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Current State of Affairs | 28 October 2015 | Developments and implications

As the East / West Divides, what next?

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
28 October 2015

As Russia and China combine to trade directly with Middle Eastern nations like Syria and Iran, including arming and Militarily defending Syria and Iran, the baton of control has passed hands. Worse, Israeli military dogs of war like Colonel Yusi Oulen Shahak, of the Golan Brigade, Military code Re34356578765az3231434, has been caught inside Syria guiding and directing ISIS terrorists in attacks upon Israel’s long suffering neighbours, another Sovereign state. As with Palestine, nothing is sacred to this Kazakh scum and they will play any game for territorial expansion. Stealing land, stealing nations and stealing the freedom of others. Criticise this trash and their media howl Antisemitism? How so? What a crock! As with Zionist Bankers, a low life vermin and viral threat to humanity. Truly a plague upon all who house them. Our pity is ever more for the poor, innocent, humane, loyal family value Jews who are cross blamed for them. Good Jews do not do this. We know many.

Right now, like all disgusting Kazakh Zionist spawn caught and facing what he has reaped for others, he now wimps and cries, spills his guts and informs on all. This is no great hero but a gutless Zionist bullying wimp now crying for mercy. Coward! Now the interrogators are identifying other Israeli and Mossad agents also behind Syrian lines aiding terrorists. Next, with luck, they will bring in CIA subversives also aiding terrorism. Hopefully, this lot will all go on a Public Trial in Syria with the world watching on, as the full culpability and duplicity of each is exposed. The penalty for terrorism needs to be - Death! Public execution. Culture Shock and Awe the world.

What now as the large numbers of US and Israeli funded, trained and armed ISIS terrorists are routed and mass destroyed by Russian attacks? Which territorial Feudal Monarchs are now safe? As Russia has visibly placed a Keep Off and Keep Out warning over Syria, that counters Israeli duplicitous moves with Abu Dhabi to cause the collapse of Syria, which served Israeli plans to seize more territory, and would have enabled Abu Dhabi to run Gas and Oil pipelines across the new annexed Syria, and mass undercut Russian Gas supplying Europe. Of such, Empires are expanded or lost. Russia will annihilate them first. Abu Dhabi would just go up as a giant incinerated ball of flame, and Zionist Illegal Israel will simply face their earned, full on Armageddon the way they are going.

It really does not need to be this way. Kazakh spawn again, ever it is so. Yet before, pre-Zio scum, all Jews lived in peace with their Arab neighbours, respected and free to move within the greater Arab communities in safety and harmony. Only interjecting the vicious, ruthless and treacherous Kazakh's illegal occupation has created this. Judaic Jews have lost so much. The Middle East is not at war with Judaism, just Zionism and Kazakh hegemony.

Iran has triumphed over unelected American bullying sanctions for decades. Now China buys energy direct in RMB or Trade Barters, and the US gets nothing. Plus, now a vast lost territory visibly escalates as retribution.

China will fund the new emerging major Iranian Rail Network, funding new cities in its path, and Iran with its new Russian Chinese Allies, will control the entrance for all Gulf Shipping to the Arab Oil and Gas fields. American influence, now, Zero! Yet the CIA visibly scrambles in behind the scenes for Iranian Contracts and Wealth. What bogus duplicity. That’s what it’s all about. Money! Lies and subterfuge, so much for 30 years of failed sanctions. Those who arm ISIS, harm humanity.

So, as China presses ahead with the new Silk Road plans, sweeping High Speed Rail networks across Asia into Europe, with new City Empires created along the way, ever more new and critical trade dependencies will be formed. With trade comes alliances and new loyalties. When Asian trade brings the wealth, it ushers in new Fiefdoms of influence. Who bites the hand which feeds it? Influence.

As the Chinese abhor Religions, expect conflict there. Vatican / Jesuit influence will be swept aside.

As Europe will become ever more dependent upon Asia and Russian trade, territorial domains will be redrawn. Leaving what for America? South America, with its language and Culture, will align with Europe and Asia. Even Canada becomes ever more Chinese linked with trade and Investments.

As America loses ever more Global control, and trade, its economy and currency will shrink. Less trade. Less wealth. Already over 50% of Americans now earn less than $30K a year. That won’t fund the American dream anymore. “ You promised - Boo hoo!” Barf bags to go?

Less jobs, more unemployment. Far greater Welfare subsidies demand. Paid with what, from an ever shrinking pot? Who follows the illegal, inept Foreign Usurper Obama, a Bush or Clinton Crime family incumbent, with Bush to loot the store or psychopath Clinton to reign down war? Truth will die on either watch. Watch when Welfare just collapses and stops. It will. States will fold, in with it in Bankruptcy go all claims. Including your contributions. They have looted and blown the store. Nothing will be left to feed the poor. No plans, no interest, no one will care. Everyone for themselves will be the new Mantra. You can’t pay, you can’t play. Go away.

From the collapsing American economy and Global influence base, who will right the incoming wrongs about to impact America? Retiree expectations, funded from what? State - Wake up! There are NO Pots of Gold stored or accrued to pad your aging Butts, nor any plans to fund you as you live ever longer. Too long! You all, by indifference and mass ignorance, allowed yourselves to be coerced by this Ponzi economy, with None asking - show me the money? You are the epitome of the story of the Naked Emperor, a nation who truly came down the Potomac, Mississippi or Rio Grande in a bubble of naivetés. Teachers who, aligned with State, truly think they have investment pots working for them. Really? Have any of you checked or thought through the annual Management Charges, or hidden take outs. Have you plotted and checked the real value and future projections of Stocks and Shares held? In a soon to be declining economy? If Banks fold, as they will, your funds will be lost. With it, your Pensions. Ignorance will not suffice, nor will you if Banks Tank, because their goes your Pension pots.

Worse still, if YOU don’t have a Private Pension plan now, you have a bleak future because no one will fund you or care. You all had a lifetime to sort this. No point whining now if it’s all wasted. Reciprocity will be harsh. Excuses won’t pay at the Check Out Counters.

Have you seen the size of Pension Management Fees they scalp out of you annually? You are Lunch! Have you any idea of the number of ways they can and do tap that income? Every churn of Share or Stock purchases creates fees, and commissions. To who? And worse, many via Hedge Funds. Now, if you want to know about Scalpers, study Hedge Funds. No need to go to sea as a Pirate. Set up a Hedge Fund. Retirees are easy Marks. No one can or will, manage your money better than yourself. Pension Funds are lunch machines, but not for you! How often do you check the charges? What is your net annual true increase, if any? What has been your true compound gain over the last 10 years? Many, post charges do not even keep pace with inflation. And you are going to live how long? Good luck with that. Really? How safe are your Pots? Says who? If your Fund is not performing - swap it. Get a grip of YOUR money and future now. It’s your responsibility and life.

The State has no money. It blows it all. State, Federal and Military Retirees, what a future. You have not really had to think for yourselves, truly fight commercial battles for yourselves, and most of you are clueless of what it takes to make and keep a Dime. But your safe, because you are owed and you are promised, and you have rights. Chumps! Retired, you have no say. Your retired, putting nothing meaningful in and are now expendable. Rights, in a Piranha pool like this? All you fund is a feeding frenzy. Easy money. Believers?

Aaahh have maah pot. Really?

Ignorance is not bliss. Also, once arguing with Aaaahh have Maaahh rights, just walk, it’s too costly and wearing trying to educate stupid. As for Pots, most won’t have one left to Pee in.

Start with a simple scenario. With a failing State, one with Trade in decline, growing Retirees living ever longer blowing bubbles in senility, and State employees grossly underfunded Pensions, expecting to go float their boat in la la Land, when that boat hits the rocks, and Piranhas circle, what then? Of course, the State will take care of it. See Forrest Gump still thrives. You really can fool them all, all of the time.

But for those with half a brain or more left, facing a massively underfunded future, having examined real expectations, which will be truly alarming, who decides which ballast to offload first?

As the economy ever declines, as less comes in, who funds what goes out if not more Ponzi debt? When will Joe Public start to understand that the State produces nothing! ONLY what it takes from others. When the economy crumbles, and the take out is less, who funds need, when all was sucked out by greed? Welfare has become a crippling dependency, but it’s not a right. When the tap runs dry, how many will die? Think forward Self Help solutions, don’t buy into this lie.

As a retiree you will live on what, with an empty pot? From 30 onward you need to be saving hard or else! A minimum 10% of your income needs to be going to a Pension Pot, and 20% as you get older.

Adjust - or die bust!



  1. What, no state pensions for MPs, former Ministers, civil servants, teachers, firemen, NHS staff, police and the MILITARY??

    Haha....good luck with that.

    1. Valdi

      The hard reality is that successive Chancellors and PM's are just pushing the reality forward, what reserves???????????
      Even the State Pension, it's a bubble they are floundering desperately with. Do you want to Fess Up and ask for re election? Valdi the cupboard is bare. There are no easy fast fix algorithms. Implosion is a greater reality. Each year they fudge it, and the figures. But the Debt Monster grows. And the buggers keep living longer creating even more consternation with NHS budgets. As more Doctors leave or retire early with fat pots at 55. What a complete balls up of negotiations. Which complete assholes created this? As Civil Servants scuttle off also with fat, unearned indexed Pensions at 60, as with Bankers. It's all WRONG!
      Trouble is coming.

    2. John,

      Believe it or not, I am on the same wavelength and I agree that money is finite - real money, honest money. Our problem is that the debt notes issued by the Global Banking Syndicate are not real money. For every pound I have in my account, someone else will be one pound in debt. If all the debts were paid off, there would be no "money" left to circulate - but of course the debt can never be paid off because only the capital is issued, never the interest. Moreover, the banks only ever rent out their money, which is why we do not even own the money in our bank accounts. It's like hiring a car from a rental company where we pay to use the car but never own it. The central banks can theoretically print an infinite amount of their money because it is essentially worth....nothing. We were hoodwinked into believing it is real money because we (most of us) had to work our socks off to get it, the government had declared it legal tender and others were prepared to exchange their property, goods and services for it, not knowing any better.

      The government functions as a corporation under the UCC. It undertook a social contract with its citizens to provide certain privileges and services in exchange for tax and National Insurance payments. If it cannot meet its legal obligations then it could be declared bankrupt and its assets liquidated. Same applies to the banks. There is no such thing as too big to fail in the commercial sense. However, most people are unaware of the extent of the corporatisation that has taken place where even we are considered as chattel upon registration of our birth certificates.

      I have the greatest respect for the House of Lords and the wisdom of its distinguished members, gained from their collective knowledge and experience in the real world. The national and global financial system has to be completely reformed to one based on trust and the rule of law. The present system cannot be sustained and is leading us to the abyss of another world war. All wars are bankers wars.

      I'm not an economist (thank goodness) but there are brilliant people in this country and around the world who are working towards a better system. See:

      The Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords is well positioned to investigate the matter and proffer solutions. Well.....I leave it in your hands and those of your learned colleagues. Thank you.

    3. John,

      Put simply, we've all been screwed by the banksters - sovereign governments as well as us lowly peons. They are worse than the Afghan Taliban - they'll screw anything, given the chance.

  2. It is the truth the pot is empty, the scammers will go to their underground bungalows and leave the rest to die. Very sad for greedy thieves to treat others.
    Love live learn my heart goes out to all. Love redlyon

    1. Hello Chuck,

      The pot isn't empty: all that money didn't just disappear. It may have been spent on subterranean cities, secret space programs, exotic technology or even hookers and blow.....but it didn't disappear.

    2. Chuck,

      The Satanic money-changers have taken from Earth and her children. She could will take it back. She will take it back, someday:

      Pink Floyd - Pulse - Take It Back

      I thought you might appreciate this. :-)

    3. Valdi

      All is not lost. I am working my heart off and may pull this back. Can't go public just wait and hope.
      I started a Lords breakfast meeting at 08-00 yesterday on it. At the Goring, my buck! That is focus and Goring prices opposite the Palace? Try it and weep.

    4. John,

      Very classy! Just the place to take Dolly for afternoon tea.

    5. Really? I have better than Tea in mind


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