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Current State of Affairs | 19 July 2016 | Exodus is coming!

2016 - The beginning of the end of Cabal CIA Global and Elitist Power

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
19 July 2016

What is happening, as the mighty are in free fall everywhere?

The best laid plans of men, are not even getting off the CFR drawing board. Governments who seek Political resolution are now being met by voter’s revolution.

David Cameron, the now shock departed British Prime Minister, had the arrogance to presume he could gerrymander the public though his mind games and steer them past a Brexit vote, forward planning his term of office for another 4 years. The Public knew better and shock voted him down. Democracy won as the grass roots wise electorate rebelled against political patronage. This derails the old Anglo Saxon American alliance at its very roots. Decades of control lost. A system now accountable. What if this catches on in America? Trump have heart and take note.

Cameron was another Leader who failed to recognise the mood of the voting public, who want an end to uncontrolled Illegal immigration, and an end to this EU Human Rights nonsense. An end to State waste. An end to Global Military meddling supporting US Hegemony war games. An end to the narrow minded Socialist diatribe pouring out of Brussels, and the endless, mindless diatribe of red tape and so unnecessary legislative control strangling businesses. An end to unelected Eurocrats stifling democracy and their never ending taxes. An end to the never ending streams of illegals passing through the EU’s open borders madness. An end to the strain and burdens on the nation’s welfare systems, health services, schools, housing stocks and a reduction in crime from the Easter Block faeces states of the EU migrants. The nation is protecting its culture and heritage.

As in time will our colonial American cousins. Their nation founded in blood and their right to be free as ordained by the Founders.

Muslims chose not to go to other Muslim States, but to scavenge off the world, and their men to still want Sharia Law. Mosques are springing up everywhere. Centres of sedition. Ever more planning insurrection, agitating militancy and providing safe haven concealed arms caches. Militant Muslim violence is increasing and cross border expanding. This perverse Cult, predicated upon the manic ramblings of a combined paranoid delusional schizophrenic, with its macabre taste for marrying off 6 to 9-year-old female children, is a cult indoctrinated to believe in the merciless death of any people not subjugating themselves to such a pervasive and inhumane cult. Welcoming in such a messed up subspecies is on a par with humanity injecting itself with HIV!

This is a cruel, intolerant and backward Cult religion, as evidenced by their mass beheadings, mass rapes, sexual abuse of children, destruction of historical nations own ancient monuments, and their wanton global terrorism. What sane nation willingly incorporates such a rabid wolf pack into its herd of pedigree sheep? Of course we feel for the displaced by feckless Imperialist campaigns. But fixing the problems at source is the key.

Face the real issues.

Why would Europe or America willingly flood its nations with this flotsam? The British voters just told their Political Leaders, No!!! No more! It’s THEIR nation and rightfully they don’t want, nor will tolerate much more of this. Unlike poor America, British Leaders failing to listen at their peril, just paid with demise.

We question the Elites, but look at what just happened again in London. Real Electoral hope of an enfranchised people.

Not only did they throw out the Socialists and Liberals last year, as well as many Old Guard fat cats, but as soon as the PM Cameron had to fall on his sword, Theresa May, as the new PM stunned the Whitehall set with the brave new selected Cabinet appointees.

The same day appointed, she sacked the Elitist Chancellor George Osbourne, who never imagined this coming. No other role was offered, just Go!

She sacked Zionist Michael Gove as Justice Minister, he who back-stabbed Boris. She sacked Oliver Letwin, Rothschild’s man and Cameron’s elitist Eton buddy, and she decimated the Cabinet of the Elitists.

Over 2 days she brought in State educated new Ministers. New blood, the real world voices of the people. Politicos who have actually achieved real world working. The Elitists just got erased from power. Their only privilege now is to walk the streets, jobless. How the mighty have fallen.

So have hope, it can be done - it just happened. The Mother of Parliaments just cut loose the snot nosed Preppies and Wonder kids. The Vicars daughter just mass used the knife and brought in experience. Life works out. As with Thatcher, Cometh the hour, unleash new Female power?

Theresa may amaze them all. She however, has a real world, experienced Professional husband, a stable marriage and a seemingly good life Partner behind her. Why not? She has not only been a stable, quiet and diligent Home Secretary, but has carried out the Ministerial role in the career killing Home Office for 6 years, and survived. She has deported terrorists and tackled Crime. Including facing down the rude, Bolshy and pampered Police Unions with their loud mouthed assemblies. Real world experience, she has seen the mean streets. Not a bad CV or Bio for her.

Faced down with the safe options of not rocking the boat for Cabinet changes, she opened the sluice hatches and bilge dumped the Notting Hill set. A complete clean sweep. Out!

Evolutionary and revolutionary. Elitists just got mass ejected. The life experienced street people are now in. Now it’s not who your family are, but the values, intellect and work ethic you bring. The playing board just got leveled for all. So Yes, have hope, it can be done. The world please take note. Changes we all need just got imposed in the Mother of Parliaments. As Oliver Cromwell trashed the old Feudal powers, resulting in the war of the Round-head Parliamentarians and the Royalists, including beheading King Charles 1st, this may be the new Olivia Cromwell, born again and Christian.

The new appointees, with an open and full mandate, will in turn appoint their own support teams, each with an agenda to self-achieve.

David Davis, the product of a single parent who grew up in tough State council houses, and hard times constantly, is a self-made Politician, one despised by Cameron and his Trust endowed Preppie Boy set. Davis was totally anti EU membership. Having been out of a senior role for 19 years he battled on alone. He will be a fearsome adversary, ex-Military part time Special Forces officer, facing down the Eurocrats.

Now he has been appointed by the PM to front the EU withdrawal negotiations. His mandate is simple. You wanted it, now deliver it! Davis will be no soft touch for the unelected Mandarins of the Brussels set. Expect courteous but firm hard ball all the way. This will be the dissolution of a marriage of inconvenience. Britain has neither the will, nor the need, to give the Eurocrats a free feed. This will be no withdrawal by seduction.

Boris Johnson just got the poison chalice. Appointed as the new Foreign Secretary to sell Britain to the world as we set sail on our own new Pilgrims voyage, she has in effect, brought her own number one Political challenger to an inner circle under close watch. Having insulted most Leaders and nations from time to time by this old Bullingdon Club boy, he now goes back on centre stage to build new trading relationships, or fail. Bumbling Boris can be amusing short term company. But now he faces the empirical judgment of his Peers.

Succeed and Theresa May gets the credit, fail and he is damned with patronage withdrawn. For him, career ending. The big new Boris reality check. He has been, as the progeny of an American parent and a dual passport holder, a focused US opponent. Also one who has refused IRS attempts to worldwide tax him. An interesting dichotomy. But, as his future visits to the US will be under Diplomatic privilege, let the games begin.

As regards building new worldwide trade agreement relationships, Britain and Australia are already opening dialogue in only a week. Innovation!

In 1980 the EU, as it was then, had a worldwide GDP share of c25% of Global trade. Now with ever expanded borders into many basket case nations, it encompasses less than 15%. Britain alone is the now 6th largest economy and one the EU cannot afford to lose as an Export market. Withdrawal negotiations are very much in Britain’s favour, as a British blockade of EU trade, or delays in acceptable Trade Tariffs, would devastate EU balance of payments. The UK is Germany's largest car market. Lose that and Germany fails. The UK is France's largest Champagne market. Lose that and the wine-lands fail. Britain’s own large subsidy contribution when withdrawn, will be a blow to the fat cats of Brussels and the grasping Third World Mediterranean and Eastern bloc nations.

Britain can now target 160 plus nations and build with Asia. Instead of subsidising failed EU parasite states, it can self-fund an Export boom to self-enrich its own growing vibrant economy. Cutting off the net $350M weekly waste subsidising the EU, and cutting off the welfare abuse of the Eastern Bloc Gypsy parasites pouring in from the likes of Romania, and also the criminal hoards from Albania, will help ease the stresses and welfare abuses. Under the new rules, those here will get 6 months to find a job, or be compulsorily returned. Illegals, free of EU interference, will be returned. Britain will now secure its own borders. No more Health Tourists abusing our National Health service. If you have paid less than 5 years UK Heath Care contributions, you will have no free treatment and will have to go home. The Budget busting Heath Care freeloader scams will end.They pay their way, or go away.

The electorate has had enough. That is true Democracy. Fail the people, and ignominy beckons. Now each seat is a privilege, and not for the Privileged Classes. A cold wind is sweeping the UK, as reality dawns. Politicos are now scrutinised and accountable at the Ballot boxes. Cameron 3 months ago had no idea his career and life would end in ignominy. Nor the Chancellor 3 weeks ago. He assumed the PM role was his next. Now he is no longer even in the Cabinet. Sacked and gone. The last 3 weeks have outperformed any Shakespeare plays as a Stage of Real Life.

As for the future. As the UK now compulsorily is going East, the long abused one sided Special Relationship with Washington will go West! No more subservient war mongering to protect US Energy interest or Mineral Rights. A new Geo Political map of relationships and ideologies will be drawn over time. One mutually respectful, one enriching not just cooperating nations, but an enlightened one building new humane and cultural relationships for an emerging new world. As Britain will become ever more an integral part of its emerging Global relationships, it will have to assimilate its views and political tolerances to embrace all nations. London, as the Capital of Global Anglo Saxon, Masonic and Feudal powers will have to change. The new world will be inclusive. The Zionist Banking institutions simply have no role in a Global cooperative of emerging hierarchies. They will not be tolerated.

Backstabbing Michael Gove, as the Justice Minister who committed to die a Zionist, was given his wish and his career with him, sacked with the emergence of the new guard. Zionism is passé and will be rebuffed. As will Militant Islam.

The speed of change is empiric. Blink and your place has gone at the table of power. Progressive changes are evolving. As is the door for failures.

No nations can easily dictate self-interest policies to the world largest Financial epicentre.

Britain’s shock withdrawal from the contrived EU, has torpedoed the New World Order aspirations of the Tri Laterals and CFR architects. Especially as Britain will now become ever closer to Asia, BRICS and in time Russia. Britain being the new primary Chinese RMB currency trading centre, will have conflicts of interest embedded in future NWO associations.

Nor, in this emerging new world, can its City Masonic Lodges maintain their special enclaves of power, excluding access or influence to key trading partners. A price will be paid by all. Inclusion, power sharing. There will no place for Zionism and its shady Banking practices in the fast emerging future. Washington’s influence is now torpedoed. CFR pervasive policies are now aground in a minefield of conflicting interests.

New visions, new blood, new agendas will emerge. As is in dialogue with the Elders. Participation will be on equitable terms. Agendas inclusive of all. Money rules, and will exit fools.

This small Island nation gave the world an Industrial revolution. It is the founding base of most nations laws, and the Global founders of so much universal education. Bankers to the world and the world’s largest Cultural centre city in London. A city of inclusion for all nations to participate in freedom and safety. If Britain is to progress, even survive, it does so now predicated upon its success as a trusted, valued partner of multi-facet, multinational mutually beneficial interests.

This is a case where not only is no man an Island, but this will become a safe haven of culture, ideals, responsible safe banking, and a Global cooperative for shared innovations. Britain has just left the safe haven of the EU, and US, and set sail on a new voyage of discovery for a place at the top table of a rapidly emerging new world and to become the Bankers to Eurasia. Once the transportation systems develop from Beijing, across Asia and Europe to London, this giant homogeneous new multinational continent, will become the next world leading power block. The key being, whose who in the emerging pecking order of this new evolving human Zoo? NWO just failed, as will the Zionist domination of Global banking next. As the Chinese take on the Deputy Managing Directors role of the IMF, the pack is self-shuffling already in the House of Cards, previously the exclusive domain of Western Imperialism. Britain must play its own cards accordingly, and will. Survival of the fittest. A single week in Politics saw non-envisaged changes and a schism now created in the old world order. Once those British subsidies to the EU cease, EU problems will exacerbate. Especially once Britain repatriates the selective unwanted nationals to Europe, theirs and the unwanted illegals they willfully let through. The rules are simple; all illegals go back to the last port of entry. Britain is surrounded by seas. The lot go back. The people have spoken. Their nation, they say!

Exodus is coming!


  1. This opens a vast array of issues and options. Changes will be forced, and going Global will change the world. Setting sail for Eurasia , those with vision will be tomorrows Leaders. He who dares, wins.

  2. Even though some eschew channeled communication I will post anyway.

    "History will show that Brexit was the beginning of the end for the Illuminati and their ambitions, as the desire to be able to control your own destiny will spread to many other countries. Already some are set to follow the British example, and the break-up of the EU looks unstoppable."

    We have all felt the palpable shift that has just occurred. The Brits have just spoken for the majority of people on this planet.

    <a href="></a>

  3. When you read the article for the second time you will realise the enormous change and impact this will have.

    The montage of pics below is to hint to those aware, we are coming. Also to help you understand the wheels within wheels in play here. Nothing will be sacrosanct, but note the Temple Mount? Revelations?

  4. Lilium Flower

    When you read again, it will help you see where it's now at, but also going.

    Thank you for posting.

  5. Incredible. Changes that people thought were impossible are now happening. This is a tangible sign of the hard work you are involved in.

    No need for galactic fairy tales or NESARA type lunacy. Real practical solutions put in play by real people working hard to make it so. Good show!

    1. Yes,
      But only the Muzzies get the 70 plus. Jeez, enough to make a man convert bar the cut!! Ouch. Lol

      Think ahead what we are reshaping now. We will transform Politics and wipe out the Zio Rats in Banking once we bring the BOC to London and deny Zio rat banks access to Gold backed RMBs. Gold backed Bonds in RBM will rule, and we chose who plays. Zio rats will burn.
      Our world is no fairy tale, but it's a 100 year forward never ending story.
      Think of which London families, Gatekeepers to the Monarchy and Elders, will then rule all?
      See the end game? Think it through.
      As the British Tai Pans once ruled China from HK, which UK Tai Pans will then rule Eurasia as Trade Overlords? It's the big picture Tony. Zios not allowed in. T families only. Understand? No more explanation. We keep it dark.

    2. Understood. Fresh resources, ethically managed and guarded.

      We look forward to hearing more when the time is appropriate.

    3. Back to the film. The Elders would only deal with one of Noble Birth, and who could do " humble" when needed and visibly from the heart. That total power can only be concentrated with one who the Elders Scanners approved. Note the Temple Head whose role there was to read Souls, ethical bearing and to test if the true consciousness portrayed had yet achieved enlightenment, or been born so. Determining that made all possible.
      Now, if all families concur,it moves towards staged reconstruction. The "One" determines if the Rotts, rot! Take that as given. We have no need of Western money,Fed Banking, or Rotts banking. The greatest city in the the world is now Rott free, and next so will be Eurasia.
      The site now also has a massive following from Russia daily.

      Changes coming will be Global, ignoring domestic Political patronage,rising above, and putting the family of all mankind first.
      No nations, all for each human being. Cosmic and ethereal integration.
      Way beyond the conceptual awareness of the Politicos. An ethical Global Corporate makeover.
      A big ask, but can we outrun the Muzzies for the 70 plus at the end? Lol

    4. Once you get the PPs released, you and the guy in Reno can share my 70. They must be untouched for a reason, so I'll pass. LOL

  6. I am totally lost and not able to read between the lines. I see the picture of Trump included with what appears to be those that will be taken down. Please don't tell me he's part of this corruption.

  7. Well done Fed Up.

    No. Ir means that IF hes elected,this is the new world he will be entering,of which the Public are totally unaware exists, as is Trump. He will be on his own journey of discovery, which will be a maze to encounter,and a myriad of orders and powers he will have to ingratiate himself into if to succeed.
    But Britain having undertaken Brexit, now has to invite in Asian Trading Partners,and compromise on Club Membership controls,and access to old Orders. All will change. A new future will be written. Alliances will form. Alliances will end.

    1. Thank you for your reply. The end of this madness can't come fast enough. I've not been awake that long and it seems like it's never going to end. I learn something new everyday. It's hard to piece it all together and there's so much disinformation out there.

  8. Thank you so very much, John. What an amazing, frightening, and enlightening journey you have taken us on. So many puzzle pieces and dots I'm trying to connect like Fed Up above and they never seem to end. Yet you continue to provide so much hope for humanity.

    The Sator Square story is fascinating. I've been able to visit Pompeii, and as with other historical sites whose hidden meaning I'm learning more about, this one was pretty surprising.

    Looking forward to more exposures and nuggets from you.

    Cal L. Girl

  9. "The Elders would only deal with one of Noble Birth, and who could do " humble" when needed and visibly from the heart. That total power can only be concentrated with one who the Elders Scanners approved. Note the Temple Head whose role there was to read Souls, ethical bearing and to test if the true consciousness portrayed had yet achieved enlightenment, or been born so. Determining that made all possible." Very profound. Christ consciousness(Heart)and Buddha consciousnes(Wisdom,Illumination) now regains it`s rightful place in the financial sectors of the nations and the souls of people, never more to be usurped by the fallen illuminati. And they thought they were untouchable and above the law,luciferians to the core. Well lucifer and all of your offspring and henchmen you have now been expelled from control of the mother and her children.Hark!! The intensity of the light now increases with each breath you take.Bend the knee now and surrender or suffer a greater consequence!!! It was decreed upon you at the moment of your betrayal and going astray from the Universal Geometry Of Design. OM.YHWH Tat tvam asi

    1. Now you see why the Senior Temple Head was brought in to see what was truly in our hearts and heads. Highly intelligence and advanced consciousness. All before have been rebuffed. They know the ethereal values of all. All before have failed. Now they are focused as it develops. Our team are in the hidden cash warehouses checking what is real from bogus US Fed games from Friday. Real progress. A step at a time.


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