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One World of Nations
14 July 2014

We live in a North-South divide of Geo Political Gamesmanship.

Society has become a Welfare basket case of Malaise. People have morphed into a subservient homogeneous mass of eco slaves. Indifferent to their true state of being, just simply mind enslaved to play the game for a gratuitous and plebeian existence. Indifference and irrelevance has become us. A passing state of human flotsam serving a narrow, corporate autocracy.

Spirit, consciousness, ideals and values diminish in a self-absorbed, meandering existence predicated solely to perform a menial’s role subservient to the Banker controlled eco society, where all assets have a value, but society has none.

For the Public, you don’t understand. You are delusional as to what constitutes Government and national identity. You exist to serve, and they exist to help - themselves! National boundaries are drawn to ring fence the taxable Plebs. You!

How can anyone as clueless as the mediocrities in Government achieve anything? They don’t.

Governments are funded by, lobbied by and corrupted by the Banks. Bankers pay, bankers say.

Bankers take out and put nothing back. Bank maleficence and fraud caused the last Sub Prime recession. Bonuses ruled, society rued their existence. They were bailed for astronomical losses, and none paid.

But you pay, as always - you pay until you take them away

Society is crocked, not just crooked.

The entire model is basically systematically and endemically flawed. A Crock, which will continue escalating its failings, each with greater consequential risks.

A clueless, slippery breed enter Politics to acquiesce power and with it, corrupt for gain. How can you entrust and be led by such a subspecies of technical inadequacy? But you elect them. You chose to derogate responsibility for your own lives and generations to come by empowering a devious collective of such inadequate people to assume powers, so all embracing, control is beyond them, and their clear consequential failures incur generations of debt for you. Behind, the dead claws of the Bankers, eliminate Trade Bartering, or a societies need to balance its books, and instead subjugate the witless souls within to a Fiat monetary system, of leveraged debt, enslaving them for generations for a short term impulsive acquisition, followed by a penury term of escalating interest rate, and commensurate Federal Taxes.

The Rothschild’s and Zionist Bankers, aided by the Zionist Press and Media, have for over a century, coerced equally gullible Political groups into wars and banker led destabilization programs which have led to the polarization of societies and wars erupting as of today. Vast millions killed, societies impoverished, all to satisfy the blood lust and greed of an insatiable subhuman species of vermin who need to be exposed in history, and removed in entirety.

Do you want your countries back?

Do you want your lives back?

Do you want to be a Free Sovereign Person again?

Contribute to the articles for debate as each is released. Self help. Be heard. Be free!

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