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Turning the Tide | Report #10 | Prioritizing the Strategic Overhaul

  • Prioritizing the Strategic Overhaul of our globally and fiscally
    contaminated world.

  • Removing the Zionist Cabal Hydra killing humanity.

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
5 August 2015

Our focus is an attempt at an agreement using the vast Core Elders Funds to overhaul the mess that is, and to re-engineer selective societies fit for purpose. To counter and negate the rapacious Cabal. Phasing funds in to serve our joint World recovery needs, while keeping them out of the scurrilous hands of the Cabal, Zionist Bankers and lawless Revenue Rat Traps. These funds are to serve need, not feed these Parasites greed. It takes consummate avoidance planning, their dirty tentacles are everywhere, like a plague of soulless vermin feeding off humanity. Such employees are sordid Souls.

Fiat contamination has polluted  the Federal Reserve and Western, Zionist Racketeered Banking systems. Unchecked, uncontrolled Derivatives, have created an unsustainable, convoluting time bomb, one ever expanding towards an inevitable multi-facet call which, will take down and out the entire, corrupted, Western Banking system. Left unsupervised, rapacious Zionist Bankers came up with yet another flash and fast way to shake down and filter funds from the Pension Funds and avaricious Hedge Funds. With Clinton’s removal of Glass Steagall restrictions and check points, the 'Suits' were left, yet again, free to bypass protective legislation and Regulatory oversight, and true to form the malignant Zios couldn’t get their Zippers down fast enough.

Just get one fact right, there IS NO POSSIBLE INSURER OF LAST RESORT, NOT POSSIBLE!!! So all of the vast Quad Trillions of derivatives gambles stacking up, are a bogus hollow shell where only fat bonuses based on hype make sense for the greedy and reckless Traders. Until Leaders fit for purpose, get together and agree to simply negate this vast bubble of bogus hype by fast legislation, creating a Vexatious Litigant type case to negate it then deny it all from legal recourse, the vacuous Derivatives hype will grow until the bubble is burst and bankers again run for bail outs. Impossible, like the virus it is, they have outgrown the entire world GDP many times over. Unless by Law, all Bank client assets are ring fenced, and only all Derivatives contracts annexed out as non-collectible Compliance High Risks, this pass the hat scam will go on unchecked. Bankers need to be corralled and TOLD No More! No! Otherwise these greedy little deviants will filter off evermore until their grasping claws are broken. They siphon off the Ponzi paper profits, you suck up their accruing reckless trading losses. Hello? They are paid 1,000 times more per hour than the average worker for what? What Leaders cannot get this? Get - a - grip!

Banks are needed to service lending to Industry, Commerce and Home Building. Creating a sound base to economies. To serve YOU. To serve us. Not to recklessly endanger your Banks and life earned Pension Funds by speculating with Bogus Bonds. Junk or otherwise, nor Sub Prime Mortgages, in reckless pursuit of bonus oriented profits based on risky algorithm gambles. All it needs is a perfect storm and the lot goes. Where is the Compliance Duty of Care internally? Derivatives can NOT pass Diligence or Risk Assessment! Laundering is not the enemy, what an overkill crock! Banker’s greed is!

As the Asian and BRICS markets expand evermore, markets will defect away from the Petro Dollar mechanisms and market influence. American control of Energy and Minerals markets is under ever greater emerging competitor attack. Hegemony is dying. How much longer, once a Non Fiat based alternative system is released, can America continue funding over 970 Global Military Bases, wreaking havoc on non-compliant asset enriched countries? Increased wealth leads to education, and behind comes the aspirations for self-determination and Democratic freedom. As Asia moves to compete for African and South America’s riches, where next for US influence as borders shrink?

America had led the way during the 20th century as the world’s major economy, but ever expanding Third World economies have been playing Catch Up and educating their own Youth of Tomorrow to an extent which surpasses Western nations own standards. Asians are now becoming smarter, more innovatory and eminently more globally sophisticated than America's own ailing model. America's own quality of Political leadership has been in marked decline for decades. A race of innovative, often outstanding, Universities and Industrial giants, now led by the amoebic misfits are haunting the corridors of Washington today. Quality is needed to balance both sides, which the Clintons and Bushes are inadequate. Never again should they be allowed to usurp the trust of the nation.

America has a need for an inclusive role within an ever expanding new League of Nations, but no longer to dominate. Washington’s own worst enemy is its propensity to presume via its now scurrilous Agencies, Military Industrial Cabal, and the Zionist Rat Force of Bankers, that they can collude, plot and arraign by bribery, corruption or force, emerging or asset rich nations to fall under the banner of their rapacious regime, or become another US Military target with Agency funded insurrection, as they conspire yet again to fund yet more corrupt regime change willing to march to Washington’s tune. Democracy the American way, with none at home. America's had a dearth of quality Leadership for half a century. It shows and is now coming home to roost. That is the single biggest failing of America. A nation capable of so much led by a Treasonous species of verminous misfits in Politics today. They hurt their homeland so badly. The world suffers also.

Emergent nations want more. Many are in fact old cultures such as China and India, each with vast populations far exceeding the US, who were innovative and intellectually sophisticated nations many thousands of years ago. Philosophers, Scientists, and the homeland of great cultures. Having lost their own way in time, be cognizant that a good gene pool of capability remains and has awoken with new leadership, and focused youth education. Now they each challenge for an ever shrinking Global market share, but focus on industrial expansion, leaving America saddled with unchecked Military spending. Each time Obama tries to cut back the self-serving waste of the Cabal, he is over ridden by his paymaster handlers. Democracy has no role in America. But the world is changing as history dictates, to the order of new emergent societies.

Vast ancestral fortunes exist under the control of the Chinese Elders scattered, hidden throughout Asia. Dynasties of Millennia, smart, sophisticated and worldly wise control them for use to service humanity. Between 40 of the key families, each with its own representative grouping, such fortunes as can re-empower new world dynasties that are slowly unveiling. But, under selective control and reaching out to accomplish and empower suitable Asian and Western partnerships, new curved ball challenges may be emerging. White Knights with vision. Elders groups have had their assets extensively utilized for the gain of other nations, and en mass have been denied fair redemption when due. Bitter lessons have been learned, who not to trust and who not to accommodate again. The Fed and Treasury Oligopolies have a lot to answer for. Exclusion will be a bitter pill when the new markets emerge, and when who’s who does not include you. Payback.

New currencies from RMB to future BRICS currencies, will be evermore asset backed, competing with and replacing the Fiat Ponzi scams. The Fed and Treasury have nothing to compete with. Also they have spoiled so many relationships and abused trust histories.

New emergent fortunes will fund suitable good partnership nations. Currencies used will have a viable asset backed base. Banks used will be vetted and screened, Zios and Derivatives jugglers will be excluded. Major Chinese and Asian Banks will emerge, as will others non-Fed dependent, and will Project Fund worldwide. Britain has established ever closer Capital Markets links with BRICS, particularly China and India. Empires have to be maintained on a solid footing.

US Bond markets are 60% down on day trading right now with a flight out of Dollar positions. The Fed is actively, albeit surreptitiously, buying in Treasuries via Third Party screens, but behind is a furiously peddling Fed stressed to keep its leaking Tramp Ship afloat. Liquidity is simply exhausted as nations diversify their Capital Options and new alliances are formed. Monthly shortfalls accrue support needs, and the cost to maintain the mirage gets ever deeper. Maintaining a Ponzi Fraud is a big task as Madoff found out. The Fed is just a thousand times bigger and more scurrilous. But, like Derivatives gambles, bubbles burst.

America has two choices, emerge with a new Federal Reserve / Treasury Note, just another Con with a different face, or go down with the ship. But now, exposed as a Naked Emperor, what assets will be offered as backing to coerce investors to buy in again? But note, the Zios holding all the key Treasury and Fed Jobs, the parasites who blew the Banks, will still stick it to Americans to bail them out for their own greed and fiscal incompetence. So, no real change, just Zio shapeshifting unless a Real Patriot President comes in and boots the lot of them out. Hard to see it as they own the Media and all the Shills in DC.

China is funding its new pipelines with T Bills as it runs down its US exposure. The Middle East is diversifying to Asia, albeit with the CIA bundling into deals with Iran under all sorts of masks. Investment deals to protect its Cabal overlords. Suddenly Israel feels the draft the cold wind of reality up its own kilt. Needs must! Which makes for a lot of confused Zionists. The real world wreaks havoc.

From October onwards the stress tests will get ever more compound. The questions will be when to move and reposition, and at what cost to the old dollar and holders? What of the vast Trillions held on pallets all over Asia and the Middle East? Confusion, is not just a Chinese proverb Master seeking to enlighten, but a Fed and Cabal in disarray as the windows of opportunities are closing. When to move, as the cost of not, means losing the lot.

Evermore the Cabal Old Guard face a white knuckles ride where they don’t make the rules or get to rig the end game.

Liquidity is now key to all. Who funds the next decade and on what terms to stop the system seizing up? Will it be basic business judgments or settling old scores?

Wise heads with the ancestral advantages of dynastic families are engaged in Global dialog to determine who to move and who to save. Such Elders who know the US Fiasco is not the US citizens, but the corrupt Cabal and despotic Zionist hoards whose banal history stretches back a millennium from the Plains Marauders of Genghis Khan, to the ivory Towers of Wall Street and the Octopus of Federal Banking and its BIS counting house in Basel, Switzerland. Vast fortunes are entrapped within the Fed controlled system. But even bigger asset fortunes exist hidden outside, unknown to most, and that is the Achilles heel for the Zios. How big and what if - OMG?

Be assured, those now entrusted to know are not telling. So many estimates and presumptions have been wrong. So badly misinformed. They met, and failed to read, a Chinese wall.

It’s hard to explain without demeaning the mass populace that sometimes the only Trust which can be accepted, is the credible Bond of a word between Trust Elders and Bloodlines of ancient lineages. That alone now drives the new dialogues engaged in new planetary restructuring. Understanding wise heads, Cultures who have a resolute Humanitarian Soul, albeit with pragmatic economic vision. But entities, now cross engaging to discuss strategies for this century and how to re-engage both emerging nations and declining economies, in a phased changeover where the baton is passed, and the New Guard are charged and directed with a vision fit for all. All means inclusive. Not penalizing the innocent American populace for the great misdeeds of the Cabal and Political chicanery, but refocused by unseen hands to follow Cosmic forces own better aligned Humanitarian New World Order to engage, nurture and release the power, energy and innovation of the people, not subjugate and enslave them.

One not intertwined with false Religious Orders, but ones with a Soul knowledge going back Millennia, and with enlightened understanding of the correlating value of all life on the planet. Ones who see the assets as the source given to help all, feed and nurture. But first to educate for the future life forces and the world they will be engaged in. Man is now at a crossroads of emergence. The big question, to enhance, or not to enhance? Competitive forces are reality. Not to demand man to live in impunity, subservient to Machiavellian dark forces as Cabal Foot Soldiers, but as enlightened new Souls serving a much higher ethereal order. What is emerging is far beyond the conceptual awareness of the Political or Zionist ignoramuses. Reality will be a clean new truth inclusive for all. False Gods will be the first victims. Those orders will crash. Understanding the real ethereal power and the source from which you came. Knowing your place- in the universe will become clearer with life changing realities for Religious Wackos. Your own ethereal reality is far more significant, complex and real, than Religious ramblings, as your own Soul journey becomes clear. You don’t need limp wrists fantasists to guide you.

Certain currency conversions for the big battalions may happen without warning and need not necessarily mean public inclusion. The Klingons need to prepare for a rocky ride if not sheltered within West Coast groupings. It won’t be a Free lunch for all. But those in, may really be in - the money!

Politically most nations are run by either Crooks or mediocrities. Few are capable of turning around faltering economies. The US Political scene is almost totally corrupt and sleaze alley. The EU is also run by grease balls and the Jesuit menace. Not a source of confidence for Elders with vast reserves to entrust with funds available to waste again. Real meetings, non-political, are taking place to determine how best to reshape our stressed world, to focus on the key and core problems, and to ensure the mistakes of yesteryear do not keep compounding on the children of tomorrow. Bringing educational equality and opportunities for all necessitates a new approach as a standard for emergent societies, but also one with an inherent moral core where standards of humanity and decency need to be incorporated within basic citizenship understanding. To belong to and protect something better for all. For all to serve, not Mammon, but each other. One where every child is a child and spirit of the universe, to be part of all, and one whose life can be enriched in a new to be established emergent society which founds and establishes the Soul rights and Being of all. Of course, in today’s concept of life, it’s a tall order. But why keep repeating old mistakes. If the vehicle of State, with its so flawed Body Politics is broken, fix it.

First, the real assets will be selectively converted into non-US$ currencies, then used for both selective Projects and Humanitarian use. Community banking is under discussion, as are Schools, Healthcare centres, and housing. A step at a time. Needs are so great, the issues are where to start. Also which currencies. Which nations first, and for the Energy Projects, which new sustainable projects to use and expand globally. China itself has been expanding its economic base selectively for years now. America has only expanded its military bases funding by Grey Screen Off Balance Sheet Washington Agency chicanery. This so badly flawed vision of a world beholden to Washington as Global Overlords of a NWO has hemorrhaged America in debt for decades. As has its Political obligations to the Kazakh Godfathers of Israel and their Zionist Money shysters buying the US votes and influence. With each media under Zionist control, who is left to speak for Americans? Or to challenge flawed policies bought by the Zionists?

This flawed system has entrenched itself for a century, from the moment the Kazakh Shysters got control of the economy and established the Jekyll Island accord, with both its Federal Reserve Confidence Trick and the flagrant, untaxed, unaudited Federal Reserve Bank of New York, owned by Foreign interests and behind so much worldwide Cabal conspiracy oppression. A future cleaned up America has to close it down. American fiscal control must be restored to the American people.

The rot of Rothschild Zionist rule must end. It will take time and vision, but it needs to be a core agenda for future administrations. As must stopping all financial and weapons support to the demagogues of Israel. The Middle East needs peace, and an end to Palestinian suppression and Israeli brutal genocide. Shame on them and those who fund them. A truly Godless and despotic regime. No God would condone such genocidal cruelty and never ending land seizures. Who talks for the never ending victims of their vile, inhumane suppression?

Good things for the planet are in discussion. It’s not all about the Me, Me, Me aspirations of Americans Welfare needs. A balanced accord to create staged re-emergence for all nations is under review and new Global financing is a core project. People everywhere are in need. Life needs to mean more. Values have to change. We are all one. One Human race. It’s not a Race to take all. Who thinks of putting back?

  • Every Child has a right to love.
  • Every child has a right to life.
  • Every child has a right to freely expand their consciousness and try to
    fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

We start with the meaning and purpose of our journey here, and a step at a time to put it right. To give your journey and your life on earth, a new enriched infrastructure of being, and refocus your journey to achieve so much more. First, to help you understand, there is more and a purpose. Safe, sound of being and secure from oppression. Enriched from a safe beginning, shielded from the flawed and dysfunctional Political and Zionist misogynists, what we are seeking to conceive is a new Global Constitution of Rights for all the people. Expect nothing from failed Political orders. Self help is needed now. Because without, the only end will be ignominy.

None of this is easy. It’s a huge ask and a big task. It needs the confidence and commitment of wise Elders and good hearted Western associates, to move in a coordinated group strategy to serve many. Each have differing agendas and memories. Confidence is key and needs to be earned. Then defining real prioritised needs. A century of malfunctioning mismanagement will not be fixed in a heartbeat. It needs new truths, new agendas and a strict new Global banking system bypassing the rapacious Old Guard and Zionist entangled syphon systems. Most of all, it will need exponential leaps in consciousness, including yours. Your understanding and acceptance that all has been a lie. How to handle the real truths. Cosmic and ethereal realities. Is humanity about to come of age? Who decides? Who leads? Who is fit to lead? Who in Politics even understands the depth and complexity of the mess we are in, or how to resolve it? Who is fit for office? Who will restructure banks to fit societies’ needs, not Bankers greed? Who let the Dogs- In? Who will kick them out? When a mad dog attacks its master it is dealt with. Politicians and Bankers? Feral rats running loose. Our world is now at a cross road. But which road will be taken? The biggest question of all, is what will you put back?



  1. Excellent Article. Let's Get Started with Peace, Freedom, Love, Truth and Justice as our Guiding Principles. We All Are One...sovereign with Father God (YHWH) and Mother Goddess (Earth).


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