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Road to Armageddon | Part #2 | Make a Difference

One World of Nations
Road to Armageddon
16 May 2016

Johnathon Pollard, a Navy Intelligence Analyst, was sentenced to 30 years in 2015 for selling secrets.

Lt. Commander Edward Lin, serving with the top secret VPU-2 Spy Plane project, is facing a death sentence for selling the most sensitive secrets to China.

America leaks like a bucket for a buck. Money buys all. What of Clinton? How much has she sold for money? The email files - Hello? Where is the US media now? Truth dies, as Americans were lied to.

In the field of Military conflict, the Russians will be Chess Masters of planning. America, as perceived to date, are only Master-Bators by failed results and drowning in compounded Cabal debts. Hollywood won't gloss over a pre-emptive if launched. Hollywood and LA will be gone. The entire US based fleets with it. Russia has no time or resources for a drawn out sophisticated war. It can only 'Shock and Awe' itself if pushed. They know it's a no win in a protracted conflict, but they will take the US with them first if so. Neither China nor Russia want this. But the Cabal does, with no concept of the real dangers. For them, war is profit. But not such a conflict if unleashed.

Why should you die, for the great Cabal lie? As the NATO forces encroach threatening Russian borders, by whose orders? Why, Russia has threatened no one?

Russia remembers WW II and the terrible costs. They know. So now they fight to live.

They know the US needs 6 months to get its supply chains into gear. They see the undocumented President rabble rousing in Europe, barking to his masters orders, threatening their peace and sovereignty. They see the reckless moves seeking to build up greater NATO attack powers and weapons. What is the flash point? What then?

The US history of tactical planning SNAFU's in warfare is never ending. Usually one of Post War disaster as with Iraq. Afghanistan a costly blunder going nowhere, bar enriching the Opium growers. Korea is a stalemate and Cuba pointless. Syria has gone Russian, Iran is going Chinese, and US Foreign Policy in the Middle East is going to hell. As is the US dollar and economy.

The key crux of the article is about Leadership, or lack of. Why are such inept nonentities entrusted with so much power to abuse?

Pre-Politics, they first achieved what? Clinton was a failed disaster with Welfare on Slick Willies watch, and Benghazi is her epitaph for the second. Was a person ever so unfit for the Presidency?

We waste Trillions annually on Warfare and Agency games. For what? Everyone loses.

A fraction of that would solve the water crisis, cancer, starvation and our energy needs.

Where is real Leadership when it is so needed? Real Leaders?

Why are vast millions dying, for Political lying, or meaningless FIAT monetary war games on the planet. The dollar will not survive as is, so what is left for America? When gold does back the RMB, watch the money flood out of T Bills and Pension Funds as they take up safety. When no one wants Ponzi promises, who funds the Global war games? With what? Time to rethink America for its peoples sake.

330M Americans cannot just be left in limbo with a dash for the Eurasian cash. It needs strategies ready. As Eurasia rolls out, the US needs to work it out - fast! Two Big Dogs can not survive from a meal for one. People keep projecting China, don't under rate India. It's emerging also with a 1 billion population and well educated.

Surely now is a time, with a mass intelligent Global population, where we need to rethink Man and Politics. Our systems and Governments have failed us, call it.

Change conflict to cooperation. Let nations work together project sharing, defining priority needs to address Healthcare, Agri-Crops, Ecological waste or contamination, Energy, Infrastructure needs, Transportation, Education and Communications. We need even a common language for all to help understand each others needs and issues. Where is meaningful Leadership addressing the real issues humanity actually needs? A Global Think Tank for all nations?

We have successful Project Sharing relationships between Car and Plane manufacturers. It works. Almost all major products combine parts sourced worldwide nowadays. We already source out suppliers and jobs. Wealth is being transferred and new ventures created. For some nations major unplanned job losses. Europe and America are in free fall with unemployment and regional stagnation. Nations are imploding. The Baltic shipping index is sinking as Exports dry up.

Yet the West is being sucked into more Cabal inspired hegemony conflicts, with potentially disastrous consequences. But, to the Zionist Carrion, it's only Goyim body bags, who cares?

Feckless Leaderships are truly clueless of reality or profitable alternatives. Wage war on want, not each other.

Instead of discord, how about education and discussion. Global discussions.

Which takes us to the the real end game assuming the lunatics have not triggered conflict.

As we are able to agree, most Governments are collective assemblies of deviants, incompetents or outright Charlatans. None more so than Washington's sad assembly of heinous misfits and Chancers. Was a nation ever so badly served? But they do not reflect the American people.

That is so often misunderstood. The people are not the Cabal.

So why waste time addressing change with such hopeless, greasy losers, all with hands out? We know the American system, it's corrupt Sole or preferred bidder status, and the backhand costs of doing so.

As with all nations, real change needs to come from within. We are looking at Elders funding selective project justifications, the priority of needs and benefits accomplished to create a cogent project priority plan. Delivered using domestic nationals such as the sites where possible, is part of the equation. How to locate, assess and manage them. Many of our readers, have already shown their own disposition to think outside of the sterile media and challenge what is real. The constructive level of so many comments augurs well for your own nations. Hope is alive, vibrant and frustrated. But, it exists.

So, instead of more meetings by Cabal Gofers taking the world to the brink of an all ending war, why are we not seeing Real Leadership by people who deserve the offices of State, discussing issues which really matter? Life, dignity, humanity for all our nations of Mankind? All human life matters.

Why is America wasting vast Billions supporting this Pariah State of Israel, while innocent Palestinians, illegally dispossessed of their homeland, are squatting, dying or suffering in makeshift Refugee camps. Without medical supplies, food or sanitation in Jordan and surrounding territories. Why do the American people not demand that such aid is rerouted instead to poor Jordan to help them fund this unwarranted humanitarian disaster. Palestinians are human beings and every child, loved and so wanted by its feeling parents, is a human life but one of needless tragedy. Have we no compassion? Why are the Israelis allowed to steal their land? Israel has only time before Iran and the Arab States face it down. Retribution will be fearsome.

Instead of trying to talk Germany into joining into a Military Pact threatening Russia, why is this President not discussing how to help Germany cope with the never ending influx of displaced Islamic Refugees, all from homelands devastated by ISIS occupation triggered by US aggression, US Agencies plotting Regime changes and US funded weapons for territorial Cabal gains. Europe can not cope with the Crime, Welfare costs, housing costs, education needs and medical care of this noncontributing influx. Ignorant of Western ways and way too many Islamic fanatics swamping already over stressed Social Services. We can fund killing, but not living? Real issues. Now this false Prophet wants more?

Why do we stand aside while Saudi Arabia mass executes its nationals in a cruel and barbaric regime, where its women have no rights and dissent is squashed on a whim by brutal repression?

If Western Leaders seek to lead, why not discuss how to control and manage this Islamic influx. Set terms and strict conditions of access. The children need mercy, so do many wives. It's a 4 generation task to slowly convert each generation away from such rabid and backward belief systems, facing fierce conflict from calling their cruel and callous Cult into a showdown. It needs the bar to be set high and standards protected. Otherwise we are allowing in rabid dog packs to turn on their hosts and groom our children as is visible now. These are a very backward and merciless people. Look at the extent of the genetic flaws afflicting so many of their poor children from inter family cousin marriages. So many malformed children suffering. Nature is unforgiving. The West can not cope. When is the wake up call?

Rome allowed in the Vandals unchecked. China allowed in the Mongols. How did each end?

Have we learned nothing from History?

Planned immigration is key. If you come in, uninvited, you Westernise. Western languages, education and culture. You don't want it, don't come.

No more child marriages. No more sexual operations. Women must have rights and protection. Western laws will apply. You will comply or leave. No Shariah Law in the West. Organised vetoes. We need to plan their education and conversion. Restrict expansion of Mosques. Otherwise you are naively expanding sedition centres. How many Christian Churches are allowed in Islamic nations? Well? Organised restrictions are needed. Leadership misunderstands a common problem. To stop the never ending influx, stop displacing populations. Stop allowing such alien Cults to have 4 wives in Western societies and control Welfare explosions from the sheer volume of children they produce. Planning - Leadership!

But first, where are Leaders who understand - Anything?

If our Leaders are not in control of these issues and planning controls, why are they in office? Where is hope?

Where are we wasting Trillions inventing ever more destructive weapons to kill each other?

Cooperation beats confrontation.

Leadership needs to show.

Why don't we set up a cooperative Science Council between China, Japan, Russia, India and the EU, to work in cooperation designing, constructing and launching a major new manned Space Station to focus on deep space and have not only early warning capability of incoming asteroids or space debris. Backed by the capability to direct our combined missiles on a trajectory set by them to intercept or deflect any perceived threat to keep our small and fragile planet safe for human existence. Such a station can also study our weather patterns, Solar bursts and frequencies. In time even control them. Saving life, not wasting them is reward for all by cross sharing for the survival of all nations.

Why are we not cooperating more closely to deal with Global Sea pollution, protecting all the fragile sea bed life forms and cleaning up our oceans? These feed our populations. Feeding real need.

Why are we not cooperating to set up a complete Global network of Telephonic / Video / IT systems capable of satellite beaming a wide plethora of information, educational, Teaching Hospitals and University programs to our worldwide neighbours uplifting all nations and ever expanding human consciousness. Expanding Science and knowledge. A planet, shared, valued and protected by all. Wars will then decline. Developing humanity is the core agenda.

Nations United, enriched and inter-bonded by a core new ethos to do more, to be more and to be a better Human Beings. Cooperation, where all see and feel what it is to be part of a great new Global family of man. Technology helping all, problem resolution as shared projects and a common bond to be just one family of man. Open to and inclusive of all.

Why not have a Global United Nations controlled by all, not a US controlled Clone, but a free and open UN, where all our nations youth put in 6 weeks Project Work force Contributions, aged between 18 and 25, as Global Project Members contributing between 1 and 4 weeks a year as a planned educational curriculum, each helping worldwide needs and causes. Putting back, contributing part of our very essence of being, and learning to bond with our fellow humans. Just being - human. Being good neighbours of our world. Feeling compassion and putting back.

This is the Leadership we need to be aspiring to. Something we can take with us. Putting back real value. Building bonds, then who needs wars? Trillions reinvested to rebuild our world, not waging wars. Real value coming out. Not body bags coming home.

Project sharing, people caring.

Leadership with values. All for Every - one.

The real potential is endless, hope is very much alive. The Comments and platforms are yours to debate. Mankind will go on to a far greater status of Star Children Beings. Your journey of consciousness is only just starting. Life is your right.

The fragile relationships between nations, cultures and self interests or multi facet parties of families, is a complex minefield needing such consummate care to progress. Each stage is a testing and check point, throwing up variations of issues needing phased resolution. Goodwill and trust is key. So, no place for Politicians for sure. But at each stage, with so many vested interests in play, we still see a kinetic bond of goodwill and goodness as we unite to solve what divides us all. Trust unites, and success ignites so much more. Committed parties are focused trying, but untangling a century of Banking and Cabal abuse is a vortex of planned steps with resolution needing time to release entangled claws. At least, the unity to try with a clean agenda of hope and with no Political dependency in the new model is a start.

These are complex issues in real discussion right now. How real funds can be re-tracked to make a difference.



  1. Well said, cooperation being key to changing the world for the better for all people.

  2. Wonderful article filled with truth, great ideas, and hope for now and the future.

  3. Dear John and Canauzzie,

    What an inspiring article. My favourite graphic was the 'what can you do?' one. After moving across country for this job we've started a compost and it's going well: new organic rich soil is forming. But it has had another excellent effect. My rubbish outgoings have reduced markedly as the food scraps are no longer included. We've also been brewing our own beer and realised a significant saving :)

    Your vision is perfect for a nascent Star Nation getting ready to join the galactic community. Positive, sensible, the newborn is cutting its own umbilical cord and setting itself free.

    Detaching from the matrix and beginning to live a self-sovereign life while contributing gives my life meaning.

    Thanks again.

    1. This is a great time to remind everyone about "Back to Eden" gardening method. Here's a brief overview. There's also a 2 hour version on YouTube with much more detail.


    2. Texian thanks for that video. What a perfect 20 mins on a Saturday morning while my bacon and eggs digest. So woodchips huh? Well Ima gonna git me some :)

    3. AJ

      Thanks as always for your valued contribution. We just need an Elders result and what can be possible?

    4. AJ,
      Wood chips really work! My mom gardened that way 60 years ago. She was into 'organic' gardening before the term was coined. Never used pesticides, planted onions and garlic around vegetables to keep bugs away and brought in lady bugs and other beneficial insects to control pests...composted almost everything. Her vegetables were not only delicious, also beautiful without blemishes.

  4. Ajnaandy

    First, well done you seem to get the Cosmic dimensional reality. I say, Reality, because it is. We publicised the Dr Eben article for you all because after a single dimensional transfer he came back transformed,totally awe inspired by what he experienced beyond, and went public on the lot. From an Atheist to a complete convert.
    Eben now can speak with authority. So imagine those who have had multiple real dimensional reality switches, who know beyond any shadow of doubt how total, how composite, and how all embracingly wonderful it all is. None come back spouting that Jesus bollocks, because no such entity is there or even necessary. All is complete without. The minute I hear the I met Jesus crap I know it's bogus. Belief or disbelief is irrelevant because what awaits you all is inclusive for all.

    But as important, those who truly know,also know to keep their mouths shut with a Plebeian public,whose IQ and sensitivity level seems to have a reality bypass switch, and to singularly lead from a focused advisory perspective. Not low profile but no profile, and to make a quiet difference from afar. If we can overcome the multi tier political issues with the Elders, watch what is possible then. We all die, - But you don't! That Joe Public does not get, YET, and allows stupid little men in frocks to perve and divert them from absolute truth. Religions have got F All! to do with your concept of God. They all need defrocking and mind shocking. Your God is the Soul within you all. You are all Soul cells of the absolute, and one day, returning will be as one again.

    1. John, I align with the Pleadians I guess and as weird as it sounds, I feel a guest here. I can't wait to be part of that kind of society (again?).

      So let's talk what can be done in the meantime. I now have access to virtual reality at work and using it for education.

      Whether or not my dong comes to bear fruit I'm readying now for when we are openly interacting with our benevolent neighbours and have access to some higher tech. What use could I be if I didn't know how to use VR for education across the globe?

      When the means come to me, and they will, I'll set up a VR Education Research unit and spin off commercial solutions to keep earning and growing. That way I can hit the ground running to help distribute VR education solutions to those in need.

      I've been thinking about what you and the elders want to achieve. How can we use VR in schools to train kids in social responsibility, personal accountability and those other qualities you mention?

      To do what I need to set that up, I need AI for full interaction. The pedagogy is my job to work out. I'm made for that.

      I can feel the new society forming around me now. A new human galactic civilisation. It's starting to feel like home :)

    2. Good, concise and meaningful comment AJ.

      If the Elders go ahead, ( 40 key families, each with their own angles and differing views- but as I have the support of the head of the 26 main ones, we have a real shot) once operable, it will escalate on a massive scale. The increasing collapse of Asian nations trade, such as a 94% loss of Shipbuilding order for South Korea, means catastrophic loss of jobs, the end of families income, and no hope of new re hiring unless re trained and skilled for emerging new industries, will mean new thinking to bring hope via education.To help all, we need to think outside the box and you just helped me with new creative ideas.

      It will be a few months yet, but if the Elders go ahead, ( the plans we are negotiating are enormous AU and currency conversions) then all Global reorganisation will be via the London Representative Office,with us have no small influence on a section of events and needs.

      To make a difference I plan direct interjections of applied funding for relevant projects, so please contact us as soon as we are able to announce Global project opportunities.

      This is why all of you, as cognisant site readers, each have such roles to play.
      People need to effect Global changes. You! Each one of you willing to step up and help,because if we ( You each!) don't try, why should others?

      If our journey here is to achieve anything, it is putting back. Re shaping what needs to be and needs to be done. The Buck stops with each of us. If we can, we must Do!

    3. AJ

      As for the comment on your Dong bearing fruit, I do hear than Slack Alice is amenable after being supplied with 12 pints of the Amber Nector Fosters 4 XXXX. Take a friend also. It's rumoured she does group concessions. Lol

    4. I better get on to my next batch then! I'll keep the XXXX Gold for myself however. And it'll be cold from a bottle so Londoners won't like it. I notice you guys prefer to pull your taps with heaps of head. I need to visit a UK pub and do some quality control I reckon.


    5. I like XXXX gold for sure, but I found VB to be my favorite.

    6. Real guys, top Brits settle for heaps of head that's for sure.

      Just a play on AJS comment. UK humour.


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