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OWoN Exclusive | Looking Forward - Blind - What if?

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The sad, hard update of possible realities looming. So we try a new approach with montages of pictures to lead your debates. Why is it so messed up and where will it end?

One World of Nations
7 July 2014

The reality check is as follows so far:

  • No Currencies have RV’d nor are showing to do so yet. All false dawns and lies.
  • No credible money supply source is showing yet. Forget wild Broker rhetoric. Where is the money???????
  • No WGS is even in remote sight. Why so much empty headed rhetoric? The Cabal and Criminal Bankers have no interest in you, or the world. Wake up!
  • Apart from Russia and Iran, no one seems prepared to stand up to the ISIS extremists. 1,200 year old Dogma and inhumane cruelty is their false offering.
  • If ISIS achieves its new Caliphate, Israel will go in time. Genocide.
  • There are no credible signs of the PPs yet being settled. The latest Iraqi failure to create a Government is broken dreams now for many.
  • Without PPs released, America is denied hope of new job creation.
  • Iraq and Vietnam are being brutally ignored.

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  • Despite the overwhelming corruption evidence, the US is blocking any inquiries on guilty as hell Politicians and Bankers who created this mess.
  • Congress is an abysmal failure, it has failed the nation. Resign in SHAME!
  • It still seems the next election will be rigged between Clinton and another Bush. Disgusting! How stupid are the voting Sheeple? Are they fit to vote?
  • Obama continues to stumble from a continuing series of Policy failures, with vast overtones of corruption, and nothing is done. Congress is stillborn. Or as corrupt.
  • The US Treasury is out of funds - Broke!
  • The Fed continues its unchallenged chicanery. A Zionist Fiefdom (Thief dome!)

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Why are the FEMA camps receiving so many deliveries and what is all the construction for?

  • When are the Military and Agency budgets going to be cut back?
  • When will the armies of murdering Contractors be stopped?
  • Why does Congressman Issa not step down for failure to achieve anything?
  • How close is America to Financial Meltdown?
  • How close is the risk of Martial Law? Can an Illegal dysfunctional madman in the White House invoke Martial Law?
  • Why is Iran still sanctioned when the US Agencies ARE signing energy and other contracts with them right now? Two faced again! Forget Israel, free Iran.
  • US economic reports show continuing decline. Why is this not exposed more and poor Leadership exposed?
  • Who are the alternative Leaders who need to run as either Clinton or Bush will end American credibility worldwide? Are there any credible – clean skins?
  • Without the release of the PPs, there is no hope for economic recovery in America. It WILL crash and you will all lose everything. Are the people so stupid they can’t see how serious it has become? A plastic and self-serving people have re encapsulated Sodom and Gomorra into its core ethos as a society. No values, lacking humanity or compassion and worshiping material possession however gained.
  • What of the many good Americans, the true Patriots with family values, whose country and hopes have been taken away from them by combined Nazi and Kazakh Zionist spawn? Who speaks now for them? What of their rights? Who gave anyone the right to dismantle them?
  • When the very people who made America strong, no longer belong, where now? What now? Who is fit to lead? Like Russia maybe it has to crash, to lose the deadwood and dead beats to re-emerge. But why should the innocent crash with the trash?

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