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OWoN Exclusive | What the Future America and World Needs - it's within our reach

Post RV who will lead and Re track America and World Peace? Refocus on real wealth creation? Replace ignorance with knowledge, truth and reality? Time to come of age. Let’s see also the Positives coming.

One World of Nations
6 June 2014

It’s time to forget being enslaved to National Identity Hype with Delusions of False Religions. Become One Nation of Human Kind dam it! You all matter!

Don’t confuse God (Creative Kinetic Energy and True Universal Consciousness) with childlike, man-made religious fallacies. You ARE much more!

In a future Universe of Galactic Religions, all seeking God, where will yours fit? Time to emerge from the blind spots and come of age.

The world is encountering Global change and evolutionary Trading Hemisphere revolutions. We need to look past the confusion, conflicts and consequences of our historical human shortcomings and explore the real options and potential. To think positively and lay bare Federal misjudgements needing change.

Re Task and Re Track America - remove the propaganda

America STILL is the world’s leading innovating nation - believe it! 

It CAN be recovered! It will be recovered.

No county on earth has the Academic Agencies capable of matching America’s standards or volumes, nor the depth plus vision of American scientific achievements and ecological research breakthroughs. America leads and we need to heed just that. Do not doubt what a re tasked America can bring to the next step of evolutionary changes needed now. The doubt is not with America or its people, but with its abysmal Leadership, which for decades has majored in mediocrities. They and the appalling Zionist stranglehold of the US Treasury and Fed, are the root cause of most of America’s current issues. Not the people, or potential. It’s the successive clueless Mediocrities in the White House, as with the last 4, all now unfit for purpose.

Such great men of history looking down at this continuing sad trash in office will feel abject contempt. Is the next Presidential election choice really between only a vexatious Psychopath or yet another mediocre son of the Texan Crime Family, the best America can rise to? The country has way better people than this. The Israeli and Zionists dead claws have to be ripped off America’s jugular. Americans must be helped to break free of this combined Bush Neocon and Zionist criminal freeloading spawn. The world is moving on now.

Long gone are the days of JFK reaching for the stars. Since then it’s been terminal decline, as the criminal and treasonous Bush Whacking family has looted America blind, followed by the Clinton’s mercurial band of sleaze which has tarnished America. The then failed One Termer Bush 41 manipulated Forest Gump into 8 years in the Oval Office, with Cheney and Condoleezza minding the moron and robbing the store. Ridiculously now followed by an illegal who is a new depth of shame for US Security vetting and tarnishes the integrity of the Supremes who fail to intervene, as it does Congress.

The howl of derision worldwide is not so much against America as a nation, but more against the truly abysmal and visible to all low standard of deteriorating leadership.

Perhaps under visions of their Leadership, Oscar Wilde contemplated his visionary quote of America today.

But let’s go positive. Envision a new America. It’s ALL within reach. Let’s explore Real Potential awaiting release by Real Leadership. Not another Bush or Clinton. Give America a break!

Stop lowering the Bar - Raise it! Starting with better Political Screening.

It’s an honor to represent America. If you’re dirty, you don’t qualify. So create an Independent Political Pre Selection Standards and Ethics Committee for all of them. Expose their dirty baggage before letting them loose and stop them even clearing for a run. There are many excellent American candidates being denied opportunity by the Cabal. Time for America to breathe again. No more criminality or sleaze cover ups and Party Shoe-ins. America needs an independent Screening Board with perpetual monitoring powers to suspend and revoke their positions for misdemeanors. No more cover ups. No more mediocrities or Kenyans owned by the Cabal.

Space, Communications, Energy and Education - the Great Frontiers

NASA has been forced to relinquish its Galactic Space Exploration plans and Global lead. But it’s recoverable. Russia’s cancellation of its Satellite rocket delivery systems for the US will now force America to re assert its independence and re task its own Space Program, instead of wasting vast billions in Global Hegemony, earning not Wealth, but acrimony and hatred. With only an ex Union Organizer mediocrity posing in the White House, the lack of credible Leadership is cringe worthy. Do we have to spell it out for them? Change the record!

Imagine – Instead of wasting Trillions protecting the Afghan Poppy trade and Gazillions funding terrorism across the Middle East protecting the Oil Barons and Puppet Sheiks, a competent Leader of Vision retracts America from conflict and refocuses on pursuit of excellence? The Founding Forefather's great dream. The vision of America which can be. Which needs to be. Raise the bar and recover pride. Pursue excellence!

A world where a visionary new Space Program delivers a vast array of Communications Satellites to encircle the Globe, enabling low cost worldwide communications facilities for the Planet, unlocking all nations, to talk and reason, not fight. To reach out across the space barriers and time zones, to respect Cultures, both ancient and emerging, and to think as One Nation of Man. Where Humanity transcends the State, and a State regulated to serve, not dictate or enslave.

Stop bombing, start educating. Train, tutor and educate the nations. Enhance humanity and good values for all. A world of low cost communications delivered to all. Such would enable Global education, multilingual, teaching the Sciences, Mathematics, Ecology, Medical training, Engineering, Crafts, the Arts, Languages, and most important, Global Humanitarian Citizenship. Address the historical growth of Religions. Enabling a fact based intelligent free choice for all. Countries able to see the differing Cultures and living standard realities of other nations, with free ability then to see through false State propaganda and lobby for progressive change. These suppressive, archaic 8th Century Religious Fiefdoms will be forced to adapt to the new emerging world by social evolution.

Solar energy can supply the world and reduce carbon pollutions. Our delicate planet deserves better. Stop suppressing technological evolution for short term profit racketeering. Time to progress beyond polluting carbons. Time to unlock vision and expand space. Especially that between our ears it seems.

Clearly, after the current F35 Lockheed fighter plane disaster - 7 years late, costs soaring over $400B, and so far $165B over budget, for a piece of junk solely to keep Lockheed and the Cabal in business - US Defense needs a major rethink. That is twice the cost of putting a man on the moon, and it doesn’t work. Hello? Time to think outside the box? Yet another Cabal - Military Industrial Complex screw up.

Instead of Conflict, how about Cooperation?

A Space Station worked with multinational tasking. Man working with fellow man exploring Space and the Cosmos. Now that was Rocket Science. But a successful multinational combine of interests. So, now facing so many rapidly unfolding new Global dichotomies from solar emissions to atmospheric deterioration, creating annual climatic monsoon disruptions and trillions lost in damages annually, how about re tasking nations to emerging eras of combative ecological and scientific project sharing? How about we stop battling against each other, and battle ignorance? Unleash collective minds and appliance of new sciences to combat the real issues facing humanity now. Cooperation to bind each nation!

America has the Technological awareness and capability to eulogize in a whole new era of Global communications and economic remodeling. Fund this - not the Cabal.

When the Great British Empire imploded, as America is doing now, it was saved only by its Global and Cultural relationships. It had built a Global Commonwealth, delivering a process of Law and State Governance to many emerging nations. London is now the worlds appointed leading City. It majors in Culture, Banking, Corporate Tax freedoms, mass housing, and a good place to do business in freedom and safety. England had to learn to adjust. Reconstruct itself and find its own level and role as the new world evolved around it. To become part of all. Instead of domination the UK evolved by integration and cooperation. Adjust, improvise or become decadent are the options facing us all as nations.

Be assured, this is a crossroad for Americans and just as much a new Alamo. The new enemies are ignorance, the Cabal and the ever growing roach Zionist crime subterfuge. Time to re task America for all, not a Zionist or Neocon Fiefdom slave zone.

Time to share the new technological projects and breakthroughs to enhance all our species. Transhumanism is developing at such a speed, offering sparkling potential benefits. Why not co task worthwhile projects for planetary gain? Collective focus will help us all achieve so much faster and cheaper. Billions can be redeployed globally contributing as a planned shared nation building effort. Harmony increases wealth and the quality of life. We need to relieve tensions and release our potential. Vast human resources are needlessly wasted.The simple ability to reach out and talk as a people will achieve so much.

We need, as a species of Man, to dispel ignorance

Much of our current Global Terrorism is perpetrated by under educated, uninformed people who don’t understand that a Pedophile who married a 6 year old girl, is hardly a role model for a Prophet role in the real world, and rambling misinformation can be dispelled. This is a barbaric 1,200 year old culture gap which needs facing up to and bridging to remove ignorance. It’s long overdue. As is their deplorable conduct of female genital mutilation and forced marriages to 9 year olds, with consequential DNA mutilations in their offspring. We can’t go forward with backward people.

Delivery of low cost screens worldwide could open up Global tuition and create a quantum leap across the entire Third World. Education can develop each nation. Even more so, interactive communication. We - can - teach - the - world! Any human’s intellectual potential is exponential if placed in the appropriate educational development programs.  

Understanding unlocks cooperation. All this channeled down by Satellite control. Unlock Human potential. Let the new America be the Mentor of progress not the purveyors of Hegemony. Befriend humanity.

America must remodel its culture now and put back to aid nations. Earn a new beginning. There is enough to go round for all. Don’t sequestrate, E-D-U-C-A-T-E. Starting at home. Unlocking and unleashing such global potential will open up colossal progress helping man address our ever emerging issues and shortcomings. Understanding aids resolution and our greatest evolutionary need is to tackle ignorance.

It’s hard to justify wars when cooperative goodwill is being visibly engendered. It’s hard to propagate and sell ignorance when your children are brighter than you are.

These are the programs we need to be funding. We need more Good Teachers and we need GREAT TEACHERS! America and Europe needs to cooperate now on a whole new concept of Transatlantic Alliance. Working together, reshaping the new world. Unlocking potential. Now, the Sky is not the limit. Just the gateway to the stars.

In a world which communicates by effective satellite technology, the failures of the Mainstream Media can be overcome. People will discuss visible variances and social demands will accelerate change from within. False religious fables have held back nations of centuries and caused divisions within societies. Religious attendances at Churches in Europe is now less than 2%.

People seek truth, meaning and want answers not afforded by religions. They seek a new social equilibrium as societies evolve.

With effective technologies Film media production and educational programming will increase a thousand fold, unlocking vast arrays of new business opportunities. Trade will flourish, creating wealth and underpinning economies.

Healthcare is a major economic service constantly understaffed. Global network media training can contribute towards academic programs and escalate the use of a common language for all mankind. Midwives are in great demand and there is an enormous shortfall. Sharing skills and knowledge will help enhance the birthing process and save new born lives. We need more Doctors, Nurses and Scientists. Such media driven services will make a significant contribution towards the process by self-help policies.

Energy costs are needlessly impairing the quality of life for nations and adversely affecting the environment. Third World ignorance and demand for wealth equality is unleashed upon the world by uncontrolled Carbon fuel emissions which pollute cities and affect sea levels. Planes pollute the atmosphere with further adverse climatic implications. We need better alternatives.

At least now we are discussing the high speed linear rail systems where we can develop non-carbon energy systems capable of propulsion exceeding 2,000 mph in vacuum controlled tunnels and chambers, bringing continents within reach, and changing Global Trade and Travel patterns. Opening borders - opening minds. Creating opportunities, creating cohesion - synergy. These are areas we need to be investing into. Not needless wars and the ugliness of our Arms Industries.

Redeveloping the Transport Industries will create vast new job opportunities and fund emergent new support cities and communities. New Storage and Distribution opportunities will emerge. Society will be enhanced. A better quality of life can be planned for all - inclusive. New thinking, new services, new technologies, will evolve for all.

Currently c60% of America's Tax Base is disbursed just to service and maintain its gross Military Industrial Cabal's Defense (Read this as Global Hegemony Enforcement Goon Squads) and Agency Base whose main interest is protection of its Global Energy Monopolies, benefiting only a small Elite base and disenfranchising Americans from opportunities or viable Social existence as cities decay and crime flourishes. This stink needs a rethink! When entire communities survival are predicated to jobs serving Military or Agency services keeping the world at war, something is badly wrong.

The failed and flawed Lockheed F35 Jet fighter cost to date is greater than many entire nations GDP and the damn thing is still not radar invisible. Russian and Chinese Lasers will fry it. The ugly, criminal Cabal is hemorrhaging in debt. They siphon up not only Americas, but the world’s money, fighting this monstrous Hydra with its Elite family’s dysfunctional alcoholic and drug dependent children running amok, devoid of standards or work ethics. Time to clean out this trash. They are the cause of America’s economic demise. Dysfunctional families do not produce great Leaders. Evidence: the last 4 Jokes in Office.

The F35 alone is currently $163 Billion over budget, plus costs. Assume $400B. That alone would have rebuilt Detroit, re tracked a vibrant High Speed monorail production system and new technology alternative energy production system for modern transport needs, getting America moving with Jobs, Taxes, major Welfare cost savings and encouraged a vast host of component and software suppliers. We need major change. Proactive thinking. Taking care of Americans instead of Cabal pockets for an Aircraft the country does not need, cannot afford, and does NOT WORK!

Tens of millions of destitute Americans caused by Cabal hands in the Cookie jar. A waste of Seed corn capital compounded by the wastes of space in Washington and a clueless White House. Time to produce Wealth not Weapons, start there.

Focus instead on making a new world of real opportunities. Determine what is real and how we all need to change and evolve, uniting as a people. Time to re assess standards and values. It’s time for an emergent new Global Society where shared values and Projects matter. Children can be born safe, guarded and guided. The current soiled Political Deviants are incapable of visualizing an emergent Humanitarian Plan or evolving consciousness. We need a better way. A multi-tier solution.

America still, under unelected authoritarian Military Industrial Cabal control, has over 950 Military and Agency bases around the world creating havoc interfering with regional nations, and disenfranchising Americans of their Constitutional Rights to operate their own economy on viable pre planned grounds. Funding them also in part by drug running, money laundering, arms dealing and other nefarious criminal activities under the umbrella of Oval Office shelter privilege. All too many Tri Lateral groomed occupants acquiesce. Oh how much America needs to find itself a real ethical leader capable of restoring direction, pride and global standing in the nation again. The chicanery needs to end. America needs a new Leader with a strong moral compass to steer a new course.

What if this ugly Agency and Military global monstrosity of vanities, was re tasked instead into American Cultural Centres promoting harmony, education and Trade Centres? Wealth creating units contributing towards both nations prosperity. Centres of Excellence where the Stars and Stripes can fly with pride and an American can walk the streets with pride again? It’s not such a big ask and highly achievable. Most ordinary Americans, the regular people, have a strong internal sense of sound citizenship values and rise to the occasion when really tested. Remember 9/11? 25 When all around them was in chaos and turmoil, Real Americans from Police to Fire Services and Ambulance crews, entered the devastation, rescued many and some died trying. Calm, decent real Americans manned up that day and their nation was proud of them. The whole world was! They were the real unsung heroes. Bush and Cheney ran away as cowards leaving the nation Leaderless.

America has Heroes. Just not in Politics today. America has Leaders in many fields. Every American can be a President, if so called. The key now is finding one Fit for Purpose. Not another Tri Lateral or Cabal Fit Up!

There is a task incumbent upon us as key Beneficiaries of the RV’s and PPs. That of steering and directing the profit streams from City Trading into Projects conceived as a cogent Policy Plan for nation building. Here is an inherent responsibility to aspire to be the best Patriots of humanity we can be. To us, it’s a privilege to hold and trade such volumes of capital. It merits purpose beyond profit. Reason to be and exist as a life form. Our own Book of life. We know our roles.

Greed, Arrogance, Pomp and Status do not matter. None go with us. People matter and what we leave behind, or what did we achieve? Americans, good Americans, will play a major part in the new financial system transformation. As will their British and Asian counterparts. Collective empowerment of nations may at last help us progress towards becoming a species of understanding and worthwhile good values. No more Cabal plundering and disenfranchising of nations. The funds, once released, will be focused on generating profits to be used to enrich and stabilize society. To bring hope, opportunity and dignity to regional developments both Inter State and Nations. Vast arrays of Iranian counterfeit Dinar currencies will simply never be cashed out. No such funds exist. Nor is there compensation for failed proceeds of crime. Instead, there will be selective alternative opportunities for those willing to re track their thinking. Where we see valid candidates of good intent, when possible, we will open up Paid Project opportunities as Job Creation for them.

A vast and growing array of projects will create jobs and supply sourcing opportunities for both products and services. This will have a Global focus. Opportunities for many to assist Community Development Projects. Opportunities to help take innovations and services to aid the billions in need both nationwide and worldwide. We need to service Humanity also as a Community of One World of all Nations free of borders, racial divide or divisive religious dogma. Vast new opportunities will be created, needing the spirit and consciousness of the ever growing Global readers nowadays, to co enjoin with us, to help identify those in greatest need, and to help us protect the integrity of the capital and services from the predatory nature of the usual sycophants. Helping us help others.

Look back a century. America was built with ingenuity from nothing. An emergent new Nation was formed. Now a new world is fast emerging. We will need help and support from those of good values, to help guard and guide it. Washington Free. Cabal free. Our role will be exporting hope. Our Revolution - Education. Mankind was given free will. Let us use it to free others.

Progress waits for no man - extinction does

Within 20 years the full benefits of Transhumanism will be impacting. Ignorance and denial belongs only with those who will pass into the night with a fast disappearing old world. Adapting now to what is coming is key to all. Helping shape our futures. From this tiny spec of cosmic matter, Planet Earth, what will we take with us as we take our places in the full Cosmic destiny now awaiting us? The greatest restrictive barrier now is the Human mind. That we will soon surpass in our new evolution as a species.

Humanity is at the new zenith of knowledge and transformation towards our new Galactic being. We will, because we can. Where will you be in this journey now?

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