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Road to Armageddon | Part #1 | Empire of Vanities

This failing Empire of Vanities is walking the lonely road to Armageddon.

Was ever Regime Change needed more at home?

So much good is possible.

One World of Nations
Road to Armageddon
11 May 2016

This is a two Stage Article. Both the problems and solutions. Better Leaders need to emerge. Within us all, is unlimited potential if unleashed for good.

First, please do understand, and allow for the new readers, that whilst part one readdresses old ground of just how bad things are, it details why we must say no more and keep facing them down.

Part two gives you the upside and many cases where we can start to change it all. How we should and need to change Leadership to focus on real humanity.

From this wonderful world, enriched with so many good people and the rapture of nations, the love of animals, and the reward of simply belonging to a community of beings and nations, we need to build our lives around remembering always our humanity. Good values, and good people. They walk among us. Stay humble, be kind and be at one with nature. Our life here is short, make it count with real values. The quality of good people overall, in most countries, is high. We will show you the possibilities open to us. First the detailed examples of causes, then so many options, and also those for you to add in your own comments with live debate to follow once you log into the comments section. Your views matter. As do all your contributions.

The fundamental problem nations face is the quality of Political Leadership is inadequate. Their bar is set way too low. We need new thinking and new alternative ways to evolve by side stepping these misfits in Public office. It's also a Global pandemic, as the failing EU is showing. A Western pandemic of Louche Leadership is coming home in consequences, as Europe is also visibly in free-fall. It need not be this way.

Real Industrial growth has faltered since 2008 and the Taxation/R&D, plus reinvestment model of a sustainable economic society is simply not there. The only significant net growth is Government spending attempting to plug holes in their deteriorating economic models now in free-fall due to inept planning and controls. How can inexperienced Politicos plan anything? They can't keep on spending what they don't take in. Bankers feed from Governments with no sustainable income, seeking to feed growing Social needs, but with no concept of the consequences of the Debt mountain building. They don't make money, but sequestrate to take from an ever dwindling consumer supply source. Nothing, as is currently planned, is sustainable. There are no safe key dependencies. So, what next, ask Governments who don't understand it, and never had it planned right? How much longer can we continue funding this Western fabrication of illusion as the State Balance Sheet losses mount? When it dawns that State Retirees have assumed a perpetual supported landing base, but face an empty pot, what then? Does Greece become everybody's fore runner model?

Look deep inside the looking glass and you will not like what you find. The entire fabrication of what you presume to be an organised State, is just an illusion. Where is diminishing capital going in this tottering house of cards? Nothing has been planned around progressive economies. Just maintaining an illusion, to avoid social confusion. How can you depend upon others whose only interest is self? The cupboards today are bare. So - what future? Based on what? Funded by whom?

Who funds yours, if not you? There is no cogent model to support you. Just success 'Pass the Buck' administrations hoping to skate through each on their watch, as debt grows.

Who gave them the right to mount perpetual wars, You? None of us! So withdraw it.

But nations need to fear what may be coming as a choice.

Clinton wants bigger Government, less freedoms , more State intrusion and bigger budgets for a Federal Superstate which has failed to date. Now, with a sinking economy, she wants to waste ever more? Clinton has no concept of economic planning. How do you make a bankrupt, failed system even more insolvent faster? Clinton will only exacerbate America's demise.

Americans lives depended on her in Benghazi. She stood aside and let them die a gruesome death. You next? She has a career history of failure, lies and callous depravity. How low is the bar to go? This life is yours! You need to know!

Beware that what we sew we will reap. Discord comes at a price. We walk a lonely road of disappointments if we allow the current flotsam of Political deviants the power to shape our futures. It's our journey, we must Pilot our own. Wise up and shape up. Government has no plan. Bar holding onto the trappings of power, at any cost, PAID BY YOU!

Britain threw a third of its Government out of office last year with Voter reprisals. Wise heads said - Out! The Voters spoke. The mighty fell, with no concept of what had hit them. Payback came. The world needs to do the same. New brooms, new blood. New thinking! People matter, and good people can do better. Becoming responsible starts at home.

The West and Asia have been led by nations which have simply long since lost their own way. Naked Emperors. The EU is a failing, CIA created, Jesuit manipulated, Socialist nightmare in desperate need of change. A vast, confused failing Social economy presuming Rights with no income. Migrant populations and porous borders. Chaos!

No one elected this once great American nation and beacon of light, with open doors to the vanquished, to encroach instead as the Cabal controlled nation of World Policemen. It has now imposed its current unchecked double standard wishes, leaving always doors open to its voracious asset stripping Cabal foot soldier hoards, who come only to sequestrate, loot and dominate. Chaos has ruled followed by insurrection and regime changes. Why give life for such a lie? Who gave the right for a million Iraqis to die for the ego of Bush and Blair? War criminals and WMD liars!

Who even thinks about the displaced Palestinians, Iraqis and Syrians? Who now descend ever more in millions on the West. Or the millions fleeing Africa? Yet vast billions are spent funding Israel to mass abuse the Palestinians in the shrinking Gaza. No sympathy vote or human rights cases for them in the usual Group owned media. Truth - No one speaks its name, or in theirs.

Britain had a wake up call when Cameron was told clearly by his own MP's, if he dared follow the US lead to attack Syria, he would face a revolt and be out. See how fast he backed off? Democracy worked. 

This Zio Cabal Global game play never was for the people. It had no bearing on Democracy.

We need to lift the Leadership bar. All of us are needed. Hands across the oceans, to educate and heal the wounds as a whole planet of people who care. We are so many nations, yet we all share the same real values. The kindness of being a good Human being. We can do so much better with the Cosmic spirit inside us all. We first need to change attitudes, to change nations.

There is time. We need the will. We need YOU all!

On one side we have the greatest Industrial Empire of the twentieth century, with a viable mass population still there, who once effected such a global transformation of power and production, it shaped the twentieth century. But it's now overseen by an unelected, Khazarian Banking Cabal and Agency directed Media Mafia, who have permeated the entire Fiscal governance of the United States. It's a complete colluding oligopoly, denying access to the Federal Reserve Bank or Treasury to any non Jews or Zionists. It has been the most blatant and audacious transformation of power among all First World Nations, and has gone unchallenged. The rot is visible and needs sanitising out. These conspiring Charlatans need ripping out of office! American representation for all. No more sole Fed Treasury Zio-Jew Zoo. An Inclusive America and united world working for all its people!

The media, owned again by mainly Zionist Publishers, muzzled under Operation Mockingbird, publish only the Agency ordained propaganda for mass circulation. Truth had died. So has Justice. Moral corruption and decadency followed. Truth, democracy and just causes were long since lost causes.

A Reporter was fired for trying to publish the lies of Holder and Obama over the Fast and Furious scandal. A criminal, undocumented, false Birth Certified CEO, posing as the President, conspired with Holder at Justice to illegally ship thousands of guns to Mexican Drug-lords, resulting in Mexican Gang killings and US border agency deaths. For that, Obama claims Executive privilege. How dare he. He and Holder both belong in jail. In a just society, they would be.

No one, apart from the Blogs, now speaks for America or world justice. Who speaks for you? Reporters either toe the line, or join the unemployment line, and good luck with the references.

Israeli interests mass abound, with the US Military, as openly advocated by Kissinger, used as just expendable body bags for Jewish interests. Expounded with a contempt they do not deserve. Sons and daughters of America go to die for another Kazakh lie. Goyim lives for Shekels. This was not ordained by the Founders, nor the values of The Constitution. Israel's aggression and unchecked Hegemony in Palestine is a disgrace! Zio-Nazis! Disgusting. No one calls it as millions suffer from this oppressive Locust hoard.

The current situation as this current Usurper in Chief goads the Kremlin Bears towards a WW III face off, is the dichotomy of how many are to die for the new Cabal lie?

As Russian jets buzz and radar fry the USS Donald Cook, which is on Black Sea operations threatening Russia's borders, Washington protests, yet concurrently is expanding its own Thermonuclear stocks in the EU, sighting ever more launch sites in Poland, usurping the German territories, and building up a terminal force threat which Moscow sees as the new level of US Hegemony and escalating threat to Soviet Russia. Also to naive Europeans who allow it.

Moscow, be sure, is also no great Democracy and has limited Financial wriggle room before confrontation, dominated by Hawkish Generals and a ruthless band of Oligarchs. We are not defending them, just saying be careful what you unleash. Their nuclear delay options are limited. If started, it all ends.

Obama is now recklessly demanding the deployment of German Armed Forces (the Bundeswehr) to NATO on the borders of Poland and the Baltic States. Germany has a bad history of their armies and needs to be kept out of this. A clear, breach of the Warsaw Pact, and yet another US act of aggression against regimes not compliant with Washington dictates. A visible, heightened threat not missed by Russia, who have now moved half a million troops into place around its borders, which now becomes a reverse invasion threat to each compromised nation caught in NATO War Game conflicts. Be assured, the Kremlin is not taking this lightly, and Russia is visibly preparing for war to come. If unleashed, the consequential destruction will be Armageddon with no borders. The Pentagon just does not get that a real option for Russia and China is to go for a mass pre-emptive strike first if the Big Dogs have to fight. What if they decide to give you no warning, just strike hard and fast as policies. If war is coming what's to lose anyway? This has always been the US Achilles heel. Looking for a fight they can't win as Bully Boys this time. No one wins this.

On April 25th, Obama held a meeting in Hanover, Germany with Merkel, Matteo Renzi (Italy), Francois Hollande (France) and David Cameron of the UK, to coerce more support for a strengthened NATO Alliance, enabling them to launch a Russian invasion, if politically deemed appropriate by NATO. Madness! NATO can call it? Go to Hell! When will this Global, gross mindless hegemony end? Any such incredibly arrogant and stupid move will be terminal for mankind. This Pied Piper Cabal messenger of Global conflict needs to be sent packing.

Russia knows these are moves on the Cabal's Chess Board of Life, another US game play for dominance. But played by Washington's Desk Paper Warriors against a well educated, battle hardened and totally Patriotic Soviet Elite of accomplished Chess Masters and dedicated Kremlin War Hawks ready for conflict to order. They will die before submitting to the US.

Remember JFK's response over Cuba. Why deny Russia the same? The world was on the very real precipice of the Nuclear holocaust then. Have we learned nothing? What happened to the voice of our media? The conscience of our nations? The voice and guardians of the people? Now we just have the Jews News. Goyim sanitised.

The Bay of Pigs Pentagon fiasco. Another planning disaster. How fast that went quiet? An incompetent comedy of errors by the Pentagon - again!

Vietnam was another US disaster. Apart from deflowering the youth of Vietnam, creating a mass whorehouse exploiting the poor innocent children sold into prostitution to service this vile and disgusting invasive force, producing only the hundreds of thousands of poor half breed children wanted by no one, born to little peasant girls. A disgusting, US enforced, sex trade. This is a shame for eternity of this oppressive Cabal. America needs to re-examine its own past. That tragic time ended only when the mass evacuation of the beaten occupiers left the poor, unfortunate and trusting Vietnamese population to the fierce, brutal and cruel retribution of the Viet-Cong, as new occupation came once the swaggering cowards fled. Or the war of attrition which followed.

Only the Hollywood versions of propaganda lies. Betrayal of a nation. A stain forever. No such stories of poor Vietnamese retribution ever reached print in La La Land. This was a terrible time for the Vietnamese, all suppressed as truth by the Cabal media. Inhumane cruelty which no one wants to take responsibility for. Genocide.

Black Hawk down in Mogadishu. Butt kicked.

Benghazi, as real American serving officers died, sold out by the Bitch in DC and betrayed by the Usurper in Chief. Disgraceful. Those poor boys could and should have been rescued. Treason!

Every American commander would have got them out, and wanted to, but were refused. DC failed them and betrayed America. Those loyal boys died terrible deaths in brutal terror. Why??? What kind of such unfit Leadership is that? Where is the inquiry for Justice on Benghazi? Where is America's voice here? Your OWN boys?

The fiasco of the first Iraqi conflict with Kuwait, or the million innocent poor Iraqis dead by the second illegal failed WMD war epitomises DC planning. The pointlessness of Afghanistan. The chaos of Syria and the unleashing of ISIS. Armed, funded and coerced by DC. Russia did in 3 months what the US could not do in 3 years with Syria. It annihilated ISIS sites and sent them running terrified. Putin smashed them. Now he is gaining vast Infrastructure projects - Jobs for Russians. Another Washington screw up. America is losing the Middle East.

The vast millions now displaced as nations collapse across the Middle East and Asia, is leading to the mass swamping of Europe by illegal migrants. All victims of yet more failed Washington hegemony. Truth - will no one speak its name? Even Eisenhower warned what was coming if the Cabal was not stopped. As did JFK.

Putin has already forewarned the Soviet High Command to prepare for war. To plan and be ready for a pre-emptive move by either side. Russia knows in this battle it will be do or die. Also, that the costs will be apocalyptic. Russia, post Stalingrad and WW III, where they lost 20 millions plus to the Nazis, understand the costs will be the END of Empires, and the attrition will be awesome with losses incalculable. But they also know, the cost of allowing any more Cabal expansion will end all Russian freedoms and Sovereignty. Where is their Rubicon line before they launch? Has America read anything right via Pentagon planning? Both China and Russia are now unveiling ever more sophisticated weapons of mass destruction and unstoppable delivery systems.

Worse, that the following Nuclear Winter may last for centuries. The scale of weapons to be deployed will negate WW II to a Children's Tea Party in comparison. Russia and China have a combined Defence Treaty and Pact. Go for one, you get both - right down your throat. Russia knows this will be the end game for each side. American citizens, denied access to real truth, have no concept of the potential risks, as they live shallow existences in a bubble of half truths. Or the response when provoking the Soviets needlessly for Khazarian power plays. The good American people have no idea of real world game plays Globally. American truth died post Watergate. The world does not need this. Where is good Leadership? The Public have ordained none of this.

But, as with Stalingrad, Russia's response if continuously provoked will be a total, all out, no mercy war. The days of Crocket, Bowie and the Alamo heroes are long over. While many truly heroic, Patriotic and committed good Americans are still serving in units such as the Seals, Delta, Rangers and Marines, in such a Thermonuclear mass destructive conflict, such legions of so many good men will be dead within the first hour and not even get a shot off. This is no end for heroes. Not deserved or necessary. None should die for the Kazakh Zionist's lie. Washington is too historically inept to run Global game plays well. Smart guys, well educated, but appalling judgement calls. History is the real judge. Reckless fiascos of failures litter the records. Post 9/11 the world has seen the public anguish which followed and realised, to win, take it to them direct head on. Post 9/11 the world knows the population mass folded in fear. The nation has no experience of, or wish for a mainland war. The Public have the right to know the risks in their name. Thank the muzzled media - for nothing! So much for the voice of the people. Guardians of what Democracy? Why fight, why not lead - away?

China has been preparing, extensively testing Infrastructure network attacks on the US Power grids and have all the US satellites mapped out ready for an instant pre-emptive attack in space. They know the importance of knocking out all US Sat Nav, Telecoms and Space Laser weapons. Plus the illegal Space focused Nukes both sides have hidden in satellite systems ready to launch if ordained.

Within minutes of conflict if sanctioned, China and Russia will fry all US Power grids, communications systems and road, rail, sea transportation networks. All bases worldwide would be hit with awesome destructive power. How many Russian and Chinese Subs sit waiting off America's coasts, knowing their full payload once launched, will take out America's entire coast line within 5 minutes and most inner cities within 10?

Even the vast arsenal of ICBM's are only 18 minutes away from turning the entire nation into a fireball. Hopefully it never happens. Why cause it? No one wants to invoke it.

Truth is gruesome, but awareness engenders reason and challenges how much power can safely be advocated to historically failed Politicos without control? This can not be entrusted to NATO. Look how badly they handed the Serbia / Croat conflicts. NATO is a sterile wannabe. Paper warriors on expense accounts.

All US, NATO and national perceived threats within the EU, Asian and Middle East facilitating nations would go. Russia and China know timing is everything. Australia, America's listening post and Naval bases, would become a dust bowl. Gullible Aussies have no idea of the real threat to their very being exists, and that they are disposable puppets.

So will Japan's US based fleets and bases. All US supporting Global Bases worldwide would be pulverised and atomised in minutes. As will the fleets. Subs lie in wait tracking them all. Of course the US will hit back and destruction will be seismic. But how does that help you, as you will almost certainly be dead, or wishing you were. There will be no medical emergency services, or working phones to call for help. All water, crops and animals will be irradiated. So will be the prevailing winds carrying the air you need to breath. Nothing will escape. It will all be orchestrated within minutes, with the US being the focal first pre-emptive strike target. This is just not factored in as key reality. In each war, the US has needed 6 months to move its arms supplies into place. It won't get it. Look at 9/11. Clueless. Ponderous confusion as plane followed plane. Imagine if that were 10,000 rockets, the ICBMs and Bombers to follow. The first wave will impact before the State has a clue what came down. Massive collateral destruction. Communicate with what if the Chinese and Russians just fried it all?

This is where the Pentagon, again, has it so wrong. They still believe they can use Europe as the contained safe launch pad against Russia and hope China holds back to negotiate. The fatal misjudgement flaw as always. The logical Chess Masters of the Kremlin know the US game plans. Their spies have a steady supply of secrets to steal or buy. They will not allow America to use Europe as the launch base while they stay safe. They know, if it comes, the US has to go first.



  1. There is a bright side...If you wipe 7 billion people off the face of the planet, we won't have to re-incarnate so damn often.

    I could use an extended vacation.

  2. The problem is the ones who need to be incarcerated will be bunkered down waiting to claim what's left. All of it. Minus the polluting humans they eradicated. But what they don't factor in, is what use is wealth in a new world where it has no value, and only power rules? How long will it take the guards to realise, the Elites are now the Prey? Serving no purpose. Nothing to offer and no power. Why take a pay off, when they can take everything? How the best laid plans can backfire? Who guards the guards?

    In reality, it wont happen because the whole balance of power is changing now. A new, yet to be defined Eurasian Social Order is evolving. One reaching from Beijing to London, whose own elite hierarchy regard the Westerners as Barbarians of low culture.

  3. WW3 is not happening... I hope to end the fear porn, and turn humanity towards love, forgiveness and acceptance)))

  4. That depiction of McCain in a teddy and nylons is priceless LMAO 😂

    1. It's called profiling these Gits as they deserve.

    2. Look at the O caricature. Bathhouse Barry up his ring

    3. Yea that's good John, but the McCain one is priceless look at the way Netanyahu is looking at him with a twinkle in his eye.

  5. Look at the way O is looking at all of you.

    Part 2 has really interesting graphics and gives you clear leads on where it all needs to go.

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