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OWoN Exclusive | US Freefall Beckons - where now?

  • What now for America as the Murderous Military Industrial Cabal and Zionist Mafia Grip is broken free? 

  • Yes, the NWO Cabal is failing as their corruption, arrogance and incompetence has been exposed to all. 

  • The Single Reserve Currency power is over. 

  • The Fiat Fraud has been called as nations reject the dollar and US Hegemony. 

One World of Nations
28 June 2014
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The game is up, so where now as freefall beckons?

From this crisis, can come change. But only IF America can at last find a true Leader fit to lead, not another Tri Lateral Cabal Pimp or Texan Chump.

Be in no doubt, we stand at a crossroads in the development, or destruction, of our species.

This is a time of human evolution, an era of conscious learning and emergence of a new thinking being, one neither willing nor able to be subjugated by bureaucratic or political elites. One able to see the floundering, inept incompetence of the self-effacing Leaders, and to ridicule them for the amoebic nonentities they truly are. People are fine. It’s the Leaders who are poor, varying from clueless and inept, to outright crooked, or both as standard US abysmal Leader characteristics for the last 30 years. Democracy in America left the rails long ago. Why fail trying to impose on others what is denied to American citizens? Give America Democracy!

Whoever gave the US Corporation Cabal Goons the right to dismantle the Constitution because it restricted the Bush and the Zionist Bankers or CFR cronies, freedom to rob with impunity? The proliferation of arms and Terrorism destabilizing most of our trouble spots and conflict zones permeates back to the rot and corruption of the Agencies and Bankers need to profit from wars. Exactly as is emerging in Iraq and Syria today. Terrorist Militias funded, trained and armed by this abomination of a Cabal, are bringing wanton destruction back onto poor Iraq again, as nasty Regime Change is invoked to replace Maliki with another US Puppet.

Tangled webs of deceit. Perhaps if a few of the c1,500 or so Stinger Missiles supplied by the US, and now in rebel hands, are used to take down US aircraft or Embassies, the message may come home. Feed the Serpent and it will bite you. As with the decadence of the Roman Empire, any Self Serving Predatory Elitist parasitic infrastructure always runs out of liquidity, eventually precipitating its own Regime change. As is happening now with America facing its own End of Days. The entire crooked self-interest meritocracy is failing. The scum at the top can’t cut it. Look at the dreadful emerging choice. Clinton or Crime Family Bush III. Sleazy, corrupt, Benghazi perpetrating, Drug Money Laundering, murderous scum (for easier reading purposes we shortened the list). They all need to serve - But Life for Treason and so many crimes!

America is now Leaderless. Which among them are fit for High Office? None! That is where the real problem starts. But also the key to resolution. Now Governors will face the reality of the corruption of Federal controls and opt out. States will realize they are not united, then face down and remove the Beltway Jackal Pack. Regime Change now needs to start in Washington. What will it take to get Joe Public off his padded Butt to march? Boehner now wants to sue Obama. Why not impeach? What will it take to remove this lying, incompetent Weasel? Why attack Asia, the real enemy is within?

Where are the Great Leaders Who Founded America with Such Hopes? Good Men ARE There, Many. Their Country Needs Them! Where are You?

Look at both consequences and potential for hope. It can be recovered. The Press have failed us as monitors of Democracy at its best. The Agency simply enforced corrupt control of truth to protect Cabal wrong doing and treachery. Good reporters of conscience have gone and news sales are in free fall. The Internet is becoming the Global communication media and building. Bloggers report with care, commitment and passion - Truth. It scares corrupt Leaders. It stresses Zionist Publishers who only want to control the truth and ring fence Cabal conspiracy. Truth is a dirty word with dirty Publishers. The Zionists control the Press, Media, Bank and Treasury. Why are so many rotten?

We must break up and re license the Media now with Public Oversight and renewable licenses. Open opportunities for others. Let truth break free! Encourage a media which holds Public and Corporate Officers accountable. Trust - The People! The Internet IS your voice.

Just look at the last 25 and 50 years. Look at the top 20 companies. The changes and fall out is enormous. Market Leaders are gone, each replaced by evolution and competition. They lost, then faded from sight. Competition is invasive and unstoppable. Consequences are game changing. Market changing. Progress overtakes us all. And so it will be for both the Cabal and Zionist Banking Racketeers. Justice comes, in ruthless strides.

But from it all comes opportunity to both clean it up and crank it up. Look at how Global communication is evolving and that will drive change. Markets move to demand and shape to cope. Tastes refine and education creates evolution. Evolution is now emerging from free minds and thinkers. Real Patriots saying... NO!

Evolution forces change. Man is a mercurial creature. We adapt. People have a habit of coming through. In all eras, change comes from areas least expected.

Life is an ocean of waves and none, when riding the peak, are prepared for the ensuing crash of the trough. Vanity takes them all.

But look at now, today. The world is at war, ugly, corrupt and riddled with Cabal cronies, and arrogant Zionist cliques dominating and rigging all they touch in Banking and these lying Weasels control the media. They have created a complete Oligopoly in the US Treasury and Fed. Goyims are disenfranchised. In time, a game two can play. Memories are long. Asia is growing, but carefully protecting its core banking from Western and Zionist penetration. They know that to trust Western Bankers, is to lose it. As fast as the Yuan evolves as a Global Reserve Currency, and both BRICS and Asset backed Roubles emerge, each removes the need for US Dollars for trading. The economic mainstay of the American dream, compounding Tri Lateral and Council for Foreign Relations Hegemony practices is a fabricated illusion. If America can no longer straddle global markets as the Colossus it became, aided by nothing other than a worthless currency, backed only by hype, it has a liquidity crisis which will enforce unstoppable change. As is coming now. America cannot pay its debts and is reneging blatantly on them. From that emerges hostility and rage. Archaic systems will soon collapse. A growing number of Americans are now renouncing their Citizenship and telling them to shove it!

What a mess. To be dictated to in your own county by an illegal Usurper! Minds are evolving. Revolution is fermenting. Damned right it’s time for a major shakeup and to clear out the trash.

And from that, will come your opportunities. Asia and the emerging Eurasia markets will negate the need for Wall Street funding or interaction. Evolving Asian and EU markets will reduce the need for American dependency. That will have calamitous consequences for the US Treasury and its Fed accomplices. Wall Street faces implosion as the Global Predator as it is now bypassed ever more. Influence is power. Lose the money markets, lose the power and all influence. What then? The base power building blocks of the US Military Industrial Cabal, Vatican influence and ruthless Zionist monopolies of Banking are all floundering. That Vatican Sewer Pit is being drummed out of education, Politics and Banking. Educated Youth will no longer adopt their practices or tolerate their dictates. Changing world conditions have no need for any of them.

Wars are simply no longer affordable. Alternative energy and capital markets are fast emerging, affording no American interaction or positions. America is being purposefully excluded by a more learned and hostile emerging new world. As the old Third World now educates its own masses to prepare for First World asset participation, competition for resources is intense. Emerging nations focus on wealth creation. The White House is a restricted victim of the Cabal and Oil Barons, plus rapacious Zionist Bankers control. Wasters and Racketeers. The Military never earn a dollar but these Boys and their Toys will bankrupt America if left unchecked. Americans are themselves just as much victims of this ever wasteful and parasitic Cabal. But what is emerging will create the real future and new world. Out with the old and in with the new. Don’t fear change, adapt to it. Read it and position well. America needs to clean out its own Zoo. Economic change will enforce it. America is now basically a rapacious Military Industrial Cabal, whose profit is from war and the death of humans. An unsustainable ugly regime. Just as much for its own people also.

The new emerging world is facing it down ever more. Emergent societies, proud nations, are saying No - No more! Resistance is developing to remove this ugly Cabal pestilence.

The vast corporate wealth of America is sequestrated by Wall Street Pension Fund rackets. Instead of the savings of workers going to cross fund real wealth creating industry and new homes, vital seed corn capital instead is siphoned off to speculate in worthless Derivatives, where there is No Possible Insurer of Last Resort. So as with Madoff, all funds are coagulated into a self-serving Ponzi scam which is bonus rigged for Bankers to enrich themselves fast by leeching off you. Derivatives now outweigh Global GDP in impossible equations of forward debt obligations. Derivatives are an abomination of corrupt banking malpractice and the tapeworm which will simply absorb its host, forcing systematic strangulation of the liquidity supply necessary to function. Effective, experienced Leadership would take a Judgment Call on them and outlaw the practice as the system produces false wealth only for Offshore Banks, and deters funding essential economic emergence at home. But no such Leaders exist.

America is now hemorrhaging in debt led by a clueless Chicago misfit, coerced by collective Commie Czars and ring fenced by further Chicago Radical Slum ladies, or Zionist Mafia acolytes on point duty, protecting Israeli policies and serving elitist dictates. That is also cross entangled with the truly disgusting Texan Neocon Mafia.

American Pension Fund Money needs to stabilize and enrich America, not Wall Street Derivatives Racketeers or Military Cabals. It’s to help sustain the economy and to support retirees, not to disenfranchise them from profits. It’s to help them in older age, not for Bankers to help themselves. We need to re track it back.

America is now itself enslaved by forces it neither understands nor elected. The Vandals within now own its Soul. How can the world be led by a dysfunctional and Leaderless nation manipulated by these Nazis and Zionist Shysters?

55% of the US population are now either surviving in part or in total on Welfare. That is unsustainable and not possible within the existing model of wealth drive society as America seeks.

Money makes the world go around. But what if, as in America, there is simply no longer enough to go around at home? America is now bankrupt in ethics, standards, values and capital reserves. The nation is becoming impotent. A Clueless Leadership focus on Self Interest and a fast buck as their licks at the trough, of the Cesspit they have created with the dwindling assets of a gullible population. But an ever vigilant world is getting smarter and wealthier. They want their share and an end to US War Conflicts. The world is sick of it. Nations are waking up to this ugly Cabal.

As education increases, US standing diminishes. People want and deserve a change of leadership from the sleaze and chicanery of Washington and the Texan Rat pack. People want a vision to be part of and proud of.

The world perceives and sees reality. America only perceives TV Realty shows as life. The world is moving on. America is couch cast, absorbing junk food and only waist lines expanding. What happened to American dynamism?

Yet within the midst of such chaos, the voices of many are growing. Alert, informed parties seek a new dynamic and a voice to be heard.

So, IF and when the PP’s are released, the core question then is how best to responsibly utilize such funding if it ever happens, away from the Bush and Zionist Goons. To create funding fit for purpose and to serve our nations well. But so much propagated is Broker fantasy. It’s - NOT happening! Iraq can fix itself when ready. What happens then to the Dinar Gurus who conned the innocent world? Who compensates for such Fraud?

Question how to re track and enhance our world and all its people. Needs are great and so many. Leaders by and large are mediocrities. Sad, flatulent bureaucrats whose sole reason for being is self-gain by opportunism within the corridors of power. Few have track records of success. None example vision or dynamism. Nations are effectively leaderless. So, we need to focus on core needs and raise the game. Currently, vast funds long owed to trusting Allies and Investors, are held imprisoned in myriads of Trusts run by the Cabal, ever enhanced by the use of Bank and Federal Reserve Trading Programs producing huge leveraged and forward contracted returns.

But, those returns do not - RETURN - to serve or enhance the needs of our societies. Instead, money taken from society, money criminally denied redemption by this Jackal pack, is used instead to fund this gross and oppressive Military monstrosity, to enforce the Oil Cartels wishes and to procure more Arms Sales from varying Despots and Puppet regimes beholden to US patronage. Exporting death as with Iraq. Leaders lied, a million died, and the only outcry is when can I cash my Dinars? Maaah lick! Society is becoming so ugly.

With us, this will end! Any actual funds will of course go to Bank trading, but with the vast accrued return allocated to serve our nations and regions. Self-help, cutting out the Political and Federal mediocrities and self-determining where funds are most needed. Cogent Global planning. To serve humanity. To save humanity. We don’t need the dirty hands of ego tripping political vermin on those funds. There will be a moral imperative.

First, to address the essential building blocks of life

Looking at water needs and distribution. Clean water, not contaminated industrial effluent. Challenging and Lobbying against Fracking with extensive media coverage. Water delivery systems to be enhanced and funded from Lakes and Reservoirs. Better planned and sustainable water conservation storage and processing. Why are millions still dying from polluted water in the Third World? Who cares? Why not us?

Energy is a growing priority

The site has a plethora of valid opinions relating to alternative energies ranging from Tesla onward. America can lead here with major job contributions. A number of loose advisory groups need to be set up to martial the collective thoughts with synergy, and to fund new development opportunities able to get secure supplies to our Industries, and growing populations. This is a global dichotomy. Solar power is an infinite source, and still so underfunded. Why? Because it negates polluting oil and carbon fuels. Again, we need to fund research and development of viable alternatives for all. Our elderly and poor need energy. Not to be impoverished by Energy Rip Offs protecting Oil polluters. Industry needs low cost energies. Lower productions costs benefit society in reduced pricing and inflation control.


Not only emerging nations have ever increasing demands for their growing populations, but we need to be retraining and re tracking most societies now. Harnessing the media and electronics to deliver global learning platforms for all. Becoming One World of Cooperating Nations. Collective benefits are enormous. Better harmonious Global relationships will reduce tensions and conflicts.We need to unlock and enlighten minds. America has huge capacity to contribute. 

Once the process is started, the human spirit within our species will evolve. 1,300 year old archaic religions suppressing the Muslim world will collapse from within under the new progressive educated societies as they challenge reason and logic. As has happened with Catholicism and other oppressive religions. Ridicule overturns them from within. Truth emerges. Reason prevails. We need to unlock minds! Share our world and its values. To reach out, enlighten and free Souls. Release human consciousness. Become a collective sum of power. To Stop these appalling Predatory Pedophile Child marriages within Islam and protect the vulnerable. Billions can be helped. Millions can be employed. Stop killing - Start feeding Minds!

Kill ignorance instead!

Sustainable food production

We cannot continue wasting unsustainable volumes of water growing livestock feed and servicing the thirst of flatulent beasts. (Visions of Walmart or Congress). Alternative protein and low cost balanced vitamin food sources need to be developed and soon. We need to rethink the food processing systems needed to support growing populations. Or take the NWO Zionist Bush policy path of removing 6.5 Billion useless eaters. How about we give people a chance? Planned by thinking minds, applied for Humanity, there are resources for all. We need to re assess the food chain of needs and efficient production systems. That alone will cut obesity, diabetes and so many food related cancerous ailments.

We need to rethink the whole food dynamic. So many Health Care issues emanate from toxic foods and chemical compounds within. We refine our Gas and Petroleum products to optimize performance of our vehicles, yet we feed toxic junk to the most important vehicle of all which we depend upon for life. Our bodies. Garbage in, garbage out - Hello? We know the optimum daily calorific, mineral and vitamin needs of our physical entities. So why not get efficient and create nutritious designed food, free of toxins, to produce healthy and sustainable beings? End Global starvation, but also end the 300lb to 400lb lard arses blocking hospitals and maxing out ancillary costs for others to absorb. Healthy people achieve more by a balanced metabolism. Less Health Care costs. Better relationships. Vast re employment opportunities. We cannot go on expending and wasting planetary resources. Vast opportunities for Global harmony.

Housing needs

The system is broken. Cities now lie derelict. Millions are homeless. Drugs fuel crime as the income source of the desperate. Do the real squatters in the Senate or Congress care? With the Chicago history of the Slum Landlady in the White House, she does not.

More than a hundred million are trapped within the unsustainable and collapsing Welfare system. Most now see it as their income right, and have bypassed the work ethic. Let the State provide. But it can’t! Welfare, Military and Federal largesse is killing America. Collapse is inevitable without change.

Pre Welfare, America forged vast cities and Industries from available resources and the economy flourished. You worked to eat, or starved. Like any other herd animals, the people moved to work availability following the money to feed. It worked. Welfare has become its own unsustainable curse of wasters.

Welfare cases pick up checks for nothing. Contribution zero. It’s now gone way too far. It needs tough Leaders, with vision and inner strength, to face the issues and force solutions. Debate and design new regionally self-sustaining communities for the future and build for the emergent societies. But, in the meantime, refurbish the derelict housing stocks and build new infrastructure such as highways and high speed rail systems. House the homeless and create the work ethic. Work to eat. If not, put the Fema camps to use and re-educate real miscreants. Get real and get tough. Get it, or get out of office.

Stop Welfare becoming a way of life, it’s not for life! It’s NOT your right. It must only be a time limited Pit Stop on your journey through life and no more. Regulation and enforcement is needed.

45% of working and wealth contributing society should not and cannot carry 55%, whatever the cause. The Fiat game is up soon. What then? As populations grow, where do we house them? How do we house them if critical construction funding is being drained in non-contributing Welfare checks. As populations surge, and operating capital depletes, pragmatic Statesmen decisions will be needed. You can’t fund what you can’t afford. Welfare on this scale is a parasitic tapeworm.

New infrastructure creates jobs. Jobs pay taxes and fund community shopping. Shopping creates supplier demand and business opportunities. It feeds and houses families and removes State burdens.

There are many available low cost fabricated housing systems. Self-help begins at home. By effective Leadership, let the Washington Policy Think Tanks remove all Derivatives from Retail Bank funding and prohibit any more than 10% of Pension or Insurance funds being allocated to Derivatives and allow only such trades as are covered by a viable Insure of last resort. In one swoop we can kill it all. These cosmetic profits are scooped of to Hedge Funds and Tax Havens. They deny industry its own seed corn capital, and impair job sustaining wealth creation from society. Tax Havens fund nothing, and only tax evade for the elite. House our People, not offshore profits.

Get America - working!

Global Recovery - America at the Crossroads

America now profiles as a prospective End of Days failing Empire, exactly where Britain was a century ago. Confused, befuddled as all collapses around them. A society fat and happy from the ravages of Colonial Hegemony, with an equally arrogant command structure living from false presumptions of longevity and unrealistic conceptions of rights. Neither able to see the ”Natives” are restless and freedom of Leadership Self Determination choice is a core demand.

Britain was lucky by having provided the benefits of a Global Industrial Revolution, a system of Law and the Mother of Parliaments, Education, a common language, Global Banking, firm Cultural relationships, and the bedrock of all - mutual Trust in trading relationships earned over centuries. Nations had accrued wealth and power under British rule as new hierarchies emerged. Merchant Banks emerged and cooperative bonds were forged. Mutual trade created a diverse Commonwealth. A Global cooperative of Nations working as a collective together.

Britain built mutually beneficial new global joint ventures, enfranchising and power sharing with emergent new economies. Cultures were respected and Britain instead, adjusted. A big step back from Gunboat diplomacy and Tyrannical aggression.

Britain was saved by its relationships and Culture. America is declining fast, with Washington run by a Ship of Fools. Look at these idiots floundering, befuddled and ridiculed on the world stage. No one any longer respects them or takes them seriously. Even France is now aligning with China, fast.

It’s time to define and re align America. A country abundant with mainly well educated, even well-meaning and capable citizens who are themselves as much victims of the same Global Hegemony perpetrated upon nations worldwide by this unelected Self Serving NWO Cabal. The worst of Nazi and Zionist ideologies combined. The Russians have a saying, “a dead fish rots from the head up!”

As with American Government and banking policies. Rotten and unfit for purpose. They are the true enemy of the American people.

So change and refocus the head. Stop the Tri Lateral Commission imposing yet more compromised and corrupt candidates marching to NWO Policy Orders. Remove Agency Heads appointed by the Cabal as Gatekeepers of the rotten regime. It’s failed! It’s over! The world is now saluting America’s end of days with two fingers as they leave the Petro dollar hierarchy.

We have one world for all. Share it or lose it. How many nations fail trying to enforce the unsustainable third option of keeping it? It never works.

So, America’s crossroads and reality check. Remove the collective leadership of the Washington Ship of Fools and define new benchmark standards of who is fit to serve. Encourage new blood, new thinking and new Leadership fit for purpose. Raise the bar and raise the game.

America had a fine Constitution. Its ethos reached high. It set standards and was an ordained vision of a society fit for all. Along came Bush and the Zionists. 50 years of lying Political incompetence and a Fiat Fed will take a lot of untangling. Face it and fix it!

The Buck stops here!

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