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Turning the Tide | Report #9 | Wakening the Sleeping Giant

Wakening the Sleeping Giant

America, get back the nation’s wealth and pride.

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
11 July 2015

Looking on, and looking in, the world can see a shambolic apology of the nation which once was. Now Debt ridden, Crime ridden and the worst Political corruption of any so called First World nation, for sure, America leads far out. All that can go wrong, has. How could anyone have ever believed that an illegal Foreign Student, of questionable parentage, has been allowed to even clear vetting, let alone fraudulently attain the highest office in the land, and despite constant publicity exposing his visible chicanery, nothing is done. Who can take this America seriously any longer? The question, and tragedy, is Leadership, or lack of. When the only examples set are those of a predatory, mendacious, thieving Rat Pack in Washington and New York, what standards are they to presume to lead a nation, let alone such a nation to seek global Leadership? When anything goes, and moral turpitude is at an all-time low, led by the gruesome and gross Clintons, can we wonder why the world is so dysfunctional? Has America truly sunk to the level where the next President will be another dreadful deadbeat Bush or criminal Clinton?

We need to look at the alternative America and Americans. The real side still with hope and vision to come good again. One producing and expanding wealth, not FEMA Camps.

Be assured, within America giant strides of intellectual, technological and scientific breakthroughs are being ever achieved. America is not lacking in innovation or capacity. In fact, it leads in both. So many good and outstanding Americans are in an equal quandary as to what is happening to their beloved homeland. Yet the appointed Representatives seem to represent nothing but greed and avarice. Issa promised so much to gain appointment over Congressional Standards. What has he achieved and why is the bar so low? Why is Issa still in office? In fact, why are any of them?

Yet let us look at hope. All is not lost, nor need be.

Within sectors such as 3D printing, Graphene and alternative energies, the US is pioneering across many fronts. Each carries the capacity to enrich and reshape America. Also each could help reshape our Global societies. America's shortcomings are not in innovation, but in ethical Leadership and Political stagnation. This not so United States, still has so very much to offer. Look beyond the brash arrogance of Wall Street, beyond the appalling sleaze, chicanery and outright treachery of Washington and the abysmal, amoebic incompetents who have been allowed to infiltrate the once great Institutions of Washington power. Look into the beating hearts and minds of the Techno / Science nation, for the Innovation which WILL save this nation. Sometimes we all raise a Runt generation, and the skill is to bypass it for the one beyond. America now needs to look to and protect its great strengths. To value and harness its assets, its primary innovation will save the nation. Also the world.

Within the areas of Space, 3D printing and embryonic cell research, great breakthroughs are coming.

The graphics we are showing are the visionary lead ins to all. Pictures to say 10,000 words?

Let your minds now do the walking. Leadership is now key. Electing ONLY those fit to serve, focused on the honour and privilege of helping America, not themselves. Rebuilding with pride, a nation fit to lead and fit for purpose.



  1. I appreciate your tone and intent in this article...But do you for a minute think we have free and fair elections!
    NO WAY!
    Our Presidential elections are administered with electronic voting machines manufactured in Israel. the voting is tabulated in a different country. There is no way O'bortion won the last election. It was outright thievery by the elite.
    Over 100 precincts in cuyahoga Cty in cleveland, OH had almost 100% of the votes for obama. Philly had 59 voting precncts vote 100% for OBAMA. A county in Mississippi had 134% more votes thatn registered voters, all for the Dems.
    Our Republic has been coopted. And let's not even talk about the fact that with either party, we get the same thing. McConnell and Boehner? a complete joke!
    McCain, a complete joke.
    I'm sorry, I am an optimist by nature and I desperately want a better country for my Grandchildren but the powers that be better understand that the silent majority is going to vote one more time. and if Democracy is subverted through electronic vote rigging, there will either be a Revolution or we become Greece.


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