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8 April 2019


Everywhere in the western world, democracy is ever evolving faster towards the Superstate. Even in the Mother of Parliaments where they had a clear referendum vote to free the UK from the grossly incompetent and undemocratic control by the European Union. Where a clear plebiscite result was to leave. The abysmal Members of Parliament are doing all in their power to rescind the public's wishes, effectively cancelling out the voters. The electorate - YOU - have no say!

Presumptive arrogance of this nature cost King Charles 1st his head!

What an APPALLING Westminster betrayal of the trusting British voters. The shaming of the House by egoistic parliamentary vermin not fit for office. This will not and should not be forgotten. So many Members of Parliament will lose seats in two years, deservedly. Already one senior Member of Parliament has felt the wrath of the people, his local party assembly have deselected him as their MP, and now he’s whining. The wrath of the voters felt. Payback merited. However his fellow deviants will try to save him. They fear deselecting catching fire and putting them all on notice.

But this typifies states removing all democratic process, as was attempted by Obama's and his administration's interference in the 2016 election. One Lying King versus another. (report out soon)

Treachery is visibly at work in real time - betrayal of core democracy! Politician's worthless words yet again. Conscience is stillborn with them. Voter's wishes have been gratuitously betrayed. Shameless and shameful. 2,000 years of a nation’s evolution laid waste. None seem to be fit to hold office! The Brits are visibly angry and betrayed. Despair unfolds with Theresa May. 1,000 wasted days to fail! Gross incompetence, all of them! Politicos are obviously too incompetent to complete such tasks.

What is the price for the ever unfolding extent and cause of western political failures, and what core values are left which each society needs to focus on? Politician's public approval ratings are at an all time low. Zero credibility.

What human values still matter in today’s world of political deviants? Any? Brexit is an unfolding betrayal of a nation.

Indisputably, the sheer scale and extent of political leadership failings worldwide are obvious and visibly accelerating. Were nations ever so poorly served with the inept representation in office today? Such vain, malignant mediocrities. When such fools are loose, there goes the neighbourhood.

The febrile mess made by an inept Theresa May over two and a half befuddled years, losing all direction and planning control to be marginalized by the Brussels European Union manipulators over Brexit. She and her mediocre civil service team have wasted over 1,000 days since the decision to go for withdrawal and all she has evidenced is a deal worse than remaining.

Fact, neither she nor her abysmal UK civil service team were ever up to the job and these socialists of the European Union are outmaneuvering them.

Brexit offered a free nation, the right to create its own laws, control immigration, trade and commerce. Brexit offered the right of political voice and meaningful representation. UK Members of Parliament are denying it. Self interest and avarice infect parliament.

We are seeing the end of democracy in the UK. Voice of the electorate lost.

LEAVE in despair. A government in turmoil. A populous in disbelief. The European Union afraid their bluff will be called.

An interesting question. Will Nigel Farage collect the trust of the mass voters with his new LEAVE Brexit Party? This would smash the two party state, neuter the pretentious arrogance of the political elites, and unleash a war of attrition against the European Union. The evolving socialist Superstate, which is the European Union, would sink under its known fiscal inadequacies.

Will Nigel Farage lead Britain’s own revolt?

Without, the UK is lurching towards its own Deep State. Crime is rising. Knife crime is rife. Government has lost control, and an acerbic troll sits as Speaker of the House, manipulating the questioning process to his own Machiavellian agenda.

This is Democracy? You want people to vote... for this? All politicos have lost the plot.

First world democracy is in free-fall. Its representatives unfit for office and cannot be trusted.

Where now?

The Queen could prorogue this parliament, as the monarch can. Suspend the entire assembly and only allow a resit when an assembly can either agree they concur with a plan which the voters will approve or effect a vote of 'No Confidence' and go to the polls. This would be ideal.

We watch and will report...


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    1. Thanks! Please like and make sure to subscribe.

    2. This has been smashed out to Farage, Rees Mogg and the Lords this morning. It's only 09-17 and most are not active yet, but in an hour they will be.
      We have hit the world with it already. It's in China, India and all over the US for when they wake up. It's all over the EU, Germany and Switzerland will be watching,and it is now Global via Your You Tube etc. Let's see how it does.

    3. Canauzzie subscribed as soon as OWON had a YouTube Channel. The only difference now is hit the notification bell.Liked and shared. You guys rock!!!!!

  2. Yes, good job John and Canauzzie. Thank you for this presentation. The people really need to jack right up with this Brexit mess. They voted out and that means out. I hope the UK can overcome this chaos and walk away from the EU soon. Go Nigel!

    I'll pop over to YouTube as well Canauzzie. Thanks guys.

  3. I had only read the above transcript when I posted my comment above. I just went over the YouTube and watched the video. I have to say that the video was absolutely fantastic.

    Canauzzie, did you create that video?


    1. There is no "I" in "team"... ;)

    2. OK, got ya Canauzzie. In that case the OWoN team that created this video need a huge round of applause for such excellent work. It was a fantastic presentation. I could only imagine how long it must take to prepare material of such quality. And extremely rewarding to see such wonderful results. Bloody good job dudes.


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  5. I would ask that everyone place a comment on the new YouTube video. Even if it is just to tell me to pound sand. Every interaction helps.

    1. Right on!!! We need to show how so many in the U.S. need to go also. Washington needs an enema. Thank you for all of your efforts and education. Too many politicians no longer represent the people they work for. We have far to go. Your articles are helping us to head down the right road. Thank you...

    2. OK Canauzzie, shall do. I did the like and subscribe bit but will head back and comment. Don't even know what the heck a "bell" notification is lol but I will work it out. I may be a bit lacking in the tech department but never tell an old gal she won't get there. LOL

    3. Don't worry Aurataya when someone rings the bell you will know it!

    4. LOL John. Oh yeah, heck I get it now. When the bell rings that's when all those yodeling noises start.
      STOP it right now John. You are such a bad influence on me. You are always leading me astray. LOL
      Must dash now, I hear a familiar bell ringing in the distance. Hehehe.


    5. Clicking the 'Bell' beside the Subscribe button.

    6. Thank you Canauzzie. I did work it out yesterday even though John offered me no assistance whatsoever. LOL
      All done.

  6. Mark
    We have focused on harsh and miserable reality as is for the UK.
    2,000 years of history reduced to rubbish by rubbish in power

    However, when we burst the hubris pride of the US the acrimony clouds rise. Both nations are off the rails , and only democratic free speech can help. The bond between America andathe UK is close, and deservedly a good cause for constructive criticism of 2 failing systems. Only addressing and challenging each can change anything
    Right now we are very vocal within the UK to re track crap in office.


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