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Iniquitous Reprobates | The Clinton Criminal Chronicles | Report #3

Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster
Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster

One World of Nations
Iniquitous Reprobates Series
24 April 2015

As the "Lady" continues her national charade of a sideshow Vote hugging, its time to reflect the real package inside the baggage. The gruesome twosome are beneath contempt as serious contenders. Neither are fit to pass vetting.

Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster

Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster

Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster

Hillary, Clinton, 2016, Shadow Government, Election, President, POTUS, Brian, Williams, Gun, Fire, Liar, Two, Faced,Jeffrey, Epstein, Pedophile, Vince, Foster



  1. Wow, go Judge Jeanine Pirro. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Love the graphic of the two faced bill and hillary.

  2. With all the febrile and feral qualities of Slimy Bill, will the Wimpish Be Tray US, now on 2 years Probation, join as Hillarys running Mate? What a 30 cent note he turned out to be. Ideal Clinton material.

  3. Hello John, I hope all is progressing well with you and the Elders. May this all end soon.

  4. Wow... I love me some judge jeanine and bill is slimey. Yuck!

    ~Get Real

  5. Griffonred
    These wild card currency speculations are all long shots. Many man traps are waiting.
    Liquidity is finite. In a fast changing world, a safe harbour is important. Way too many people are cruising for a bruising on these RV's. Money is finite.
    Again, how many still think $500 bucks will pay them $5M? I dont even waste the time of day responding to some of the "Self Acclaimed" expert guff. Its amazing how many self professing smart know it alls are naive. Most seem worth the square root of a dime.
    Money is managed. Liquidity is scarce.

    The Elders are NOT coming out to waste centuries of assets bailing Wannabes.
    These assets, once transferred, will be carefully planned and invested. Train wrecks are not investments.
    Well researched projects only will be funded as Investments needing a profit. No one is throwing money away. Only the Cabal has done that. We will not let the US near 80% of it. Its wasted enough. These funds are for all nations and not bail outs.
    Whatever you get from RV's that will be it. Build whatever around that reality. Way too many are building fantasies. There are huge implications for national economies. They come first.


    1. Hello John. When I posted above, I was speaking for everything that you and the Elders were working on, I know fully well that the currencies are long shots. That's why I got rid of all my Dinars and got Dong. I know the Dong is a long shot as well, but at least it is the better of the two. And if I get anything from this, I will be very grateful for it. At least then I will be better off than I am now. Once again in my post I wasn't pestering you about the currencies, I didn't even mention them in my post, I was just wishing you and the Elders the best. That way I can get the new comments from you all, I have to do that every time there is a new article from you all.

  6. OK thanks

    Where it will be good is the projects it unleashes. They will help many. I hope you included.

  7. The secret country again wages war on its own people

    Australia has again declared war on Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought global condemnation on apartheid South Africa. Aboriginal people are to be driven from homelands where their communities have lived for thousands of years.

    In Western Australia, where mining companies make billion dollar profits exploiting Aboriginal land, the state government says it can no longer afford to "support" the homelands.

    Vulnerable populations, already denied the basic services most Australians take for granted, are on notice of dispossession without consultation, and eviction at gunpoint. Yet again, Aboriginal leaders have warned of "a new generation of displaced people" and "cultural genocide".

    Genocide is a word Australians hate to hear. Genocide happens in other countries, not the "lucky" society that per capita is the second richest on earth. When "act of genocide" was used in the 1997 landmark report Bringing Them Home, which revealed that thousands of Indigenous children had been stolen from their communities by white institutions and systematically abused, a campaign of denial was launched by a far-right clique around the then prime minister John Howard. It included those who called themselves the Galatians Group, then Quadrant, then the Bennelong Society; the Murdoch press was their voice.

    Read more:

  8. John, I am still trying to figure out who you mean when you say, "With all the febrile and feral qualities of Slimy Bill, will the Wimpish Be Tray US, now on 2 years Probation, join as Hillarys running Mate? What a 30 cent note he turned out to be. Ideal Clinton material.

    1. General Pretraeus, Be Tray Us who gave up your secrets to his Chick.

  9. JV, thought you might have some interest in this I`m on the fence whether Duff is controlled opposition can`t seem to nail him down.

    Announcement: Army Agrees to Meeting to Dispel Jade Helm Hoax

    Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor VT on April 24, 2015

    The JADE HELM 15 presentation to commissioners will be held in the Commissioners Courtroom at 804 Pecan St., 2nd floor, and is open to the public. The meeting starts at 9 a.m., the military training presentation is scheduled for 11 a.m. (Bastrop, Tx)
    The US Army, in response to an internet hoax, is having a public
    informational meeting and presentation on Operation Jade Helm. Everyone
    is invited. I think one can safely assume, based on this move alone,
    that there will not be martial law and gun confiscations across the US
    as stated in hundreds of websites.

    1. Scott,

      I would gladly welcome him being right.

    2. The Walmart issue is not about Jade Helm. If youve done extensive business in the US, you have seen a push for Walmart employees to strike and push the "raise our Walmart minimum wages, and offer us benefits" causing an affect across the board. It since went from Walmart to fast food. Its their way to curb this now, and move on, in their favor. Most would be glad to be back to work, than demand what they no longer have, and wont get.. A week after a new court filing on this case, Walmart shuts down some of its highest profile stores in the low wage, areas. Walmart has always done their thing when others demand. Most who demanded this and that, now dont have jobs. Lawyers are looking in to these same key areas for these counter measures against those who disrupted operations in Walmart stores. Conspiracy theory runs rampant on the web. Walmart chose an area, no legal proceeding could interject against. Water or sanitation. They have strict codes, and a must, to keep a business open.So, low and behold, a plumbing issue ,Allowing for immediately closure, because bad water is a great immediate shutdown in many states. Better to be safe than sorry... Wink, wink

      .Walmarts issue is a fair labor dispute brought on by its employees. Now those same employees arent getting paid during this shutdown, with many told you may not return if this takes too long, and costs too much money. How'd that work out for ya?

    3. Many Americans dont realize the Government owns every interstate. They dont need a Walmart, Costco, or a mall. They own the tentacles that access everything. Every single Interstate is built with a certain military mindset in place. Theres a reason its an East and West odd to even number system., If you look into it, the Interstate is a coordinate system. They are also built to be so many lanes so that they can land aircraft on if needed, at certain intervals. Im sure many of you have seen an Interstate when a military convoy is moving., Notice they have the right away over any local law enforcement. They cant even be pulled over if it says military vehicle. All Interstates in the USA lease the roads over to the state for use.Yes every day drivers pay state taxes to utilize interstate access. Notice they are never behind in road repair like the state owned side streets. In the case of any military action needed in the USA, the I-xxx(road) wont be used by a single resident. Any Interstate designated with an I-xxx is an East/West coordinate and doesnt need a Walmart or any other business. They can shut down any and all traffic to even use a business.The government owns and services all Interstates in the USA. Americans need to learn how the USA and other parts are designed, and why. Do we have issues, oh yeah. But the US government has much more at its disposal that the toy section in a Walmart. Time to wise up to much more than why America might suck.

    4. What do you know.... A report the very next day. Walmart is about the labor force and its issues, NOT Jade Helm. This was all bound to come out eventually.

    5. PPP, you believe all that you read in MSM? Really? Brian Williams, how soon you forgot eh?

  10. John, Legit question. Please do not think of me as any currency guru, but the finance person that I am. This question should be able to shed some very clear light on any of the shrubs down below. As many know, Ive shared perspective from a financial side on currency swaps and other things. So im going to play Devil’s advocate here, for a second. Im going to use the Dinar as the topic, but it applies to any and all currency. As you state, when or IF, the Dinar will revalue it will then be an order of Big Battalions and the public will then scrape the bones of whats left. That money is not Finite. This is true. Yet I say they have to account for all legal tender in circulation. So please hear me out, and offer your response. Im not challenging you, but offering a real World perspective, one that has more to answer to, than a one time “cash out” of any currency. See if any war torn country has it currency basically removed they will one day reinstate. So lets say they chose a rate of exchange. Any rate. Then they will allow say 20% of that currency to exchange really fast. But the whole purpose of this was to reinstate their currency. So according to first in, then no one else, what happens to currency exchanges in Iraq Dinar, say 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 months from now? See, if it cant exchange when all gurus are out of work, and its over, then to not be able to exchange again, means the Iraq Dinar once again becomes removed as an international currency. See too many build up on what happens right away. Yet no one asks, well how about a year from now, 2 years from now, when Iraq and its currency its internationally recognized again. So lets say I want to visit Iraq a year from now(way passed the windows closed after the run in) and I can legally go to a bank and exchange some Dollars for Dinars for my trip. Now I return after a fun day on the beach with no water. Now im back home in the US and need to exchange my Dinar back in for Dollars. This is going to once again need a rate. According to a quick in and close, will I not be able to? Wont the rate I exchanged for be close to the same when I return? Yes. The spread in currency is so that the banks make money on the buy side compared to the sell side. Theres a spread for this reason. But if I didn’t move back to the USA I still have that same left over Dinar to cash in in some country.

    So let’s jump ahead. Iraq will reinstate and offer lower denoms into the public. The World has to use these same notes legally far into the future. So I went today and cashed all my 25k notes in for the lower denoms in anticipation. Now Im using the notes that will be used for years to come. So according to this blast and dry up method, how is Iraq to remain international once the Dinar speculation is long gone and lives are back to normal? Im no guru, and im not offering anything as a get rich quick scheme. But lets say in your plan, the Elders pay out 6T and then stop, say in 3 days. Now all is said and done. Perfect, hope you got ya lick…. Ok, now what? Lets fast forward a year from now. Is the Dinar internationally recognizable still? Is it trading on FOREX, as international? Is there new currency exchanges, for visits next year, or business ongoing? Yes, to all of these. How? If it’s a one-time paid and cools, then shuts off, it cant. So when the pity party is over for speculators, how does Iraq and its money continue on, once now no one pays again for a single Dinar exchange? The point is to become trad-able for decades to come. How does it pay out quick, die, then…. Help me fill in the next…

  11. They are either international or not. And any future business, say even 5 years from now, wont that still need to be done in Dinar and whatever countries currency that citizens from, exchange rate? Unless future travel and business is shutoff again, that will require an exchange rate, Yes? So whether you exchange now, or 5 years from now, a Dinar is still a Dinar. So exchanges need to stay live for as long as they are international. Or there would be no calculations, once again. This isn’t about a one-time payout. Its about a life sustaining currency for a country. How can this happen according to the plan proposed here? This isn’t feasible in long term business. How could they, if no one pays a rate anymore, once the dry up of 2015, happens and is over? Please share.

    So, if only a quick one time exchange, how is it international any day after that window closes? This is just a finance guy to how this cant work, if it turns off once again. If not, and its open, and stays open, what differentiates old business from new business? It doesn’t. I just cashed in 1 Million Dinar in 25ks for lots of lower notes(not 50s), so even if they shut the 25k off, I have legal Dinar that will be used for years to come. So even if they shut off 25ks over time, you legally will still be able to turn them in as you see with the 50s. As long as you meet their criteria. So lets say they put all the exchanges to bed in the next 30 days. Boom, sorry, were closed, no more exchanges. Perfect. Ok, now its 6 months later, where is the Dinar and how can it be used internationally and also be able to be bought and sold for business? For that matter, how about on the 31st day? You see, both cant happen. So how will it? I love your site, so this is in no disrespect. But this is real in the world to come.

    1. That meant to say, yes money is finite, not, not finite. Read on.

    2. Warehouses, Banks, and Embassies are full to the roof of US Dollars, all Off Balance Sheet. Like Dinars, all Useless. Non Tradable. These amount to vast trillions. Many were Fed Pay-Outs frorn Trading Programs, some from Oil contracts, and others God knows what. Nation Rendition Center bribes etc.
      The point being, it's all useless money, which is outside the Banking system, like the Dinars, and they can't get them back in. So Forex Man, how much can you buy? We can deliver vast T's of cash, all Lawfully earned with full audit trails and delivery receipts, but just not On Balance Sheet system cash. A nightmare for the owners. The FRB of NY took their vast shares of the vast profits using other peoples money as On Balance Sheet Hive Offs, but sucker punched the Elders and many others into taking pallets of cash.
      Great news you think - I've been paid out, Really? Tried spending it? Try to deposit it?
      That is one of many issues we deal with real world, that the Public have no idea of.
      No different to the Dinars.
      Try walking into a bank with even say $5M dollars in cash you want to deposit. See how far you get.
      Most will turn you away or seize it.
      So, how many think they can just walk into a bank with unregulated currencies, even when newly regulated, and have a bank use their own risk capital to buy them in and find a buyer. Never mind standing there with your Dinars in your hand, you might as well be standing there with your Weanie in your hand. Market making is about finding an exit buyer to match, Banks take a spread based on ability to sell on. Which means, as the total GDP of Iraq is at max c$1T, expect no more than $6T, if that as credible currency positioning to meet market needs.
      Your case has been for days now no , no, we don't understand, markets are all about market forces and exits which can be absorbed.
      Well No, they are Not!
      They are about regulated balances which markets can handle and are in effect On Balance sheet models which the markets can handle and need. The rest, like the vast trillions of Dollars out there are toilet paper.
      So, taking your model of markets to absorb all the notes, lets give you an easy one.
      We will discount US D for you. In 1T blocks, make us an offer? You hold Dinars in cash. So do our clients in dollars. All good, clean, lawfully owned money. Like your Dinars, just not On Balance sheet, and sucker punched. So how much can you buy to take our paper with On Balance Sheet Dollars or Euros we can use?
      Sure as hell money is very finite .real world. It is ALL about what is affordable and needed and how to control demand for worthless paper backed by nothing.
      So, We hold vast dollars and euros. All lawfully earned as cash. Make us an offer.
      You claimed to be a smart money market Guru. Put up. Show us your rnoney for even regulated money like dollar currencies. Full history of funds and delivery certs. Like your Dinars, just not in the banks. Money dam well IS finite when you come to try using it outside the matrix.
      On the table now. Make us a credible offer for $1T of US Dollars in cash. All lawfully earned, we would never touch it if not. Full audit trail histories. But as cash on pallets, like the dinars.not held as on balance sheet bank deposits. Just like Arabs with Oil commissions, vast amounts hanging in limbo.

      So, with respect, don't talk a fight, find rnoney to buy in $1T or more. Show me the money?
      What part of Iraq can afford at best c$6T issued do you not understand? Who will buy in the surpluses? Without a market exit, it is toilet paper, so the only way Iraq can absorb it, if they so wish, is to " Market Fix" it in conversion rates the market can afford. Major tears, or regulate acceptance back in.
      It IS an unfolding nightmare which many are deliberating, how to deal with the racketeered overprints. Make us an offer, for our clients dollars. An easy one for you. What can you put up?

    3. All that and you didnt answer the basic question. What happens to the procedure 6 months after the so called one time payout.

    4. Show us where you will discount a nation who just went national again. Once by the USA, whats next the Chinese? When does it end John.

    5. John,

      Speaking from a humanitarian perspective. How about giving the cash away in small amounts to homeless families and individuals and others who need small items. You can adopt a lot of families with pallets of cash distributed in small amounts.

      Like a secret Santa thing. Don't let it go to waste on pallets. I know you guys are used to large scores, but Sometimes you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

      There are ways to get that cash into circulation. Ingenuity is the mother of all invention!

    6. PPP
      You don't have a procedure, 6 months on or whatever. because any parties dreaming of converting an alleged $600T at face, will never get off the ground. You have chaos. Or you face mass discounting to make it viable. But, non of us know how much bogus paper was printed. Nor does the CBI. Iran,. Bush, the Agencies and Cabal had a field day. Have you any idea how much is sitting in Airport hangers in the West Coast waiting now?
      If they cut 2 zeros to smash the alleged $600T to $6T the 25 dinar notes become worthless and the 250 dinar notes drop to 2.5. So, a real world problem.
      Until the new Iraqi Government decide how to deal with it, there is no issue because you are holding nothing of value. Nor is the new Government responsible in any way for previous issues, or the Iranian /US misuse of plates. Nor beholden in any way to feed US greed.The US brutally killed this nation plus 1 Million of its helpless people. As in Vietnam. Far greater monstrosities ever than Saddam. Who pays War Debt to Iraq for an illegal war of more US crimes? Or Vietnam, another nation betrayed.

      Iraq, ideally, needs to just reprint what it needs, sort its own domestic base and tell the world to sell the rest as bio mass fuel. Dinars are the new South Sea Bubble and will burst accordingly. Iraq needs to stick it right back up the marauding and pillaging US. China and Iran plus Russia will ring fence Iraq now. They don't need, or want US control. Nor does the world. Changes coming fast will sort it all. The new Chinese Bank is mass over subscribed. The new SWIFT alternative negates any US needs. As does BRICs'.
      Worry less of Iraq and more for the US. Its fast becoming the world against America. What then the dollar? The US faces horrendous emerging realities bearing down With viable plans for nothing.
      Once we move the Asian Gold to London, watch the US bubble burst. Then you will have to buy Gold backed currencies to trade. With what? Dollars at what discount?
      All is changing as the Naked Emperor now stands full exposed. The world is waking up.
      As with the mass of US Promissory Bonds, debts owed to na\tions and mess reneged on. What procedures? US Patriots wait for long overdue promissory settlements. As does the world. Now they are voting with their feet and leaving.
      PPP, worry less about non functional procedures, worry more about those lights in the tunnel coming at America. Its a wrecking train. The Sheeple sleep or forage mindlessly. That armour plated train is named Payback Time. This is history repeating itself. The baton is being taken.

    7. JV
      We are assisting nations in need but there is a total block on the US receiving any.

    8. John here's a dumb question. If we know the cash is in hangers on pallets why can't we do some op to take a bunch back?bmaybr kinda even the playing field a bit more?

    9. Me and All Me

      We have 6 more weeks now of deep discussions. All simple, obvious options fail for good reasons. Be in no doubt of the sheer scale of US Cabal duplicity and chicanery lined up against us. Crooked and arrogant vermin who just don't see the Global masses forming behind them. We don't need an Op, we have the backing of the Elders but the blocking tactics of the Zionist rat pack. We have ideas and lets see how it plays.

  12. I apologize for the space this takes, but it is such a beautiful summation, I wanted to share it.

    Posted on April 24, 2015 by Jean

    This here’s the Street Prophet
    Been gone for a minute.
    sittin’ on the sidelines,
    But still stayin’ in it.
    Watchin’ this crazy new movie
    called “Doin’ Time On Planet Earth”
    The Plot is pretty bizarre
    Got a cast of 7 billion
    in which you all co-star
    The final scene is about to take place,where
    economies come crashing down
    but money’s silent
    when it hits the ground.
    What you hear is panic and fear
    spreadin’ through the atmosphere.
    Bankster scams try to save
    Their House of Cards
    built by paper slaves.
    And they rob the world
    of all you own
    While everybody’s lookin’
    At their cell phone.
    The BRICS, the mortar, the New World Order
    False Flags, global warming,
    shuttin’ down the border.
    MK Ultra trying to puncture
    The fragile psychic thread
    of the human culture.
    And the only people cheering
    Genetic Engineering
    Are the greedy rich.
    Ain’t life a bitch,
    For the poor and the needin’.
    We got to let Monsanto
    Do our feedin’.
    A Horror Movie is takin’ place
    We got evil aliens,
    from outer space,
    And a militarized police force
    Filled with haters,
    who shoot to kill,
    ask questions later.
    The Church, the steeple, herding all the sheeple
    To choose their own destruction.
    In this over budget, Hollywood production.
    In the final act
    They start twisting facts
    where fact is fiction
    And fiction fact.
    Get s real dizzy
    in the spin zone
    ’til we cant pretend
    there;s no evil agenda.
    Just look around at what;s goin’ on.
    Slowly turnin’ people
    Into automotons.
    Fluoride in the water
    To keep the order,
    and make the world obedient
    to the social deviants,
    and the sinister smiles,
    of the pedophiles.
    The state controlled media
    spreadin’ lies more speedier.

    And All I wanna do is slow my groove,
    But the satellite is tracking
    my every move.
    9/11, CIA, Israeli Mossad
    Stop I cant take it,
    Oh my God.
    Information, overload.
    My poor little brain’s
    ’bout to explode.
    Tryin to find out
    Is the world insane
    or is it me?
    Help me Lord,
    I’m to blind to see.

    Then I heard a voice say
    “Listen to the wind.
    Forget about the world
    or get buried in its sin.
    The only way out
    Is to find a way in.”

    Made me sit up and
    scratch my head.
    But I closed my eyes
    Did what was said.
    Felt a gentle breeze,
    heard the rustlin’
    of the leaves.
    I listened deeper
    and the wind spoke,
    There is a glass ceiling,
    to all that you think
    and all you are feeling.
    You are heard throughout the Universe.
    Due to Astrological Positions
    Certain Evolved beings
    cannot be conditioned.
    No mind control
    Can ever take hold
    of the deepest truth
    you hold inside.
    You are not this body,
    You are not this mind.
    You are human souls,
    in the image of the Divine.
    Co-creators with your own identity
    Now under attack by negative entities,
    seeking to rob your birthright.
    Awareness of
    everlasting life.
    All is being done,
    within the Law of One.
    As the world you see is a temporal illusion
    of your own creations.
    Though it may be hard to swallow
    Now is time to lead,
    not to follow.
    The law does condone,
    Thinking on your own
    and elevating consciousness,
    to its most high moral glory.
    You witness a planet that is breaking.
    But this is what it looks like
    when sleeping minds
    begin waking.”

    And then the wind said something,
    Made me trip.
    “At any time you can re-write the script.”

    And the words disappeared
    carried by the wind
    to someone else’s ear.

    I looked up
    at the stars in the sky.
    Just shook my head and wondered why?
    How cosmically groovy.
    I’m the writer of my very own movie.

    1. Love it Biffie!

      Thank you so much for the positive light you shine!

      Peace and love.


  13. John,

    I have a question that has been bugging me for a couple days and I would like you to address it.
    In the last blog post a few days ago you gave us three stories regarding chemtrails. One was that there is nothing coming out of the planes it's just exhaust vapor, then "they don't spray here in Britain because we control our government here", and then finally "it's weather modification spraying".

    I don't care about Dinar or Dong or RVs or GCRs. I come here because you've alway given me the hard truth no matter how painful it is. I respect this above all else. If the situation was reversed, you would surely question me.

    So could you please address this?


    1. Don

      All we do here is weather condition experiment, or experiment with pollution control. Nothing onerous. Try flying any plane into our air space unregulated, and like Russian Bombers you will find 4 jets up your ass in minutes ready and able to blow your Butt out of the skies to order.

      The only crap we would spray would be for the French or the Scotts.
      Can't answer for the US.but nothing wrong is happening in UK skies. We would demand House Questions in a heartbeat. The media would tear them apart. Nothing onerous here.

  14. Our government condoning big corporate interests will indeed kill all of us. This story actually made me cry. I've been to Willipa Bay, Washington. Some of the most beautiful water and scenery you'll ever see. Now this!

    Can you say neurotoxins?? That means toxic to your brain and nervous system? Please post this story to any blogs you might belong to. We need to get this story out!


    Imidacloprid is the world’s most popular pesticide, and highly controversial. It belongs to a family of neurotoxins, neonicotinoids, that is increasingly being blamed for colony collapse disorder—the sharp die-off of honeybees that has plagued North America since 2006. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the National Audubon Society, and the Xerces Society, which advocates for invertebrates, have all opposed the chemical’s use on Willapa Bay. But their protests are now moot. On April 16, the Washington Department of Ecology approved the spraying of imidacloprid on 1,500 acres of Willapa Bay and 500 acres of nearby Grays Harbor. In about a month, crop-dusting helicopters will begin dousing both estuaries with the chemical.

    Unlike carbaryl, imidacloprid dissolves in water, meaning that fish will swim through trace quantities of the chemical and oysters will grow in an imidacloprid-laced bay. It will be a first: Imidacloprid has never been applied on water before in the U.S.

    Created in 1986 and first registered in 1994 by Bayer, a $4 billion German chemical and pharmaceutical firm, imidacloprid is now ubiquitous. About 90 million acres of American cropland, an area the size of Montana, is planted with imidacloprid-treated seeds. Meanwhile, 2.5 million acres are sprayed, gassed, or powdered with the chemical. Countless suburban lawns and golf courses are also treated with imidacloprid. Dog owners use imidacloprid-laced products such as Marathon and Admire to keep fleas off their pets.

    The chemical is no longer proprietary—it went off patent in 2005—but David Fischer, an ecotoxicologist with Bayer CropScience, speaks of imidacloprid with almost parental pride. “It’s far safer than chemicals like carbaryl,” he says. “You can handle it without any health risks, and you need only about one-tenth as much of it. And it’s precise, too: It can target certain receptors in invertebrates that you don’t have in higher animals like birds and humans.”

    Research on imidacloprid paints a much darker picture. In one 2012 study, published in Science, British researchers found that bees fed sugar water spiked with neonicotinoids were less able than control bees to produce queens in their hives; they didn’t gather enough food. In another study, published in the same issue of Science, French researchers found that bees fed neonics had difficulty getting back to the hive from a half-mile away. Neonic defenders have maintained that bees could learn to avoid treated plants, but in a study published this week in Nature, a British researcher, Geraldine Wright, found that this was not so. Wright sequestered honeybees in boxes and gave them a choice between plain nectar and nectar laced with neonics. The bees favored the poisoned nectar.

    So much more at site

  15. MWP, this is sad. There is probably something natural they could do, if someone would figure it out.
    Things like this and all the other pollutants that go into our oceans is why I do not eat anything out of the ocean.
    This last year, our starfish died off. They all started getting limb rot off. Japan radiation, too warm, microorganism, they never seemed to really figure it out.
    What a sad start we are leaving Mother Earth in.
    Good news is, there are a lot of us out here that care and are trying to do what we can to help our environment.

  16. John/Peter;

    Regarding mountains of clean clear dollars, resting off balance sheet that are worthless. Earned in the "system", but blocked. Not sure why they were printed in the first place unless before the advent of electronic banking.The Masters of The Universe built the machine but could not deliver what they made. Clearly a result of a system that is broken and our imperial/colonial heritage.Earned in a secret, sanctioned system that REQUIRES projects or programs for the benefit of all. The Interstate Highway system would qualify, but a Gerald Ford Class carrier would not. Payments for both DO come from these caches. So a broken system, based on physical assets and future value of goods and services, can not deal with wealth already created while Rome burns. The blocked dollars are created by a sanctioned system, in the system, yet can not see the light of day to grow. Likewise, a developing country(or two or three) with resources and the FV of it's citizens is removed from the financial map in the interests of who? The US? Or the Euro Banks that run the Trade? Policed by the FED but embraced and cheered on by the BIS? All to generate more blocked dollars and euros? That can only be brought to light by bureaucrats and apparatchiks? Here and in there 30% of employed are by a govt. Do NGOs qualify as gov'ts regarding employment? Or is that the private sector? Yet these NGOs(and Govts) have NO IDEA of the blocked funds they can access for Humanitarian use. So 1/3 or more of the western work force thinks they are dependent on tax revenue for their paycheck. Whilst countless Trillions looking for the future can't find their way out of paper wrapper. What a system. Thank all your chums in The City for me.

  17. CB

    Smiling and well orchestrated.Clearly you do understand. And to make it worse, far worse, is we hold enough to refund the world, so if that is the partial spin off not used, what in Gods name has the US and Cabal wasted the Giga T's on?
    They and the Rotts have bought up the planet. But having depleted viable industries, the NWO is the only way they can retain control now. Asia and Russia will reject it. So will the UK. Europe will sell its Butt for a Buck. Poor America faces it head on. It will be a Nazi regime all over. With the Kazakhs controlling the Goyim.
    What you missed is that all Agency and US bases, are funded this way. All hidden Off Balance Sheet financing. Congress is clueless. As are the sheeple.
    So now, do you understand what I am working to change? For all our sakes, yours also.
    To help the world, I have to rip the US claws off all of it. Which is why we have brought China in to counter US control.
    Good response CB.
    But be assured you do have a combination of a cross bred Mounty / Bull Dog fighting here for change. One who full understands and is Cabal free.
    Good find, one who gets it. Plus the project indicator most miss. Most important you have the true Elders key Trustee on side. Have faith. Carrying sheeple is a Turds life. Even worse the mindless ones in government and if this Snot Nosed Commie in Labour ( Democrats) gets elected by the mass Pig Ignorant in 5 weeks we have a real problem. His Commie Brother now works with Clinton in the US so God knows what will activate. We have the Alamo on every front.
    Be very afraid if we fail.

    1. John, thanks for the reply. The near term answer would appear to be if several Whistleblowers would come to the front a la Steve Greer's Disclosure Project hearing where he had serious, knowledgeable insiders wiling to testify under oath. As I understand it, any secrecy agreement signed to effect an illegal transaction has no bearing. As such, holders of clean/clear funds that can not access/put into play because they are considered dark or off balance sheet, might not be brought up on charges for presenting documentation and testimony. Here somebody laid the scent and I'd imagine, many of these accounts were earned in trade and are blocked. And/or, there are serious hard asset holders with codes in hand that can ID their stocks. There are parties here that would tree this fox, but without detail akin to a NUMBER of transactions and proofs of stocks/funds of the breadth presented by Lord James, forget it. Same goes for any possible investigative journalist, one whose book I just completed on HFT frontrunning. In it he writes:

      "The deep problem with the system was a kind of moral inertia. So long as it served the narrow self interests of everyone inside it, no one on the inside would ever seek to change it, no matter how corrupt or sinister it became"

      Sound familiar?

    2. CB
      Absolutely, but don't lose hope.We have the colossal evidence files just waiting the right opportunity. Lord J and I work closely together. As we do with many. Factor in this is the accumulated malpractice of a centuries Kazakh scheming and inept Political opposition. These Rodents are deeply embedded. They infest the entire Body Politic of the US, and partially Europe. No Justice can be anticipated via the US, the rot is too deep. Washington and the US Banks are all infected HIV plus plus in banking terms.
      Before removing this parasitic plague of Kazakh crabs we need a fallback system in place to maintain economic capability, just not with the Rotten Childs or Kazakhs. Without showing our hands look at Chinese and Russian moves. Good Chess Masters are at work. It is not America we seek to harm, but simply the annihilation of the Financing scumbags and the Military Industrial Cabal which has betrayed America and the world. Economic changes will assist that end.
      Be assured, the key Think Tank coordinator is fully aware. Understand? If we replace the entire bank Platform markets with Gold Backed RMB, and ethical Profit planning, we erase all the transgressions of the last century. The Elders are back for a reason. Synergy. Now, they see a meaningful strategy and the unbribable parties they can trust. Always, Culture and Class has been missing. So, no Elders help or moves. Chinese Elders met certain key parties here and lights have gone on. It takes time, but its all now in serious dialog. We have all the necessary details and accounts needed. Timing is all.

  18. What do you know.... A report the very next day. Walmart is about the labor force and its issues, always has been. NOT Jade Helm. This was all bound to come out eventually.

    1. PPP, you believe all that you read in MSM? Really? Brian Williams, how soon you forgot eh? I won't profess to know what is the truth, I will tell you I won't believe what MSM says, ESPECIALLY MSNBC. I do find it interesting that all of the inventory was pulled, and DHS is among some that guard the stores. Also PPP, what happened to plumbing issues, isn't that what was the first reason MSM told us the stores were closed? They changed their story?

    2. Not at all. Nor do I believe everything posted on a BLOG. I personally know people in the Walmart legal fight. I was merely pointing out that my prior comments were prior to today's news, yet now look whats coming out. Right or wrong, not everything in MSM is to believed or not believed. Dont be fully brainwashed.

    3. I also know people in this global currency deal. Its not down to just this one group of Elders. Nor is it going to be a one time event. Its impossible. Just like answering how it can be, is. I love the stuff uncovered on here. But its not the only place where things get uncovered. You have to take in a much broader group to put it all together. OWN and others are providing a great service. And i stay professional in my postings. Theres more to all of this than any one group really has.A lot will happen to currencies and its setting up the future. NOT a one time event. I can share volumes of what is being done and why. Even Jim Willie is only partially right. The USA will NOT, and I REPEAT WILL NOT collapse. No matter who prevails, you need American purchase to prevail. Look at Samsung, Sony, etc etc etc. Without the West you dont flurry. They make up 75% of the cutting edge purchases. Take it away, then what? A China who build everything, yet 7 of 10 buyers dry up. Walk through your house turning things over. Most will say, Made In China already/. Cut out the buyer, you dry up the seller. Supply and Demand is the most basic economic term. Will there be changes? Yes. Will the West collapse while the East thrives, well cant. The East relies on the West. Walk around your own home. John may share some new revaluations to political things, but hes going to be partially wrong on currencies. You will see what Im saying and it will all come to roost.

    4. PPP,

      The all time lows of the Baltic Dry Index prove demand is way down. Or, does it prove China is starting to refuse shipping goods to the US consumers because they do not want payment in USD? So, more likely it is down so low because of BOTH. How many millions of Chinese will be out of work if/when it becomes public China will no longer accept payment for any Chinese goods in USD? It seems to me that right now each is waiting for the other side to "blink". I enjoy reading your common sense posts. thnx!


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. You bet. As im sure many on the net can attest to. Common sense isn't as common as one might think. I speak what I know and dont what I dont. Thats why you dont see me post on the Clintons and other things posted. Theyre not my family. I get finance and banking cause im very very deep in this in this country. Just like Walmart has nothing to do with Jade Helm. People will loot a common Liquor store in a RIOT. They surely will encase a Walmart stocked to the gills in just about everything. You need to get it out, or secure it. Its a simple system. Im all for change. But fear porn or mongering isn't the change you want either. We don't need a trigger happy society. Economics comes down to simple supply and demand. And society comes down to simply, order or chaos. Pick your side, and style. But you wont beat the basic principals.


    7. PPP,

      Don't let hubris cloud your judgement. If you think that the purchasing power of 320M out weigh the other 6.7B on this planet you are sadly mistaken. The new silk road with the AIIB infrastructure loans will open up vast opportunities to emerging markets as well as the third world nations. Also, over the last 15 years China has prepared itself for a 20% decline in simple commodity trade with its largest single trading partner. With a more equal playing field comes wide range of opportunities which China will, as well as others, capitalize on. Anyone can see what is unfolding. Read the financial, business and trade headlines - they all point at one thing, the severe decline in one nations economic hegemony. The writing is on the wall, even in braille so a blind man can read it. There is no question the US is tanking, it is just a question of how much. Look at the price inflation across the board that the US is experiencing now, even with its rise in USD purchasing power. What do you think is going to happen when all the mass printed USD comes home to roost because the rest of the world no longer requires nor wants it for trade. There is some simple economics as well as some simple currency issues for you.

      This 'common sense' you are talking about seems to come from a grade six text book or a TNT Tony radio program. Nothing is ever that simple. It is not simple supply and demand when 3/4 or more of the world is giving the US two full middle fingers up.

      I tried desperately to not make this post come across rude, but it is difficult when someone comes in here telling a lullaby story and we are trying to advocate 'DON'T GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOODNIGHT'.

      It will be a wake up call. As a friend of mine always says, "All empires end, usually badly." Failing to see what is coming can only be caused by hubris and sheer arrogance.

    8. It's called normalcy bias. PPP is like the other 300M Americans in LA LA LAND.

      No one ever thinks it will happen to them...until it does.

      By's too late. America WILL collapse. It's inevitable. It's been collapsing since the late 70's when Kissinger inked deals to move all of our industry to China.

      18 Trillion in debt and no way to pay. That's called Bankruptcy in the REAL world.

      In LA LA LAND that's no big deal. Biggest Debtor nation on planet. Supply and Demand. Funny.

    9. Oh no, im so setup in the after,Regardless. I know I can hedge any bet. I appreciate your posts. Ill post end of year and show you just how and why it DIDNT COLLAPSE. Unlike most Americans, I cant be bought .America is in debt. But you wont flurry anywhere in the World without the US environment.Open your eyes. The entire world is changing., My lips are NOT on the bottom of anyone. I live and die by what I know. It might not be as easy in the USA, I shared that, but it also wont be whats posted or said anywhere.

      Look these posts up on Dec 31st and see who wasnt wrong. I believe in a fair and balanced system. But you will never do away with an American culture or finance system. As John cant answer to what these currencies do in 9 months, many will learn how currencies really work. You can live to not belive anything. Im here to say change is needed. But you wont change anything without US involvement. I hope the East takes over the Cabal backed IMF. But they will still need those same Americans, like you and me, to flurry. My head is so not in the sand, I will not need to trash anyone to share what will really happen. There will be no currency reval, and then shut off again. IMPOSSIBLE This has been a 40 year plan in the making. You wont miss because you overslept one day. Come tell me Dec 31st who was right and who was wrong. Id love to be a part of OWNs team, as I can give very very detailed insider bank info. And im NEVER suicidal. So If I come up DEAD, I didnt do it Try the maid or the neighbor in the game of life. None of you will ever see America part of a second or third world nation. You all need us, and at a level much higher than an OWN article. Take my email from OWN and Ill clearly show you why. If not.... Well.., rose colored is still a color. Any currency reinstatement wont be a week event and then stop. Or else its a non-international event once again. .Im a global banker, not a USA person who wont get it due to a never never land. La la land is behind never never.

    10. PPP,

      What do you define as a collapse?

      Is 60,000,000 people on welfare a collapse? 1 in 5 Americans.

      Is housing ownership at levels not seen since the 60's a collapse?

      Are "Real Statistic" unemployment rates of 25% considered a collapse?

      Are negative interest rates for savers considered a collapse?

      Is 18 Trillion in debt and $250 trillion in unfunded liabilities considered a collapse?

      Is going from the biggest creditor nation 20 years ago to the biggest debtor nation considered a collapse?

      Is adding more debt to our bottom line in the last 8 years than ALL previous presidents combined a collapse?

      Is going from the biggest manufacturer on the planet to watching China take all that production a collapse?

      I can go on for days, but you get the point.

      Bottom line. When no one will buy your debt because they are sick of your BS, where do you get money to operate? It is monetized. Bought by the Federal Reserve. Debt on Debt which is hyperinflationary and is happening now. In fact, most our our debt is being bought by the people who create it. This is a Ponzi scheme. It WILL come home to roost. This is unlike anything that has happened in History.

      And No one said that America will be gone at the end of 2015. America will still exist, but it is being forced in a 3rd world Banana Republic existence. We will be another Brazil or Argentina before this is done. Or Palestine, except we will have microchips and 11 megacities instead of 1 slice of land with 50 foot concrete walls.

      America is being asset stripped by bankers and money changers. Bankers who create nothing. They make money off of inflation and deflation. Creating markets by creating bubbles.

      When people can't afford things what happens to your Supply and Demand Theory then?

      Who will continue to sell into the US if the dollar continues to rise? The emerging market economies are pegged to the dollar and they are taking beating in their manufacturing right now.

    11. Good response JV. However, factor in the $15T we exposed via Lord J and the $18T becomes $33T. Remember that $15T was falsely created and laundered through the 3 Banks backed up by YR's Fed account, and because its major Banks all conspired, they got away with it. Until it all comes home.
      China has planned its future economic models and factored in US market withdrawal. China has purposefully instructed its Exporters to reduce their US exposure, and redirect Sales to Asia and the EU.
      China is clinically exiting when it goes, as with Russia, their nation will be capable of aborbing it. As the UK is doing while we re interface with China and Asia to reduce our US exposure.

      Look then at the US driven, totally out of control Derivatives gambling, which has now passed $700T and ask, when that unravels, with No possible Insurer of last resort, who covers that implosion? The Achilles Heel for all Derivatives is the insoluble Insurance link. Which led Buffet to declare them the most potent form of Self Mass Destruction. As with Sub Primes, and the US Shadow Government Agency mass printing, the question is when?
      Reality is that 2 dogs can not live off a meal for one. As China has a taste for eating Dogs, assume the US pooch has been planned in for lunch.
      America is built upon debt and Hegemony. It IS a Military Industrial economy dependent upon Global instability. The latest sizeable steps towards Global independence away from US influence is an indicator of where it's all going. I talk weekly with top US Advisors in Beijing who all advocate its only when now.
      Plus, as we have ever closer links with the Elders, re shaping Global policies will reshape markets. A Gold backed Yuan /RMB will duplicate the Rouble Run orchestrated by Regan, with devastating US effects. 60 nations instantly applied to co join AIIB. Including Israel. Even the rats are leaving the sinking ship now.

  19. Thank you for all the info and behind the scenes hard work. Hoping for closure on the rv end soon but whenever the usd crashes ill have a vnd safety net. Peace and blessings all.

    1. Christopher,

      I'm in the same boat as you. I hope a way can be made for us to deposit into a UK and/or China bank, so the cabal can't steal whatever we are allowed to exchange whenever this new rate hits Forex. This way we can be immune from a USD collapse because we would have denominated in RNB. Also, I do hope there is a place for me in some of these "projects", which JOHN has alluded to, yet I know no details about. There is so very much to do. Fingers X here!! ~darylluke.

    2. Christopher and DL. We have hearts and know the needs of many.

    3. Thank YOU sincerely, sir..... I cry daily now,literally, for what I am seeing daily now.... Your brief reply brings me hope to somehow try ever so feebly to endure this tempest of sheer insanity foisted upon an unsuspecting populace worldwide. ~darylluke.

    4. John,
      Good day kind Sir,
      I fully understand the complexities of the public rv and why it is going to take a bit longer but as you had mentioned previously the PP's can go at any time. If that is the case then can you shed some light on why the PP's are still not done? I continuously read and educate myself on what is going on by staying on top of the articles on OWoN and WHA and have been for almost 2 years now. Are you at liberty to talk about this? If not I fully understand. I appreciate all that you and the White Hats, Elders, ect do. I wish I could be right there in the pit helping out as much as possible. Sometimes it feels helpless when you aren't able to directly contribute. Respectfully in Lil ol' Reno :)

    5. Leslie,

      I note you got one in this time.Welcome.
      The PPs are delayed solely because of US chicanery.America has a policy of totally reneging on all major PP debt. Nations, individuals, all are frustrated victims. We deal weekly with a Liars Lobby.
      Settlements of these way overdue PPs would enhance Project Investments Globally. However, the criminal US Cabal continues to obfuscate, lie and evade monthly.
      Only by encouraging and accelerating Special Relationships with China and others, are we able to bring the collective strengths necessary to face down this abhorrent regime and enforce moves. It's a major daily battle, which is re reshaping the world.

  20. Could some real Justice be surfacing about 9-11? ~darylluke.
    Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham claims that the Saudi Arabian government paid to help fund the 9/11 attacks, and that the FBI knowingly covered that information up.

    Graham co-wrote a congressional report on the attacks. He says that 28 classified pages could help prove his allegations.

    RPT: '20th Hijacker' Claims Saudi Arabian Royals Funded Al Qaeda

    Read more from the New York Times:

    A top F.B.I. official unexpectedly arranges a meeting at Dulles International Airport outside Washington with Mr. Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, after he has pressed for information on a bureau terrorism inquiry. Mr. Graham, a Democrat, is then hustled off to a clandestine location, where he hopes for a breakthrough in his long pursuit of ties between leading Saudis and the Sept. 11 hijackers.

    This real-life encounter happened in 2011, Mr. Graham said, and it took a startling twist.

    “He basically said, ‘Get a life,’ ” Mr. Graham said of the F.B.I. official, who suggested that the former senator was chasing a dead-end investigation.

    Mr. Graham, 78, a two-term governor of Florida and three-term senator who left Capitol Hill in 2005, says he will not relent in his efforts to force the government to make public a secret section of a congressional review he helped write — one that, by many accounts, implicates Saudi citizens in helping the hijackers.

    “No. 1, I think the American people deserve to know the truth of what has happened in their name,” said Mr. Graham, who was a co-chairman of the 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the terrorist attacks. “No. 2 is justice for these family members who have suffered such loss and thus far have been frustrated largely by the U.S. government in their efforts to get some compensation.”
    Judge Andrew Napolitano noted that two federal judges are reviewing this. He explained that a New York judge is listening to motions brought by family members of 9/11 victims against the Saudi government. Meanwhile, he said a judge in Florida is reviewing 80,000 pages of FBI documents involving a Sarasota Saudi Arabian family.

    Watch more above.

  21. More photographic evidence the school at Sandy Hook(site of alleged massacre) could NOT have been in use as a school because of the 50+ code violations shown here:

    This story is BIZARRE!! So much PROOF that it was ALL staged!! INSANITY!! ~darylluke.

  22. Hillary’s Charities Suffer A “Geithner Moment”, Will Refile 5 Years Of Taxes
    It appears as though Hillary Clinton may be witnessing her “Geithner moment,” because as Reuters reports, several Clinton family charities will now refile a half decade worth of returns after failing to report “tens of millions” in contributions from foreign governments.

    1. Well, Let's hope this gets a lot of truth press. Exposure, exposure, exposure!!

  23. DL I love your contributions as well. Keep them coming. In the land of the blind, one eye is King. Seeing is believing and knowing is all.

    1. That's "..the one-eyed man is king".

      I really have no interest in your opinions of the future, what you say, or who you say you are, but I have found your often smug, condescending and insulting tone towards John and the White Hats a little, shall we say, revealing. Many years of investigative work taught me that whatever a man is, there is more of him. I find it fascinating that you can hold out a request to join an organization with a silk glove on one hand while wielding a knife behind your back with the other one, and not think it would go unnoticed. SOP for bankers, yes?

      I have personally known a White Hat long enough to know that they don't need retail level banking clerks to tell them how to handle wholesale, sovereign level responsibilities, and if you knew who you were approaching with this "request", you would know that you would not stand a chance of even being allowed to make their coffee. A sincere approach to wanting to be part of such a distinguished group would not have taken on the gauche pallor you wielded. Your banker's prattle may have had some fawning over your tales of pecuniary expertise, but I see another motive, as clear as a poker player on tilt. Further, I find it amazingly incongruent that you salivate with desire to join an organization that you criticize as being so wrong that you cast them as being virtually run by the Marx Brothers. To what real purpose, then, do you ascribe such yearnings to be a part of it?

      I don't make decisions on who stays or goes here, but your fanny would be bearing the branding of a troll at WHA.

      Stay in banking. That's where you seem best suited. Leave the heavy lifting to those who are qualified and rose to stations that you don't occupy and never will. And you profess to tell them how the world works?

      Be careful what you think you see, because you certainly don't know it all, citizen.

    2. And that's a Sunday morning spanking !

    3. I was wondering who would be calling this PPP out. Canauzzie started it, but Tony, you nailed it. Or him. Or her. As the case may be. The PPP posts were/are becoming truly odoriferous. Thanks. (and I always thought it was 'odiferous'. Learn something new everyday on OWoN and WHA, one way or another. All that's left now is for John to call PPP a nincompoop!

    4. Great comments. I have been wondering how the Whites Hats ever got along without the advise of PPP...quite remarkable.

    5. OWoN and WHA, you all are so special. Glad to be here with the real truth. Great dialogue above.

  24. Liberland: hundreds of thousands apply to live in world's newest 'country'

    Freedom for citizens..

    "Liberland’s only stipulations are that applicants respect individual rights, opinions and private property, and have no criminal record or Nazi or Communist party background.

    Jedlicka says: “The model citizen of Liberland would be [American founding father] Thomas Jefferson, which is why we established the country on his birthday. Citizens will be able to pursue happiness and Jedlicka says: “The model citizen of Liberland would be [American founding father] Thomas Jefferson, which is why we established the country on his birthday. Citizens will be able to pursue happiness and this is the place where we can make this happen.” is the place where we can make this happen.”

    1. I recall somebody in GERMANY was doing something similar to this. I believe GERMANY approved it, or something similar. I believe everyone that became a citizen there was guananteed some monthly stipend, plus a guaranteed job, too!! I wish I could remember more details, so I could find the story. Do you recall something like this in the last 12 months or so?

      LIBERLAND is a wonderful idea, and I wish them great success & world community recognition ASAP!! Thanks for posting! ~darylluke.

    2. It is alluring isn't it DL. Unless they keep their principles they would descend into an Animal Farm, trading one master for another. The popularity of the country though speaks volumes and other world leaders should take note.

    3. Great project and good next step. Hope it works out.

  25. I hope more readers will fine this site and learn the truth about the Cabal.

  26. Brother Nathanial...Love this guy!

    2020..What waits for Americans.

  27. Here comes the MicroChip!

  28. Hillary Furious As Thousands Send Cigars To Her Offices With The Message: "Don't Blow It"...

    Posted By: Watchman
    Date: Saturday, 25-Apr-2015 20:33:38
    Hillary Clinton is reportedly furious and abashed as several thousand cigars were recently delivered to her office in protest of her announcement that she would run for President in 2016. Thanks to Send Clinton Cigars (, a service that allows you to anonymously purchase cigars and have them directly mailed to Clinton, tens of thousands of Americans are blatantly reminding her of her first stay in the White House. For those with short term memory loss, this was reportedly the sexual act of President Bill Clinton who used a cigar to pleasure White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Send Clinton Cigars site sports a non so subtle tagline of “Clinton / Lewinsky 2016 · Don’t Blow It!” beside a logo against smoking; cigars to be assumed.

    The Send Clinton Cigars site offers several cigar gifts that may be purchased and mailed to Presidential Candidate Clinton, and mentions that their proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, who appears to be unrelated. Elect Leaders reached out to the domain owners but have to received a response as yet.

    For as little as $5, you too can send a cigar and note to Hillary: Below is a statement from their website ( )

    Although it would be easy to assume we're representing the far right conservatives, Mainspring Charities is comprised of individuals from a multitude of social and political beliefs which includes both Liberals and Democrats. However, we unanimously believe that Hillary Clinton should not be elected President of the United States in 2016 based on her performance record in public office, in addition to her history of falsifying information, misdirection, and deception as well as her seemingly volatile emotional state as demonstrated throughout her many recent hearings.

    As such we've begun an anti-Hillary campaign through humor and satire. Proceeds from the gifting of cigars at are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, Wounded Warrior Project is not affiliated or connected to the Send Clinton Cigar website or it's management; it is simply a cause we believe in.


    1. Loved it. Come on guys, $5 Bucks to crease Slick Willie. Now just 100,000 Americans doing that would derail the gruesome twosome.

      But good news to see Jeb failing. America so much needs new blood, not Zionist funded or Cabal owned. A clean skin could turn it all around.

  29. Bush Campaign Shows Signs Of Unraveling As Jeb Drops To 4th Place In GOP Race

    By: Keith Brekhusmore from Keith Brekhus
    Friday, April, 24th, 2015, 3:55 pm

    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was hoping to use a shock and awe fundraising blitz to establish himself as the GOP front-runner early on in the campaign. The Bush strategy was to lock up donors and early primary voters, in order to give him the same sense of inevitability on the Republican side as Hillary Clinton enjoys in the Democratic race. However, a Fox News poll released on April 24, 2015 finds Bush’s candidacy floundering in the polls, mustering a meager 9 percent support in the multi-candidate GOP field.

    Bush has embarrassingly fallen into single digits, trailing fellow Floridian, Senator Marco Rubio (13 percent support), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (12 percent), and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (10 percent). Bush is tied for fourth place with former Arkansas Governor and FOX TV personality Mike Huckabee, garnering just 9 percent support from potential Republican voters.

    My first good news of the day!! YOURS TOO!!!! ~darylluke.

    Hope this never happens to anybody else. When you own property and you have legal water rights through an easement, the government should not be able to steal it.

  31. A get rich quick solution for DL.
    New T shirts
    Plant a Shrub - 6 feet deep!

    Sales will soar. Own it fast. The face of the Crime family and the logo DL. Get printing. They would mass sell in NY and LA.

    1. John/ DL, I bet those would sell fast.
      Another good one, NO MORE SHRUBS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!
      Bumper stickers sell good too.

    2. Biffie

      How about a logo of Slick Willie sitting on a branch with a Cigar in his mouth and Monicas blue dress in the other with a Dry Cleaners map route behind him and Hitlary screaming what does it matter?

    3. Good one John. Too funny. But then, really just disgusting the trail of lies, cheating, and deceit these two have.

    4. It takes $$ to make $$. Yet, if you had sent this idea to me privately, I may have been able to fund it on a shoestring, with a loan. BUT, you made it public, and mark my words.....SOMEBODY WILL do this. Story of my life....

    5. DL
      Stop waiting its Master B***** on your bike and go for it. All you need is a few design prints and head for the NY and other big city T Shirt Suppliers. Cut a deal fast or get 3 or 4 printed locally and advertise via the internet. Mail a few to news stations and watch the orders flood in. The internet will get you started so orders can cover operating funds fast. Then head to NY and see how they will mass sell starting with Street traders. Use the power of the net.

    6. create tee shirts and apparel no upfront/ no inventory/no shipping costs<< crowdfunding platform. If you're interested and waiting for your investment to pay off to fund a cause or your project this site might work.

      The only real expense you will have is a business license if you need one. Some states do not require you to have one for online stores, but instead a permit with of course tax reporting. Check to see what is required and the cost of the business license.

      Now I "think" you don't have to get a license or permit with this place. At quick glance it appears they pay you something like a commission? Don't take my word for it, when you have time and interested browse their site.

      I have read a few testimonials where this is how some folks that were strapped for cash got their start, and then moved on, so at least worth a look.

      Hope it helps DL

      And finally,
      Some guy's blog about how he started to earn money within 24 hours with his tee-shirts. Maybe you can pick up some pointers from him.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Whoa, much of what I wrote didn't get posted because of the cut and paste feature on my end.
      I don't mean to be intrusive, just saw this post and thought that if you really wanted to pursue this DL these might be a way for you to get started.

    10. Constitutionalist I appreciate your post very much. I may try this t-shirt thing at some point soon with an idea I have (not political shirts so no worries here DL). Anyway, just wanted you to know that your post may help me and possibly others. Thanks!

    11. You're welcome Phoenix :), anytime I can help even with just a suggestion I do. If those sites don't work for you, there were several others, but didn't want to take up the whole page with links to them.

      Good luck!

  32. Biffie,

    I have ordered a copy of "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the """"""""Full Spectrum Dominance"""""""" of Planet Earth" by Elana M Freeland. Elana discusses the content of her book in this interview with Cancel the Cabal:

    Eisenhower had to threaten to send in the troops to find out what was going on at Area 51. Since then I don't believe any of our politicians, not even Presidents or Prime Ministers, have been kept informed or are aware of the extent of the black ops conducted by the SSG. I feel angry the more I learn about the evil being being perpetrated against humanity, with no apparent or effective oversight or opposition from our elected representatives.

    1. Valdi, That book was a very difficult read for me. It made me so mad that I would put grim faces by all of the paragraphs that pissed me off. There are a lot of grim faces in my book. The disgusting things that they have done to our planet and us since the 40's is mind blowing. There is even a picture of Chemtrails Manual that says CHEMTRAILS
      Department of Chemistry
      U.S. Air Force Academy
      I will watch the video you posted above.

    2. Jackie Gleason went in there and got a tour....That was purported to be the reason for his heavy drinking unto his death.....

  33. John, Canaussie, WHA, PPP;

    With all due respect to all, some Citizens or Pilgrims are here to advance the cause and not troll around, moving from lurker to participant depending on the time and the topic. The Internet is an amazing thing and our various contacts ave significant positions and input as this greatest of games plays out. I am in the camp that there are a number of Elders that have lines of communication and understand a parallel system such as the BRICS or AIIB will, once functional, perhaps allow the side step of Officer Krupke(the FED) to unblock the vast off balance sheet funds that are the core of the issue. Acceptance of Reminbi( which I do not think will happen till China recognizes a % of it's defaulted debt as represented by the historical bonds- See recent UK acknowledgement of WWI debt) will enable HK to rise as the center of "the machine" that has existed since Bretton Woods but has been hijacked. Such a system will enable the vast blocked lots of bullion in the region to enter the market place.I am also in the camp that believes while the USD may not be the global currency of trade, the nation will not collapse, as long as a changing of the guard happens at the top, which in turn, requires the whistleblowers as mentioned in my post yesterday. These things do not happen overnight, and the veneer of normalcy(if the view of the world today can be called normal) has to be maintained since after all the people couldn't handle the truth, right?

    1. CB

      If you watch what is evolving via London now, you will see not only AIIB, but the new Renmimbi Hub and the deep high level dialog taking place between China , the Elders and UK. While HK has Hub Value, remember HK used to be the trading base of the British Tai Pans who were the yesterdays equivalents of the Rothschilds into China. While the US has now completely lost the plot and trust of the Elders, and Elders won't trust Chinese nationals, a whole new level of Cultural breakthrough was achieved this year in London, and our teams are now resident in situ between Taipei, Beijing and HK, all reporting back to London and up to the Lords.Our boys fly back out again on Monday and we expect the Elders here from June onwards.
      Our Private Trust will be taking over vast amounts of Capital for placement and trading, as well as coordinating major projects. This is a key Crown and Special " T " only initiative, within corridors of power impossible for Cabal or Zionists to access. Elders now only wish to meet with key Royal or T families of Ancestral lineage they understand, and to rebuild a new accord with the key Head T Negotiator they met last time. It's a "Culture" thing. Very much Cross keys and Portcullis and Inner Temple only.
      The London key team are already planning the transportation and safe storage of vast amounts of Gold to London, to underpin new trading platforms, and keep it out of Commie and Cabal reach. This will be a whole new London Tai Pan initiative to encompass the future century and to re build Commonwealth links.
      The T's are the Sole Protectors of the Crown, and Inner Temple. A number of the key Elders are Monks and while fully understanding the vagaries and chicanery of the Political and Banking types, have built a strong accord with the Old T Guard here who will jointly develop what is needed. OWON has the right ethos and support. That same support is there for WHA and WHR when needed.
      Think revival of the Tai Pans but now in London, as the Global Hub point, and you will see how it is unfolding. Remember Brits were the old Global Empire Builders. Couple that with the old Knights, and see forward a whole new structured development with ethical vision and agendas. The "T's" can not be bought, ever, and that is the Zios Achilles Heel. Empires end and new ones emerge,but some never left, they simply went underground off radar for centuries. The Elders needed a certain Culture illusive for centuries. Having been allowed key Lords access, lights have gone on meeting those special persons operating inside. Having shown them a new concept of the Silk Road route running from China to London, and China to Iran , they now see why London is key to all. It meets the right Time Zones and Global logistics as the HQ Hub.
      The USD will NOT be the Global currency much longer,.nor will it have same powers. But, there are many good, innovative Americans of high intellect able to make a major Global contribution, but simply entrapped within a restrictive and caustic Zio Cabal system. We dont need to lose America, we do need to waste the scum at the top of the pond. The new emerging world of alternatives will enforce that. Cleaning out the Ziorats is a start. As is restructuring Global banking. The new AIIB,BRICS and SWIFT alternative, plus Yuan Trading and emergence of Yuan based BG's and MTN's will total out the Rotts and Agency games. New, non Rotten Child Banks will be formed,. as with AIIB and no Zios will be tolerated within. Nor Agency chicanery. What we create will be fit for purpose. Politicos will march to higher orders. We need no Tri Laterals with NWO Agendas. All key lines of communication route via London. New Gate Keepers have taken over. Understand? That says enough. The Gold underpins all. No one knows what we hold. So much is unfolding. Give it time.

    2. John,
      Good morning.

      I do like the idea of a New Gate Keeper. I like the idea of removing the scum residing at the top of the pond of the US.. I believe you should consider the top three layers..., just to make sure you get even those who have a seed of "scummitist" remaining in their psyche. Unfortunately, there are those who reside in the underlying top level who have been brainwashed to believe that what they know and speak of is truth and they don't have knowledge of or a blueprint of the real agenda. We have had many of these types over here rattling off dissertations as prime examples... some in recent weeks.

      Also, thank you to the Elders and the significant UK Lord's and T's for seeing the truth of the real Americans and that we are worth saving. There are truly many who have tried and are succeeding to bring about good humanitarian change. I shared with Canauzzie recently one of those, Dan Buettner and his development of Blue Zones in the US. The work he is doing is amazing. It is these Americans that are worth contributing to in order to make a difference, not only to the US but also to the world at large.

      You know I am ready to do my part and all you need to do is send out a message via Canauzzie and I am there.

      ~Get Real

    3. John,

      Is the Order of the Temple of Solomon domiciled in the Isle of Mann with full sovereign status related to the Crown, temple bars, etc in London?

      I'm also curious about the Tai Wan elders. Are these the decendents of the Ming Dynasty?

      Are there colors related to these families like you read everywhere? Red Dragon, White Dragon, Golden Dragon, Green Dragon, etc.

      I find this historical stuff interesting.

      I'm also curious where the Freemasons fall in all this. Do they basically make up the inner core of the illuminati at the highest levels?

    4. JV
      Yes to Ming Dynasty.
      No to Masons. Much higher. Very exclusive , think Temple Mount thats all I will say.


    5. Get Real

      Our fight is for the American people, not against.
      Our common enemy is the Nazi Cabal and Zio Rats.
      Don't worry about the tiers. Think who is Chair of all here? It takes 4 months to book a speech slot. Who got Lord J slotted in within 4 days? He was then so excited he dropped the speech. Lol, but I wasn't sitting in the Private Gallery watching and pulsating. Best laid plans?

      Look how we came out to help Mike. Likewise we will help you all. We need many good Americans.Some may need a hard wake up Butt kicking first but for the conflict coming, we will be Allies toe to toe with you. Real friends.

      What may help America is to drop back within a League of Nations and be part of all. You have great talents, but having lost the old truly inspiring Americans Leaders and Founders, the crap in DC are just not fit for Leadership of anything, and the system needs a total septic tank clear out. Good leaders will emerge once you clear out the Zio Banking Shite and Tri NWO Mongrels. Plus the Agencies and Military need totally reigning back. The Pooch in the WH and his mongrel dog need to go asap. Just lets hope Clinton does not get in, as Jeb hopefully is seeing his own ass now. You know, we know your realities.
      But we also know your strengths. I have many American friends. You have no idea now close.
      A new Clean Leader could make a huge difference.
      The site is full of good Americans. Many have a huge Global role to play.

    6. A portcullis (from the French porte coulissante or gliding door) is a kind of heavy vertically-opening gate typically found in medieval fortifications, consisting of a latticed grille made of wood, metal, or a combination of the two.

    7. Its also a coded sign for a certain group owning Banks etc. behind the scenes.

  34. John
    What is the time line for implementation of the system you envision as above to the point where it is obvious to the common man(me) that change has occurred? And I understand nothing is set in stone - asking for a best guess. Frustrating thing for me with following all of this is the predictions that don't seem to materialize. White hat reports say Obama is as good as gone - yet he is still here. Jim Willie says the dollar is dead - yet nothing seems has changed in any palpable way. And I acknowledge the seeming changes - Asia development bank etc. So how long til we have seen the shift in an unmistakable way - with impact to the day to day lives of those on the planet? 1 year, 2, 5, 10, 20, 100?

    1. John S.

      Hopefully starting within one to two years, then it will take off. But it will force an OK Corral face down.

  35. Hello John@ why dont the elders trust chinese nationals. They in bed with the zionists?

    1. The Elders fear the Commies grabbing the assets as they fled China with all.

  36. JV,

    I guess our intuition about Duff might be right.

    Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Documents

    Stew Webb brought on James Fetzer who has now been the latest to leave controlled opposition hub Veterans Today due to disinformation by Gordon Duff and censorship of his articles!

    Stew Webb has two sources now that have told him that Gordon Duff is working for Zbigniew Brzezenksi, a new world order pig that co-founded the Trilateral Commission!
    Gordon Duff is suffering massive blow back now that Stew Webb, Gene Tatum and many other truth warriors have exposed him as totally fake and all talk and no action.
    He’s putting out more disinformation by the day now and has been fully exposed as a fraud just like the “tip of the spear” guy!

    1. Which begs the question.

      If Duff and Adamus Group are protecting Wanta...Who is he?

      All this information, disinformation, controlled opposition spy shit makes my head spin.

    2. Obama is Brezinski's controlled asset so it would make sense since Duff loves the turd.

  37. Here is the contact info for who`s in charge of operating JADE HELM, I say we get a petition started and bombard these traitors with emails.

    Mr. Thomas Mead JADE HELM Operations
    WK: 910-396-9831/6316 Cell: 910-391-1137 e-mail:

    Mr. Francisco Oquendo Jr
    JADE HELM Operations Planner
    WK: 910 396-9831/6316 Cell: 910 916-0821 e-mail:

    Mr. Richard Kimmich JADE HELM Project Lead
    USASOC G35 Plans
    WK: 910-396-0547/ 0439 e-mail: Public Affairs Officer

  38. John,

    If the AIIB is the new work around financial system and the Taiwan Elders are heavily involved in defeating the zionists and factions from Israel, why did they accept Israel in the group, but deny Taiwan admittance.

    This is confusing.

  39. JV
    AIIB is Chinese mainland. Elders are Taiwanese via Taipei and even HK, with some in Beijing.The Elders have the real money which is all now being re planned for safety. As is the Gold. They will determine how much, or little China gets in support. London will be the independent hub, keeping thieving US hands off it,. and creating real profits for Global help.
    America will never again be allowed access to the base capital. We can assist with controlled projects, but we will move base capital out of US$ and into safety.
    Chinese Elders are Ming Dynasty ancestry. The Commies are not.
    The Elders are cultured and developed thinkers with morality.
    If China allows Israel into AIIB it will be a war zone. But as only one of 60 we will hammer them weekly.
    No Zios will be allowed near Elders funds, we are the new Gatekeepers.
    Elders are the Cultured ones. Chinese mainland are the Commies. The ones who whipped your ass in Vietnam.
    The Elders funds are being re negotiated for new use. We will allow no US or Zio control . Nor will we use US Banks.
    Elders are cultured families. Royal bloodlines like in the UK.

  40. Banks Increasingly Refuse Cash Withdrawals – Switzerland Joins the Fun

    The war on cash is proliferating globally. It appears that the private members of the world’s banking cartels are increasingly joining the fun, even if it means trampling on the rights of their customers.

    Yesterday we came across an article at Zerohedge, in which Dr. Salerno of the Mises Institute notes that JP Morgan Chase has apparently joined the “war on cash”, by “restricting the use of cash in selected markets, restricting borrowers from making cash payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines and auto loans, as well as prohibiting storage of cash in safe deposit boxes”.

    This reminded us immediately that we have just come across another small article in the local European press (courtesy of Dan Popescu), in which a Swiss pension fund manager discusses his plight with the SNB’s bizarre negative interest rate policy. In Switzerland this policy has long ago led to negative deposit rates at the commercial banks as well. The difference to other jurisdictions is however that negative interest rates have become so pronounced, that it is by now worth it to simply withdraw one’s cash and put it into an insured vault.


  41. Correct and if soon Banks refuse to handle large cash deposits from unknown sources like Dinars and Dong,s what then?

    1. Answer: Get this done before they do, with respect. 9-11 happened because nesara was supposed to be public on that specific date. L@@K what these monsters did to stop that from happening! THEY murdered over 30,000 people in those towers, and Building 7 was blown because that housed the nesara and Chinese files about the gold!! It has been 14 fucking years now, and still thumbs are being twittled saying wait, we need more time to do this....WTF!!(translation=What The Fuck!!) ~darylluke.

    2. DL
      The reason it has not been done is the Neo Marxist lunatics behind the Tri Laterals combined with the crooked Zionists, want only world subjugation by forcing all nations to become subordinate to a world ruled by Washington. As such, they control the money and retain control by giving you none.
      All that is achieved by Fiat control. They control the tap.

      But the moment we move that Gold,and unleash Gold backed currencies, the last 50 years of failed Tri lateral control collapses, as does the US Cabal. Suddenly, only being able to spend what they make, those Agency and Military budgets will collapse and America will be forced back to supporting revival of its real industries. Many of the Kazakh Bankers will unravel and fold.
      So Yes, hope it pays out - but then get the hell out of US$ as soon as you can because what will follow will leave your capital as toast. You are based upon a Military Industrial Economy which has sucked the lifeblood out of your real economy and other nations also. NATO and Washington are freaking because Britain is cutting its Military spending and boosting its economy. Once others follow, NATO spending hits the rocks. As does US Cabal Military profits.

      As the media is now picking up on the Clinton kickbacks, lets hope they also investigate the Falcone Biden bribes and crack this whole dirty can of worms. That takes down Clinton, Bush, Biden and Obama and will help get a whole new Presidency. It needs mass arrests at the top.

      Once that Gold moves, as is coming, all Washingtons games end. They lost the plot and they will lose the pot. Free Thinkers will not be ruled by DC. So Yes, it takes time, and 14 years seems long, but you have had 50 years to F Up humanity, so allow us time to stop this giant Tramp Ship hitting to world safe harbour wall and collapsing all we know. There is still a vain arrogance about Washington control, as exhibited here on site by certain naive know all parties who in fact comprehend the square root of zero.
      Tony, of WHA emotively challenged one to a reality check.

      We allowed you graphic insight of real power. Cultural power and behind the public view real meetings. Worlds are shaped by the minds of people. A Cultural exchange and new consensus of changes needed. Already the key, REAL parties are meeting again and developing the new concepts towards nation building plans. Washington has no control nor hope of interfering with new, emergent policies,and as with Assad in Syria, will be rebuffed if attempting. We are Old Cultures, old Families, and have seen so many world grabbing nations fail. As Canauzzie stated, Hubris is all.
      Calmy, carefully people who both fully understand and care are meeting again.
      Yes, it will take time, and Yes, it will re shape the world. This time, the funds will not be Bush - Whacked. This time, if all proceeds as possible, Culture will rule and nations can be reborn.
      Star Seed must succeed.

    3. Does it really need to take 2 years longer to get a gold backed currency, John?

  42. Hanlo
    It may take more it will be the threshold of control and the US will throw the kitchen sink at it to stop it happening.
    That is unlocking all the Captive Nations cell doors and removing the chains. In one go it totals the Fed and all NWO schemes. Every Western Political Leader will be bribed or threatened. Panic will set in from Washington but BRICS,Russia and Asia must stand firm. This is the battle for world economic freedom and to end poverty. This is the battle where your voice counts if not sold. Politicians by and large can mainly be bought because a certain kind of greasy polecat gathers there. It needs orchestrate moves by Non US Dependent Leaders to orchestrate the Check Mate moves. Yes its in play, but so are you - All!

    1. Thank you John, but by that time I will most probably have left all this behind me. Pity, would have liked to see it play out.

  43. John, your last few statements have really revealed what's going on behind the scenes and the global impact that's happening. The US is being isolated worldwide and doesn't have much longer, hopefully your team and the elders along with the WHs have a place to ease the pain that a lot of good Americans including most here will go through.

  44. LP at WHA.

    Your comments are appreciated and read by many.
    Think Ming Dynasty of c 400 years recent evolution meeting certain European "Elders" of an 800 year dynasty, of a Warrior Monk established order. Those who have walked the walk, but now only talk the talk among a closed contingent committed to a higher order of service. London was a revelation to them, and has activated deep economic and social debate. This is not left to shapeshifting Political mediocrities. Instead to an entirely different foundation of principled guards. Those born to it and whose lives and Souls are enshrined in it. Those born " knowing". Those born to serve a greater purpose on this pit stop of life as a carbon matter being. Evolution of spirit is the core agenda, to make you Star Seeds of the coming evolution of man. Reshaping and seeding the Universe with life. First we need to segregate and educate the base crop. NWO is a failed ideology, Trans Humanism is the coming awakening. It will be what we make it.

  45. So I listened to the Stew Webb interview last night about Jade Helm.

    For those that don't know, Stew Webb is a federal whistleblower and was married at one time to Larry Millman's daughter. He is one of the 13 council members of the Illuminati and founder of AIPAC, per Stew Webb.

    He added some very telling information about the Walmart issue.

    Apparently, in the early 80's during the initial stages of REX 84, George Bush and Larry Millman approached Sam Walton and said they would fund his expansion. Webb states that once it got moving they forced Walton to sign over the stock certificates for Walmart. The Walton family is only a front for the true majority shareholders.

    So we have to put the dots together.

    1) George Bush and Larry Millman fund Walmart and own it. Which is not unbelievable. Zapata oil controlled United Fruit company, the largest landholder in central and south America secretly.

    2) We have a captain in the Army saying he was trained on the logistics system for the DOD that is hidden in the backbone of the Walmart IT system.

    3) We have closure of 6 stores, one of which was the #1 store in sales of ALL Walmarts, overnight. No announcements.

    4) We know that the actual Walmart building are owned by several offshore shell companies. One of the owners being former Reagan chief of staff, Jim Baker, during the formation of REX 84.

    5) Witnesses have stated that there are interior modifications taking place that have nothing to do with plumbing and there are military and what appear to be DHS vehicles present.

    6) We have Jade Helm happening at the same time.

    Additionally, a few things caught my eye about this yesterday.

    1) The Army docs say that all exercises will take place between the times of 11 PM and 4 AM. Extraction exercises?
    2) The manual states that medics may be used.
    3) The spokesman for the Army special ops division stated they may be going door to door to give out information. In the middle of the night?
    4) The training wraps up right in the middle of September, which is the time when many things happen financially. Plus 2015 is the 7 year cycle. 7 years ago we had the financial system panic starts. 7 years prior we had 9/11.

    The Walmarts are the key. These need to be investigated. A training exercise is one thing, but if these are a staging area for the DOD to coordinate, it would only make sense to seize these now if it was going live.

  46. exposes Clintons on Livestream broadcast Monday, April 27 at 1:00 CDT (Central Daylight Time) or available for replay almost immediately after broadcast.
    Check out the broadcast ad here:

    The Three Targets Of Hillary's JADE

  47. John;
    Thank you again for your reply and the insight as to how your team is building the bridges to the future in real time. But I can't help but feel that your efforts at enlightenment here to the choir have such a small effect when you know where the bodies are buried. In the past I hinted that the taking of a network might advance the cause, and here I'll suggest again as above the need for several whistleblowers to come forward to, for instance The Center For Public Integrity or their allied group, The International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists. Maybe this is the group that can, with the proper direction, expose the blocked quads and the system that blocks them. It seems they have a habit of ending up in hot water, but also are adept at turning down the heat. Cheers

  48. CB

    The problem we have is the complete MSM control of the US by Zionists working hand in hand with the Agency and Cabal. Gut rotten Zionists are plague carriers against freedom. An infestation needing complete sanitisation in the US. The steps and funding needed is currently progressing in careful steps. The last 50 years have been spent creating this nightmare. It takes what it takes to stop it. Western Leaders sold out long ago. Look at trash like Blair! War criminals.
    Its a Global pandemic as even Australia is entrapped in the Global blanket threatening China. Russia and Iran are surrounded by these criminals. A nuclear armageddon grows ever closer if a US uprising can not be achieved. But, by Sheeple how? We are trying build bridges with key nations in case the US goes to a full out DHS assault on its people trapped within. The lowest standards ever now permeate as the norm by the Bush / Clinton Zionist pack. They are so dangerous and may leave Putin with no options but to launch. Be in no doubt his own Generals will if pushed much further. You are leaving them few options. Going underground for 200 to 2,000 years may be the option and what's left rebuilding. But it means both turning the US into a total fireball and the nuclear winter to follow. There comes a mind set to just take them down. DC is so badly misjudging the Kremlin right now. Russia has not started it but may well finish it. The ultimate blame lies with the sheeple for mindless indifference letting it happen. The price will be annihilation.
    All we can do is as is. A slow Chess Board of diplomacy. So far so good.

    1. John, thank you for the updates/information.

      The US cabal with Zionist backing is like a huge, evil spider with the world entangled in its web. We need a giant can of "Raid" to get rids of these bugs.

    2. John, thank you again for the reply. I certainly understand the issue with the MSM here. But then we got this thingy called the web. And while it is monitored and trolled, there is much to be learned and researched, OWON being an example. The ICIJ is a collaboration of journalists from around the worlda and as such, perhaps not under the thumb of the PTB. See here there blog titled The Global Muckraker with the top posts being a lawsuit against the World Bank and anoter suit dismissed in the LuxLeaks case. They also have a port "Leak to Us". This group appears to be avoiding a quash. As to The Bomb, I wonder if any would go off! And Obama over the weekend, at the WH Press Dinner, quipped the next two years in office will be trying to cross off as many things on his Rhymes with Bucket List. It is possible that could be a very good thing, as the current debate on Cuba and Iran and resulting ludicrous statements from the Hawks are showing. On the other hand, advisers into Ukraine is going to get somebody shot for no good reason whatsoever. May cooler heads prevail.

    3. John the Sheelpe is oblivious to any information other than what's bombarded into their heads , sports , football , basketball , ice hockey, baseball. What they should drink, eat , drive or wear. Each day waking to a 9-5 that most hate but having to go each day to pay the bill. Lower wages and access to multiple credit cards charging 28- 30 percent ! The American Dream remains Slavery for all . How do you break that cycle ?

  49. Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?

    Not the people that's for sure.

    "A growing number of political committees known as super PACs have become instruments of single donors, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal records. During the 2014 election cycle, $113 million – 16 percent of money raised by all super PACs – went to committees dominated by one donor. That was quadruple their 2012 share.

    The rise of single-donor groups is a new example of how changes in campaign finance law are giving outsized influence to a handful of funders.

    The trend may continue into 2016. Last week, National Review reported that Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination would be boosted not by one anointed super PAC but four, each controlled by a single donor or donor family."

  50. CB

    You understand our roles, positions and delicacy needed. Lives and nations are at stake. Few have a clue what is at risk here. Some concepts of currencies for unregulated, over printed CBI territory paper are just childlike. They hold toilet paper. Backed only by the goodwill of Iraqis and higher powers, who may decide to negate the lot. We have major players in real play, and nations in need, so will not risk that by a Public hiatus nor showing our cards. When I say nothing, it is because!
    Interesting times but hairy as hell. Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Obama gives talk shows.and lines his pockets fast.
    Empires? These are very dangerous times. Tensions mount. Defences are being probed for response times .Why?
    While the Sheeple prevaricate about the size of a Kardashian Butt. Such is the reality of Joe Public today.

  51. Welcome and thank you for joining in on our SUPERFANSTICDILLYICIOUS call. We are having a great day. Everything is great. We are all great. It’s just great.

    Today in the Mosques, everyone was jumping around and dancing. Our sources said they were really happy. Turns out some kids played a prank and released a whole bunch of scorpions on the praying mats. What a laugh. But they are all great and superfantastic.

    Bank personal are still on high alert. Or maybe they are just high. Anyway, this high alert notice today appears to be a false alarm on the RV. Turns out there was a major gas leak in the bank. Or maybe a customer just had really bad farts. We are waiting for clarification on that at this time. Either way, they all want this done. They are tired of paying all the overtime to keep calling their people in only to send them home 4 times per week.

    That’s all for today. Somewhat slow, but rest assured everything is still status quo. Any second, minute, hour, day or year this could break. More intel will be provided as it comes in. Make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s call.

    Oh and…Just disregard those charges on your phone bill. They are not from us.


    1. LOL.......

      "I certainly didn't expect for us to be here, but here we are...."

      Where did they expect to be? It is what they do.....

    2. Well put.

      And notice how they always remind everyone that they "know people who have gotten paid....". Yet these people are never invited to the call, never are they anyone who is a part of their audience, and obviously had to break their NDA to tell TNT and DC GUY, but they wont call in to report their windfall, even though they could do so without identifying themselves. Further still, if they knew people who really "got paid", then they must have made millions, because TNT never said they were only paid "small amounts". He claimed they are buying Bentleys, Jets, Homes in the Bahamas. Further, one would think if that was the case, then one of these mega wealthy dinar casher-inners could write a check to TNT for their so-called "expenses" and stop with the donations shtick that they run on their audience.

      Also, it seems the same 5 people keep calling into the show and getting on the line, despite having an audience of over 25,000 people.

    3. This cracks me up...TNT...TRULY NOT TRUTH Tony!!!

    4. This is why OWON give you the clear hard hard facts, to deal with or throw the toys out of the pram but only dreams are free. Reality is only the second worst Bitch to the one most guys are married to. Lol

      These Guru sites are total and toxic crocks. No one has been paid, and for most cases may never be.

  52. Benjamin Fulford - April 27th 2015: Pentagon plays military card against China as Washington D.C. struggles for cash

    Added links below.

    To listen to this update, see the video below.

    - Justin

    Now, the "Good" Pentagon uses HAARP on Nepal to cause an earthquake killing over 4,000 innocent civilians to send a "message" to the Chinese communists? Europe "will give Libyan oil fields" to Egypt? I didn't know Europe owned Libya's oil fields!!! Why does he even post this stuff? Many things in this weeks report sound like things dreamed up in an opium-den for crying out loud!! ~darylluke.

    1. Let me be clear. I in no way was implying Benjamin smokes opium. I was just making an analogy to explain how ridiculous some of his statements sounded this week. Also, probably half the world likes alcohol, and if he does also, this is no reason to discount his information either. I would just like to see some sort of supporting material when he makes some of these extraordinary pieces of "news" for us all.

      BENJAMIN, keep up the great work and keep fighting the good fight!! ~darylluke.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. John, do you see an end to the manipulation of the gold and silver markets at any time in the near future ? Is this anything that you're even involved with ?

    1. Not unless you can end the Plunge Protection Team in the WH rigging it.

  55. ""Just after announcing his resignation as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder has accepted a top job with Wall Street finance giant JPMorgan Chase.

    Starting in early November, Holder will serve as JPMorgan Chase’s chief compliance officer, where his responsibilities will include lobbying Congress on the company’s behalf and ensuring it “gets the best deal possible” from any new proposed financial regulations. Holder will also fetch morning coffee and breakfast orders for CEO Jamie Dimon and board members.

    For his efforts, Holder will earn an annual salary of $77 million plus bonuses for a job well done.""


    1. On a good note...probably means they won't be failing anytime soon.

    2. Ooops. My Bad. It's from satire newspaper... Holder has not yet announced.

    3. Careful the Clintons will apply for it or O. The Bushes cant do joined up writing so no worry there.


    "James has carefully documented the "8 Immortal Families" in his report on China and the New World Order which shows how the 8 Immortals are totally connected to Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller-Rothschikld banking elite. This is the way they will lead us into a New WORLD Order.

    The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East. It's been puppeteered from the very start. There is no doubt that China's rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered."

    1. John, could you please comment on this?

    2. If only it were so simple. Reality is complete wild card territory. Logic said follow the entire Asian emergence by simple population demographics alone, but the emergent control demographics may turn out the investment selection nightmare. India may outgun the Chinese boom, what then? At least India does not have a compete black hole for women as China killed its girl babies. India has just mass produced as its roaring population shows. Asia is far too complex a molotov cocktail mix to follow s simple track as suggested. And no one foresaw Eurasia. Or still do correctly. My view, conspiracy theory.

    3. HANLO,

      I'm tired, and when I'm tired I imagine crazy things: like not viewing the current global situation as an East vs West dialectic but as the actions of the right hand and those of the left hand. The money (Mon Eye - One Eye) power will not relinquish its private control over the issuance and distribution of currency, of which the SDR is the but latest incarnation. The apparent movement of wealth from West to East is nothing more than its passage from one hand to another of the ruling elite.

      And where are we? We are the downtrodden, the peons, the slaves, "the dead" as the Satanists consider us; upon whose bodies and lives the elite ascend to the top of their Illuminati pyramid of power and control. They will rig the price of precious metals and other commodities for as long as ordinary people can possess them until they have legal ownership of all real assets, reducing everyone else on earth to the status of a slave.

      JC Collins gets it; James Corbett gets it; Ken of Redefining God gets it; Brandon Smith of Alt-Market gets it. Not many others get it. Brandon Smith offers some advice:

      Real solutions to the inevitable economic implosion

    4. Hi Valdi, I'm keeping an open mind on this and wonder if the implications of what you're saying are that the Taiwan elders and London are part of a nwo pivot. My gut tells me no, that we have real opposition to that group and the new parallel infrastructure says to me that it is qualitatively different and designed to circumvent the bcc nwo, not expand it. I posted a zh article the other day supporting Willie in that China is joining the sdr to help bring it down once the ndb issues its own sdrs. Anyway. I hope the Collins view is incomplete, otherwise we are here for nought.

    5. Well, from the video one might say conspiracy theory. I now went and read the transcript of the podcast. This is not just a theory. Corbett has in fact researched this thoroughly and backs up his findings with enough credible evidence and links so anyone can do their own investigation and verify the things he says.

      John, you know the Chinese elders personally, we don't even know their names. Corbett names the "8 Immortal Families". Thus only you would be able to tell us if those 8 families are or are not amongst the elders you know. By God, I really hope they are not.

      Having been lied to about everything so often, we cannot help being very wary and suspicious about everything now, trusting no one except our own gut.

    6. Hanlo

      The Lords are at the forefront of this now. Rest assured, who the Elders call "The Lionheart" has it under full control. All come now as one to London, and all under the remit of the focal Group as a OWON initiative.
      This is now an agenda between Old Guard families of both nations.Zios out, and OWON in. Not NWO but OWON. The Zios just dropped a curved ball they never saw coming. The next ones will be Zingers and spiked if needed. Zios focus to feed their greed. Ours is to feed the need. Apart from Kardashian methane Butts and Gutts and the real low life by choice types.

    7. I appreciate your reply, John. I have read enough of your replies and posts to know that you really mean that. May your hard work be crowned with success.

  57. Hey Fedup and P, I have missed you and your posts!!!!!!!!

    1. Biffie, am just reading mostly at this point. Been figuring things out and will be pretty busy beginning in the next month between the class that starts Monday and the multitude of things will be working on or happening. Have been told October/November for the RV and have made the decision to do something with my life. It will help me deal with things better.

    2. Just knowing a spiritually kind person like you is out there is awesome P.

  58. ....and riots, burning in Baltimore....

    What will it look like when the US$ crashes & welfare is cut off?? Kinda like Chad?? ~darylluke.

    1. I was watching it last night, and the same thought came into my mind, is this a glimpse into the future? Very sad and scary times ahead. I was thinking these types of thugs would kill you if they were hungry.

  59. John/Canauzzie:

    Thank you for all the great information the past few days in the responses. Your timely responses to most all questions are fielded and little by little the information flows. Being able to interface with the principals of such bold ideas in the face of such challenging times is what sets you apart. It has been the main thing that exponentially increased the trust factor for me. Most would just sub it out to associates with scripts. Thank you.

    You too WHA Auxiliary Tony. Your prose remind me of Garrison Keillor type stuff. Kind of a man for all seasons.

    On another note, received this from the currency trading platform of my broker. Looks like they see market turmoil straight ahead:

    Dear Client,

    We believe there is a chance of disruption and highly illiquid conditions in the forex market during the coming weeks (and/or months). Please be aware that market gaps tend to occur over the weekend – that is, currencies trade at prices considerably distant from previous levels.

    Review Important dates for possible upcoming Event Risk

    Plan Ahead: Please seek to understand how these events will affect your position in the market. FXCM may increase the Margin Requirements on different currency pairs and as a result you may be required to put up more margin to enter new positions.

    Note that this increase in margin may be temporary depending on market conditions. Please review your account to ensure that you have enough available margin to support any new positions. You may deposit additional funds at or close positions as needed.

    Remember that forex and CFD trading can result in losses that could exceed your deposited funds and therefore may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. END

    And John's right, it's impossible to win in PM investing right now until the tide turns and the rigging abates. What you fundamentally think should happen does not make you money right now in the investing world. I gave up fighting it and just flow now, no matter how absurd.


    1. Hey swampfox nice to see a different angle. Just on the PMs front, yes yiu cant 'win' atm but at these low prices can prepare. I understand that these prices are at or near production costs, so can't go much lower unless mines close (which is happening in oil) - will that happen with PMS? Who knows. My strategy is to buy low and sell high, and so these prices are right for that. Put it another way, If you have that same pm strategy, now is the time to stack IMO.

    2. Swampfox1776 would you be able to provide the dates the broker provided for upcoming event risk? I would love to have the info. Thanks!

  60. Valdi, I just finished watching the video. Thanks for sharing that. She covers some pretty hairy things from her book. Glad that you got the book to read. There is so much more in it.

    I have ordered a copy of "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the """"""""Full Spectrum Dominance"""""""" of Planet Earth" by Elana M Freeland. Elana discusses the content of her book in this interview with Cancel the Cabal:

    1. Biffie,

      Scary stuff. I have also ordered a copy of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth upon your recommendation, and have started reading Technocracy Rising.

      As Zen Gardner says, "The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off".

      I am well pissed-off.

    2. It is scary stuff Valdi, and when you read her book, you will see how many other things besides just the poisons in chemtrails that they have done to our atmosphere and us for decades. Creepy things.
      In the book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, the author Steven Druker says that he made summaries of all the chapters in his book and gave a website to view it. I have started reading this book, but I may go read all the chapter summaries first and then keep reading it.
      There is some headway being made against Monsanto and GMO's. We just need to keep pushing.

  61. Thank you Charlie.
    How about buying the Nevada Chicken Ranch and relocating it next door to Clinton for a steady supply of trade?
    His mother may want to return to part time work if so. A lot of Senators, Congressmen and Judges would become regulars. Run a parallel selection of Cockerels and their wives will follow the market.

  62. Our local paper had some interesting points in an article on Earth Day:
    For one-sixth of the annual Pentagon budget, we could reforest the entire planet and restore its soils. With 2015 designated by the United Nations as International Year of Soils, localized organic agro-ecological methods must replace industrial agriculture to revive soils for carbon sequestration - which would significantly abate the climate crisis and vastly decrease food transportation costs.
    For half that amount we could build 50 desalinization plants for our coastal cities to preserve rivers and aquifers for agriculture. These might be powered by wave energy, capable of doubling current world energy capacity.
    For one-fifth the annual Pentagon budget spread over five years, we could complete without further delay an envisioned 17,000 mile national high-speed rail system to reduce hydrocarbon consuming air travel.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists estimate that untapped geothermal resources could multiply U.S. energy supplies by a factor of 2,000.
    Envision the new industries that could be created, with employment that cannot be outsourced overseas. Imagine ending our direct and proxy wars of aggression with vast reductions of our Pentagon, intelligence and covert operations budgets – nearly three times the military budgets of Russia and China combined – and diverting those funds to our real security needs. Imagine our 800 military bases in other countries transformed into renewable energy hubs for their surrounding regions. Would we still have millions worldwide who hate America?

    1. I can't speak for anyone else but want you to know I don't hate ordinary Americans, who have been some of the kindest, most generous and innovative people I have met; I hate what the psychopaths in power have done in the name of America; or those in other countries. We are all brothers and sisters, irrespective of our nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, social status, political ideology or ethnic group.

    2. Valdi, I wrote the first sentence of my post above...all the rest of it I retyped from our local paper. That is what was in the article. I agree with what you posted. We are all brothers and sisters. There are good folks in every country. Now that I know some of what is really going on in this world, it makes me sad. I look around at other folks and I wish that they knew the truth too. It just shouldn't be this way. We should be living in a world that loves and respects each other, the creatures, and mother earth. Oh, what should have been and still could be. There are so many things that we could all make better. I shall never give up trying.

    3. Biffie, that was a good article. And your point made above is spot on.

      "We are all brothers and sisters. There are good folks in every country. Now that I know some of what is really going on in this world, it makes me sad. I look around at other folks and I wish that they knew the truth too. It just shouldn't be this way. We should be living in a world that loves and respects each other, the creatures, and mother earth. Oh, what should have been and still could be. There are so many things that we could all make better. I shall never give up trying."

    4. Biffie,

      There is another world-wide March Against Monsanto on 23rd May. I shall be there. When the movement grows strong enough, the MSM won't be able to ignore it. We need to be able to produce and distribute posters and flyers telling people the truth about Agenda 21, GMO's, geoengineering, vaccines as bioweapons, the effects of water fluoridation, false-flags such as 911 and 7/7 and the crimes of their governments, the banks and the media. We need to wake people up. I shall never give up trying, either.

    5. I would like to see flyers and posters that list each issue with a list of books, websites, and videos on them to provide documentation about the truth of each issue. Something that folks can take home and go hmmm, and start learning for themselves. We can hope.

      Hi P. Valdi, I will check out the website you listed and see what I can do locally. Thanks.

  63. This feels about right. It's not reported, but would have to wonder if at least one kid didn't call their parents when they were blocked from heading home.

    What REALLY Happened in Baltimore

    Here’s a comment from a Facebook pal that appeared on CopBlock… thanks, S.
    This is exactly the sort of thing they will do to incite people and cause situations where they can declare martial law.
    It’s no longer about the death of Freddie Gray. That event was the catalyst. This is the unfolding of the next stage of the battle.
    People in cities and where large groups gather need to be aware of the potential for this sort of scenario and stay calm.


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