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Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #1 - Control by Felony

Obama, POTUS, CIA, DHS, FBI, FRBNY, Control, Felony, Politics, Zionism,
Obama, POTUS, CIA, DHS, FBI, FRBNY, Control, Felony, Politics, Zionism,

A new Trilogy to help Global audiences see the Past, Present and Future of America and the Emerging Nations. Where it’s been, where it’s heading and why it’s gone so wrong.

Can YOU handle the truth of your current Reality? Or help change it?

One World of Nations
Present, Past and Future Trilogy
1 May 2015

The reality check on America today is truly frightening. This is a nation of citizens not even free in their own land. The Usurper is unchecked, Usurping evermore. Madness rules under the remit of Fools.

Once in the history of this great nation, States united to try to form a collective alliance for all the people and to establish a safe haven Republic for all, away from Feudal corruption. Brutal, ugly and vicious wars were fought with the sole intention of a Free Nationhood. The role model dream for all. The stark reality of the Founders battles is humbling for true Americans, or truly empathising Allies. America’s real enemies are within. Not its real people, but the Zionists and treasonous Cabal corrupting or sequestrating all they touch.

The supreme right for a citizen of any nation aspiring to Democracy, is to be free in their own homeland. Yet an Illegal, unscrupulous, lying and devious Foreign Con Man seeks to dispossess Americans of their unamiable rights. Worse, as this totally rotten undemocratic system is neutered, he is getting away with it. Founders and forefathers contemplated deeply before unveiling their ethos of The Constitution, with the sole intent to provide an unamiable protection of personal Sovereign Rights of Freedom to shelter the nation from Feudal tyranny and oppressive corruption, Monarchic or State. What has happened to your Liberty? The Torch and Beacon of Light for all? We see a sad, current vision of Statesmanship, akin to a Sherman Tank derailed in a ditch, being asset stripped by itinerant hordes of scavenging Political deviants, Zionists and Cabal looters. America is but a perception, but of what? What is the calm, pragmatic view of reality now? The Cabal seeks to loot the very Soul of this ailing society. Good, deserving Americans are sidelined while this vacuous monstrosity demolishes the hopes and dreams of the nation.

Presidents, Quotes

Men of courage, and honour

Think of those who came before and aimed high, to build a true and compassionate Democracy. Men of Integrity and vision. Men of pride who cared.

Think of Lincoln and all he stood for. George Washington who helped forge and unite a nation in conflict. Theodore Roosevelt, a forerunner of the paper Tigers who were to become Administrators. But in many ways Teddy was Special. A man’s man. Teddy has walked the walk, talked the talk and fought. Unlike the Draft Dodgers, Cowards and Wimps be straddling the great office today. What a collective bunch of fools and misfits brings ignominy to this great Office today. Sad mediocrities.

From Explorer and as an active Military Officer in conflict, Teddy earned the right to lead. He developed his own social beliefs and sought to put right America. Teddy had qualities and standards. He raised the bar and also, with pride, his nation. Teddy is, and deserves to be, a proud memory of the best of America. Teddy had panache and – Class!

As did Franklyn Roosevelt who led America through a great depression and retained the political powers to assist its economic recovery and build its political prowess and earn respect among nations.

Thomas Jefferson, an Intellectual Powerhouse who sought to determine, define and establish key points of a Constitutional basis of Law to stand good for Americans freedom. Woodrow Wilson who unfortunately gave away Banking control to the Jews, unleashed the power, duplicity and scurrilous low cunning of the coming Zionist Rat Pack to burrow in and encircle America's Banking, to then usurp and sequestrate like a viral plague. Harry S (Not so) Truman, a slippery weasel not beyond triple dealing when it suited. Dwight Eisenhower, who fought his war but lost to the avarice and chicanery of what, even then, was becoming a clear and real danger of the emerging monetary driven Military Industrial Cabal alliance and corrosive Agencies. He forewarned the danger to the people and world of what was emerging if not stopped. As did JFK.

Thinking Americans, who collectively helped shape this vast Industrial powerhouse. They lead and lifted the nation behind them. Men humbled by and proud to serve their nation with dignity. Men of courage, and honour.

All to be overtaken and sidelined by the unelected and all too often brazenly unlawful, even criminal, Military Industrial Complex, combined with these bloodsucking Zionists, which has become an ugly and oppressive plague of tyrannies. Americans have neither a voice nor true representation. Nor do they seem to understand the dilemma, nor the precarious nature of their depleting existence. Nor do they realise these are the real issues, not another grubby free ride on devastated nations currencies. Americans if facing what poor Vietnam and Iraq suffered, would at last grasp why the world has real issues with them. Be assured, few Americans could walk the streets of the Middle East or Asia at night, and get safely home. America has become what the Founders most abhorred. Thank the Bushes and the Zionists for this. America truly let the Dogs in.

Oscar, Wilde

Nero fiddles while Rome burns

The nation, as indicated by none other than Oscar Wilde, seems to have experienced a complete Cultural bypass. Evolution is a process of conscious thought and seeking new boundaries. America today has morphed into a complacent Welfare Mentality Herd marching to the planned dictates of the Tri Laterals and Zionist Banking / Media oligopolies. Sheeple to do the leg work for the system, as Goyims to process. The US may as well base its consciousness on a flat Earth, as the society seems en masse to have no consciousness of Global or even Fiscal realities. America has not evolved, but seems to have fallen off a worldwide consciousness plane. Blatant immorality is condoned with the likes of the loathsome Clintons, there are serious questions of the sexual preferences and history of the illegal Usurper, and the idea of yet another Bush Crime family member, with an even more abhorrent Bush dysfunctional family history being a contender, orchestrates the sad and laconic standards America has lapsed into. Anything goes, no matter how low. The most shameful of Clinton and Bush families, only get away with it because of a dysfunctional society, impervious to social order and morality. The Sheeple have become Pavlov’s dogs, barking to order at feed time. Where are American values? How dare this country preach Democracy to others when it has none itself at home?

When, as is coming, the Free Lunches of the Welfare masses cease, what then?

Kim Kardashian

The Global Capital pot is finite, and as new Big Dogs take more, less will be left for this ailing nation of Fat Cats. Just look at the size of many of the Welfare Mommas and their kids. Gut busting but not from work for sure. Beyond reality TV shows, what other function do they serve?

Why grow to order, to feed illegals from over the border? Or fill Reality shows, with products of the Ghettos? What sort of nation has built a culture following around the size of Kim Kardashian's arse? For Global warming and atmospheric methane levels rising, look no further. The new flatulence foundation who seem to have emerged to fill a morbid role play for the Sheeple.

Murphy’s Law, What can go wrong does. Murphy has been hyper active in the US it seems for decades. While still the Sheeple flounder on. So many men of truly questionable moral character go to the Churches on Sunday. Why? Few try to live it.

Obama, POTUS, CIA, DHS, FBI, FRBNY, Control, Felony, Politics, Zionism,

How can a pseudo Abrahamian based religion, the byproduct of the ramblings of a paranoid delusional schizophrenic, have any meaning or bearing on morality or Spiritual values? Or Muslims following a Child Molesting false Prophet? Where are the thinking beings? Is this all we have evolved to? It’s time for Americans to come of age, and challenge these clearly deranged ideologies. Living advanced mammals have evolved over millions of years, and our biology is for a reason. So why cut pieces off the sensitive sexual organs of our children based on the rantings of a paranoid lunatic? His ideologies of communicating to God, Hello??? Today you would section him, so why follow him? It’s a truly gruesome act. How can any wife condone or allow it? Their brainwashing since childhood has worked well. Special people, special relationships and chosen people. What a Crock! Watching those head banging and chanting at the Wailing Wall says it all. Seriously delusional. This is not the New Age Thinking for a 21st Century nation. It’s time to Sin Bin the Wailing Wall, Abrahamian delusions and child mutilation. It’s not your body to circumcise and child violate. It’s a truly abhorrent practice. (A guy needs every ounce out there in the war zone!)

Betrayal from within

America is still in many areas a vibrant country of good, and able people. Most mean well, and as we saw with Mike, rose as one with good heart to help a fellow man in need. This is a decent society at heart. But one being badly misled and betrayed from within. Yet, as complacent Sheeple, none seem aware of the nation’s deteriorating economic reality, or pending incoming recession. The MSM fills their heads with dumbed down, infantile and mind numbing mediocre programs, and news is just base propaganda. Interjected by incessant adverts. This has become a nation indoctrinated since childhood subjected to a continuous rendition of State spawned thought reformation programming - Brainwashing!

Macroeconomic moves are being orchestrated by cooperating and colluding nations, who are planning tandem moves to shunt the Cabal and Fed off the central stage, leaving the IMF with palpitations as they now realise the new AIIB potential. When Obuma threatened Russia with SWIFT withdrawal, the Russians simply went out and developed their own. As have the BRICS nations seizing the new dawn of joined up Thinkers. Simply excluding the US from all economic dependency, removes its viperous control and influence. 320M people can no longer be allowed to wage wars and dictate to 7 billion people while looting their national treasuries and reneging on all due redemptions. The US Cabal / Zionist Rico racket is not fit for purpose. The world will NOT be ruled by Washington and the coming battle is that of free will. The right to be.

Hubris nor arrogance will reshape the future. Our battle is not with the American people, but with the Cabal and conspiring Fed and Banks. We are Ziophobic! Our battle is with the layers of Tri Lateral spawn suppressing the American nation, and manipulating world peace. They orchestrated the illegal occupancy of the White House with the Foreign National Usurper, itself a Treasonous undertaking. Left alone, their NWO ethos would derail free humanity.

As such, we will have no part of it. Nor will Russia or China. Their 50 year plan is failing as their economic control is ailing. Left unchecked, collapse would be inevitable. So, what is truth and where are your going? Has hope died while Leaders lied?  

As you start to wake up in your Matrix confusion, what next?
Obama, POTUS, CIA, DHS, FBI, FRBNY, Control, Felony, Politics, Zionism,



  1. Canauzzie,

    I hope you don't mind my bringing my post forward to this week since it was at the end of the last comment board.

    Just an observation from nature this morning that made me wonder if there isn't something inherent in a species that causes them to act as they do?

    I have been visiting a beautiful place in the Northwest US where large numbers of hummingbirds can be observed regularly. Each morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee, I watched them coming to the feeders and the resultant behavior they displayed while there.

    While they are all hummingbirds, they come in many varieties and color patterns. I began to notice that those of similar markings and coloring were content to sit side by side on the feeder perch and partake of the sugar nectar. However, when another hummingbird with distinctly different markings and color came, he acted as a bully, darted and pecked at the other hummingbirds and drove them away from the feeder. Even though there was plenty of nectar in the bottles and the owner of the home kept them filled, this particular hummingbird with a red throat always made a point of bullying and trying to scare the other hummingbirds away. He was very territorial to say the least.

    My point in sharing this? I wonder if there isn't something in some humans as well that make the thought of sharing with others impossible. They seem to always fret that there is never enough even though the evidence says otherwise. Therefore they are in a never ending quest to horde MORE! I am beginning to see the Cabal as the red throated hummingbird. They will peck, and badger us incessantly until we, as a like minded group rise up and chase them away.

    I'm still waiting for the group of similar marked and colored hummingbirds to drive away the bully as I watch this morning. So far, the bully is winning but he sure exerts a lot of unnecessary energy doing so. If he'd only chill out and sit down next to the other hummingbirds, they could all enjoy a nice meal without stress or worry.

    Message to the Cabal: Stop bullying the rest of us, sit down, enjoy your meal, and know that you don't have to try to grab it all for yourselves!


    1. It's all good.

      Actually for this and other reasons we are looking at possibly changing the #1 article placement to a simple comment section so comments can flow more easily and replaced when comments near the 200 mark. Also keeping older comment #1s in the left column so the older 2 last ones can be easily accessed to read, but new comments would not be allowed. We are a comment orientated site so we are looking at ways to streamline. It would be extremely helpful for mobile users.

    2. Site works fine now and I am a mobile user. And as we say in texas - " if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"


    3. John S.,

      It is not "changing" anything, just article placement on the main page. So just having an image to scan past to get to comments as opposed to a whole article. It will also load 10 times faster that way. Win win.

      There is always room for improvement.

  2. Thank you Canauzzie, John, WHA and all who assisted for this article Part 1.

  3. Canadian Partnership Shielded Identities of Donors to Clinton Foundation

    Aides to former President Bill Clinton helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation, despite a pledge of transparency when Hillary Rodham Clinton became secretary of state.

    The nonprofit, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), operates in parallel to a Clinton Foundation project called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, which is expressly covered by an agreement Mrs. Clinton signed to make all donors public while she led the State Department. However, the foundation maintains that the Canadian partnership is not bound by that agreement and that under Canadian law contributors’ names cannot be made public.

    Read more:

  4. Seems there is more cooperation these days, despite Kerry's recent warning.

    Visa and MasterCard resume operations in Crimea

    Visa and MasterCard payment cards issued by Russian banks are working again in Crimea after transactions have been transferred to the new Russian National Payment Card System.

    Cash withdrawals by Visa and MasterCard holders will be possible through ATMs belonging to the region’s largest bank the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB), TASS reported on Wednesday. Russian domestic transactions using Visa and MasterCard were transferred to processing through Russia’s newly created National Payment Card System (NPCS) on April 1. The system has been started to ensure the continued operation of
    Visa and MasterCard after the two companies refused to work with a number of Russian banks due to Western sanctions last year.

    Read more:

  5. Great article but I have to disagree with the view on FDR as he was the sitting President and signed HJR 192. then preceded to confiscate the nations assets (GOLD) through fraud and deception and worked hand in hand with the crooked Bankers (FED) who are responsible for the great depression as we all know. He is responsible for creating the welfare state we have today in this country, he is responsible for S.S. and the birth certificate debacle that made us slaves to the UNITED STATES INC. Need I say more he was a puppet like most Presidents that would sell his mother if you stuck his head in the toilet.


    1. Interesting points. Teddy did have a relative on the FED board. Also questionable on the US entry to WW II. One could argue good points and bad, but at least he could lead.

    2. Canauzzie, I was speaking of Franklin there is some vague evidence of Teddy being Zionist controlled not sure though.

    3. A relative to Teddy is a relative to Franklin also.

  6. Dutch saltwater potatoes offer hope for world's hungry

    Den Hoorn (Netherlands) (AFP) - A small field on an island off the Netherlands' northern coast promises one answer to the problem of how to feed the world's ever-growing population: potatoes and other crops that grow in saltwater.

    Read more:

  7. Ben Fulford post today. Link
    Communication from Benjamin Fulford about Gordon Duff (and what (the H—) is going on at VT)


    1. Gordon Duff Caught Turning in Patriots For Prison! Red Alert!

  8. JOHN,

    Is it true that the USA joined the AIIB, or just more guru-bunk? thnx. ~darylluke.

    1. They are trying to throw a hook on board

    2. Hopefully there is a anti-Hook agreement.

      "Macroeconomic moves are being orchestrated by cooperating and colluding nations, who are planning tandem moves to shunt the Cabal and Fed off the central stage, leaving the IMF with palpitations as they now realise the new AIIB potential".

      As for the cartoon known a KardashCAN, I foresee that she will be a rentable Hot Air Balloon within 10 years.

  9. Baltimore Riots: A Product Of The Soros Machine
    By Brandon Turbeville
    While Baltimore burns, the city has proven itself to be yet another staging ground in a long line of scenes involving “violent protests,” riots, and racial violence following an incident concerning police brutality, real or otherwise.
    Although the issues that have set off the spark in most of these protests were entirely legitimate, government agencies, foundations, organizations, and NGOs immediately swooped in to divert the protests into racially charged fit throwing and often violent riots.
    With a carefully orchestrated network that was capable of organizing large numbers of individuals on a moment’s notice, and a simultaneous media campaign that cleverly showed violence and riots but ignored peaceful or appropriately-directed violent acts, these organizations were able to turn what could and should have been a national movement into a racially-oriented hate-filled display of unrestrained destruction.
    more –

  10. China, Russia Unveil First-Ever Mediterranean Joint Naval Exercise
    Sabre-rattling much? For the first time in history, Chinese and Russian navies will begin a significant joint naval exercise in The Mediterranean Sea in mid-May. As RT reports, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng, “The aim is to deepen both countries’ friendly and practical cooperation, and increase our navies’ ability to jointly deal with maritime security threats,” but diplomatically added “these exercises are not aimed at any third party and have nothing to do with the regional situation.”
    Against a background of this week’s “upgraded Japan-American military relationship” following Abe’s visit to Obama, as one analyst notes, “the geopolitical significance of its exercising alongside Russia will not be lost on the U.S. and NATO.”

  11. Legendary silver analyst Ted Butler believes JP Morgan are in a position to corner silver market… may be holding as much as 350 million ounces of physical silver… Silver at $16 today – Set to soar to over $50 again
    Submitted by IWB, on May 1st, 2015

  12. I still believe there is heart and soul in the people across this perfect planet and we are all waiting for a sign or message to take our destiny forward , the following clip might be that message
    always believe for a better future and follow your heart !!!

    1. Barbe27, that was so moving and beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. Photos: How To Produce 6,000 Pounds Of Food In Small Spaces
    Small scale farming will feed the world

    “If you try to do the math, it just doesn’t seem to compute. But somehow the numbers work out because the Dervaes family is able to produce about 4,300 pounds of vegetables, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 pounds of honey, and further poundage of seasonal fruits on their 4,000 square-foot postage stamp of land just outside the southern California’s sprawling megalopolis. Beyond providing food for themselves, the family makes about $20,000 per year by selling their produce from their front porch.”

    SOURCE w/video here:


    Yet, some may ask, "What is the point, when HELL ON EARTH is coming to Americans?" ~darylluke.

    1. DL, another amazing and encouraging story. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. That image made O look like "precious" from Lord Of The Rings(above illustration) is very disturbing & creeps me out to my bones!! ~darylluke.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Another excellent and mind blowing Simon Parkes interview. This will expand your consciousness another few notches... There's a very good and clear explanation of the unfolding economic events for the US from the 60 min mark and in my opinion the true purpose for Jade Helm.

    Simon Parkes Part 1: Espionage, Operation Paperclip, and a Conscience Unfold Destiny April 21, 2015

  17. JOHN,

    Can you tell us more about this "global tax agreement" you had mentioned last week? Or, if not safe to give details, can you give us at least an idea what rate will be withheld ? Will it be the same rate globally? thnx.


    1. Not safe to break it yet. But better than you think. Intention is same everywhere. but some parasitic scum leaders may add to it internally.

  18. After four years of downtime, Wikileaks is once again accepting leaks online

    Wikileaks now has an online submission system for the first time since 2010. Accessible only as a Tor hidden service, the new page is available at wlupld3ptjvsgwqw.onion. (The Tor Browser can be downloaded here.) Wikileaks' previous system was brought down when a staffer named Daniel Domscheit-Berg split with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over security issues. Domscheit-Berg held the encryption keys for all the documents received through the system, and ultimately destroyed thousands of submissions rather than let them be published in a way that might endanger the sources.

    Read more:

  19. US denies visa to nun set to testify about ISIS atrocities

    Conservative commentators are up in arms over the State Department’s decision to deny a visa to a Catholic nun who was part of an Iraqi delegation supposed to testify before Congress about Islamic State (ISIS) atrocities.

    The US consulate in Erbil rejected the visitor visa application of Sister Diana Momeka earlier this week, saying she was “not able to demonstrate that [her] intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the visa.”

    However, visas were given to all the other members of the delegation scheduled to speak in Washington about the Islamic State’s persecution of minorities of the region, including Shia Muslims and Yazidis. Meetings have been arranged for the group before the House and Senate foreign relations committees, with State Department and USAID officials, and with various NGOs.

    Read more:

  20. This came from the Pegasus Children's Project in Nepal on facebook. They have been working with Nepal's orphans for a number of years before this latest earthquake and had found housing that could withstand much EQ shaking.

    Footage shows the moment the devastating earthquake shatters Nepal


  21. Website for the Pegasus children's project

  22. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Fox News creates a narrative of Baltimore burning complete with image. ONLY THE IMAGE IS FROM VENEZUELA.

    Click Here to see the whole fraud in detail

  23. I really appreciate so many great posts and comments above.

    Here's a new article from Jim Willie.

    The most recent platform in view is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which will render obsolete both the Intl Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Actually, the IMF will be useful for China to seed the global banking system with a few types of RMB-based bonds. These Chinese Yuan denominated bonds will have a few flavors, like in addition to the Chinese Govt Bonds, there might be some other sovereign bonds (like UKGovt bonds) held in RMB denomination.

    Lots more at link.

    U.S.A. Caught in Enormous Policy Vise

    1. What a knockout punch this article is. Willie sums it very succinctly:

      "A detail came to the fore recently, that the US Police Forces killed more of its own civilians in the year 2014 than the United Kingdom did in the entire 20th Century. What would George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin have to say? My belief is that they would decry the advance of the police state, as consequence of the banker class domination, which has trampled the Constitution and ripped the Bill of Rights to shreds. The next phase will be led by Gold, and force the US nation to comply, even if a wrecked field.

  24. John forgive my simplicity but am I right in thinking of it like this: Barry was installed to crash usa and bring about the police state, and the WH alliances have said STFU and built a golden net to contain the fall and sideline bazza's puppet handlers at the time it occurs.

    1. He was actually brought in as a neutered pair of hands to grab the race vote and open up the final sequestration of US assets. Then problem is the Assets collapsed and with a Rope a Dope in Office, the Asian conflicts took off, leaving the US sidelined as the Cabal became ever more voracious but with dwindling fire power. Once Putin faced them down over Syria it was the beginning of the end. When Britain became the Chinese RMB hub, and will become ever more important if certain discussions go as planned, it was also the long needed end of the Special Relationship with the US where Britain now returns to its own Global relationships as Premier Bankers to the world and Culture Centre ( with rain).
      Barry was too limp wrist to carry out the Organ Grinders directives.

    2. The last sentence is quite telling, I still suspect his 'soul mission' is to act from within to bring down the cabal system as a double agent.

  25. @ Darrylluke

    I appreciate your recent research in regards to Chinese factions. It certainly was very interesting. I wish I could do more research currently in regards to history, power structures, law and technology, but without financial freedom I first of all have to make the choices that will bring me closer to that financial freedom which unfortunately will be of little benefit to the public at large for the time being until results come forth in the form of innovative products.

    1. DL & Saturnalia S

      I appreciate your contributions and those of everyone who seeks to unearth the truth while struggling to survive financially. The last thing the elite want is an intelligent, well-informed public with time on their hands, which could be one reason why they are killing off the middle-classes economically and so many promising young people through wars and revolutions.

    2. Valdi

      Trilogy 3 will crack wide open where its all going and why.
      Also the chaos ahead. You can empower neither change nor truly constructive planning with mediocre Rope a Dopes in political power. Ex Preppy Boys have achieved nothing, earned nothing and lack the vision to lead. The reverse option of the snotty ex Illegal Russian Jewish Marxist family of Reds now fronting for Labour epitomises how low the bar is equally. Until we change the rules, and stop electing fools, there will be no change,
      What we are doing with the Elders now may be the seismic swing needed as those funds will empower the family fronting it, and become the new power behind the throne. So far, so good. They return in a month, but each week we effect major progress. So much to play for. Be cautiously optimistic, a none muppet group are the key negotiators with oversight far beyond political misfits. Part of our team leave for HK and Taipei again on Tuesday to sign the advance contracts for stage one while we set up stages two and three. Those are for Global rebalancing. The Lords control the hands that rock the cradle of your perceptions of civilisation. Also soon the financing if all goes well. The powers above the Lords is what you dont see. Nor will. But it is the enlightened hope you need. Very attendant to all realities.

    3. Thank you John for the update and insight. Am excited to see it all unfold.

    4. JOHN,

      I thank you, the Lords, the Chinese Elders and all those who have devoted themselves to freeing humanity, improving people's lives and promoting the evolution of human consciousness; knowing that hidden forces will do everything in their power to dissuade and discourage you.

      Those in the process of becoming enlightened may encounter unforeseen opposition; they may even think their world is falling apart. To them I say don't lose heart: just as the tensions in the guy ropes holding a balloon to the earth tighten as the balloon rises, so the negative forces trying to hold you back will appear for a while to grow stronger before they break. Sogyal Rinpoche calls it the kitchen sink of meditation; I liken it more to being hit by a sledgehammer.


      Thought you might like these, if you haven't seen them already:

      Sync Edu: Mark Passio’s “De-Mystifying The Occult” Seminar (4 Video’s)

    5. Thanks Valdi, I will check them out. I have 'homework', lol.

  26. USA, Inc Is Violating Public Trust, Contract and Statutory Code | US Spent $38,913,501,207.80 Over The Legal Limit

    ( - According to the Daily Treasury Statement for Friday, April 3, which was published by the U.S. Treasury on Monday, April 6, that portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed the day at $18,112,975,000,000—for the 21st day in a row.
    $18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

    Table III-C on the Daily Treasury Statement for April 3 shows that the federal debt subject to a legal limit began April at $18,112,975,000,000 and closed both April 2 and April 3 at that level.
    The debt first hit $18,112,975,000,000, according to the Daily Treasury Statement, on March 13, which was the day Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders saying that he was planning to declare a “debt issuance suspension period.”
    This was necessary, Lew explained, because in 2014 Congress enacted legislation that “suspended” the debt limit until March 15 and then reinstated it on that date at whatever level the debt had reached by then.
    “As you know, in February 2014, Congress passed the Temporary Debt Limit Extension Act, suspending the statutory debt limit through March 15, 2015,” Lew said in his March 13 letter. “Beginning on Monday, March 16, the outstanding debt of the United States will be at the statutory limit. In anticipation of reaching that date, Treasury has suspended until further notice the issue of State and Local Government Series securities, which count against the debt limit.”

    The federal debt subject to limit first closed at $18,112,975,000,000 on March 13. Since then, it has closed at that same level on every business day.
    State and Local Government Series securities, the Congressional Research Service explains, are “customized securities available for state and local governments to hold proceeds of bond sales,” and are considered part of the federal government debt that is held by the public.
    “Because Congress has not yet acted to raise the debt limit,” Lew said in his March 13 letter, “the Treasury Department will have to employ further extraordinary measures to continue to finance the government on a temporary basis. Therefore, beginning on March 16, I plan to declare a ‘debt issuance suspension period’ with respect to investment of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and also suspend the daily reinvestment of Treasury securities held by the Government Securities Investment Fund and the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Thrift Savings Plan.”

  27. Part II

    Lew noted that these same actions had been taken “during previous debt limit impasses.”
    For example, as reported, when Secretary Lew declared a debt issuance suspension period in 2013, the Treasury reported the debt subject to the limit was frozen at $16,699,396,000,000 for 150 days, running from mid-May to mid-October of that year.
    On March 16 and 17 Lew sent additional letters to Congress further explaining the actions he would be taking during the “debt issuance suspension period” that began on March 16. The Treasury also posted Frequently Asked Question sheets that explained the actions and their statutory basis.
    “Under current law, if the Secretary of the Treasury determines that the issuance of obligations of the United States may not be made without exceeding the debt limit, a ‘debt issuance suspension period’ may be determined,” the Congressional Research Service explained in a report published on March 27. “This determination gives the Treasury the authority to suspend investments in the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Trust Fund, Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit Fund, and the Government Securities Investment Fund (G-Fund) of the Federal Thrift Savings Plan.
    “In addition,” said CRS, “this gives Treasury the authority to prematurely redeem securities held by the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Trust Fund and Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit Fund.”
    "The total federal debt consists of debt held by the public and intragovernmental debt," the CRS explained in a report published in 2011. "Debt owed to the public represents borrowing from entities other than the federal government, and includes borrowing from state and local governments, the Federal Reserve System, and foreign central banks, as well as private investors in the United States.
    "Intragovernmental debt," said CRS, "consists in debt owed by one part of the federal government to another, which are mostly held in trust funds."

  28. Here is a little info on Teddy Roosevelt

    In an atmosphere of Yellow Press warmongering by the Hearst and Pultizer press, the USS Maine is strangely ordered to sail into Cuba’s Havana Harbor in January of 1898. Three weeks later, she conveniently explodes and swiftly sinks, killing 261 US sailors. The warmongers and Yellow Press are quick to blame the attack on a planted Spanish mine. They demand war against Spain.
    Spain denies any involvement and President McKinley remains calm. (Years later, even the US government will acknowledge that Spain was wrongly accused, stating that the explosion was “an accident.”)
    The recently appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy is an up and coming Globalist warmonger named Teddy Roosevelt (TR). It was TR who, behind his boss's back, ordered The Maine to sail to Havana in order to set up this “false flag” operation.
    When the pressure from Congressional warmongers and the Yellow Press becomes too intense for McKinley to resist, the US declares war with Spain in April of ‘98. The rallying cry of the foolish warmongers is “Remember the Maine and to hell with Spain!”
    The war with Spain is brief and one sided, but the US will still lose 3000 troops. By defeating Spain in both Cuba and in the Pacific, the US gains control over Guam and The Philippines. The lopsided defeat deals a severe psychological blow to Spain and undermines its monarchy. It also marks the beginning of America’s gradual conversion from a peaceful constitutional republic, to a violent global bully.
    The war also has the effect of launching Teddy Roosevelt into the national spotlight. As soon as war begins, TR resigns his position as Assistant Navy Secretary and joins a cavalry unit dubbed as the “The Rough Riders.” The Pulitzer and Hearst press wildly exaggerate TR’s “heroic charge on horseback" at the "decisive" Battle of San Juan Hill. In reality, TR, who was not even the actual commander of the unit, merely took part in a minor skirmish in which the Americans -fighting on foot- outnumbered the Spaniards by 15-1!
    TR refers to the war of 1898 as “a splendid little war”. It is now clear that this insane warmonger, who had pushed hard for war with Spain, and engineered the sinking of The Maine, is being groomed for bigger and better things.

  29. Part II
    After the onset of a strange illness, Vice President Garret Hobart dies of heart failure at the age of 55. Like his good friend and boss President McKinley, Hobart is a genuine constitutional conservative. His untimely death conveniently creates an opening for the Progressive-Globalist faction that has infiltrated the Republican Party.
    While effectively running the US Navy, Teddy Roosevelt’s role in the false-flag destruction of the USS Maine positioned him for rapid 3-step career advancement:
    Step 1: TR's military record is grossly exaggerated by the Yellow Press (the mythical charge up San Juan Hill).

    Step 2: The "War Hero" is then catapulted into the Governorship of New York in 1899.

    Step 3: When Vice President Hobart dies unexpectedly (poisoned), the Globalist-Zionist wing of the Republican Party forces “the war hero” upon a reluctant McKinley.
    The Globalists are now “just one heartbeat away” from getting their first puppet installed in the White House. Was Hobart poisoned to pave the way for the Globalist TR’s stunning ascendancy? Subsequent events suggest that Hobart’s oddly convenient death was part of a plan.
    Republican President McKinley is a staunch advocate of "hard money" (Gold Standard) and limited constitutional government. McKinley is re-elected in 1900. Less than one year later, a foreign born Red terrorist named Leon Czolgosz shoots McKinley in Buffalo, NY. Czolgosz is a follower of the Jewish Red Emma Goldman, who openly praises Czolgosz's evil deed!
    McKinley recovers briefly, and then turns for the worse, finally dying on September 14. His death launches the Globalist puppet Teddy Roosevelt into office, completing TR's amazing ascent from obscurity to the White House in just two years! The convenient murder of McKinley marks the beginning of "The Progressive Era" in which the Federal government will expand its power and foreign involvement.

  30. Part III
    Teddy Roosevelt (TR) was catapulted into office by the sudden deaths of a constitutionalist US Vice President (Hobart), and then a constitutionalist US President (McKinley). TR’s time in office is marked by a radical shift in American style of limited government and non-interventionist foreign policy. His record includes:
    Personally intervening in the 1902 Coal strike to the advantage of the striking miners
    Encouraging a revolt in Columbia when the Columbians asked for too much money for land needed to build the Panama Canal Sending “The Great White Fleet” to sail around the world as a show of intimidation
    Confiscating land for the Federal Government Expanding the size and scope of the Federal Government.
    Negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese War, favorable to Japan, and disadvantageous to Rothschild's hated Russian enemy TR is a blustering treasonous fool with deep insecurities stemming from his days as a sickly and athsmatic house-bound child. He "proves his manhood" by talking brash, warmongering, bullying his political rivals, and killing African elephants.
    "Mr. Roosevelt is the Tom Sawyer of the political world of the twentieth century; always showing off; always hunting for a chance to show off; in his frenzied imagination the Great Republic is a vast Barnum circus with him for a clown and the whole world for audience; he would go to Halifax for half a chance to show off and he would go to hell for a whole one."
    .-Mark Twain - Great American Author / Humorist
    The evidence is pretty clear that TR was also a bought and paid for traitor to America.

  31. Excellent contributions and articles posted in comments by all of you. You are all gaining a worldwide following.

  32. Here's an incredible video interview of Laura Magadelene Eisenhower, Pres Eisenhower's great-granddaughter by Alfred Labremont Webre. It's an incredibly encouraging video, little over a year old (don't know how I missed it) that IMO could wake up a lot of people in a more gentle way than the fear mongering now. It's about an hour and I hope you'll take time to view.


  33. I hope you take a look at this link even though I have not mastered how to make it 'live' on this site. You'll need to cut-paste it into your url bar.

    Each one is eye opening. The first few are funny but the rest are really informative and will give you a perspective on this world you probably don't have.


    1. Great info. thanks for sharing MWP.

    2. OMG, those first two maps are so funny, MWP. I mean they are extra funny because they are not joking! Thank you for giving me a laugh.

  34. Hello Everyone, just posting to get updates.

  35. Griffonred

    Lots of news on site and the 3 tier trilogy will give you a better perspective of current and emergent realities out there.
    To actually understand the big picture puts you ahead of the herd
    Reality is a bitch to come to terms with.
    Even worse, the poor guy married to it. Lol

  36. Andrew Napolitano calls for a closer look at the bribery allegations, Keep at it Judge! Give Judicial Watch a call. Wouldn't it be interesting to collate NSA-captured Clinton emails against the pattern of donations and payments!!!

  37. Reminder: They did suspend habeas corpus in Baltimore

  38. Athens cheers German president’s stance on WWII reparations to Greece

    Greek authorities have welcomed the recent statement of German President Joachim Gauck, who said that Germany should consider paying WWII reparations to Greece.

    "These things that the German President Joachim Gauck said are a contribution to the effort we make to heal the wounds of the past,” Greek Deputy Defense Minister Kostas Isihos said in a statement.

    "It is an answer to those who argue that our claims to Germany after World War II are directed against Germany. This is wrong,” he added.

    Isihos’ words were echoed in a statement from Zoi Konstantopoulou, speaker of the Hellenic Parliament.

    “The German president yesterday made a historic declaration, which stresses the need to investigate the German perspective payment of reparations to Greece. It is the first time the German side opens the issue of German debt.”

    Read more:

  39. Italy: Army unveils 'cut-price cannabis' farm
    30 April 2015

    The Italian army has unveiled its first cannabis farm, set up to try to lower the cost of medical marijuana in the country.

  40. Slow news day.....the bad guys must be planning ANOTHER false-flag attack somewhere to create even more chaos I bet!! BASTARDS!! ~darylluke.

    There is always hope. We must never give up. Keep pounding them.

    1. They are totally insolvent and only surviving because of the ignorance of the mass Global public, and in turn because of lack of Fiscal competition allowing them to enforce their will on corrupt Politicos.
      Changes, are coming, big ones and if we can get to the stage of funding high quality US Representatives as Independents, see how fast it can all change if just 25 win seats, and imagine a funded Presidential campaign for the best quality person on show, not an owned, soiled Dog of the big 2.
      Change starts when the break up of power starts. If it can be funded, it can be done. That and getting a key media license or broadcasting in from offshore or the Nett. . .

  42. John, I sure like the sounds of that. I would also like the lobbyists outlawed. And no more riders added onto the initial bill. Those shills sneak all kinds of things in. They only talk about the main topic of the bill, then when they get it passed it's always, oh yeah, that was in the bill that we passed.


    That's right, keep pounding them.

    oh ha, ha. Keep pounding them.

    1. What a great website, Biffie. Now it's my turn to do some homework. LOL.

  46. news/2015-05-02/secret-mountain-our-spies-will-hide-when-washington-destroyed
    Its called continuity of government, and it’s been refined over the years to anticipate foreign invasion, nuclear war, catastrophic accident, rioting and citizen unrest, an electromagnetic pulse above the capital, a catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure, a malicious hacking of the electrical grid, terrorist attack, hurricanes and earthquakes, an asteroid from space—you name it. The spigot opened after 9/11, gushing tax dollars into this subterranean world of never again, but just in case. If our all-seeing, all-knowing national security establishment fails...well, the White House and the Generals and the Departments large and small all have plans to depart the capital city and recover.

    But what about the spies?

  47. news/2015-05-04/why-powers-be-are-pushing-cashless-society
    The central banks are ... planning drastic restrictions on cash itself. They see moving to electronic money will first eliminate the underground economy, but secondly, they believe it will even prevent a banking crisis.

  48. Doesn't this support the likelihood that Jade Helm is NOT just a training exercise?

    From the California National Guard site:


    Job Description Looking for a law enforcement career? The Army National Guard is looking for dedicated team members to serve their community, state, and nation as Military Police (MPs). MPs support battlefield operations through circulation control, providing area security, conducting prisoner of war operations, supervising civilian internee operations, and carrying out law and order operations. MPs also support the peacetime Army community protecting critical resources, implementing crime prevention programs, and preserving law and order. The skills and experience you develop as a National Guard MP translate directly to those practiced by civilian police forces and security firms, making you a more attractive job candidate than someone without this background. -

    See more at:

    Doesn't the following sentence give you chill bumps? The National Guard is all about INSIDE the US borders. What "prisoners of war" to they anticipate INSIDE our borders if not the American citizens? And "supervising civilian internee operations"-isn't this an 'in your face' acknowledgement that the FEMA camps are real and ready?

    "MPs support battlefield operations through circulation control, providing area security, conducting prisoner of war operations, supervising civilian internee operations"


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