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Lifting the Veil | Report #8 | Taking the better way forward

What is Real Wealth for All to Share?

One World of Nations
Lifting the Veil Series
13 November 2015

Life is about steps and choices. Evolution of the Soul. Yours! So how about we take the better way forward? Because, with the Right Leaders - we can. Our consequential decisions shape the world we chose to live in. Doing nothing enables others to shape it badly. Is this all you will leave behind? Why?

We look and all around us is chaos. Greed, deceit, killing and those in need. Again – Why?

NWO is the terrible price all will pay if we fail. NWO is the play-field of the Cabal, a subspecies of humanity which has divided, deluded and maintained ever more intense and murderous territorial wars, resulting in the new Muslim population displacements swamping Europe. Asia, thankfully, is already realigning territories in conflict with the NWO strategies. China and Russia practice ever more War Games and the ultimate master stroke, may well be Financial, collapsing the whole treacherous Zionist Feds Fiat oligopoly. The future for all, unfolds on your watch. The concept of the crooked psychotic Clinton augurs so badly for all. Crime sadly, certainly pays in America. Clinton in the White House would be a travesty. Will America sink so low? Again?

Are we still no more than just sophisticated Carnivore Plains predators? Did evolution bypass us?

What sort of species are we evolving towards? Why do millions die, for indifference or another religious lie? Do we face our own end of days, or find better ways? When will we get it, and evolve?

Idiotic boys with toys have helped kill millions in the Middle East and Afghanistan, with a resultant surge of mass ignorant displaced Muslims now swamping the world. Nations cannot cope, nor do they fit or belong. None seem to want to go to other Islamic states. Yet they will destabilize yours, even after arrival. While befuddled, inept and mediocre Leaders do nothing!

From a divided world in so much chaos, who, has a clue, to help stem the tides of desperation and humanities desolation.

The answers are all around us. But there seems no one to lead, or feed knowledge as power.

So, despite a world crippled by corruption, greed, collapse of values and standards, how about for a moment we switch on and just look at the up side also. We always have choices.

Any child, of any nation, placed into an equal First World Nation opportunity from birth, if given the same parental care and educational opportunities, is as equal as any other child, and can achieve anything also if given the chance. It’s NOT about breeding, class or nationality. It’s all about equal opportunity. Look at the so called Elites, who every day prove first-hand how they can breed mediocrities so poor that even education can’t help them. Look at what they produce. George W Bush!

How many slots are lost to children of real ability? Why are we not streaming and channeling all our new life forces? How much do we mishandle impoverishing new Souls? Vast potential is lost.

One world, one species - Human. The rest is packaging and ignorance abounds. With the truly mediocre political subspecies in power, can you wonder why nothing is achieved? Why do we elect them? The selection process is so flawed. Clinton is so knowingly criminal, why is she not arraigned already? How can a Marxist Chicago crime funded Non-American Kenyan Usurper like Barry Soetoro even have cleared vetting? Who will raise the bars way higher? Why are people who have achieved nothing of demonstrable personal substance allowed access to the corridors of power? Neither Bush nor Clinton are electable. One a psychotic criminal, the other also criminal and a fumbling buffoon.

But low life forces such as these apart, look at credible options.

Look around you. The whole world is teaming with success stories of human capability. Real value, is Soul value. The Elders at a special meeting in Seoul, Korea with the Chinese and Japanese PM’s, have agreed to help fund China and certain other interests. But no way for the US after its 'chequered' past. For many nations this will really help and bring hope. It’s not all about America. 7 billion more live here as well. Without McDonalds. Real needs.

From those feeding the needs of dispossessed on the streets, to dedicated Health and charitable services, to those working tirelessly to rethink nation’s needs, and create Global harmony to uplift the spirit of Humanity itself. The so many emerging companies, each with ever more ground breaking technologies, energy revelations, and industrial innovations. The heart and soul of all emerging civilisations, yet currently up to 40% of all major city taxable income comes from Financial Services. Vast wealth is siphoned away from serving our desperate needs, deployed instead by sleight of hand, to fund new algorithms of illusionary wealth for Derivatives and a vortex of shape-shifting Financial Products whose only objective is to asset strip income. Humanity bleeds as Raptors feed.

Nowhere is there a focus or solution for those in need. Where is moral responsibility?

Step aside from this ruinous Financial enclave and look at what real people are achieving everyday. Worldwide. Innovation is not the primary right of any nation. It's random and alive in all of us. We need to refocus not on illusory wealth, but good values. If an Industry does not focus on and feed need, the need for the industry itself is negated. Starting with the Financial Industries. Allowing Fiscal Oligopolies and Hedge Funds to capture vast hard accrued Pension Fund Wealth, then to asset strip it funding pointless algorithmic models funds nothing to service need. Worse, when algorithmic models fail, as always by wild card conditions never factored in because of lack of real world experience, the consequential bank implications are seismic. Society never gains, but society always pays. Time to reign in the Raptors, rethink emergent societies and limit Commission structures. Banking puts nothing back. Financial Industries service greed. Who, in power, is thinking of need?

Now, a bombshell for many. Much as we often quote many interesting philosophies of the Dalai Lama, accrediting value to each where due. The unknown problem even there, is that as a paid CIA asset himself for many years, he has lost all Trust and credibility with China. So can accomplish nothing of real value himself in Asia now. He’s a good man, but forever tainted with China for accepting American funding. His choice. So others need to bridge that gap. He has value in the chain, but cannot build the bridges into China. We then must. Because we need to. As a Non-Political Honorary Force, we try. We have a good relationship with our Chinese associates. Hopefully, how good will enable real progress, although even the Elders are encircled by aggressive and vicious Military or Police State empowered tyrants who endanger the Elders very lives, in never ending pursuit of the hidden reserves, AU and Capital assets. Bankers sell out Elders to the State, in turn unleashing tyrannical Secret Police hell bent on sequestrating dynasty assets. Elders live in daily fear.

OWON is a site of conscience seeking more for all of humanity.

Even on Monday, 26th October (2015), the Lords blocked Government Bills to stringently cut Welfare to those most in need, and created an explosive chasm of consequences. We put conscience before Political expediency and are forcing a rethink to shelter those in most need. There will be consequences. But what do we take with us? Conscience is a living ethereal product of value. It matters and saves lives. We also forced the Government to go back and rethink bad legislation. We need to serve you, not herd you, because true representation, is an honour -  not a right! One which again brings with it yet more responsibility for ever more selective control of appointments to office. For what purpose? What value?

So let’s start to think outside of the Corporate box.

Humanities essential needs are for the first building blocks of life, water, followed by energy, food, minerals, the ecosystem and our stewardship of nature.

Why are we allowing Corporate Oligopolies to sequestrate all these and control them for profit? What is the value of a human right? Think about it. Wow factor creative thinking. What if? What if OWON are right?

When will we rethink the meaning of life and quality of it for all? Again, we allow societies to emerge which know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. We live, we die, we leave a lie. Why?

The amounts siphoned off daily from overnight MTN and BG trading which routes to Tax Havens would recover all nations budget shortfalls. A 25% cut in US Military spending would end world poverty. It is inexcusable and Political Maleficence not to put people first. Why should millions die, so the Cabal and Bankers can live a lie? They bequeath only misery.

Earn respect. America is now less than 5% of the world’s population. HOW DARE YOU starve humanity and trample the soul of life itself! Who gave you the right to impose your 990 bases, fund ISIS, arm terrorists, kill millions and create this mass exodus of Muslims now swamping Europe? The US is not fit for purpose and not fit for such Global Office. It is presumptive power of a morally bankrupt regime. Threatened ever worse if a truly criminal, psychotic and evil harridan like Clinton ever assumes office, instead of the jail cell she truly belongs in. How can America sink so low?

Companies across the world are achieving great things in innovation. Weekly breakthroughs in energy, medical sciences, cancer cures, sight treatment, child care, ecological concepts, animal husbandry. Hell, Clinton and Obama each even married one.

I am ever in awe of the focus, dedication and commitment of so many of you worldwide as Teachers. Lecturers, Tutors. Doctors, Nurses and Humanitarian Agencies. You are the Mind Guides of our children and our planets future. Intellect is random and free thought. During those first 9 formative years, the values we impart stay with them for life. We need to get it right.

Why are we not Globally accelerating Fusion Power for all? Multinational project sharing. Why are we not harnessing the power of rainfall water from the Rockies, the Alps, Asia’s mountain ranges and the Andes, to onward distribute and irrigate the lands below, feeding those in so much need. We need to feed, and expand, MINDS! Real power, is Soul power. Yours.

We live on a planet of 70% face surface of water, yet millions die each year starving in Africa, children forced to drink polluted water contaminated with unimaginable diseases or harmful organisms. We do nothing. Our only concerns are the ever expanding Guts of all too many Welfare Groupies who know how to play the system.

Asia suffers equally under appalling and brutal regimes with young children sold to vile sex traffickers at 5 or 6 years of age to feed a growing perverse demand. Truly, if we are to hold any standards, we need a worldwide death penalty for both Sex Traffickers, and the perverse subhuman customers preying on such defenceless children. It is heart breaking. It needs to be life - ending! Defile their poor little lives, lose yours! A bullet is too good for you, thrown into crocodile packed rivers is better, with meat thrown in ahead to get them ready. Subhumans chose their end games. Especially televised for all to see. Traffickers fast trafficked to the crock farms. Reptile justice, no less. What price is a child’s life? There can be no squeamish limits to the consequences for such heinous crimes. Fear is a great deterrent.

Where do we set the bar for humanity? Surely not as low as for Political office?

Mankind, united can achieve so much. There are no races, but one. Time for change approaches, to unite, integrate and create a whole new Universal Doctrine of truth, awareness, freedom of expression, understanding of values, our responsibility to and for ecology, our responsibility to care and cultivate the animal kingdoms, wildlife and nature (Excluding Politicians and Zionist Bankers!).

Life, what’s it all about and why, as this is so clearly a multi-cultural series of lost, confused and needlessly militant rag bags of humanity is so badly mistracked and misguided, why do we not unite and focus on creating a viable new ethos of Human Rights integral to all, encompassing a meaningful code of rights and state of being to encompass all life forms on our wonderful but so delicate planet?

There are those who do understand, who know. But the task now is rebuilding the true creative building blocks of knowledge and human consciousness. Uplifting Man. Life is ALL about knowledge, creating and expanding it. But using it to reshape values and enhancing all life forms around us. Becoming the architects of our own future. Creating the vision of a planet to encompass and cherish all. United in being, not as nations in conflict. One where values are Soul, not material. Understanding not demanding. There is only one true and meaningful goal for each of you. Enlightenment. That is the sole purpose of each of your journeys.

Many readers, from Saturnalia to others, are ever seeking access to the fountains of knowledge, or confused thinking, of Religious Orders or Secret Societies wondering which holds the Holy Grail of true power. All Religions are man’s creations, many highly despotic regimes. Most usurp freedoms and mistrack human values. From the hidden Secrets of the Free Masons to the inaccessible true Templers, what is truth? Where to look? How, especially when only those at the top, many born into it, know? Secret Orders remain secret. But, for those who truly seek, to avoid you needing to spend decades researching the extensive paths of Freemasonry in pursuit of Third Level acceptance, the inner secrets of enlightenment, OWON will help you with a serious example of access and knowledge. Unlocking your Souls consciousness with a few days of reading to empower you each with decades of research and awareness. Crafted answers fast tracked for you. Because – we care and because, you are the future hope. It starts with you. What you put in, humanity gets back.

Have you yet evolved to the stage, where, if we give you access to other well researched sources of knowledge, you are ready to put the time and work into understanding who, and what you truly are, and the multi-facet meaning of true Kinetic energy enlightenment and purpose of your being? To become, as one, a thinking, evolved, pulsating Light Energy Being of Cosmic Awareness to aspire to fast track your own very Ethereal Soul searching for truth? A small step for humanity, but awe inspiring for you. Knowledge shared. That fact you are here, is hope for all.

So now, the tricky part and let us carefully qualify this. We are NOT promoting Masonry, but helping many who question what is the process, seeking to understand the Mason's pursuit of Enlightenment, and their concept of it, for you make a Self-Judgment without your needing to become a Mason. It is just for you to get a better concept of how they chose to pursue it and no more. It unlocks their process for you to better understand. The author of the book also is NOT a Mason, just another inquiring mind simply sharing his findings to help others. It is only an attempt to show you what is behind the mysticism. Further oversight for you on Masonry and for you to decide and self-judge. To become more enlightened does not necessitate becoming a Mason, just simply to question their concept of truth. Opinions and judgments are yours.

What we will seek to achieve for you, is not an exposé of Masonry, as has been attempted by too many others, right back to 1730 when Samuel Pritchard wrote Freemasonry Dissected. Always the mysticism mystified the avid researchers, and balanced reviews were not forthcoming.

Freemasonry is actually a Westernised, but for some, a more tolerant path of spiritual improvement allegedly leading to Enlightenment, whose time may have come as another route to explore just for views. You have no need of Alien fantasies. We will help you with a path of truth and how to fast track your own true Enlightenment. Don’t allow a tiny sector of Extremist views by the likes of Albert Pike defame a wide church movement. Many Masons rejected him also. So, be clear, this is not defending or promoting Masonic lodges, it just raises singularly the issues of Enlightenment many readers themselves have raised and only uses odd Masonic roles as examples to debate, not to promote. Just a balanced case to be viewed in context.

Obtain the book, Turning the Hiram Key by Robert Lomas. A well researched journey of discovery by a non-Mason. It will save you years of exploratory confusion. Yes, it starts as heavy reading, but life is heavy living.

The one factor about most of you is that you are already awakened and reaching for access to the higher realms normally only achieved by decades of tier phased instruction. A week of reading this book will save you 20 years Lodge Membership. It will also bring you closer to the inner real truths not the external non-member misunderstandings. Some Masons, by personal good deeds, offer a lot to society, and helping you gain a composite understanding of reality helps each nation you chose to serve. Buy it, read it and walk the journey with us. Is one week to become 20 years smarter a good investment? Your evolution is priceless, so invest in yourself as we invest vast time in you. We will help you understand the real ethos and vision of what some hope to achieve in Masonry. Not the mysticism - the point!

Enlightened and with a whole new sense and balance of both consciousness and purpose, what can we unleash in you? On your path of life, how much more can you affect the lives of those you also meet along the way? Sometimes an entire revolution of consciousness starts with switching on a single idea. Each of you can - do so much more. Your getting here was not coincidence. Multi-millions of life forms (Ethereal Souls) challenged and raced to fertilise one egg. You alone made it. You are created life, so now, you will do what with it?



  1. You have a vast amount of variable information here and certain very challenging issues to contemplate.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful article. I am looking forward to reading the book.

  3. My understanding is that the freemasonry has been overrun and coopted by the Khazarian mafia. I've read the Hiram Key, good book for a start, but I don't believe it's the same anymore. Maybe I'm wrong and that's disinfo but apparently the elite of the freemasonry bowed to the KRM in the beginning of WW2 and never looked back. Maybe they couldn't...

  4. Masonic lodges each run their own show under a general ethos of guidance. But Yes, there have been instances of the Kazakhs, but not on such a scale as bloggers speculate. Each country profiles its own model and you will find as many WASPS, Catholics, and other religions dispersed among them. The Vatican certainly has influence via the Knights of Malta etc. Agreed its changing, but as people themselves evolve, so will old orders. We only seek to help,advise and educate.
    Sitting above the Masons are an order impossible for the Kazakhs ever to join. Or most.

    1. Does the book get any better after Chapter 4? So far, IMO, it's only explained why author felt very intimidated by the bizarre rituals. I assume that's by institutional design to control it's members, make them subservient and pliable to whatever is requested of them.

      To be honest, I'm not a proponent of secret societies. It's always been my thought if it has to be hidden it's up to no good. Closest I've ever been to a 'secret society' was sorority in college and it was not really secret. What is the good that comes from secrecy? Is there any good?

    2. Texian, haven't read the book yet, but most feel uncomfortable with use of what is actually our birth right Specific moments of body and appendages, certain tones, words said in specific way etc we have been taught such things are bad, they belong to the dark arts.
      They don't though, just been used that way by the dark ones to and maintain gain control.

      Be patient in reading. It may not be straight forward.


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