species start to come of age.

But YOU have started, you are here, reading and questioning.

Mankind can be kind, and by choice, become so much more. But who will open the consciousness door? When will Leaders fit for purpose, lead?

With such extensive resources within the US capable of addressing so many complex primary Global issues, is it appropriate they can only be martialled to stop Trump for the Presidency?

Yet a psychotic Clinton criminal is only challenged now by one such as Trump? We wonder why the world is in such a mess. Has all the Western integrity in America gone West?

Russia ever more encircled by US aggression, is now testing their unstoppable Satan 2 Nuclear Missiles which can wipe out entire nations.

Just who gave the illegal Kenyan the right to go Bear Baiting with his little chicken legs and girly boy run. How can real Americans run for life itself if he brings this all down on them when they are not the cause? At just 5 minutes notice before the Big Bang if invoked - why? Hello? But that was via Sub launches. With Satan 2 it will be zero.

Russia is now using their advanced Iskander missile system to destroy ISIS and convoys coming in from Turkey. Next on American bases if needed. How not to even hear the weapon arriving which kills you.

Russia and China are winning the trade wars across Eurasia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. The days of US Gunboat Diplomacy are ending. China does not give a dam about US belligerency. Empires end as do Elite power families. John Bull left China a hundred years ago, street wise.

The Real Thinking Globally Aware Questions. How Great YOU Can Be?

We now have the technology to clean up all water pollution, chemical spillages and to recover or restore real nature back to our delicate earth. Are only we thinking of funding this?

The sheer volumes of Estrogen chemicals women are urinating into the water systems and the volumes of cream waste has now re-entered the water table chains and is wreaking havoc with male reproductive systems. New disproportionate levels of levels of female babies appear to be showing up and male fertility is visible declining. Is there a growing confused sex increase also? Again, we do have the technological capability now to isolate and eradicate these molecules as part of the water clean-up process, and start to restore the correct sexual harmony of our species. Declining fertility is the beginning of the end of our species. Yet we can arrest and reverse it.

Water, the building block of life, is being purchased at source as a Blue Chip Investment by Profiteers buying up our Key Utilities to profit from and control what nature gave us free at source. This should be a moral dichotomy. Who sanctions the right of life? Then who can’t pay - dies? Nature gave us water free. We polluted it.

Africa is plague ridden and thousands of children die daily from disease contaminated water.

But we can treat it all and save millions.

Contaminated water has entered the food chains of our societies. Ever more macabre mutated animals are emerging. As are concerning malformed human births. The acidic oceans are decimating fish stocks and their own delicate food sources. When water kills, not feeds, we have a problem.

But we can solve it now.

Nations suffer from annual drought, yet we have vast Aquifers within reach, able to sustain all and recover deserts. Is monopolised resource manufactured for profit greater than life? We can reverse all of this. This is Leadership. What games are in play with HAARP?

We can escalate the Fish farms around our coasts, cleaning up hourly all contaminant wastes, isolating target microbes and removing 99.9999% of all water microbes or pollutants. We can do it now!

We can make arid land bloom. We can reverse sea bed destruction. We can do it now.

But to profit who?

We can produce ever greater efficient low cost propulsion systems and reduce our oil and carbon dependencies. We have the technology now.

We have the technology available, to provide efficient low cost energy productions systems to heat our homes, schools, hospitals, stores and industries, and we can do it now. It just needs the Leadership to lead. But rethinking of how to fund it. What is wrong with an economic priority for responsible fiscally enriched parties to feed need?

But that requires a whole new restrategizing Leadership defining the purpose of life and nations. How does the Cabal or Cohen Club profit from this? Not???? So the brakes are on.

This we must change.

All of this is today’s technology now, just needing to be applied as new consciousness. Putting life, creation and sustaining humanity as a whole new dynamic of strategic imperative.

So who will lead?

Instead, we manufacture weapons and Agencies propagate Wars, so that State Military supplies employment can sustain jobs, killing for profit. While behind sit the Elites, Zio Zoo Bankers, manipulative Jesuits and Military extortionists considering themselves and their dysfunctional offspring as Elites.

Now Clinton Junior's husband has just lost vast assets of his client base, funds have disappeared, and like his Fraudster Jail Bird father, makes no comment in the gathering storm. What a parasite Flea Circus.

How can society accept as equitable such Leadership of our species?

All of the above can be put into action today for less than 25% of the US annual Military and Agency budgets. Where is Leadership fit for purpose?

America spends, read WASTES, more in Military spending than the entire rest of the world put together. It’s not from a successful economy, which in fact is in ruins. It is simply Fiat money printed to live this lie, while our brother humans starve and die.

Look in the eyes of a dying child and ask why? Shame on us all.

Hold the hand of the dirty, disheveled, despairing homeless on the streets. That simple touch of human caring means more kindness to them than any hand out. Just to know they are not alone. That somewhere, someone cares, and for them that touch is Gods caress, their candle of light and new visions of hope. You are giving them hope on their private road of hell. Even that is a touch of Leadership. Caring, sharing, being there for someone in need. Life is not all about Zionist Kazakh greed.

Look at the crooks who have bushwhacked the Treasury, Banks, and the Fed as well. I would love to be able to design the deserving Cohen Clubs hell! What waits as Karma for the Bush's and Clinton's?

Wait until the Zio trash come to cash their own Soul Reality Checks.

Yet dare to criticise this malignant, crooked rabble, and their Media closes ranks fast whining anti whatever. Not so, just anti-monopolism and anti-corrupt Oligopolies and anti-market rigging. Absolutely guilty as charged. Anti the crooked scumbags who control the Fed, Treasury and Justice blocking out all others, while behind closed doors nations are looted. So Jekyll Island? Not guilty?

Really? Perjury as well?

All the Bank Frauds from the top, which group? Coincidence? Yet no one speaks its name? It’s called Racketeering, (RICO) and who hosts the most? The Cohen crime family thrives. When Luciano left, the Jewish crooks then took control. Money always brings in the Shit Flies. The Mafia owned the dirty Politicians and Judges before, now the Cohens do. The only thing changing was the dirty hands.

Apathetic Leaders are the curse of Western decline. So, if we can’t arrest them, thinking people need to arrest it. It does not have to be this way.

Realigning multi-tier capital long overdue from redemption releases, combined with the phased transfer of AU holdings to a safe UK regional location, opens a new door. Time perhaps for the old Mother of Parliaments to shake off the dust, and to get re-legislating free of EU flotsam.

William Wilberforce became a UK Parliamentary Philanthropist Leader guiding the way to abolish slavery, only succeeding in 1833, constantly fighting profiteering opposition over half a century, the political special interests in the Colonies trade. Even then, profit before ethical legislation ruled. A forerunner of the Washington today. How little has changed. But most now too gullible to see it.

So now, we have a planet enslaved to corrupt Political interests. One where a single nation spends more on War and Agencies, than the rest of the world put together. One where death merits money, but life does not. One where a Life Insurance Policy is Profit for a life we kill.

One where the leading nation does not even have its own Central Bank, but one owned and controlled by a collective Cabal Rat Pack of deeply corrupt interests. The very Slavery, but now economic, we thought we started to abolished in 1833. Jekyll Island, where the Sewer Rats first assembled to extract their ill-gotten gains, was just the beginning, and the end, of the Founder's dreams.

Yet still no one calls it by its name. Nor questions why Americans have no roles at the top of the money chain? It’s called - Segregation. Yet who whines louder than a pressed Zionist? While ruthlessly disenfranchising you from the money chain. Then loading the Supreme's with their cover.

A conspiracy of silence which starts from the cradle.

How can Americans have a collective consciousness of money they do not own? Or as is transpiring, have even a nation anymore worth belonging to. America is becoming ever more a Zio's Zoo, and the only entrapped, caged poor human animal, if American, is you.

This is now the Nation offering a Statue of Liberty, but none for its own. Such a vibrant nation now facing only stagnation. Yet is rich in potential of all its people.

One shamed by the mediocrity of its leadership. None are even fit to run! Yet a mass supportive voting Public seem ignorant of their criminality and mediocrity. How low does the bar have to go?

The EU is being eroded as Sovereign Nation States by an unelected, Socialist minded, Jesuit's foot soldier culture, inept, incompetent and devastating the fabrics of nations. Europe is under siege from within, attacked by mediocracy. Unelected Law makers, none fit for office. They are too inept to change and Masters of their own decline.

While behind the scenes, Eurasia is encroaching, and will become tomorrow’s real Super State. The Eurocrats will be swept aside by the turbulent economics of the Asian rice bowl as Asia expands and encroaches our lands. The need to feed all, will envelope all. Trade will lead.

As new Super Nations emerge, the old doctrinaire religions will be replaced by the moderated, custom designated new Mantras of a singular major religious order, all embracing, Vatican and Islamic replacing. Within such a Super State, the Zionist role will have no place, nor will be tolerated. The good family values of Judaism will be absorbed, but the greed and naïve arrogance of Zionism will go. It has no role or benefit now, so progress will itself surpass this infestation and malignant mind set. Banking will be rethought as is visible now with China and BRICS. Nations are rethinking future dynamics and the Global Chess Board.

This single religion ideology being supported as much by the Vatican will be met head on by China, who will reject many of its so unfounded and false Golds and fables.

As we come of age, it’s time to start looking beyond the smoking mirrors, shape-shifting dress wearing Buffoons posing as Priests, and to actually set up a modern society Council of Nicaea to establish where, and what is truth? How so, what evidence, then to make it a truly Universal truth. Not one of false Gods and child molesting or mutilating. Nor one marrying off poor 6 years old girls to lives of hell. Time to rethink everything and for ourselves.

So must we all.

To become anything, we must become one nation, of all. All nations as one. A collective force of good. We have a century to think it through.

Our ethos will be to cross allocate funding to community needs, engaging and supporting the people. Determining key needs and building generically from the communities. Banks will then serve the communities engaged as partners in community and nation building. Responsible Banking.

We need to encourage and engage good Teachers. We need to re-evaluate intellectual and physical worth and to reward commensurate contributions and success. Is a Derivatives Trader, funded by Pension Fund money, worth up to $100M a year from speculative trading, but the Pension Funds or Public Funds take the hit when they get it so wrong? Goldman’s bankrupted Greece. A nation was impaled by Zio Rat greed. Sub Primes depressed the world. Derivatives could fiscally end it. We will not facilitate speculative trading within the new banks. Banks will fund the businesses and communities. Creating tangible worth. Servicing need, not greed.

These funds will not go to a Federal Super State allowing them to syphon them off or power grab by apportioning use only if submitting to doctrinaire Federal policies. We are not there to subordinate the people. Nor will we accept Union Gang masters. Responsible Community planning, education, training, screened employment, and works councils to discuss developments and issues as responsible groups. Nurturing and growing communities. Putting back, not Bonus skim offs and scams. Investing in the future and investing in the people. Collective communities and a sense of belonging. All bypassing the State. Self-help. Children taught moral responsibilities and Soul values.

We are not money gambling with lives. We will fund need. We will bypass Super State syphon offs. By not needing Fed Funds either, the new Non-American domiciled group can tell them where to sling their inquisitive hooks.

Federal Flea free.

America and the EU can be helped bypassing the Politicos and not playing their games. Asia is already welcoming such innovations. Africa is just desperate. But all are our Brothers and Sisters in need. One people.

Where to start?

But we do have a base. It is the enlightened consciousness exhibited from so many of you already. We need such minds as a Global force to help. People who feel the need of others. People who are conscious of our need to do more, and to be more. Those able to help us put back where so much needs to be done. Money needs to serve a greater good also.

Where we start, is a project at a time? We start by determining need, not greed, and creating a sound foundation of worldwide support in controlled steps. Delivering help, saving lives and building sound communities, self-sufficient and balancing contributions and rewards.

We start by recognising the need to take self-responsibility as people, not subjugated by the inept but rapacious State apparatus. We start by helping fund projects and infrastructure without Federal aid or control. Interference free. As dependency upon the State is reduced, Cabal power is diminished.

What needs to be your inalienable Sovereign Rights to be a Free Soul, and to be, Free - are restored. Each step away from State dependency is an important restoration of your Soul journey, with nothing taken from you. Their Laws are not yours, but transgressions by Self Serving Bar Councils elected by no one. You were not consulted and had no say in whether or not you wanted such Misrepresentation, so how can they legislate to take your rights away, or impose Their Laws on you? That is Not The Law, but Theirs, enforced by Treasonous employees. The Bar Council does NOT contemplate your needs but suppresses your rights under a cloak of convenience. Your Sovereign Rights need a complete overhaul. There needs to be a Peoples Council of Representation electing and removing Judges. Common sense which the people have in abundance. Their age old mantra is the Law is too complex for you to understand. Then they are bad laws and need changing until you do. No Statute Repression without pre-representation. If you can’t understand it, repeal it. Its whole purpose is then lost. Their laws are full of Weasel Clauses. So why bother? Did Solomon need Bar Councils? Since when is good judgment worse than deficient legislation? Where is good sense?

When States are fiscally solvent, they will secede from the Washington Federal Imposed Juggernaut.

People, you, will be free.

Free people can do great things. Who else created the Cultures, Arts and Civilisations? Man can do great things; we just need to try. Open your eyes and let vision fly. Pull back from the brink. Think!


  1. Another thought provoking and insightful report from One Word. Thank you all very much for your hard work and dedication for working towards a better world for all humanity. Your work allows one to have the ability to see the stark contrast between what is, and what can be. At this time we are certainly not very civilized when we conduct wars and business based on dogmatic beliefs and cultural superstition.

    We need to act in concert with our planet and learn to respect the life giving resources it gives us. Your work is a step in the right direction and the time has come to push aside the cliques of death and put in place the means to survive and thrive as a planetary culture.

    Well done! We are with you.

  2. Thank you. It takes courage to voice the truth in these times; it takes even more courage to act on it and en-courage others to do so. Cicero's observations are as valid today as they were two thousand years ago:

    "Nothing is more unreliable than the populace, nothing more obscure than human intentions, nothing more deceptive than the whole electoral system"; and "The sinews of war are infinite money."

    Take away from the Zionists the power to create money and their empire will wither. Enforce the law. Let no man or woman consider themselves unaccountable and beyond justice. Do not allow those loyal to a foreign power to hold government office.

    Russia has got the message:

    Russia Quietly Strips Emigres of Dual Citizenship

  3. The article is revealing of the crimes that have and are currently taking place globally by those that believe they are superior (SCUM). It also inspires of what can and will be achieved once the technology and funding are properly used for the good of humanity. Thx John & Canauzzie

  4. Sad but true. This piece really hit me hard but I feel inspired and full of hope for our future. So much suffering on this planet. It's sickens me. I love the picture that says "What if we all love each other". The little boy with the big smile on his face make me smile and gave me little warm fuzzies. Also, this is a woman writing this so I can say things like warm fuzzies. lol
    Thank you OWON!

  5. Thank you warm fuzzie A Johnson. Lol


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