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A way forward

A way forward
By OWON Team
19 February 2019

To predetermine a better world, inclusive for all, we first have to define our problems, failures, aspirations as a species. A road map of both societies fundamental need to evolve and leadership with humility. We know of no such collective group in politics anywhere. Our current western system is now only a convoluted vortex of fiscal confusion. Where a combination of satisfying the syphon practices of the Zionist Fed, presumptive enrichment of the energy moguls and sovereign families, the globally rapacious Military Industrial Complex, the Vatican's incestuous Jesuit socialism NWO projects, and Bilderberg's Bankster lobbying program, reigns supreme to protect each patch of status quo. Vision none. The old Council of 300 malpractices, albeit in rapid decline, still maintains some hold, to sequester all, not feed the swine. To divide and rule.

Society is lost. But evolving humanity is visibly awakening, refusing to be led by inept vision-less chancers and fools as the Paris riots show. Brexit is breaking Europe’s EU socialist fiasco. The EU is disintegrating and Eurasia encroaching.

Contemplate the state of politics and limp, inept or lying leadership today. Did you vote for any of this? Do they even care? What happened to Democracy?

Our leaders do what? Civilisation is at a crossroad. Look at Paris. All this is a panacea for deviant revolution. One where the Have Nots will truly be revolting! France has started. Ugly right wing anarchists are a new risk. Forgotten and frustrated with nothing to lose. Societies are trapped in social degeneration. Hope - Less!

What kind of world will we be passing on and how will we cope with the expansion of populations? Jobs, housing, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. With the fast encroaching AI world, ever sophisticated IT and robotics, with so many applications, is it not time to redesign life itself? Our fundamental purpose of being? To achieve what?

It's time for sophisticated leaders to think outside of the box. Take a quantum leap in the spiritual evolution of our species. Our whole concept of fiscal rule is rapacious, predatory and pointless. A world of banker's mega yachts, Hedge Funds, and vulture capitalists = no soul. Social degeneracy! We syphon wealth and impoverish our people.

How about using human lead intelligence to redirect focus and change, the emergence of a new global civilisation. Civilised rules to achieve our primary point of being?

AI could self replicate and compute solutions. Creating new designs in a fraction of human time. Accelerated healthcare diagnostics. Accelerated product design. Convoluted mathematical models and equations resolved in seconds, or minutes? Leaving us time to do what? So many current administrative or routine physical tasks will be replaced by robotics or AI led IT. Soon, fundamental human roles will become increasingly obsolete. Industries and wealth accrual need a booming consumer base to service demand and the profit motive. It's becoming obsolete. As are we.

We have polluted our planet, raped our resources, destroyed millennia of cultures, escalated ever more potent STDs, and created emergent societies with a value base of nothing. Communication is Snapchat or Facebook. Vacuous Numpties.

Where is the Moses re-emergence of a species motive? The breakaway to find and furnish a better land. Empires have decayed and lost their way. Obsolete industries and thinking impaired. The vehemence of derision. Society is in free-fall. What next, a sanctuary world?

Our current system of wealth creation has narrowed enrichment and escalated poverty. Our greatest visible victim is the poverty of Soul. We have lost ethereal values or direction and incurred a political flotsam based society of degenerates.

Open the lock gates of a true emergent society, based on a constructive regeneration program tasked to serve the need, the human being need, not greed. Being heard, being valued, being served for the purpose of developing a carbon-based life force of values.

Rethinking and re-tasking banking. Removing the Zionist Fed. This tapeworm is Zionist owned and MUST go! Re-task and regenerate each nation's fundamental wealth base by effecting a meaningful redistribution of monetary balances. Release and redeem, settle what is owed. End the Fed's reneging practices. Take back control of money from the Zionist Cabal. Serve society for a purpose, not elite's greed.

If we use the impending settlement releases wisely, as a new bank trade program base funding, but instead of Pentagon or Agency games, we focus on funding a new world, bypassing and stripping the Tiers One and Two via tax havens, and instead put back vast profits in trust instead, to serve a better world for all, the entire dynamic can be unlocked. We cut nation's crippling borrowing and unleash tiers of key projects. It changes everything. No more Fed or vulture banking. Profits for sustainable people.

The enormous scale of such truly beneficial projects can enhance America, Britain and the Commonwealth. Focus on the world's needs, with vision and enlightened intent. With all nations able to benefit. Infrastructure, employment, a rethought alternative society evolving and re-planned in achievable taxes as contributions. End the need for offshore banks as skimming depositories, evading taxes and divesting from all nations. Fund instead a vast array of so many critically needed projects, environment, and energy. Plus healthcare, education and the arts. We can activate newly conceived think tanks to explore the boundaries of a meaningful relationship for humanity, with a reduced government imprint, and expand essential public services, exploring the boundaries of being, a better human being.

Educate fundamental principles and truth. Enlighten all. How can we affect real progress when misguided religious wackos, and all too often times pedos, rule our schools. Cults mutilate our children in a perverse doctrine, serving the machinations of a schizophrenic paranoid delusional like Abraham, or Mohamed? Enlightened? We follow that as a society? Have you even started to think for yourself? Why not? What is YOUR purpose of being?

6,000 years of emergent civilisations from Asia out, and still we cannot affect reason?

Our greatest need is to rethink leadership. To qualify its agenda. Where is their vision? Who are those fit to lead and educate? With what agenda?

Re-track the whole concept of assets and liquidity. Rethink wealth accrual and purpose. Time to reassess the greatest foe of all, money lending. The root of most evils. Rampant with corruption.

Is it not time to purpose all to service the needs of our primary objective role, of developing mankind? What else are we here for, but to serve our primary mission and point of being? We have lost direction, or the ability to direct. So, how do we redirect the purpose of being, a species of values and meaning - something?

To re-track and put back purpose to evolve our species.

Who needs money? Think it through. Soon, your journey is over, your dead and it's you ending your carbon-based life journey. You achieved what? For 50 years America's wealth and failing justice was Bush - WHACKED! The leading Empire derailing instead of servicing Cabal greed. He's dead. Time to free up thinking of being. A new Constitution of what values? But global! Time for a primary objective of being. A Constitution of a caring humanity. Nurture and educate all new life, enrich being - Alive!

These are for debate, not necessarily an endorsement:


  1. An important message. Once you have lived in a society where all is freely available, where abundance is, where people actually work together for the benefit of community, this we know now doesn't make sense.

    Good job OWON team! )

  2. We are trying to debate the options and engender real Leadership for a new society to emerge you can all be protected by

  3. I have only read the article and not as yet had time to watch the videos shared but will do so as soon as I gain some spare time. I thoroughly enjoyed the article John and Canauzzie, Thank you both so much for presenting this message. It was very well written, uplifting and honest, just my cup of tea.

    1. Politicians can't and won't lead us out of this mess that has become the state of Humanity today. So many good readers on the site have valid views and can make a difference. Bottom line, it's down to us. Re educate.


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