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Turning the Tide | Report #8 - Prognosis for America

Activism, Zionism, Corruption, FED, Federal Reserve,

A Prognosis of the two options facing America - the Harsh Reality Check.

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series
7 June 2015

America is the classic tale of a thriving Empire which has lost its way and head. A nation divided. A nation lost to reality. All that could have been, is now in disarray because of conflicting interests. Reality for this so deluded nation, is one of tough love. But truth is such that none dare speak its name. Was there ever so naïve a mass public? Yet one still with such potential. All is not lost. How America restructures and re-emerges matters to all of us. And that starts with heeding and responding to constructive but well-meaning criticism. The key with this series is to focus a case at a time. But leading to real American potential as is possible still.

However, our current day problem is still that like the Sheeple most nowadays are, have been rallied to a false flag, cloaked in the illusionary flag of a nation and contrived false Abrahamian lunatic fire and brimstone concept of a God, which like the nation, simply does not exist in that State.

The citizens are naïve victims of a:

  • Failed United States Corporation
  • Foreign owned IRS
  • Federal Reserve owned by private Banks and foreign interests 

All which operate with criminality and impunity, subservient to the Kazakh Zionist Global Cabal which, since the Jekyll Island agreements, has ruthlessly extorted interest from reckless borrowing, saddling the unfortunate American citizens with reckless debts beyond infinity. Worse with no representation. Your Representatives are coerced into office funded by interest payments by the false FED, used to bribe Representatives to swear allegiance to Israel, then none dare question the scale of extortion later revealed to them. Any vestige of principles or independent thinking is attacked pre-Elections by a totally Jew Zoo media which has a sole Cabal Agenda. Anti-Semitic? Not at all, there are few real Semites in America. Who? Most are just Kazakhs under a false flag of Zionism which most true Jews abhor. Just invasive Vandal Roach marauders.

America, in truth, has been the gullible victim of a rapacious species whose cunning duplicity has bribed, cajoled, blackmailed and sequestrated power and underpinned Global economic hegemony, driven by greed and abominable cruelty to others. A loathsome mind set of predators.

No one declares the true state of the countries Off Balance Sheet debts, which runs in fact into unimaginable Quad Trillions. These have been printed to underpin uncontrolled spending via the Jewish / Zionist run and controlled Federal Reserve Programs, which have themselves for decades funded the Military Industrial Cabal to wage unprincipled wars on the world. An organisation outside of Congressional oversight or control, which is even now funding American troops and Contractors operating in over 150 counties, subverting, dominating and suppressing Democracy. All to ensure US access to and control of Energy, mineral and key resources for the Zionist controlled Global corporations which encircle the planet in an ever tightening web of intrigue and duplicity. Any conflict of interest is quickly resolved, as Military are poured in, and yet another naïve American dies for extorting Zionist lies. Bottom line, non-Jewish, you own nothing, least of all your own lives.

Why do Zionists and Jews exclude all but themselves in a complete Oligopoly of the US Federal Reserve, Treasury, Banking System, Department of Justice, MSM and the Supremes? Try to Exclude them and hear their howls. How can there be justice when their MSM blocks the truth?

They have an Oligopoly. Their Banking Greed, corruption and outright Criminality has destroyed the economy and birth right of the nation.

Why do Congressmen have to swear loyalty to Israel? What the Hell???

As for Goyims, contempt and derision is all you inherit. In their eyes and their adolescent brainwashed Abrahamian Cult belief, the Earth is theirs and you exist solely as disposable Slave labour for their bidding. Disposable body bags of war. Not wars for causes of democracy or valour, but solely to sequestrate the assets of others. It’s all about wealth and power. Taking all, and when they have that, what then? While you sit in mass ignorance, as all around you is dismantled in a ruthless and cynical orgy of greed. Be in no doubt, you have been invaded from within, as deeply as was Rome with the Vandals, and all you have has been acquired by a collective group who wage war on the Global economy with total disregard for morality or humanity.

Activism, Zionism, Corruption, FED, Federal Reserve,

The Kazakhs have systematically dismantled the Constitutional check points the Founders gave their lives for, and with all the combined greed and rapacious marauding traits of their Ancestor, Genghis Khan, have laid waste to all around them, dumbing down all resistance, and sequestrating the Media to feed you only placid propaganda while your pockets are picked and your remaining freedoms sequestrated. When, will YOU wake up, to find and realise YOU have nothing? Even your Constitutional rights have been removed, as cynically as they did to the Palestinians. They came as a Lice expeditionary force seeking new wealth, and over two centuries have simply spread and devoured the host like Tapeworms in the night. As they do to all host nations before evermore expulsions. Look around, look at their total domination of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, Banks, Mining industries, Law, Justice Department and power. They have it all. How is that fair or legal? Yet they would howl like stuck Pigs if they were denied the same fair opportunities. You slept through it with scant regard to educate your own children to compete. Who is so ignorant, so naive as to think it is coincidence. All the perverse filth of Hollywood which has done so much to dismantle family values, comes so often back to them. An evil and predatory, immoral species.

Activism, Zionism, Corruption, FED, Federal Reserve,

That is the dividing line. They are not a Special race. Bunkum! They just got one thing right. The kids. They educate, you stupefy! It all divides there. How can inadequately educated parents mass educate their own families? So how then can your kids compete? Especially with such a mass which simply does not understand it is ignorant as a Global species? Until they travel abroad. Which only 5% of Americans ever do. They soon see the culture differences and intellectual gaps. TV which is not dumbed down. MSM Media which is free to operate and criticise. States which fear the backlash of true Electoral control. Ability to hold a sound intellectual discussion of Global issues. The British public just ripped from office a feckless Democratic and Liberal political hierarchy and lobotomised their parties into oblivion. Democracy at work and to be feared. The public made an informed decision and voted. Failed Politicos now choke in isolation. But not in America. When Jewish money controls the Electoral process, fear all to come. It shows.


All the struggling industries, Political corruption and collapsing economy, needs to be attributed toward the bad effects of inept political understanding, the inadequate education of the young, and the hopelessness which results. The Constitution was failed by successive weak American Presidents, and a divisive, perverse subspecies which has alienated and contaminated the hopes and aspirations of its people. They have failed you all, and allowed the Zionists free reign to manipulate with impunity. A greater danger than any virus in reality is the feckless malaise of a processed food fed Sheeple Public. Ignorance rules a nation targeted for shearing as fools. Technology in the hands of the Tri Lateral Policy Shapers makes uneasy reading. Exactly as Brzezinski calls it on public record, it is now easier and more expeditious to simply mass kill you than mass influence you. And still the Luvies and Tree Huggers don’t get it. Expendables don’t matter, nor do their views to the Elites. Processing a mass population is as easy as food. From the securitisation of your Birth Certificates and exploitable Social Security numbers (must be popular, Obama has at least 6!!!), the masses were only ever developed as exploitable assets. But times and Geo Political issues are fast changing. Feeding time at the Zoo is evermore costly for a non-contributing burden. Even Kissinger calls it in total disregard for America’s sons and daughters calling them exploitable morons to be used as Cannon Fodder for Kazakh greed. With their dual passports, and clear contempt for all, who calls it and when is wake up time?

Education for elevation, but what do we do with a failing nation as the prospect of WW III looms ever closer unless US Global hegemony stops before Russia and China combine and action the unthinkable?

Jewish families produce great Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, and many core professionals. They beyond all, have made such a good contribution towards Western family values, and ethical practices. Real help for humanity. So why have these accursed Zionists been allowed so much reign to plunder with feckless indifference in an orgy of criminality and greed? Who will reign back Israel and its Kazakh marauders? How many more need die for another Zionist lie?

Activism, Zionism, Corruption, FED, Federal Reserve, Nazi

We give you an example of the true Evil that is Judaism today and expose this vile Sect for what it is. Watch, understand. question and Judge with the intelligence you were given as part of your own immortal Soul. Be at one with True Creation.

These are the same recorded, non-deniable Laws produced by their Pharisees, which binds this perverse Cult, its supposed rights to murder, the well known Jewish history of sexual perversions, and mindless justification for their old proclaimed right to have free sex with minors under 3, and marriage to such a girl. Watch this video, official Jewish Synagogue history from which this ugly Cult has grown.

Which God would ever sanction such a life form? Hell only! From which, with their blood lust, perversions, propensity for Fraud and duplicity, you just may choose to draw interesting comparison.

If they have historical rights to justify such gross perversions, you have the same responsibility, as equally did an alleged Jew, Jesus, to challenge them and all they stand for. The blight of their history in passing visits has contaminated all lands. None exampled better than then in Hollywood, New York or the gross injustices in Palestine. Watch, ask, is this a Child of your God? What conscientious Jew could remain in such a faith? Who paid what for them among many Apostles also? Truth versus true evil?



  1. Study the video from their own Synagogues and history. Let truth speak its name. Time they answered for such an abysmal past. What God would ever ordain such a vile species? Special what, obnoxious?

  2. I have experienced what they have done to the local (political) school districts here in the United States. The nation as a whole are not awake because the media refuses to point their cameras for all to see. Real Estate zoning laws are modified so that five to six adjoined houses can be built on properties where only one house or residential structure was adequate. Our children cannot have music classes or use school facilities on the weekend or after school hours , where as they use the school facilities on the weekend for themselves. The question remains, who and what actions will be taken after these reports are published ? Thank You John.

  3. Each and everyone of each gender, every race, nation, religion, every level of resources and income from pauper to king, is equally important in the moment of NOW.

    True differences only arise from what each person gives of himself to this moment, the next moment, and the rest of the day.

    A cup of water handed to someone with love can bless and uplift that person or, if handed out with ill-feeling can make the recipient feel small and of no account.

    What part do you really want to play in your environment? What is your spiritual destination?

    What are your attitudes towards other people – superiority and exclusivity – or an awareness that … people are doing the best they can with whatever talents they possess?

    To reach your full potential you must realise that neither position nor wealth can limit the power you exercise in the world. Your only limitations are your attitudes and thoughts arising from your attitudes.

    Therefore, the man who happily removes the neighborhood refuse with a good heart and a blessing on all whom he meets, is a bright light shining in his little world, and the money grasping, ill-tempered man of wealth and substance emerging from his mansion to go to his office, is a pool of darkness which can be felt negatively by those who venture near him.

    No matter what you do, what you possess, the position you occupy in life, there is no limit to your potential development for good. Everything on your earth is the energy of consciousness made visible – be it in the form of ’solid’ inanimate matter of living plasma. With your thoughts, you feed or destroy whatever is in your environment.

    … Are you grumbling, denigrating, destructive in thought towards your work and other people?

    Then rest assured, you are leaving a little trail of destructive consciousness behind you which will help erode all that it penetrates and imbues. Your thoughts are the origin of all your good and evil. They are the very ground of your good and evil. If it be that evil comes to you, do not look at your neighbour to see from whence has come that evil – look within your own hearts and see when last you were at odds with someone, destructively – by slander, falsifying truth, rejection, criticism. That was the moment of the birth of your present grief!

    You can do much damage with your thinking and feeling. Damage to others and damage to yourself….

  4. Khan Academy's success argues that a parallel environment built to convey "real world know-how" in small bites might provide a kernel to form around.

    I suppose part of the problem is also a need for a self-exposure trap scenario. The three bullets of the UnHoly Trinity (Failed USC, Foreign IRS, Fed) each masquerade at the People level as the Republic, the tax agency , and the Republic's Bank. Waco cost them a full ten or more years domestically. The Bundi Ranch affair almost became another firepoint.

    And just a clarification, by quad trillion(s) we mean some number of thousand trillions? Ie 10e15 (ten raised to the power of 15) dollars. I assume this excess rivals a century or more of current world GDP since you spoke plural. I'm also assuming that along with buying everything in sight a large chunk of this vanished into the Secret Space Program. Or is this mostly a giant overhand of derivatives without hope? Forgive the recap. Obviously a quad trillion level debt is bankruptcy to infinity as you say and it's a very hard number to get one's head around.

  5. Derivatives plus accumulated debt of false US Government spending coupled with vast Military and Agency spending. Compound that with wars, and their giant scale of Fraud to syphon out money and buy up the planetary resources funded by American debt. A mixture of all of it. Uncontrolled, wanton thieving .The books have been falsified for a century.

    1. Thanks John.

    2. What do they do with all that vast amount of money? How much enough? Insanity....



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