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Iniquitous Reprobates | The Black Nobility | Report #1 | Reach for truth and fact

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One World of Nations
Iniquitous Reprobates Series
13 June 2015

There has been considerable attention recently towards the Black Nobility. Saturnalia among others spends a lot of time researching and exposing them. As do we all.

A specific group annually publish research of interest which we acquire, for the Intel insights it provides us.

The link provided below are such reports and overviews. Yes, some you will have to subscribe to and pay them for their research, but for many, the free overviews help a lot also. Serious students of reality will seek the deeper truths. The overviews alone help you reassess reality. If Man is to come of age, growing up from false religions and the intense mind conditioning visible, is a first step. It's truly sad to see the extent of delusion which exists. We give you the real picture, but for those mind conditioned, without the comfort crutch they just can't get it. There is more, but use the right door. Stop gullible pursuits. Go beyond. But, if you need a guide crutch sidetracking you, OK, but it leads nowhere. The Council of Nicea brainwashed sheeple for centuries. Yep, you really can fool all of the gullible, all of the time. Reach for truth and fact.

A recent comment when discussing simple OBE transfers, when stating his belief first you have to die and return typifies the mis-tracked and locked down minds of humanity. OBE Day trip passes exist for some. Sorry, you don't have to buy the farm to experience the 'other worlds'. It shows just how conditioned they are, as they assemble all conscious thought around fable entities in ever diminishing circles. Take the direct step to the Organ Grinder and bypass the Monkey. You are ALL a part of one. Wait and see.

So many false and misleading religions confuse and distract humanity from even finding the right paths towards full ethereal consciousness. Some seek it, some were born with it. But the mind subjugation of religions will simply confuse and distract you from Cosmic reality. Think outside of your conditioned boxes.

Get Religions by the throat and place them in full view as a study vehicle, their oh so many warts and all.

Study their Organ Grinders and Spin Doctors. Let us help you focus on truth. Reality! Your own consciousness is the doorway, not indoctrination.

The Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Club of Rome, etc, actually are all predated by a powerful family dynasty known as the Black Nobility that arose to prominence during the 9th century (at least 400-500 years earlier).

The Black Nobility were called such, not because of skin color, but because of the inhumane and dirty methods they used to accomplish great wealth and influence. This included terrorism, rape, murder, assassinations and fraud. Also control of the Papacy and ignorant masses. So does the CIA.

The Black Nobility expanded from Venice into Europe and eventually founded the Bank of England and the Bank of Amsterdam.

One of the Black Nobility families known as the House of Guelph is where the British Royal Family descended from.

The Black Nobility families who still exist today were involved in some of the most notorious assassinations of persons of influence. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Patrice Lumumba were not spared and we provide the evidence.

What about the Titanic and could the sinking of the Titanic be linked to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and JP Morgan?

Many of us would have witnessed the Western media proudly displaying the horrific scenes of ex-Libyan Leader, Colonel Gaddafi's dead body being dragged through the streets of Libya. Yet when you find out why the global elite wanted him dead it will shock you.

This 4 part report (link below) is like no other and fully reveals that a family dynasty that is close to 1500 years old sits at the top of the power elite food chain and exerts its dirty and violent oppressions of any person of significant influence that stands in its path.

You want truth, can you handle it?



Disclaimer: In the interest of knowledge, truth and debate we are simply broadening the educational base of the reader, to provide research material for their journey. Neither OWoN or OWoN Team receive any form of payment, commission or gratuity from the sale of this report if purchased. Nor does it necessarily represent our views, beliefs or confirmation of accuracy.


  1. The field is yours to explore now. But please, free of Council of Nicea garbage, like Dinarians, time to wake up and face you've been had. As for the Jews, have you studied the Pharisees truly vile decrees, the basis of your child mutilating religion? As 90% of you are Kazakh's anyway, how does it even apply to you? This is the time for Man to come of age. Find the Real Track to consciousness. You don't need false indoctrination, or Santa type figures. Goodness is in the Soul of all to behold and develop. There are no Gatekeepers to God, YOU are part of the whole. All are one, you are ALL Brothers of Man. One big family of Humanity to practice it.

  2. Holy Dooly. Thanks OWoN for this.
    For all the strength, there is one thing they cannot defend against. Frequency. Whether they like it or not this planet and its people are evolving and moving out of the 3D octave that they need for their power.

  3. Very good. This certainly has a lot of substance.


    The truth is difficult to find and yet almost everyone considers to have the truth. What is the t-ruth? The word truth originates from the character Ruth from the Old Testament. What is said about Ruth?

    “Ruth was a young Moabite widow who pledged her loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi. They returned to Bethlehem, Naomi’s birthplace, and Ruth met Boaz, a rich land-owner who was immediately besotted. Naomi advised the young woman how to catch her man. The plan succeeded, and Ruth became the mother of Obed and the great-grandmother of King David.”

    Which word would best describe Ruth? Loyalty? No, obedience. Ruth, mother of Obed. Origin/root of Obed. Obed-ience. Clever. It is said that leaders and dictators are ruthless. Ruth-lessness certainly makes sense. After all, such people are obedient to no one. Remarkable that the opposite of this word does not exist, not? 'Ruthfullness' would be applicable to the majority of the people, but of course it would be 'inconvenient' to tell them in such a direct manner.

    It has been said that one should take lessons to truly become someone. Follow lessons and you will know t-ruth. Those who do not take lessons are said to be morons. Nevertheless would one rather be more-on or less-on? Being a more-on is then certainly not so bad after all! Those who make the rules in this world want everyone to obedient and thus t-ruthfull, whilst ruth-lessness is a highly prized trait amongst those who desire power.

    If anything has become clear it is that nothing can be assumed by default. Everything gets 'perverted'. Take the word 'pervert' for example now that we are on that topic anyway....during the 1660s the word literally meant: "one who has forsaken a doctrine or system regarded as true, apostate,". Going back to the 1300s, it meant the following as verb: "to turn someone aside from a right religious belief to a false or erroneous one". Very different from what people nowadays assume it means. Spiritual contexts were 'transmuted' into the most base forms of materialism and desire, by design.

    As such it is most difficult to discern what is true and what is false. How can one know what is true when the basic framework in which ideas are expressed consists of elements that do not even mean what one assumes they mean? One's model of reality has to be disassembled and carefully rebuilt again in order to better discover what is true and false, but it remains an ongoing process that never ends.

    1. Saturnalia,

      ~> Thank you for taking the time to bring in your short history lessons. I love the derivation of words ~ It brings such instant understanding as to their use.

      Much respect,
      ~get real

    2. Yes indeed, THANK YOU SaurnaliaS!! I was hoping you would do a write up of truth, after you had mentioned it earlier.....

      Could it be then, that the saying "The truth will set you free!: in reality that it actually does the opposite? It would seem so. That truth BINDS us by making us obedient, just as they want, so are easier to control the masses.

      The deeper down the rabbit-hole we go, the ever deeper it leads, and seems ENDLESS! ALL designed for what? More money? How much is enough for them to "have"? They have screwed things up so badly here that I HATE this planet!! Everywhere one looks is lies, deceipt, destruction, greed and it is all INSANITY and ANTI-HUMAN!! ~darylluke.

  4. A good article. Definitely clears up a few things. Thanks OWoN.

  5. If you key into the full reports you will find a lot of Un Truths, and finally start to get it. 95% of all you think you know is man created mumbo jumbo and false religious crap. Unfounded pap! The truth is far greater, so go explore and seek. The meaning of all is far greater than some reality TV Kardashian fantasy. It needs a particularly low IQ to zone in on those methane Butts. This is YOUR life and YOUR time to go explore all. Use it well. When you leave you will be re assessed and it will determine your next steps of evolution. So, EVOLVE! Time you have, but a brain also, unused
    95 % of capacity to explore all. This is YOUR journey so make use of it. There is ONLY one family of all Man, and those believing they are SPECIAL stamps you out as a particular kind of Stupid. Stop cutting pieces off your damn children and wake up. Grow up! You are ALL special. You made it, 15 million failed and line up again to try to hook a Soul. So use it. Open those minds. This is your journey so build your consciousness. You truly are a part of so much more Cosmic magnificence, so start by losing those divisive Religious crocks. Grow- up! Use your consciousness to see what is all around you. Feel nature and humanity.Feel the Universe it's part of YOU! You are all Stardust. You came here to evolve. Hello??????

    1. Who said, "Negotiating with rabid dogs is insanity."? Folks, this is a watch this hand operation, as the othe hand does what it will. Question is, "WHAT precisely IS that other hand doing?" HU-manity wants NOTHING to do with cashless society! WHO exactly is with me on this singular , yet salient point here?

      CRUNCH TIME? ~darylluke.

    2. What does it matter? Those who wish to evolve will. Those equipped will go forwards as more. Those not fade away. You have a choice if offered. It will become a 2 track society. Evolved and non evolved. Such is life. For most there will be no choice. But we need to help the Children become more. Why lose the next generation if we can help? No one will be forced, but good for those enhanced. But for those without, Less is Not more. With approaching 7B population you think it matters who declines?
      Real world decisions will be made. Tickets to free ride will end. Than what?

    3. This planet can sustain over 70B people. FACT!! WHOI exactly are you getting your info from that pop needs reduction and or assimilation when "asked" to assimilate? There are people getting your proposed gift UNWILLINGLY!! Kinda like you know better, so we just comply? So, we don't and we don't get anything, right? Seriously?
      Hmmmm.... I may be all washed up, so explain, respectfully.

    4. This appeal to the "children".....well, is kinda like......? (SEE what I mean folks?) Yes, it actually does start with children, but what exactly are you saying? More cameras in kids school rooms? What exactly? You are too vague when using catch-words, and then you go to other topics. Can you say "Confuse-a-thon!"? Again, respectfully. Just seeking some answers in a very, very DARK time!!


    5. DL

      On site you have a voice. You are heard. Against the system alone, Shoeless ( Your words) Potless, you can achieve what? Who feeds the 70B? Who feeds even 7B right now.What of the current pollution.
      We can not even cope with the swarms of Illegals pouring in with escalating everything. Always, the ones suggesting we mass feed all, are the ones putting in F all. You fund what?
      Real world we deal with crippled resources. You opine? Show me the money? Yours? Who pays?
      We are sinking under parasitic swarms of illegals. Huge problems. I never see the talkers funding it. We need to get the hell out of the EU and ring fence our coast lines. They have already trashed Europe. Reality needs to rule. No money, No honey.

    6. We live on a ball. Borders are ridiculous in an advanced society and not needed if we give the world to the people..

      The resources of the world should be for all.

      Moneyless society!.

      The spirit you talk of has no use for Money. It's energy.

      Why is it always...Who is going to pay for it? The planet is all of ours. It should be for all of us free.

      Nature shows us the way. Hydrogen, geothermal, solar

      Education...not dumbification.

      Civic responsibility will come.

    7. Try taking those resources for free and see the terminal force which will come.
      JV, stay focused on the ideal its no bad thing.
      In the meantime, we and others will try to turn these Tramp Ships of State around and help release the Sheeple in steps.
      Civic responsibility will have to be first cultured, but in a nation with none?
      We don't disagree on the principles, it just needs others to clear the paths and minefields first.

      Understand, I want the true release also. My work is key to helping that.
      I share with you only the issues and obstacles. For any society to emerge, it needs ideals.

    8. Getting all the suppressed/hidden technologies released is a great start. Simultaneously release the truth of who did what, when and why to the world of events of the last century. Things remain the same because these have not been done. Using nuclear power is insanity. Only one country of THINKING HUMANS did the right thing after Fukashima CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Germany shut all their nuclear down and re-tooled to alternates within a single year! FRACKING continues to destroy the planet and is expanding. INSANITY! And the ones causing it all continue to walk free..... INSANITY! These people should at the very least be on public trial right now....


  6. John,
    According to what I`m reading The House of Guelph, Britain is the most important family of the Black Nobility. My ? is are they also the Elders the Lords have in negotiations with the Asian Elders to try and free humanity or is it that they are not the Elders you were discussing and THOG is very much in tune with the other families to keep their control. This is mind boggling

  7. ....then, I woke up, because this is all a bad, bad dream..... ~darylluke.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  8. Scott

    With care. There are "Special Elders " here. Chinese met Brit Elders and a meeting of minds took place. We allowed you a protected overview. Not for mass discussion. Correct on Britain. But without spelling it out which is a No No, think who is the Lead Negotiator here, and who really does "Get it All". Why do we have 67% of all World Forex? Coincidence.Really? Want to buy London Bridge? How about a $50 dollar Rolex? Lol
    Humanity is in good hands here. Key parties "exist". out of sight for good reason. Just watch what is unfolding in good hands. Cabal and Zio free!
    Remember the True Knights are anti Vatican. So special veils are drawn. Forces of good v Evil. Ever it was so.
    There is light and Enlightened parties battle for all.

    1. 24 hours is June 15. Probably I AM all washed up and nothing *wink

  9. @john and canauzzie,

    For me, having been on this site since its inception, consciousness and spirituality are where I have had the greatest growth... You have both played a role in my education. You have provocatively provided me with opportunities to grow into a better understanding of who I am spiritually and to be more conscious of who I am as an individual. I believe for the first time I truly understand what spirituality is about .. I know I have much to learn but for the first time I feel it is real and good...

    And while I sense an awakening of spirituality on some level with the general populace, my belief is that each person is coming into this at their own place and their own time. Basically, not all are awakening at the same level. I would also like to state my belief is that spirituality does not equal the "new age of enlightenment" concept.

    Which takes me to the subject of mans evolution and transhumanism. There are areas of this that I believe can be good for society but I can never believe the evolution of mankind into this robotic individual is in the best interest of mankind. The soul will be lost. All that is good about spirituality and consciousness will be lost. So I find it perplexing to have this conversation about spirituality and consciousness and the awakening of mankind, only to be followed up by transhumanism as our future. If this is where the Black Nobility (or whomever) are leading the human race, then it is a sad day for us. And much like other mammals who have become extinct, so will the human and all that is good and loving about us. I know there is evil as well, but these are flawed individuals who have evolved out of evil and I do not claim them as a part of mankind.

    Which brings us full circle back to this article on the Black Nobility... my sense of these people is they are sad and deprived. Their souls are lost and their pores weep patheticness. They have a hollowness that can never be filled. I know that I will never walk in their circles nor do I want to... For those who choose to be sucked into this way of life. I can only pray for them.

    Acknowledging their existence, I say the following: There is nothing I can do as an individual to change the outcome. Collectively, we as a species can accomplish much, but we have to be united. I am beginning to believe there are more people awake than not... but most are unwilling to acknowledge it due to the ridicule that has been placed on those who speak out loud.

    For me, I have come full circle. I have moved through all the stages of grieving as defined by Kubler-Ross... I actually vacillate between "acceptance & hope" and "loneliness". Valdi once said he wished he had never been awakened... it is during the "loneliness of knowing" that I agree and long for the ignorance.

    ~get real


    1. We are already in a stage/form of transhumanism. Prosthetic limbs and artificial body parts are already common place. They give enormous aid to those who need them to live a normal life. Nano technology will change the way we heal ourselves. I fail to see how the above costs someone their soul.

      Many individuals throughout history have instigated change. Together we could do so much more.

      I refuse to accept anything as final if improvements can be made. Everything is still evolving. As such we can change or mold the direction it will take.

      It is up to us to either go gentle into that good night or rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      The choice is, and always has been, yours.

  10. I wonder how long The Vatican can hold out if just the Italian Military surrounds it with tanks, men, and armaments? Seems to me this Black Nobility has deep ties to them, too. Would they then wave a white flag of truce, and return what has been stolen in exchange for leniency after public confession, telling the world ALL of the Black Nobility crimes?


  11. It is the height and pinnacle of incomprehensible arrogance of the VATICAN to declare they OWN THE WORLD. (I am assuming here these BLACK NOBILITY control the Vatican.)

  12. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. From link:

    "Estulin stated,

    Again another thing about the Bilderbergers is that I can trace who these people are today back to the Venetian Black Nobility. We often hear about the influences of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, but these people are merely your typical lackeys when you actually look at it. They are the bottom of the totem pole. If you’re looking at the powerful people, you can talk about the House of Braganza; you talk about the House of Orange and the House of Hapsburg. These people have unimaginable wealth. You measure it not in billions but in trillions of dollars. I have a document from the Krupp family of Germany. One banking statement, just one account on one day, and there’s a 112 trillion dollars on that account." ....still reading.....~darylluke.

  14. As far as I am concerned the House of Orange was financed by the Venetians and the House of Habsburg descended on Venice as Genoa brought them in during the War of the League of Cambrai. If I am not mistaken Genoa bankrolled the House of Hapsburg. The extremely powerful House of Pallavicini comes from Genoa and has controlled the Rothschilds amongst other parties for centuries. As far as the House of Braganza is concerned, it functioned at times as the one true Crown of the Vatican together with what is now Spain, but it seems to me that the House of Bourbon clearly has the superior position nowadays and as such also superior wealth I would assume. The House of Savoy and its Prince of Naples pose significant competition for the House of Bourbon in their fight for the title of King of Jerusalem. Great power is derived from that title.

  15. John,

    What does the Eye and the top and World Monarch mean?

    Are these specific families or 1 person?

    1. All seeing Eye of Horus, Illuminati, Masons, Egyptian, and the World Monarch is the Head of the Council of 300, HM the Queen of England. But that can be replaced with any new Global Leader.
      As the world divides, it's history as all changes.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.


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