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Lifting the Veil | Report #7 - Existence and Purpose


Are we just a planetary Spec of Dust in a transient Space / Time Continuum where life simply is a reflection of a fleeting moment of time, or more?

Does it have any consequential meaning to be?

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
3 June 2015

The entire Global life forms of all of Planet Earth, each thinking evolving living organism, each is interrelated and with compounding and consequential effects, and in total equates to an existing status of less than a singular spec of microscopic dust as a micro quantity of living matter in the overall vastness of all our Galaxies. Such is the vastness of our Universe.

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So, are we just transient beings, a temporary evolution of life, or is there assigned purpose?

Now, today, as a time of Thinking Man, we are exploring our very boundaries of existence and purpose, relevance or finite pointlessness of all. This is a time of awakening consciousness of our species. Within our restrive pre programmed barriers of time consciousness, how can we contemplate a higher evolving order, where time has no existence in a state of Universal being which has existed forever, as have we, of which we are simply a dimensional transient life form aberration, with expiring limits.

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Religions explore channeled boundaries, with historical consequences of collective inhumanity to each other.

Yet Sikhism contemplates all being as one, as does Buddhism. Some seek a greater understanding of purpose. To reach to inter-dimensional understanding and tolerance.

All Religions share one basic greater Being. Good religions share common humanitarian values, family values and a commitment to good.

So why, with so much becoming evermore clear, do Leaders fail to grasp the greater issues, and we as a species, pursue false Gods and low values?

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We now live in a time of awakening. Emergence of our Soul purpose and sense of a greater Being.

Who will stand firm and show the way? Moses lost his. Real value of life, is what is beyond. So, we offer to help light your way.




  1. OK over to you thinking caps on folks. We tell it in pictures as 10,000 words of thought.

  2. In case anyone wants to read the book, "The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers"

  3. “The total number of minds in the universe is one.” -Erwin Schrodinger, Nobel Prize in Physics 1933.


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