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Turning the Tide | Report #3 - Your chance, for YOU also to be part of the solution

UPDATE: Notice To All

This is an important time, and here is key information you need to be aware of:

1. Please key into the graphics on report 3 allowing the enlarged pictures to explode into life for you. A whole new dynamic meaning.

2. All your responses are being read daily and evaluated. Many cases are so cogent of the reality of our times. As such, our thinking is focused and flexible policies will be interjected.

3. Although the Major Capital Principle from the PPs will not be placed at risk.and only profits accrued used, our London Trusts are able to forward trade quickly, and will be looking to start early. They are the key Think Tank and Nation Building Coordinators, with the necessary  relationships and powers to make a difference. To us, serving the nations is a privilege, not a right,and one to undertake humbly. Tremendous response from all of you.Thank you to both sites.

The World now stands on a threshold of human evolution

One World of Nations
30 July 2014

America has lost the economic Leaders battle, so now must focus on the Intellectual one. China will overtake and surpass America as the world’s economic Superpower by next year. Only months now. So much for 10 year projections. The US is woefully unprepared for the next steps unfolding now. Washington is clueless. Brzezinski, Kissinger and the Rockefellers have lost the plot and your pot. The Tri Laterals are now a Tri-Decker bust flush. They have lost the Global Chess game. The Hegemony Masters are being defeated by stronger willed nations with more able leaders. The world has had it with the Cabal which is now globally evident to all.

But Americans of good ethics and values also exist here. So don’t let them risk a good people for Political losers and Zionist Banking Weasels.

America has lost supremacy, and far worse, with such low class Political mediocrities in power, its way. No thanks to Tri Lateral Numpties. But America still has great capacity to be so much more. Now is the time for America to look inwards, to focus on its real strengths, and to lead from there. No more tired old men with their NWO Fourth Reich failed strategies.

They lost America!

America was built by vision, the All American Dream, and the raw will to become, in its time, the world’s Industrial Superpower. Then the US Federal Reserve, combined with the US Military Industrial Cabal, and as warned by both Eisenhower and Jack Kennedy, lost the plot. Sleaze took over and they lost the Pot.

But, along the way there have been great, even giant steps for mankind. Now the faltering nation needs to focus on American excellence to re-establish a new path, with Visionary Leadership, pride and patriotism so badly missing from the Washington stink-pot which can now only be recovered by Term Limitations and stringent quality vetting to stop their incestuous abuse. Washington is a Roach infestation of corruption, mediocrity and Agency maleficence. Major League cuts need to be imposed. Starting with 35% Agency and Military Budget cuts. Cut off the money supplies and choke this Cabal Hydra. Let Peace reign. Focus on creating wealth, not stealing it from others. Stop empty talking and get them walking. Let them taste joblessness.

We live in an era when their Form Card record of” Must do Better” applies to so many of them.

But however bleak things are today, there is a past and there is a way forward.

All your collective futures are predicated upon Scientific Breakthroughs, Research and Education. Unlocking of human minds. The future now is the Race for Space. Restrained in America now, but only by Leaders who are a waste of Space!

But look at the History and potential still. Look at what can be and reach for the stars. Let’s work together and make it happen. We and you CAN do great things. Doing nothing consigns us to just that. Failures. It must not be. Huge talent is all around you.

America once raised the bar for all of Planet Earth. But who left the door ajar, and look at what has now slunk in to Congress and the Presidency? Thieves, Sleaze, Idiots and the non US Birth Certified WH Fraud O'Bumma. Time to clean House before they clean it all out!

America does now stand at a crossroads. As in the music industry, you’re only as good as your last and next record, and the last 3 have bombed.

But look at the real American record. Hope is not lost!

You pioneered Space travel. American innovation encircles the earth.

American Education at the top, is second to none. The Ivy League Universities are excellent, apart from Skull and Bones privileges to slip in family morons who, having failed at everything else, are then manipulated into the Oval Office. No less than with O'Bumma.

Education will recover America and help all nations if correctly focused. The Teaching and Research Universities adequately funded and directed can achieve quantum leaps in breakthroughs for both Science and Technology. We are now reaching a new Plateau of human development thanks to scientific research ranging from DNA outwards. Now we can also unlock and improve the flawed human bodily vehicles of man and become the sum of better parts. Reinventing man. Progress is unstoppable. Where to now?

Because, right now, as all around us unravels, the choice of new directions are all.

Get this wrong, and you will no longer belong, as the new emergent species takes over. Progress is like the tide, fail to adjust and get swept away.

As we see Global realignment it’s time to reflect where next, and how. A new age of consciousness is upon us. Time to wake up, dispense with genetic faults, cure diseases and establish a higher level of being to take our place as the new Thinking Star Civilization. Ignorance, like disease, needs to be banished. End also the Darkness of Mind Ages. We live, we exist, and we are- Why?

Reason now as to what is reality. Do NOT confuse the higher power or God, with religions. More than one has become perverse. It’s time for humanity - think for yourselves. Step back from the Childlike flawed encumbrances of artificial religions, and reason out your existence, being and values needed. The artificial stories underpinning the evolution of early man, are akin to Children’s fables to lead the illiterate, and no more. The Political Shape shifters of yesterday. Just a different suited Snake Oil Peddler of one kind or another usually preceding genocide or taking your daughters.

God seeks no body parts of your children, nor your daughter’s betrothal at 6 with no choice. It is not your Cultural choice, it is Pedophilia. It is her life you despoil. Her human life you trash. An abomination in the eyes of God. But the media dare not speak and show truth.

How about we start by educating out ignorance? Let truth speak its name? Where is the Western Media outcry for this? We can’t challenge false cultures, but we can bomb nations for illegal regime change?

We are reaching a plateau now of ignorance versus evolution of the mental awakening of our species.

So, as Transhumanism is inevitable, how we guide and guard all that permeates from technological and spiritual awakening will determine our ability to become a more enlightened, spiritually conscious and philanthropic species, or do we allow the continuation of the abomination which has become American Political autocracy, under the rapacious arrogance of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger and the Rockefellers with their Tri Lateral Commission to select Poodle Presidents? In cahoots with the Council for Foreign Relations to sequestrate assets, wealth and nations during their reign of global plundering.

So, let us give you prime and clear Policy updates.

The Rothschild Zionist Mafia, liked to the useful US Nazi Neocon Cabal are under increasing Global pressure now. Their hollow shell Fiat and Ponzi model is disintegrating. China, Russia and BRICS, supported now by up to 80% of Earth’s population, have cross combined and launched alternative Fiscal controls. They are dropping the Dollar. They have said a clear No to the Nazi New World Order concept. The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller CIA Fourth Reich strategy is now in ruins. Rothschild’s Banking Empire is faltering. Their Fiscal Global spider’s web of monetary control is disentangling. Putin is outing them across Russia. He both arrests them and seizes their assets. Russian sequestration is recovering the nation. Oligarchs are faced down and taken down.

When will it happen in America?

So, a new approach and challenge for you all. One helping you be part of the solution, not problem. Planet sharing. Life enriching and raising the bar again, but this time for higher ideals.

What if, we said to all of you on the 2 sites, what if we gave YOU, each access to $100B for projects and Humanitarian aid? Think, assess and present your case. What are sound ideals to justify investing those funds to aid society, humanity and ecology?

The site is yours, the forum is yours. How can you, and we all, make a difference now? Think, focus, email us (here) and also comment on your cases. Your say if we pay. We need to put the PPs to good use for all. As Humanitarians, as Patriots, as visionary new Leaders. Wealth creation, environmental protection, educational investment, scientific research. Put up – Intellect. The floor is now yours.

Let us make a new large step for Mankind. Together. Be heard. Be part of the solution.


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  2. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Thank you John and associates....

  3. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Just hit on the graphics and see the explosion of images.

    And now, just pray the PPs go ahead to help our nations for a change. Working for all our people of one planet.

  4. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Vlastimil has left a new comment on your post "OWoN Exclusive | Turning the Tide Report #3 - Your...":


    Could I have your email have to allow canauzzie to provide it....

    I am thinking to create a group of us to generate more power in case all goes well and we can do together better jobs.....

    Future is to speak...

    1. Brazil_of_BRICS Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Vlastimil is great to be in contact with you Friend. We are better and stronger if We Unite. Let's Team Up. Just sent an email to Canauzzie.

      Talk to you soon.

  5. whitehatauxiliaries Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Without a doubt, I would initiate the North American Water and Power Alliance.

    This would capture 80% of the fresh water runoff from the American Northwest that would otherwise run into the ocean and divert it to the western US for massive increase in agricultural and power production. It would also fend off drought conditions. 5,000,000 jobs would result - high skilled labor and engineering jobs that would need to be filled for 50 years. But, it would not stop there.

    Water would then be piped into all continents where fresh water is scarce, and agriculture is not able to currently sustain the needs of food production. The benefits are far too complex to enumerate here.

    For more, see:

    Thank you for this inspiring article.


    1. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Thank you Tony. Excellent suggestion. Please raise it with as soon as the PPs clear. It has synergy for many. Fingers X right now. It's now down to all of us. No more Feral Federal sharks. People need to reshape our planet. Thinking ones even better. All we seek, is to put back. Vermin free.

    2. whitehatauxiliaries 2:40 PM (9 hours ago)

      I will certainly do so.

      A more in depth 30 min review of NAWAPA is found here :

      If we are to invest significant funds into anything as a culture, this, in my view needs very serious consideration by sovereigns and those who would be charged with making it happen.

      Imagine, the whole of cabal-gutted Detroit would be brought back on line to produce the rail and heavy machinery to make this project happen. Jobs. Lots of them. No cabal profits for war machines.

      This will make Three Gorges in China look like a mill pond, and will galvanize our workforce to accomplish a new "Apollo Project" that will benefit humanity for hundreds of years to follow.


    3. john 3:44 PM (8 hours ago)

      Thank you. Synergy of like minds, and resolute strategic action will retrack and save America. Action, not Political Weasel words and chicanery. If we can get the PPs out soon, enormous gains will be seen. Most of the Partners are good Patriots with the will to get their country back. New Leadership, clearing out the trash. It starts by exposing and unseating the vermin. Funding genuine needs and sound tactical planning. Appointing only successful Representatives of proven ability and integrity. Unseating trash.

  6. brad Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Great article. Inspiring. With the impending QEG and similar free-energy technologies, that will ultimately end the fossil fuel monopoly and dependency, I think funding community-driven education/training in these technologies throughout the World would probably have the most beneficial impact for mankind. That's something we will do (locally) but funded via a digital currency.

    As for our past, can't wait for the masses to realize the truth! OMG and LOL! Imagine the gasps when they realize there has been much more advanced civilizations on this planet, and evolution, like Creationism, is false.

  7. Brazil_of_BRICS Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    John thanks for the refreshed article. We The Global People are ready to make a difference in this planet and impact people's life. There is so much to do, so much ignorance to be stripped away.

    I wish all the best to All involved in the release of PPs.

    To Our Global Readers,

    If $$$$ called your attention, think again. This possible amount of money comes with a Greater Responsibility. You Think or You Loose it, you fail to group up with the right parties and companies and bad invest and You Have Karma knocking at your door.


  8. JV Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    There are 2 things that I would do with the money.


    I would build an engineering and manufacturing company that focuses on the creation of portable atmospheric condensors. I want to revolutionize this concept like Dyson did for Vacuums. Water is the most important thing in life. You can only go a few days without it. Access to clean water in most parts of the world is very difficult. In many areas, especially drought striken area, it's impossible. For this reason, the units will need to be technologically very advanced.

    Some of the important features would be
    1,) small and portable
    2.) quiet
    3.) highly efficient down to humidity of 10%
    4.) Few parts (Hard to find in desert and hard to reach areas),
    5.) Needs very few replacement parts
    6.) Built solid like early 1900's products. Not plastic garbage
    7.) Run using free energy technology
    8.) Washable filter

    My idea incorporates a perpetual motor (Tesla type with no batteries needed), cyclonic technology (To spin the water out of the air with high efficiency), Metal holding canister with an alloy of SS, Copper and Silver (Silver/Copper ions leached into water act as anti-microbials) SS washable filter (doesn't need replaced often)

    A product like this would be invaluable in villages across the world.


    The focus here would be to develop a nationwide system of private schools (K-12) located in each state that is not common core based. Similar to what Ron Paul is doing for home schooling, but in a group based setting. The school would not only target bright children but provide low cost and free private school education that is designed around developing humanitarian disciplined individuals. The children will be taught truth based curriculum, not propaganda. Children will be required to become active in humanitarian pursuits. Additionally, children who wish to enter the humanitarian or political arena and make a commitment to the ideals of liberty and a world of equity will be supported and can be funded by the school. We need to develop these children instead of giving our only hope for change away to a flawed system. They must be taught from a young age the importance of helping their fellow humans instead of only themselves.

    Additionally, once this K-12 system is developed and operating, I would focus on developing a private university where these kids could go on to get their degrees along the same lines of principle.


    1. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Excellent JV......


    2. macrogirl Jul 30 (1 day ago)


      I believe the Dyson inventor award was just granted to a man who developed an antenna-like dish that condenses(?) water from air and sends it down into the ground for irrigation. You might want to join with him to advance your plan. Water is important. Yes.

      Sometimes simple things have great impact.

    3. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      This is where we have to righteously inspire...I know a pool of educators who are qualified and want to do this too...a lot of them bailed out on the current system.



  9. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Lavrov hits West as incapable to do any good in Ukraine.....

    DUSHANBE, July 30 (RIA Novosti) – Russia doubts Western countries’ ability to hold negotiations on the crisis in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.
    “The issue that alarms us most of all is our western colleagues’ ability to hold negotiations, including those who are participating in agreeing the Geneva Agreement and other documents on various levels of the crisis [in Ukraine].”
    Lavrov said instead fulfilling the agreement, the West has in effect encouraged Kiev to commit violent acts against its own people. “This is the only way to assess the announcement that Kiev has the complete right to use all means [to suppress the east], including armed forces.”........

  10. macrogirl Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    I plan to launch a scalable small shuttle system throughout rural America, where 15% of the population currently lives below the poverty line unable to access work or education because of no transportation.

    It's hard to believe but in 2014 40% of rural America has zero public transit and another 27% has hardly any. For every dollar invested in public transport, local commerce derives $3.10 in value as people access jobs, education and goods.

    While moving people for less than the cost of gas, each local shuttle service will recoup costs within two years and net a million per year every year thereafter, yielding margins robust enough to convert to clean technology, provide on-board internet and expand into other regions, lowering the carbon footprint, employing hundreds of people, improving quality of life for thousands and moving America forward, one town at a time.

    I'm going to fund the pilot model. We have already begun to film the "before" sequences that will show how the shuttle changes life for people. This will serve as a promo reel to attract regional investors.

    I also have a full utility patent on the first flat-foldable, disposable-reusable, recyclable filtration device that, when combined with new nanotechnology filtration chemistry, can remove all dangerous bacteria from water, brew perfect coffee and tea, costs only pennies to produce, and can be carried in any pocket, envelope or knapsack.

    I plan to sell it to hotels as an in-room amenity to brew perfect, clean coffee and tea, and net enough in profits to offer it at cost to people everywhere in the world who need it to clean their water.


  11. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Excellent response coming in from many of you. Thank you.


  12. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Dear John and Canauzzie:
    Wow, there is hope after all. My family has been 20 years developing a new supermarket concept...affordable organics, green house, hydroponics and aquaponics with water recycling systems, green energy generation on site infrastructure which pays for itself. Thus, as a new.independent supermarket brand/chain and operator, we find we can cut our overhead by up to 50% of today's model. Flooding the market with private label staple products making products affordable for all.

    Thus, passing the savings on to consumers who in this economy are in need of wholesome, nutritious, NON GMO food products at affordable prices. We provide a customer friendly shopping destination for people in need of information about food consumption. We have a business plan, marketing plan, and operational plan that has been approved by the Governor of PA.

    We partner with State of PA by way of agriculture buying local and providing opportunities for farms and businesses who are willing to grow uncontaminated crops...with logistics unsurpassed in today's environment. We control the pipeline, we control what is sold on our shelves, we teach consumers in a customer friendly environment, providing telepathic customer's brilliant.

    State of PA has awarded a grant for $17.5M, which is 50% of the cost to build three prototypes; we are busy reaching out to acquire matching funds of $17.5 million (equity investment)...each location pays for itself and is an profitable investment long term.

    These markets provide job creation, economic redevelopment, and sustainable growth for communities where these markets will be located, the communities that we have targeted have no markets within 3-5 mile radius.. We can also foster housing rehabilitation and provide jobs to residents who otherwise have no tracts, life counseling and giving back to already divested areas where the necessary infrastructure has abandoned dense populations...

    How do I get involved?


    1. JV Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Fed Up,
      That's Fantastic, What a great concept. I live at Whole Foods as it is the only place in town to get good Organic products, but it's very expensive. If you can bring this to market and provide food at a fraction of the cost, it would be a hit. Good Luck. Great Idea.


    2. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      wHOLEFOODS has been fined million for selling food as organics when its really careful. Also, Trader Joes, and many others who call foods organics when they are actually GMO...this is what I am going to prevent...controlling the pipeline prevents these stuff from coming to market.

      Over the last 20 years I have come up against TPTB and they have been paying people to keep me out of the marketplace...but I keep coming back. I am only at one hurdle, raising $17.5M to match the grant funds and we are there...they can't stop us from moving across the world.

      Thank you's people like us here who give us all hope, and I know I can never give up because this is not about me...its about service to others who spend their hard earned dollars for products that they believe are healthy and wholesome; never knowing why they are's the food, water, air, etc...I want to be part of the solution....


    3. JV Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Agreed. But, it's about the only place you can find it in town.

      I try to buy organic from the local farms that sell at whole foods. But, it is a problem. This is what I was talking about with corporations that do harm and lie to their customers in search of only profit.

      I'm a stickler about packaging and ingredients. I always try to buy in glass if it has been processed. And, If I can't understand what an ingredient is I don't buy it. These companies hide so many things under the terms "Natural" "Natural Flavors" "Spices" etc. You really have to be diligent.


    4. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Yes, and this is where we come in...we do what others won't, and we focus on healthy eating, meal solutions, and proper handling of foods especially meats and produce.

      Unless distributors trace and track the origin of the products (raw materials) then they use deceptive labeling...they watch the bottom line; while we will watch our customers and concentrate on being transparent with the product giving people REAL food...

      We have a plan for a geo-spacial trace and track system which gives us all the details we need to determine if we want to distribute, package, and sell the product.

      We are also pushing for labeling of cloned meats...this is a problem...the meats are very deceptive...meat glue, slime...etc..some countries have found traces of horse meat, human meat, especially antibiotics and other stuff that's not labeled and undisclosed to the consumer.

    5. darylluke Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      This will be hugely successful. You will not be able to keep up with consumer demand. Thus, forced to expand, and success is thus assured by the marketplace, and not flashy BS-advertising.

      Yes, people are sick from what they are eating.Wheat is actually a mild poison to the system, for example.Farm-raised fish are fed feces for crying out loud, all in the name of the bottom corporate ledger line. Willfully poisoning millions in the process.CRIMINAL!!


    6. fedup 7:17 AM (16 hours ago)

      There is so much that is "not for human consumption" such as soy...many many things that are hidden...talapia, cocomide in shampoo and hair products, 85% of corn in US is GMO and basically grown for ethanol and not for human much...aspertame as a sweetener in beverages...

      Just last week a community sued Monsanto and won a muti-million dollar lawsuit against poisoning. People are waking up!


      Big wins can happen in small places. The West Virginia State Supreme Court finalized a big blow to the biotech giant Monsanto this month, finishing a settlement causing Monsanto to pay $93 million to the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia for poisoning citizens with Agent Orange chemicals.

      The settlement was approved last year, but details were worked out only weeks ago as to how the funds were to be spent.

      The settlement will require Monsanto to do the following:

      $9 million will be spent to clean dioxin contaminated dust from 4500 homes.

      $21 million will be spent to test to see if people have been poisoned with dioxin.

      Citizens will be monitored for such poisoning for 30 years, not just a few months.

      An additional $63 million is to be allotted if additional tests for dioxin contamination testing is necessary.

      Anyone who lived in the Nitro area between Jan. 1, 1948, and Sept. 3, 2010 will be tested for dioxin. Although they must show proof they lived in the area, they will be eligible for testing even if they no longer live in Nitro.

      Former or present employees of Monsanto are not eligible for any of these benefits.

      An office will be set up to organize testing for Nitro citizens. The registration of participants is to be overlooked by Charleston attorney Thomas Flaherty, who was appointed by the court.

      Residents have a right to file individual suits against Monsanto if medical tests show they suffered physical harm due to dioxin exposure.

    8. More good news...if we can think it we can achieve it...
      Companies Forced To Drop Their “All Natural” Claims

      Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Sunday, 3-Aug-2014 00:50:59

      Consumers loyal to their brands have been waking up to harsh realities lately as more and more manufacturers are being forced to come clean about what’s really lurking in their products.

      Just recently a favorite among many health food enthusiasts, Kashi, was forced to drop the terms “all natural” and “nothing artificial” from the packaging of several of their products as part a $5 million lawsuit.

      Originally filed in 2011, the lawsuit focuses specifically on pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate and soy oil that has been processed with the gasoline component hexane, all ingredients found in products touting to be “all natural” with “nothing artificial” added. The company defends its use of the ingredients noting that some of these are found in nature.

      And while an admirable attempt at justifying their presence as a supposed “health food,” Kashi’s ingredients don’t originate from natural ingredients, like wheat germ and flax seed (both natural sources of pyridoxine hydrochloride), but from synthetic chemicals produced in a lab.

      The once highly esteemed Kashi brand has been facing its fair share of problems recently. The company was originally founded in California by a health-conscious couple. Looking to capitalize on the growing organic trend, Kellogg purchased Kashi in 2000 and enjoyed years of high profits during the organic boom.

      However, consumers lost faith when it was revealed that Kellogg was one of the major players in an effort to defeat Proposition 37, a bill that would require the labeling of genetically modified ingredients in all products.
      While sales dropped significantly, the company still had a strong market hold in the organic sector. Yet loyal customers feeling betrayed by their trusted Kashi brand products and the use of synthetic ingredients soon filed a lawsuit.
      Kashi is not the only brand forced to own up to its health-conscious claims. Marie Callender Pie Shop is the latest company to feel the effects of angry consumers who want “all natural” to really mean all natural. A lawsuit was recently filed against the pie giant as synthetic ingredients were found lurking in their pie crusts.

      Similarly, major corporations like PepsiCo and General Mills have been forced to undergo a label change as well to remove the erroneous claims of “all natural” from products that were clearly not.

      The drive toward truthful and accurate labeling doesn’t end in the grocery store either. Recently the Vibram FiveFinger minimalist running shoe was forced to refund consumers who believed they were purchasing a product that would help them run with a more “natural” form.

      And even the pet food industry is under fire as natural dog food giant, Blue Buffalo, sold products found to contain animal byproducts, corn and grain in products that were touted to be completely “natural” and free of “corn, wheat and soy”.

      PepsiCo., the biggest food company contributor (at a cool $2.5 million) to the defeat of California’s prop 37 right to know genetically modified food labeling law just got done losing a $9 million dollar lawsuit over the fact that the packaging on its Naked Juice product is completely misleading in nearly every way.

      While it’s true that the juice does contain some fruits and vegetables, it is apparently anything but 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice or even remotely “all natural” considering it contains 11 chemical additives including a typically GMO soy-based indigestible fiber, an artificial sweetener, and even calcium pantothenate synthetically produced from formaldehyde.>

    9. 5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion
      Launching a lawsuit against the very company that is responsible for a farmer suicide every 30 minutes, 5 million farmers are now suing Monsanto for as much as 6.2 billion euros (around 7.7 billion US dollars). The reason? As with many other cases, such as the ones that led certain farming regions to be known as the ‘suicide belt’, Monsanto has been reportedly taxing the farmers to financial shambles with ridiculous royalty charges. The farmers state that Monsanto has been unfairly gathering exorbitant profits each year on a global scale from “renewal” seed harvests, which are crops planted using seed from the previous year’s harvest.

      The practice of using renewal seeds dates back to ancient times, but Monsanto seeks to collect massive royalties and put an end to the practice. Why? Because Monsanto owns the very patent to the genetically modified seed, and is charging the farmers not only for the original crops, but the later harvests as well. Eventually, the royalties compound and many farmers begin to struggle with even keeping their farm afloat. It is for this reason that India slammed Monsanto with groundbreaking ‘bio-piracy’ charges in an effort to stop Monsanto from ‘patenting life’.

      Jane Berwanger, a lawyer for the farmers who went on record regarding the case, told the Associated Press:

      “Monsanto gets paid when it sell the seeds. The law gives producers the right to multiply the seeds they buy and nowhere in the world is there a requirement to pay (again). Producers are in effect paying a private tax on production.”

      The findings echo what thousands of farmers have experienced in particularly poor nations, where many of the farmers are unable to stand up to Monsanto. Back in 2008, the Daily Mail covered what is known as the ‘GM Genocide’, which is responsible for taking the lives of over 17,683 Indian farmers in 2009 alone. After finding that their harvests were failing and they started to enter economic turmoil, the farmers began ending their own lives — oftentimes drinking the very same insecticide that Monsanto provided them with. As the information continues to surface on Monsanto’s crimes, further lawsuits will begin to take effect. After it was ousted in January that Monsanto was running illegal ‘slave-like’ working rings, more individuals became aware of just how seriously Monsanto seems to disregard their workers — so why would they care for the health of their consumers? In April, another group of farmers sued Monsanto for ‘knowingly poisoning’ workers and causing ‘devastating birth defects’.

      Will endless lawsuits from millions of seriously affected individuals be the end of Monsanto?

      Time will only tell.


  13. JV Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Reading these comments and spirit of cooperation made me think of another avenue to foment change. Additionally, I just read a quote yesterday made by Soros about how if countries didn't follow their policy they would just remove the corporations since they owned most of them. I think we need to think like them and intertwine a corporate/non-profit network with a "do no harm mentality" around the world that is the counterbalance to these corporations that seek to control population.

    This comment from Soros and the spirit on this site made me think about an open source venue where scientists, developers, inventors, engineers etc could come together in one place and share ideas.

    But it would be more than this. There would be a parent corporation that would help fund and bring these ideas to market. As a condition of providing the facility that would provide them with a spot for research, manufacturing, testing, development, marketing and business planning advice, this parent corporation would become a partner in all of these new cutting edge companies. This would spread the fingers into many areas and countries with the pursuit of humanitarian needs as the main goal.

    They can focus on food, water, technology, etc. Anything that leads humanity forward and away from enslavement.

    Bringing people together like this can sprout ideas that never would have came about.

    The key is to have them across the world and they must be large and self-contained. All aspects under one roof.

    1. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      I am geared up for a fight...a food revolution must happen...when people are educated and find out they will gravitate towards the truth..

      Our concept will lead into being a major food distributor, manufacturer and major player in "what we eat."


    2. darylluke Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      There is no such thing as a water-shortage. Fracking right now is the BIGGEST culprit which is currently poising water-tables across the globe. In the USA it was banned in 1949.Somehow, they got around that.No big surprise because : NO RULE OF LAW HERE.

      Nestle Corp. is another conglomorate which has been buying up water rights worldwide for over a decade, at expense of local farmers rights. They must be stopped. Their push to control a basic neccesity to human life is another example of a morally criminal endeavor & enterprise!



    3. fedup 7:18 AM (16 hours ago)

      China is buying up water by tanker loads...


  14. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Fed Up, JV,Macro girl etc
    We are reading all response. Respectfully and with care. Right now a number of PPs are close. If honoured, we need to put back. Who better to consult than our real eyes and ears, YOU the communities. Self help by switched on people. .
    Once the PPs are released, the site will open real forums and bring hope. ..

    1. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      This is my life, and I am grateful...

  15. What is going on? Did Canauzzie crash the site again recently. Maybe 15 hours ago I bookmarked this page. I came back tonight, and the link did not work. So, I came here by finding the home page. And, it seems all comments were lost again, and some re-posted anew?

    Thanks for all your extra work, if this is what happened Canauzzie!! Fingers X here, too. ~darylluke.


  16. ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Good works are coming.

  17. james Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    This is all a dream... buy food from a store without wandering what is really in it or what/how it is made? Disease gone?... Alternative energy?... I prey dreams come true!... one thing that has always been on my mind is TRASH... something has to be done... its amazing the amount of trash that comes out of one building I know of... out of my own place also... the state where I live is beautiful... four seasons country... it also has some of the worst trash laden counties there are... northern is pristine and respected... southern is generations of welfare peeps who use the rivers lakes and creeks for dumps... appliances and tires cause some flooding... its also needs sewer systems... many cities sewer system is the river that runs thru it... a major cleanup involving communities and leaders with proper funding where ALL funds allocated go to the actual project would be something of beauty... restore integrity and respect for our land and water... it would be a huge undertaking... but what a wonderful dream!


    1. AjnaAndy 4:47 PM (7 hours ago)

      Hi James - agree trash is HUGE. Check this guy have you heard of his project?


    2. james 5:42 PM (6 hours ago)

      AJNAANDY... that is awesome... also love to see young people with hearts towards real issues... really surprised of the younger folks around here who are up on real world matters... seems like there just needs to be a kick-off so to speak... a spark... one other thing about TRASH... got to figure out what to do with it once its cleaned up... no idea what that would involve but I hate the thoughts of land fills... take care


  18. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    JV, James, Fedup, Macrogirl

    Would it be possible if I get your emails? You need to give permission to canauzzie to authorise it....thanks.....


    1. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Canauzzie, please make sure that VLASTIMIL has my email contact information...thank you so much...


    2. macrogirl Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Canauzzie, please share my email address with Vlastimil. Thank you.

    3. james 7:46 AM (16 hours ago)

      Canauzzie... please forward my email to Vlastimil when you have the time... TY

  19. Phoenix Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Wow, so many great ideas! I'd like to help seniors who are needing help financially to keep the utilities running, stay in their home if possible, etc. Poor older folks don't have as many options as those who are younger...often have physical challenges and medical issues. Even if they are physically able, they can't compete with the younger folks for the so-few jobs out there. So not much hope for them right now. Perhaps something like a "Meals on Wheels" but offers services tailored to the need. This would definitely be under "Humanitarian". We need to make sure our elders are taken care of.

    Thank you for the hope you are giving all of us, John!


    1. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Great area of concern and there is a tremendous need for this...

  20. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Once the PPs are done we will set up Regional forums, Action Support Groups and Think Tanks. Self help for all. So much can be done and will be. All are good cases.


  21. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)


    What is wrong with Britain? Are they so blindfolded by birth or brainwashed by WH?


    Cameron said that Ukraine’s territorial integrity is recognized by the United Nations and that it has a right for its integrity not to be compromised by Russia.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that it is Russian money, it is Russian people, it is Russian weapons that are being sent into that county to help the separatists fight their battle against the Ukrainian government,” said the PM.
    The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said Britain was not going to "launch a European war or send the fleet to the Black Sea" over the Ukraine crisis, applying economic pressure instead.

    Mr. Cameron, was addressing a Q&A session with staff at the headquarters of United Utilities in Warrington when he said that the West had to stand up to Russia.

    Russia did not initiate any violence or crisis and it is blamed for everything what fascist EU and US had done.....give me break. Where does that idiot live, on Moon?


    1. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      This is get back for developing the BRICS and giving up on the Petrodollar...we are awake and see through their lies...nobody's going for it anymore...they are desperate.


    2. john Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Don't they all? Most are on a journey which ends for them in U r anus.

    3. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      Good......British humour...excellent .....thanks

    4. Brazil_of_BRICS Jul 30 (1 day ago)

      U r anus ....hehehe very funny


  22. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Ukrainian pilot confessed to shooting down a Boeing
    Nervousness Kiev may also result from recent reports in the German press, which claims that the downing of civilian aircraft was standing Kiev. According to the analysis of one of the military experts, footage of the wreckage of the plane that had the opportunity to study, they suggest, rather than the explosion of a rocket shot through the cockpit of air guns. These are just equipped with SU-25 fighters, whose presence in a time of tragedy confirmed the Russian radar and satellite records. And now, another German newspaper came with the testimony of the Ukrainian pilot mentioned fighter SU-25, which followed the plane and shooting down a Boeing allegedly confessed. There is therefore no wonder that Kiev wants to continue fighting investigations international experts as the most impossible.

    Ukrainian pilot who is battlefield airman airplane Su-25, took over in an interview with German newspaper Wahrheit fuer Deutschland responsibility for eradicating airliner Malaysia Airlines 17 July in eastern Ukraine.

    Pilot said that bombards boeing 777 of Cannon dvouhlavňového board aircraft Su-25, and reportedly was his fighter plane is displayed on satellite images of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Name or surname German airman certificate does not.

  23. ZN Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    thank you. I am cautiously optimistic to see anything break positive in our favor. One PP could make it all a reality for once.


    1. john 12:47 AM (22 hours ago)

      Correct and we are very focused. Look at the scale of response and how much is needed. All our readers are fantastic Ambassadors of hope.


  24. jonathanpearl Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Great article, thank you Canauzzie/John,

    One of the projects i have been visualizing is a Media Platform / online newspaper that would focus on Alternative news but in a mainstream way similar to RT. I think it is important to expand the 1-5% that may be open-minded to this blog and maybe reach a 10-20% audience in the longterm with an expanded view and perspective on world policts, health and medicine, environment and consiousness/spirituality, new alternative science and more.
    Global contributors from all continents and a live TV news everyday.
    Breaking the MSM Domination is one of the keys in liberating minds from fear based control and indoctrination.
    And offer an alternative: "what else is possible" - to inspire and engage in the building of a new future for all.

    Such a media-channel would be the natural outreach for all the great projects discussed at this blog and elsewhere. // Jonathan


  25. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    The Corporate Takeover of All Natural Food

    Walk through your local grocery store these days and you’ll see the words “all natural” emblazoned on a variety of food packages. The label is lucrative, for sure, but in discussing the natural label few have remarked on what’s really at stake — the natural ingredients and the companies themselves.

    If you take a look at some of the favorite organic and natural food brands, you’ll see they’re owned by some of the largest conventional companies in the world. Coca-Cola owns Odwalla and Honest Tea. PepsiCo. owns Naked Juice. General Mills owns Lara Bar. Natural and organic food acquisitions aside, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and General Mills all opposed California’s GMO Proposition 37 that would require GMO food labeling. Today, some of those companies touting an all-natural list of grains and sugars can be seen changing the ingredients in their natural food products as the natural foods’ distribution channels are pushed to larger and larger markets.

    Recently, in a class action consumer-fraud lawsuit, Kashi agreed it would stop using “all natural” and “nothing artificial” for its line of cereal products, which, according to plaintiffs, contained unnatural ingredients like pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate and soy oil processed with hexane, a byproduct of gasoline refining in its line.

    Kashi’s use of “natural” ingredients wasn’t in question in 1999 when it made nearly $25 million in sales. But in 2000 Kellogg’s purchased Kashi and less than a decade later it was the No. 1 natural foods brand making nearly $600 million in sales. The rise in class-action lawsuits against the “natural” label comes in part because brands like Kashi have ballooned in sales — in other words, there’s no money to be found in a smaller, natural company. Yet Kashi rose to the top while continuing to tout its “all natural” ideology of which David DeSouza, Kashi’s former general manager (a defendant in the case and formerly with Kellogg’s for 19 years prior to joining Kashi), was so fond.

    (Read entire article at link above)


  26. fedup Jul 30 (1 day ago)



    NESARA implements the following changes:

    1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

    2. Abolishes the income tax.

    3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

    4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential-new-items-only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

    5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

    6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

    7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment:

    This clause reads:

    “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

    9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

    10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

    11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

    12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

    13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

    14. Restores financial privacy.

    15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

    16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

    17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

    18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

    19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines

  27. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Is this of cabal origin ...... cold season hitting on the door ..... get your MMS....

    Europe is afraid of Ebola. The epidemic is out of control, warns MSF
    The situation with Ebola virus infection in West Africa out of control, warns Bart Janssens Doctors Without Borders. Several people from the region returned to Europe, in isolation, because they showed possible symptoms of the disease. Ebola virus infection, although not yet proven in Europe, but many countries like the United Kingdom have adopted special measures to deal with the situation and the government.

  28. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    This is from Czech news portal of alternative media....

    Ukraine used ballistic missiles aimed to populated cities ....each missile 500kg explosive power.....It can level huge neighbourhood just like Pufffffff gone in a second....tens of thousand people gone from one missile if hits populated neighbourhood....

    Now report says that none of those missile landed on the ground ...... high probability Russians interfered and destroyed them in the air just at the spot......

    That is very good news......West will eat its dust.....(generic EU and US..)

  29. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    President Barack Obama says the United States and Europe are running out of patience with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the US has joined the European Union in slapping new sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, arms industry and financial institutions.

    What a moron ..... it feels even silly for me to repeat here again and again what all know..... however it is true, sadly, some will never learn....sad.


  30. Vlastimil Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    "Well persons" who "do not show symptoms" would be forcibly detained

    I do not want fear porn ..... but this does not sound like good might be a free ticket from Disney Land to Disney THEME (FEMA)

  31. AjnaAndy Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    1. A global platform for scientists and PhDs to post videos and educational material on the work they are engaged in, for use in schools worldwide for free. It would have Instructional Design software / capability so a scientist could build simple lessons easily, out of video, audio etc using modern educational techniques that allow us to move away from set curriculums and allow teachers and students to use the material to teach and learn independently. Imagine something like a u toob but for independent science ed. If any money was generated, most would go back to the scientist to help fund their ongoing work.
    2. A production company to make educational videos / doccos. Put this to work for scientists. Employ kids from uni and experienced seniors alike.
    3. I personally want to do a series on astronomy and xenobiology - what other societies and life exist out there? Awesome CGI graphics. I am inspired by the BBC's David Attenborough series - that kind of quality.
    4. Build a scale model of our solar system (say 1km wide) in Sydney so kids can walk between the planets and see how far away they are from each other. The nearest star would be about 600km away. Set it up so schools can bring kids for excursions with a learning centre and an astronomer like 'Ellie Arroway' in 'Contact' to teach.
    These are my plans. Can't wait to get going and employ a bunch of talented people. It's time to wake ppl up and inspire!!


  32. Jack White Jul 30 (1 day ago)

  33. darylluke Jul 30 (1 day ago)



    John said,

    "Right now a number of PPs are close."

    Let's pray they are honored....


  34. darylluke Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    “Bitcoin could play a big role in Vietnam,” Le Thao, the founder of a startup in Hanoi to create software for virtual-currency touchscreen kiosks, said in a July 21 interview. “It’s unstoppable in the world. So Vietnam has no choice but to accept it.”

    If these PP's are honored, I wonder what affect that will have on VND. 10VND = $1US?? ~darylluke.


  35. darylluke Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    Jobs, affordable housing, and education are pretty high priority needs in the USSA. It is a three-fold solution to the HUGE pool of people on welfare for generations. The education should be free with something equivalent to a PELL grant for expenses during that time. 1-2 year vocational training free for most. 4 year university free for the ones more gifted who maintain 3.0+ GPA during the 4 years.Vast amounts of foreclosed homes in every county of the country. And, vast industrial complexes closed & abandoned from before Nafta debacle began decimating our production & industrial base.We used to LEAD in ship-building for example.Or, something as simple as manufacturing socks, jeans, underwear and shoes.I think providing the free housing during the education time is obvious. And, with a guaranteed job upon graduation. Graduates now have a 10% chance at a job upon graduation, if that. And, perhaps a series of food-banks to provide low-cost to free food weekly during education would be a big plus. With a plan like this the program would have a 95%+ retention rate with a huge waiting list which will form during the first year alone. The homes can be then rented to the new graduates after they begin their new career and employment.


    1. john 12:52 AM (22 hours ago)

      All key realities. Once the PPs start releasing, we will start the focus groups. Action Groups.

    2. GriffonRed 7:53 AM (16 hours ago)

      Hi John, I am a first time poster. I was wondering how are the PP's going along? You say that they are active. I hope they will be honored like you say. I actually had some Ideas to create some resources and services for Veterans, the Elderly, and Abused Children, if I was to receive 100B.

    3. john 9:08 AM (14 hours ago)


      Welcome here. We are dug in hard on the PPs daily. Intensely. You can all share with us ideas of how to best allocate the profits we accrue.


  36. Vlastimil 12:59 AM (22 hours ago)

    To my American friends......actually the same to EU which I am part of as well .....

    US imported war to Ukraine, destruction death and suffering. It is worsening each hour.....EU helps to beat the drums of the war.........

    We are dreaming about how to recover US with fine ideas and projects.....How about all the money from PP's are used there where US came to kill, steal and destroy?

    How about make sure that Fascist Regime of US is brought to J U S T I C E and US pays back to countries that they destroyed ... IRAQ should get retribution in trillions for 20 years of suffering and destruction and death .... Syria ......eventually East Ukraine.....


    If any justice ..... then this JUSTICE MUST BE DONE so that nations learn once for all how to behave......


    You are dreaming about how to restore US ......

    My proposal is this : I will set kind of group fund and in East Ukraine or Iraq or Syria .....etc, must be given something, build a house for somebody or school or something like that.....or something to help them recover from what FASCIST US has done .....

    1. krankyme 4:12 AM (19 hours ago)

      VLASTIMIL If/when the RV does occur and the battles do not come to USA soil as Veterans Today warns of I would very much like to donate to your fund. I am moved by your post.

      For some reason my WordPress username will not show.


    2. fedup 7:29 AM (16 hours ago)

      Great idea!
      As Wall Street investors dump stock and move away from the cabal banking cartel they will need somewhere to invest billions...thus, attracting private investment in equity essence creating an alternative investment vehicle outside of the traditional wall street...creating main street platform for trading maybe utilizing BRICS bank, alternative credit rating agency...building into the alternative while rebuilding the world...

    3. fedup 12:41 PM (11 hours ago)

      Makes perfect sense...

      Lead — It’s High Time to Dump Obama and Bring the United States into a New World System Unleashing the Productive Powers of Mankind

      July 28, 2014 • 6:58PM

      The breakthrough at the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, followed by last Friday’s long-overdue bipartisan Congressional repudiation of the successive Bush-Cheney and Obama tyrannies means that it is now in our hands to create a new international monetary system based on a standard of production to provide mankind with all of the necessary means of survival and prosperity.

      While the immediate task for the coming days is to make sure that the Congress follows through on its bold Friday action and finishes the job by impeaching President Obama and reinstating Glass Steagall—before any recess, this merely sets the stage to move into a course of radical change away from the British Empire system of monetarism and murderous looting.

      Lyndon LaRouche today called for the convening of an international conference to take up the questions: What is productivity, what is manufacturing, what is human creativity?
      And what are the essential requirements for mankind’s survival? He emphasized that clearly the first step is to reinstate Glass Steagall. Next, there must be a serious international dialogue to determine a set of universal standards for measuring real value, taking into account the urgent needs of every part of the world.

      The key principle is energy flux density. Based on that principle, participants in the conference must come up with the answers to how to provide for mankind’s needs in energy, in water management, in food production, by unleashing the productive powers of labor. This cannot, LaRouche emphasized, be a mere assortment or list of items. What does mankind need to sustain man’s progress in this solar system? This is a high-level challenge that can be approached by first considering the current outstanding initiatives and accomplishments of leading nations. What, for example, is China doing in the field of lunar colonization? What are India and China doing with respect to achieving a breakthrough on thermonuclear fusion? We do not, LaRouche emphasized, yet have the answers to these vital questions. This is why it is essential to convene a working gathering of leading representatives of leading nations to forge a new system based on different principles of productivity.

      The back-to-back breakthroughs represented by the BRICS summit and the Friday Congressional revolt against the total collapse of the Obama Presidency opens the door to a true community of principle among perfectly sovereign nation-states, as envisioned by John Quincy Adams. By bringing a post-Obama United States fully into the process launched with the BRICS summit and the creation of the New Development Bank, we can destroy the power of the British Empire and the system of oligarchy that has crippled mankind for centuries. This unique moment of opportunity cannot be missed.

      It is clear that the British are fully aware of the consequences of the collapse of the Obama presidency, the Congressional actions and the BRICS process. They have launched a pathetic campaign of vilification against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the hopes of breaking up the new emerging collaboration among the leading nations of Eurasia and South America. This targeting of Putin, seen in the recent published attacks in Der Spiegel and TIME, is totally incompetent and will fail.

      By completing the process of removing Obama from office through Constitutional means and reinstating Glass Steagall, the United States can once again assume its historical place among the leading sovereign nations of this planet as we undertake the challenge of forging a new, just system based on true scientific principles.

  37. Vlastimil 1:24 AM (22 hours ago)

    Somehow at the back of my mind I believe that once PP's out,...... Justice will be restored.....

    Today findings from Black Boxes of MH17 should get out.......of course after what Cameron performed yesterday I doubt that any fairness will be given to the matter how many people die and no matter how much Russia pushes for justice.....

    Hope I am wrong on this one...

  38. Vlastimil 1:31 AM (22 hours ago)

    Surface to air missile attack ruled out as calibre of cockpit bullet holes puts Ukraine pilots in the frame for MH17 murders

    German investigation team points out finger to Ukraine .... US ...... EU murder of MH 17 victims ..... evidence undeniable ...

    Maybe this will make Germany leave EU and NATO right away....

    ....Shame on UK .... I believed that UK will take the lead ... instead they took a step into darkness.....


    1. Vlastimil 7:53 AM (16 hours ago)

      Another guy with Big Balls .....

      Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’, scraps visa exemption agreement........

  39. john 1:40 AM (22 hours ago)

    Many good points from Vlastimil.

    Also Vlastimil, don't worry about short term Political Numpties in the UK. Trust the Grandees above.The Elders. The Old Guard keeps it straight. Politicians come and go. The Old Guard NEVER lets go.

  40. Godschild 6:51 AM (16 hours ago)

    Wow, I am impressed with so many wonderful plans to correct the wrongs placed upon all of us.
    As mentioned months ago, my passion and plan is in bringing forth the many cures for diseases and illnesses, brought on by the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.
    My plan is to bring forth the many natural treatments, to save the people from the cabal controlled pharmaceutical/medical fields.
    I have continued on my path to build my network of those that have been working for years, helping one person at a time to overcome their plights, and am passionate in my journey, as I see these folks turn their health issues around and completely overcome their death sentences.

    I am encouraged by the possibility that funds could come available to multiply our efforts world wide, with the ability to take the many cures already proven, and enhance upon them to educate and bring them to the world. We must get people off the treadmill of the Pharm controlled death sentence.

    I currently own a small printing and publishing business. I have literally fought to keep it going, in the midst of the economic downturn in my state. I am struggling to keep it afloat, simply because Freedom of the Press, is a rare thing these days. I can and do publish the truth as people are starved for facts and truth. I have no shortage of readers, but the shortage of the businesses that cannot afford to advertise is strangling our publications. And... the press has helped to spread the word of sites like WHA and OWoN sites, to help educate folks that are awakening. So, we struggle everyday to get the truth out any way we can, both print and health.

    MY true PASSION is being able to bring forth cures. I saw the handwriting on the wall, as witnessed, first hand standing at the Capitol when the passage of the infamous Health Care bill, was passed. I wept, as it happened, because I HAS read what was in that bill, while Ms. P and most of Congress did NOT read the bill.

    Thanks OWoN for bringing up this issue, as I am thrilled at the many MUCH NEEDED AND WONDERFUL plans put forth here by so many THINKING people.

    1. darylluke 9:22 AM (14 hours ago)

      GodschildJuly 31, 2014 at 6:57 AM Wow, I am impressed with so many wonderful plans to correct the wrongs placed upon all of us. As mentioned months ago, my passion and plan is in bringing forth the many cures for diseases and illnesses, brought on by the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. My plan is to bring forth the many natural treatments, to save the people from the cabal controlled pharmaceutical/medical fields. I have continued on my path to build my network of those that have been working for years, helping one person at a time to overcome their plights, and am passionate in my journey, as I see these folks turn their health issues around and completely overcome their death sentences. I am encouraged by the possibility that funds could come available to multiply our efforts world wide, with the ability to take the many cures already proven, and enhance upon them to educate and bring them to the world. We must get people off the treadmill of the Pharm controlled death sentence. I currently own a small printing and publishing business. I have literally fought to keep it going, in the midst of the economic downturn in my state. I am struggling to keep it afloat, simply because Freedom of the Press, is a rare thing these days. I can and do publish the truth as people are starved for facts and truth. I have no shortage of readers, but the shortage of the businesses that cannot afford to advertise is strangling our publications. And... the press has helped to spread the word of sites like WHA and OWoN sites, to help educate folks that are awakening. So, we struggle everyday to get the truth out any way we can, both print and health. MY true PASSION is being able to bring forth cures. I saw the handwriting on the wall, as witnessed, first hand standing at the Capitol when the passage of the infamous Health Care bill, was passed. I wept, as it happened, because I DID read what was in that bill, while Ms. P and most of Congress did NOT read the bill. Thanks OWoN for bringing up this issue, as I am thrilled at the many MUCH NEEDED AND WONDERFUL plans put forth here by so many THINKING people.


      Many thanks for WORDS that needed "sayin'. "... ;-)


    2. darylluke 9:24 AM (14 hours ago)

      ...sorry I missed ur previous 2 posts, bro..... :-(


    3. Godschild 11:18 AM (12 hours ago)

      Don't be. I just deleted them because I found errors in my post and just deleted and started over. You didn't miss anything! Thanks though!


  41. Vlastimil 8:00 AM (16 hours ago)

    ....OK.....I see...

    thanks for clarification.....I slipped that here just ...... it was on rumours somewhere......but it pissed me off that he keeps blaming Russia and Putin ..... so I hit back what I picked by rumours....

    Sorry, I take it back....

    We should keep it here clean and descent.....I am sorry....emotions of frustration and blame....

    I am just disappointed ..... probably expected more from UK....


  42. john 9:04 AM (14 hours ago)

    1. We stated we would block Rothschilds with the B of E Governors role. We blew away Lord Sasson.
    2. We stated would ignite the media one we got Haris tagged. We did.
    Much more is in play. Truth the Old Guard.Watch and see.

    1. ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL 9:42 AM (14 hours ago)

      Thank you John for naming the waste.


  43. Vlastimil 10:29 AM (13 hours ago)

    Russia And India Begin Negotations To Use National Currencies In Settlements, Bypassing Dollar

  44. macrogirl 12:33 PM (11 hours ago)

    Seven far-fetched but seriously viable and out-of-the-box ideas that would resolve major issues if they were actually implemented: 1). Tube the freeways and centralize emissions filtration; 2) build affordable housing for homeless under elevated freeways; 3) move all the huge retailer warehouses to the US-Mexico border to streamline distribution routes, reduce emissions using rails, increase border security, and provide shared employment opportunities between countries without necessitating illegal immigration; 4) give Florida to Israel. It's the same size and climate and would get them away from all their enemies while exposing them to a people who actually appreciate their significant cultural, scientific and other contributions and would be honored to live peacefully with them as valued neighbors. 5) grow trees on rooftops. 6) distribute shade dots to warming regions to encourage successful small-scale citizen vegetable gardening; 7) require rain catchments on every home for use in partial grounds irrigation... I could go on but somebody should stop me.


  45. john 12:52 PM (11 hours ago)


    We all came into this to help our nations. Once the Cabal release the PPs OWED, we need to put back and help so many. Good ideas and thank you.

  46. Vlastimil 2:10 PM (10 hours ago)


    I gave a thought to Cameron ........, I will little comment on him .... to me he is disappointment of a statesman .... he lost in in Syria, he did not learn any lesson there....he does the same now on Ukraine....

    However what I want to stress is this......

    Look at Russia how disciplined is their international politics ... I bet it is gearing the same direction also within Russia, we might not see the results yet....

    Last 50 years for sure we have not experienced such disciplined politics..... how many other nations they attack verbally...or other politicians ...

    Just gave it a thought....They could, for sure they have intel to do so.... but they don't......How reserve are they in their judgements - look at Lavrov .....there is no one to compare to him ...... Putin.....

    None of them is jumping on the public stage even to guilty once .... not mentioning accusing innocent of committing crimes they never did...

    There is not comparison

    As for you, you are another level of society I make no judgments or comparing with....I talking about public figures...


    Now Cameron probably lives in his paradigm he was brought up.....educated and directed ....maybe mastered .....and he does not learn apparently from Syria or even from Iraq.....

    Now life casted me from one paradigm to another violently for number of times ... without asking so to speak ... if I did not change my views that I was educated and brought up..... I am not here .... it is very easy to float through life in one paradigm ..... but take it from people and they will scream ......and hopefully some will adapt and change to survive....

    Cameron most likely as the rest of West clowns live in their inherited and cherished paradigm ...... take it from them and you will see if they will be able to survive....

    Cameron can not succeed in today's world living his only one paradigm of West the Great.....ideology...... he does all possible to protect his paradigm ... even to lie and whatever we do not approve here...

    What Russia achieved in short period of time is unprecedented, make UK or US go down with their currency 13 times down over half a year and you will see the greatest of the nation.....

  47. Texian 3:09 PM (9 hours ago)

    It's a fervent wish of mine to help the masses of vaccine injured children who find themselves on Autism spectrum. Having watched in my family a perfect little toddler who was speaking in sentences, exceeding all developmental measurements suddenly go to a high fever, loose all of his words and go into violent meltdowns after his 18 month battery of vaccines, I'm committed to do what I can to provide real help with alternative therapies that work to minimize the permanent brain damage and provide help to attend proper schools with therapists who can help them cope. If Cabal can be defeated, trash like mercury, aluminum, etc will be removed as preservatives and either eliminate vaccines or make them safe. Same procedure will eliminate a lot of dementia that has become epidemic in seniors from flu vaccines. Eliminate GMOs, hormone laced meat, educate on healthy alternatives.

    1. Vlastimil 3:16 PM (9 hours ago)

      I am so sorry Texian ------so much pain and suffering ..... destroy life.....I am very sorry ... this is unprecedented .....

      I withheld my kids from farther vaccines ......, I was just no sure....., on the other hand their peers got it and function in normal way ...... exempt of I know but do not know details...

    2. Texian 3:54 PM (8 hours ago)

      Thank you Vlastimil for your kind words...I can tell it is heartfelt. Dr. Cave in Louisiana, USA, has done much research and tested my little grandsons. The older one who is now 8 was diagnosed before his little brother was vaccinated so he was not! Her research shows that some people are able to secrete metals and toxins through hair and fluids and others are not. Therefore the difference. The battery of at least 8 vaccines now commonly given to 18 month old babies is an attack on their undeveloped immune systems. It's lunacy mandated by a corrupt government determined to follow a New World Order depopulation agenda. They look at vaccines as another method of warfare that can be used to eliminate people they consider undesirable, can also include various things in vaccines to 'chip' people where there is technology available to 'off them' by remote control. Look into nanobots and bio's enough to give you chills just reading about it. I started my research about 6 years ago and it's been a very devastating experience to TRY to understand the evil that exists. That's enough of a rant for today...if you're still reading.


    3. Texian 5:24 PM (7 hours ago)

      Many people don't understand Autism and the different behaviors involved in the full spectrum of disorders under the Autism umbrella. After I last posted received a link from my son. We're all searching all the time for successful treatments and understanding. This little girl is very much like our grandson. Imagine all the children now affected since the occurrence is now about 1 in every 50 children. As to those statistics, I've read a report that the Amish group in America who live independently of other society and don't vaccinate also don't have Autism. Meet Mollie.


    4. JV 6:55 PM (5 hours ago)


    5. probabilitybroach 8:35 PM (3 hours ago)

      For those that do suffer autism, there is hope. Our efforts here will be replicated by a major university in early 2015. We are hopeful for a 40% cure rate, 40% improvement rate for an overall response rate of 80%.

    6. Texian 9:09 PM (3 hours ago)

      Sounds great! Where is 'here'?


    7. probabilitybroach 9:54 PM (2 hours ago)

      Forgive me being circumspect. Our organization isn't ready yet to scale the therapy so we must proceed incognito. But when we go public everyone will hear.

    8. Texian: Please go to this link and the cover article for my August issue in my publication, on the success one of my colleagues has had in treating her daughter, that has Aspergers and ADHD :

      100% turn around of improvement for her daughter. This mom wrote a small book called "The Oil Experiment" and is sharing with millions of families, with great success for all of them. I am now teaching her method. This mom came up with a method to teach parents how to determine what oils work for your child's specific issues, health and mental at the same time. Simply using essential oils. No prescriptions. Her doctor and special needs school got behind her 100%. Now she is helping every child in that school, as the parents saw an immense change in her daughter. This system that this mom created works very well for full spectrum of Autism. Please take the time to read, and if you would like to acquire the book and the Assessment Sheets needed, please contact me. It is truly an amazing thing to see a child with so many issues, become calm and mentally active again. Maybe Canauzzie would send you my personal contact.

  48. Possumtohide 3:27 PM (8 hours ago)

    Hello, I am new to this site and have been reading the numerous articles and comments over the last few days.

    I am interested in the field of Aquaponics to improve our food supply. GMO's and large, farming corporations are destroying our soil, causing massive extinctions worldwide, and poisoning our children. I have attended several seminars in the last year regarding this field. I have dreamed of creating a rural/aquaponics farm for my community.

    I have been a nurse for the last 20 years in a busy, urban hospital. There is so much that needs to be done to help each other.


  49. Jack White 3:31 PM (8 hours ago)


  50. barry lewis 4:45 PM (7 hours ago)

    affordable housing and clean water organic foods nuff said

    1. I add get rid of vaccines and flouride!

    2. Also, get rid of Chemtrails, smart meters; radiation in our oceans, contamination in building products; need advanced technology that exist to clean up the world.

  51. timeforchange 5:00 PM (7 hours ago)

    Heartfelt gratitude to the White Hats and to John and Canauzzie at OWoN for your selfless work and the many tireless hours (and years) which has brought us to this moment of a "new tomorrow". You are the true heroes of our human family.

    A project close to our hearts, is to fund the conversion of a Medical Clinic in Malawi (which does not even have the basics such as sterilization equipment, washing machines, stethoscopes, etc. nor an internet connection) to a fully functional Hospital. We would like to expand this work into other centres for HIV treatment and support systems throughout rural Africa, as the funding permits.

    Along with this we plan to build orphanages, and fund/support established orphanages (and schools) specifically for those children who have lost their parents and family to epidemics and wars.

    We find ourselves filled with hope and a new excitement for what is possible as the one human family heals from the traumas of division, poverty, and the consequences of greed.

  52. Phoenix 5:34 PM (6 hours ago)

    Nice. Seems like we are getting prepped for changes soon. Fingers crossed. :)

  53. Texian 5:54 PM (6 hours ago)

    After lurking here for quite a while, I've been remiss in not thanking the White Hats, canuzzie and others who have been tirelessly working for so many years to help humanity. It's also easy to determine that "John" is a powerful force in this operation. So a big Texas hat tip to John for all his efforts...regardless of his hat color! LOL! Your site here is wonderful and I look forward to it each day with all the astute comments and passion for the issues. I pray daily for your safety in these perilous times of work to eliminate the world scum.


  54. probabilitybroach 8:04 PM (4 hours ago)

    Well, isn't this an interesting development...

  55. U.S. Congress Authorizes Lawsuit Against Obama: Executive Orders Not A Constitutional Executive Instrument.
    Rothschild Czars Give The Whimpers Of Spin.

  56. For anyone interested, I just included how to use the search feature on the site in the Tutorial. The search icon is located at the top of EVERY page on the right, enter text top left after clicking on icon.

  57. Canauzzie,

    Any way to subscribe to the comment-side of the blog? It was quite helpful in keeping track of ebb-and-flow of conversation....


    1. I may not be handsome, but I am handy. Here you go:

      Subscibe to OWoN comments

      I will place an icon down at the bottom of the page where the other icon is when time allows.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. No updates from John yet?

    Fingers X here..... ~darylluke.

    1. Very close now hopefully for the major Private Placements. Then we can start.

    2. Thanks for update John, my brother is in one of the large groups, he said they have them on alert and will be traveling to Reno when the signal is given.
      Me? I'm going to try and grab a crumb when , if public gets an opportunity to exchange. :)

    3. LG
      I carefully only say West Coast. But, when you realise its routing to us then what we do makes sense. Some of the figures propounded are Disneyland and unless they are connected, it wont happen for them. It MUST link to projects etc. Accredited not childlike fantasies of way too many. It all needs to be cleared from above. Many are way out of their depth. Our way we can help many. Lets see it clear first, but now its looks more like a month plus. Still closing issues and August vacations now. After next week it will slump for weeks if not done. Real world. Careful steps at a time.

    4. Here's hoping this week will see it through.

      I can understand "closing issues". But, vacation schedules?

      As they say in Her Majesty's Navy, "What? You want a bloody vacation NOW?".

      Now that's a schoolboy howler - all this way to be delayed by a vacation schedule!? Our friend in the west told me this duty makes one want to shoot themselves at times.

      I can see why. (cathartic laughter)

    5. Yes...but it makes one appreciate the work being done, and the personal sacrifices of those on the front lines.

      My joke about vacations aside, my personal interaction with some of your colleagues has given me no doubt that the matter will be seen through to a successful conclusion.


  60. The hard earned fruit of a team of most incredible laborers. Great respect, and honor are due all, not to mention gratitude and thankfulness that you have hearts for a broken world, as the members of this site. Great things to come, hope for mankind.

    1. EWO
      The group have a huge advantage. Almost all the PP will head to the safety of London to trade. Then, money which has always been stolen by the Cabal, or Agencies, will be under clean and ethical management. Incorruptible via one family platform.
      The majority of the PPs capital will come to London to trade in safety. The majority of the real group via the US and London are people of honor and integrity who do wish to re invest back into humanity. Into YOU, the people.
      The Mission Statement of OWON is clear. We Say what we mean. We Mean what we say. We Will do what we say.
      We need the hearts, minds and help of all to reshape our many countries.

      Time to slash the Military. Time to close the CIA and clean this Drug running , Money Laundering, Arms dealing criminal trash out. Combined they kill millions. Human lives wasted. While owning the MSM.

      Time to rebuild communities. To rethink Politics. Time to think - PEOPLE!

    2. John:
      As I read this post, this is what came to mind:
      "Wake Up Everybody"

      Wake up everybody, no more sleepin' in bed
      No more backward thinkin' time for thinkin' ahead
      The world has changed so very much from what it used to be
      So there is so much hatred war an' poverty

      Wake up all the teachers, time to teach a new way
      Maybe then they'll listen to whatcha have to say
      'Cause they're the ones who's coming up and the world is in their hands
      When you teach the children, teach 'em the very best you can

      The world won't get no better
      If we just let it be
      The world won't get no better
      We gotta change it, yeah, just you and me

      Wake up all the doctors, make the ol' people well
      They're the ones who suffer an' who catch all the hell
      But they don't have so very long before the judgment day
      So won'tcha make them happy before they pass away?

      Wake up all the builders, time to build a new land
      I know we can do it if we all lend a hand
      The only thing we have to do is put it in our mind
      Surely things will work out, they do it every time

      The world won't get no better
      If we just let it be
      The world won't get no better
      We gotta change it, yeah, just you and me
      Lyrics by: Teddy Pendergrass (R&B)

  61. 2014-08-02
    ALERT: Seizing Control of Our Destinies, It can be Done!!!
    Vatic Note: This is up to remind us just how to free ourselves when tyranny raises its ugly head. This below was one such example and another was our revolution, where farmers, peasants, ranchers, all took on the greatest military force in the world at that time, and we won, with passion and a commitment to die fighting rather than to live as slaves to other men with no soul, conscience, humanity, or compassion. Better to be dead fighting then live the barren, rootless life of a slave/serf.

    I found this history to be illuminating, since I had never read about this in history books, or anywhere for that matter. I must say that in one way, I am grateful to the bad guys.... they have provided to us an opportunity to learn about so much that neither us nor our forefathers knew anything about. I am sure my own parents would be shocked to learn of these things.

    The fight for freedom has gone on for centuries and many battles have been won, in that fight. So, it is for us today, now in this new time of tyranny and repression. The end this time will be much different than it was in 1917 in the Russian revolution where the men behind the curtain won the battle. We know too much now, and it will be a lot harder then they had planned. This is a good read if you want to see the possibilies and their outcomes.

    Seizing Control of Our Destinies
    by Julian Rose, Farm Wars
    Read article at link:

  62. Topic 1: Government

    The issue of government is one of the greatest issues to be addressed in my opinion. The issue raised is almost always that the right people are not in the right positions to implement meaningful changes. Some people in leadership positions are indeed corrupt, others are not. Nevertheless I contend not that the main issue is not who is in what position, but that the framework of government needs to be addressed. Every system inherently has advantages and disadvantages by virtue of the way it is designed. Politicians generally will NOT allow anyone to vote on the type of system desired. The same is true for the financial system. The people are thus offered operational choices, whilst only strategic decisions can truly make a difference. So in order to solve the problem of government a new and superior system of government needs to be provided instead of fretting about operational decisions within the system that will in the end hardly make a meaningful difference. You can vote and try to make it work time after time, but generally this will not work as hoped. Even if it does it work, it will be outperformed by a superior system. The issue is this: Representative democracy is a covert form of dictatorship.

    You might wonder why that is so. That is the case, because of the following:

    1) The people are not consulted properly. They are not given more than a ´yes´ or ´no´ choice. Regardless of whatever choice one makes, one should be able to indicate the reasoning behind that choice. A choice between ´yes´ or ´no´ is so trivial that it constitutes no input of true relevance. What if neither ´yes´ or ´no´ is satisfactory?
    2) Furthermore the majority can decide what the minority can or cannot do. That is to say that 51% of the people can control the other 49% of the people of a nation. It is often assumed that that is equivalent to the will of the people, but that is not true at all. What right does the majority have to infringe upon the rights of minorities? It does not represent the true will of the people in its entirety.
    3) However it gets worse. It is assumed that when one votes for a party that that party represents the will of the people who voted for it. Often enough the party will go its own way. It often enough will not care about the perspectives of its constituents. Once voted into office, such leaders often become a dictatorship which pretends to express the will of the people. Beautiful promises are made right before the elections which are immediately broken once the individuals in question get into power..... Sounds familiar?
    4) What happens is that effectively one party or an alliance of parties suppresses the desires of its opponents and this is made out to be desirable. The opposition in turn will attempt to actively undermine every government plan that the ruling party or parties present. This is done so that the opposition in turn can seize power at the next elections to show that they can do better, whilst the newly created opposition will likewise attempt to undermine this new government coalition. This struggle for power will continue indefinitely. The people lose when factions systematically undermine plans that could be beneficial to the people. This system of government thus undermines the needs of the people which should be the central issue of concern. Vast resources are wasted in the process. Resources which could have helped society.

    So what is the solution? Representative democracy should be replaced by direct democracy. Direct democracy is a form in which the people rule directly. There is no representation ´in name of the people´ in a direct democracy and thus it becomes exceedingly difficult for hostile forces to undermine society. Whilst I could explain in more detail what direct democracy is about, I would HIGHLY recommend those interested in this topic to read Muammar al-Qadhafi´s Green Book in which it is explained:

    1. (If you find that what I have written is rather cumbersome in size, but still want to check out some material, make sure to check out Muammar al-Qaddafi´s book above all other things.)

      Yes, this is the book from the same Qaddafi who was the leader of Libya. What is not known is that in 1951 Libya was the poorest country in the world, but right before NATO bombed it into oblivion it had risen to become the wealthiest nation of Africa. Its standard of living was above that of Russia, Saudi-Arabia or Brazil. Libya considered housing a basic human right and offered its citizens free electricity, schooling and health care. What could Libya possibly have had to rise so quickly economically? The right mentality. Do not listen to the Western propaganda about Libya. Libya offered more freedom to its people than Western civilizations do. It was destroyed on purpose as it was a threat to the US Dollar and freedom in general.

      People can centralise power in government, but the people will find after time that that centralisation of power is a major problem they will face. The greatest problem all however is the inherent systematic class warfare that most systems in the world keep in existence. To solve this problem the conflicts between the various classes need to be solved in adequate manner. Qaddafi´s book also addresses that matter as Qaddafi´s philosophy is to ensure the freedom of everyone. Qaddafi talks about the topic ´needs´ as follows: ¨The freedom of a human being is lacking if his or her needs are
      controlled by others, for need may lead to the enslavement of
      one person by another. Furthermore, exploitation is caused by
      need. Need is an intrinsic problem and conflict is initiated by
      the control of one’s needs by another.

      Qaddafi considers it only proper that mass media cannot be in the hands of any individual or corporation as the information provided then by that individual or corporation merely represents the perspective of that individual or corporation who owns it. To express the perspective of society mass media needs to be owned by society according to Qaddafi. Qaddafi makes an excellent point here and applies the same principle to other industries such as arms. It would ensure that no needless wars are fought as there is no central command to dictatorially initiate it.

      I am not sure how far I personally would go along with Qaddafi´s entire philosophy and probably part of my own reluctance is due to the fact that the current system is all I know (probably like everyone else), but I do know that in essence there is truth to Qaddafi´s words. It might have been written in a simplistic manner, but it does not diminish its value in any way. If anything, it lays bare the simplistic machinations that underly the seemingly complex ´modern´ society which cause systematic problems. Qaddafi might be one of the few who actually attempts to resolve the otherwise systematic class warfare that would otherwise continue ad infinitum. The key elements are no centralisation of power and limits to capitalism. Capitalism without limits will always ensure that one group within society will control the needs of others and thereby make them dependent whereby they are subjugated to those who control those needs. To solve the problems of the world this issue of class warfare must be addressed at some point in an adequate manner.

      Here are two videos which explain in more detail what truly happened to Libya for those more interested in this topic. Be warned that the truth almost assuredly will hurt:

      It is a legacy that has been left not only in Libya, but about fifty countries in the last sixty years.

      (I do not agree with everything in this last video, but it provides some interesting video material and information)

    2. Topic 2: Projects

      The North Atlantic Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) is indeed an excellent project, but ultimately it should not be restricted to North America alone. Such advanced water management plans exist for the entire world. I would recommend to skip the nuclear energy component though and instead use Nikola Tesla´s Wardenclyffe Tower system to supply the world with all the energy it needs. However in this day and age I believe we can improve upon Nikola Tesla´s original Wardenclyffe Tower system by combining it with Eric Dollard´s plans. This improvement would provide the planet not only with unlimited energy, but also with the finest and fastest communication system in the world whereby the Earth itself is used as the medium for the relaying of information.

      The downside of NAWAPA are its costs. Its advantages are most definitely huge, but so are its costs. If there is a budget of a $100 billion, then NAWAPA would certainly take up the entire budget, if not a significant amount more than that:

      As such I would consider a basic functioning Wardenclyffe Tower system to provide the world with unlimited energy to be one of the best humanitarian investments. If done properly, it might take up $200 million (best case) up to a few billion dollars to implement this energy delivery system.

    3. Topic 3: Law and History

      There is also another matter of relevance that currently is a thorn in the side of real freedom. It would appear that the Venetians created the Franciscans which in turn created the Jesuits. The symbol of the Jesuits is part of the flag of the Franciscans, whilst it also provides a covert display of their method of control. The Venetians in turn have their origins with the Magyar (of the Khazarian empire and exiled Yahudi (Israelites (descendants of Akhenaten) who were located in what is now Syria)). It was in effect an alliance of land pirates (Khazars) and sea pirates (Yahudi). The Catholic Church had its origins in Paris, France in 741 AD. It had a noble intent originally, but unfortunately became corrupted. The Venetian Magyar controlled the Vatican at the end of the 13th century. They devised a system of law that would subtly enslave the world. This was done by means of the following Papal Bulls: Unam Sanctam (the first Trust in 1302), Romanus Pontifex (the first Testamentary Trust in 1455), Aeterni Regis (second Testamentary Trust in 1481), Convocation (third Testamentary Trust in 1537) and Cestui Que Vie (final Trust in 1540). This was followed by the Cestui Que Vie Act in 1666. By means of these Trusts the Catholic Church has claimed control over Body, Mind and Soul of every individual and control of the Earth with everything that is on it. They have inverted life itself: They have made the dead living and the living dead. It is not for nothing that nobles used to sign their letters in blood. The reason for that was to convey Life to a dead instrument. Likewise all the old Papal Bulls are written on the skin of children to convey the greatest amount of life to their documents and thus assert a superior claim. The highest Life has most meaning regardless of the arguments used. It is no accident that people are considered corporations. People are considered lost at sea and thus dead. The Cestui Que Vie trust which literally means ¨for the benefit or life of another¨ then takes over. technically could benefit you, but the trustee can and generally will use the trust for the benefit of other entities and NOT you. The trustee is allowed to use those assets as the trustee sees fit when you are dead or lost at sea. The claim that the Catholic Church makes is true: All who faithfully join it are given a new life. What people do not realize is that they are given this new life in this world in this current life. As technically the people were already considered dead or lost at sea and thus the Catholic Church provides a new Catholic name to live a ´new´ life. What the Catholic Church does not tell you is that the new name you are given is completely worthless and without value in comparison to your original name that did have value.

      In the past only the spoken word meant anything. Everything written on paper was considered lifeless and thus without value. The Vatican turned that entire philosophy around. Worse than that....they destroyed Trust and Honour. With Trust prevalent in society banks would not be necessary. If someone wanted to start a business he could employ whatever resources and people he needed to set it up and promise to start paying those people back whenever the business opened. By destroying Trust among people, all the Trust was effectively put in the hands of central bankers which manipulated that for their own benefit.

    4. The Vatican, by claiming control of the Earth and everything on it, started franchises with those who wished to make use of what was under the Vatican´s ´control´. This is also where the Crown comes from. Originally the Crown was originally given to Portugal and then it switched back and forth between Spain and Portugal until it was given to the United Kingdom. (What might be interesting to know is that the Rothschilds purposefully bankrupted the United Kingdom whereby the Bank of England effectively became the government and principal of the United Kingdom). The Crown implies that there is one monarch above all others. All of this might sound trivial in this day and age, but it is not. The effects of this system can still be felt everywhere. After all there is technically no natural law in regards to ownership. An individual cannot physically possess for example a house. One cannot wrap their arms around it. So in effect ownership is merely a right of use. This right of use is relegated to a higher authority such as God. Everything is owned by the divine. It is for that reason that you have to go to a notary as the notary is of ecclesiastical origin and there performs an ecclesiastical/divine act. A normal home tract cannot be used to convey property. A deed is required. Without the involvement of a representative of the divine you cannot transfer such property. What makes a deed, a deed is that it is signed by one who holds an office. An office is an ecclesiastical title and as such government has an ecclesiastical nature whether that is apparent or not. It is not without reason that the Vatican and the US Capitol have the same circular dome. It is circumscribed or said differently sacred space. It does not matter whether you agree with it or not. This is how the system works. Look at your passport. Does your passport not indicate that it is a Type P passport? That means that you are a pauper. A peon. You are one of the disenfranchised. This final topic of the three topics I wished to address today might not be entirely clear. Much more could be said about this and in all likelihood shall be said in the format of a comprehensive article at a future date. Nevertheless I considered it important to put this topic out in the open as the far reaching effects of the previously mentioned Papal Bulls often remain invisible.

    5. Thank you, Saturnalia, for another excellent report on a topic that deserves our attention. Please excuse me for the diversion posted below about the Ebola outbreak.

    6. Saturnalia with another teaser. Can't wait for the article.

    7. Yes, please bring forth the article. I follow your reason, and agree, as my analysis is along the same lines you have outlined above. Bring it on!

    8. SATURNALIA S: Thank you!
      Well, you bring the full picture full circle...there does have to be some real change.
      We need to do our own research from the top down. It is not just enough to concede operational changes. We need to focus on the institutional changes that will umbrella these operational in lies the "cloud." So over the last few hours I have chronicled information that will assist me in seeing a full picture... of the system that is so deeply embedded in "what we actually don't know" because things changed. They changed the names, while still keeping the esoteric meaning of the original Latin translations. Still, it's all based on covert coven ant philosophy.

      God gives us gifts, some more than others...however, seeing through the seeing through a "glass darkly" we have to see that timelines have been changed, people/literature has been reproduced over and over again, history has been manipulated, religion replaces dogma; and the truth is so close yet so out of reach, and so unsuspecting to a "blind population."

      It is our duty as representatives of the True Task Master to be vigilant, do our own homework, make every effort to return to full consciousness...

      The great experiment is over, there is not much left to learn; except re-awaken to who we really are in this grand scheme of things...therein lies the ability...all ability.

      Thank you for reawakening our true senses...there has always been this carrot that they dangle in
      front of our faces.And if the carrot is big enough; well you know the's a result of our current woes today...past, present, and future...
      Just a thought...
      The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Roundtable & the Illuminati

    9. Lybia
      Why leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya
      Friday, July 5, 2013

      The truth is here! FULL LENGTH

      Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati and the reason why he was killed is here!

      “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

    10. How The New World Order Killed Gaddafi With The CIA (Video)
      Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    11. Why They Killed Gaddafi “A Story You Must Read”
      Monday, June 11, 2012

      • Gaddafi nationalized his nation’s oil reserves and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure.
      Money from Libya’s oil revenue is deposited into the bank account of every citizen.

      • He raised the literacy rate from 20 per cent to 83 per cent.

      • He built one of the finest health care systems in the “Third World.”

      All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines—free of charge. If a Libyan needs surgery that is unavailable in Libya, funding is provided for the surgery overseas.

      He raised the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years of age.

      • Basic food items were subsidized and electricity was made available throughout the country.

      • He developed huge irrigation projects in order to support a drive towards agricultural development and food self-sufficiency.

      • Recognizing that water, not oil, would be the scarcest resource of the future, Gaddafi initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, which took years to complete.

      Referred to as a wonder of the modern world, this river pumps millions of gallons of water daily from the heart of the Sahara desert to the coast, where the land is suitable for agriculture.

      Any Libyan who wanted to become a farmer was and still is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, livestock and seed.

      • Gaddafi vowed that his own parents, who lived in a tent in the desert,would not be housed until every Libyan was housed.

      He fulfilled that promise.

      • Under Gaddafi, Libya has now attained the highest standard of living in Africa.

      • Gaddafi put up a communications satellite—the first in Africa—to bring the continent of Africa into the 21st century of technology.

      This also interrupted the massive fees that European companies had been charging the Africans.

      He gave women full access to education and employment, and he has enabled women to serve in the armed forces.

      Gaddafi started and financed the African Union to tie all of the Mother continent into an eventual body with a common purpose called the “United States of Africa.”

      Gaddafi did so much to develop Africa that even Obama’s arrogantCaucasian cohort Hillary Clinton had to admit as she stood before the African Union:

      “I know it is true over many years, Gadhafi played a major role in providing financial support for many African nations and institutions…”

      She could not claim America did ANYTHING but exploit, exploit, exploit—and murder!

      • He was the first and only leader in the Arab world to formally apologize for the Arab role in the trade of African slaves.

      He acknowledged that Blacks were the true owners of Libya and proclaimed in his Green Book, “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.”

      Nelson Mandela called Muammar Gaddafi one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters, and insisted that the eventual collapse of South Africa’s apartheid system owed much to Gaddafi and Libyan support.

      As usual, this read is amazing and so educational. I look forward to reading more soon.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. A potentially world saving post about ebola is below, dated August 1.

    "Since the pre existing amount of vitamin C from a normal diet makes a big difference, if Ebola takes off and becomes a global menace, I personally would buy a 500 1000 milligram tablet bottle of cheap generic not even rose hip ascorbic acid at Sams Club or Wal Mart, take 20 tablets a day and call it good. As long it is sour and not the synthetic sweet garbage it will be OK. That is what I would personally do, but it is only an opionion

    What I believe is a potentially world saving post about Ebola is below, I think a doctor with a security clearance went rogue and did the right thing, ARCHIVE AND POST! This will stay where it is, on top, until 3PM Monday. Updates to this web site will post below it."

    I suspect that the Ebola outbreak is intentional and designed to further limit people's freedoms, control their movements, subject them to compulsory "quarantine", impose vaccination with toxic substances and possibly RFID chips, as a prelude to or in place of Martial Law.

    Please read the article by Jim Stone: it could save your life and the lives of your friends and families.

    1. The following should also be of use if it really turns out to be dangerous, but odds are that it will not be as epidemic as the media portrays it:

    2. Updates as the latest status on multi level issues.

      1. The latest Saturday Real World West Coast news was disappointing for all, but for the Whiners we saw surfacing, try haemorrhaging your own money and your own time out there, live the 18 hour work days we all do, and do it better your way. Real world, a lot of good guys are trying for all, and Chicanery from the past, plus reality liquidity shortfalls for currency swaps are issues being faced daily. Good men are giving all to help all of you. Whingers are giving what? Good men are trying to throw such unappreciative dogs a bone. For such, an unpinned grenade works better.

      The secondary alternative Non Currency High Value PPs owed are still in play and those may well settle in a week, IF the thieving parasites put back what is owed. It's NOT easy and beyond frustrating for so many. How did the US ever let so much trash take power? On whose watch? Call it as it is.

      Response from so many has been excellent. You are so encouraging. In your hands, we can turn these crippled Ships of State. So much ability and goodness is out there.

      Watch the Ebola truth unfold. What the hell has the US been playing at? Lots of real issues here.

      Russia and China are very close. If these parasitic lunatics in DC are not reigned in soon, the Gung Ho Military and Criminal, Renegade Agencies will launch another Bay of Pigs or Vietnamese disaster which will result in Nukes. Everything they touch turns to disaster. The Military Industrial Cabal are a bunch of Psychotic and Criminal , Treasonous Pukes, who deserve a Nuremburg trial, and the rope. But, for the sake of Justice, let the Rope be first! Mussolini was Justice.
      Be assured, DC is out of control, and way out of their depth. WW111 will end it all, for all of you. In whose name and why?

      Look at the site. So many people contributing so much from the heart, for Health Care, Energy. Water, Freedom, Ecology. YOU are the hope and answer. These Political Pukes ,Swindlers, and Fed Bankers are the cause. So much goodness emanates from a call. Who needs DC? Who needs the Federal Oligarchs? When will State Governors unite, do your jobs, and cut loose from this trash. DC has failed and its time to close it down as the failed, incompetent crooked shell game it became. BRICS is the beginning of the end now for US Hegemony. The Sins of the past will be long remembered. The White House is truly clueless. How much longer can this illegal Fraudulent, incompetent Joke be allowed to continue in office? The job was obtained by crime - Hello? DOJ- You must be joking. Bad ones!

      So much is unfolding as Truth will find a way out. These are very dangerous times. How much longer will this disgusting Genocide in Palestine be allowed. For sure, Iran needs its own Nukes now. I feel for the true and Peaceful Israelis, no question. I do not support continuous rocket attacks. But neither can illegal Settlers keep taking land. Nor treating Palestinians in such vile ways. Britain has a lot to answer for by unleashing this travesty with Balfour.
      Unless there are hard actions a few million will pay a dreadful price in Israel in time. Its a never ending tragedy spiralling out of control. Where are true leaders now? Anywhere?

      We live now in a Wild Card era and all the risk it accords for all. For many, your real world is an illusion. How will you cope with the real re alignment of wealth coming?

    3. Well, I don't know anything about any West Coast Report, but this is a disturbing post/comment, no? Yet, a glimmer of hope can be extrapolated from the final question....

      Any code-breakers reading this here care to chime in? I have no idea wtf is going on now....


    4. Its a polite way to say Nevada OK? They are now knocked back a week or two for contracts and 2 more weeks to clear money. I don't mind that, at least schedules are appearing now.

      The Non Currency PPs can still break any time and huge pressure is on by the day. Even Sunday we are talking. The big money owed to trusting Lenders is different to the Currency Speculators. 2 different sectors.

      Even getting the PPs out will help many. But, doing nothing WILL mean the US tanking and what then? Be clear, if they continue as is, the US will fold. Many want that. FEMA awaits.
      If the PPs fail, what comes behind will be brutal reality.
      If these Clowns in DC and the Agencies continue pushing Russia and China. the PPs will be the least of your worries. If it goes, then see what reality is.

      These are very tenuous times. Unless the PPs are released, the US can not recover. Only those funds will rebuild America. There is no Leadership, nor capability in DC. Washington is an abysmal Kip of a place and a disgrace of inept incompetence. America will either rebuild or tank. There is no middle ground. Both Welfare and the Military are unsustainable and have to be cut. Real issues and must be faced.

    5. This came from my sister this morning, as we began tearing down some of the matrix...
      See link at end...
      Quote: When I read "Limits to Growth" in grad school, I didn't realize that the overpopulationists were talking about me and not themselves. Now, there's a Texas scientist who believes that an airborne Ebola (it is not yet airborne for humans) is a great tool for depopulation of 90% of today's population. Is this some sick eugenics bid for continued European world control? Remember James Wolfensohn's speech to Stanford students. Listen to a key excerpt of Wolfensohn here and read about Dr. Eric Pianka, the airborne Ebola scientist here:


    6. John,

      Thanks for both comments. It is what it is, truth and reality must prevail even through pain. What calls my attention is "Good men are trying to throw such unappreciative dogs a bone. For such, an unpinned grenade works better".

      This sentence makes me realize how blessed we are and how life changers we can be having such Patriots in our side. People should read that sentence many times and think and be glad.

      People, let's be positive, the best is still come.

    7. Fedup ~ Here is something really eerie, I am just finishing up Tom Clancy's novel ~ Executive Orders~ published in 1996. I feel as if I have been reading what is going on in the world right now, this man has to have been prophectic in many ways. The Ebola virus in this book, IS AIRBORNE, and is used as biological warfare on the US by an evil Iranian leader who had the Iraqi president assasinated and then took over Iraq to make one big Islamic republic. The set up for the plot and how a new president comes to be because of most of US leaders being killed in terror attack in DC, then this new presidents philosophy of rebuilding the EXACTLY what John has been talking about, people with real life experience not life time political puppets.

      Anyways, I think we need to be vigilant in watching how this Ebola thing definitely could be turned on the US public...with an accident, who knows. Good Lord forbid. The MSM is also not really telling the truth to the public, so what's new.

      I have wanted to bring this Clancy book to the site for a while, now I have, very very uncanny the similarities between what we are currently living and the words written by Clancy almost 20 years ago. Many speculate he was actually "picked off" because he was getting too close to the truth of the current presidency in the novel he was working on prior to getting "sick" and dying. So sad. I believe the plot was all about a "manchurian" president in DC. Ummmmmm

    8. Eyes,
      The plan was written over 100+ years ago...they often don't hide what they're doing. One saying that I have been faced with for many years is, "if you want to hide something from a black person write it in a book." This was supposed to be a self fulfilling prophecy...some wake up sooner or later.

      Oh yeah, they tell us through movies, entertainment, music, books and literature right in our faces exactly what they plan to do and how they do it. We just have to be vigilant and get the truth out. Let people know what happening all over the world. We have been tasked with taking care of this world we live's precious, delicate, and not to be taken for granted.

      Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion...this will give you the full picture and give you a sense of how long we have been under the illusion.

      I will check the book out...I love reading.

    9. Fedup

      Say it US Evangelical Christians.....they will crucify you at the spot....

      Those in the know, have tried to warn us with Movies, Books, ect. I think it is some kind of honorary pact they have with themselves. You know the old, well, I tried warning them but they did not listen thing.

      Think of the movies 2012, The Day After Tomorrow. Concerning 2012, the elite have special underground cities all ready for them. One I know of is in Denver DIA. To be able to find it, go to where the satanic symbols of the cabal are very prevalent and blatantly displayed. The Day After Tomorrow, a warning about HAARP and what it can do. Yes, in a way I guess the elite does warn us 'peons' of impending disaster.

      By the way, to get Americans to believe in this has been very hard. The schools have taught Americans to respect and believe that government actions are for the benefit of the people. Waking people up here has been near impossible, even those that are close to me think I have gone over the edge.

      I have read that JFK, because of his extreme back pain, learned to relate with the common man. Supposedly that is why he tried warning Americans in his speech about secret societies, and signing executive order 11110, which basically was trying to get the US off the fed dole. Which also got him assassinated.

      It seems if those in the know, start empathizing and warning the common man-they are taken out

    12. Oh, yes, it is amazing the projection seen in a lot of the TV shows these days, especially, the NCIS series, Person of Interest and The Black List. I should have been keeping a list of all that they have been telling, especially this last season.

      Darkeningskies, according to Pastor Lindsey Williams and his relationship with some of the elite cabal, you are correct, they do have a "pact" of sorts to tell what they are going to do before it happens. Guess they feel justified in their own twisted way, "we told you", why are you surprised. As for Denver, you are so correct, live in the metro area. Much goes on out there and has, and as you say the symbolism and the seal of the masonic new world order at the south end of the building is blatant. It is said that DIA is the largest masonic lodge in the world....don't get me started.

    13. VLASTIMIL:
      Dear Friend I use to be one of those...waking up is so hard to do...but the truth have a way of convincing otherwise. They are blind!

      Welcome Neighbor!! I live in SE Wyoming.

      I am sorry to say, I do not go to the Denver Metro Area anymore.......especially DIA...have no desire to be groped by the government thugs that have been implemented there.

  64. Swiss non-support of anti-Russian US/EU policy is actually pretty BIG!!


  65. Let me digest this first.....

    And only after few hours I guess I should say something.....


    As for now....
    I am sorry that get that far......
    ...... war monsters wanted Iraq war, they got it.....

    Let me begin with blame ......., Palestine blood goes for the big part to US Evangelical Christians that with their ideology support blood bath in Palestine.....pretending being people of peace and truth..... I am disgusted with that as I was always...I am sorry that I did not manage to write what I wanted ...... real world of earning money did not allow me that and fight against cabal consumed most of my intellectual energy....

    I am sorry for where we are as for is sad

    1. People became so lazy. They didn't want to do the real work. They assigned it to others who they depended on having their best interest at heart (Gov Ment...FED-ERAL). We are reaping what we sowed, however, sad but true (undoing generations of bullsh**t). However, it was all through deception that we mostly gave into not doing the work, giving a blind eye.

      People became so dependent on luxury, money, things...that really have nothing to do with our well being. We have always had this fight, the fight never left; but we gave into our desire for "things" that took our focus off of the real issues.

      We can no longer leave it to the next man to take care of what we know we should be doing...We have to buckle down and just do it...we have already paid the price...the cost is tremendous...but what else is there.

      We have turned into a society of heartless,"I got mine" zombies...go along to get along...well, those days are over. THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD...'s just the principle, Whatever you are confronted with in this dilemma. Fight for what you want, even the smallest things mean a lot. This is not a physical fight, this is a spiritual fight and this fight comes from within. But it must come from us...and not just the few...for we are a majority seeking what is right.

      We do what we have to do, and we still fight. Perseverance and tenacity has to replace lathery.
      FEAR, FEAR of WHAT...they can't kill something that lives forever..shake the illusion!

      A new day is coming, and we have to revise our thinking...the old way will not go's the new thinking and the new spirit of man that lasts forever...because you don't see something doesn't mean that it don't exist...Don't get angry...get to work using the skills and gifts that has kept you here. You are here for a reason. We have been chosen in these days and times to usher in the shift...TRUE CHANGE!

      There are no boundaries or borders, it's all an illusion...get past it! Unlearn what you think you know.
      Always in Service...

  66. Thanks for status update. Was reading lawsuit being brought against O, Palin now calling for his impeachment, too little too late? Or maybe just in time?
    Read an article on blog stating rothchilds always fund both sides of a war. It said they are heavily invested in BRICS...I pray this is false.

  67. There are many good articles and comments for you all to read today, to keep you abreast of key intel.

    1. John,

      Where is the money coming from for these owed PP's. If the IMF is broke and the Treasury is broke where are these criminals getting the money to pay back the stolen funds.

      I certainly think they are owed this money since it was swiped from them, but if the Fed going to print it out of thin air and bill it to the American people that sucks too?

      Would Wanta's funds be part of this?

  68. JV

    There are 2 different types of PPs.

    One is the On Balance Sheet historical funding which came in from Chinese Elders ( Taiwan etc) from Patriots like BB and Leo. That created vast profits of which much was filched by the Texan Mafia, DC and Zionist Racketeers. But enough does exist to pay reparations. A lot is hidden on Black Ops files. That is in solid negotiation now and we have the full infrastructure to handle it well. Professionals ready. That can help many.
    We know where those fund are. Each Bank and account. That is not for the Public domain.

    The second levels for the Currency speculations will be only be for such realistic amounts as can be raised by the Hedge Funds and Chinese banks to underpin selective economies. Already, as we predicted the numbers now are dropping rapidly to meet our own feelings of what is reality. Not Guru hype. The lunatic fringe with zero track records expecting to be let loose with B's and T's are just Saddo's.
    What we are doing is credible. Achievable. Plus, as you have seen from the sites, a lot can help America and the world from the valuable contributions of so many of you all over the last week. You get it.

    The money needs to be justified. It wont be thrown recklessly to some visibly Gobby wasters as seen. Money is not free.
    That overprinting will have to be faced down. Those funds need to be used wisely. Too many are dreaming they will go with their wheelbarrows to the bank and collect. In their Beverly Hillbilly dreams. The reality check will come. Only dreams are free.

    But, from the sites we see so much potential among you. Opportunities will come to involve and help many. Reality will rule. But be encouraged, it will help many. Tides are turning now. Lets see over the next 2 months. Many of you have given us invaluable ideas for the Nation Building debates. Thank you, each.

    1. Trying again, forgive if this comes out twice but dont see it..

      If I may respectfully ask, and I understand about the dinar situation being pretty much a dead issue. But previously mentioned here that dongs may be ok. I guess I'm asking if the dong currency revalue will take place during this time, PPs cash out, or at later time? I would imagine if it doesnt go at same time, the dong will fall by the wayside just like the dinars. With the low cost to obtain dongs now, its nothing to rack up $100 mill in dong because they are so cheap so my concern is where are the funds going to come from for that?

    2. John,

      Thanks for the updates. I've learned more today about the PP's and the mechanism's behind them.

      Hopefully, the owed PP's get released today.

      Regarding the currency PP's. How do you see this playing out? Do you see them taking what they need from the PP's to back the revalue and then using that to create a new currency simultaneously demonetizing the rest. Basically making the rest in circulation toilet paper.

      Or do you see them revaluing all outside the pp's at a low amount?

      Some obviously may be different based on needs and amount printed.

      You also mentioned Asian currencies. Does this mean that there will be several Asian currencies in the PP's

    3. JV
      A controlled currency conversion is playing out for certain large PP groups. Reality money. That may hopefully clear legal's over the next 2 weeks, but would still need 2 weeks to cross route to the US, taxes etc. I still don't know which currencies. Iraq has to factor. So does Vietnam.

      With Iraq, so much Jungle Bunny paper has been issued, right from the Iranians also mass counterfeiting with Saddam's plates, to Agency chicanery. They may need to demand Provenance background history of the public notes. How earned etc. Banks will. So much is Funny Money. Limits will apply to what the system can take. Gurus have a lot to answer for.

      All this paper chasing is dangerous territory. EU banks will freeze them on sight as it stands. Non of our majors would give history of funds clearances on how they profile. US Banks are more lax and dirty. We can only handle bank certified clean and cleared, and taxes paid funds. Not as they stand currently. I can see Israel needing to ship the Wailing Wall to the US when this breaks loose. It stinks.

      A few T can be raised for Iraq and Vietnam. The rest is all Guru hype and Moron talk. Be sure, it will be tagged and controlled. Do you think the system will let Mobsters walk out with that sort of money trafficked out? Bank Compliance will have a field day. Suspicious funds now are just $10K upwards. Exceed that with no track record and see what breaks. Ignorance abounds. Compliance will eat them alive. No point in killing dreams. That bad man again, let them learn.
      Its all a giant Pigs Breakfast to me. We don't mix in the first tier swill trough. Let it clear first.
      Let them establish clear provenance first.

      We have just had to background check Chinese Elders funds right back to the 1930s to prove clear title for large funds. Audit and legal opinions.
      Many have no idea they hold Monopoly money. Tough detailed checks. God help the banks when this lot breaks. Queues by the thousand armed with Pork Ribs, Chewing Backie and spittoons while they wait. From Tennessee to Kentucky, Hillbillies and Rednecks were sold Gzillions. Half are illiterate. Not good to unleash this lot. Smart guys know this needs handling. They will. Logic says PPs first. Get that right.

    4. In the US, no matter how much money you have clean, clear; $2500 is the most withdrawl in a day. These are pure cash transactions.

    5. John,
      Thanks for your info and time.

      Here is an article from the UST

      It seems to go along with the comments John made.

    6. John,

      Good info today. Thanks for elaborating on this subject. Filled in a lot of holes.

      Now I'm going to kick back in my lazy boy recliner with some chewing backie and southern comfort.


    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. History of the term "Hillbilly"

      The Irish were treated little more than slaves by the English though out recorded history. They were portrayed in the English press as good for nothing, barefoot, illiterate worthless individuals. Under the rule of King William, reforms were initiated. They were allowed to own land and express themselves apart from the Church of England's rule and reign. When King William's rule ended, "Bloody," Queen Mary took over rule of England. She reversed the reforms and labeled the Irish "Billies," as a form of extreme prejudice. It was in effect like calling black people niggers. The Irish fled the abusive rule of England by the hundreds of thousands prior to the Independence movement. According to historic records some 250K came to the US to find freedom prior to 1776. When the Irish settled in the hills of the Appalachian mountains prior to independence, the English continue to taunt them with name calling and abuse. The "Billies," settled in the hills of what alter became Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. They thus became "Hillbillies." Its just like calling us niggers, good for nothing, illiterate worthless people. Most enlightened people when told this story are horrified and stop using the term. Its use truly exposes long standing prejudice within "ruling," society. I for one, am very proud of my Tennessee heritage. We are some seven generations deep in the "Hills," of Tennessee. Kindness, generosity and wisdom are the fruit that I see most in the people who dwell in Tennessee and Kentucky.

  69. As British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond condemns the situation in Gaza as “intolerable,” Prime Minister David Cameron’s “inexplicable silence” on the matter is arousing widespread criticism from the public and establishment alike.

    1. Also I would like to know John why Cameron is turning his head from Palestine....not naming Ukraine....

      For some time I believed he has a deal with Putin doing a public outcry against Russia so that transition can be done in peaceful way....something like double agent stuff.....but I doubt it now......

      To solve the problem in Ukraine and might be in Palestine is that UK steps out from NATO....simple as that....

      Critical times - require Radical steps.....Leap of faith and ....Trust in new entity that UK ever tried to trust.....namely Russia.....

      Whom does Cameron want to trust USA? Then he is brain dead.

      Call Putin and ask him why D-Day was created by allies? Ask him if US created it for making a corridor to transport NAZI and NAZI technology from German occupied zone, without UK knowing about that?

      Then you have it....USA can not be trusted....Russians can be trusted.....

  70. John

    I appreciate this progress, which could never have been made without oversight from you and others like you working steadfastly on our behalf. I can see the horizon and it's apparent even now that the earth is round. No, we're not there yet but line of vision is everything when it comes to perspective.

  71. John and my American friends,

    Do not take me wrong.....I have deep respect for Americans and American biz quality .....I live in the States for some time and met only wonderful people up there....

    As for now, what must be stated is that there are 2 Americas........, like there are two CIA and two US armies......

    So it is with America as general....there is Political America represented by D.C. and politicos buddies with bankers and corporations ....., this is one America which is hiding behind public American that you know at the public domain....

    Now Politico America can not be reshaped and restore as you John believe....., I do not believe that even if they restore some of PP's this will do nothing to this body. It might help to restore front runner of the public America but that's not enough......

    Politico America can not be trusted ..... anything they have done is death and blood of innocent.....they did genocide of native indians and what...who stopped them? Not sure if the British Empire if they were in charge would commit that genocide....I did not study enough English history .... anything that comes from Politico America is death......

    Only way to deal with that once for all ... is to have it crashed and public revolution.....but who would stand up when almost all are brain-dead as John says...

    It can not be reformed as Vatican can not be reformed as Israel can not be reformed.....ONLY DREAMS ARE FREEEE -

      I thank you for this post. Although I knew that you were familiar with Americans and felt for their plight.

      Yes, there are two Americas....the east coast and the west coast are largely welfare victims and life-time recipients. I talk about the lift-time recipients that do nothing to help themselves, that believe that America owes them just for being.

      Then there are those, thru no fault of their own, have had the rug pulled out from beneath them. These I feel for and would like to help in anyway possible.

      Then there is middle America, wonderful people, who have spent most of their lives working hard, and at this point are at a loss on what has happened to America. They should have had the crash course I have had. I can say honestly, with CMKX it got me onto the track I am on now, in 2004 we were talking billions and trillions and I had no clue what that meant. I do now. Others are at a loss of what that amount of money actually means.

      Thank You for your complement of America, Yes, there are GOOD people here. They just need to find out that their lives no longer consists of raising their family and trying to just make it. They have to be wary of the elitists that are trying to destroy what Good people represent.

      I guess I should say that America is divided, you have:
      The Good People of America that have awoken to that which is happening
      The Good People of America that believe in America
      The me, me, me, of America that feels it is deserved a life that they themselves do nothing about
      The criminals of America whose agenda is to destroy and use

    3. Darkening

      With all view is that for the sake of humankind USA should be split to at least 3-5 countries ....with a total crash of USD at first....then revolution and split.....and start over....share the debt and life can return back

    4. DS and VLASTIMIL:
      There is only one America, it's outright in the's colonialism and basically based on a quiet caste system.

      In every thing in this world there is good and bad. and there is nothing new under the sun...most major cities whether it's America, Europe, S Africa...all are based on the same premise...Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely...

      I don't think that they were able to harness this type of power overnight; and there has to be a tremendous level of collusion across the WORLD for this to be happening in some form or another across the world.

      East and West Coast have nothing to do with "two different Americans." It's either you are poor or rich...nothing in between...the middle class has been extinguished...created welfare roles by our leaders.

      First understand real American History, and then look right in your own back yards and across town and see that these same conditions exist...there always has to be a group of disenfranchised in order to have rich vs. poor...common sense.. when wealth is being usurped from an unsuspecting population.

      This is the nature of the beast!

    5. They need to pay the population for using their birth certificates as bonds and trading for profit on the bond currency...

      Respect noted* I wish I could say I disagree with you, I have tried to let all my family know that there WILL be a crash of USD. Some listen some do not.

      If those in middle America, who believe in the Constitution, could split from a lot of these do nothings and government takers, I would be all for it.

      Unfortunately, there will be a lot of blood shed in the process. Please know, I know the realities of what must happen for America to become a Republic again.

      I will say, however, I cannot know or understand the realities for America to become a Republic again. I have never been in the military, the vision I have is probably nothing compared to the true reality of the situation. It puts me in tears as I think of those that I love.

    8. FEDUP
      So far, I guess you can say I am a middle class American. I still have a job and I can pay my bills. I am not poor, so far, and can afford to splurge a little.

      I am sure with what is coming, that soon will change.

    9. DS,
      The acronyms J O B represent: Just Over Broke...
      Count your blessings...I know whole companies that folded overnight, many people on unemployment and then soon expired with no jobs after 90 weeks or more. All of middle management positions became obsolete when the new "tax" came on board...OBAMACARE...job cuts.

      Some large companies uprooted and moved overseas where the tax base is appealing, less stringent laws, and tax havens...

      I have friends who own strip malls and refuse to sell, and need to sell but won't because of the tax base increase.

      The middle class was decimated in America since 2008 with the bail out, bail ins; many teachers lost jobs because there aren't enough employed tax paying individuals to support state and federal government spending...the real unemployment rate is not what is communicated to us by's much, much higher. College student graduating who can't find a job in their respective field of studies.

      The only jobs hiring according to the BLS are: healthcare, and government...people are getting sick and the government is expanding.

      Some major manufacturing plants in US are gone, and they have renovated those large factory buildings into Condos...Service jobs outsourced to India...its sad!

      This they have perfectly engineered...

  72. Fedup

    With all due respect and not to ridicule your efforts, The Protocols of Zion is well-known in the U.S. as the BIBLE of the Klu Klux Klan. I can confirm this personally-- the book was once given to me by a white supremicist I hoped to film who, like the book's author, was out of his mind, certifiably. I mean, COME ON. The book starts out by claiming to know what was in the mind of an evil tribe who plotted to overthrow the world five thousand years ago (maybe it was four). For starters, let me point out that this is impossible for ANYONE to know, yet the entire treatise is predicated on this faulty premise. I leave it to you to re-examine your source material. In my opinion, it isn't worthy of serious consideration except as historical evidence of the author's infamous penchant for hatemongering in the form of persuasive fiction. It's almost titillating in its ignorant, malignant malevolence. I recommend readers research the author before buying into his claims. America has struggled to overcome white supremacy; hence, this comment. Admonition intended.

      May I ask, who and what party was the KKK? What was their agenda?

      I remember a little while ago seeing something that said "I work so you don't have to" on the end of the gate of a truck

      White supremacy is very highly overrated, as we slave so those who feel entitled don't have to work at all.

    3. Our tax dollars in America go off shore, these funds do not fund our way of life. These dollars are used for set asides for other countries and maybe black projects. We work and do not have the full benefit of the money we pay into the caufer. This is why the Social Security Retirement Funds will exhaust as you are still paying in. If the money was invested back into the infrastructure of the people who are footing the bill it would be here perpetually...but this is not the case.

      So, you do not support the welfare roles, you do not support those who are not are supporting genocide, wars, and everything that America invests in outside of our country...check it out for yourself...

    4. DS:
      Hence the name: Learned Elders....not just some group or tribe...a concerted plan...and it's not the KKK!

      I take no offense to your opinion...

      How can you say this, I do not interject (most of the time) my own personal opinion in my writings. The Protocols do exist. And what they represent is happening all over the world right now today.

      No it's not about a tribe; it's about a brotherhood, a coven ant...and it's been carried out to the last iota of what it represents.

      This is not white supremacy. The Goyim is what they term, "useless eaters" who are not necessarily black of white. For me this reading gave me a clear idea of just how long this plan within the matrix has been conceived, and implemented.

      I don't watch Pinky and the Brain cartoon, but it exist- which is about a numb skull trying to take over the world, each week time and time again a different method...because I don't watch it the idea does exist...from where...hummmm?

    6. FEDUP
      One of the things I noticed is you only gave your opinion thru articles, I did not know exactly where you stood. Thank You for coming forward with you opinions and views. I now know you thru your words not the words of others.

  73. Ebola.....

    To add to already expressed concerns......

    This might the way US will try to raise fast money providing a miracle vaccine for the fall in the Northern Hemisphere as it was with H1N1 vaccine....they got bunch of money for nothing from each country in Europe as I can recall....

    Having this money they might try to avoid October shock......OR as Germans say in Bavaria 'October Fest*

    1. Vlastimil...mass population control through vaccinations...culling the population...Agenda 21...and on and on...they are following their worldwide agenda.

      I was watching this EBOLA thing very closely, then the article saying that EBOLA is patented....told me everything I needed to know. Funny is it not how The children from other countries and this Ebola thing is so overplayed and the fact that little o has said he is about to attack Russia is being downplayed. I have always believed in 'smoke and mirrors'. It is being played out as we speak.

    3. sorry about the double play there!! LOL

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Actually, hemp has medicinal qualities and other uses that were outlawed when Dupont found a way to patent and mass produce plastics and teflon. Paper bags use to be made of hemp. Hemp is also a cure for childhood autism and cancer, glaucoma, and some others.

      They are trying to find a way of contaminating the original seed (GMO), harvesting the crops to make a buck; while culling the population...from what I hear hemp enhances the senses and make eyesight keen. When they get a hold of mass producing and taking the profits away from the black market they will have a full scale agenda in place to fit their purposes.

  75. Extremists Seize 3 More Towns in Iraq After Routing Kurdish Force, 200,000 flee fighting.


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