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Current State of Affairs | 13 August 2015 | Observations for your own assessment, what is YOUR Call?

Observations for your own assessment, what is YOUR Call?

The hangman's noose tightens on the dollar. Look at unfolding events as this is YOUR World right now.

One World of Nations

Current State of Affairs
13 August 2015

No Fed rate increase in September now because it will trigger collapse.

China is following their plan and it should not be a surprise. It is the way they are planning the removal of the Hegemony Masters. The Economic Chess Masters at war. America's greed and indifference was always the key to economic war.

Asset backed credit lending will first start in London not long from now, as Britain re aligns strongly with Asia. 67% of all Foreign Exchange passes through London, so when they move, the world follows. US Dollar backed credit is passé, in the long run. The liquidity between banks will now suffer more as credit assessments of Losses need to be made, and therefore the ability to settle on a timely basis needs re assessment.

A guess is that these moves have caused over $1 trillion in losses so far, yet to be absorbed by whom and at what price?

Ever more Black Holes are appearing in America's Fiscal Balances as the bogus books leak losses.

All markets and commodities will trade down putting even more pressure on Balance Sheets of borrowers and their lenders. Those starved of liquidity will be stressed evermore, offering in desperation more of their remaining last jewels to a shrinking liquidity pool.

China has also tightened currency movement outside of their country. Smart move. This will kill the hot money flow into Real Estate within a month or two, or sooner if the funds are not out already. Global Luxury Property and Esoteric assets will feel it soon.

Carry trade in various currencies should be snapped into action to avoid taking losses. While the Index trading funds will be debased and reeling, assess your own risks fast. Soon the Algorithm crowd will be shocked as stops are being implemented with issues none had planned for or provisioned for. Always we have warned of this. The question is who stands for the liquidity now needed and how? The frequency crowd in Bonds will be wondering if they should come back from extended Silly Season holidays, or ponder a new career.

Dow should have a day or two of indigestion putting pressure on the Wall Street crowd. Other markets will re adjust accordingly.

U.S. Political leadership is on permanent holiday and is clueless to the unfolding world around them.

Bankers will have more trouble sleeping.

Phantom values on all asset classes are being reconsidered quickly.

Otherwise a typical pleasant summer's day in August.

Not a good time to be a Thinking Person, while all around us are naive fools. Who wants to be corralled?

Clearly, we get ever close to the Abyss. But cocooned in the sea of Disneyland, who tends the Sheeple?



  1. What about that big explosion in China just yesterday??

  2. Good article. So much seems to be happening daily.

  3. While all of this is great for taking down the Zionist bankers, how does the PPs play into all this along with the big battalions? Clarification would be most appreciated.


    1. There are ongoing discussions for the PPs, but these also get ever more compounded as the PPs were part linked with the Bush Crime Family and CIA, who also continue assisting and even demanding blocks so they, along with the crooked Zionist Bankers, get extended free use of the money.

      It's a mess.

    2. Canauzzie, so the BCF and ZIO`s still have their tentacles involved in some capacity with the London Platform for the PP`s but cutting their claws free from this is taking more energy than realized thus slowing the process for release.


    3. Scott F,

      No. The PPs were loans given to the US which are long past the redemption agreement. BFC and Zios leverage these funds and/or use them as collateral. The funds are traceable and most locations known. Transfer schedules are made but reneged at last minute.

      The London Platforms are where they would be utilized IF redeemed, out of BFC's and Zionist reach.

  4. John,

    Much appreciate the heads up on the near-term economic future. Will plan accordingly as best as possible while curve balls are being lobbed from all directions.

    Best wishes for your tireless efforts to broaden the light at the end of this long, dark, tunnel.



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