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Achived Comment Section | February 24, 2022 - March 4, 2022

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Achived Comment Section | February 24, 2022 - March 4, 2022

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  1. Sorry to be first ... but it is time zone...I guess.

    Anyhow, Canada needs liberation as Ukraine is getting now. I do not mean by Russian or somebody else help.... I mean liberation from CABAL.....Ukraine will be LIBERATED ... no more cabal... PURGE is on the way. Keep your hope high....


  2. Nice to see the Comment Section being used. I will keep a closer eye on it to keep comments under 200.

    The more active it becomes, the more time I will spend on it.

    Free speech here so say what you want.

    1. CANAUZZIE - deep respect. There is deep respect to Tony also, but sometimes guys have to show up muscles...nothing bad about it.

      Beside - we hope that you are doing well, sorry that the fight in Ottawa does not speed up as we would like to see. Quite huge number of HEROES THERE. Deep respect for CANADA....

  3. Salve Barry WHA - You made some funny comments. So let me reply: I do not need to know any of Elders....Why would I want that, I do not need it for my life. But they were quite KEEN to be acquainted with Putin... Why do you think that JOHNNY ENGLISH did his best to SLANDER with lies all possible allegation that his little brain could come up.... GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT "SALVE BARRY WHA" ... Why would Johnny English through last couple of years KEPT SLANDERING SOMEBODY OF WHO HE KNEW THAT HE DID NOT COMMIT CRIMES ALLEGED TO HIM, may it be Litvineonko, Berozovsky, Skripal, Ukraine etc ... you name it. Why would Johnny do it? I tell you the answer - ELDERS ARE IN CONTACT WITH PUTIN...and it works well. They are not idiots... And you know what - they can read... what I write...and what Johnny writes.....beside... it may be that via certain channels that I used they got some of my material ... so did also Kremlin.... I do not need any of such people ... I do not need them in my life. At leas if anything, keeping myself from any such people helps me to protect myself from boasting of being somebody because I know somebody.... I keep it low.....

  4. People in WHA understand pretty good about what is happening in Ukraine .... except of Johnny English...

    So, SALVE .... WHA, why do not you kick OUT JOHNNY ENGLISH ... do not you get it by NOW?

    Beside ....ANAGRAM ... S-L-A-V-E = S-A-L-V-E

    What else should I say.

    1. You havdnused hhe word "SALVE" many times. What does that mean. Please.

    2. You havdnused hhe word "SALVE" many times. What does that mean. Please.

    3. I see and please pardon my typos. I'm blind in one eye and can't see out of the other lol.

    4. I am in the same shoe with my declining eyesight.

      As for the word Salve Vlastmil used, I am not sure, but I looked it up.

      It may just mean “Hi!”, but I am not sure.

    5. Salve is a latin word - it means "HI - GREETINGS"

      WHA is using it to address people......

    6. Now that you mentioned, I remembered. Thanks.

  5. John Pilger .... NOT GOOD NEWS FOR JOHNNY ENGLISH .... Johnny please do not sip Scotch all day long while looking at your fat big obnoxious belly...girls do not like it...YOU KNOW THAT NOW BY YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE-DON'T YOU, and please begin to look around what is really happening....It is only you at WHAT who still keeps lying about Ukraine and Russia and Putin....WHY DO YOU KEEP EMBARRASSING SELF THAT BAD....

  6. “In Ukraine during the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014, the Obama administration and other war hawks in Washington flagrantly interfered in the internal politics of Ukraine, doing what they could to help overthrow the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, and replaced him with US puppets.”

    The above video found at:

    1. Pulease, the US has no moral high ground. When did we have a secure border?

    2. From Jim Stone:
      “It appears many Ukranians hate the U.S. "occupation" so badly they did not fight at all. Why would they when U.S. backed groups routinely shelled them?
      Only two hours into this, and Russia is already beginning to capture Ukranian officials
      OBVIOUS: Russia is one-upping "shock and awe" MASSIVELY, to let the West know hands had best be kept off. Shock and awe was not like this, not so fast, and Ukraine was far better equipped than Saddam.
      FACT: Ukraine is getting wiped out like dirt off a windshield.”

  7. The Ukraine situation makes me feel like the world is already in the crapper.
    Fake news talks of threats to our national security while Brandon has been letting in God knows who since his first day as king of the planet.

  8. Ripple effect from the sanctions:
    “How The War Is Affecting Cryptos! Accounts Already Frozen!”
    “President Biden's sanctions are already affecting some cryptocurrency accounts. You may not have thought of this, but it is happening already.”
    From the comment section:
    1/3 Crypto, 1/3 bullion, 1/3 Cash. The world is about to go through waves of financial change and you will need all 3.

    1. This will not stop Russia. They are doing this to control the US population.

    Gregory Mannarino trades financial markets. He retired from his medical practice as a physician assistant, kind of a junior doctor. I have been told he is a 32nd degree Freemason.
    He started the video with this: “all wars are bankers war”, and Putin just bailed out FRB by the market crash today. He predicts the stock market will go much higher from here as the FED issues more digital money. It is demoralizing to hear this, but he has a point. The powers that be are using Russia as the pariah state, and Russia is playing its part so that the money changers can make money. They are using fear as their tool to manipulate the psychology of the masses. They are going to come up with another crisis, and each time they do this, they strip another layer of our defense. We need to proceed with much caution and cool head. According to my teacher, Russia wants to keep its people poor so not to weaken their men. This makes a lot of sense.

    1. This is absolutely not accurate - it could be accurate account if London would be stationed in Moscow.....

      In this sense your teacher missed the target very badly. But so it is, nobody has a patent to know it all.

    2. What I tried to say was the decadence makes people weak by being easily tempted by hedonism or self indulgence because this is exactly what happened to Japan post WWII, and this is why the deep state can run Japanese politics and economics and make it appear as though everything happening there is organic. This is also the reason why they are often accused of being hypocrites by having real truth and surface truth while the real Japanese “establishment” is operating underground. My teacher is aware of the unresolved hatred Russia holds towards from the war between Russia and Japan. The same goes for China, and in order to prevent future tensions, we need to learn what really happened in order to make amends for the future generation. The problem is the majority in Japan are not interested in this, and this is why my teacher feels many will end up losing their lives in future conflicts. I think Japan was a naive useful idiot who carried out the Western agenda towards Russia and Chian. It does not help that the so called history is erroneous. It is being told that Japan went into nations such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma among others to occupy; however, what Japan did in Asia at large was to end occupation by European nations. This is why almost all Asian nations are independent today.

    3. Also by being “poor”, we stay “humble”, and without being humble, we do not learn. When all of our bodily needs are satiated without exerting any efforts, humans have the tendency of losing interest towards elevating oneself spiritually. This is not what Russian leadership wants from their people in my humble opinion.

    4. I also listen to Greg from time to time because he knows people in high places, and since I do not think like they do, I need to learn what they are planning from well connected people. Greg has been right on on the market directions when not many people got it. I share anything and everything here like what I used to do at WHA because I find it therapeutic, and who knows, it may help whoever reads this blog.

    5. And why do things have to be this way? To achieve their end goal: culling of the herd. This is why we need to be divided and conquered. It is not that difficult to understand, but when everybody’s livelihood is at state, fear and greed take over. This is why humans are easily manipulated especially since we learned nothing from history.

    6. not "at state" but should be "at stake".

  10. Regarding CRYPTOS or CRYPTO-CURRENCY...

    Some education, so far nobody was able to provide a clear account to this questions of mine. Symbols, meanings of words....derivates of words roots...prefixes .....ALL IS VITAL TO KNOW. They play with people by means of WORDS .... BAR association has a secret meaning of words. Anna V Ritz could say something about it. Now what is popular is this:

    Judge asks: WHAT IS YOUR NAME. But it is not a question in judges mind. He announces that WHAT is the identity of questioned fellow. That means he is a THING - that means he is DEAD, which is by Cestui QUI VIE trust. So if the questioned fellow says his name to that question it means that he agrees with a fact that he is not living being man/woman but rather A THING. A thing is dead entity. Dead entity has not standing, has no voice, has no rights - THIS IS ENGLISH BAR ASSOCIATION DEALING WITH PEOPLE -


    1. Everybody knows that CURRENCY is - CUR =curse EN=them CY=Sea - Curse them at the sea.....

    2. CRYPTO - what is a crypt? You see THEY CREATED A NAME - IT IS NOT A CO-ACCIDENT. All is crafted.

    3. IN CASE WE GO ALL THE WAY CRYPTO - what would happen with DEBT?

    For me these are questions I need to know. Because CRYPTOCURRENCY as it came up, means.... either HIDDEN IN A CRYPT WILL BE CURSE OF THOSE ON THE SEA.

    They will burry you - or they will burry or hide something....It may be also HIDDEN HAND - indication. Hidden Hand would be somebody who was behind Napoleon and eventually also Stalin or Lenin - all of them stood up against GODs. That means I would guess TITANS who go versus OLYMPIANS....full blast in our days. Putin would be TITAN who stood up OLYMPIANS GODS.... Because Olympians consider selves GODS.....THIS CONFLICT is here for ages. JESUS was a was Prometheus...ANYBODY WHO SERVES PEOPLE is a TITAN.....

    1. The most recent statements by
      Bix Wier just days ago pinned Crypto Wallets as continuing to be vulnersble to hackers. Until confidence in internet transactions is delivered to my doorstep and its been proved, I am not about to be taken by some advanced gamer turned havker sitting in a shed in a third world country praying for his next meal. Wallets are vulnerable and encryption is a super slow process. Something better must by now be on the horizon.

    2. Montagraph has been saying the word "crypto" means secret allegiance to communism. This is why I am not totally sold on it, but we may not have any choice in the future to survive. I am aware that everything they touch turns in to manures.

    3. Vlastimil said above:
      So if the questioned fellow says his name to that question it means that he agrees with a fact that he is not living being man/woman but rather A THING.
      I have derived from reading much of Anna, we were once declared
      "Vessels at Sea" and therefore Abandoned Ships subject to Maritime Law, not the Laws of the land. However, part of the trickery posed by the Land Locked includes us to be subject to punishment of breaking Laws of the Land.

      I have seen cases dismissed by courts where a defendant told a judge, I am out of your jurisdiction because I am a living person, not a citizen. In order to do so one must file appropriate paperwork. There's a lot more to it. In fact volumes of reading and understanding.

      Another following this path is
      Jesse Perez Casinova in South Africa though his path is a bit more angry rather than calm and poised. He's already released a cellphone app for updated, contacts and donations.

      A discussion on the matter of freedom could be a matter of itself.
      It's being worked on by me and company.

      BTW, if one is not under municipal jurisdiction and declared Free it doesn't mean the police won't take you into a wood shed and kick your butt.

    4. EJ4MNJ

      To your question: Basically yes. Giving the judge a name of this kind to that question it means this agreement: The thing that you asked that question is called Peter Hopans(example....)

      And yes I know how to get out of it, I use it and I am only one out there who can explain reasons on philosophical and theological ground. There are others who can explain mechanics of it. But nobody explained WHY the mechanics has to work as they do. I got, and so far I did not share it with anyone, I want to have copy-right/ copy-claim.

      However, if anybody interested I can provide guidance and education. Education out there is expensive....there are not so many who can. Original fellow who said he broke the code died few years ago... MANY QUESTIONS ALL AROUND IT.....

      But we can stand: I would probably educate on a private channel not here.

    5. In the court or anywhere else: you need to be able certify yourself that you are living man/woman who can administratively prove it that you are alive. No passport of ID can do it for you. If you show to the judge your ID then it does not mean that you have a prove that you are a living being .....
      Everybody is caged into the vastness of the SEA - SEE, There is also HOLY SEE. You have to return safely to the port of living and demonstrate that you did not die on the SEA.

      I can teach you all of that, and at the same time I am still a learner. There are fellows who are more educated than I am.


      The above is a person who came up with his own system to decode the legal system. His journey started when he was initiated by the custody battle of his son after the divorce. Each person’s experience will be unique to his/her circumstances. As a result, we are not going to agree on all things.
      David Wynn Miller: Lawyers & Attorneys Are License To Lie QUANTUM GRAMMAR SEMINAR SEPT, 2012. Part 2

    7. I doubt if our life’s purpose was to be “all knowing”. We were placed here for the journey or the process of learning and elevating to get to the next level in my humble opinion. This is why the indoctrination is counter productive, and the powers that be did this on purpose.

    8. I agree SF .... we are placed here for the journey ... learning ... elevating....absolutely correct.....and it is not humble opinion. It is just correct.

      Regarding David Wynn Miller. Yes, he was a code breaker so to speak. Elite that is shaken by correctness will never say anything good about him. There was evidently fight for who the "successor" will carry on. I wrote them, unite-forgive one another and co-operate. I do not want to have anything in common with fighting. It is power issue I am afraid. It was evident that David Wynn. Miller gave his knowledge to the people - now some followers call it their own business and sell it...Something was probably very ugly. And I do not ask and they do not say. What is clear that IT WORKS...IT WAS CONFIRMED.

      Saturnalia years back demanded from Johnny English that they abolish Cestui Qui Vie. He demanded it OUT OF BLUE....back then basically nobody knew what Cestui Qui Vie trust is. Johnny English did not argue. He just said something like this. "Eventually it will be dealt with, but first we take control over the money."

      Saying basically: London needs to take care of ALL MONEY and then London will establish DEMOCRACY so to speak. If this sounds to somebody like DEMOCRATIC way of CONSENT, then I have to ask Hellooooo wake up.


    Those who exploit people are Olympians - gods of Olympus. Farther how you exploit them - BANKS, POLITICS, CORPORATIONS - ROYALS - how. Some say to show that you are Olympian you need to sacrifice the THING because for them rest of us are THINGS - to be used as they wish.

  12. What is up with this Brandon photo release? Is it a signal a third hand is at play?

    1. The photo has the hand of Trump circled. Hint?

    2. Actually - COOL. Is it HIDDEN HAND?

      Good find, it looks real. Everybody understands that Joe is under control but of WHOM? I tried to explain that Trump might be in play still, since in my opinion have evidence that Joe is dead.... So how would you then play? TRUMP WOULD NOT FIGHT RUSSIA IN UKRAINE....Exactly what Joe said.


  13. From Marin Armstrong:

    “If it happened there, it could happen anywhere. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waged war against his own people, freezing their accounts, throwing them in jail, confiscating their pets, silencing journalists, and labeling everyone who dares to disagree with him a domestic terrorist. He will stop at nothing to stifle free speech from anyone with an opposing view.
    People said that they were surprised these actions could occur in Canada, but they could occur anywhere as there is a collective thought process among liberals who dream of handing their freedoms over to a dictator with a nice smile. A new poll by Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action show that 65% of Democrats approve of Trudeau’s actions.
    Around 87% of Republicans disapproved of the authoritarian response to the protestors. Of those who did not identify as Republican or Democrat, 74% disapproved. This is a huge contrast to the 17% disapproval rate among Democrat voters. There is hope for the next generation as 100% of people between 25 and 34 years of age disapproved of the blatant tyranny.
    If Democrats could have frozen the bank accounts of the January 6 protestors, they would have, but they turned a blind eye to the destructive Black Lives Matter protests as it supported their beliefs and social agenda. Only 17% of Democrats polled stated that they disapproved of what is happening in Canada. Do the majority of Democrats who approve of these gutless tactics understand that the day will come when the government will turn on them too?
    “First They Came” by Pastor Martin Niemöller
    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”

    Their ultimate plan is to move us into crypto to have total control.

    Satoshi Nakamoto in Chinese character:
    中本 聪

  14. See:
    For the rest.
    AnnaVR just posted:
    And once the Ukraine is cleaned out and a pro-Moscow government reinstated, the pipelines to Western Europe can proceed unimpeded, and everyone but NATO will be happy.

    I suspect that Putin will clean it up, withdraw into his own borders, and leave behind a laundry list of things that Russians can’t abide.
    Why? Because that’s the smart move.

    Putin won’t want the expense and irritation of trying to manage the Ukraine. Better that Ukraine manage Ukrainians, and Putin and the rest of Europe have their pipelines.

  15. It seeps apparent Russia is not on an arbitrary killing spree but taking out key targets with surgical precision.

  16. Simon Parkes a Brit:
    Russian Defend Kiev Airport.

    I ask, against what/whom? There's something here FAKE NEWS is not telling us.

    1. If your goal is peace,
      You can not fail.
      This applies to every situation we encounter from a gossip session, s street spat and war.
      Let your goal be peace.

  17. In fact Anna v R - claimed that at this moment best protection and defence is Miller's knowledge. I asked them long back this question to have somebody else verify it. She is good .... but the depth of cabal encirclement is huge....This week I have to respond to Supreme Court where I have two claims....I was working on what exactly to write for two weeks. Yesterday I got....,my wife said two weeks ago. So write them. I said - I have kind of itch and can not say why, but I can not write now. Two weeks past and during work - I got all of sudden all sorted out. Go and figure.

  18. Actually this is COOL also: German spy chief was stationed in Kiev - Ukraine. Question remains what did he do there? Whom did he work for? Russians or Ukraine-Neo-Nazi....

    Such mess

    1. I think that German Spy Chief - worked for Russians. But then to cover it up - Germans said NATO please help us to evacuate him... So Polish brainiacs with IQ 50 went to SAVE GERMAN SPY CHIEF......

      You can not make this up.

      In case he worked for Uki-Neo-Nazi then it will be a big problem for Germans - but since Germans have high business stakes in Russia - please remember the most businesses in Russia are German-linked. No other EU country has so many business links to Russia....Do you get the point?

  19. I do not want to stick my nose that much into this, but as I said before: I would expect that the cleaning of CABAL will be exponential now since Putin destroyed their plans in Ukraine....

    As I said, I would not be surprise if we witness soon some big moves in financial sector - Gold - RV - DIGITAL - STOCKS...

    So far it looks like that....I would not be surprised .... talks about taking Russia from SWIFT would basically mean the END OF WEST CABAL SYSTEM..... RUSSIA AND CHINA would go their own way and would drag with BRICS plus bunch of many countries.....and it would be sold as result of UKRAINE.....

    Anyhow ... seems to me also that with GAS for EUROPE ..... RUSSIA just does not want anymore FIAT money and it needs to via SHANGHAI gold exchange industrial gold back bonds.......This may be the reason why GERMANY is not filling up their reserves that are being dried up....SIMPLY SAID. THIS WAS NOT SETTLED YET AND IT WILL BE SETTLED VIA UKRAINE TAKE OVER.....

  20. WEST is basically DIS-ARMED today. Period-Full STOP. End of NATO. Why - Russians got hand on basically the best UK and US weapons they supplied to Ukies......I can not stop laughing.....


  21. This is of course undisputed fact - all knew it. I do not get it why Tony WHA - SALVE BARRY SEAL, can not see this...and still gives the lying snake the spot at WHA.....

    Johnny English twisted your mind body. Time to acknowledge it, people on your site understand ..... who is who, but you keep denying it.....

  22. SF - I wish cryptos were DECENTRALISED movement that would power from the banks .... most see it that way. But is it really that way. Of course after the PURGE of CABALS we will see. Digital money - that is backed by real stuff will be probably only option as time goes......I keep balanced all - Gold-Silver-Cash-Cryptos-Chunk of land in two countries in case something goes bananas here or there..

    I do not have any insiders and question is who would you trust as an insider....

    1. The US systems, both economic and political, are designed for us to fall in to ditches, and I learned this by my own experience. So when something sounds too good to be true, I shy away from it.

      PAXG – PAX Gold is being traded at $1,891.60 this morning. Gold spot closed at $1,889.18 yesterday. We could buy PAXG and move it to our wallet for no cost but a small fee, or we could move the coin to a yield farming plat form to earn dividends. Being old school this sounds too good to be true. If we store hard assets in segregated vault anywhere, there is vaulting fees.

      Since I am not a savvy IT tech, it does not help much to read the “white paper”, so I take a balanced approach. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and FED are behind the creation of cryptos according to Montagraph.

      In the worst case scenario, the rogue government can forfeit our asset and properties, and there appears to be no recourse, given courts are complicit. Remember Bundy ranch?

  23. FASCIST OF LONDON - Johnny English


    EVERYBODY INCLUDING ELDERS OF ASIAN - can now see the TRUE FACE of the FASCIST Johnny English...

    1. London sponsored terrorist and NEO-NAZI in Ukraine. Not only sponsor they BUILT THEM UP TOGETHER WITH US...
    2. London turn truth and fact of atrocities that those NEO-NAZI did to civilians and what they were planning to do ..


    1. This is what JOHNNY ENGLISH wrote on WHA - TRUE FACE OF THE FASCIST - UNMASKING is happening now. Well not really for those who could see Johnny's true face was visible on miles....

      JOHNNY ENGISH - WHY DON'T YOU RELEASE A TRUE CONTENT OF THE BLACK BOXES OF MH 17 - it would end the conflict right away: HOW IS TO YOU JOHNNY PRECIOUS LIFE? HMMMM, if the lives of innocent are precious to you WHY YOU DID NOT RELEASE THE CONTENT OF THE BLACK BOXES of the MH 17. Why you sponsored NEO-NAZI? Why did your London sponsor ISIS jihadists? HMMMMM
      IT IS THE FASCIST LONDON that sponsored NEO-NAZI in Ukraine. It was UK-US command that did all possible to sabotage MINSK ACCORDS. You DID THIS CONFLICT from the beginning till now. As KREMLIN SAID. This conflict lasts 8 years - we just entered to FINISH IT.

      Johnny wrote beside other of his lies......
      "........How many innocents will Adolf Putin Kill while you do nothing? again! Does the world have to pause, for Washington’s Whores? How many will die alone? Why? Shame on all for those cheap Oil and Gas contracts. SHAME! What price is a Human life? I miss JFK. We all do."


    UNMASKING of JOHNNY ENGLISH - THE REAL SPONSORS OF NAZIFICATION NOT ONLY OF UKRAINE - SYRIA(ISIS) - AFGHANISTAN - Al Qaida - the same people, the same tactics....the same BANKS OF THE CITY or of Swiss SCHWAB...Wall Street...

    You name it....

    Idiot Stoltenberg wants to send weapons to Ukraine - and soldiers to fight Russians. First of all - who will be sent there first to be killed...CZECHS, POLISH, SLOVAKS, BULGARIANS -

    Biden said that AMERICANS will not fight ....

    Stoltenberg is drunk by his madness - another Johnny English of Norway....

  25. In case Zelensky pre-zident of NO-KRAINE is dead -THEN HE'S BEEN KILLED BY NEO-NAZI and it will be blamed on Russia...

  26. Putin will hold on and the FASCIST CITY OF LONDON will be crashed. It is only about this, nothing more nothing else. Putin fights for the freedom for us all - HE WILL CUT THE SNAKE's HEAD which is CITY OF LONDON....PERIOD, FULL STOP.


    I just read from one general in Czech getting out of his skin that Russia wants or will eventually demand that we - Czechs - pay for gas by gold.... I am not sure if he understands what he said....neither did small people.

    So it is only about this nothing more nothing else - CRASHING OLD FASCIST FINANCIAL REGIME AND CUTTING CLAWS OF THE EVIL FASCIST IN LONDON ....

    That's why London called Russia enemy number ONE ... for at least 8 years now......DO YOU GET IT NOW PEOPLE....

    Fascist needed to STOP RUSSIA from crashing their FIAT FINANCIAL SYSTEM....

    Elders are with Putin - they do not rely on WHA idiotic lying slander Johnny English....

  27. I am telling you - that German Spy Chief worked for Russia...we need TRUMP to move hands of Joe double Biden to side with RUSSIA - RIGHT NOW

    IF USA wants to see future they need to DECIDE - LINE UP WITH RUSSIA RIGHT NOW....give the fascist LONDON a big finger RIGHT NOW. It is your 1776......MOMENT.

  28. There is running video of Zelensky giving a message with some of his cabinet - HE WAS FORCED TO DO IT BY BRITISH NEO-NAZI GROUP.

    I AM TELLING YOU - THAT GUY IS BY NOW KILLED PLUS SOME OF THOSE FELLOWS ON THAT VIDEO. One of them will survive and testify that it was RUSSIANS who killed Zelensky.

    He is dead - his last chance was to get in a protection of Russian troops - he missed that. He is dead. Fascist WEST needs him dead for THEIR PROPAGANDA.


  29. Video - of Zelensky who agreed before to talk with Kremlin. That's why WEST is going to KILL HIM....

    Zelensky last chance are Russian troops arriving fast to protect him .... Yanukowych could testify on that. If Putin did not save him he would be dead....because with Yanukowych dead - constitution could not be passed on as a CONTINUANCE OF EVIDENCE OF A CONTRACT OF THE CONSTITUTION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF A SUCCESSOR.

    Now it is only WEST that needs Zelensky dead....idiot. He knows and would testify....but West knows that DEAD people do not talk.

  30. In Czech 8 websites that reported very well, faithfully to the facts, were taken down. Basically best alternative websites....

  31. Here we go now with Taiwan, a shot I called out to my buddies just yesterday.

    I was once stationed in USAF at Taiwan AFB in 69 during the Nam War. The threat was always looming.

  32. All looks that UK-fascist army trained well Ukies the same way they trained ISIS - USING CIVILIANS AS HUMAN SHIELDS.. this circulated earlier but now it is at UN officially.

  33. I am afraid that TRUCKERS in Canada will get now fast forgotten - SAD. The same with COVID-not sad, but justice should be demanded. All focus now on Ukraine...

    This is not good for CANADA.

    Hopefully after Ukraine settles - all can resume. What to expect - COMING OF GOLD that will wipe out FIAT scam and expose bankrupt WEST.

  34. Jim Stone - had running short video about. nuclear blasts. There were two blasts recorded in my view by a soldier in armed vehicle and said in Russian or Ukraine language - mushroom.

    I guess I reported on it, not sure now. Anyhow I gave it a thought.

    1. That video was warning to Putin - it could be a real blasts shot somewhere, tactical nukes. It was shot by Trump's team or somebody on our side, could be White Hats....could be German Chief Spy.....THEY JUST HAD INTELLIGENCE THAT UKIES GOT NUKES AND THEY WILL USE IT. And they placed them in CHERNOBYL to hide them. That's why there was a huge fight...RUSSIANS HAVE HANDS ON IT NOW, NO DOUBT.
    2. Second scenario - it was real blasts shot video by Putin to warn WEST about what is about to come their way if they deploy nukes.
    3. It was made up video for the warning of the two about points.....

    Kremlin said clearly two days ago, that the action was decided after Ukraine stated that they demand nukes. All this decision was of course cooked in London. Zelensky then gave signal warning to Putin that Ukraine is in fact few weeks from acquiring their own nuke ..... I think Zelensky said it to give signal warning to Putin to act - otherwise West will initiate nuclear war.

    Also that video that Zelensky posted yesterday with some of his few cabinet members....I gave it a thought in bed at night. It may be requested by Putin if he could give a shot indicating that they are alive so that operation to save him should continue....there were some buildings in background to give a orientation spot where they are held.....

    It is dubious - but there is a war scenario. One wrong move and you are dead.....deception is the key to survive for Zelensky.

    1. Vlastimil, You give us quite a few options here. Some brag Jim Stone is mostly the very first to bring out truths in matters affecting humanity negatively by our normal aggressors. From him we usually who the Sheep are and who the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing are, amongst reporters and researchers. I heard that his information is vetted, primary and truthful. Of course anyone could steer our impressions with video footage we'd passionately agree with but with Jim Stone amongst very few others I don't believe there is "An investment in the outcome" (one of my stamped terms). The difference being, Fake News does in-fact have an investment in the outcome to steer Vessels at Sea in a prescribed or assigned direction.
      My next question is assigned by whom?

      “Communism was created by the Illuminati 13 families. JIM MARRS with Kerry Cassidy. 2-11-22”
      Since dead man tells no tale, he needs to be ressurected in digital format.
      We seem to be witnessing the rebirth of feudalism.
      The difference between the Western feudalism and Japanese feudalism appears to be that the Japanese “establishment” knew and knows their power comes with responsibility, so they did not flip the mar-jong table at the end of WWII in 1945. According to my teacher, Japan possessed nuclear arsenals, both uranium and plutonium based, but the emperor Hirohito did not give the generals permission to use them. Do you think they have the means to defend themselves today?

    3. This is just a side note also. Based on the peace accord, Japan was banned from developing aeronautical engineering – technology. Does it mean they are not teaching the subjects at undergraduate levels? My class mate in junior high used to tell me that it was the field of study he was interested in. He said all students who are accepted are screened prior to acceptance. Since I went to an all girl high school, I lost contact from him.

      I also learned few years back from a Japanese blogger that Boeing aircrafts do not take off nor could they be functional Japanese parts, like many automobiles produced in the US. I heard it is Fuji Heavy Metals that produces engines for Boeing.

    4. Correction above:

      "Boeing aircrafts do not take off nor could they be functional WITHOUT Japanese parts, like many automobiles produced in the US."

  35. I doubt NATO will deploy troops - Stoltenberg is in panic, I listened again to his speech. He lost it.

    Now, why I think so no troops will go to Ukraine. Ukraine borders are now RUSSIA CONTROLLED BOARDERS. Stepping over would mean to go to RUSSIA.....And guess what would happen then? I AM NOT SAYING THAT UKRAINE WILL BECOME RUSSIA, but in fact there is circulation that UKRAINE did not register borders at UN and neither with neighbours. So it is being assumed that Ukraine in fact did not exist as a territory, only fictional corporation and were still under a border agreement of USSR and Russian Federation in fact contains border line of Ukraine.

    We will see.....

  36. Now I am getting entertained - sweet music.

    Johnny English in his despair: addressing Putin.....
    "....F this Commie Dog to hell. When the EU re assembles post EU failure, as it will, led by Germany and the British, Aryans and Teutonis, you Commies are GONE!. Get OUT!"

    WHAT A FASCIST IDIOTIC LIAR ... I am so amused. Johnny in his despair .... how do you sleep Johnny now?

    "....Still want to sit on your arses now? Remember the mass Rape of Germany post WW11?
    Or the courage of the small British Tank Regiment who when faced down by a vastly superior Russian unit at the end of WW11 refused to make way and hand over a small defenseless German town to n=be mass raped and slaughtered by animals.
    They were told they would be wiped out if not standing aside. What were a few German lives, who cared?......

    .....For us saving our German Brothers and Kin Folk was everything. Honour, civility and the right thing to do. What would Red or Wogs understand about being civilised.?
    As the Russians dithered and waited from orders from on high to wipe out the British. the English Spitfires arrived and made it clear, touch our tanks and We F the LOT of you right now. Dying to save German lives and women from Rape......"

  37. So what is happening is: Frankfurt is to be set to replace London - City of London. New financial HUB for EUROASIA. Why would EUROASIA had FINANCIAL HUB in London? World had enough of LONDON - FULL STOP.

    Germany showed a big finger to Johnny English ....... Germans will not go to fight RUSSIA. They made a long back decision to CO-OPERATE. Johnny is promising that some Teutonic Knights SHOULD unite with BRITISH BASTARDS - big nose Johnny.

    Now Johnny why don't you tell how the British raped Germans post war? Or how about bombing of Dresden? Wait a moment how many Germans did the British bombing of Dresden kill? Wasn't it like 200 000 POW who put down the weapons and could not defend themselves. They were waiting in camps and meditated over how to start new life after final peace treaty signed and then BRITISH MIGHTY ROAYL FORCE CAME AND BOMBED THEM - THEY WERE DEFENCELESS. 200 000 of them killed and then bombing civilians in Dresden....that was that time also defenceless. EASY TARGET JOHNNY for brave British shit-warriors....

    YOU HAVE NO SHAME YOU SCUM-BAG - I EXPOSE YOU DAY BY DAY till you hide in your shithole.....

    London created WW1 and WW2 - you set up Hitler, you helped Hitler to be provided what he needed. You promised to attack Russia from the South while he was to go north route. He went north route and you stood by...Hitler could not go back then.....THEN HITLER REALISED WHAT'S UP. And went full force against all - even you. This is the FACTUAL NARRATIVE.....
    London set up Germany against Russia so that Germany would exhaust self in fight with Russia and continental Europe would become an easy prey for LONDON afterwards....

    Why don't you say it Johnny as it is?

  38. From Martin Armstrong:
    “The CDC posted a “fun fact” on Twitter on February 16 that actually incriminated the agency for misusing personal data. Almost everyone has taken some form of a COVID test by this stage in the staged pandemic. It is safe to assume most thought the nose swabs would be destroyed. But no, the CDC will be using your personal DNA for genomic sequencing.
    The CDC posted the video below to show a version of what they are doing with your private information. Consent was not provided to the CDC to use personal information in this manner. This should be illegal. Where was the data sent and processed? Why did the agency fail to be transparent about its plan to study our personal DNA?”
    Erin T. Scott who created her off grid community was given the test at a gun point while she was out and about in her car, and she became very ill from it. Even though she took all of the suggested remedies, she did not get well until she boosted her vitamins and minerals intake.

    Jim Costa has gone dark, and there has been no activities since 2/18/22 at his blog:
    I hope he is well.

  39. In India. advertisers force news channels into course correction. Well what's that got to do with me?

    Industry leaders there have voiced their support for advertisers who are willing to cut down on advertising on news channels if broadcasters continue to air aggressive and toxic and sometimes completely false,, demeaning content in the name of news.
    Several industry experts have expressed their concern over the state of India’s news channels, saying the on-going toxicity and unwanted aggressiveness in content doesn’t bode well for advertisers in terms of brand safety.

    Why don't we all do the same? I'm thinking when I launch my next web site there will be a forum where advertisers of products and services can be noted as a crooked and fake news supporter. I have already seen emails and posts in this regard, asking folks to boycott satanic pedophile advertisers along with and entire countries havaving shunned certain products for sensible reasons but "We the Sheep" haven't gotten around to making demands for ourselves yet. As for me, I'll be starting a list today of who the advertises on our favorite shunned news channels such as CNN, MSNBC. FOX and the new guys on the block.

    I watched a few of the "Off the beaten path" channels last evening simply because I had a hankering for something fresh and honest. As Vlastimil says, "Guess what?" I couldn't find one. None ever say, though it's inappropriate to use quotes, because they never said it, "You be the judge." There is even one news channel making truth claims on Instagram and as I say, "Guess what color their eyes are? Brown because they're full of shit."
    Just a suspicion for the moment of Join1440, a self proclaimed truth news outlet.

    I guess, according to Anna VR we remain being VESELS at sea because we're getting constantly navigated into troubled waters.

    My list and my deeper research shall start today.

  40. The last two posts over night on Telegram, "Patriot's Corner" show us:
    1. Backup DNC server was in the Ukraine. That's why Dems shit when they learned Trump called Zelinsky about the exact same server.
    2. A repost from documentation seen on Gab, Russia seeking medical doctors across the land in every specialty. Some on Gab saying children and trafficked people were retrieved/saved by Putin's hero soldiers.
    Waiting nor for this and other BOOMS to come out.

  41. I was evidently wrong regarding my reading of Zelinsky - UKRAINE president in my assessments from yesterday....

    ..Jim Stone now reported that Zelinsky his also ISRAEL CITIZEN...which I had no knowledge. It is well established that majority of Ukraine and Russian oligarchs are also Zionists....

    This would explain my wrong reading. However, I would still stand on my claim that Russia needs Zelensky alive - West would be happy to have him killed and used him as HERO-VICTIM....

    In case he is Israeli citizen then evidently he does not work for Ukraine people at first ... this is how it is done.

    It is all around mess .... it may keep rolling for a longer period of time.....faster better for all. Now I guess Putin may go and attempt to take down West financial system - this would speed up the process...How it could be done? Gold ....

    1. Bombs and Banking. Based on what I've observed and learned about Israel and the England in my 73+ years here, You can't have one without the other.

  42. A great philosopher "K", in a filmed interview can be heard being asked,
    What is living correctly in regards to teaching children and adults.
    One reply was. You can say, don't be a slave to society. Don't be this and that but you have to show it and point it out. Then it's up to them.

    K further said. Both intellectually and societally refuse to be under pressure. I don't mind starving. I don't mind having no job but I refuse to be put in that position.
    If we are not willing to change, we admit wars. We accept this terrible state of existence. To stop it, "Revolt against it. Not like all that stuff becoming a Communist, etc. Psychologically revolt against it.
    Interviewer: But that must mean, By each individual meaning separate personalities.
    K: Are we? We are not individuals. We are the result of some million years of collective experiences. Memories, and all that. We think we are individuals. We think we are free. We are not. To us, boredom means CHOICE. Choice means CONFUSION. You don't choose if you are clear.
    K further stated when asked how we can set ourselves free. " Sir, be aware of our condition.
    We are conditioned by fear, which is common to all mankind. We are conditioned by our pleasure, loneliness, desperate uncertainty, all these are factors that condition the mind. If one sees the consequences of all this conditioning, the pain and you know, all the rest of it, naturally it stops. There us no entity which says, I must stop it. Now. What do we mean by free? Unless you have that freedom you cannot be a light yourself.
    Belief brings atrocities to the brain, repeating, repeating and repeating as we do., belief brings atrophies of the brain.
    Interviewer: Can we do this in just one great leap?
    Yes. That is to have insight into all of this.

    This and many interviews and philosophical insights can be found on Instagram, Krishnamhurt Foundation Trust.
    This is probably off the beaten path for most of us but I must tell you, I knew a man personally named Tara Singh who was a personal friend to "K" for many years. My greatest recollection of
    Mr. Singh was his discussion with us demonstrating the great relationship between Bombs and Banking. This was in 1985 at a Stony Point, NY weekend spiritual retreat based on
    On his way home he stopped over to see a very good friend of his who lived in Nyac. A wife of a former president. Her name was Eleanor Roosavelt.

  43. "We have all the evidence that these are the worst crimes against humanity ever to be committed."

    Dr. Fuellmich and a large network of experts and lawyers from around the world have set up a Grand Jury proceeding, to start the process of prosecuting the figureheads of this criminal operation. At the same time several criminal cases have been filed with the police, in Canada, England and Germany. These cases provide all the evidence that the pandemic is an organized crime against humanity. A criminal court in Peru already ruled that the pandemic is a crime, organized by billionaires.

    Read it all at:

    I get the email news letter and delight in learned truths so far.

    1. We have been HAD by the very governments we were taught to believe in. Im so glad I think for myself. 2 doctors I know got the first jab but when the learned there will bebendless boosters they dropped off the regimen with their families. I a friend who's jabbed andn is a brainwashed jabber working to administer this shit in the county health department here. She's jabbed along with her husband amd 9
      year old daughter.
      Where does it end?
      It ends with me!
      Seek Not to change the world. Seek only to change what you think.

      Also remember please what I once said about wars. "Be vigilant for peace." and you will see he wars they impose upon us very differently.

    2. Thank you...

      With Jim Stone - he has many good stuff....some of it I take is light...I disagree with some of his stuff...BUT SO IT IS WITH ME or ANYBODY ELSE.....

      We are all limited and we can only become enhanced by one another...SF is sharing stuff that I would never find out..or you...or so so many ....

      Putting things and the mosaic together is what Powers to be fear most.....

  44. SF - Nuclear Japan. It is believable, it never crossed my mind. On the other hand the stand of emperor is impressive.

    1. As Krishnamurti is quoted in my statement above, We can not allow ourselves to be pressured into anything. The birth of everything must be smooth and natural though the forces surrounding its circumstances are not.

  45. I believe that Ukraine will be resolve for goodness of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Of course I know bunch of them.....

    Cabal will run out of steam. What makes me sad that Trudeau takes advantage of this Ukraine stuff and Truckers will be put aside...NEW ENEMY ARRIVED - PUTIN - so focus and unite us against him...this is the spin that Trudeau will use and save his a....ssss. I hope I am wrong - TRUCKERS and Canadians showed up to the world how it must be done. I believe that it will roll country after still may.

  46. I like end of Legends of the Fall..Old Indian contemplating ..... over life of Tristan..

    0:25 -.... I was wrong about many things.....

    1. One of my colleagues named Alexander. a Russian American drops in here often just to read the comments posted by you, Vlastimil. He says thank you, you are very adept and at times we discussed if you were not more than one person posting here. You are much to admire in intelligence, knowledge and of course, bravery... an awareness modifying think-tank on your own.
      We did moments ago discuss that here on OWON, some of the brightest and most interesting posters were apparently women who Johnny-english scared away just before he disappeared into his queen butt-kissing auxiliary. I'm thinking I hope the Elders are at least sharp enough to recognize whst the intentions of Johnny-english is.

    2. *what the intentions of...

      I almost forgot to mention that without Vlastimil its likely this board would have died long ago. I'm thinking that Canauzxi at least complimented you when he stated something slof the sort, he'll have to monitor comments and archive more often as applicable.

      To continue my intentions statement, I often say, Intention is Everything. It's like a motto to live with.

  47. As for now: Ukraine is a hot issue. People said that Ukraine will be a breaking point. This scenario would come anyhow, Russia would either wait till the West prepares all around operations and they would initiate that conflict. Now Russia took Kiev in two days.
    It looked that it will be over in three days, Putin called up Zelensky to negotiate and called up on Ukraine army to take control over Neo-Nazi....THIS WAS VERY PROMISING.

    I read Zelensky probably wrong, he is with Neo-Nazi group linked to Klaus Schwab and Israel. Neo-Nazi protect him or keep him....he is stationed in Neo-Nazi control town. I can not imagine that the fight will break through there. It would be bloody....Zelensky two times agreed for negotiations and two times he changed his mind. So it is difficult to read if he is forced or if he tries to buy time.

    Sanction and CONTR-SANCTIONS. Putin will have no option - he will go full contra sanctions. Russia is 100% self-reliant regarding FOOD-ENERGY-MONEY SUPPLY.

    Now it looks to me that we will witness a game that it is impossible to read. Let me explain:


    Germany all of sudden agree on SWIFT cut and some weapons supply from the Dutch.... THIS WILL TRIGGER A RESPONSE. But question asked:

    Who those sanctions will benefit? It looks that sanctions are anti-Russian. But consider one thing.

    What positions Germany is in - Germany got US soldiers still in plus UK soldiers were deployed in Germany and Brits said that it is because of NATO enhancement and protection from Russian build up armies close to Ukraine borders. This happened in November - halllooo. WHY WOULD BRITS WENT TO GERMANY? Because of RUSSIA army at Ukraine borders?

    UK soldiers are there to keep Germany from co-operating with Russia.

    Germany might agree on sanctions against Russia knowing that those sanctions will back-fire and Germans will benefit eventually from that. Germans want to smoke out the British. There is a chance that FRANKFURT will become new EUROASIA HUB and London will be cut off. This is the reason why THE BRITS used NATO to deploy troops to GERMANY.
    Of course as in every country now - there are two FACTIONS. Who is Who - which corporation.

    If Russia closes supply of GAS to EU and US? How the crisis will evolve? Russia will nationalise INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS and OLIGARCHS companies under STATE EMERGENCY ACT. Oligarchs that lined up with the West or Israel will loose it all now....

    How China will progress? I do not think that China will do anything with Taiwan. In case Putin will clean up Ukraine and West will be broken then I can imagine that China may take that step.

    Russian was threatened to be taken from SWIFT since 2014-5. So it is clear that Russia has number of alternatives....

    Anonymous - I never trusted that organization? WHY? I wrote it back then. THEY HAD THIS MOTTO:
    Who would have this motto? ZIONISTS.

    1. I admired once a gent named David Icke, quite a brave Brit who stands with most folks as a leading voice where societal correction is needed and brainwashed personalities come to mend themselves. He was the very first to take the stand calling Rothschild, Rockeafeller, Bush, Poppy and the alcoholic Jr., Netanyahu and many,, many more Zionist Reptilians. It took years for us all to catch on. It's in the blood lines and greed is the fuel which makes their monster push egos tick. Bush Jr, the drunk, was not as motivated at the rest so they must have been holding something good over his head. Don't you think?
      See Ichonicmediagroup on Instagram and
      I met David at a retreat in his early years before he was today's iconic figure. Extremely adept.

  49. This is interesting - CUBA LINES UP WITH RUSSIA.

    British and US controlled CARIBBEAN have kicking neighbour... will CUBA host RUSSIAN NUKES?

    1. Again? Who wudda thought? Go figure. The next Fake assessment News announcement might be 2nd Cold War on the horizon. And while were at it Rocket Man is standing ready with his finger on the button in the background while we cringe and shudder over his missile tests.

      Advertisers are pulling away like flies running from Fake News information dog crap piles as if someone sprayed a can of Raid on them. They must be reading our posts!

  50. It looks like that China is on the side of Russia - against corrupt CABAL of the West..

    West needs to overthrow all CORRUPTED LEADERS - AND YOU CAN NOT DO IT ON YOU OWN.

    Trump tried.....and they fried him day by day for 4 years and they did not stop till now JUST TO GIVE A WARNING TO ANYONE IN THE WEST THAT THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED...


    1. Ukrainians clearly shown on Fox breaking news yesterday with black silhouette cardboard rifles. Do you think they could afford 50,000 of them when Zelinsky shipped out a billion dollars to an account elsewhere? Would you think it's Israel where his alternate passport was issued? Put 1 and 1 together.
      Remember he said on camera, " I'm not running away from this or jumping on a helicopter with all my money? That's because he had already transferred it. Further, ask yourself why SWIFT was shut down over there? I was told the Rothschild banking servers were housed in Kiev. Their vault is in Davos, Suise.

  51. Perhaps a surgical move is in order. Keep the stairs to your basements clear for when you see a bright flash. Hope this helps.

  52. I was up late watching Fake Brit War Movies. It took at least 60 years but the acting has gotten better. Still a bit dry though. Some things just can't change. Variety is a spuce.

  53. China is backing Russia North Korea as well. Did not expect North Korea ....however it is still nice....."Kim" -

    1. The true fact today is, Any Nation nodding yo F-Joe Biden is shit stained by association. That's very hard to wash out.

  54. Russia nuclear forces on high alert - they say nuclear deterrence, but it goes hand in hand

    “Did Elon Musk, Spill Z Beans? Plus, Col Westley's Inconsistencies !”

    “Here Is The Tweet That Elon Musk Made To The Vice Prime Minister Of Ukraine. Think, Z-LOGIC”

    Montagraph explores the possibilities for the meaning behind the letter “Z” on Russian vehicles found in Ukraine because the letter “Z” is not part of Russian alphabet.

    More questions than answers; however, according to Socrates, this is how we learn. Being IT challenged, I don’t even know what to ask.

    The video is 1:27:47 in length, but it may be worth your time.

  56. This came from Jim Stone info-worthy of listening. It is an American living and working in Kiev Ukraine....

    He knows info that I did not know about Russian army advancement. I just know that RUSSIAN would never kill CIVILIANS...this is just as it is.....Confirmed many times.

  57. I just scanned GoldFishReport - sometimes I do it, not that often...from today I guess....

    In minute ABOUT 45-7 PLUS..... SHE SPEAKS OF BIOLABS funded in Ukraine - New MENGELE projects aim at Russians... 2 billions dollars project.... PUTIN JUST WIPED THEM OUT...

    1. People must understand - THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THAT FASCIST IN LONDON SPONSORS ALSO - ONE GAME - ONE EVIL Johnny English in action

    2. But yet people still hang out and post at WHA with dickhat John.

      UN NATO ECT ECT ECT>> invest hundreds of BILLIONS into level 4 Biolabs across UKRAINE? And was only accessible to the U.S. and ELITES? Why did PUTIN and WHITE HATS clear these BIOLABS out weeks ago in special Operations military raids ( to contain the VIRUS'S/ and other biological weapons... The STRIKES your seeing now is the AFTERMATH.... Do you think white hats would risk just destroying the Biolabs and risking leaks of the bioweapons without first securimg the pathogens/bioweapons )? And why did PUTIN bomb these level 4 Labs across UKRAINE>>> in PRECISION STRIKES?

      Here's the answer:

      In 2008 MILITARY INTEL sources ( white hats) leaked information to PUTIN that the UN backed GATES >{(MOSSAD) foundation / OBAMA was funneling money into Russia/ UKRAINE and were in the midst of creating Biolabs and figuring out the Sequence genes of the SLAVIC people.. The reasons were for future biological engineered Weapons that would Attack the SLAVIC population (Klaus Schwab German Bilderberger group/ NASA/ CIA /UK Majesty / Mossad ECT ECT )/// > all PLANNED to exterminate the SLAVIC regions from POLAND to RUSSIA to Southern EU Slavic countries ( PUTIN HAD BECOME A HUGE PROBLEM> GETTING RID/WAGING WAR ON [DS] MSM / KAZARIAN MAFIA CONTROLLED BANKS IN RUSSIA CONNECTED TO CABAL/ MOSSAD/ KAZARIAN OLIGARCHS ) many inside the CABAL/CIA > Klaus Schwab wanted Revenge for RUSSIA killing millions of Germans in WW2 and for RUSSIA Aligning with the ALLIES to bring down the 3rd Reich and for RUSSIA'S control over the SOVIET UNION ERA.

      In 2012 SOROS/Schwab BILDERBERGER/ ROCKEFELLERS >(UN/ NATO) Made their move and began building underground Biolabs and eventually after the COLOUR REVOLUTION installed by SOROS [ DS, ] Schwab in 2014 they began building the labs through the UKRAINE and used local population/ trafficked (Slavic) humans in their experiments to figure out the best way to KILL them through engineered VIRUS'S ( GAIN OF FUNCTION) BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERED WEAPONS!!!

      Now you know why the Biolabs were targeted first and destroyed... With precision STRIKES<<( if PUTIN just wanted to KILL Ukraines, he could have used other high grade weapons, missiles to flatten the cities....)///

      Only till later you WILL learn the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of lives that were SAVED by PUTIN DESTROYING THE LABS<


    So, I keeps checking things around basically most of the day today....I did not pay that much attention to Jim Stone throwing out there that congress-whiners are out of the town - so to speak, Nancy in Israel etc....So what I am thinking....What one could expect from them.....they take care of their business first...

    Anyhow then I brows Anna v Ritz...and guess what...JEWS OF New York are gone - hiding out there in MidWest or what or in Israel.....WHY? SHE SAYS - NUKE ALERT might be between NY and Washington.....

    Remember - PUTIN put this afternoon his nuclear deterrent forces on high alert Putin had some intelligence as well.....

  59. Daniel Estulin gives cogent analysis on current geopolitical crisis. He says we have 12 – 18 months before the end, and this timeline coincides with the timeline given by YouTuber, Darren Moore, Jr.:
    “The TIMELINE HAS BEEN ACCELERATED - The synthetic digital currencies 12-18 MONTHS”

    “International best-selling author, journalist and counter-intelligence expert Daniel Estulin says the problems in the world revolve around the rapidly dying financial system and a “coming global bankruptcy.”  Estulin contends, “We are looking at $3 quadrillion or $4 quadrillion of global debt, and you are looking at the end of the Bretton Woods economic model.  We are at a critical stage for humanity that will determine the direction of the world.  There is much at stake for us but especially for the liberals because their model, which is based on infinite growth, is coming to an end.”
    According to Estulin, the United States is in for hardship and poverty never seen before.  Estulin says, “This is the year for the United States.  A lot of things are going to be decided financially, economically, socially and with a president that should not be there.  The Democrats understand this, and that is why they are leaving in droves. . . . We are coming into some serious pain moments for the global economy.  The Russians are used to suffering and having to live on nothing.  You (USA) are not.”
    How bad will this get?  Estulin, who is former Russian intelligence, says just look at what happened to the Soviet Union when it broke up in 1991.  Estulin points out, “Between 1991 and 1998, 26 million Soviet citizens died.  It was caused by starvation, depression, drugs, alcohol and all kinds of things.  Most importantly, it was because 40% of our countrymen lost everything that they saved over the history of their country. . . . In 1989, in the entire Soviet satellite space, there were around 500 million people in the Soviet Union.  There were only 14 million people living under the poverty line.  That’s 14 million out of 500 million people.  In 1996, just seven years later, these 14 million with the destruction of the Soviet Union, became 168 million.  So, from 14 million, it went up to 168 million people living under the poverty line.  The same thing is going to happen to the West and the United States. . . . This will be at least two times worse than what happened in the 1929 to 1933 period.  That means future generations are going to be infinitely worse off than my generation. . . . It means the standard of living in the West is going to be something they have never in their lives imagined.  The kinds of things coming to America and to the west is what you see on television.  You are talking about World War III zombies or some kind of other horrible things.  It is coming home because the United States is in the same position as the Soviet Union in 1991.  You have a President named Joe Biden who has dementia for goodness’ sake. . . this is a carbon copy of Brezhnev in the Soviet Union in 1981.”
    Estulin also contends to deal with the so called “reset” and their dying financial system, the desperate globalists have no problem doing away with large chunks of the population or dramatically changing their DNA.  Estulin says, “The final stage for the liberals is the evolution of humanity. . . . In other words, the politics of post humanism. . . . The liberals (such as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum) are praising the new possibilities of post humanism.  We need to understand what these people are going to do with us, and it’s in black and white.  It’s the fusion with a machine that will greatly enhance body strength, memory and genetic engineering . . . what these people want is immortality. . . . Any one that does not agree with this agenda, they are declared enemies of open society, and you get cancelled.”
    Video in the following link, 54 minutes in length:

    1. According to Estulin, DJT got scared when the election was stolen from him (he was threatened by the global elites). If he comes back for the 2024 election, we will be living in a totally different world, that is, if we make it by then.
      Interestingly, Japan was not mentioned once, an irrelevant nation I suppose because it is basically a colony, a slave state.
      The power struggles are among, UK, EU nations, Russia, China and the US. Since the US does not have all of the minerals Russia produces coupled with the deficits and inferior military, I hope they are preparing for an awesome rabbit out of the hat; otherwise, political leaders are totally out of touch with the reality, according to Estulin.

    2. There is power in being irrelevant if one knows how to survive as a lone wolf. Japan was a lone wolf for thousands of years, and the “establishment” knew this day was coming at the end of WWII according to my teacher.

  60. February 10, 2022 | Space Command News
    40 SpaceX Satellites Destroyed By Geomagnetic Storm One Day After Launch - 40 SpaceX Satellites were destroyed by a geomagnetic storm just one day after they were launched into space. The geomagnetic storm caused them to fall from orbit and burn up in the atmosphere.

    Solar storms are caused by large explosions on the surface of the sun which cause plasma and magnetic fields to shoot out and sometimes hit earth. Elon Musk, who owns the company SpaceX said that between 40 and 49 satellites were hit by the geomagnetic storm.

    The satellites were on route to join the Starlink satellite internet project, where Musk has an agreement with Starlink to provide high-speed internet to places that normally do not have access to the internet, such as Tonga using thousands of satellites orbiting the earth.

    SpaceX put out a statement regarding the matter saying "Onboard GPS suggests the escalation speed and severity of the storm caused atmospheric drag to increase up to 50% higher than during previous launches".

    "Events like this are a reminder that space is challenging - getting satellites or astronauts into orbit is still not easy" they said. Taken from Defcon Level Warning System:

  61. WHy the Ukraine conflict is the West's fault. freat youtube vid. Notes many key points.
    USA tries to plug in democracy everywhere and seen as the trouble makers but there's nsto much involved though this vid is not a new one, of 2015, it is still applicable and timely. Since then Ujrsind made Crimea useless to Russia. Itz short of bringvan Island and had a huge river flowing through it which Ukraine filled with concrete znd diverted into the ocean. There's no water there now and practically bare its said since.

  62. WHy the Ukraine conflict is the West's fault. freat youtube vid. Notes many key points.
    USA tries to plug in democracy everywhere and seen as the trouble makers but there's nsto much involved though this vid is not a new one, of 2015, it is still applicable and timely. Since then Ujrsind made Crimea useless to Russia. Itz short of bringvan Island and had a huge river flowing through it which Ukraine filled with concrete znd diverted into the ocean. There's no water there now and practically bare its said since.

  63. This site is actingvdobwierd. I posted once but my post appears 3 times.
    Plus when requesting a preview, its drops the post off.

  64. Below is an excerpt from the entire timeline on HRC, Bill, Huma, Gislaine, the foundation and much, much more. I wasn't aware that more than Wickileaks was available but here it is.
    This breaks her panache to pieces.

    January 21, 2009 - Most State Department officials claim they don’t know Clinton has a private email address or uses a private server.

    September 2016 FBI report will indicate that “some Clinton aides and senior-level State [Department] employees were aware Clinton used a personal email address for State business during her tenure [as secretary of state]. Clinton told the FBI it was common knowledge at State that she had a private email address because it was displayed to anyone with whom she exchanged emails. However, some State employees interviewed by the FBI explained that emails from Clinton only contained the letter ‘H’ in the sender field and did not display her email address.”

    The report also notes, “The majority of the State employees interviewed by the FBI who were in email contact with Clinton indicated they had no knowledge of the private server in her Chappaqua residence.”

    Even Clinton’s closest aides like her chief of staff Cheryl Mills and deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin will claim they didn’t know, though there is evidence that suggests otherwise (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 9/2/2016)

  65. Again on Telegram, Patriots Corner posted a hard to find timeline on The Ukraine, Obama and F.Joe Biden. It appears nog found on the websie mentioned above and embedded on the timeline.

    Follow the links...
    Hidden cam footage from a 2001 report by ABC News‘ Investigative Journalists Brian Ross about a disgruntled donor shows Clinton talking about how she had chosen to avoid email for fear of a paper trail.

    Further I searched Brian Ross. One of his bests comments on my fave pet peeve, Fake News.

    Budo - enlightenment through contention. Masa Katsu a'gatsu! - Clif High

    Clif High transitioned from WOO to Budo 武道 – all encompassing martial arts developed in Japan. He gives his own definitions since he studied Aikido合気道, martial art specific to self defense by using opponent’s energy.

    Miyamoto Musashi c. 1584 - June 13, 1645 宮本武蔵 is a well known swordsman who was never defeated in his life. He left the book of five rings 五輪書 gorin no sho. It was translated by many people, but it is not easy to understand. I think the reason is the language used in his time. If anyone says he/she understands it, I don’t believe that person.

    Clif High said “Khazarian Mafia” (Ashkenazi Jews) or Talmudic Jews are the reason for the Ukraine – Russia conflict. When will the public know the truth? When they get rid of their television.

    1. I briefly visited WHA this morning and learned what the blog participants are concerned about at this time: MONEY due from the Global Settlements.

      It was always about the money, and if it is ever funded as they hope, the groups of people who have been causing world conflicts will also be funded to continue their mischief awhile longer until they run out of that money.

      The wise thing to do will be to prepare as if it is never going to happen. This way, if it truly happens, it will be the icing on the cake in my opinion, but I gave up since “America knows best”. About what? Creating narratives.

    2. There are so many Gurus on this matter and most of them are making money off the foolish public, of which most think they are going to be a billionaire. Thr Gurus seek support via pay-pal and other means while the services or so-called intel they provide is gotten from yet another website or guru. Then you have various newsletters or articles provided by more Gurus, all of which know almost nothing or almost something while almost is not enough, most of which are just making stuff for donations. Then there's a spiritual group proclaiming how humanitarisn they are. Are they? I dunno but they all say good morning and give each other blessings from God in their posts which is a violation of allowed subject matter. It has nothing to do with their mission of rv humanitarian stuff. I made a comment about things to do while they wait which apparently had more value than their social bull. I got banned from the board.
      Then there was also audio of a very kind gent claiming to be a government insider, Ed of Ocala. Ed said clearly, he'd never send donations money for an ill person who was named - to Mark Z. When I repeated it, I got banned from Mark Z's YouTube by the very same woman who banned me from the Telegram account. Go figure. They have so much muscle. So does my attorney.
      Mark Z on more than one occasion stated that his listeners are a GROUP and will be entitled to what they call "project contract rates". He confirmed this more than once verbally as I questioned it more than once in text on his YT channel. Months later he denied saying it. I'll state, If he is a head of a group then why does he need intel from anywhere. He's already violated any future NDAs with the many statements he's made about that stuff... he and the many others are taking the public for a long ride. I think retribution of sorts would be in order for lots of these folks. They all cause turbulence and panics with the "Trillion's Dreamers".
      Let me ask you one question. Who in their right mind is going to hand trillions of dollars in project funding to folks having zero experiece? Your Government? Your bankers? Elders? I don't think that would make sense.
      I for one. Have and have had projects, foreign and domestic and can proove it. I also had once a huge internstional web site through which some were funded while my name was known and trusted across the planet.
      Remaining anonymous until I need to proove it.

    3. My understanding was the funding was subject to approval of business plans for humanitarian projects. Being familiar with how patents are treated in the US, I cannot be sure about anything at all at this point. With regard to donations, I learned my lesson, and I do not need to rehash it here. My donations will be in cash, in person and in the amount less than $100. As for being anonymous, we are not anonymous on the Internet. Based on the words I type here, Google Chrome is actively scanning. Things will get worse with Windows 11, so I am considering Linux operating system. None of us are free in the West. The Russian people are more free since the powers that be scared bejesus out of DJT. The people's hope went bye bye.

    4. I highly recommend listening to Daniel Estulin. The video can be found in the following link.
      I listened to him three times because of his slight accent with his English, so I needed to make sure I understood him correctly. Since the US is going through, if not stopped, the same thing Russia went through when USSR was formed, we could learn a lot from people like him, but then again, people who knows it all are not likely to learn anything that does not resonate with them. Sure, "America knows best."

  68. I can't confirm the following but its my understanding that a patent only protects the applicant and product in the market place through laws of the court. Then there are those who are above the law. There's always a loophole for the priveleged.

    1. This is why I share the story about Michael McKibben, the founder and CEO of Leader Technology and the real inventor of Facebook. His patent was stolen from him.

      If you remember the infamous story about MF Global, Jon Crozine went into clients’ segregated account, and someone like Gerald Celente lost a lot of money in his gold futures long positions by artificially increasing the margin.

      We have endless stories like the above.
      So who is to say if the humanitarian projects are approved, the beneficiary is going to keep the money in his bank account? We are dealing with the banksters.

  69. Hilarious, you can not make this up.

    Ukraine girl - MP - shouts to whole world - "we fight here for NEW WORLD ORDER..." Johnny English will listen to her over and over again while taking care of his pinky dongy----Hero of London....

    Johnny you can make same authentic video .... you can be her shadow..... "we fight for the NEW WORLD ORDER"...
    you can not make this up people...they probably were that badly brainwashed that they think that it is an HONOURABLE THING TO DO ... FIGHT FOR Klaus Schwab - Johnny - Clintons .... Zionist ...etc.......

  70. I saw also Fulford article ....

    He can not comprehend that KM is a tool in hands in bigger ancient vicious clans claiming roots in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia-Sumer then via Greece and Rome up to London and their Commonwealth empire ....

    However that video is authentic - it ran I guess on Vimeo in 2015 for like almost half a year as I remember.....I send it around to number of friends ...but did not save it .... then I could not find it anymore. So either got it as he says or he had it on his drive saved...

    This is that NEW WORLD ORDER .... check that video. He speak Ukraine language - I know Russian and Ukrainean differs. I get only few words....however at his opening words he claim he is of AZOV battalion which is NEO-NAZI that Johnny English sponsors.....also... I hear also HER will pick it as well.....

    1. I'm sure my friend Alexander will give me translstion. I will follow up her. Thanks, my friend.

  71. I saw Johnny English new article on WHA - I will correct it when I have time. Also I will write down what UK did in to the Czech people that will prove what I said - UK is a fascist state behind basically most of all evil that is out there....

  72. Please just consider anything what that FASCIST LONDON DIRT says about Ukraine or Putin as propaganda....lies and manipulation well crafted.....They twist facts. Blame the victim of our crime is their NORM and ISRAEL adopted as well.

    As proven UK in the 80s started the tactic that blame raped woman that in fact it was their fault that they were raped by crafted questioning by police or judges: "Like but wasn't it you that give a signal by dressing this way you did. How can you prove it that it was not you who gave first the signal....." Those victims just broke down ..... THIS WAS TESTED IN UK......

    Blame the victim scenario works - it is FASCIST AGENDA OF LONDON aka VENETIANS black nobilities.....JOHNNY is their frontman...

    I wish I had more time to fight him...but I work, then I have family, then I have rather huge garden, then I train tennis 4 hours a week......and again I am fighting some virus. I began to work probably too early and was not fully recovered. So I made it one an half week in normal pace and today I feel my throat again....I will see.


    21 feb 2022
    “We have watched a period over 20 or 30 years where basically organized crime is running the federal credit and using it to centralize wealth” – Catherine Austin Fitts uncovers the billionaire coup d’etat waging war on the constitution + how to play to win on the global chessboard against them”

    Some of us will make it to the other side. I follow Lt. Col Royston Potter who says “pray, prepare and stay out of the way.”



    In this interview, Martin Armstrong spoke about devaluation of Japanese coins before Meiji period. Perry’s invasion happened at the end of Edo period. Martin could not have known that the real money in Japan at the time was rice. Samurai and Daimyo  (feudal lords) were paid by bags of rice. Totally different ways of life the West did not saw any values in. May be I should send him an email.

    1. It needs to crash fast .... overdue few decades

  75. From WHA:

    February 28, 2022 at 3:33 pm
    Always 2 sides to every story

    Dr. Phil, the psychologist who used to appear on TV, and he used to say, “every pancake has two sides no matter how thin.”

    Human trafficking is a very profitable business in the West.


    Jim Costa is back. He was hospitalized. Good thing he lives in Florida.

  77. Total chaos - total disorientation for people. They need that people loose any sense of direction where to go - and then they will collapse and say TELL US WHERE TO GO.....

    Because this one can not be explain in any other way: AOC speaks now for dismantling of NATO - which we need of course but is like if Hitler would say ... we have to dismantle SS so that we can succeed and spreads this lie in a public and public believes him that he is a good guy trying to dismantle bad SS, while he controls SS and at the same time he re-organise for ZZ and people have no clue.....

  78. Evil is always Evil

    I came to this point few days ago:

    Biden and US will do all possible to stretch the conflict in Ukraine. I guess they might even go to such extend that in case Russia would be loosing the ground quickly then US would do all possible to help Russia to continue. WHY?

    Europe fights Russia and US takes time to restructure herself. I would not be even surprised if US would not do the same to China and Taiwan to trigger the conflict so that US makes them both busy to get up from the ground that USA put herself in the first place.

    So, the statement by Trump - saying that Taiwan will be next I would consider that Trump's team does all possible so that this scenario would happen.....

    But this is my reading....and I was wrong about Zelensky till I learnt that he is Israel stooge....what I am saying this is not intel, it is my opinion.

  79. I am sorry for Canada TRUCKERS - as well as I am sorry for all who pushed to investigate COVID scam....THIS WAS OF COURSE A BRILLIANT MOVE OF THE WEST .... to push RUSSIAN into a war so that PUBLIC'S EYE will be re-directed to WAR and even more AGAINST RUSSIA. Because the public began to question WEST in Canada due to TRUCKERS as well as COVID scam.... public began to sense that the WEST is crooked so they did all possible to create UKRAINE-RUSSIA conflict.....

    NOW I HOPE THAT PUTIN WILL SOLVE IT FAST...AND I HOPE THAT HE HAS QUANTUM COMPUTING and will just empty over night LONDON's pockets and moneys will just VANISH...and Johnny English will be forced to go and beg farmers for little job, like cleaning manure from pigs would fit him, I guess.

    1. I can read your moves Johnny ...actually anybody can....LIARS lies ARE ALWAYS EASY TO READ.

    “#23 ウクライナ侵攻とともに忘れられた私達・・・”

    Miho is located in Italy, and her channel is mostly about Italian cooking. Her husband is Italian, and they have a son Daiki who is a dancer.

    She is not a geopolitical analyst, but she grasped what the real issue is with ease. Please enable caption and watch to the first three minutes of the video so you will see I am stating here.

    If the powers that be are behind money creation, they are US, UK and BIS (or WEF), and they, along with the media, need to have an enemy, both visible (Putin) and invisible (virus), so the news are fake.

    “What does British needs?” Estulin asked at 29 minutes into the interview.

    The UK needs to cut China away from Asia so that the UK can play the important role, not China.

    “The favorite tactic of British empire has been eliminating the rivals by drawing into alliance and then destroy them.”

    I have been saying at WHA that China is being used as a proxy for the powers that be. Does CCP know this? I am pretty sure they do since they have not forgotten the opium war. Eventually China will fight the US, according to my teacher, because the US has gone rogue, and the UK wants their power back from the US. This may be one of the reasons why the people congregate at WHA so that when the Global Settlements are funded with CBDC, an example, and they become billionaires overnight, they will be able to establish citizenship in the UK. If this is the likely scenario, more power to them.

    1. This could be the reason why AJ had to tell me to shut up by saying I did not know what I was talking about Japanese social phenomena.

    2. I'd hate to see what happens when such huge egos get their hands on billions. All the more reason not to happen for some.

    3. 100% agree.....

      I came also to the conclusion that the ONE who kept blocking any moves with BIG money was London.....How funny would it be, the lying bastard is able of any deception. Not that I cover for Zionists....but as I am saying...Zionists work for bigger power....

  81. Montagraph cracked the codes and said the power may go out tonight at 10:15 p.m., EST.
    He also said we will be able survive if we do not freak out.
    “121.5 Mhz & The Strangest Q-Winky Dinks - Let's Discuss !”
    “Here Is The Time Date Calculator From Jan 20th 2021 To March 1 2022”

    1. I just checked my propane tank that is used to generate electricity. I am also on the grid. I am at 60% of the 500 gallon propane tank that powers my cabin as well as the well pump. If I run out, the privately owned energy company is located within 5 miles. I planned for myself for situations such as this after i moved from the Republic of California.

    2. I envy you and anyone else at least that independent but in Cali how long would it be before being overtaken by desperados owning weapons?

    3. Criminals are rewarded in California, and it is difficult to enforce law against those who reside as “undocumented”. The liberal progressives come up with new terms to make anything acceptable.

      I was assaulted by young black female twice at shopping centers prior to leaving California. Most likely they thought I was Chinese who brought the virus. I had to flee for my dear life, and because of the lockdown, it was difficult for me to leave the country.

      I relocated to the heartland of the United States that is considered conservative; however, local governments are in favor of keeping illegal aliens against the will of the people. I lost two cars in one year for car accidents, and both time, the drivers who hit me were Hispanics who were not supposed to be living in this state. As long as I stay away from freeways, I am fine even though it takes longer to get from point A to point B.

      It is difficult to obtain firearms in California if one tries the proper channel even though criminals can do anything and everything. This is the real problem all over the US, not just in California.

    4. Emasculated and violent women are also a big problem in our world. They think they can do anything to anybody as they do with their significant others and get away. I am female, and I am scared of them. I much rather have guy friends for this reason. In this community, I have a buddy with a work shop with just about any tools I need. He also fixed my well for me when I first moved here.

    5. The above should be "Defeminized and violent".


    Another Ukraine-Russia analysis from Japan. His name is Koji, and he has deep understanding for the Bible and the teachings of Buddha as well as physics and philosophy. Please enable caption to watch if you are interested.

    1. Yes I follow him but I guess translations are not the best - I will see what I can get out of it.....thanks. It is of course good to know that there are people all around with balanced views...

      By the way SF - what is your stand towards Fulford? Is he YES-SAYER keeping people in limbo? Or is he genuine. Or is he intentionally blending lies and facts?

      If I give it a thought. Let say it this way: I am a high ranking chief of let say FSB or CIA....that means Non-Disclosure agreement signed...anything that would get out would be a treason in fact. Would I go that way to share some stuff with layman somewhere out there? NO. One may thing - but it is a team of WHITE HATS that decided to leak some info .... how do you create such team when all of them had to sign NON DISCLOSURE and whatever CLEARANCE protocols .... BREACHING IS A TREASON.....

      I can not imagine that high ranking FSB - CIA - MI6 are providing some info to him....some may pose as such though....

    2. I don’t know who Benjamin Fulford really works for, but he makes his living by speaking to the insiders who work for CIA, MI6, MI5, Mossad, Jesuits, and Japan handlers, the collective Zionists who controls Japan as well as White Dragon Society and the White Hats. For awhile he collaborated with Chodoin Daikaku, Karate Association President, his article below.

      He started as a correspondent for Forbes International, so he generates his income by writing articles with his aristocratic background which helps him to establish contact in various entities all over the world. Can we rely on the information he brings to the table? Sometimes yes, other times no. I think those contacts use him to send coded messages.

      My understanding for the current power structures or the Matrix is that it was not meant to last forever, and we are living through the end time while none of them admit the very nature of the power struggles going on, but so many exposed the truth.

    3. Naive public is taken advantage of every day. It takes for a long time to get a sense of who is who, and everybody has to sell something to bring home the bacon and keep a roof over his head.

      Like I said, the elites are removed from the day to day struggles that average people are living through, but now is not the time for them to come out and admit that everything was fake. The truth is the powers that be are the apex predators, and they had to start this war to hide the truth that the wheels were starting to come apart.

    4. Thanks SF about Fulford - sounds fair

  83. I saw on WHA that FASCIST OF LONDON wants to give a balanced view on Ukraine....

    What a fascist lie. That DIRT-MOUTH kept spewing lies, slander, hate against RUSSIA and PUTIN without any restrain WHILE HE KNEW THE FACTS....


    So, why did he come now SAYING THAT HE WILL PROVIDE BALANCE VIEW out of the closet of FASCIST LONDON. I tell you why....

    Because Tino and Tony plus few more - do not buy anymore of his lying young. They began to report against his FASCIST LIES. They began to REPORT pretty well balanced fact....HE CAN NOT DECEIVE THEM ANYMORE....So, what is his plan to keep them deceiving...

    He will bland some of facts about which they will agree on while he will keep feeding them with his FASCIST PROPAGANDA....

    To control people you have to start blending some truth and lies into it...depends where the people are in their knowledge and comprehension. One begins slowly - 90% facts and 10% lie......You check if people accept it and they you keep adding more lies and less facts.....THIS WAY BASICALLY YOU KEEP CREDIBILITY AND TRUST AND SLOWLY YOU TURN THEM ON YOUR SIDE....NATIONS ARE BEING CONTROLLED THAT WAY...

    Lying snake of LONDON......Johnny English...


      You are decent people - so are we. We all seek the same - TRUTH - FACT - FREEDOM AND PERSONAL DIGNITY. Such you can not find in the CITY OF LONDON OR CITY OF NEW YORK....or corrupted Governments around the GLOBE.....

      Russia went on their own to protect Syria from butchers of ISIS who were sponsored by WESTERNER BANKS and AGENCIES.

      The same scenario is happening in Ukraine - WEST built up NEO-NAZI groups. Those thugs do not go to work - they get big payment in dollars directly from CIA, MI6, MOSSAD .....

      COME AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO BUILD FREEDOM FOR EVERY NATION EQUALLY - not by ENGLISH RULES that aristocrats established for themselves and laws for plebs....

      Leave that nasty snake on his own ..... WAR IN UKRAINE is HIS and his comrades WORK. Full stop. He could stop it, I advised him to release black boxes of MH 17 back in 2015. That would end the CONFLICT - LONDON WANTED THAT CONFLICT ALL THE TIME.....

      My name is Vlastimil and I am one of you.....

    2. The west not only built the groups but supplies the narrative on the lies they spew. They sent a recent warning to Russians calling them Muslims while loading magazines with bullets greased with pig fat. MSM IMis consistently calculating what we will think based on their own sick perceptions. Geez that was a hard trick to figure out, wasn't it?
      Rediculous to think they might recite, "I love the smell of napalm, oops, I mean BACON in the morning.

  84. When NATO Stoltenberg says - NO NUKE ALERT - that means probably exactly opposite...

    Remember Joe said yesterday just casually - Americans should not be afraid of nuclear blast...well I see today ... a provocateur on the site ....Halllloooo THIS IS A SYMBOLIC SIGNAL - WE WANT TO SEE FALLOUT - NUCLEAR VASTE EVERYWHERE. Do not forget that Jews left NY....and news at different sites pointed about something is being cooked ....

  85. You can not make this up: UKRAINE is threatening Belarus with a strike......It is more then clear they are handled by NATO alliance thugs

  86. I saw the FASCISTS in London did exactly what I said they will do providing all of sudden after Tino and Tony presented totally opposite view on Ukraine......

    To get out of that the FASCIST said will will provide balance view - after weeks, months and years spewing lies and slander....and he did it exactly as I said. So as I come from my work today I will rip in to pieces.....

  87. You can not make this up ... Ukraine threatens Belarus with a pre-emptive strike ...that they probably believe is justified since Belarus is on Russians side though Belarus said they will not interfere in the conflict militarily...

  88. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

    I hope so for peace sake.

    1. It depends which is in the hands of whom though I try to be as positive as possible. For so many years MSM has carried both for us and via the orders of controllers have wrangled us with manipulation. Think tanks pased on to more think tanks which calculate every possibility of moves we might attempt. From where I and associates see it, Trump was in a position to change it all and could have done it in his first two years but instead placed so many of the wrong people around himself creating more of a tangled web. These people manipulated information, and helped in the globalist takedown of America.
      Now look at former AG Barr writing a book trashing Trump and Wall Street basically doing what the hell it wants to do, benefiting itself as usual. Oligarchy at its finest.


      Lyndon LaRouche Publication had this to say on 6/18/2021, just one more p.o.v. among many other out there. Let's see what 2024 will bring us.

      “Russia. Trump emphasized, over and over throughout his campaign, that “Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.” LaRouche had carried out a back-channel contact with the Soviet Union on behalf of President Ronald Reagan in 1982-83, promoting LaRouche’s idea of U.S.-USSR cooperation on the development of space-based anti-ICBM defense systems, an idea that Reagan adopted under the name, Strategic Defense Initiative, intending, in his words, to “make nuclear weapons obsolete.” This was a policy which would end the British “Mutual Assured Destruction” (MAD) madness, which kept the world permanently divided between opposing blocs and in a perpetual state of nuclear war preparation, while also allowing the British (and their “dumb giant” American assets) to wage colonial wars, with less concern that it could escalate into a nuclear war.
      When the Soviets rejected Reagan’s offer in 1983, LaRouche told them that their economy and their system of government would collapse within five years. It took six. When that collapse came, LaRouche established working relations with the scientific and political institutions in Russia, and later, following the 2008 financial breakdown of the trans-Atlantic financial system, called for Russia, China, India and the U.S. to cooperate (with others) in a New Bretton Woods agreement, to put the post-2008 western financial system through bankruptcy reorganization. When Trump arrived, and threatened to build friendly relations with Russia, the British were so panicked that they deployed their leading intelligence operatives, including GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan and MI6 assets Christopher Steele and Richard Dearlove, to create and foster the “Russiagate” hoax and other coup attempts against Trump in the U.S."

    3. Exactly, my saying. Of course I can not claim that I kept this view in the that time I spent my time offs in bars with peers and girls....
      But I came to this conclusion on my own few years back. Never read anything about LaRouche....

      Brilliant - pitty that it did not happen that time. Let us do it now. Whatever we think of Biden - he refused to get engage with Russia in Ukraine.

  89. A second round of talks will occur between Ukraine and Russia tonight.

  90. Senile F.Joe Biden recently called Ukrainians "the Iranian people". Lucky for him he didn't gaff this one in the SOUA last night however,
    his VP must have an audience of toddlers as she spouted the following when asked by radio to explain the Ukraine situation in her own words.
    “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically that’s wrong".

  91. Russia Demands U.K. Sell Stake in Satellite Startup OneWeb

    My opinion is London and company believing space is a peace making only platform which can't be an altered or dis-honored treaty is plain bull. They contracted Russian engines to take everything into space Now guess who is in control over Johnny English all while here, FJoe Biden brags that everything us now made in America. Payback is a bitch.

    Joe needs to go join John at WHA but still lucky SpaceEx has his own rocket tech.

  92. Google maps disabled its live traffic feature in the Ukraine. Did the red line of 40 miles of tanks and equipment send defense hints to Ukrainian forces. Google claiming it is best for both sides they disable information provided.

    So do you think Google and company isn't smart enough to have a secondary network for the privileged? HRC was even that smart to have her own email server until the "They Got Caught" moment. Go figure.

  93. Russians lost 500 troops. I followed a Czech fellow who left for Doneck. He is mercenary served in different places and then he had enough of corporate propaganda and settled in Doneck helping the locals against Neo-Nazi. He got name in Czech. Court fiduciaries condemned him for 20 years charge on false accusation. He became somebody in Czech.

    He said the Doneck battalions have casualties more than expected. Mines are spread all around....on the sides of villages on paths...among civilians houses....around block off flats .... around shopping centres....Neo-Nazi are bidding in the middle of blocks of apartments with heavy gear. He said that Putin gave order not to shell anything which is closer to block of flats or houses where civilians live. All those battles need to fought only with bullets from machine-guns.....that's why so many casualties

    I am not sure if those 500 includes also battalions from Doneck and Luhansk...

    IT HURTS....

  94. UK Pound to USD is .747:1 according to

    Yet we are printing money like water dumps in a river. While FJoe Biden brags how robust our economy will be, Cliff High's prediction of where we shall be by mid September 2022 is in great contrast. Hyperinglatipn and the political results.
    Not just implications. FJoe Biden may continue to brag on but he is definitely going, hopefully soon nd before we all wind-up in the poor house.

    1. Correction typo, Hyperinflation.
      Thank you.

  95. China Won’t Join Russia Sanctions, Banking Regulator Warns
    After urging ceasefire talks between Ukraine and Russia, China on Wednesday announced that it would not join the West in imposing sanctions on Russia.
    The announcement was made by China’s banking and insurance regulator Guo Shuqing during a press briefing on Wednesday.

  96. It seems to me that it is very quite out there - something is being cooked, I guess something good - not evil. Might be Putin used some cyber CHECKMATE - would be great.

    I am sure that Putin knew that there will be sanctions...propaganda....HE CAN READ WESTERNER TACTICS etc .... all counted with.....I DO NOT BELIEVE HE WOULD MAKE MOVE IF NOT PREPARED FOR ANY VARIANT....

    We will see tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Good luck to all...

    “Wednesday 2 Mar 2022 Update”
    Lt. Col. Royston Potter gives accurate analysis on the current Ukraine and Russia conflict. In this video, he spoke about bringing Bulgaria in to NATO. It was Roy who did it, and he was in Europe when this was happening. So he gives analysis as an insider who has been there and done it. He thinks the same thing that happened in Yugoslavia will happen in the US because it is beyond repair. He also said Russia will take out WEF. If so, more power to Russia.

    Simon Z said in the comment section:
    “Thank you for confirming to me what I've been feeling in my gut from the moment this war started. I listened to McGregor as you recommended, and I agree with his views completely. I'm glad there's one voice of reason in the American military because thus far, I've heard nothing but warmongering from both military and politicians alike, including here in Europe. As for the EU, you're absolutely right. They've done as much damage to us member states as your American government has done to you. You are not alone, Roy. There are many like you around the world but not many who have the background to put themselves forward armoured with some credibility. Your military background gives you that credibility. I'm one of very few in my country, Malta, who has refused the jab, but I've heard many who've expressed regret. Time will tell as to who was wise or otherwise. Thanks again for keeping us updated with your take on world events.”

  98. "As a US/cabal Deep State puppet these last 8 years, the Biden crime family partnering with crooked Ukrainian oligarchs and the corrupt neo-Nazi Kyiv government is now being exposed like never before. As a result, Ukraine has been recognized as an infamous international money laundering hub for the world’s most profitable, despicable organized crimes – drug trafficking, human/child sex trafficking and human organ trafficking, generating trillions for the Satanic global cabal’s black budget. Eliminating the pedophilia scourge afflicting our planet for centuries isn’t a bad thing. Yet if you still pay any attention to all corporate mainstream whores, it’s Putin’s “unprovoked” invasion and his “’Nazi’ rhetoric [that] reveals his terrifying war aims in Ukraine.” Meanwhile, video footage shows Russian Army celebrating with local Ukrainian citizens as peacekeepers, no doubt in the ethnic Russian eastern provinces.

    In an equally appalling, related matter, based on an alleged phone conversation Putin had with Donald Trump, Putin is also targeting and reportedly rescuing trafficked children in Ukraine after breeching entrances to the crime cabal’s subterranean tunnel system leading to numerous Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). Alleged white hat military special operations alliance over the last couple years has been triggering 10-mile deep earthquakes plugging up notorious trafficking tunnels and DUMBs used for satanic ritual child sex abuse, child blood sacrifice, adrenochrome milab factories on an industrial scale, and egregious mind control as well as other inhumane, ungodly shocking human-animal experimentation."

    1. “Though innocent civilians throughout Ukraine might be tragically caught in the crosshairs, Putin appears to be going out of his way to surgically remove the Satanic stronghold parasitically ensconced within Ukrainian borders by the international crime cabal, while exercising extra caution to not inflict harm on the vulnerable civilian population, which is exactly the opposite of how the US war machine typically fights its countless, cabal-driven wars. As an example, the Russian defense ministry just warned residents in Kiev living near security services relay nodes to leave their homes as Russian soldiers will soon be attacking Ukraine’s intelligence infrastructure. There are always at least two or more sides to every story and every war. Use discernment to arrive at the truth.”

      For the entire article:

    2. I don't often quote myself except when a timely opinion was rendered.

      EJ4mNJFri Feb 25, 08:44:00 AM MST
      It seems apparent Russia is not on an arbitrary killing spree but taking out key targets with surgical precision.

    3. Based on the video of Lt. Col. Potter I shared here yesterday, Russia does not want what the West wants, that is, Russians are tribal and are not interested in expanding their territories. They want to fortify their boarders, something the US has never done, in order to be left alone by those with different culture and values. This is what the West is refusing to “GET” because when was the last time the West had any regard or respect for other cultures? NEVER. But the problem is the Western ways of existing is coming to an end, but this is another thing the West is refusing to “GET”. Does it mean the rest of the world has to self destruct with the West? I don’t think so, but many people will lose their lives because the West does not “GET” it.

    4. Another thing Lt. Col. Potter said in the video was this: “the Western DEMOCRACY is evil.” Do you think he was saying that just to shoot the breath? He is a Westerner who lives in the West. Of course the mass media will keep feeding the hope to keep public in the bandwagon of deception, but who will pay the price in the end? I don’t think it will be Russia because they, every Russian, are prepared to preserve themselves and their culture, their ways of life. The problem is, the West does not know anything but the lies that have been fed through generations.

    5. Another important thing Lt. Col. Potter mentioned was GMI. When he uses this term, he is speaking about the jab. What Russia gave its people was not gene therapy from the infamous pharmaceutical companies, so Russian leadership complied WHO – the UN but also cared about the well-being of its people. This is the true leadership.


    “The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a deal with T-Systems (a Deutsche Telecom subsidiary) for the production of a global QR system to produce an international vaccine passport. The company noted has already implemented vaccine QR codes for over 60 countries, despite the intense resistance by the people. T-Systems is also responsible for implementing the European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS), and Germany’s COVID warning app, which has been downloaded over 43 million times.

    The WHO said further information is coming “soon,” but we already know the implications. This will provide governments with a tool to track and control our movements both domestically and internationally. Even if you have received the COVID shots and booster, you are only one vaccine away from becoming part of “the unvaccinated” population; you will be banished into the shadows of society. France recently repealed four million vaccine passports, halting lives instantaneously. Countries such as Israel and Australia are calling for four or five vaccines. If the people do not push back, the government will have us on a tight leash with full control over our lives.

    THE WHO is using this Ukrainian Crisis to now justify “papers please” to use these passports to also “weed out” Russian spies. There might be a lot of people who would actually cheer if Putin invaded Geneva as a threat to the world economy. But why should he do that? This is the decline and fall of the West and all he has to do is cheer on Schwab and the WHO to achieve the end of Western Sovereignty.”

    1. I do believe someday they'll beg the unvaccinated to travel as the vaccinated die off from the jab and boosters. A Derm doctor told me I did the right thing by refusing the jab. She got the first for business sake but refused booster follow ups. Hospitals don't care if you're jabbed or not gere in NJ. I got b that directly more b than once but stay away and use small clinics if you can bdc as use cost is less and people traffic is lowering b transmissability.
      Recall DJT having said, Its going b to drop off in a blink of an eye.

    2. We cannot believe anything DJT, I am afraid. I heard Lt. Col Potter saying DJT received the microchip when he looked like he had a black eye. Come to think of it, Netanyahu was seen with a black eye when he was visited by John Kerry. DJT works for them. Please refer to the following article.

    “Beasts And Ukraine”
    The latest from Lt. Col. Potter.
    His twitter account:

    1. 100% correct. I claimed the same in Czech when they 30 years introduced FREEDOM - for themlseves to syphons the economy that for two generation was saving and developing....

  101. Russia captured Ukrainian city of Kherson which is a major economic hub at the mouth of the Dnieper River with access to the Black Sea.

  102. Faux News interviews Kira Rudik who is a Machine-Gun toting Ukrainian Lawmaker. It's likely unbeknownst to Fox this blond bimbo was seen brandishing her weapon yesterday extolling the defense and protection of the deep state. I'm here to defend the
    New World Order she loudly exclaimed.

  103. PORN - FAKE - NEWS - SITE of WHA keeps lying and spreading lies directly out of mouth of the fascist nazi London bastard Johnny English and his cohorts....SAD....

    JimStone has there video - Ukraine people try to leave the country, save dear ones...even women shot dead at the spot by NEO-NAZI sponsored by the FASCIST WEST - namely UK hand in hand with Johnny English the lying snake...

    I will ask canauzie to place his picture amongst those NAZI - AZOV battalion ....this is where he belongs because he finally found his level group of thugs...

    1. Jim Stone video - of Ukraine civilians who tried to avoid being captured and send to the front line -

      Do not be mistaken please .... this atrocities are being planned by fascist NATO countries for whole RUSSIA. When Macron the French FASCIST said that they are not after the Russian people - HE IS SAYING EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. Because in case Putin is not there anymore - they would unleash a CIVIL WAR and about 10-20 millions Russians would be killed exactly this way as they did it after Lenin kicked those British bastards out. As a revenge that Lenin did not allow them to grasp Russian they set up communist TROICKI-the Jew who created civil war and killing spree began very well sponsored from London and Paris...

      This is being on their high table being planned by few decades now. JOHNNY ENGLISH ...the fascist ....must be dethroned once for all to free humankind.


    2. Just yesterday Judy Byington who publishes her own mis-information praised in all his British glory the b esteemed (I giggle) John2021 of WHA. the publisher of the most prized, ego-centtic dis-info on the planet.

      I commented there:
      I am very surprised Judy you embrace the words of John2021 who's been called out so many times as a liar and propagandist for Btittian. The one thing about him is, if he says America can do anything right it is to follow the Brits into battle or any venture where America can follow rather than lead. I'm thinking ypu quote to appease a certain part of you audience while you neglect the more important aspect which is "We Do Not Want Wars". We are vigilant only for peace and those who disrupt peace's path. By the accepting the converse you will never really be free. If your goal is peace you can only succeed. There's so much propaganda in the so called Ukrain invasion from deep staters and their fake news owners. I didn't think you of all people would get sucked in too, especially by John2021.

    3. Judy the beggar now enjoys John the war monger at an auxiliary which is far from white hat. They trashed Trump, Trashed America and trash anything they can get away with while Judy, the copy-cat plageriser's beat goes on collecting your donations to wear Russian furs. Wake up people. There's no intel in her pub and certainly nothing original as far as ideas. For one who purports to save children she's never shown us one thing she boasts of.
      No intel of Judy's comes to fruition or is actually from Judy yet you read and listen to her spew lies regarding release date intel for years. It's always in a few days or next week, by Tuesdsy or by Wednesday and so on. John 2021 who wrote the article is the Johnny- English Russian War monger who never finds anything good to write about Russians or Trump. Any war ever started was never started by the British according to John who are the ones actually starting this crap according to Anna Von Rietz who does actual research on these things where copy-cat Judy has failed along with her dearJohn2021.

    4. Compliments to those who keep the board here going, especially Vlastimil who fought a good fight against John the liar. I take comfort in thinking a backfire will happen soon and have noted pettiness of the ego repeating itself at WHA.
      The truth is here at OWON folks. If it's perceived as fake, misaligned, distorted or misleading we're going to make contradictory statements, argue the facts and find our realities in the process. At WHA you get tossed or harassed to leave. It's called the John2021 culture. It was once imbued here at OWON. Check the archives when John kept riding Vlastimil's ass and see for yourself. John could not be appeased on his illusory high horse so he was either tossed off the board or packed his baggage and left, not realizing he was leaving his attempt at dismantling OWON culture and placing it into more trustworthy hands. We no longer read what the illusory dictator wants us to see and believe. We just plain seek the truth with a gentle understanding that our individual truth my not be accepted by another but at least we still respect it.

      Let's face it with one solid question. How much misinformation and disinformation is out there? Do not be so foolish to accept anything you read, watch or listen to as the truth from a source when you don't know who the provider is and what the intention is.

    “They Hide Behind A Refuge Of Lies”
    Lt. Col. Royston Potter stated the following @ 1:17:47:
    “White Hats cleaning up the Deep’s all false. I’ve said for a long time, right? I gave Q a chance at first. As a matter of fact, I was approached like within days of when Q first came out. They wanted me to be a part of this thing and make money and all that. I thought what’s going on here, so I stuck with it for about a month and a half, and then I blew the whole thing wide open when they came out with the defcon one crap, I said you guys are fake. Either Trump is a liar which happened to be a case, too, or you guys are playing a game here and not real. You are counter to what we should be standing for. It was all a neutralization program to make you think that you don’t have to stand up to do anything.”
    Boy, I made the right choice by saving myself rather than waiting for the savior everybody was waiting for. For how many years now? If something sounds too good be true, it is usually not true. I wonder how many people are going to learned the lesson this time around. When they do, I think it is going to be too late.

    1. Mr. Potter also said the deep state will destroy everything before they give up their power because this is their mindset.

    2. I think it is very difficult for the white people to understand that the deep state thinks all of us are their enemies due to the fact that in the Anglo nations, they were favored racial group until the global communists showed their true color with the activists like antifa and BLM.

      The white race in the Anglo nations were the beneficiary of their special privileges all the while they witnessed how the Native Americans, African slaves, Latin Americans (Hispanics) and Asians were treated because they thought they were special and superior, so they must be hoping that they will come out smelling like roses when everything changes in the world.

      In sibling rivalry, the favored children are the least likely ones to “make it” in life.

      We will all see how all of this will end up being by 2030.

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