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The New World is emerging

Reading your views and responses has been interesting.

So, a collective response for all.

One World of Nations
25 July 2015

The purpose of the Global meetings, is to determine how to re-engineer capital safely back into a system permeated by the gross ugliness of the US Fiscal and Military Industrial Cabal. By the viperous stranglehold and duplicity of the Zionist Quangos who have systematically rigged and corrupted the US and Global Banking systems, societies have become enslaved and compound to their ruthless demands. It has become evermore entangled with the depth of Jesuit penetration and control of the Political arenas. The cross linked pollution of Zio/Jesuit Cabals have enabled them, working in unison, to create self serving legal systems effecting ownership of nations, subjugating all within. They own the Supremes and US Fiscal systems. The Jesuits control the EU Political System. We cannot pour more Elders money into their rapacious coffers. Part of our role is to advise how to protect the group from the Cabal and Zios. Also how to deal with EU Jesuit controls.

Their combined greed has resulted in both fiscal and moral bankruptcy of the conquered states. These people are not nation builders, just nation looters.

The combined predatory locust spawn of Genghis Khan and Papal Child rapists.

Between them, they have now even sequestrated the base seed corn, leaving nothing to grow.

Zionist child education enabled them to acquire advantageous educational skills, but combined with the predatory instincts of a wolf pack, they disembowel nations.

Our Western societies have systematically malfunctioned. Family values have been lost. America's brief Global Leadership has mass generated the degenerate Jewish porn of Hollywood, the escalation of worldwide Drugs, media depravity and loss of family values, as well as a Global encirclement of US bases as Washington seeks to encircle and subjugate all. All cross combined with controlling and looting the monetary systems, from Banking to Pensions. You invest, they Divest - You, of everything. Refined asset stripping. Yours!

The objective of the new Think Tank discussions is to determine how to inject critical solvency back into Global democracies, to stabilize nations needs without risking sequestration of the hidden wealth by the predatory banking system. How in effect, to help and circumvent the Shysters of the US Military Industrial Cabal and the Zionist Banking Rat Traps. These are Non-Political meetings with Elders and Bloodlines of integrity. No Bush or Zio trash.

As with BRICS, there is a need for new banking systems, and new concepts of Global societies to enrich the Souls of humanity. But feeding need, not lazy greed. But, as with seed corn, recognizing which to sew, and which to segregate out so as not to contaminate the new crop. Choosing, empowering and denying. Judgment calls. Why feed and enrich contaminated lost causes? Some need to go into the night. They will.

We are approaching worrying Niagara Falls alarm signs where, if by October we do not start effecting solutions, the risk is who goes over the drop? Be assured, the thieving Zios, Bush/Clinton/Greenspan rat pack, and the pampered Military will not put back or pay back what was taken. Nor limit the scale of their greed.

The media won't help you, nor understand. The Legal system is a Private Club of which you are not a member, nor does it serve you. Banking has failed us all.

The US Political system is the most gross, ugly, and corrupt administrative system in the world. Unfit to rule, unfit to lead. Rotten.

So there is a need to determine how to help re-balance Global markets, without asset loss or cross infection.

The New World is emerging.

Is it to be the New World Order, or a New Way to co-exist? The choices and options are ours. Free will, not lunch.

But who will step up and pick up the reigns of civilization?

Doing nothing gets the masses corralled.

So now, Elders meet with Western Bloodlines to discuss how to recover blocked assets, how to safely introduce free assets and AU back into a Non-US controlled system, and how to safely Self Bank Program Trade, protecting assets, profits and building a new world and societies fit for purpose. Not the bleating, Me, Me, Me syndrome, nor Self Deluded Abrahamian followers, but those able to think, and serve a higher order.

The discussions evolve around effecting change by changing the corrupt systems which have entangled society like weeds, and redefining new rules and new controls. Open minds and elevating consciousness towards Spiritual and Cosmic harmony. Not the shackles from the Shekels of the Zio trash, but emergent new nations where enlightened minds can emerge and values will emanate from proactive leadership. Where Children can be equal and education can unleash the boundaries and take the Star Dust of Humanity back towards the origin of the Species you truly are.

So, as talks go on, where will you be in whichever society emerges? Shackled Sheep or Free Spirits?

5 million raced to fertilize one egg and create a new human journey. You won that Lottery, then did what? Your Book of Life, over-viewed by all, is you. How will yours play out to an amassed universe? Time to reflect and act on what's left. Or a wasted journey and waste of space. Be - something. Excuses don't cut it overseen by a Galactic audience of your Peers. You chose to make this journey, you did what?



  1. It seems to me that if you want to beat a criminal at their own game you have to become a little criminal yourself.

    It's completely in line with Natural Law to defend yourself.

    If someone steals from you...steal it back.

    In this day and age of advanced tech, surely you can find someone that can find their way through the matrix and release the transfer codes.

    It's not even real money, it's xxx's and ooo's on a computer. Just a push of a button.

    Beat them at their own game.

    Operation NEO!

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    THIS link is a 274 page FREE BOOK! (Thanks TEXIAN!!) ~darylluke.

    1. You're welcome! It takes a complicated subject and reduces to easy to comprehend text and graphics! Very well done...

  4. So, there are some good hats within the 1%ers ?


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