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Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #3 - Breaking the illusionary concept of life

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Editors Note: This is a very large and graphic report.

Only Laptop or desktops will present it fully with huge graphic impacts.

It's big and contains multilevel of issues. Take time to read and absorb all. These are key and core issues we face.

Exclusive, Feature, PPFT, Spiritual,

Understanding the end game and how to influence it. You can do it.

One World of Nations
Past, Present and Future Trilogy
20 May 2015

Trilogy 3 is a very large finale with new curved ball issues appearing in every paragraph. Many features will educate and inform you of the overriding need to rethink, moderate and change all around us. The emerging new order will bring hope for many. 

If in fact, you are to have any influence on shaping your own life and our options of a better world, you first need to understand the reality of the one you are in, its perverse controllers, and what we can do to effect changes for the better. Nothing is written and all need not be lost. You are all active players in the Chess Board of life out there. Life is not about grabbing a few unearned bucks from high risk currency speculations. It involves becoming an enlightened player on a far larger Chess Board of life and becoming more than an expendable pawn to be sacrificed by others gaming the system, and you. We will help you understand the real agenda here, and your own role options. It’s also about you and your real options. The journey of your Soul through time.

The re-emergence of applied worldwide Culture, can bring Global cohesion to man selective projects with the best of our multinational resources. Nations are thinking and repositioning. We all need to rethink the type of world we want to emerge, and bring in meaningful Social cohesion. Otherwise NWO will win. No more Wars caused by Washington’s Agency whores.

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The United States has, in effect, been operating under martial Law since 1861. The Congressional Institution is owned and beholden to Bankers and Vatican families, with the Revenues sequestrated by taxes, in affect, go off to foreign bankers having threatened you with Debt, with a Bar Council representing not Law, but empowerment over you to threaten and control you. You are nothing but the disposable asserts of Foreign Powers who hypothecate your Birth Certificates and SS numbers as a Ponzi Scheme Debt Vehicle, solely to sequestrate never ending Debt Obligations which they collect on.

You have neither a functioning Constitution, nor even a Presidential hierarchy working for you, or the rule of Law. There is no Social State Planning or cohesion. The sprawling US Military is, in fact, just a Mercenary Force to inflict Hegemony and repression on States, Foreign or Domestic who are in conflict with Cabal wishes. As US recession escalates, and FED Debts to the host nation increase, the FED has, in fact, been passed to a transient bankrupt administration, to be contained from Public oversight as a Naked Emperor. Chaos and wanton criminality rules protecting only the Bankers assets. Congressmen serve only the wishes of the Cabal and Bankers. You are in effect, paying homage and taxes to an Administrative State, bankrupt in assets or Moral conscience. This will all end badly. Unable to help yourselves, how can you assume Global Leadership with ever diminishing credibility as a Naked Emperor? Americans do not even control America. Foreign interests do.

The Western societies simply cannot continue as they are, with aimless teenagers left without hope of Social inclusion. It is economic and social suicide, fair to no one. The joint cooperation of all nations for collective advancement of all is key to recovery. We need to leave behind these misconceptions of false and failed religions, and Imperialistic pseudo national boundaries under Kazakh / Zionist / Vatican / Bankers rule, and instead create multinational collective consciousness by joint problem solving. Beneficial enhancement for all. One World for All Nations. Our focus of fight needs to be against ignorance, the Zionist Banking plague and to rethink the whole Political Representative dynamic. Rights are what you earn! It is time to realise and face up to the absolute mediocrities in Politics today and to see alternative representative solutions. What we have, is not working. There is an almost complete lack of visionary and ethical Leadership, a deep level of economic naivety and gross incompetence in the Political apparatus of today. Most are just greasy mediocre Weevils seeking fast track personal advancement. A gratuitous species of Political Polecat. None capable of re-tracking our societies. We need to define and reset a whole new stricter code of career achievements before allowing Political representation. Only those of proven ability need apply.

We need to think as One World of All Nations - Together in Harmony!

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End the rigged Machiavellian appointments of the Bushes and Clintons via the Tri Lateral mongrels and to profile a new benchmark for excellence. Raising the bar. To lead the Blind by Enlightenment. What is the gain of having the best Universities and Science Academies when the basic directing focus is wrong?

Reach a new Zenith as a species. Space is the next, not the final frontier. Dimensional research follows that. But to achieve even that, we have to conquer first Space. Therein lies a whole new voyage of discovery. Columbus only found a Continent. We need to find ourselves and our Souls in the sea of Cosmic life waiting out there. Humanity needs to question all Religions and true Divinity. When led by lies, humanity dies! Ethereal power is true. Abrahamian faiths are not.

Time to question your own being, and that starts by seeing.

It’s a long time since the awakening of the New Age of Man, and the "anything can be achieved" era of J F Kennedy who saw the need to reach for the Stars.

Space travel raises its own enormous barriers and our need to understand the consequential risks of travel. To managed power and control of energy sources needed. Conventional rocket burner systems cannot achieve the propulsion thrust needed to even reach the nearest viable Star systems, let alone maintain the essential deflector shield capabilities essential to protect the craft and Astronauts. Also shielding the radiation risks. Each Galaxy is a potential minefield of unseen littered space debris. Train wrecks waiting to happen as terminal impact destruction. Even meteors are traveling at 20Kms per second. Comets out there are traveling at 480Kms per second. The Earth is traveling at 29.6Kms per second. We need not only the level of propulsion system not yet even in field testing at our technology levels, but those able to power scan ahead and identify impact risks either incoming or on an intercept risk path, and have energy shield deflector defences to cope in milliseconds. The sheer scale of such permanently manned and standby energy is far beyond this generation of human knowledge. Yet essential space prerequisites. Global application of minds needs harnessing for collective achievements. From sharing a Space Station to sharing technological know-how. It needs the level of Visionary Political Leadership inconceivable under the remit of a dysfunctional Bush or a shambolic Wookie apology of Leadership, one far beyond even the nightmare concept of a vexatious Psychotic Minx unduly empowered screaming, "What does it matter?". We need Global cohesion and a mutually beneficial International synergy all can share in. The visible evidence of Global Leadership is that quality is scarce in the Political sludge pool.

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UFO issues continue to be strictly “Off Limits” for public discussion, although that needs to be reviewed in the near future, and Intelligent Disclosure allowed. The major objectors are the US and Vatican. America simply does not know how to declare the Agency has lied for decades. The Vatican know it will then rip open the Jesus Myth and all Catholic ideologies will be exposed. Judaism will implode as it simply has no case if not "We are the Special People BS".

So, why be governed by these Political Pigmy mediocrities working only for Bankers or Vatican interests? Time to seek a new direction. Leave these vacuous Politicos to meddle with controlled Social budgets. Allow serious economic and defence issues only to those of proven competence. Look at the giant mess the United States Corporation has made with its uncontrolled Agendas and Zionist Bankers oligopoly. They were driven by greed, not need. America is a failed nation now and an unworthy Global leader as nations have rebelled. America's inept and ignorant Leadership has caused fractious Global cultural consequences. It has singularly crashed the world financially, churning out bogus Fiat currency and invoking needless wars for its Agency and Pentagon Cabal whores. The FED, especially FRB NY, are Pariahs, and need wiping out of the Fiscal equation. AIIB will be a good step. As are BRICS nations.

The Fed needs to be removed, not acquired, if not that requires America to accept Federal Reserve Debt obligations, which is why Bernanke came out spitting vitriol protecting his Kazakh Paymasters, because simply dispensing with the Federal Reserve Oligopoly, in a single sweep would removed the true evil of Zionist and Kazakh powers and allows the restoration of freedom to nation states. America needs to be cut free of this ugly Kazakh counting House. That racket has gone on long enough. Time to off this Ho House!

The Kazakh stranglehold has got to be smashed. Close down the Fed, and decline any Federal obligations towards it. Defer it only to its own United States Corporation for resolution, the bankrupt Corporation of their own creation. Let them choke on their own hybrid corrupt Institution. Ring fence all assets and capital. Ring fence out the scheming Zionists. We need to create our own new order, with them firmly excluded now outside the border. Always it ends this way with a Roach Exodus.

To meaningfully go forward, we have to rewrite the critical Job Spec for a whole new category of enlightened Leaders. None of the current predatory Neanderthal’s could meet the specification necessary. Ask the current bunch of Misfits in Office to write the Mission Statement and Ethos for the new Quantum Leap in the development of our species? W could not even write and O files bogus claims. The “She” psycho has achieved what?

None fit, or are fit for Office. Time to sweep out this miserable, corrupt and despicable dross. Innocent Americans, as much, deserve truth. Who stole the Constitution? Wake up Americans.

Nations are not without ability. It’s just not applied correctly or cohesively to meet cogent objectives and to optimise our Global intellectual capabilities. Rethinking and re-tracking Man is our current dilemma. Our reason of being, beyond just a Human Being. To be - So much more. You are not Goyim fodder and the Zionists need to be ripped out of Banking as the polluting Weevils they are. But which aspiring Leaders, if owned by them, can be entrusted to do this? Campaign funding needs to be reviewed for a more equitable system. The Lobbying system needs a major overhaul. The Jewish money buying votes and owning media power has to end by Law. No more State dual passport holders. Demand a list of US resident Israeli passport holders. Then cancel their American ones and serve notice to leave to Israe-Hell.

Stop funding and arming Israe-Hell. Stop enabling this Kazakh spawn to make war on its neighbours, bringing never ending turmoil and death to Arab nations.

Money will phase out in stages as alternative Contribution based Credit systems emerge. Banking and State Senior Clerical roles are paid way, way, way too high. It really does not require immense skills to tick investment boxes in Securities Investments to be paid excessive commissions for a Derivative based gamble with pseudo insurance based on 'No Possible Insurer of Last Resort'. The entire Algorithm, therefore total market, fails. Those funds need to be ramrodded back to funding well researched industrial or commercial operations. Money needs to serve a purpose, not diverting to service contrived Bank Racketeering. Inept Leaders fail to see this. These mediocrities in power don’t understand or even realise how inept they are. So why elect them?

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But no one stops the Tides of Change. Nor changing Empires. To truly protect the seed crop of planet Earth, we also need to leave it. Humanities core role is to settle across the Galaxies, as we did the Continents. Life, and we, need to evolve as the Star Children we are. Every atom of your being is start dust. Your very body is the atoms and base matter of the universe. You are Global Soup in Carbon life form. But you, the life form atoms within you, is your true Universal Soul within, all empowering. We need to reach out and harness the Cosmos. To understand our capacity and purpose. But how can we plant new life to thrive in the Universe when we cannot even protect and sustain what we have around us? Destroying humanity for a Military Cabal to profit, defeats our purpose and role. We need to learn to live as one and to value Humanity.

There are NO Special People. You all are! There are no Goyims, just sexually untampered human units which have not been subject to a Shiva’s misguided cut. An offering to God? OMG! Abraham has so much to answer for. Today they would either commit him or make him President. Which blinkered fools follow him still? Grow up! You have free will to be selective and become effective. We need to simply educate out these Nonsense religions and apply Science to Soul research to find our Dimensional balances and re-plan Man. Be in no doubt, tomorrows Man will be re-planned and genetically enhanced to both eradicate DNA design faults and to improve the end product of the human Soul carrying vehicle.

Religions are false Abrahamian fables and no more. Just distractions from the big issues. A complete Crock! Come of age, wake up and grow up. The murderous, evil Vatican regime has a lot to answer for. Millennia of wars and mass destruction.

Are today’s real priorities understanding how to fold space, or how to remove these mediocre Wastes of Space in the Political control centres?

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To survive, we and you must evolve, and our new barriers are the evolution of minds and Cosmic consciousness. You are a Carbon unit carrier of Life Forms and the Galactic Being housing your immortal Soul. You exist for a reason and you elected to experience a human life form journey as a choice. Use it well, as you will not return here. As an Ethereal Life force you already have existence as a source of intelligent energy. The Galaxies have cross permutated extensive life forms some vast millions of years older than us. In effect, we have only been a technological society for a century. A fractional window of time. Other infinitely more advanced beings, Elevated Souls, have long since transcended the need for a Physical body, and communicate as a collective of forces able to move or reshape matter at will. Human Mans next stage is to accomplish the Intermediary step of housing the existing Soul, with full and functioning capability, into a new and Cybernetic ally aided body vehicle to enable prolonged life and bypass the radiation risks of Space Travel, as well as to overcome the aging restrictions of this current life form.


Even the future breeding programs will become more selective and genetically controlled, as well as birthing systems managed. Bodily vehicles will be produced for need, genetically corrected and enhanced, plus socially managed. Natural breeding is so genetically flawed. Man will intervene in time. Technology and ethereal power will combine in unison. Now we have the emerging technologies and kinetic understanding to contain plasma power and developing dimensional awareness to adapt our species also towards becoming a future Space Race. Unlocking the secrets of the Universe and time. Unlocking YOUR Minds! The steps ahead will be truly giant leaps for mankind. Selection and better planned procreation of the species will evolve. Fact! In today’s world, many will not like tomorrows inevitable development, but you will not stop it. Just start by understanding the need for it. Cross breeding unplanned children for no purpose cannot continue. Funding the consequences is a social burden and pointless exercise in futility. To be kept, is not a right. Especially not in an unplanned society, and for many, with a feckless attitude.

If you cannot serve a purpose, you have none - those will become the judgment calls of the future.

This is where our Investment needs to be going. In capital, time and focus. To gain collective understanding of the being and purpose of all. To take our place among the life forces of Star Travelers. Knowledge is Power. You need to focus and become - Empowered. To become a part of so much more.

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JFK raised America and the Worlds consciousness and thirst for knowledge, awareness of an ever greater untapped potential and the need to elevate Man to become a Higher Being. JFK raised the bar and opened the doorway to exploration. He created the movement which eventually brought down not only the Berlin wall, akin to the vile Israe-Hells Wall, but he alone as a Leader, encouraged collective Men to Reach for the Stars.

JFK raised the Bar and gave America pride. Clinton just trawled them and W was just a limp brained alcoholic come druggie. Obama is just a talentless Usurper side-lining America's standing worldwide with his administration of mediocrity. Such bad production models.

Kennedy’s personal life was as sewer plumbing decadent as the Clintons and Bushes, but Kennedy had charisma and vision. Since him, from Johnson to the Bushes, Clintons and the Illegal Wookie, mediocrities have followed. With the Wookie all we know for sure, is that he obtained the post by Fraud, he runs and hits a ball like a Sissy Boy and is a usurper gathering dust until his illegal occupation either runs out or time is called. Since Kennedy, only Ignominy has ruled the land. Bushes looted the Store, Clinton fed his need for greed and Interns, and the Wookie is only a foot soldier for his collective Handlers while America descends ever faster into mediocrity. America must face up to its Global responsibility and stop allowing talentless ignoramuses to be elevated to positions way beyond their capability.

We live today in an unplanned world. One where retirees live ever longer with inadequate financial support planning, or a system capacity to manage and contain them. Yet they continue to “Expect with no visible support capability?” Akin to Goldfish in a bowl, blowing bubbles, expecting to be fed. Longevity is spawning a whole new mass and depth of aliments and diseases, creating ever greater burdens and costs on Social Welfare budgets. At what points do they just become unsupportable? The entire unplanned balance is wrong. Nations are funding forwards the visible Budget impasses to the next incumbent leaders. Passing the buck. Social implosion nears. For most, including new generations, the main point is, as it stands they have no point or contributing purpose. Retirees with no savings for Self-support, or emergent Youth whose visible failings being so poorly educated as to have value in the work place, are budgetary issues where Social justification does not equate to budgetary impasses, and applied minds will make the calls. Be assured, those meetings are evermore active. It all comes down to affordability. Or not! Start by understanding the mind sets of those currently in real control. Not the Political Muppets, the real organ grinders behind. Politicians are just Pavlov’s dogs, owned and barking to order with no agenda plan or idea.

For the Sheeple, Bush himself called them 'Useless Eaters'. It’s a vicious cycle. Money is finite, and needs will have to be prioritised. We cannot keep on eulogising imaginary Social Rights in societies simply neither able to cope, nor adapt. None can afford it. A Stand Up and Face the Music crunch point is coming. We are way overstocked beyond need as a species. Fact. When we don’t pay, why should we say? Opinions cost. Taxing contributors to subsidise Non-Contributors can only stretch so far. Workers also need justice and fair income for real work. Depleting their net income for working is also injustice. Also a finite and depleting market as only so much can be Tax Sequestrated. Printing false capital also has consequences as can be seen with America hemorrhaging in debt.

Now we are producing new life in Billions. There is no harmonious planetary system able to sustain it. Nor Global planning, or a responsible authority to guide the increasing pollution. Atmospheric and sea contamination is visible with imponderable consequences. Burgeoning, bankrupt nations are cross spawning vast hordes of unwanted illegals mass crossing borders to impose themselves to be kept and medically supported by more advanced nations. That is also another unsustainable social nightmare. Unplanned, unwanted. But no shortage of Socialist mentalities to cash call other people’s money. What about their rights? An illegal Wookie is already fraudulently ensconced as the President of the United States, lacking all relevant experience as a Union Organiser mediocrity, all this talentless 'Undocumented Son of Stanley' contributes is an ever flowing issuance of Executive Orders he and his Iranian Chicago Commie Troll see fit to attempt to impose. If that can happen to the Presidency, what the hell can go wrong for the nation? Vetting- Hello??????

Criminality runs amok among the Oh so corrupted Political sycophants all owned by vested interests, and none yours.

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But behind the scenes, way beyond Political platforms, Fiscally empowered 'Elites' are assessing the current and future implications, Yours, and determining staged policies of containment and resolution. Be assured, you will have little say unless you organise, in the technological changes the true Elites seek to condone and bring in.

Transhumanism is a 'Done Deal' it’s only how and who. There is no If? Wise up. Wake up. Clearly it will not be for the masses, as the cost implications will segregate need and justification. Getting sufficient balance for the poor but smart or talented children and students will be key. In turn it gives them an opportunity to contribute towards shaping emergent societies of the future. Unfortunately also carrying the enhanced but dumb children of the 'Elites' where money rules and enhances fools. Nothing is perfect. New Elites will emerge and capitalise from the extraordinary gains of Transhumanism. Our mind sets now matter. But, it brings with it the 2 divisions of society where the differences will be enormous, and brings in then population needs and controls. Forget Utopian philosophies, wealth by stealth will determine resource allocation and assigned heath care support. Yes, it will become ever more divisive. No time to be poor. Time to seriously rethink Retiree savings and planning. What happens when the Goldfish in the bowl stop getting free food dropped in? No different to the human ghettos. Enter Jade Helm!

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International Think Tanks are cross deliberating how to contain and deal with impending Social implosion. Bilderbergers, The Tri Lateral Commission, the Council for Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute for International Affairs and groups such as the Tavistock Institute and like types are all similarly engaged on brainstorming effective optional solutions to the financial and social consequences of the Global population disaster encroaching. Be in no doubt, eulogising social injustice with empty pockets is a tactile and futile exercise. You don’t pay, you have no say. It ultimately befalls Wealthy Leadership Power Brokers to decide affordability with a rapidly deteriorating affordable population dynamic. No nation can 'afford' such ever escalating welfare and social costs. Free Speech is affordable, but Free Lunches not. At some time, someone has to call it. Be in no doubt, the Social futility of such masses is already way under review as are the consequences of the vast people trafficking migration upon many nations. Social reality versus affordability are core dilemmas. Whose call? The racial group demographics are changing with huge Electoral consequences for nations who will become minorities in their own land if continuing.

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The US and Europe are already seeing the social consequences of unchecked Islamic and Third World grasping migration swamping nations and services. They will continue coming as a rabid locust plague unless stopped. Societies simply cannot cope. Always there comes a moment when the straw breaks the Camel’s back and it gets ugly. People traffickers get fat pickings from such Illegal conduct and criminality will continue unless harsh penalties come in. Amnesties are social madness. It encourages it. Look at the Wookie. Unchecked criminality and zero social conscience. He is surrounded by Commies and Islamics. This character does not represent, but resents Americans. His 'Wife?' even worse. How can he be married in law, when he used fraudulent documentation to even apply for SS numbers and his passport application? So he has defrauded his own marriage, as he has the nation. Now at last he is getting Global exposure for lying over Bin Bag Laden. How much longer can this complete mediocrity be allowed to continue shredding America?

Inaction, or inadequate action, will only lead to strong affirmative action as economic reality bites and Enforcement is activated. Including the 2 billion plus hollow head bullets purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security. There simply will not be the capacity to house people as FEMA Camps will mainly be focused on processing the high volumes of targeted individuals already preselected for community extraction if needs arise. These are ever more relevant to the United States which has been under ever increasing Corporate, not Democratic rule for the last 150 years, and which is ever tightening its Agencies monitoring noose as it determines when to launch containment solutions. The build-up of Regional Security and weapons allocation as with Jade Helm indicates lead responses likely. We face a rocky 50 years ahead. The potential future for Americans could be gruesome. So Yes, we feel for you.

The century forward can be projected. But the route ahead itself may be littered with consequential conflict actions. Social 'Engineering' is being determined and contrived with such Policy Groups as the Public have no idea exist. Real Power. But where does it include you?

Projecting ahead to how our planet will evolve over a century forward can be defined with applied logic and knowledge. But - the journey there is fraught with unplanned variables and conflict risks.

Policy Groups and Think Tanks are for the simple reason that those in power, with commensurate awareness of our ever growing Social realities, congregate in selective discussion and privileged focus discussions so as to enlighten the key Administrators and Wealth producers, of pending consequential issues of serious impact if selected problems are not addressed with either applied thought, or applied Force! Political careers are made or lost at such invitations, only effected during ultra-Elite annual or even quarterly get-togethers. Be in no doubt, presentations made are generally only to ease the way for Political Leaders to be quietly availed of what is coming in and down, and not to rock the boat, or expect to lose their powers soon. There are no shortages of ultra-sneaky political deviants waiting to back-stab any leaders for career enhancement. You don’t know who will deliver the blow, so don’t invite it. Most go with the flow, eased with Vatican or equivalent accredited accounts to ease the way. Organ Grinders “Greased Monkeys!”

The Media is owned. As are Political representatives before being allowed a seat. Handpicked, and owned! The Public truly have little idea of how one sided the system is against them. But doing nothing is not the answer either. That is how the current mess started. Your votes are only a perception of inclusion in the Social Soup Mix which contrives to make you feel represented, and then continues with a whole different agenda. Forces far above determine strategies and have done for centuries.

But always throughout history, a truly Wildcat Freedom Fighter emerges to arouse and organise the masses, and the highest prize of all, Freedom, has an uncanny way of overturning Monarchs and Feudal forces.

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The Internet has allowed Global Social interaction and information sharing. In turn it opens active Debate as with OWoN, and with it, enlightens minds also building awareness of core realities and alternatives. Nothing can, or will change until we do. We can only shape and control the future, if our own enlightened ones take control. Being led by Losers is no solution.

Be in no doubt, Global Leaders are not philanthropists, and most are colluding equally guilty, in behind the scenes policy moves to reshape society to suit the Jesuit / Kazakh Cabal agendas. Their objectives are to shape and control societies to their order and benefit. No Social Welfare Doctrine has been planned, nor is for the agenda. Money rules.

From a pure economic platform, we neither need, nor can justify, current population balances. Nor can we fiscally or environmentally afford them. Polluting filth from the Third and Developed worlds is turning our planet into a festering sewer. We deforest for greed. That in turn creates planetary imbalance and ozone problems. The cost to wild life is unquantifiable. As also to the indigenous people. Energy and Commodity Cartels are raping the Earth. Greed today with no applied thought or care for ecology. All because of weak, inept Leadership, and indifferent Sheeple.

nwo, conspiracy, zionism

We read daily semi conspiracy theories often with abject and dire predictions for the combined species. Most condescend to an all empowering Global autocracy of ancient family or religious power blocks. In actual hard fact, be assured the Political Elites are as confused by developing Global events.

The combined Asian emergence and Soviet intransigence has them all worried.

You are according to these Governments a perception of respect, capability and power they neither have nor deserve. Mindless mediocrities manage and you don’t see that as a problem? This generation in which you now live, will play the greatest part of all in determining how transhumanism evolves, and how we visualise and shape the emergent societies to come. Your input is key, as no voice predicates no say until too late. The big question is, are you, even as the more enlightened ones, ready and able to face up to what is evolving for the age of the coming new Hu - man? Will the new Hu be You? What you now let pass, will determine the future, and negate the past.

putin, money, changers, bank, whip

Now is not the time to release too much, but the consequential changes are a convoluted battle ground with all to play for. In the battle for Space and the space slots of power, whose plans will win? But be assured, behind the scenes, a very real series of deep discussions are in play.

Liquidity is key to all. America is broke, but abundant still with highly able people as a sector. Albeit being dragged down by a disproportionate cross mix of society weaned on Welfare and with no education to contribute to anything. America is the true two stage society. The haves and have-nots. Worse what about so many with no ability? No redeeming values?

But evermore in a Society driven by greed and a free feed, the emerging dichotomy is what to do with those we don’t need? Which from a Tri Laterals viewpoint is about 70% of even the current population. For the Third World, their views are even more draconian. The Kazakhs are little more than a suited and polish booted version of Genghis Khans marauding Gypsies dogs. Albeit now posing as Bankers, or Lawyers, but still predatory subhumans masquerading what lies within. Leopards don’t change their spots, nor do Kazakhs. Both are primeval scavengers. Judge the vicious and subhuman treatment accorded to poor Palestinians, or surrounding nations, by the transient spawn occupying Israe-Hell. Also Wall Street, LA and Washington. What direction do they seek for humanity?

MLK, quote, function, education, king, martin, luther

Wherever they settle, they sequestrate from societies they decimate. Good, honourable Jews have and need to step clear of and denounce Zionism. Our case is not against, nor has it ever been, moral family Judaism. We target the mass encroaching immorality of scavenging Zionism, and the secular rapacious end of Judaism. These are akin to an STD infected Leech feeding on the Soul of humanity. Look at how fast they excluded Goyims from the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury. They sequestrated Banking. They created an unlawful, unconstitutional lock out so they could racketeer the world's finances. Now look at the consequences. While you all stood by and naively watched. You did nothing, they took EVERYTHING! Will nations ever learn?

Providing certain key funds are converted for Trading later this year, as is under full discussion, certain Elders Groups can start to determine how Bank Platform Trading profits can be more fairly allocated and we have significant ideas.

One area is certainly Community Development where not only can an entire Community become independent of the State, but we can start to focus on educating the Children with balanced and far reaching personal focus programs. To do that we need to effect the School programs, and bring in the most gifted Teachers to motivate and expand the minds of the Children, but incorporate a degree of Parental cross tuition also. In how many cases will the parents need educating even more?

spiritual, consciousness,

This generation needs to be taught Spiritual awareness from an early age. Not the numbingly mind bending Abrahamian fiction and fantasy multi co-authored Pap over Millennia, but balanced and factual Soul based teachings to enable them to feel and be part of the vast Cosmos surrounding us all, and to understand our Galactic responsibilities and Stewardship of our fragile world. Also the ethereal development of our Planet, yet to come under our Space Race care, as we emerge to expand out as the Star Travelers we are destined to become. We are all Star Matter, and all part of a vast cosmic universe of ethereal life. True research offers so much for humanity.

Instead, the Agency uses and abuses expendable contractors like Joe Kelso, now deceased, for experimental work testing Cosmic Helmets for dimensional jumps, with the visible mental and physical effects it had on a rented Contractor guinea pig like Joe. Expendables. Joe was previously a deniable asset, a Dirty Tricks Bag Man for Bush. He ended up wired to the moon and needing serious mental rectification work in the Stockholm Institute. Again, military recklessness. As with thousands who died needlessly in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Appalling Leadership and Global Hegemony backfiring. Trillions wasted while vast millions are jobless. How can we expect Ethical and visionary Leadership while an Illegal Kenyan runs the Zoo? The only vision he could ever achieve would be from the mind bending strength of his Joint!

Russia, China and the US have significant Psychic research projects under way, but all for Warfare. None applied for the betterment of society or humanity. It comes down to the dearth of Leadership today. Leaders without true Soul or real Spiritual values. Just slippery Weasels on a greasy pole.

Kennedy was the last Leader with vision who understood the need to be more, who had the drive and passion to explore the boundaries. A man who reached for more, unlike the Bushes whose only objective was to reach for the Treasury and rob the store. Post Bush, only corruption flourished, as it does today.

spiritual, consciousness

We need to bring in Global Leadership where the appliance of Science becomes an internationally driven agenda. To raise the bar and aspire for more means to bring in enlightened Leaders who do understand, and to expand Human consciousness of multidimensional realities. Mankind is as unsophisticated as to what is all around us. Even the medical profession has been conditioned to contemplating only a visible physical environment without any consideration of Spiritual realities. Comfort seems to be, if you can’t see or touch it, it can’t exist.

Just as with UFO’s in the Military, any aspect of ethereal powers is taboo. Unenlightened social conditioning.

Eben, alexander, NDE, near, death, experience

But take however one example in the case of Dr Eben Alexander, a highly sophisticated and experienced MD PhD Neurosurgeon.

Eben, by choice had become a focused Atheist. Albeit one with strong moral and ethical humanitarian convictions. So, contemplate, this well balanced, highly educated, and socially sophisticated Professional, well-conditioned to dealing with life and death, and with accumulated beliefs and understanding of the ethos of life being finite with no existence beyond. Logic dictates that, and Eben was comfortable with it. It in no way deterred from his wish to be a good, humanitarian and caring Doctor. He accepted the concept of life’s limitations and death being the end. It was his settled belief.

Then Eben unexpectedly suffered a Near Death Experience, which rendered him unconscious then his heart simply stopped. During this time, this warm and caring being, found himself and his Soul transported to a higher realm. He found himself surrounded in glowing light within a dimension of love, spiritual togetherness and a rapture of being which permeated through to his very Soul. To be at one with all, conscious of a higher life force existence and Beings of multidimensional existence and knowledge of all. He was able to cross access at will a level of bonding and knowledge with all, to avail himself of rapidly expanded consciousness and immeasurably deeper understanding of life, our inter-connectivity to all, and the relativity of being. Eben experienced a Spiritual awakening of his very Soul. Nothing had prepared him for this. Everything was clear, had meaning and life simply fitted together in a cosmic order of being for all. All he knew, changed. Everything changed. Eben experienced first-hand cosmic consciousness of being.

And no, it is NOT delusional or hallucinatory. Hallucinations have dream state limits and visible unreal life status. What Eben experienced, with his dimensional uplifting, was an Astral transfer of true consciousness, to a higher plane of existing reality, clinically clear and all being, with a depth of reality only those who have been, and know, can fully empathise. Akin to Pilots experiencing a UFO sighting. They don’t report it because it is not condoned. So truth stays buried. What Eben would have experienced is not what you are led to believe was a Religious experience. There is no Jesus figure or such entities, as there is no need. He would have been allowed, with his Spirit Guides, to just experience full consciousness transfer, and to become a part of all. For Eben a window to his very Soul had been opened. Everything had a different coordinated depth of meaning and being. Suddenly he became aware of being part of just so very much more. Now he was contemplating Universal life forces, Astral dimensions, and with a clarity of being which is crystal clear to anyone partaking of such an experience. The clarity and certainty is a depth of awareness in total. One beyond verbal limitations. He was part of the heart and living consciousness of the Universe. To be as one, but a part of what you call God. To be a single cell as you exist, but to be a linked until to all as being in a Golden glowing honeycomb of a collective existence, cross sharing the knowledge and rapture of all, and to be a part of the Soul of the universe. To know!

We are all on a journey.

Eben was returned as a fully functioning life force and recovered, but changed - consciously. Now his Humanitarian understanding is total. Life has become immeasurably deeper and his existence with need to serve evermore clear. Eben has not suddenly 'found God'. Our binding power never leaves us. We are all part of being as a power so much more. You are all only partaking in a journey from which no one leaves alive. But your consciousness, your Soul, alone does. Eben is just one of many who have experienced cross over and has chosen to publish it. To him it was a life changing awakening.

spiritual, consciousness

There are others many, who have also had similar experiences, no NOT visions, you go all the way fully alert. The sheer clarity of your being far transcends hallucination. Some were born 'knowing' and simply chose not to declare to avoid ridicule by the Plebs. But to quietly 'know' and be part of so much more. To return and be able to enhance the lives of those around him. Before he had an accomplished career. Now he has found a vocation. Eben is real. His case is real. As are so many more. Read his book. He is not alone. Nor are you.

What you are starting to see, is the awakening of Man, challenging the current Order and point of all. 

An aspiring new society, inclusive of all, needing to unshackle the entrapped restraints of a worthless meritocracy where economic servitude is its only driving logic. Soulless, heartless, and pointless.

spiritual, consciousness

Mankind feels a need to belong, as you are all part of one Cosmic intelligence and collective network anyway. You all started as part of Big Bang, the central integral being of all. Souls just compete for bodily vehicles to engage with as new life experiences.

This is the era of the awakening of Man. To challenge the point of all and your right for inclusion.

Live every day as though it were your last, because one day it will be. All you can take with you are memories, but of what?

For most your concept of life is the illusion.

Humanity has been so badly misguided by so called Religions, fronted by mercenary and psychotic Charlatans. How can such truly clueless mediocrities profile for you their so misguided life codes? You have cosmic intellect and you belong as a part of all. The power of thought and free will. You exist, you are a part of so much more. When you elected to compete to become a carbon life form, you were each one of millions seeking to access and fertilise the egg for your own Earth based life experience. As mass population’s base and pass life evolving around watching the Soaps, so it is with ethereal energy, only their daily staged players are YOU. As each they wait a turn to join the Human Zoo. Each of your deeds and misdeeds, with the emotion, hurt and pain, are all seen and felt by the cosmic voyeurs. Be assured, when you re-emerge to face the judgments of a council of your Peers, each misdeed and transgression will determine your progression or Atonement. It’s real! While there is great understanding and tolerance for most aberrations, the serious maleficent deviants will be subjected to a scale of Soul redress where no one hears their screams. Or cares. Truth it’s all just a cosmic soup of events unfolding, and you are but Souls Surfing the Galaxies. Reality is your perceptions of consciousness. You are not alone. But for so many to know? You elected to come here. So, think with care now your consequential actions. Life is such a great privilege. Live it well. You each beat millions of others to this grand tour of experience. It’s your deeds and memories which matter. The rest is all just staged window dressing. Illusions and perceptions of parts.

spiritual, consciousness,atonement

So for those of you wishing you had the Bush or Clinton lives, for 70 to 90 years of incarnate loathsome evil perpetrated, and billions of years for payback time, you really, really, really don’t!

Their ending will be – Without. Their loathsome calls. And their justified consequences. Karma for them, will be their worst nightmare x a million or so. Can such pain be accrued? For them - Yes.

Their end game will be No Game.

spititual, consciousness, transhumanism

What you are, and can be, is the collective sum of your thoughts and experiences. It’s not about acquiring, it’s all about living. Experiencing. Why waste days of time waiting doing nothing. Go out and achieve or experience anything. Just being and seeing is what’s it’s all about. You got the ticket to ride. It’s all about love emotion, feeling, touching, tasting, sensing, hearing and smelling. The total experience you will take with you. You made it, millions failed, so live it, because it won’t last long here. Use time to gain so much knowledge of all. You are the eyes and ears of the universe living through you and your experiences. Your journey to the final frontier. You exist as cosmic energy, so use it as the life bank of all you can see and experience. The assets are the journey. Yours. So, make every decision a conscious one, and each to help leave a better place for those yet to come. It’s all about love, and consciousness of being. Wealth is just an illusion. Your own Spirit is the Soul Bank. Fill that high with your Being. Being all you can be. Leave with pride and your good deeds of real credit. They empower the Universe. Make it count.

crimes, humanity, nwo, illuminatti, bloodlines, zionism, conspiracy
crimes, humanity, nwo, illuminatti, bloodlines, zionism, conspiracy, jesuits
spiritual, consciousness, divine, source



  1. Now how many of you saw this coming?
    Read once, then read in sections and take a break in between. Absorb each. Read a few times and by next week you will be 500% better informed and 10 times smarter than you are now. You see how it works. Knowing this will set you apart from most. Or spend 50 years finding our even 10% of it alone.

  2. Yay, I'm the first to post on this wonderful article! Good job on the article piece!

  3. nice and well thought out will continue to go over this

  4. Good article. Will come back and read it a few times or more until have at least a partial grasp of the many implied and straight forward meanings in the words and graphics. Thank you.

  5. Great article! :) Many layers of truths. Energizing from the very core of Being. Looking/participating forward to the transformation of Humanity.

    1. Welcome PB and thank you from OWoN Team.

      You are also welcome to join our conversation section for general comments as well as information sharing. This is a link to the current active comment section, also if you go to our 'HOME' page you will see the last two archived comment sections as well. We try to keep comment counts under 200 for better response times and ease of scanning.

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  6. Switching on the Drones is our next task. Removing the blinkers with a baseball bat!.

  7. Wow! What a great article, the graphics are great too. I'm going to read this a few times. Thanks John and Canauzzie.

  8. Stunning graphics, its time to break through this paradigm of fear and become aware of the perceptions we think are reality and evolve into a new consciousness.
    Every article brings a new enlightenment to an awaking that we are all tasking part in.

    THX John & Canauzzie

  9. My comment? Please don't take this as negative but on first run, the video speaks louder to me than all the words. As you say, John, it has to be taken in stages.


    1. The video is just a part of the message we are trying to share. Glad you enjoyed it, I have for a couple years now.

      But for humour sake, you just have to love the pic of Putin whipping the bankers (money changers).....

    2. Yeah sure, Canauzzi, that one did make laugh out loud.

  10. Here is a quote from an article attributed to Nicola Tesla:

    "Journalist: What are these things?
    Tesla: One issue is food. What a stellar or terrestrial energy to feed the hungry on Earth? With what wine watered all thirsty, so that they can cheer in their heart and understand that they are Gods?
    Another thing is to destroy the power of evil and suffering in which man’s life passes! They sometimes occur as an epidemic in the depths of space. In this century, the disease had spread from Earth in the Universe.
    The third thing is: Is there an excess Light in the Universe? I discovered a star that by all the astronomical and mathematical laws could disappear, and that nothing seems to be modified. This star is in this galaxy. Its light can occur in such density that fits into a sphere smaller than an apple, a heavier than our Solar System. Religions and philosophies teach that man can become the Christ, Buddha and Zoroaster. What I’m trying to prove is wilder, and almost unattainable. This is what to do in the Universe so every being is born as Christ, Buddha or Zoroaster.
    I know that gravity is prone to everything you need to fly and my intention is not to make flying devices (aircraft or missiles), but teach individual to regain consciousness on his own wings … Further; I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. There are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter that is not awakened.
    No empty space on this planet, nor in the Universe.. In black holes, what astronomers talk about, are the most powerful sources of energy and life."

    No way to determine if this article is genuine, though. VERY interesting and dovetails Beautifully to our MUCH anticipated new #3 article today!! ~darylluke.

    1. "Journalist: What is the seventh adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

      Tesla: The knowledge of how the mental and vital energy transform into what we want, and achieve control over all feelings. Hindus call it Kundalini Yoga. This knowledge can be learned, for what they need many years or is acquired by birth. The most of them I acquired by birth. They are in the closest connection with a sexual energy that is after the most widespread in the Universe. The woman is the biggest thief of that energy, and thus the spiritual power.
      I’ve always knew that and was alerted. Of myself I created what I wanted: a thoughtful and spiritual machine.

      Journalist: A ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

      Tesla: Do everything that any day, any moment, if possible, not to forget who we are and why we are on Earth. Extraordinary people who are struggling with illness, privation, or the society which hurts them with its stupidity, misunderstanding, persecution and other problems which the country is full of a swamps with insects, leaves behind unclaimed until the end of the work. There are many fallen angels on Earth."

    2. "Journalist: As you say this, it seems to me like I hear Buddhist texts, words or Taoist Parazulzusa.

      Tesla: That’s right! This means that there is general knowledge and truth that man has always possessed. In my feeling and experience, the Universe has only one substance and one supreme energy with an infinite number of manifestations of life. The best thing is that the discovery of a secret nature, reveals the other.

      One cannot hide, there are around us, but we are blind and deaf to them. If we emotionally tie ourselves to them, they come to us themselves." (clue)~stvn.

    3. Well, I am on the fence with this fact maybe I'm not on the fence, this is something I won't support. I am not a Catholic but do have my faith.

      In addition, the elderly often rely on SS which our wonderful government FORCED them to pay into. The welfare that bothers me is those that feel they are owed or entitled to government handouts.

    4. Constitutionalist,
      I'm on same side of fence with you. In Transhumanism, I see many ways for nefarious deeds to be unleashed on unsuspecting people much like vaccines and many Big Pharma products now.

      You're also correct about SS. Changes can't be made in that program (as flawed as it is) for anyone in the system now who depend on it. Let the younger ones opt out. There are some counties on TX coast that did not sign up for Social Security for their county employees, but they have their own retirement system and are receiving over $3,000/month on an average $50,000 working salary. Social Security could have been like that if the money had not been looted as soon as it was paid in. More about that much better system here:

    5. Well Texian after being away for an extended weekend, I re-read this and have taken some time to put my thoughts down as diplomatically as I could. I hope I don't offend anyone, but wanted to point out the repeat of history which I don't see as a good thing at all.

      While this blog has confirmed many things that I have known for quite some time, and I appreciate much os what is discussed here politically, there are some things that have me greatly concerned. As with both online and offline communities there is an attack on Christianity.

      When I say this, I am NOT talking about the Catholic church. I am very much aware of the sins of the Vatican, but with that said, the attack on Christians in my mind isn't fair. I want to remind those here that Christianity is NOT "just Catholicism." In fact there are 35 different Christian denominations which include but are not limited to: Catholic, Baptist, Christians that claim no denomination, Lutheran, Protestant, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Episcopaliam, Mormon, etc.

      This disdain for Christianity worldwide had got me thinking about Hitler. While Hitler was raised a Catholic and received all the sacraments, and his mother was a devout Catholic, in adulthood Hitler became disdainful of Christianity. Hitler's public relationship to religion has been characterized as one of opportunistic pragmatism. His regime did not publicly advocate for state atheism, but it did seek to reduce the influence of Christianity on society.

      He launched an effort toward coordination of German Protestants under a unified Protestant Reich Church under the Deutsche Christen movement, but the attempt failed - resisted by the Confessing Church. The Deutsche Christens differed from traditional Christians by rejecting the Hebrew origins of Christianity, preaching of an Aryan Jesus and saying that Saint Paul, as a Jew, had falsified Jesus' message - a theme Hitler repeated in private conversations, including, according to Susannah Heschel, in October 1941, when he made the decision to murder the Jews. Hitler's Table Talk has him often voicing stridently negative views of Christianity. Bullock wrote that Hitler was a rationalist and materialist who saw Christianity as a religion "fit for slaves" and against the natural law of selection and survival of the fittest. Which leads to the following;

    6. Eugenicists believed that the human race could be improved by controlled breeding (Much like the Transhumanists of today}.

      Now going back and reading from this article here at OWoN:

      "Just start by understanding the need for it. Cross breeding unplanned children for no purpose cannot continue. Funding the consequences is a social burden and pointless exercise in futility. To be kept, is not a right. Especially not in an unplanned society, and for many, with a feckless attitude."

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

      Looking back on history, this or me at least is reminiscent of Hitler's plan of wanting to create a master race.

      The Sterlization Law explained the importance of weeding out so-called genetic defects from the German gene pool. While it's true that Nazi Germany was not the first or only country to sterilize people considered abnormal, as the United States sterilized more than 30,000 people against their will while they were either in prison or institutionalized in mental hospitals between 1907-1939 there is no excuse and absolutely no reason to repeat history.

      In 1934 in Nazi Germany, the forced sterlizaion of 300,000 to 400,000 people who were diagnosed as "feeble minded, schizophrenic or suffered from epliepsy" began followed by "The Marriage Law" of 1935 required those that were married prove that any of their offspring would not be afflicted with any disabling diseases. Actually and ironically it was the Roman Catholic Church that opposed the sterilization program consistently.

      In Oct 1939 at decree of Hitler, physicians were empowered to grant "mercy deaths" to patients that they considered "incurable". The intent of this so called euthanasia to relieve the suffering of the chronically ill, but instead to cleanse the Aryan race of those that were considered a financial burden to society.

      Enough about Hitler.. this Transhumanism aka Eugenics from my understanding is of the belief that you're equal to God. The last the most infamous that had this belief was Lucifer. So my question is Transhumanism just a "sexy" or more acceptable term in lieu of Luciferian?

  11. What an absolute classic ! I enjoyed this report. John please reveal as much as you possibly can . There is so much more that can be revealed I am sure . Thanks again .

  12. I'm taking this piece-meal now, Canauzzie. "Ask the current bunch of Misfits in Office to write the Mission Statement and Ethos for the new Quantum Leap in the development of our species?" This is exactly what has been happening this week in Namibia. The corrupt are asked to write their own mission statement and Ethos. It's more than laughable. And the Nation loves it.

    1. Hello Hanlo Du Plessis,

      I am curious about Namibia in that regard. I was there once on a holiday and I definitely liked it. I would even consider it as a potential place to live, but then again holidays are not representative of living in a certain country. One Namibian I met at the airport near Windhoek did state that there was a lot of corruption in Namibia. Namibia does seem to have a certain serenity and with that safety that many other nations in Africa do not seem to have, but that might also have to do with the lack of water in Namibia. I suppose what I like about Namibia are the beautiful landscapes and especially the spotting of wildlife alongside with the much greater safety compared to for example South Africa. It is not difficult to become paranoid in Johannesburg. Can you maybe tell me more about the corruption within Namibia and how that affects the society there?


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